Train Mountain – The World’s Longest Miniature Railroad Layout
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Train Mountain – The World’s Longest Miniature Railroad Layout

August 13, 2019

In July, during my summer vacation,
I visited train Mountain… The longest miniature railroad in the world… With over 23 miles of mainline track
on a huge 2,200 acre property. Train Mountain sits at an elevation of about 4,300 feet
in a forest in Southern Oregon. Not too far away from Crater Lake National Park. It is world-famous to people
involved in the hobby of live steam trains. Several times a year, they have a big train meet
where people bring their model trains to Train Mountain. And it’s not uncommon to have
hundreds of trains here all at the same time. Every three years,
they have the most gigantic train meet of all…
called The Triennial. And the most recent one
was just a week or two before I visited. They had over 900 model train enthusiasts registered and over 380 trains at The Triennial. But on the day that I visited Train Mountain,
things were quite a bit more quiet than that! I met up with Tom Watson
who was super-friendly and welcoming… And he spent several hours
showing us around train Mountain. We started with a little tour
of some of the property on a golf cart. And it’s too bad
that a video doesn’t capture the smells… Because the air was so clean
and the trees filled the air with a fantastic pine scent. I was surprised to see that
part of the Train Mountain property
runs right alongside busy Highway 97… One of the main north-south routes through Oregon. I’ve driven right by here
about ten different times over the years
and I never knew it was here until now. After our golf cart tour,
Tom showed us the big metal fabrication shop
where they do a lot of repair work on their trains. There were a lot of great looking trains in there… And every possible piece of equipment
you’d need to build one or work on one. And then we headed over to a little
train storage shed where Tom stores his train. And he had it set up
with the seating cars in front of the locomotive… So I could shoot some good video
of the big layout at Train Mountain
with an unobstructed view. He took us for an amazing ride through the property… A ride that lasted about two hours… And we didn’t even cover
the entire main line of the layout,
only a portion during that time. Many of the locomotives that run at
Train Mountain are live steam. Many others are battery-powered…
using equipment not unlike
what’s in a motorized wheelchair. And many others, like Tom’s,
use a gasoline-powered motor not that different
from what you’d find on a lawnmower. And you can hear that lawnmower-like sound
of Tom’s locomotive in the background right now. One of the most beautiful parts
of Train Mountain is where the layout
goes through a big grove of Aspen trees. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed
riding through this part of the forest… Smelling all the great smells
and just enjoying the great views. Tom told me that it’s even more beautiful
around the beginning of October
when the Aspen trees get their fall colors. Things went smoothly
during almost all of our two-hour ride, but… Our train did actually derail at one point! See that pine cone lying in that switch up ahead? I think that’s actually what did it. It was really interesting to see the gadget
that Tom used to get the wheels of the locomotive
back to being properly aligned on the rails. See that green piece of metal
that Tom put on the tracks just in front of the train? All he had to do was run the train through that…
and it perfectly lined up all the wheels with the tracks. And that got us back in business. It was a lot of fun riding with Tom
on his train at Train Mountain. And if you’re passing through the Klamath Falls area… They welcome you to stop by,
take a self-guided tour of some of the
cool train equipment that they have… And if they have some trains running that day,
you’ll quite possibly get to go along for a ride! And if you have small kids with you,
there is a little place right next door to Train Mountain… That is better suited for train rides for children. It’s called the Klamath and Western Railroad. And they offer train rides
on about a mile and a half of track, but… It’s only open on Saturdays,
and only during the summer. (Sound of train horn) (Sound of train horn) (Sound of train horn) One other really cool thing about Train Mountain… Is that they’ve got a big G-scale garden railway layout… On a four acre section of Train Mountain
officially known as Midway Circle… But everyone just calls it G-Ville. Since I run G-scale model trains at my house
I was really fascinated to get a look around
G-Ville at Train Mountain. It’s a gigantic G scale layout
in a beautiful setting among the trees. The G-scale trains don’t run on the layout very often… So, there was no activity on it
the day that we visited… But at certain times of the year,
G-scale people are encouraged to bring
their trains here and run them on the layout. And I’m seriously thinking about
bringing some of mine up here sometime! If you’ve enjoyed getting a look at Train Mountain… Hit the thumbs-up button
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get back to showing you G-scale trains. I’m Jim Zim.
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