Walt Disney’s Name Was Sold For $42 Million
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Walt Disney’s Name Was Sold For $42 Million

August 20, 2019

The Walt Disney Company was formed almost
100 years ago and in that time since it has become an entertainment behemoth that has
undoubtedly changed the face of American media and culture. With an impact like that you could say that
the Walt Disney name is priceless. Except there was a price, and Disney paid
it. As much as we all love Disneyland today, the
idea wasn’t always widely accepted. When Walt tried to originally purchase land
for a Disney themed amusement park in the early 1950s, Disney stockholders sued to stop
the purchase and won. They felt that Walt Disney Productions was
in the film and animation industry, not the amusement park industry. To buy land for an amusement park would be
a misuse of company money. Walt argued that they were in the entertainment
industry, and that Disneyland would be a “totally new concept in entertainment.” So to avoid letting shareholders block his
plans again and seeking the funding he would need for this Disneyland, Walt formed a new
separate company to be named Walt Disney Incorporated. However fearing that it would be too confusing
what with Walt Disney Productions existing, Roy Disney and Disney’s lawyers urged him
to change the name. Instead he would use his initials and so on
December 16th, 1952 he formed WED Enterprises. Now today we largely remember WED for their
work on some of the most memorable theme park attractions in the world. However there was also a “personal services”
branch of the company, and it would be not only the key to WED working, but a source
of tension between Walt and Roy for years. You see, Walt granted WED his own naming rights,
and in turn WED licensed the Walt Disney name to Walt Disney Productions for a 10% royalty
of all merch, and up to a 15% share of every Disney project that he chose to invest in,
which happened pretty often. Walt argued that this move would ultimately
be a good one for everyone involved. Walt would get the funding for his Disneyland
project, without having to worry about Disney Production shareholders. He would also secure a financial future for
his family after he was gone. In return, with WED licensing Walt’s name,
it would ensure that Walt Disney Productions would be able to continue to use the name
long after he died, without the mess of estate rights and stuff like that. Roy however was not pleased. With the ownership of WED being split between
Walt and his two daughters, Walt and his immediate family were now about to financially benefit
from the Disney name in a way Roy and his family couldn’t. Beyond that there was a question as to whether
the move was ethical. The formation of the company was only approved
by the Walt Disney Productions board of directors, and so none of the company’s shareholders
had any say in the costly fees Disney would now have to start paying Walt. As most of us know, WED would go on to develop
Disneyland, and despite a rocky opening day the theme park would go on to be massive success
and change the amusement park industry forever. That success is why, in 1963, Walt Disney
Productions felt it was time to revisit the Disney/WED deal. With the company growing there was more risk
than ever that a shareholder would sue the company over the questionable formation of
WED Enterprises. The negotiations lasted over a year and oftentimes
got heated. On February 5th, 1965 however, Walt Disney
Productions would buy the design and architecture portion of WED Enterprises. Walt would get a ten year extension on ownership
of the Disneyland Railroad and Monorail, and he would also get to keep his naming royalty
contract. Since Walt Disney Productions now owned WED
Enterprises, the remaining business dealings would operate under a new name: Retlaw Enterprises,
which was Walter spelled backwards. WED would continue to operate at Walt Disney
Productions until 1986 when it was renamed to its current name: Walt Disney Imagineering. The deal would remain for the following seventeen
years, and in early 1982 Retlaw Enterprises, at that point owned by Walt’s wife, Lillian,
and their two daughters Diane and Sharon, would sell Walt’s naming rights and rights to
the Disneyland Railroad and Monorail to The Walt Disney Company. The price? 818,461 shares of Disney stock, which at the
time were worth $42.6 million. Today those shares, after three splits, would
be worth over $1.1 billion. Retlaw would actually continue to operate
through the 80s, 90s and early 00’s. While their ties to the Disney company were
severed, the company had purchased numerous television stations and pieces of real estate
over the years. In 1999 Retlaw sold it’s television stations,
and in 2005 what was left of Retlaw Enterprises was folded into the Walt Disney Family Foundation. Retlaw is an often overlooked piece of Disney’s
history, but it’s an important one. It was the foundation upon which Disneyland
was built, it both caused a rift within his family and secured it’s financial future
at the same time, and it even put a price on the Walt Disney name. If you liked this video and want to know more
about WED and Retlaw and the feud between Walt and Roy during those years, I highly
suggest checking out Roy Disney’s biography, “Building a Company”, by Bob Thomas. You can find a link to it in the description
below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next


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