What is Train Travel like in Taiwan | High Speed Trains from Kaohsiung to Taichung

September 14, 2019

so here in Taiwan they have a high speed rail very similar to that bullet train or the Shinkansen in Japan more romantic in little Burma but the morning guys and welcome back to Taiwan if you really just tuned in we’ve spent the last few days exploring a place in the south of Taiwan it’s called Kaohsiung and today we’re going on another mission we’re going it to another city and I’m pretty sure when we first found out that we were coming to Taiwan I completely butchered the name pursuing and Taichung where are we going to secondly remember it now we’re gonna catching a train this morning – sigh um also breakfast today consists of these amazing steamed buns we first came across in China first time we found these in years and it’s like a pancake omelet obsessed with them so here in Taiwan they have a high speed rail very similar to that bullet train or the Shinkansen in Japan which makes it so easy to get around the country so on our first day we literally flew to Taipei which is the top of Taiwan we’re currently at the bottom and it only took us a couple of hours so today we’re jumping back on the high speed rail and this one’s about 45 minutes to get to the next city so there are quite a lot of vending machines to get tickets from if it’s your first time buying tickets you can just go over to customer service and just buy your tickets actually speaking to someone but because we’re here on an anywhere trip they’ve pre booked our tickets so you can actually buy your high-speed rail tickets online and then go speak to someone and in your booking reservation and they’ll just give you a ticket straight away we find the trains a super simple to use what we always do is we first check if the train number aligns with our train tickets or our train ticket says 120 and this is the 120 and then you have a look on here at what card number you’re into at 5 so now use 105 you see Annie Hall wouldn’t be chair watching oh you guys have to get thirsty they literally have a vending machine on every single class I’ve worked to things out what is working calm this is literally in the bag binder oh really so marketer going humans all one is hard cut yourself a break darling it’s just winter the honey still sweet just grass [Music] where’d she come to spin that is so funny I had koalas out of this it all goes back because this is a inter-country train toilets are super clean I literally walk past the lady come in and constantly cleaning the toilets throughout the time they’re like I literally don’t have the morning and the train rides are still so shockers but they even have like a male/female toilets even urinals on these trains going on train way to drain mine it’s relaxing recently my speech right Oh by though you welcome to Taichung we’ve pretty much just dumped our bags off at a hotel because check-in isn’t for a few more hours but we found out something very exciting so Taichung is actually the birthplace of bubble tea and we have found that we are staying it right near the place that claims that they have invented bubble teas so you’re on right now looks busy see selfies in front of the milk day thank you these guys have been making bubble tea the longest and I got the original one the pearl milk tea ready that is it so good I didn’t expect that it’s kind of it’s got coffee at me I really it’s like coffee and pearls let tapioca pearls but it’s so good also I mean 1983 you think bubble teas been alone around for a long time another phone it’s good right we should have got to I know where we’re coming every single day while we’re in the city guys we found some boats we were just walking along this Tai Chung Kok it’s actually the oldest Park in the city and we saw this lake and someone came over and asked us if we wanted to rent a boat and we were like yes so you know throwing it I did not expect it today we are now attempting to roll a boat in this Lane in this beautiful park so nice our hotels just around the corner who didn’t expect to be doing this it’s beautiful it was actually built by the Japanese during the time that they were raining here so it actually looks very Japanese also how do you row a boat I really am NOT in Little Mermaid can you stop trying to make it look so easy [Music] pining for sun-hi collectin then they can delay this part is seriously so beautiful I wasn’t expecting things like this in the hearted like such a crazy City but we are on the hunt for a certain dish here in Taiwan revenge wanting to try it and there’s a restaurant here in Taichung that serves it and we are very excited for it could shower long bao and they’re basically dumplings that they filled with soup so it’s like a special way you have to eat it where you have to make sure that the soup it doesn’t burn you and doesn’t all come out when you use the chopsticks so we’re going to attempt to try our first Xiao long bao and like starts there all the way down it’s gonna be a 30 minute way Wow seven I’m trying challenge our team I have to be careful to not [Music] put a hole in it Wow thank some for me they’re playing the species you know when you go to a restaurant you’re so hungry and you ordered too much food the best company might right thank you so this is where the magic happens best dumplings ever man that is a powerhouse look in the backstage that’s my charm that you need to eat here I don’t know you it’s a bit of a weight and it’s apparently it’s had a shopping center but it is so good does it looks like like New York old school pretty especially with that font oh wow cool Oh looks really cool I didn’t expect it don’t look like oh this is funky this is awesome voila does feel like a New York apartment oh cool perfect laughs – sorry guys we’ve just checked into our hotel gonna be spending the next couple of days here in Taichung but I hope you enjoyed this blog but if you do some videos showing you what to do in the city and some more tasty food but if you are new around here make sure you hit subscribe see you guys next time bye is it already looking at oh my gosh going to be the place we finally win something and – in Catalan we ordered one but the language barrier was kinda difficult and so we’ve ordered something

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