Worlds most smallest train I Smallest passanger train I সবচেয়ে ছোট ট্রেন
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Worlds most smallest train I Smallest passanger train I সবচেয়ে ছোট ট্রেন

October 10, 2019

Hello friends today, I’ll let you know the discovery of the first train and also take you to familiar with different types of train Let’s have a look History of rail transport started in 6th century to the Ancient Greece. The First train seen in the year of 1804 Trevithick’s pioneering engine was of the train and capacity was 2.5 tones of Iron Material and can hold 70 people to the distance of 10 miles Here we have the smallest passanger train.An small sizes of train line has set up to drive the train over it. Many tourist is visited the place to enjoy the awsome smallest train train journey. When someone seat on the train its seems a man like a gaint cz its smaller than the rider. It’s now located to the Australia, canad and some other country. These types of train demanded by the advanture types of park. Train journey is favorite for all and can Enjoying the beauty of the side of the park. a couple of year back we seen a train like bus and its like a passanger train can carry up to 4 people per train. its maximum speed up to 30 km per hour. The highgest speed train can speed up to 603 km/hr and its hydraulic controling system is designed to control the speed as first as the operator needed. Another double decker trains located in austraillia and its having dozens of container. Unbelibable carrying capacity of these types of train that you not ever seen. We have also a amazing two different types of sky train that runs closed truck on a lifted box guider and whil guider supported to the rail. The train manufacturer gaze that it can give the safe tranportation to the people. This train maximu running speed is 70 km per hour. Lets have a look to the future train conception. Future generation can expect the model of the train will lunch at the year of 2050


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