Yangon Circular Railway (Myanmar) | Experience the real Yangon | Vlog | #012

December 15, 2019

What’s up guys it’s JoVi Travel! Good morning from Yangon! We just had breakfast and left the hotel and we’re now heading to the railway station.
There is the Yangon Circular Railway here going around Yangon and the surrounding
suburbs and villages and we’re gonna take this train today, because it’s
supposed to be the best way to get to know the real Yangon and all the people
around. So we’re excited about that! And there we are at the train station. The train that is taking a circle around the city is supposed to leave from platform seven, so there we are. The central station here is really old,
well if you take into account that it’s the former capital of the country and
still is the business center it’s really confusing in the trains are also very
old, but we’re gonna get a ticket now and see how to train looks from inside. Good morning! Seems like I wasn’t quick enough. Can we get your tickets for the central railway line? So we just got our tickets. Pretty old
school and the next train will leave at 10 past 10. Our train for the circular line just arrived and the English built this railway loop in the fifties to connect all the surrounding villages and suburbs with the former capital and
grant those people access and the loop is around 45 kilometers long with 39
different stops on the way and you can leave in every stop and we’re excited
about what we’re going to see there and I’m sure we will get off the train in
several points and see what we get there. We just got off the train at Danyingon Station and there’s supposed to be a big local market we’re gonna check
that out now! If you like the Scott’s market from our last video you will probably
love this market, because this is 100% local and there are no jewellery sellers, there’s much more fruits and vegetables and we haven’t seen any tourists so far so it’s pretty cool. Over here for example they are preparing fresh bamboo and this is the inner of the bamboo and then they cut it into small pieces and then it is ready for cooking. And in some parts it doesn’t smell that good, because for example here they are selling like kind of rotten fish. So the people here are really not used
to see tourists and super crowded here and they’re super busy and everyone’s just carrying around their fruits and vegetable and I sell their stuff and it’s
really hot and dusty here and the smells are so intense, because there’s so many
different things like rice, fish and meat and yeah we finally found a place where you can have some food and drink and now we’re gonna stay here until the next train comes and we will continue the circle around. So we are back on the train and we are going to finish our circle until we are back at the central train station. It should take us around two hours more
and see you there! And there we are back again at the
train station. So this frame 8 was a pretty cool experience completely different than all the other sites you see here watching the vendors is selling
their food there it was one guy who even brought in a whole food stand with little plastic chairs within like two seconds. And a little oven! I didn’t see that. Yeah it was a little oven and it was still
hot. And all the farmers shoving in their huge bags of vegetables and fruits
and everything. That was really fun and entertaining and now we’re gonna head
back to the hotel and have a shower, because we’re really sweaty and dusty
was so hot at the market and we will have some food afterwards. See you then! We just had a shower and we feel a lot better now and we are up to get some food! We just arrived at the place we chose for lunchinner today and it’s called
mingle ah no it’s called on Au mingle Shan noodle shop. So lets get in there! Hello! So we just got our food and it smells so
delicious. I got some fried Shan noodles we have fried dumplings never had that
before and we also got some sticky noodle pork soup and everything smells so good and we are super hungry and we’re just gonna enjoy our food now! We just got some watermelon for dessert and it’s super convenient here, because everything is already cut the watermelon, the jackfruit, everything. And we just had our first Myanmar supermarket experience and we loved it you can try everything for
free we had Nescafe we had some chocolate milk I don’t know we’ve tried
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