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Why is LUXEMBOURG so RICH? – VisualPolitik EN

August 14, 2019

Luxembourg is the only country in the World
whose Prime Minister is openly gay. We are talking about one of the most tolerant,
open minded, societies on the planet. In fact, having a population of around 500,000
inhabitants, 40% of them are immigrants. In other words, Luxembourg is the smallest
country in European Union but the one with the biggest share of immigrants. Nonetheless, what made Luxembourg famous can
be summarized in just one word: MONEY. Yes, my dear friends at VisualPolitik, the
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is among the top 3 wealthiest countries on Earth. Here, the minimum wage is around 2000 euros
a month. And this is the minimum wage. Because the normal wage here is over 5000
euros a month. For comparison, Luxembourgish people have
a GDP per capita twice as big as that of Australians or the Danes. OK, OK, but now hold on just a second because
there is a little trick in this figure! You see… almost half of the workers in this
country live outside of it. Every day, around 160,000 commute to this
country and then, they go back to their homes in Germany, France or Belgium. In other words, they create wealth in the
country but they don’t live there. This is why, when we divide Luxembourg’s
GDP among their population, we get such an enormous number. But even with the statistical deviations,
no one can deny that Luxembourg is kind of a millionaire country. And this explains why its capital, Luxembourg
city, is among the cities with the highest quality of life. Many of you might think this can all be explained
because Luxembourg is a fiscal haven. But the truth is other countries like MALTA
and CIPRUS have low taxes too and they are not even half as rich as Luxembourg. So the big question here is… What does Luxembourg have that makes them
so incredibly wealthy? What did they do in this country in order
to enjoy such a great quality of life? Today we are going to answer this question. But before we do, let’s take a look back
at history. KINGS OF STEEL By the year 1815, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
became an “independent” country And I say “independent” because none of
its neighbours really recognized this independence. France and Prussia, what used to be Germany
back then, fought for control of the Duchy on several occasions. In fact, despite their government’s desire
for independence, the territory of Luxembourg was owned by King William the 3rd of The Netherlands. During these years, Luxembourg was far from
being a wealthy country. Most of its citizens survived thanks to agriculture
and iron mining. Back then, 1 out of 5 Luxembourgish people
was emigrating to America. Nonetheless, living between two rival countries
like France and Prussia had its advantages too. You see, during this time, Germany didn’t
exist as a country. Instead, there were a lot of republics, kingdoms
and duchies, united under a confederation. If you want to know what a confederation is,
do click on this video. The truth is… all the German states traded
among them. They had basically created a special free
trade zone, the so called ZOLLVEREIN. So… in 1942, Luxembourg became a member
of this ZOLLVEREIN. Since then, history would never be the same. As I said before, poor Luxembourg was based
on two main industries: agriculture and iron mining. And remember, we were in the times of the
industrial revolution. Steel was needed for, basically, everything,
from machines to buildings. And Luxembourgish citizens were sitting on
a pile of Iron. But not only that! We are talking about a tiny country, placed
in the intersection between Germany, France and Belgium. In other words, it was the perfect point to
have a railroad so they could send the iron to all three countries. Out of a sudden, Luxembourg became the zero
kilometre to all those trade routes. And also one of the biggest steel providers
on the planet. In fact, many of those New York skyscrapers
were built with beams from this country. This is why the biggest Steel companies are
Luxembourgish. Especially, the biggest of all of them, ARCELOR
MITTAL, which you might have seen in the financial newspapers. In other words, in just a few decades, Luxembourg
got to the same level as its neighbours. But still it was not the economic behemoth
it is today. They needed a special sauce. And that special sauce was this… 1929 This is the year when Luxembourg passed the
Holding Law. But wait just a minute! Because now you might wonder… What is a Corporate holding all about? Well… let’s take COCA-COLA as an example. On one hand, COCA-COLA is a beverage brand. But on the other hand there is the COCA-COLA
company. This is a big conglomerate that includes other
companies like FANTA, SCHWEPPES or COCA-COLA, the beverage brand, itself. OK, so this big conglomerate is called a Holding
Corporation. And the companies inside of it are called
SUBSIDIARY companies. These subsidiaries can be in different countries
and are the guys who produce and distribute the drinks. However, the role of the Holding Company is,
mainly, to manage the property of these other subsidiary companies. OK… so this 1929 law offered smoking good
tax conditions to those holdings. Basically, they paid around 1% tax. These were the 30s. Back then, there weren’t as many holdings
as there are today. Just remember that those were the years when
COCA-COLA was starting to expand to other markets. But they were not the giant they are today. In other words… Luxembourg was growing… but not much more
than other countries. LUXEMBOURG vs USA CHART 60-70s Nonetheless, the 70s were the times where
American companies conquered the European and Asian markets that, finally, had more
money to spend on consumer goods. During these years, many of the big corporations
we know today were born. In other words… a lot of holdings sprang
up. And their profit came from all around the
planet. So where did they go to set up their headquarters? Well… since they could choose, they went
to the places with the best fiscal conditions. And Luxembourg had everything they wanted
and more. You see, by the 60s and the 70s, the country
already had a big banking industry. The best lawyers, accountants and economists
were living there, ready to help those big companies in order to take the biggest advantage
of those business-friendly laws. And this is how this little country got into
their SILVER decade. LUXEMBOURG vs USA CHART 80-80s Yep, believe what you see… the economy of
Luxembourg became two times bigger in less than 6 years. Compared to this, China or Singapore’s growth
rate is a joke. And yes, you heard that right… I said the ‘SILVER DECADE’ because all
of this growth was nothing compared with what came after. Think about it, we are already talking about
the 2000s. The time of the online business boom. These brand new corporate juggernauts operated
all over the world, had dozens of subsidiary companies in every country and they were not
based in any specific territory because they sold everywhere. In other words… the technological companies
were made to love Luxembourg. So… if you thought a country that was already
astoundingly rich, couldn’t grow more… well… think twice. LUXEMBOURG vs USA CHART 2000s Amazing, isn’t it? I don’t know if you noticed this but…
in just 5 years, Luxembourg’s GDP per capita went from 50,000 USD, which is already a lot,
to over 100,000 USD. When you live in a country with a GDP per
capita of over 100,000 USD… well… you can fill your swimming pool with Champaign. *HERE YOU CAN PUT ANY FUNNY EXAGERATION TO
EXPRESS HOW RICH YOU ARE* In fact, the AUDI a3 is the 3rd best selling
car in Luxembourg. And yes, I know what you are thinking! You think that this country has made its fortune
by helping companies avoid paying their taxes, right? Well… the answer is a little bit more complex
than this. You see, the fact that a Holding corporation
is located in Luxembourg does not mean its subsidiary companies don’t pay taxes elsewhere. For instance, AMAZON has its headquarters
in Luxembourg. Nonetheless, its British subsidiary, that
is, the company that sells products and manages logistics in this country, has to pay their
taxes in the UK. Or… at least, this is the theory. In fact, the reality is way different… LUXLEAKS Let’s get back to the AMAZON example. As we said, the profits of its British subsidiary
are taxed in UK, right? Well… but what happens if they have no profits
whatsoever? Imagine that, right after they pay taxes,
Amazon UK gets a big loan: a big loan with a really high interest rate, so high that
the company takes losses. And who lends that money? Exactly! AMAZON HOLDINGS in Luxembourg. This way, the subsidiary companies have almost
no profits. One way or another, they manage to send their
Money to the Luxembourgish branch. And, as we said before, in Luxembourg, taxes
are really low for companies. Of course, all of this is perfectly legal. But in 2009, during the big financial crisis,
the American government realized this huge amount of money they were losing with all
of these big companies moving overseas. Since then, other governments have followed
Obama’s steps. Don’t forget Luxembourg is one of the European
Union’s founding members. This means the other club members were angry
and willing to lay on a lot of political pressure. But the biggest crisis in this country came
in the year 2014. This was the time when a group of accountants
released lots of private data from big corporations. Thanks to the so-called LUX LEAKS, we could
all see those tax evasion strategies made by thousands of companies. Do you remember what I told you about loans
between different subsidiary companies within a holding? Well… here is another way of improving the
deal. You see… all these big companies hire big
consulting firms so they can help them with their accounting. Consulting firms like PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS
with a big customer portfolio in Luxembourg. They had enough power to sit down with the,
back then, Prime Minister, Jean-Claude JUNCKER and arrange a special tax deal. “Juncker in spotlight after Luxembourg tax
revelations” The leaked documents demonstrate tax arrangements
negotiated by PricewaterhouseCoopers As you can imagine, the release of the LuxLeaks
is a total game-changer. In fact, this year, 2017, Luxembourg has passed
a brand new fiscal reform. And, probably, many of these arrangements
will have to change. But wait a minute because this does not mean
Luxembourg is going to stop being rich! In fact, the opposite is true. Actually, despite these political turbulences,
the country grew at a 4.2% rate last year. This is way faster than almost any other country
in Europe. Having so much savings, Luxembourg has invested
in many other industries. Of course, they have the steel, the banks
and… THE SPACE! “Luxembourg’s Bet On Space Industry Shows
Early Signs Of Success” You heard that right. In fact, Luxembourg and the United States
are the first countries to pass laws regulating Space mining. And this tiny country is expected to become
the Silicon Valley of the Aerospace industry. This explains, partly, some of the details
of this 2017 fiscal reform! Of course, the Government of Luxembourg doesn’t
want to keep helping big corporations avoid taxes. At least, this is what they say officially. Instead, they have reduced taxes for smaller
companies, and are actively trying to improve conditions in order to encourage more tech
startups.But… we will talk about this in another video. Now the question for you is… Do you think we will see another time of skyrocketing
growth in Luxembourg’s economy? Will this country become the World’s leader
in the Aerospace industry? Please, leave your answer in the comment section
below. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about
another super wealthy country, click here to check out this video about QATAR. And also visit RECONSIDER MEDIA.COM, the podcast
that provided the vocals in this video that are not mine. And don’t forget that we publish brand new
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    There are the wealthy, the rich (way above 3500 Euro/month), then …there are us,the medium class and there's a large gap in between each. Of course,we also got homeless people here … unfortunately for them. 🙁

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    I live in Luxembourg and I am not a millionnaire, neither do I bathe in champagne. We Luxembourgish citizens pay taxes, a lot, living in Luxembourg is very expensive, basic foods are about 20-50% over our neighbours prices. Housing is also very expensive(400-600k Eur for appartments and over 1 million Eur for a house) and lots of young people cannot afford to live in Luxembourg anymore. But that are untold stories

  • Reply Céline Anne-Sophie Molitor August 13, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    Anyone else from Luxembourg here? 😀

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