TPIH: Mount Holly Railroad
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TPIH: Mount Holly Railroad

September 2, 2019

King Arthur flour salt all over the world absolutely we’ve sell it in the 5 pound bags we sought in grocery stores also have a whole cell division we furnish it to restaurants and bakeries all over the world thank you so much Beth I learned so much about the company king Arthur flour made right here. 3 AMANDA: AT THIS PLACE IN HISTORY, WE’RE IN MOUNT HOLLY. I’M WITH EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE VERMONT HISTORICAL SOCIETY STEVE PERKINS. STEVE, WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TODAY?STEVE: AMANDA, I AM SO EXCITED. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT MAMMOTH TUSKS, THE MIXING OF WATERS, RAILROAD TELL US ALL ABOUT IT.AMANDA: FIRST UP, THE MAMMOTH TUSKS. IN 1848, A RAILROAD CONSTRUCTION CREW WORKING TO LINK BURLINGTON AND BOSTON,

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