TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY! 26 Hours In A Sleeper Train
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TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY! 26 Hours In A Sleeper Train

November 19, 2019

I’m looking forward the transsiberian train so let’s get to it! Good afternoon, we’re now boarding this
train from Moscow to Yekaterinburg. It’s the beginning of our trans-siberian
railway journey. It will take us more than seven thousand six hundred
kilometers, all the way to Beijing. This is the first day. We’ll be spending
twenty six hours on the train. In case you can’t tell I’m super excited! The train is already here! The people are already here but for some weird reason we are waiting
to board the train, because Russia they take procedures and timings very serious. This is probably going to be one of the most exciting parts of our trip. Sleeping on the train and living on a train! It’s going to be awesome! But I do judge the amount of food that he has bought! I mean this is just … I might have bought food for three or four days. Look at this! Oh you think it’s just the one bag no there’s another one. There are two! I’m judging! But we’re boarding so let’s go.
Let’s head into that train. This is our coupé. We have made it into our cabin. There are two other people here but this is our side of the cabin. We have two
lower berths and two upper berths. Naick has the lower one and I have the upper one. We have two pillows and two mattresses. We have everything we need. We’re about to leave in a minute. I’m super excited! It’s a little bit old school but
it looks nice. We managed to put our luggage underneath here. The one thing I’m not
sure about is how I’m gonna get up there because I think there should be some
sort of ladder but I don’t see it. and I can’t levitate yet so we’ll see. Do you
think we have enough food for the day? It’s time to make our bed in a very small
space. We have our seating area and we put a mattress on top of it. We have some
freshly washed blankets. I’m not used to doing this. Somebody send help please? Now I have to figure out how to climb up here. Without getting injured…
or minimally injured. Everyone else on the train is asleep so maybe we better get to it as well. Have a good night. See you tomorrow at breakfast. Transsiberian train sounds. Good morning it is currently 8 o’clock
we just passed Kazan. Which is one of the stops on the way of this train. Our fellow passengers appearantly got off. Because when we woke up they
weren’t here anymore so now we have a private cabin. That’s the main difference between first class and second class. First class there are only
two beds and for class second class you share the cabin with two other people.
We’re going to have a nice day on the train. Hopefully just the two of us. I slept pretty well I woke up a couple
of times but I was okay sometimes when the train stops and
starts again it’s like really shudders like the world is ending that what we
have to go starts but otherwise it was pretty good a strange thing I woke up at
4 o’clock this morning with a degree nor stopped I put my head out of the window
and it was a very big big tank next to the Train all right so now for the food we bought
some my supplies yesterday we ate like very small piece of it some some but all
the rest is still here we are in show you how much exactly I bought it looks like a meatball to fit too much
food if it looks like we’re in the disco right now on the screen we are not it’s
just because the Sun is on that side cuz behind the trees every time I show you
fast as it goes from like the door like the dark night the door light look
it’s pretty beautiful outside I’m gonna get us some coffees the one thing that is free on every
train on the trans-siberian is hot water so you can make yourself some coffee if
you get a muck you can make yourself T to make yourself coffee you can make B
much everything that’s instant which is one he has so much of it it was 64
rubles for two coffees it’s pretty sweet do because that’s less than one Lord and
now you have the mugs and you can keep it for the rest of journey so we can go
back it’s more hot water make yourself some tea
think she might have given me cappuccino version the language barrier here on
this train is very very real they don’t speak a word of English not one word and
I will speak much Russian northern I think the only words we know is high or
just privyet it’s possible we just thank you da that’s yes and then that’s pretty
much it doo-wop is do and valetti is straight it tastes like sugar water with a little
bit of coffee mixed in sugar rush and going but I really like these marks are
pretty cool they like proper old school Russian all right it’s lunchtime
I’ve got some mashed potatoes for kick and I’m gonna try to Danny Aki noodles
which look really good time for some cooking just the hot water you get
anything I would say thanks true wise it’s
looking a lot better than I expected then there’s this little baggie which
has some sort of sauce it believes some very curious five hours later cereal Spiller strikes again look it has
a right contrition super mash potato yeah even ego Wiseman do you mess when I’m missing out that’s
good I’m really really enjoying the train ride so far it’s a relaxing I
prefer no more playing because you have some space let’s influence love your food actual
meat in there all right let’s go in for taste test and even that doesn’t matter it’s less
good than we’d expect from this whole ordeal the mashed potatoes are like a
really little flavor bomb this is like it’s good but I’m sorry
what should you been very nice for dinner is the bomb after 22 hours spent on the train we are
now in class new frisk stop time for little stuff we’re stopping here for 35
minutes and it’s great to get out of train a bit
and stretch our legs so far has been a really good experience
it was nice living up the train for it’s about 24 hours now they are which is
basically like a carriage attendants who same as a flight attendant but for the
carriage in the Train there are people who will check your passport when you
come onto the train they’ll give your bedding your lens
they’ll make sure that you don’t make a mess a latrine so basically your
property tax like your train butter so tree mom alerted me to the fact that
I’ve gone onto the wrong couch I’d like to point out for goodness sake
it was you who said that that was carriage number 11 I said I think it’s
next to him anyway I made it Len felt almost right soon try to look up where
else is on a train but the internet was very wonky I would say well the right
word it’s 4.5 kilometers and there’s no it’s
currently 11:40 p.m. so necessary now I’m gonna walk that bit young max yeah
Cantrell Blake’s young max is like the Russian version of super it’s only 130
rubles so that’s one euro 60 I think so it’s very cheap to let’s go on fine it
again to even check if there’s someone in the
car we haven’t seen you drive ever since we left home almost a month ago now we
haven’t spent more than one night in private room you spent all our Lenten in
dorm rooms because it was just so much cheaper and now finally so that
concludes our first trip on the trans-siberian it was 26 hours hardly
enjoy it actually looking forward already to the next one oh I don’t want
you will be 56 hours if Emma was taking from Ekaterinburg to eat good all the
way in Siberia I can spend three days here in Yekaterinburg that will be our
next video and then onwards to Itsuki I’ll definitely if you like this video
give it a like and make sure to subscribe to follow the rest of the
journey because I mean this was just a short train ride and it was second
clause we have other ones coming up dirt loss first loss he got that even British
Siberia I mean yeah all the way to Mongolia and China I’m going to be
interesting it’s gonna be awesome at first quit sticking that see you in the
next one see you in the next one bye have a great day


  • Reply Naick & Kim July 31, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    We're a Belgian couple that quit our jobs to travel the world. We are on a 12.000km overland journey from Brussels all the way to Beijing. If you want to tag along, please sunscribe! Lots of love!

  • Reply Naick Berden July 31, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    The landscapes along the way are so beautiful on the transsiberian. One of the most comfortable ways to travel. Looking forward to the next legs of the transsiberian in first class and third class!

  • Reply Alex Bort July 31, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    It's not a tank. It's a self propelled artillery.

  • Reply Kim Dirix July 31, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    The transsiberian is one of my ultimate travel experiences. Such an adventure to eat, sleep and live on a train. The transsiberian is more than 8000km, can you imagine that?

  • Reply Дмитрич July 31, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    Привет из Царского Села ( Петербург). Вы очень приятная пара.Посмотрел ваше путешествие с интересом.В Петербурге нужно было еще посетить Пушкин ( Царское Село) и Павловск . Удачного путешествия.

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    Damn what a great video guys! 😊 we would love to do that too one day! Looks like hell of a train ride! And we LOVE trains too much!

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    Damn thats a crazy journey from Brussels to Beijing and now Moscow to Yekaterinburg witha train! Such a long trip, would be cool if you could share your experience also with our subredditors 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon and wish you all the best!

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    Really loving this train episode, and your b roll is nicely shot. Your low light exposures are great!
    Funny foodie sequence on the train 🙂
    You guys are so enjoyable to watch. Thanks for this share.
    Best, James and Kim

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    I like your style in front of the camera. Just a nice video with super cool editing.

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    very brave, i used to want to do this, but i dont think i could confine myself for that long on this specific train. i did one simular in Mexico which was beautiful! But long lol

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    It's not just a tank, it's actually Koalitsiya-SV – next-generation self-propelled artillery that's still running trials, and arguably the most advanced vehicle of this type in the world. There are only 12 built so far, so it's one of them. Imagine randomly waking up at 4 am, looking out the window, and there's an animal that there are only 12 in the entire world chilling on your lawn. Pretty cool stuff.

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    Справиться с задачей можно разными способами:

    Использовать стол. Это наиболее удобный вариант перемещения на верхнее место, но он не очень популярен из-за большого риска возникновения конфликта с соседями. Необходимо встать одной ногой на нижнюю полку, а вторую занести на стол. Далее достаточно подтянуться вверх, держась за торчащую из стены полочку для вещей или металлическую конструкцию, удерживающую верхний ярус. Конечно, данный способ можно применять только с одобрения соседей.

    Подтянуться на руках. Такой вариант подходит людям, находящимся в хорошей физической форме. Нужно встать обеими ногами на нижние ярусы, а руками сделать упор в верхние полки. Далее остаётся лишь подпрыгнуть и подтянуть тело до нужного уровня.

    Использовать специальную ступеньку. Большинство пассажиров забирается на своё место именно при помощи такой ступеньки. Одна нога ставится на нижнюю полку, а вторая поднимается на подставку. Рукой нужно ухватить металлическую конструкцию, удерживающую второй ярус или боковой поручень, и подтянуться изо всех сил. Как только тело оказывается на одном уровне с полкой, согнутая в колене нога закидывается наверх.

    Не стоит переживать из-за покупки билета на верхнюю полку плацкарта. При помощи одного из перечисленных способов можно легко забраться на своё место.

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