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Tweetsie Railroad | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

August 20, 2019

[upbeat guitar music] [train whistle blowing] – Tweetsie Railroad has
been here since 1957. It’s one of the first
theme parks in the nation, the first theme park
in North Carolina. – We’ve been doing
this for a long time, entertaining families. – Tweetsie’s like a fun
amusement park and you can hang out with your friends
and family and all that. – [Deborah] If you’re looking
for a wild west adventure that includes trains,
animals, rides, food and live entertainment,
Tweetsie Railroad might just be the place
you’re looking for. – I was saying
that the trains are what makes Tweetsie
Railroad special. That’s what we’re built around
are the steam locomotives. – All aboard! Casey Jones! Let’s ride. [train whistle blowing] – Tweetsie was the
nickname the railroad got when it was actually an
operating railroad in this area. The train rain from Johnson
City to Boone everyday from 1919 to 1940 and local
residents just nicknamed it the Tweetsie, and that’s
where the name came from. – [Deborah] After East
Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroads
ceased all narrow gauge operations,
the old number 12 was the only original steam engine
that survived the scrap heap. – Well, Grover Robbins
started Tweetsie Railroad. He was a huge train
enthusiast and he found the train up in Virginia
and brought it back here to be in the mountains
of North Carolina. – [Deborah] In 1957,
Tweetsie Railroad debuted with the number 12 as
the main attraction. Over the next few
years it evolved into the Wild West Theme
Park we know today. – The train ride is like
our main focal point of the park because
we are called Tweetsie Railroad and
it’s a wild west show. – It’s fun. A little fast, and cool. – You got action,
adventure, some comedy. It’s kind of a wild
west stunt show, try to wow the kids
and so they’ll see all kinds of horses
and interaction with the guests and the customer and just try to entertain
and make sure everyone has a good time on their
day here at Tweetsie. [upbeat music] ♪ Spend a little time with me ♪ – There’s things here that
never go out of style. There’s some new shows,
there’s some old shows. The rides have been
here since 1960, and there’s some
brand new rides, but there’s things
here that are timeless, and that’s what people seek
out at Tweetsie Railroad. – [Deborah] Once
you’ve ridden the rides at the county fair,
enjoy the panoramic views on the chair lift
to Miner’s Mountain. Here you can try your
luck at panning for gold, ride more rides and visit
the famous Deer Park Zoo. – It’s fun, you
can feed animals. – I love goats. [goat calls] – Deer Park Zoo is one
of the most popular attractions of Tweetsie. Every family loves
going to the Deer Park. They go, sometimes,
several times while they’re here
at Tweetsie Railroad. It’s got deer, it’s got
goats, it’s got llamas, it’s got burros, it’s got emus. There’s a variety
of animals up there. – [Deborah] No need
to pack a lunch because there’s plenty of
food options in the park. A visit to Fudge Works should
be added to the to-do list. Watching them make the
fudge is unbelievable. – We have traditional fudges,
just like everybody does, but we try to be creative,
and we try to offer things that you just don’t see
in any other fudge shop. – Well, first of all,
I want our guests to enjoy their day here
with their families, and take away the memories
they’ve had with their families. That’s what we’re
about, and having that time because I think
we’re rushing all the time. So they get to spend some
quality time here at Tweetsie. – Wild west family
fun, that says it all. We’re wild west, we’re
all about families, and we’re all about fun. – Just all great! [upbeat guitar music] – Tweetsie Railroad is at
300 Tweetsie Railroad Lane in Blowing Rock and
they’re open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
through August 25th before shifting to a weekends
only schedule during the fall. The best thing to do
is go to their website at to
plan your visit.


  • Reply Nick Hall July 31, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Haha did that goat have cowboy boots on??

  • Reply Anthony Blue July 31, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    Fun time for sure but EXTREMELY overpriced. I can take a family of 4 to Carowinds or Biltmore for what it costs here….and more to do at those places. I hear many people have either stopped going or are going to stop due to the prices going up each year.

  • Reply JJ Le Bon August 12, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    I want to go but damn 50$ a person is ridiculous

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