[Track 14] ‘이태원 클라쓰’ 제작발표회 다녀왔어요! ‘Itaewon class’ Production presentation! (ENG)
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[Track 14] ‘이태원 클라쓰’ 제작발표회 다녀왔어요! ‘Itaewon class’ Production presentation! (ENG)

February 17, 2020

I’m bundling up too much. (What schedules for today?)
Today is January 30th. (Itaewon Class) Tomorrow is the first broadcast. And I’m going to the hair shop to prepare for the production presentation. But because the hair shop is so close from home, I think I’ll get there in 5 minutes. I feel so tired as I worked out a little in the morning. I had a paralyzing nightmare overnight. I had slept fitfully again. So tired. And Simba was asleep next to me. (You must have slept fitfully) I slept fitfully. I haven’t had good night’s sleep. (There’s a spray that makes you get deep sleep) What’s a spray? If you spray right here Isn’t that a tranquilizer gun? As I eat Bibimbap. Hello, everybody! What a transformation! (How do you feel when you go to a drama production presentation?)
On the day of production presentation, I really feel to my skin that ‘It’s going to be broadcast at last.’ Even more, because we had some pre-recording time in advance, I think that I had become blunt. These days, they hold production presentations on the eve of the broadcast. So I think I’m very fluttered. (Tomorrow is the first broadcast of ‘B’! How do you feel ahead of broadcast?)
In fact, we shot about 10 episodes so far. Because we’ve done much of pre-recording, in some aspect, I really feel like we’re opening a new film. That was about the time I felt. So while I’m waiting for your good reception, at the same time, I feel like being judged. It’s natural for us to feel anxiety and flutter before the first broadcast, but since it’s based on an original work, I personally hope that you enjoy it as it is. (The original work had been so popular, and so there is high expectation for the drama. How confident are you about that?)
First of all, I enjoyed the original work too, but the original work is in 2D. I bought the book, but since I read pages or on mobile phone, I had to read scene after scene. But I think drama will show momentary acts that have been hidden in the scenes, and provide more attractions than the original work. And the most important thing is that because the original author edited the drama, we’re expecting to see more attractions for an appearing actor. It may be interesting to compare but I think there are fresh points from comparing the scenes from your imagination from the drama itself. (What should subscribers of Record Park’s expect to see in ‘Itaewon Class’?)
Because Record Park’s is my channel, please keep an eye on me all the time. Thank you. (Park Saeroy’s hair and fashion have made hot issues. What’s your personal opinion about Park Saeroy’s style?) I thought about that a lot. And I wanted refer to the original work a lot. But we have thing like same clothes on the same day, things like that. And my stylists worked hard and find similar clothes in important scenes. But we get to have differences depending on date, we tried best in these areas and tried to set the clothes concept by taking note of the above. As for the hair, we simply made up out of every strand. So the hair is similar. But I originally thought of sport hair, but the author wanted this length. So we took much of the opinion of the original author. As for costumes, unlike the webtoon, we need so many clothes. In order to maximize the character, I told my stylist that it’s a comfortable look or a working clothing. So I think it’s worthwhile discovering how Park Saeroy’s fashion changes from comfortable working clothing as A grows up. Please look forward to it! (You must have busy shooting schedules. What do you do for health?)
I don’t have any special health routine. Sleep whenever I can, eat whenever I can, and take a lot of health supplements. That’s all I do. And these days, many people are concerned over novel coronavirus. I also have many concerns. Wear a mask at all times, and wash your hands clean. According to news articles, I found that the only ways we can defend against it are enhancing immunity, washing hands clean and wearing a mask. Because I feel terrible if any of you get sick, be aware at all times. By the way, according to the guidelines for today’s production presentation, I have so much to do. So I’ll see you guys there. See you later! Let me do it myself! Where’s my mobile phone? I should see the end. My shoes are slippery. I’m coming! I’m expecting that it will not be too difficult and I hope you enjoy it. I’d be really happy if we get over 10%. Even if we don’t get that far, I think all the efforts of actors, actresses, director, dramatist and staff are not reduced to viewer ratings. But if we get even that far,… Even that far? If we can get that far… I guess I’m here all alone. If we can get that far, it will give us wings. Tomorrow is the first broadcast, and I’m waiting with excitement. I hope you enjoy the drama. Thank you. It works! It works! We’re not done yet. I’m going to see you filming. See you everybody!


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