When City Planning in Cities Skylines floods Atlantis
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When City Planning in Cities Skylines floods Atlantis

August 12, 2019

okay so now I guess now um we play with you at last we got a Tesco’s and a drugstore know that that’s not reason to settle in the new world like I don’t know what is just be careful you don’t go near like the pump in pipes cuz they’re all still active and like you know little Timmy will go up like pretty fast if he gets caught in one but only making a loss of $146,000 every hour so you know the next step is to cover our financials we killed most of Europe so we can’t count on them for a loan so it’s probably gonna come down just to Canada Oh none of them have water okay that is unfortunate the Atlantic a pipeline quite literally because it’s from the people of Atlantis is now going to save Canada they’d literally only want shops or some reason do you think maybe the reason people aren’t moving in into Atlantis is because well because of the old world and they’re moving in there do we need to destroy Europe uh astrologist report that a devastating meteor will strike this oh god shelter immediately if any is available hey that’s more like okay we just need a few more like that sorry Africa okay oh no we have to be careful here because already I can see some of that land like it is leakin we’ll help a poacher the great know any Baltic States but Atlantis is the future a meteor strike has occurred the old world is gone we didn’t mean that world anyway Europe in particular is just been like frickin nuked sinc Madagascar goddamn Madagascar lived again every single time that’s gonna settle guys we still have the pumps look it’s not a lot of water it was just it’s just the waves see it’s just the waves like don’t don’t oh my god back hang on all right no we don’t need sound America either hang on seal off South America okay we may have accidentally flooded New Atlantis a little bit but like it didn’t reach the dwellings yeah I’m like you know the water water is draining all by itself yeah we just have to lose South America as well the main thing is Canada is fine right now there we go we have defensive measures in case outlandish floods like all the pipes here we’ll push it back and the wall will hold okay it’s it’s it’s just like attack on Titan except that’s a bad example because they breach the wall it’s like attack on Titan but the Titans don’t get very far they can now enter the new world from the voyage that goes past Alaska you know you know like that other side the planet you’re not really sure what’s going on I’m gonna leave Switzerland alive so you can have a lot more money please I mean so what so that’s kind of survived I believe that was Switzerland oh look at that the grass just saw the entire world just became green the grass just grew at this beautiful Valley don’t mind that like Iceland like Iceland is pretty much gone I’m gonna be honest with you that Park seen better days that is what remains of Iceland keep it there as a reminder there’s the Sea Island for the previous hi this is utopian society so you know we’re already gonna have a hospital and no expense spared there’s a fire station like this city has everything you could possibly need fire people living there right now that’s the one area we’re kind of struggling with but you know with building our way up you still have to compete with Canada you know they got two morons then now they’re just gonna constantly start building up and we’re gonna get like every possible policy that we can book we’re gonna like give tax reliefs for literally everyone leisure is free Parks and Recreation smoke detectors and you know what because this is the perfect society and we’ve been holding off on it a while they’re gonna get blimps blimps to rise once again I mean this is literally the perfect society you know like you can you can’t you can’t have the perfect society and there be no blimps we’re gonna have the disaster like sponsz unit if you care about the lives of our people up the land value like just beautiful gardens like everywhere it honestly is still surreal like how much things have exploded the past eight year you know I was in a pretty bad place thank you much earlier this year I’m like now I just have like a freakin career you know I’m like I’m doing like what I love and I God I I I’m not I’m probably never gonna be used to it not not to ruin the little moment we’re having right now is like half the chat is just like love hearts the other half is just like people screaming like mercy remove the time kill as leftist you know like we’re just having a little arty oh we have conquered the skies welcome to the city blimps hashtag new public transport these guys know these guys know how they get around and you know this one because there’s gonna be some it street again everything in this is pretty much our crowning glory as sorry cities go we will never build a city better than this cost us the rest of the world but you know we only need to Canada look at this society have enough goods to sir look they’re coming in they’re coming in from Alaska how people do it on this huh oh my god the traffic whoa when this gets so bad I’m gonna regret this but I’m gonna demolish half of Canada now I’m sorry guys we just we just need a better road we just need one more feature because it wouldn’t be the perfect society about this in loving memory of West Virginia and because we get we’re going all-in with everything today oh no this is just like when we built the actual domes it’s not working good enough we got the dome ladies and gentlemen this has been the best round to think of City skylines we’ve ever done you know one Road said it was perfect society but this one I had the most fun with for the final time for quite some time Oh God what’s dramatic is asados II it’s coming into Oh No okay I know these people are dead no these people are dead oh oh it’s covenant oh god the waters we in front this is how Atlantis fell [Music] there goes Atlantis [Music] it’s being taken out on boys [Music] there’s nothing left the blimps are really confused [Music] we’ve done it off going home boys [Music] spend city skylines I think the fresh fresh hashtag water is basic stuff but know how long we have to wait for working water pipes oh don’t worry that’s I’m working water on the way I mentioned this before on the channel that I take breaks yeah rip Canada I take breaks between games just so you know I I get on exhaustion III never wanted to be just like kind of the same thing over and over again you know it’s similar to like the Roswell family house over I am incredibly happy with how this series has been and I wouldn’t change it for the world I’ve done everything I wanted to do we’ve done the Earth Map we drained an ocean we did the one road you know we did the thing with the blimps was in a city in the sky we’ve done the domes I think we’ve done the original I kind of like poop Kano you know I think we’ve had it like a great run with this game so I’m gonna take a bit of a break I’ll come back to it in due time when I feel up for something new sort of like The Sims like you rember like with the original Ross Bob family house over we took a break I did not came back with like all the experiments on the Hunger Games stuff I’m kind of at that point with cities I want to take a bit of a break I want to experiment the expansion’s too as well because there’s a lot of stuff we can do that as well there’ll be some new games on the horizon roblox with so it’s not roblox guys guys no it’s not roblox [Music] you


  • Reply RTGame October 12, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    It's time for the finale. I hope everyone's enjoyed my City Planning series! Much like the Bob Family Household, I'd like to take a break and recharge before coming back for more. I'm really keen on playing the game's expansion content more, but I want to take time to properly understand these before streaming again. The way I see it, this will enable me to do even more things to my cities – just like how we set up The Hunger Games and the Thanos Snap through the Sims before. I hope that makes sense, and I'll see you all with some new games soon!

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