Wooden Bridge, Reagan, Berlin Wall & Railroad Precision
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Wooden Bridge, Reagan, Berlin Wall & Railroad Precision

August 24, 2019

and a pleasant good morning to y’all
guys back on the Lincoln Highway here check this out
a wooden covered bridge a tall one 14:6 I should make this I should make this I
don’t see a weight limit here so we’re gonna drive right on to this wooden
covered bridge Wow I can already smell the wood like the
old wood built through here that is actually pretty cool actually it fit
just fine okay well mark that off my bucket list
that I have driven through a wooden bridge in the RV let me pull off I want
to look at this a little more I’m a big geek over this kind of stuff because it
really intrigues me to see old wooden structures still working today
and it kind of reminds me of the one that a campervan Kevin showed me there
in Georgia except like I said you can drive an RV through this one so that is
pretty cool along with the little walking trail we can see the river down
there actually there’s no cars coming so let’s see what we got here
even the concrete leading to the bridge is old and then here’s where the wood
starts you can see the nails kinda that are constructed inside here Wow look at
all the hay from all the hay trucks going through here a lot of history in
this bridge right here oh there is a car coming and like I said we are back to
Lincoln Highway officially here in the city of Morrison so just inside Illinois
just where I left off from Iowa so uh have a good day whoa look at Main Street
in Morrison what an interesting little town this
this is a really cool Main Street Wow how about right here
go past the fire hydrant there we go see not blocking the fire hydrant and the
yellow stops right there we’re good I cannot begin to tell you how good it
feels to be away from a big city once again I I like the calmer more laid-back
back road feel small-town America that’s what I like I’m walking right through
Lincoln Highway cuz I want to show you this cool little mural here with the old
garage look and feel and everything okay they got a red light and I can show you
better 24-hour service Lincoln highway garage gas pumps up the cool mural guys
they do have the Morrison Heritage Museum and on here it says it’s free
maps and brochures Lincoln Highway exhibit look at check it out nope only
open Friday Saturday and Sunday today’s Wednesday mini park with trees and shade
and cool city but let’s get back on the road I want to grab some grub east of
here later I think the state of Illinois is most well known for the home of
Lincoln it’s on their license plate land of Lincoln and stuff but there was
another president who spent some time here in Illinois we are in Dixon
Illinois and no it’s not President Nixon it’s a Ronald Reagan this is actually
his boyhood home or one of his boyhood homes here in Dixon restored pretty much
how it looked in 1920 they have a museum in there which I’m only going to skip
because it says photography okay but no videography well videography is just a
bunch of pictures that are all put together but I’m not gonna get into it
and besides I kinda just don’t feel like going into a museum right now
but what’s this a 1919 Model T Ford in the garage right there they do have a
little statue here of Ronald Reagan outside one of the homes do you know
what’s in his hand so in the Plateau below him it says that Illinois is
famous for his production of agricultural products so it seems only
appropriate for him to be in admiring the kernels of corn in this hand I think
that’s pretty neat not gonna get into politics on my
channel I am just sharing the boyhood physical home of President Ronald Reagan
those of you that need to say nasty things about him or a voice an opinion
why I’m not gonna get involved with it but I hey if you want to start a war in
the comments below my video have at it just helps my channel actually I’m not
gonna get involved man look how nasty the RB looks that bug shield just whoo
look it’s awesome I want to repaint the windshield wipers
too I’m gonna fix the black on there later next project oh that’s cool look
at this little archway over here Dixon Dixon archway neat hey a hundred percent
chance of rain today and I haven’t filmed or been outside in the rain once
just keep missing it although look at those dark ominous clouds coming yeah
there might possibly be something interesting to see over here I don’t
know okay that’s different for whatever reason the city of Dixon has well
recreated the Berlin Wall a section of it with I mean like fake graffiti that’s
a lot of effort there actually it says that you seek peace if you seek
prosperity for the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe if you seek
liberalization come here to this gate well that’s different
I’ll give you that Jex man you have done really good today
you’ve been a good little commuter kitty I’m proud of you man he looks and treats
when we get barked okay I’m gonna give me a high five a low five okay thanks
I kinda wish I could just boondock right here Sofia to be a nice place to spend
an evening here it’s a a park reservoir up at there’s fish over there public
there’s a lot of fishermen job ends so bad this is a presidents
Park here and we have a different kind of Lincoln statue here that’s Lincoln
right yes what says Lincoln mr. Lincoln for the first time in full uniform
everybody look at that carrying his sword have not seen one I mean it’s kind
of a casual uniform but still Lincoln 1832 and then I don’t know what we have
here there’s nothing written on this building is that plaque to say anything
nope it’s just empty okay but it’s obviously old can tell by the wood and
the concrete plaster but what is it and who lived here we’ll never know it’s
cool though you know it’s tempting with the Wendy’s
and McDonald’s and Arby’s and all the fast food around here but now I’m gonna
stick to my attempt to put money back into some of these local communities but
I want to get on the road a little bit farther by the way this was really
promising with the chef’s out front holding the big pizza there but that’s
three o’clock on a Wednesday as it is starting to rain and they’re closed
well doesn’t even say close all the doors are locked so I tried guys but I
can only try so hard sometimes well I’m parked here in the back of
McDonald’s right now I’m just gonna wait till the rain stops cuz it’s kind of hit
and miss and then there’s one more thing I want to look at here in Rochelle
Illinois so I’m gonna grab my lunch I want to watch some Netflix and hangout
sounds good that’s yours alright train lovers this is the mother lode this is a
famous intersection of rail tracks here in Rochelle Illinois they’ve actually
built a little part construction so that you can look around at what’s going on
but when I pulled in there was a sign that said no train horns on the part
right there but actually they’re like the very next train Blue is whore in all
kinds of ways so down here it looks normal it’s just two tracks but what
ends up happening is down here at this end
is the only quad intersection of railroad in the country where there are
literally four different intersections built in one spot we’re gonna check that
out right now say a three engine wants to play train horn war yeah that’s
all hey that’s a double-decker yeah so see they clearly do blow their horns I
don’t know when it wasn’t they didn’t but they do now look at that
railroad stamps there’s a route 66 one there and of course one more little
reminder that we are obviously on historic Lincoln Highway oh yeah oh and
don’t forget no train yard would be complete without a little fire pit for
the hobos a hobo train riders right next to the intersection – they
got firewood available if you want to make a fire that’s awesome that’s pretty
cool that’s probably the best part this entire day is seeing that quad
intersection do you guys think I kind of want to know how they coordinate that
because you potentially got eight different trains all meeting in one spot
you count all eight tracks that’s crazy somebody up there is paying attention
just like air air traffic control somebody is monitoring that intersection
full-time I guarantee you and yeah thankfully the visitor center
gift shop was open there and I was able to get a magnet
from the railyards how sweet is that put that guy right up there oh yeah well
guys I have decided I am going to boondock in camp in town there’s a
Walmart here in Rochelle so this will give me a nice spot to overnight park
and get a fresh start in the morning so you guys have a good day
see you back on Lincoln Highway from Jackson I my guess and you know what I
wonder if anyone has ever honked an airhorn in an old wooden country bridge
oh yeah


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