Top 15 Most Scary Subway Train Videos
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Top 15 Most Scary Subway Train Videos

September 9, 2019

15. Mind the Gap In April of 2017, a man, a woman, and two
children stroll along a Sidney platform to a stationary train. As the NZ Herald reports, the man and woman
were the children’s grandparents. But when they turn to board the train, the
grandma boards with the girl, and as the grandpa and boy step over the threshold, the little
boy slips from view. He’s fallen through the gap – a mere sliver
– between the platform and the train. Both grandparents are then seen trying to
flag the train guard down, so that the train doesn’t take off with the boy below. But with no help and the train’s departure
fast approaching, the man drops to his knees and reaches between the gap to try and pull
the boy back out. Luckily, he was successful. He managed to pull the boy back onto the platform,
where he then hugs him close. A Sydney Trains worker hurries over to make
sure the boy is okay. The boy was alright, although in a state of
surprise. According to the Transport Minister, this
boy isn’t the only one to have fallen through the cracks. 223 children were reported to have fallen
underneath trains at Sydney stations in 2016, alone. 14. The Exorcism
This footage shows a woman shouting “devil” among a group of frightened commuters. A man dressed in a suit then proceeds to perform
an exorcism on the subway, and attempting to free the woman of her possession. But the demon seems to be strong-willed as,
instead, the woman starts to attack with her umbrella. The man tells her that he forgives her, but
she remains confused and repeats the word, “devil,” regularly. She then backs away from him toward a corner
of the car. The video was titled “When you find yourself
in the middle of an exorcism on the metro” and has been viewed over a million times. Local media claimed that this scene is a regular
occurrence on the Mexico City subway. Perhaps, it’s real. But then again, maybe the woman was just emotionally
distressed. Either way, it’s pretty alarming. 13. On the Tracks
When a man in a wheelchair fell onto the tracks in a Washington, D.C. subway station, many
rushed to help him. Working as a team, two men were able to lift
the 54-year-old onto the platform to safety, risking their lives in the process. Others were there to receive him, while the
men then lifted his wheelchair out of harm’s way. While it’s unclear why he fell off the platform
in the first place, luckily, the man was alright. 12. Rat! It’s often said that there are more rats
than people in New York City. But that’s putting it mildly. Approximately 8.54 million people live in
NYC and, by some estimates, they’re outnumbered by rats around four to one. So it’s no surprise then when folks who
take the subway find themselves riding alongside passengers of the rodent variety. This video shows a rat scurrying through a
subway car, dodging between and over passenger’s legs as they, themselves, try to avoid him. Then, seeing an escape, the rodent races up
what turns out to be the leg of a sleeping commuter. The man wakes up startled, as the rodent bounds
right up to the guy’s face. What a horrible sight to wake up to. That man certainly had nightmares for weeks. And he likely learned an important lesson:
never, ever fall asleep on the New York City subway. 11. St. Petersburg Subway
This disturbing footage shows the aftermath of a horrible subway event in St. Petersburg,
Russia that occurred on April 3rd, 2017. While most in the footage are calmly exiting
their train cars, which remain fully in tact, the footage then pans to the wagons that were
destroyed by the blast, darkened, the windows blown out. Passengers in these wagons throw their bags
through the broken glass and climb out onto the platform. The event seems to have been a coordinated,
as another device was found at a different station and was safely defused. This isn’t the first attack on Russia’s
transport system. There have been at least four since 2009,
the most scary of which occurred in 2010 in Moscow, when 38 lives were lost in one incident. Another scary thing to worry about. 10. The Outburst
The woman on this subway has some harsh words for a fellow commuter. While the person taking the video didn’t
capture the moments leading up to her angry outburst, the footage begins with her pointing
into the face of a man and having some harsh words for him. She then takes it a step further, calling
the man a batterer, while screaming in his face. Her display scared passengers so much that
many cleared out of the car. It’s only when she touches him that he comes
after her to defend himself, until she backs away. By the end of the video, the entire place
is cleared out, with only the woman in the red coat standing alone in the car. I guess that’s one way to score private
transportation. 9. Quake in Subway
A YouTuber published this raw footage of the 7.1 quake in Mexico in 2017 that devastated
Mexico City and the surrounding areas. The
footage shows that commuters remained calm, despite the subway and platform and everyone
swaying around them. Some chose to get on the train, probably in
order to sit down and stop feeling sea sick from the swaying. The powerful quake hit Mexico City where at
least 361 people were reported passed away in the city and the surrounding areas. Nerve-wracking as this subway platform may
be, I’d rather be there than in the chaos of collapsing buildings above. 8. Subway Fall
A 52-year-old woman standing on a platform in Madrid patiently awaits her train when,
suddenly, she faints. She quite literally topples onto the tracks. Fellow commuters gather around the edge of
the platform, while an off-duty officer springs into action. With the train due to arrive at the station
any minute, the commuters on the platform attempt to flag the oncoming conductor, while
the officer manages to drag the woman across the opposite track and, with help from bystanders,
lift her up to the platform. You can see the oncoming train pull slowly
into the station just as the officer lifts the woman from the tracks. The train operator is able to stall the train
enough before entering the station that it didn’t come in full speed ahead. After the woman is lifted onto the opposite
platform, a doctor who was also waiting on the platform, gives the woman first aid. If you ever need a pick-me-up, just remember
there are still some everyday heroes in the world. This is but one example. 7. Guy on CTA Train
Published by Ruben Perez in May of 2015, this man on a subway in Chicago, who appears mentally
unwell, starts muttering quietly – but audibly – to himself. Then gripping one wrist, he starts shaking,
shaking his head, shaking all over, muttering more and more aggressively, until he goes
still and wide eyed. Still muttering, he sits a bit more calmly
for a while, continuing his monologue. Then he starts shaking alarmingly again. That halts, and he sits calmly, seemingly
having a heady conversation with the person sitting beside him. Only, there’s nobody there. Passengers don’t interact but simply pass
him by as they exit the train. He continues having a conversation with the
invisible person beside him, gesturing and speaking with conviction. While this man’s episode is quite scary
to watch, the man filming the footage is laughing. Most in the comments find that to be off-putting
and insensitive. There’s no doubt that man needed help. Let’s hope he got it from someone besides
the cameraman. 6. “Conductor, We Have A Problem”
Once you watch this video, there’s one line you won’t be able to get out of your head. “Conductor, we have a problem.” The video footage is filmed by a passenger
who is pushing the emergency button on repeat to report a “problem” to the conductor. While there seems to be no problem on this
subway car, other than the man in question repeating this and pushing the emergency button
like mad, the train never slows and no one comes to his aid. As he repeats his claim while pressing the
button, one man steps in to stop him, but the man doesn’t cease in his exclamation,
and then starts hurrying down the center of the train, while dodging some commuters who
try to intercept him. Once he gets to the other end, the reason
for his journey is clear: there’s another button at the other end of the car. He starts pushing that one too, repeating
his claim, “Conductor, we have a problem.” This is when many on the car intervene, sick
of this guy’s antics. As the train pulls into a station, many try
to convince him to disembark, saying he’s the one with the problem. But he remains unconvinced and continues to
press the emergency button to report his “problem” to authorities. Through all the commotion, he doesn’t exit
the train and his camera is pushed down. It goes dark, leaving us to wonder how this
confrontation was resolved. 5. Random Encounter
This footage shows an older woman who doesn’t seem as though she’s all that mentally there. She curses at another passenger, who looks
like she was just sitting there, minding her own business. Then out of nowhere things get more severe. Thankfully, the people around the young woman
protest and tell the attacker to leave the woman alone. The older woman calls one of these men a scumbag. Then she squares up with him. When he stands up, she gets up on the seat
and people around them swarm the situation in an attempt to calm her down. She then gets off the seat and waits by the
door, continuing to mutter about what a scumbag that nice guy is. When the subway stops, she makes her grand
exit. Those who currently ride the NYC subway say
they do feel unsafe and paranoid that they might be next. Unfortunately, many must travel by subway
to get to work, so there’s not really a safer alternative. 4. Rush Hour in Beijing
BeijingCream published this bird’s eye shot of a train station on Line 13 in 2013, during
morning rush hour. Commuters are standing heel-to-toe on the
platform as a train pulls in. When it slows, they press to the doors in
an unorderly fashion, not wanting to wait for the next train. Instead of making space for commuters aboard
the train to get out, which would be more logical and less time consuming, those disembarking
have to pierce their way through the crowd on the platform as the platform people press
their way in the minute the doors open. You can almost hear the frustrated screaming
going on inside commuters’ heads. It’s a crazy phenomenon to watch, and it
makes you a bit creeped out to think that a stampede could occur at any moment and anyone
could be trampled and lose their live. Such events, though rare, are not unheard
of on Chinese subways. Incidents of commuters fleeing fire alarms
and even emptying a car when a man fainted have been reported in Beijing. In Shenzhen in 2017, fifteen people were hurt
in a stampede on a subway train, while twelve were hurt in the same city in 2015. 3. “I Don’t Like You”
The NYC subway is flush with characters, and this crazy lady on the 7 train is one of them. Marcusthegladiator published footage of this
fellow commuter to YouTube in November of 2012
In it, the woman, who sits alone, appears to be telling off nearby passengers – or perhaps
imaginary ones. She insists that she doesn’t like any of
them, and they don’t like her either. So no one should look at each other. A
while later, she is seen flinging her arm seemingly unconsciously and making rude gestures,
then raising her arm while contorting her face. When passengers get on at a stop and sit down
next to her, she suddenly turns to her right and asks a man if the girl between them is
his girlfriend, and why he’s looking at her. Moments later, they move, and the lady pats
the now empty seats next to her, saying she’d be so happy with her own apartment or her
own house. While this woman’s reality is more sad than
scary, the unpredictability of her actions is certainly frightening. 2. Electrical Issue
Smoke wafted through the Yellow Line train on January 12th, 2015. While it filled the train, commuters waited
over 35 minutes for help to escape. The cause is believed to have been an electrical
issue in the tunnel. When the issue occurred, it forced commuters
on the platform to evacuate. That’s when train 302 pulled towards the
platform and took off again. But it was so thick, the train operator was
blinded. He pulled to a stop in the tunnel. The train’s fans were pulling smoke inside. And firefighters were only dispatched when
they received a 911 call about seven minutes later. Meanwhile, the passengers on the train could
barely breathe and many got down on the floor. In the raw video of the train, you can see
just how bad it is inside the wagon, and you can hear people cough, while most lie or squat
on the floor. Over the intercom, they are told to remain
calm and not to open the doors. Some called 911 to describe where the train
was located so that rescuers could be sent down. Out of the 380 people who were evacuated from
the train, 86 were treated, 9 were treated outside the station, and one passed away. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1.Blade Encounter
This video, published by skilduff1122 in April 2013, illustrates that something bad can happen
anywhere at anytime. Nowhere is safe. The footage shows a man in a black shirt and
jeans standing on the platform, before he reaches into his pocket and brandishes a large
blade. He walks determinedly down the platform toward
another commuter, who starts shouting. A
couple others put themselves between this man and the man he’s after, seemingly trying
to block the encounter. It’s unclear if they’re involved in the
dispute or just fellow commuters trying to prevent something bad from happening. Then the wielding man picks a plastic bag
up off the ground – that of the man he was chasing. A woman steps in, trying to prevent the man
from taking the bag, while the other man hurries over to grab his belongings. The wielder is successfully blocked from taking
the bag, but he won’t be held back. He follows the guy around again but, the guy
manages to escape and is seen rushing down the platform, looking over his shoulder the
whole way. A couple moments later, the wielding man is
following again, but that’s where the footage ends. What did he want from the other guy? How did this harrowing incident conclude? With no further footage or story, this one
ends with too many loose threads.


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