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September 10, 2019

New York City! We’ve traveled abroad to many
far off corners of the world; however, we’ve yet to find a city that quite lives up to
the Big Apple. Join as we share our New York City travel experiences in the form of a top
50 things to do in the city guide where we cover top attractions along with extended
footage in the form of vlogs where we visit places we didn’t cover the first time around.
From the High Line to Brooklyn Bridge and Smorgasburg to Governors Island our guide
offers a bit of something for everyone. Our recent week in New York City was an action
packed one. We decided to set ourselves a challenge to see and do as much as we possibly
could, and that gave way to this video guide which highlights 50 of the top attractions.
In a city like New York this means we barely scratched the surface, but hopefully this
video will highlight the cornucopia of possibilities that is the Big Apple. Most journeys begin at Penn Station or Grand
Central Terminal, and if you arrive at the later you’ll be wowed by the building. We’re now visiting The High Line, which is
an old section of rail tracks that used to run from Chelsea all the way to the Meatpacking
district. This area has actually been reclaimed and turned into a park which is pretty cool. The Meatpacking District was once home to
markets, slaughterhouses, and packaging plants, but times have changed. Today you’ll find
a mixture of trendy restaurants, clubs and boutiques. The Village used to be a bohemian neighborhood
that drew artists and musicians, but today you’re more likely to find upper middle class
families living here. The streets are shaded and quiet, and it’s a nice place for a casual
stroll. Before coming to New York City there were
a few things I absolutely wanted to do and one of them was to walk across the Brooklyn
Bridge and I’m doing that right now. Completed in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge is one
of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan
and Brooklyn. Today we are over in Williamsburg which is
one of the more popular neighborhoods here in Brooklyn. It definitely has a very young
feel. I’m seeing a lot of twenty something year old’s and that means lots of flea markets,
independent restaurants and art galleries. Williamsburg has become quite popular given
its lower rent prices. University students and young professionals have been flocking
to this part of town. We got to see a lot of cool street art around
Williamsburg, including murals along Bedford, Fillmore, and Roebling. This is a massive park located in Brooklyn
and it was designed by the same landscape architects who brought Central Park to life. We are now visiting the historic district
of DUMBO and that stands for down under the Manhattan bridge overpass. You can walk along the riverfront for a great
view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and the Manhattan skyline. You can’t come to New York and not have a
slice of pizza. I can’t think of a better place to have it here than in Brooklyn. We were kind of tired from a long day of walking
and we decided to take a little break at Bryant Park. Low and behold we found that they have
free board games that anyone can use throughout the day. You’ll catch friends, couples, and families
playing games like chess, dominoes and scrabble. During the summer months, Bryant Park also
becomes a popular hangout spot for people looking to relax and even work on their tans. After visiting Bryant Park, you’ll want to
pop into the library for a look at the beautiful interior. The Staten Island Ferry is free of charge
and this makes it really popular with visitors who want to catch a glimpse of the Statue
of Liberty from a distance. If you want to get a closer look at Lady Liberty,
you’ll have to buy tickets to Liberty Island. If you make reservations well in advance,
you can even climb to the viewing platform inside the crown. Battery Park is located on the southern tip
of Manhattan. It is home to a few different memorials and you’ll also catch a lot of visitors
hanging out in this area as they wait to catch a ferry. Little Italy may be slowly shrinking, but
it’s still a great place to grab some Italian food & a gelato for dessert. Having both lived in South Korea, we were
thrilled to come across Manhattan’s own Little Korea. We seized the opportunity and found
a restaurant serving kimchi, pajeon, and kimchi bokkeum bap. If you’re looking for a bargain, Chinatown
is a fun place to visit. The storefronts usually spill onto the sidewalks. It’s one of the
few places where you can haggle on the price of things. Coney Island is all about good old fashioned
fun. You can ride roller coasters, stroll down the boardwalk, enjoy some beach time,
and then head over the Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. We happened to be here during a parade,
which explains why the streets were so busy. And that’s our next tip – if you’re here in
June, don’t miss the Mermaid Parade! We are now in the northwest end of Manhattan
visiting The Cloisters and this building was built in the Medieval architectural style
and it is home to some really lovely sculptures and paintings so we’re going to be visiting
those. The Cloisters will make you feel like you’ve
traveled over to Europe. This place a peaceful retreat from Manhattan’s busy streets. The Apollo is one of the most famous music
halls in New York City. Amateur Night is on Wednesdays, and it’s great for spotting upcoming
talent. We’re in Harlem for some soul food and we’ve
heard some great things about Sylvia’s. We can’t wait to go and have some fried chicken. We ended up having smothered chicken, and
it melted in our mouths. Delicious! While in the city we also dropped by the National
September 11 Memorial. We then made our way to Trinity Church which
holds one of the oldest burial grounds in Manhattan and is the final resting place of
many historic figures. We’re here now at Wall Street where millions
are made and lost. We’re now visiting the Lincoln Center, which
is a space that celebrates the performing arts. It is home to the opera, the ballet
and the theater. Art aficionados will love the possibilities
the Lincoln Center offers. While I wouldn’t recommend biking Manhattan’s
congested streets, Central Park really is a great place for a bike ride. If you’re looking
to cover a lot of ground, you can pick up a bike from one of the many rental shops. One thing you absolutely have to do when you
come to New York is watch a New York Yankees baseball game. Right now we’re at Yankee Stadium
and this is the most historic baseball franchise. They’ve won more World Series than any other
team. We have a very exciting day of museum hopping
ahead of us. Our first stop is the MET or the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I’m really
looking forward to browsing the different galleries. Admission to the Met is by suggested donation
only, meaning you can give whatever you can afford. This triangular shaped skyscraper is one of
the most iconic buildings in the city. If you approach the building from a certain angle
it looks 2-dimensional. Washington Square Park is popular with families
looking to cool down during the summer months. There is a large fountain where kids like
to climb and splash around. The park is also known for its arch which is reminiscent of
in Paris. And while you visit Washington Square Park,
you can also take the opportunity to swing by the NYU campus. The National Museum of the American Indian
has a very interesting collection, and the best part is that admission is free of charge. The American Museum of Natural History is
located in the Upper West Side, and it has an extensive dinosaur collection. We are now in Times Square – the busiest intersection
in all of New York City. If you’re going to be visiting I recommend you come at night
time when all of the lights are on and it is just crowded. Times Square has often been nicknamed “The
Center of the Universe” and “The Crossroads of the World”. An estimated 330,000 people
pass through daily. Modern art lovers can pop into the MoMa for
a visit. A really fun way to get over to Roosevelt
Island is to take a cable car from Manhattan. This tramway runs from Manhattan to Roosevelt
Island and the ride lasts 3 minutes. It’s a fun way to get an aerial overview of the
city, but it’s also slightly unnerving if you don’t like heights! Ahh, Fifth Avenue is a shopping Mecca. The
street is lined with prestigious high-end boutiques, and it’s considered to be one of
the most expensive shopping streets in the world. The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is located
on the 70th floor and offers 360 degree unobstructed views. The Empire State Building was the world’s
tallest building for almost 40 years. While it has been surpassed many times since, it
still boasts some of the best views of New York City. Carnegie Hall is a concert venue and it often
plays host to classical performances. This morning we’re exploring Central Park
also known as the lungs of New York City. Now this park is massive and there are so
many different entrances. It is almost like a bit of a maze. If you really want to see
the park properly you’ve got to come several times and you’ve got to enter from different
vantage points. Central Park is massive and there are so many
places to visit within its boundaries. We managed to visit Belvedere Castle, the Great
Lawn, Shakespeare Garden, The Ramble, The Jackie Onassis Reservoir, the Alice in Wonderland
Statue, and we still left feeling like we barely scratched the surface. Strawberry Fields is a section of Central
Park dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. This was a place Lennon used to frequent,
and travelers from far and wide stop by to leave a rose and pay their respects. We’re just outside of the MET and I’ve got
a giant pretzel in my hand. It is piping hot. It is delicious. I’m going to try a bite.
It is really dough-y and wow is it ever salty. You can’t come to New York without taking
in a musical. There are so many different ones you can choose from Mama Mia to Phantom
of the Opera. We are here now at Madison Square Garden which
is home to the NHL’s New York Rangers one of the most historic hockey teams. This building
is one of the most famous in the whole world for entertainment. You can watch concerts,
you can watch shows. This is where lots of live performances happen. This is a memorial site to the unnamed free
and enslaved Africans who were buried here. It was only rediscovered in 1991. The cool thing about this intersection is
that it’s the point from which all official distances from New York City are measured. One of the best ways to get around New York
City is of course by Metro. I’ve got this MetroCard over here and I paid thirty dollars
and this has allowed me to go around the city for seven full days with unlimited use. If you want to really explore New York City,
we recommend picking up a MetroCard so that you can zip around the city with no restrictions.
It’s cheap and it’s efficient. And that concludes a look at our very busy
week in New York City. I’m still shocked we managed to cover so many attractions, but
the great thing about this city is that distances aren’t very long and there’s always something
really cool worth checking out around each corner. Have you been to New York? What are your favorite
things about this city? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Alright, so we are going out for a bit of
an unusual breakfast this morning. We are here in the lower east side to have breakfast
at Katz’s deli. Now they specialize in corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and I am starving.
So let’s go in there and order some food. So here is the food we ordered. We ended up
getting one corned beef sandwich, one pastrami sandwich and they both came with a whole bunch
of pickles. Check it out. Look at those pickles. Wow. This looks fantastic. Katz’s deli has been around since 1888. It
is a true institution. And what makes their meat so special is the curing process. Apparently,
it takes over 30 days. Alright, so you’re starting with pastrami.
Just show us like how much meat is in there. Like that is ridiculous. You will not find
a sandwich that thick with meat. Yep, so it is served on rye bread with lots of mustard.
And I love pastrami sandwiches so I have high expectations. Wow. That is so good. The meat is so juicy.
It just falls apart the minute you bite in to it. And it is so tender, so flavorful.
And it is just perfectly paired with the mustard. That combination is fantastic. One more bite. Mmmm. Check it out. Alright, and so I have the other sandwich.
The corn beef sandwich. Look at that. Oh, wow. The behemoth. I’m going to try to eat it without having
too much of it falling off. Struggling there? A little messy. That was way too big of a bite. But oh my.
That meat is as tender as it gets. And I like that they keep a little bit of the fat on
it. It is really juicy and it has got a bit of a greasy feel as you are chewing it. So
so good. And let’s not forget the pickles. Yeah, for
this type of sandwich you can not have it without pickles. Like it is also the perfect
pairing. You’ve got to have your mustard and you’ve got to have your pickles. That’s nice. So out of the two sandwiches which one do
you like the most? My favorite is definitely the pastrami. This one that I’m holding here.
I just find that the meat is a lot more tender. It is just a lot easier to eat. Um, and the flavor. Yeah, I don’t know what
it is but this one is pretty special. So if you come to Katz’s I highly highly recommend
the pastrami sandwich. It’s great. So again there is a Montreal New York connection.
While in Montreal you can go to a place called Schwartz’s which specializes in Canadian smoked
meat sandwiches. Which is similar to the pastrami one. There is a bit of a difference. It is
hard to say which one I like better. I love them both to be honest and if you can try
them both. If you are in Montreal and in New York I highly recommend you do that. Alright, so the price. How much did these
sandwiches cost? Well, they are not cheap because this place is really famous. They
each come in at just under $20. But at the same time they are quite filling. Like I’m
still struggling to finish my first piece. Like this is going to be more of a brunch
than a breakfast. Yeah. Yeah, so bring your appetite when you come here and yeah bring
your wallet as well. So it is a Saturday here in Williamsburg.
And we are at Smorgasburg which is a really fun outdoor food market. They have over 100
hundred vendors that are just setting up right now. So we’re here to have breakfast. We’re
just going to sample some food and it just seems like a really fun spot to meet some
friends, have a late brunch. So yeah, let’s get started. We’re really hot so I think we’re going to
go for the ice cream sandwich first, right? Excited about that? Sure am. So this is my oat chocolate chunk ice cream
cookie. It has got fudge and sea salt. And it looks amazing. Let’s get a close-up of
it. Check it out. I’m going to take a bite before it starts melting in this heat. How is that? Wow! That is a gourmet ice cream
cookie. Mmmm. Feeling seriously parched huh? It is time
for some lemonade. So it is time to try this lemonade which I
think is made with organic cane sugar. Like there is nothing more refreshing than
ice cold lemonade on a hot day. Alright, so we’ve got an original black bubble
tea. And basically the theme of this afternoon has been trying to cool off as you’ve probably
noticed we’ve just been having things like ice creams and drinks and lemonades. Now we’ve
got bubble tea. It is really refreshing. I love the tapioca
little bubbles. Oh, show us the bubbles. Right there. There they are. It looks good. And
let’s share. Hahaha. Alright, to wrap things up here at Smorgasburg
here in Williamsburg we had a really good time kind of just wandering around. We sampled
some different food. Mostly we were just eating things and drinking things to kind of cool
off. The prices are a little bit high. So it does add up after a while but it is the
kind of place where you come to socialize, to be out in the sun and to have a good time.
And to sample all kinds of different food. So it is a beautiful Sunday here in New York
City. And we decided to take the ferry over to Governors Island. It is less than half
a mile from lower Manhattan. So here we are just enjoying nature, walking around and I
think we’re going to go grab some food soon because, as usual, we’re hungry. So right now we are visiting Castle Williams
and over the years this place has been a fort, a prison and now a community center so it
is pretty cool. They have some interactive art and music happening. So yeah, we’re just
taking a little tour. So far I’m really enjoying the relaxed vibe
of this island. It is just so calm here. And there are these really neat things to do.
Like there is a little flea market behind us. We know where to go when there is a fork and
a knife. Alright, so we just hit up a little food truck.
And we’ve got burritos and quesadillas. I don’t know what you’re having for lunch but
my lunch looks awesome. Ha. Alright, so I’m starting with the burrito. Mmmm. That is quite nice. I’m starving so
honestly anything would taste good right now. Looks like we’ve got dessert over here. Yeah,
so we were craving a little sweet treat after that lunch. Which was just okay., So over
here we have organic apple cider ice cream sandwich donuts. Which is something I’ve never
had before. It looks amazing. It is a little melty. I’ve never had that either. I’ve had
homemade ice cream sandwiches. Doughnut form? How is that? Oh, yeah. Wow. That is amazing.
A little messy. And it is melting fast because it is so hot out. So I’m just going to eat
it. So after stuffing our beaks, what do we do?
Well, we found the hammock grove which is a lovely little spot with lots of hammocks
where you can just hang out and digest your meal pretty much. Siesta time huh? Oh, yeah. So right now we’re touring the Commanding
Officer’s quarters. Let’s have a look. So the home is empty now and all of the furniture
has been removed but it has kind of been turned into a like a little art gallery. So you’ll
notice that there are paintings on the walls but that is it. Everything else is bare. And
I love how on this island you can just kind of walk into these homes and just like you
know. Yeah, they have big welcome flags so that
you can just go in, have a look and see what the home was once like. Alright, and that concludes our visit to Governors
Island. It was just a short trip. Um, one of the things that we noticed was that the
island is even smaller than what we expected. It is the kind of place that you can probably
visit in two to three hours including a lunch time. So today we are having lunch at one of our
favorite hamburger joints. We are here at Shake Shack which is a name that is widely
known across the US. We try to eat here every time we are in the States and New York City
is no exception. Now today we are not just at any Shake Shack. We are at the original
Shake Shack which is located in Madison Square Park. And this actually started out as a little
hot dog cart and now it is grown in to a huge franchise. So super excited to be eating here
and I’m also really hungry so let’s go order. And this is the line to order Shake Shack.
And we’re going to stand here and get our food. So we’ve finally ordered and now we’re just
waiting. But along with a whole bunch of other people. Look who just came back. I was so scared to
drop it. It’s finally here. Check it out. So the wait is over. Our food has finally
arrived and if you have look over here we got the SmokeShack. I got the single and Sam
got the double because he’s a hungry boy. And we also have our french fries. Cheese
fries actually. That looks delicious. And that is not everything. We have a cheesecake
milkshake. Not just cheesecake. Strawberry cheesecake. Awesome. So let’s dig in. Look at that thing of beauty. Oh, yeah. That is why we stood in line for
fifteen minutes and waited another twenty minutes for our food to be ready. This is
like the best hamburger I’ve ever had. Seriously, one of the best things we did while
we were in Las Vegas was try Shake Shack there. Now this one here in New York City is the
original and so I have high expectations for this burger. I’ve got the Shake Shack double
which means it has two patties, it has got lots of cheese and it has got bacon. Wow! Fabulous is it? It is just unbelievably good.
This is my favorite burger by far. Okay, so now it is time for the cheesy fries.
Right over here. It looks sloppy and greasy and cheesy. Just the way we like it. It kind
of tastes like french fries with cheese whiz poured on top. Like hot gooey cheese whiz.
Mmmm. Wow! Okay, just a little tip if you want to visit
the original Shake Shack. We came here and started standing in line at about 11:20 or
11:30 and it was already busy. Now that it is past noon I think there is about two to
three times the amount of people standing in line. So if you want to come I would suggest
maybe right around eleven when it opens and then you won’t have to wait as long for your
burger. And because we’re not piggy enough, what do
we have? Well, a milkshake was not enough so we’ve gone back for custard. So this is
a vanilla custard with fudge. Oh yeah. Digging that? I’ve never had frozen
custard before. So it is a new flavor for me. It’s like custard ice cream but creamier.
It’s smoother. Alright, to wrap things up. I’m not even entirely
sure what makes this burger better than other fast food burgers but I think it has to do
with quality ingredients. The meat is just so juicy, there is a lot of cheese and the
bun is delicious. They also have like these like red hot chilies that just really enhance
the taste. It is just my favorite burger right now and like we’ve said before I’m willing
to stand in line and wait a long time for it. So hello from New York City. Sam and I are
hanging out in Queens for a few days and we’re just going to be visiting friends, checking
out some sights and mostly eating. So today’s video is actually going to be a taste test.
We tracked down some of the best New York Style bagels in the city and today we’re going
to be sampling a whole bunch. This large bag over here holds 14 different kinds of bagels.
So Sam, I hope you’re feeling hungry. Alright, I kind of went overboard with my
purchase. But I’m going to show you all of the bagels. One by one. Egg bagel. Pumpernickel bagel. Poppy seed bagel. French Toast bagel. Blueberry bagel. Cinnamon raisin bagel. Everything bagel. And there is a whole bunch more. And if get
bored I can always use this bag to exercise. It is seriously heavy. So last summer we traveled to Montreal where
we tried a whole bunch of bagels. So what is the difference between Montreal bagels
and New York bagels? Well apparently the Montreal ones are smaller, thicker and sweeter whereas
the New York City bagels are larger and doughier. So let’s start eating them. The first thing that comes to mind when I
try a New York style bagel is just how massive these are. Like these are huge. Like check
out this thing. It is like holding a brick. If someone ever stole my wallet I could throw
one of these at them. Wham, right in the head. That would knock them right out. But instead of throwing them at somebody I
think we’ll try eating them right now. So I’ve had my eye on this one for a while.
This is the everything bagel. And it smells amazing. I think there has to be some garlic
like in there because the aroma it is giving off is just wonderful. So I’m not even going
to bother putting cream cheese or any kind of spreads on it. I’m just taking a big bite.
Dig right in. Hmmm. Well, it really is doughy and chewy.
Look at that. Oh yeah. So that is poppy seed and roasted garlic on the exterior and sesame
seed. That is just wonderful. Like you can eat it plain. It is flavorful as it is. Amazing.
I know this the first one I’m trying but I think it is my favorite. Alright, I’m going to be focusing on more
of the sweeter bagels. This one here is the french toast bagel. And I’ve decided to pair
this with one of the cream cheeses that we bought. This is raisin and walnut cream cheese. Okay, I’m totally being lazy as well. I’m
not cutting open the bagels. I’m just putting a bit of the spread on. Time to bite. Mmm.
Wow. Yeah, like seriously you couldn’t find a better
spread for this particular bagel. Like they compliment each other perfectly. This is a
bit of a sweeter bagel and it is just amazing. Okay, so next up we have the egg bagel which
is the size of my face. Let’s be honest here. Um, again I’m going to try this one without
cream cheese. I think that might be the biggest one. Yeah. The biggest one of the bunch. My bite was too big. Hahahaha. Well, greedy pants, how was that? Alright, so. That is the egg bagel. It is
yellow. A huh. Um, I thought it would be a little fluffier
than the other ones. Kind of like egg bread. But it is really not. It is still quite dense. It is nice. I think this one would be nice
with like salty butter. Alright, and next up I’ve got one of my favorite
bagels of all time the cinnamon raisin bagel. And not much needs to be explained about this
one. Let’s just bite right in. That’s really good. My personal tip for when
having this particular bagel is to toast it and then put peanut butter on. That is an
amazing combo. And the last one here is pumpernickel and
it smells fantastic. If you like German bread you’re going to like this one. Mmmm. Again the bite was a little too big. Now I
can’t speak. This bagel. This would be perfect with cream
cheese and some smoked salmon on top. Mmmmm. Hmmmm. Alright, and the last one for me here is the
blueberry bagel. And if you look closely here it definitely is purple. Um, I’ve never tired
a blueberry bagel before. I love blueberries so this should be exciting. Oh yeah, look at that. You can taste the blueberry.
Um, it is not overpowering like you still have like the normal bagel taste but it is
just like that extra little blueberry flavor. It is really good. Seriously, those bagels were fantastic. We’re
both really getting stuffed at this point. If you want to buy them you can go to New
York City Bagel and Coffee House which is located in Queens Astoria. The Coney Island Mermaid parade is an annual
spectacle celebrating the beginning of the summer season in late June. Thousands converge
to watch performers dancing and singing. Even Elvis showed up! It was mostly a happy event;
however, a select few decided to brawl instead. With perfect weather we marveled at the extraordinary
and often times risque marine costumes. What an event! If you’re in New York in June definitely consider
going to the Mermaid Parade. I promise you that you won’t be the only one there.

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