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We Built the Biggest Box Fort Ever and Put A Track Inside! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

December 11, 2019

(upbeat electronic music) – [Andy] This is so cool. This is one of the biggest
box forts I’ve ever seen. – [Tomas] You ready for this? – Absolutely. – [Both] In three, two, one, go! – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer
and Tomas Moreno-Johnson. – Hello, hello. Welcome back to Hot
Wheels Unlimited. I’m your host, Andy. – I’m Tomas. I’m
still Andy’s friend. Today, we’ve got
unlimited track. – Yes, and we are
going to put it in this awesome, epic
box fort behind us. Let’s go check it out. – [Narrator] When Hot
Wheels builds a box fort, you know it’s gonna be the
coolest one you’ve ever seen. – Alright, here we are inside the living room of the box fort. This is so cool. This is honestly one of
the biggest box forts I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the coolest
box forts I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a
lot of box forts. – Yeah, you’re the box fort guy. – Yeah. I’m kind of an
expert at this point. Okay, so tell me about
this living room. – [Tomas] Oh, got a
nice couch set up here. – [Andy] Yes. – [Tomas] The TV, the
beautiful fireplace. – [Andy] Because sometimes
your box fort gets cold. – [Tomas] Always.
– Need to warm it up. – Very poor insulation. – Yes. – [Tomas] All kinds of
track in here as well. – [Andy] Yep. Alright, now come back this way. This is the kitchen. Gotta have your snacks. – [Tomas] Snacks,
snacks, snacks. – Tomas’s snacks are over here. – Andy’s not allowed
to touch that. – After all this track building and all this racing, though, you gotta sleep somewhere. Tomas, show us the bedroom. (hip hop music) Oh yeah. – [Tomas] You got the
box boombox over here, the box bed. – [Andy] All my Hot Wheels cars. – [Tomas] I was gonna
say your collection. – [Andy] Yes. Alright, this is the last room. Of course you cannot have
a Hot Wheels box fort without a place to
work on your car. We have a bunch of
stunt boxes and kickers and flips and loops and stuff, and this is really cool too, so we thought, you know what? One level of track isn’t enough. We need two levels
of track, baby! Do you like it? – I mean, it’s fantastic. – Yeah!
– The track looks great. I just feel like we could
add a few more moments. – Okay, I totally agree.
– You know what I mean? Just spice it up
ten percent more. – Let’s do it. We’ll start here
in the living room. What do you think? – I think right here,
we’ve got this table here, I’m thinking a jump. (upbeat rock music) – [Andy] Perfect. – Okay, so the car is gonna
go through the booster here and it’s gonna go to
the end of the table, jump off here, and pick back up on the
track down here on the floor. – [Andy] That’s a
great first jump. – [Tomas] Yeah, I think so. – Alright, let’s add another. – Cool. – Alright, we got a loop, and I think we’re
gonna add it right here so that we can get
some more speed. – Alright, you ready? – Yep.
– Let’s go. – Woo! Very nice! So what do you got over here? – I got an idea for this one. You just wait, man. You’re gonna like this. Alright, here we go, Andy. – Yeah. – You ready for this? – Absolutely. Are you? – I am.
– Okay, here we go. – [Both] In three, two, one, go! (upbeat electronic music) – [Andy] First up is
the living room jump. Here we go. Come on. Nailed it! Alright, we made
it to the garage. We gotta hit those boosters to climb into the
top of the car. Getting closer. (epic electronic music) Alright, made it to the kitchen. Gotta get some snacks, baby! Uh, don’t fall off the counter. Oh, looking real good. Very nice. Yeah! Here we are going
to the bedroom. Woo! Alright, alright, let’s go! Come on, come on, come on. That’s a lot of
engineering to get the car over the bed and up the wall. Ooh, that flip was perfect! Coming up is Tomas’s surprise. I wonder what it’s gonna be. Whoa, we are in the
walls of the box fort. Second level, here we are! Homestretch. Here we go! Almost there, almost there! Whoa, that was so awesome. – We did it. – Look at this little house. – [High Pitched Voice]
How awesome was that? That’s the best box fort
video I’ve ever seen. Hey, registered users,
like and subscribe and comment below what you
would do with this much track. I’m Andy Reismeyer. We’ll see you next time
on Hot Wheels Unlimited! – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels production. (cheerful happy rock music)


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    This really gave some nostalgia back at Stunt Track Driver, especially the "in the wall" segment. Can't wait to see the behind scenes for this one.

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