Young Designers Light Rail Ideas Competition: Cat C winners
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Young Designers Light Rail Ideas Competition: Cat C winners

September 9, 2019

When we heard about this competition we sort
of just got together in the school library and had a random chat…and we just completely
randomly branched off things and I think somebody mentioned something about dinosaurs, and then
we ended up with the idea of making the whole thing a timeline. Which was completely random
how it arose, and yeah it worked out pretty nicely overall.
And what were your thoughts of competing against other schools over the last couple of days.
Did you enjoy the process? It was funny being in the same room as all
our competition, you could see the other groups and it was really interesting knowing you
would have to face against things and they had all these little models going around and
there was lots of noise and ideas everywhere, it was really almost intimidating.
And you obviously also got a second prize, which was for best connection to neighbourhood.
What was your idea in terms of connecting with the neighbourhood, an important part
of the project? Our idea was to connect the timeline, because
the timeline has different aspects, like nature, politics and especially with politics there
are a lot of suburbs in Canberra named after politicians so we could incorporate the neighbourhood
and the citywide community that way as well.

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