Woman hit,killed by METRO bus
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Woman hit,killed by METRO bus

October 12, 2019

now to latest in a story we’ve been following since this morning deputies are investigating after a woman was hit and killed by a Metro bus driver investigators say it happened at a bus stop as a woman was getting off the bus and they say that’s when a second bus struck her channel 2’s kathy hernandez joins us live with what she is learning right now good morning Kathy well good morning you can see two started raining here but emergency crews are still here hoping to clear the scene very soon Metro Police say a bus was parked at that bus stop when a second bus driver turned onto the street before hitting the woman the driver claims he didn’t see the victim witnesses say the victim works at a nearby daycare and this was all avoidable this mother who wants to conceal her identity says she witnessed a metro bus hit and killed a woman on Pequod’s in red oak at about 7:00 this morning she was with her three-year-old son and rides to the bus with the victim every day metro police say a first bus was loading and unloading passengers at the bus stop some people went to the back of the bus to cross the street when a second Metro bus pulled up apparently he didn’t hear you didn’t realize until after the fact that he felt like he may have struck something and then he asked the first operator for assistance which is why he pulled alongside the second the first bus the driver involved has worked for Metro for 27 years this mother is upset saying if it wasn’t for her the driver may not have stopped a saint he didn’t see her the street is already dark the street was dark all day every day you know and there’s no reason you should be on the opposite side of the street speeding through here just after the crash that mother also says the driver involved told her he was running behind schedule both buses have surveillance cameras so Metro Police will review the video as part of their investigation and then Harris County DA’s office will determine if any charges will be filed of course we’ll continue to follow this developing story putting live in Northwest Harris County Cathy Hernandez KPRC Channel 2 News

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  • Reply Joss G November 1, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    What kind off people is metro hiring oh god this is sad my grandma rides metro i care for her safety more know

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