Walk Tasmania’s Overland Track with Tasmanian Expeditions
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Walk Tasmania’s Overland Track with Tasmanian Expeditions

January 14, 2020

In today’s lifestyle everything is so busy. Re-connecting to nature, really appeals
to people. The Overland Track is Tasmania’s premier walk, it’s a 6-day walk through the wilderness. On the Overland Track we supply tents, sleeping bags, packs a big dry bag for all of your gear to go into, sleeping mats raincoats, rain-pants – everything you need apart from your personal clothing and your boots basically. You start off day one, and you’re up quite high, you get up to 1200 meters, and by the end of the track, six days, you’ve walked up over the plateau through rainforest and then you end up down in button grass plains. It’s, it’s like a bit of everything each day. We have a bit of a purist approach to
the way that we run our expeditions. It’s back to basics. We think by doing the sort of, the
camping style, it sort of gets people back to nature. On the Overland Track people can expect
to see wildlife; wedgetail eagles and wombats and wallabies, glaciated landscapes,
temperate rainforest, magnificent waterfalls beautiful vistas across button grass plains, yeah, it’s, it’s just a stunning place. I think the importance and the significance of Tasmania is that it is so different to mainland
Australia, and compared to mainland Australia it is so untouched. You can come out here and actually feel
that you’re in a wild place. Food on the Overland Track is ah, very good! We try to cook 3-course meals every night as we go. Every comment I’ve had is along the lines of, ‘oh we thought we’d lose weight on this trip but we’ve been fed so much!’ The food that they’re providing on the trek is better than I cook for myself at home! The wilderness is worth protecting and especially in Tasmania. So in terms of ‘Leave No Trace’ principles we’ll try and leave any area that we visit in a better state than we found it in. It’s all minimal impact in terms of how to toilet in the wilderness, using composting toilets, sticking
to the track and making sure that we bring everything out and basically as
the name suggests to have a’ Leave No Trace’ policy. There is always a real camaraderie when you, when you’re cooking up meals or putting on a pot of tea and camping out in your tents. There’s a real connection. I think people who have an adventurous spirit have a common bond and, when you come out to somewhere like this it doesn’t take long for everybody to become friends very quickly. I think at the moment, it’s still just the world’s best-kept secret,
but soon it probably won’t be because that secret will get out and then there’ll be
a lot more people about. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and if you don’t do it then, you know, you’re gonna regret it. You don’t want to get to 75 years old and go ‘dang, I should have done that when I was a bit younger!’

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