Washington, D.C | Local Transportation Guide – Getting Around | Travel Guide | Episode# 2
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Washington, D.C | Local Transportation Guide – Getting Around | Travel Guide | Episode# 2

October 9, 2019

Hipfig Travel Channel offers travel video guides for more than 20 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like our travel videos, subscribe to this channel to see more. Washington DC Washington DC Public transport information Why it is illegal to eat, drink, or smoke on the DC Metro? It’s not what you think. Find out in this video. Public transportation is run by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) The WMATA has two main services: the Metro rail and the Metro bus system. Your fare is determined by the length to your destination. Buy a Metrorail Smartrip card which can be purchased for use on the metro system at any vending machine at any metro station. The metro rail system has six color-coded rail lines: red, orange, silver, blue, yellow, and green. The red line goes from Glenmont to Shady Grove. The orange line goes from New Carrollton to Vienna, Fairfax. The silver line goes from Wiehle-Reston East to Largo Town Center. The blue line goes from Franconia-Springfield to Largo Town Center. The yellow line goes from Huntington to Fort Totten and the green line goes from Branch avenue to Greenbelt Look for the tall brown column with the large M identifying the station and consists of colored stripes around the column show which lines serve the station. All signs and announcements are made in English. Traffic is very heavy in the DC area so the best way to get around is the Metro rail system or buses. The Metro bus service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To take a Metro bus, stand at a metro bus stop which are designated with red, white, and blue signs. Check the bus destination before you board. The route number and destination are displayed above the windshield and on the boarding side of the bus. If you’re in the National Mall area you’ll realize that it is huge and walking can be overwhelming especially with kids. So we recommend taking the Circulator bus. The Circulator bus goes around the National mall area and loops around. It also drops you in key places around the National mall. It is an economical way to get around from one end of the mall to the other Other options include the Bg Bus and the Old Town Trolley. Both are hop-on hop-off bus and tour companies. They also make stops at key tourist places around the central DC area Have you figured out the answer to why you cannot eat , drink, or smoke on the DC Metro? Its because it costs too much to clean the carpet. Yes carpet on the Metro Happy Travels. Go to hipfig.com for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates

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