Toy Trains in 1 Gauge at the Hamburg Model Railroad Museum
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Toy Trains in 1 Gauge at the Hamburg Model Railroad Museum

August 9, 2019

[Music]. Today, we are visiting the large model railway
layout inside the Museum of Hamburg History, Germany. Most people – in the context of Hamburg and
model railway – are thinking about the great Miniature Wonderland, the largest model railway
of the world. But many years before, a very large model
railroad has been built in Hamburg. This model railroad wants to appear anything
but commercial, but to present the railway history of Hamburg in an educational way. It is the 1 gauge railroad layout built by
Germany’s first model railroad association in 1949. Let me tell you something about the history
of this model train layout: The origin of this beautiful layout dates
back in 1944, when the Director of the Museum of Hamburg History had the idea to establish
an exhibition of Hamburg’s railway history. In order to show Hamburg’s railway history,
a large exhibition hall inside the museum was chosen. And, a few years later, the idea of building
a model railway layout came into reality. The members of Hamburg’s railroad association began to work. But note, this happened immediately after
the Second World War. And, Germany was destroyed in ruins. Therefore, it is not a surprise that model
railway friends from Sweden organized nearly 250 square meters of wood panels for the construction
of the model railroad. After two years of construction, on October, 1949, the first layout of Hamburg’s model railroad was finished. However, over the years, there have been a
number of smaller and even larger problems, but the analogue railway system was running for more than 40 years without a technical failure. In 1995, many parts of the first layout had
failures. Locomotives and the rolling stock were also
affected and had to be modernized. This is not surprising, because the rolling
stock had travelled almost 6,000 kilometers along the model railway tracks. Anyway, the members of the railroad association
were able to solve these problems successfully. But there was another big problem: The entire
cabling of the model railroad had to be modernized. This problem was a disaster, because anyone,
who builds model railroads, knows that there are numerous electrical cables and power connections
that have to be installed along the tracks. It is a laborious work to fulfill this electrical
installation. And, it was even more difficult to modernize
the old electrical installation completely. But the members of the railroad association
went to work again to restore the old railway layout. Old tracks were replaced by new tracks. The three-wire alternating power operation
was switched to the two-wire DC operation. As a result, of course, all locomotives, passenger
wagons and freight cars had to be retrofitted. Furthermore, the analogue model railroad control
had to be exchanged. A full digital solution, which we know on
the market today, was not used at that time, because hundreds or thousands of decoders
had to be installed inside the rolling stock. But a very good solution was offered at that
time by the computer-aided model railroad control of the company Gahler & Ringstmeier
from Germany. With the Gahler & Ringstmeier system defined
routes are stored for each model train. And, the current position of all available
model trains is also monitored. However, in December 1996, this mammoth work
was completed. Years later, the modernization of the railroad
layout could be continued. New sections, new landscapes, and new railway
stations were installed. And, the catenary was modernized, too. Finally, today’s concept of the modernized
and expanded railroad layout, is to present 100 years of railway history in Hamburg, Germany. This includes all trains of passenger and
freight transport, from Prussian wagons to the new ICE high-speed train. Today, visitors of the Museum of Hamburg History
enjoy 115 vehicles, including 60 steam locomotives, 13 electric locomotives, 26 diesel locomotives,
4 electric tramways as well as 12 diesel railcars, and much more. There are 185 passenger cars, and 380 freight
cars. Since the opening of the model railroad layout
in October 1949, this model train show was built by members of Hamburg’s model railroad
association, and today it is still supervised by members of Hamburg’s railroad association. The exhibition takes 600 square meters. The model railway layout itself, has a size
of 250 square meters. With a track length of more than 1,200 meters,
there is a lot to discover on the left and right of the railway lines. Please, enjoy these toy trains, and visit for more information. Thank you.


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    Awesome history. Thanks loads!!

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    Why a computer voice?

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    Robot voice sucks. Just do a narration. Wtf

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    That's a really nice model railroad, and some really nice photography, thank you.

    Still, I wish you would do the occasional overview or "human-size" perspective shots of the models. I guess some people might consider that destroying the magic, so it might be best to do it in a separate 1 or 2 minute feature. But I'd sure like to have some sort of idea of what this would look like if I were standing there and looking at it, or maybe an overview from the control room or on top of a ladder. I'll never be able to get to the exhibit to see it in person.

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    Great video – awful narration!!

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