[Turn your CC on] RTM Minecraft – How to make a Working Railroad Crossing! (Remastered)
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[Turn your CC on] RTM Minecraft – How to make a Working Railroad Crossing! (Remastered)

August 28, 2019

(Train Crossing intro) Hello there guys! And im remastered this video. And let’s make that working crossing! So here i build the tutor-crossing. And you’ll need these (sorry for copying) This is the setup what i used. And here is the Train Detector. This is the rail i used. Just below the Tie. This is the Signal to RS block. And here is the Input signal level. So,now we set it up… So,let’s pull out the sample train,and see if it works. You see? It works. So now,let’s put our train back. And i gonna show you a sample. Right here. Let’s go inside. This redstone leads to the Signal Converter Signal to RS. I put this redstone reaction,which is one redstone is deactivated. And same here too. And that’s it guys! Hope you like this new video. And let’s wait for the train to pass this track. Peace!


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  • Reply CettiK March 24, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    Lags but no problem, beacuse i have too
    thanks 4 telling me how 2 do it

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    My computer is so slow that the cpu can't handle too much memory. Or maybe in the future, I will take a break. After that I am returning to youtube.

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    Japanese huh

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    ey you could Return with minecraft real train mod But with packs plez

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