Tramways Union and Union First bus drivers set to strike tomorrow
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Tramways Union and Union First bus drivers set to strike tomorrow

October 20, 2019

Auckland roads are expected to be
thrown into absolute chaos tomorrow as the city’s bus drivers
mount an all day strike. Bus routes will go
out of service from 4am, and its thought up to 70,000
passengers could be affected. So what has led to the drivers
taking such drastic action? Oriini Tipene-Leach reports. In exactly 12 hours, most of Auckland’s buses
will come to a standstill, threatening complete chaos
to the metropolis. There are two major strikes
against two bus operators by Tramways Union and First Union against NZ Bus
and Howick and Eastern. And there’s also Auckland Transport
who contracts to both operators. Anne Paparoa is one
of more than 1100 drivers who are walking off the job. She has been driving
for nine years, but she is fearful
with the status quo. Split shifts go for 13 hours. During peak traffic, that’s four hours in the morning
and four hours in the afternoon. Paparoa says they are not allowed
to take breaks or make toilet stops. Despite the difficulties
predicted for tomorrow, a lot of people we spoke to today
said they support the strike. NZTA does not support individuals using private transport vehicles
affected by the strike in case they cause traffic bedlam. As for Anne Paparoa, she believes the issue
won’t be dealt with straight away through one strike. There’s a fierce battle yet ahead. Oriini Tipene-Leach, Te Karere.

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