Universal Transport – from Czech Republic to Turkey

September 5, 2019

All the way from the Czech Republic to Turkey, a 150-ton generator had to be transported. The overall handling was in the hands of the Universal Transport subsidiary Züst and Bachmeier. The transport from Pilsen to Lovosice on the Elbe, 130km away, was handled by colleagues from the Prague Universal Transport branch. Modules with 17 axles and a 4-axle truck were used. However, before the load could start, a second tow bar had to be attached, so the trailer could be pushed later. Anti-slip mats were laid out on the trailer and then it went backwards into the workshop of Brush in Pilsen. Once there, the 150-tonne generator was lifted by the hall crane and loaded onto the truck. The generator had to be rotated to be set down in the exact right position. This is particularly important so an optimal and even weight distribution is given. Now the 38m long truck and trailer combination had to be taken out of the hall to the compound area. For this purpose, the total of 220 tons had to be maneuvered around obstacles and around corners for the first time. Then the load securing took place with heavy chains and the team could rest until the start in the evening. After the meeting with the escorts and the police, the transport could start at 11:30 pm. The first major challenge was the factory gate, which turned out to be a real narrow pass. But after a few steering and driving maneuvers, the gate had passed, and the truck reached the main road. The second truck was already waiting here which now coupled to support the transport on the mountainous route. The local transport companies used two lifting trucks that controlled the distance to the tram overhead lines. After the city area of ​​Pilsen was passed, it went on side roads through small villages north to Lovosice. At around 5:30 o’clock a little break had to be taken until the destination was reached in the early hours of the morning. Once arrived in the morning loading onto the barge started straight away, A port crane lifted the generator into the ship, in which it was taken to Antwerp. From there it went to the final destination in Turkey where the Turkish branch of the Universal Group was responsible for the road transport including the entry into the building.

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