Underground Railroad Station – History Revisited
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Underground Railroad Station – History Revisited

August 20, 2019

see some blesses you know it is Imam
underscore og I was checking out that dank alibi video and they’ve had some
questions about that the Harriet Tubman and the whole just caught and the
Underground Railroad no I’m Sam so I hashed around you know I
know st. Louis is a no st. Louis it is a pretty big oh I’m trying to let y’all
see all my personal business you know so st. Lewis is uh it’s got a lot of rich
history here you know what I’m talking about
especially being on the Mississippi you know what I mean oh so I went to check
out some historical things at st. Louis and see what I could find and stay tuned it’s almost 600 miles from the eastern
edge of Missouri to the border where Canada meets the United States that was
the task ahead of thousands of enslaved people seeking freedom crossing Illinois
was the first step we retraced that journey I’m supposed to have something to do a
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad watch Dan Calloway video
talking about a train conductor and Brotherhood say some tracks talk about
Harriet Tubman down by the river here in st. Louis so we’re gonna go check it out
man and see if we get to the bottom of it the whole brain is on that side of
the city and it leads down and under so everything you’re seeing right now
okay there’s a hollowness underneath the ground
there’s build railways open tunnels like a subway system this whole city is is hollow that the
city was built on top of once what was the original city
and once they once certain laws and shit became a certain way and certain things
were declared certain things didn’t serve their purposes or their uses we’re
gonna need soft fit so what are we gonna do with this shit alone we got the
manpower to get rid of it cover it up these parking garages are built right
over it which what’s left of what was the
underground subway railway underground railroad so much was built up back then when we
had cobblestone streets dirt roads muggers still using uh half of still
automobiles and half was still you know horse buggies and shit but it still came
up like a big city the one time I had that that I witnessed it and made it
probably 150 feet into the entrance because because we it was mean a couple
people when we walked the the railroad tracks that pre-existed there right
there on the ground and they went down in beneath what we see here now and the
tracks led down by the st. Patrick Center where that tree was and it was
open because that was a big court you already once that’s the Ohio track station which is
the bring me no Greyhound and the tracks led directly into an opening which is
where their building is now I I know because I walked about seven or eight
that were used in which are used in different ways now today I can hurry up and get clothes over here
go straight you going is this a regular row you guess what it is it’s not
advertised so people think oh we can’t be down here but this is public this is
Poland drive through that and you’re gonna go on the other side of wall voice
has no motor vehicle you’re gonna get on that real quick quick fast and I heard there’s a water
station down here that was built this is over told the flood wall train tracks
are on assignment and this is not no like a private place no no this is the
Katy Trail bike trail leads from north south now as you can see looking at this
map the Mississippi River is a natural border for the mason-dixon line so
anybody who could make it right here to the River in Missouri if they could make
it across the Mississippi to the other side then they would be able to gain
their freedom because Illinois was a free state little did I know that I was
about to be pulling up on a place very historical and not only st. Louis
history but our history and the history of the Underground Railroad check this
out sign is gone historic sign there was a
plaque that said here that gave you you know a layout of the history on why this
is right here also the how the flats dog was meeting a greeting coming and going
and you know I’m saying making making their right way to freedom see these are
the stairs there is the pad where the boat should make it as close as they
could so people could get on and off but someone was right here to see you here
too from and either across or down the river because obviously we have a kernel
flow the great river I mean this is this is
life it’s it’s history they can’t really they couldn’t really can cover it up so
who’s gonna go out of their way and move all this shit so they let it sit – the
rods just the T reads away like I said I’ve gone history that’s right here you
know like I know there’s also another route this is north these things to them
steps over there that they something to make sure I get out is
because you know the plaques not there you see that this says freedom crossing
visitor center obviously something
and then on the painting on the wall you got Harriet something’s wrong
someone did this period and they say respected still here yeah
I just said resist the truth hands set crevices see the coat which
represents the English with the tails see little heads that represent us and
top I did what’s this right here Mary meet
some freedom crossing onto Mississippi I’m sorry Sunday Historical Marker they
have Lewis and Clark not only they make a little money off
this shit yeah it’s something somebody not something this just blew my mind it
was like an eerie feeling but now I got to get to the bottom of who was Mary
Mitchell what is freedom crossing how could I live in st. Louis and never
heard of any of this who is married Meacham what is freedom crossing no I
made this video because I’m not gonna lie when my brother was like yo some
spots we could go to that I know he’s associated with the Underground Railroad
I’m like man it’s nigga don’t know what he talking about him like on a low you
know what I mean like in st. Louis I would know that it would be historical
you know I’m saying I would have been there before you know so it just goes to
show you like it’s right under our nose we expect everybody to come out and just
give us this history and tell us how we got here and you know how everything got
to this point when really we got to dig and look but once we start looking the
greatest spirit the most high is gonna open up away and he’s just gonna start
lighting up your steps like Billie Jean video you know I’m talking about and
that’s just how I felt you know at first it was a little frustrating going
through the tunnel cuz I’m gonna oh you know where tunnel that but then you know
it was closed down but then when we get to the freedom crossing I’m looking like
ain’t no plaque here you know saying this could be anything probably the same
thing you was thinking when you first saw it but then I see the freedom
crossing wall then I see the painting painted then I see the historical marker
and all this and it’s all starting to come together like Auto clues there cuz
like I said we got the colonizers under investigation so you know we gotta find
these clues to try to you know get an understanding of what really went on it
blew my mind and burned like what I’m about to tell y’all it’s like it’s
mind-blowing so check it out so Mary Meechum Mary meets him born 1801
was an American evolutionist who with her husband John Barry Meacham helped
enslaved people escape to freedom in the Underground Railroad and by purchasing
their freedom so not only did they have their own freedom they was getting
people freedom and this is why I’m trying to get you to understand that
slavery was just having a job where won’t nobody let you quit you know
saying and they just made a law like now you do make it’s fun to work forever
it’s just like right now when you go to work you’ve got that man they won’t give
me no days off it was just a hundred times worse you ain’t never get no day
off that’s how they was trying to do it everybody wasn’t living under that you
know I mean that system of oppression and this is what needs to be understood
amongst our people just because your so-called Negro or person of color
doesn’t mean that you came from slavery it’s same the marry meets him freedom
crossing in st. Louis the first site in Missouri to be accepted in the National
Park Service’s National Underground Railroad network to freedom what was
named after her so well thank you Dan a man thank you because he say in the
video he said well who were two other conductors if Harriet Tubman was a
conductor you know to me so so because of watching that video because of his
research now and because of media and on and now we know Mary Meacham Mary
Meacham was another conductor you know what I’m saying and I listened it’s her
early life Meacham was born into slavery in Kentucky while still enslaved she
married John Barry Meacham who had already purchased his own freedom with
money he had earned as a carpenter you understand me in 1815 marry me James
owner took her to st. Louis Missouri her husband followed and purchased her
freedom shortly afterwards so he followed his wife and he he bought her
freedom you know say they bought her out her contract you know I’m saying it’s
like these rappers right now walk around we sell
you know Sam cuz they in the contract that they can’t get out of and this is
what it was on a hundred of course I don’t want to like make it seem like
it’s it’s less than what it is the Meacham’s ran a school for free and
enslaved black people in in the first African Baptist Church okay so now he’s
a minister but we already know it some highjacking gone he must have some type
of affiliation but but check out what he doing though they ran a school for free
and enslaved black people in in the first African Baptist Church which they
later moved to a floating steamboat on the Mississippi River when the state of
them when the state of Missouri banned education for blacks in 1847 they also
used the proceeds from John Berry Meacham’s carpentry and barrel making
business to purchase freedom for 20 enslaved individuals they buying people
freedom you get money you know I mean and then you seen it beginning a video I
showed a Cherokee cash now that’s under a brewery lymphs brewery and now I just
realized that say that he he made barrels you know I’m saying some people
try to attach the limp mansion to Underground Railroad and I’m still
investigating that you know what I’m saying but I see that he make barrels
and it was a beer company so they know I know they need barrels so they probably
knew each other now check this out to say after John Barry Meacham died in
1854 Mary Meacham continued running their home on 4th Street as a safe house
my god I lived on 4th Street bruh that is crazy
they say on May 21st 1855 after an attempt to ferry nine enslaved people
across the Mississippi River to freedom in Illinois Meacham and a freedmen named
Isaac were arrested for breaking the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 on May 24th
1854 she was charged in court with slaves that while charges against Isaac
were dropped now we already know cuz we hip to the legal system now if you and
Isaac got jammed up and all the charges against Isaac got dropped Isaac is a
snitch Isaac goes rat you know I’m Sam at the Missouri Republican reported on
July 19th 1855 that Mary was tried by a jury and acquitted of at least one
charge and the remaining charges were dropped
okay so she don’t got arrested and that’s the spot you just saw in the
video you know I’m saying and it’s crazy because as I was doing some research I’m
gonna pull it up on put it on the screen this is the original painting you know
what I’m saying before the one that we see that’s in the video that I got now
and as you can see you know I’m saying it’s some slaves whatever they want to
call them so-called Negroes I was gonna say to make this but I’m trying to clean
up my act I still said it so it was some niggas in a boat you know I’m saying
Dean you see the white boys on shore with the shotguns you know I’m saying
because supposedly they were set up and when they got to the other side it was
some slave Patrol you know I’m saying over there waiting to get him yeah check
out this batch you know slave Patrol is this real yeah I think I just be talking
you know I’m saying these actual facts you know you know I’m saying I know what
I’m talking about but check it out is say she also was the
president of the colored lady soldiers Aid Society in st. Louis now how many
people in st. Louis from st. Louis and don’t know anything about this lady
never heard of Mary Mitra or her husband John Bailey Meacham who had the freedom
school you know about the floating freedom school on the Mississippi so
when they tried to say oh y’all can’t have no yeah educate blacks in Missouri
man he took it on he took it on the river you know I’m saying Thoreau Earle
bro but anyway said she was president of the colored lady soldiers Aid Society in
st. Louis this organization of free black women also called the colored
ladies contraband Society was formed in 1863 to assist black Union soldiers and
escaped slaves and st. Louis during the Civil War because blacks were not
allowed to ride streetcars at the time the women negotiated with the streetcar
company to ride the streetcar damn wheat so now you see she got the
plug with the streetcars this all goes with the Underground Railroad or what
name saying about it actually being a railroad about it actually being tracks
and I investigated the videos what other brothers you know make and I take that
information I build on it it’s somebody who can give me you know information
that benefits me and I can use it to benefit others then that’s what we’re
gonna do that’s what a building is and that’s what we’re doing is just proving
them right and here here go follow of brothers working on a railroad you know
I’m saying and you cuz you wonder who you like you think a whole train like me
because I’m sneaking around in no train no nigga this put it on the screen this
right here man you know Sam so you already know we the employees on the
rail right on the railway system it’s just about having a plug bro come on man
y’all smart I’m Sam so they all the way plugged in you know
me she free and what they call them what they call colored ladies con contraband
society they getting they smoke alone but the sad thing is is that they
smuggling niggas and getting them to the other side of the river
and man that’s just deep so it’s a lot more history man that I’m gonna go into
you know I’m saying as far as researching what’s around me and I said
to Jess you do that in York and you’re a city man wherever you were you know to
me you start looking around man start piecing this together man to get out
from in front of that computer I can get out here in the world man you know what
I mean the answers the answers are there man and the truth is out here you
already know what it is man too high for peace and supply walked on the water
living the sky Imam in a squat old cheap follow me on Twitter
mr. graham like comment subscribe all that flashy peace and blesses


  • Reply Copper Aboriginies February 3, 2019 at 11:49 am

    Haya Haya
    IMAM OG, it won't be long before we're back on the underground ourselves. Did you notice, it reads Indian Tunnel, not Black or African or African American Tunnel, lol. We've all been played on by these Boule and their white supremacist handlers. Their sealing them off so we can't use them to escape for the enslavement that's planned by these socalled Jewish elites of the synagogue of satan lol. Freedom crossing visitors centers, there all over America, one is next to the tunnel in downtown Detroit leading to Canada.

  • Reply Iam Flying Squirrel February 3, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    Appreciate the work big Hawk

  • Reply Copper Aboriginies February 3, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    Living that close to our escape routes isn't new. Our people have been drunk in stupidity because of the educational system for so long. Dane Callaway's investigations has lead many of us to search for our story once we finally learn to remove his-story from our story then our story becomes clear in our eye's and minds. Damn bro! The case your explaining is deep, that slave Badge is priceless, have you seen the license to hunt down negros. People that look like us been snitching on our ancestors back then just like our Aboriginal Indian ancestors were smuggling our ancestors away from these oppressors. It's the same today, the Boule, these socalled black preachers, professional actors, entertainers, politicians ect are doing the same thing, keeping the masses in check for the supremacist handlers its know difference between then and now. They use other devices to keep track of use now, it won't be long before they lock us in and there won't be any escaping from this madness that we or many thing is freedoms, our ancestors had to go, the underground was their Exodus. Oh shit Bro! That's it, their Exodus was there underground, this needs more investigation this is way bigger than I can see in my mind and soul at the moment. This is connected to the Devils Punch Bowl in messipi (Mississippi). They never made to safety in Mexico or Central and South America. Its write in the Emancipation proclamation but they were murdered by the military by the thousands daily.

  • Reply Aborigine Eagle Claw February 3, 2019 at 12:12 pm

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    Oh snap! Bro your in Missouri, I just read about the 7 rivers in the scriptures. The messipi is the (Mississippi) the Great River, that has 7 rivers branching of it. Africa has the Nile, we have the Messipi, the Great Nile river in Africa doesn't have 7 river it runs into, but the Mississippi does, I'm under faith this is where Moses was found in the Messipi by that Egyptian princess of rised him as her son. It sounds nuts I know but if is read carefully and a map is used as one reads and follows the story it doesn't look so nuts then. The doctrine by Pope Nicholas V is a war document for Christian soldiers the War against our ancestors here at home, please read this doctrine everything your taking about today will line up perfectly.

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    Thank you bro! And I also thank all of the awakening of the American people of Color community. Here in Maryland we are also surrounded by hidden gems of our history, but we have to keep in mind that Maryland and Virginia was the first stronghold of the settlers and much was destroyed. One thing no one is touching on is….the trees! There is a story that the trees are telling as well. When I see tree that were planted beside buildings and settlements that are much much older than all the trees around us. What happened to all the trees people?

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    They keep it hidden ON PURPOSE. The small town I live in here in South Jersey is loaded with historical homes that were owned by Quakers and abolitionists with secret passages underground…leading across the street to other houses…hidden passageways between houses, in the walls leading underground, etc. These things were whispered about in our community but never TAUGHT to us in our schools. From the time we enter indoctrination/kindergarten were taught in a school named after John Fenwick, but never the truth about the Lenni Lenape (my husbandโ€™s people) that were here. I met my husband in high school and when he told me who his people were…I just shook my head because I was taught all the Lenape people died off. We have to go seek these things out for ourselves. The historical signs in my County (some) are going back up again. Thank you for taking the time and sharing.

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    Don't stop with your investigation your going to uncover way more then your doing. Your Brother knows, let him help guide you, our Creator is using you to show us all. Mary Mechium was an Aboriginal Abalishionist their are many that we never learned in these white folks schools. We must put our own books together so our children can learn about our ancestors we can know longer allow the enemies to teach us or our children. This is to important information to lose again.

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    Wow! Black Union soldiers, not black Confederate soldiers. I caught that. Oh shit it was the Union soldiers who were enslaved is this correct?.

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    This is him

    They have burial mounds in WI at a place called "Wakanda". And Wakanda, in the MCU, is basically an underground city in a *giant canyon*. And we know they found Egyptian heiroglyphs and Hebrew script in the Grand Canyon.

    They been tellin us but the Boule is in effect. I'm ready to put some rituals on they asses, real talk. Enough time has passed.

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    Damn Iโ€™m learning sooooo much from you!

  • Reply Esa Abu May 15, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    These devils may Allah free our people and bring His vengeance on the invaders

  • Reply Ritual Auset May 20, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    I feel dumb now because I've seen tracks like this before. Never thought anything of it.

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