Watch press conference after Sacramento light rail collision
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Watch press conference after Sacramento light rail collision

October 10, 2019

At 9:43 PM Sacramento Fire Department
received a call for what was called a motor vehicle accident
with an extra possible extrication. Our first surviving
units reported that this was actually a train incident of some sort
and by train I mean i like rail train. We are within the limits
of Sacramento City. They balanced this call for more
additional resources to respond as they determined there was gonna
be multiple patients. They then declared a multi-casualty
incident which we call an MCI. Right now the total number of
patients that we have is 27. 13 of them were transported to
two local area trauma hospitals. The other remaining amount were
treated on scene and released. No one had any life
threatening injuries and there were no deaths
associated with this incident. There were only two that were
determined to be moderate, they were classified as moderate. The rest were classified as walking
wounded or delayed in treatment. That means we’re not in a need to rush
them to a hospital, not an emergency. Along with Sacramento Fire Department,
we have Sacramento Police Department and also regional transit,
which oversees the light rail is on scene. We are in the very early
stages of an investigation. And right now, everyone that needed
transport has been transported. We had a total of 15 ambulances, that were on scene as well as
over 40 firefighter personnel. Right now it’s so
early in the investigation, I don’t have any information in regards to exactly
what happened with this light rail train. Early reports people were trying
to say it was a derailment, others said it was some sort of collision. I have no facts, Or no information
in regards to exactly what occurred. All I can say is that people were injured
they were writers on the light rail train. It does not appear to me as I from your
same vantage point does not appear that it turned over. It does appear like it’s still
up right and on the tracks. There were no reports of
any extrication needed. Although everyone was either what we call
extricated on their own, self extricated, or they require assistance from
Sacramento Fire Department, but there was no tools or jaws of life that
were required to get anyone off the train.>>What unusual situation?>>Yeah, the first one for
me in my career, I’m 19 years from
Sacramento Fire Department, with this many patients needing
to be treated and transported. The good thing here that we’re very
happy is that no one lost their life and that no one was in any critical condition. The Secretary Fire Department
responded accordingly. We have plenty of resources here on scene
in a timely manner to help mitigate the emergency. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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