Tramway Museum and Garden Island
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Tramway Museum and Garden Island

September 11, 2019

It was a short ride today, because we’re still jet lagged We rode to the Tramway Museum and to Garden Island, to see dolphis A totally urban ride Now I’m leaving the car port As you can see, it’s a narrow passage “Tight as a young sheila”, as they say in Southern Brazil I had already moved Patricia’s bike Now it’s time for mine And off we go We’re recording the departure for the 1st time This is our “car port lane” From there we go to the other suburb streets Nearly all brand new until we leave it There’s already a lot of cars parked on the streets And nearly all houses are finished We are about to enter Hampstead Rd, one of the main roads in Adelaide An athlete has just passed us Later we’ll see him fiercely pushing his bike along with the traffic Almost all roads have a bycicle lane This makes it easier for one to ride push bikes here Now we’re entering Pt Wakefield Rd At the corner, a place for kart racing and laser skirmishes Soon after this, a lot of cars will appear This is a fruits and veggs market, open every Sunday A of people come to buy stuff here We’re now approaching our 1st target, the Tramway Museum That is, the road leading to it, St Kilda Rd; we are about to enter it then we’ll stay there for a while We’re approaching the Tramway Museum entrance. The entrance has a little gravel Ride on gravel… Patricia doesn’t like it But she was ok, no problems at all… She’s getting used to it Now we park the bikes to enjoy the historical trams This is the tram ride; it goes from the Museum to a park An adventure playgroung… It goes there and back over the same track It’s nice! One has unlimited rides on these old trams when one enters the Museum It’s a pleasant ride, good for relaxation We’re now approaching Garden Island, our 2nd destination I knew they offered kayak tours to see dolphins and sea lions What I didn’t know is that the dolphins were so close to the shore We saw a lot of them, as you’ll see in the following “mini movies” Awesome… They seem to be doing this on purpose… Awesome! Look at this! There must be 2 or 3 There are lots of them Look at this! So close! I’m just rolling the tape to see what happens Look! One’s just jumped There are at least 2 or 3 of them I’ve caught many of them That little girls is going crazy… I wish they came close to me… But I don’t think they’ll do ‘looks as if they are coming here…

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