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Train ka Khana | GreenLine AC Business Class Coach | Pakistan Railway | Pakistani Street Food

November 9, 2019

Asalam-u-Alaikum. My name is Zia Tabarak. And right now I am at Karachi Cantt Railway Station. Traveling through railways is a different experience. We’re going from Karachi to Lahore & we’re gonna take you on this journey as well. We’ve booked Greenline Business Train. I’ve heard that it’s great. I’m traveling in this for the first time so let’s see how it goes. On this journey we’re gonna show you some amazing Street Food from Punjab. In the coming weeks you’re gonna see some amazing videos. So stay tuned with me and let’s start this journey. Chalain! (Let’s Go!) And on this journey from Karachi to Lahore and beyond… …accompanying me will be Hassan & Fazeel. Our train is now moving & it was on time. Chicken Karahi, Naan, Rice, Dal & Riata. It’s served in a dish. Ok. Dinner will be on payment, Lunch & Breakfast is included in your ticket. OK? Thank You. Our dinner has been served Where are the Homemade items? In my bag. Take them out too. These are the Parathas. This is Boneless Chicken. Tandoori Style. Let’s try the Karahi first. Looks really colorful. For PKR 290 they’ve given this Chicken, Dal & 2 Naans. Karahi looks really good. Taste is good. Not too spicy because of different people. I think that’s why they’ve kept the taste neutral. Overall its good. But these Homemade Parathas… …and this Boneless Chicken Tandoori. However good this food is, Homemade food is always better. Chicken & Paratha. All of this is fail in front of Chicken & Paratha. This is a Complimentary Kit from Pakistan Railways. It has a Toothbrush, a Razor, Wet Tissue,… … a Comb and Liquid Soap. Very good Pakistan Railways. We’re now in Hyderabad. It’s morning now. I fell asleep after dinner. I went to the Kitchen & they gave me this hot cup of tea. They’re gonna serve the breakfast right now. So we’re gonna see how they do it. This is the Kitchen right in front of me. Salam everyone. How are you all. How are you Haider. This is Ghulam Shabir. What’s your name? Safdar Shaikh. And this is Inayat Ullah here. I met at dinner time too. And what’s your name? Saabir Hussain. And here the Chef is frying eggs. What’s your name? Chef Allah Rakha. Chef Allah Rakha is frying eggs. Haider please tell us how you guys do all this. So we’re serving lunch right now. We have Halwa, Biryani, Boneless Chicken… …Naans and Mineral Water as well. In breakfast we have Fried Eggs, Omelette, Tea,… …Butter, Fruit Jam. People are gonna wake up in a while and we’ll start serving. These guys keep working making meals for us from 5 AM while we are asleep. They’ve put the omelette here after that… bread slices, tissues, knives. It’s chain of workers here. They’re now serving. Breakfast is here Sir. 6 people right? Yes 6. I’m having mine here. We’ve stopped here at Samma Satta. A train is passing by. It usually doesn’t stop here. So how is this area? It’s good. The train is moving. This could’ve been a scene from DDLJ. I would’ve been left behind & he had to pull me back up. So we’ve stopped right now at Khanewal Junction. It stops here for 20 minutes for water refilling and stuff. And the meals are shifted here to the train as well. Multani Sohan Halwa. Is this the real one? Yes it is. They’ve got Multani Sohan Halwa here. Salam. How’re you. Chickpeas? Yes. Chickpeas are really common here. You’ll see them everywhere in Punjab. Rice. And these are Potato Patties. It’s currently 10:20 AM right now. Different food items are available here but I just had my breakfast… …and the Tea at Khanewal Station is amazing. Great. Shahi Kulfi. I’ll try some Kulfi too since it’s really hot out here. It’s coated with Almonds & Pistachio. They’ve started prepping for Lunch. This was made in Khanewal? Yes. So tey’ve sent it in these boxes from Khanewal. And they’re packing it. Qorma, Dal & Raita and Rice too. I guess it’s Biryani? Yes Chicken Biryani. Chicken Biryani & this is Qorma. And Dal. They’re giving 3 items. And Halwa as well. You won’t if it’s good or not until you try it. Let’s try the biryani first. It tastes good. It’s fresh. A little less spicy. But it’s good. Now let’s try Qorma. It’s boneless chicken. If I compare the Biryani & Qorma then I think the Qorma tastes better. Halwa is good too. It would’ve been better if Poori was served with Halwa. Overall their food was good & fresh. They’re working really hard too. Generally it’s all good. Finally we’re in Lahore. So this was our journey from Karachi to Lahore & I hoped you liked it. Our tour has started from here & we’ll show some great food from now. And we’ll be going to different cities as well. I’ll see you in the next episode. Allah Hafiz!

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