WFF 2018 Amos Gitai, reżyser Tramwaj w jerozolimie/A Tramway in Jerusalem
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WFF 2018 Amos Gitai, reżyser Tramwaj w jerozolimie/A Tramway in Jerusalem

October 12, 2019

[Music] how is it to be again on a worship Film Festival and why you come back because I like Stefan and he was very sweet when I came with the rifka 25 years ago quarter of a century and I kept a good memory so when he called me and he said ammos after the film was shown in Venice I would like you to open the festival I really you know I work when I like people and I thought he was sensitive and interesting and I said I will come again to Welsh and I’m happy to be here what do you expect from the festival this year I mean it will come for quite short because I’m doing something of the Philharmonia the party and so it’s basically to see this big feast of cinema to see this impressive amount of people who came to to the opening so congratulations still on be strong times are not easy keep saying it’s important to keep saying the important things not to be intimidated and I’m sure that the vows are infesting what we keep doing it one last questions what type of spectator are you like a fourth type of viewer what you looking for when you watch your films I mean what what kind of your am I you know I’m just an architect so I didn’t even spend one hour in a cinema school so I’d like to see when films kind of trace another direction to give me another perspective or they explained to me a country and I would have loved to stay and see more polish films but maybe I should keep it for the next time [Music]

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