Welcome to the new Metro.net!
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Welcome to the new Metro.net!

September 8, 2019

Welcome to the new Metro.net! Metro has incorporated user feedback to improve
the site design, making it easier for customers to access the information they want on the
devices they use most. An interactive map is featured prominently
to make it easier for our riders to find the information they need quickly. Plan a trip, Find the next bus, or Check a
Schedule, all in one convenient location. Metro’s Trip Planner has been rebuilt from
the ground up and now provides more transit options and service alerts as part of the
itinerary. Type in your starting point. Whether it’s an address or landmark our Trip
planner has you covered. Add your Destination and you’ll see the trip
display on the map as well as the trip options that you can choose from. Once you select a trip you’ll be able to see
more details from start to finish. Type in a cross street, area, or use your
current location to get scheduled and real-time arrivals for Metro, as well as 24 municipal
transit agencies in Los Angeles County that accept TAP cards. Wondering when your bus is coming? Just type in your cross street to get an instant
view of real time arrival times. Or better yet share your location and it’ll
automatically load what’s around you. The Maps & Schedules tab lets you view your
bus or rail line quickly. Want more detail on a particular line? No Problem! Just type in the line to see all the stops
or click on the timetable icon to get a complete schedule of arrival times. Maps are awesome! But if you’re looking for something else you’re
sure to find it in our updated Navigation We’ve cleaned up and reorganized things to
make it more intuitive to navigate. Our GOING METRO section has everything you’ll
need to get to where you need to go. The IN THE WORKS section will help you find
what Metro is building or planning to build in the near future. Want to see how Metro ticks or find a Career
making transit great again? Here you’ll find how to get in contact with
us, what meetings we’ve got schedule and news on what Metro’s been up to. We hope this makes your commute life easier
and encourage you to give us feedback to keep making improvements.


  • Reply KOOL SKULL May 17, 2018 at 1:18 am

    … or a career in making transit great again? LOL – love the new site! great video! if you guys need help making audio content, i think im ur guy.

  • Reply INSPIRATION PEOPLES August 30, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    Worst net work , in blr, I am from Seshadri Puram don’t use this

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