Top 10 Scary Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera
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Top 10 Scary Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera

January 14, 2020

Starting us off with number 10 is The Battery
Man. Slavisa Pajkic (pie-kich) aka Biba Struja
aka electric biba is a man who since the age of 17 has apparently had electricity coursing
through his body at all times. He can literally fry a hot dog with his bare
hands, he claims hes an insulator, accumulator, conductor and heater all in one. Using two metal pins, he can make a lightbulb
light up even though if any normal person touched 220 volts they would die. But its not even a thing for him. He even makes an eletric circuit with him
and a bunch of students holding hands and he helps people with their sinus and back
problems, their migraines, like look at what his touch does to people (
1:41-1:51) and if that doesnt convince you, he became a guinness world record holder back
in 1981 when he touched a few thousand volts. He also heated water to 97C in the record
time of 1 minute and 37 seconds. And no one knows how he has this power, how
the electricity entered him and never left, how he controls it or how he hasnt died from
it yet. J: In at number 9, the Paulding Light. A small light that appears in a valley outside
of Paulding, Michigan, this has been a mystery that has been puzzling investigators since
the 1960’s. Some believe it’s a ghost, while others
claim it could be some sort of geological activity or even natural gases. The light appears in the same spot almost
every night, and of course there are tons of myths and legends surrounding the light. Some claim it’s the light of a railroad
brakeman, who was killed while trying to stop an oncoming train from colliding with a car
stuck on the tracks. Other’s claim it’s a grandparent looking
for a lost grandchild using a lantern that needs constant relighting, which is why the
light seems to come and go. In 2010, the Paulding light was featured on
the show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, who couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation
for the random light. A: At number 8 we have The Disappearance of
Frederick Valentich (valen-tich). On the 21st of October 1978 australian pilot
Frederick Valentich was doing a 125 nautical mile training flight. The 20 year old had no idea that would be
the last flight of his career. Known as a flying saucer enthusiast Frederick
radioed Melbourne air traffic control saying this, (insert audio
0:05-0:15) if its unclear hes asking if theres ‘any known traffic below 5000 feet?’ they
respond saying no known traffic. He then claimed there was an unidentified
aircraft that was following him at 4,500 feet which clearly wasnt a plane. It was illuminated by 4 bright landing lights
and seemed to be moving at quite a fast speed. He then reported that it seemed to be approaching
him from the east and that maybe the pilot was pranking him. The craft started orbiting above him and thats
when Frederick started experiencing engine problems. Have a listen to the last few things he said
in his transmission before contact was lost, (insert clip
(0:38-0:42) and then (1:16-1:20)). Search parties were sent out and covered 1000
square miles around the perimeter yet he was never found. J: At lucky number 7, Dale Kerstetter. This mystery is exactly that, because no one
knows the answers. September 12th, 1987 Kerstetter started his
weekend shift as a security guard at the Corning Glassworks plant in Bradford, Pennsylvania. When another security guard arrived the next
morning to relieve Kerstetter of his shift, Dale was nowhere to be found. $250,000 of platinum pipe was also missing. However, Kerstetter’s truck was still in
the parking lot, and after the police were called to investigate, they were stumped. The keys to the truck were still in the ignition. Kerstetter, a heavy smoke, left behind a full
carton of cigarettes, the only thing missing was his 22 caliber pistol. What’s even more interesting is Dale’s
lunch box was full, and upon reviewing security camera footage, about 10 minutes into Kerstetters’
shift, a masked man is seen approaching the back of the plant. Kerstetter is seen walking up to him, and
then he looked directly at the camera. The two men were never seen again. To this day, some believe Kerstetter was a
part of a heist, while others think he was coerced into this crime. Kerstetter had six kids and two grandchildren
at the time of his disappearance. No one has seen or heard from him since that
night, and many are still wondering what really happened to Dale Kerstetter. Now at number 6 is the Sand Geyser. So everyone knows about water geysers, theyre
out here going to iceland and chilling in those hot geyser baths and what not, its nothing
new. But back in 2008, in the eastern city of Al
Ahsae (al-asa) in Saudi Arabia, a sand geyser just appeared out of nowhere. The sand was coming out and reached 9 meters
in vertical length but no one was able to explain how the phenomenon was happening. Several Armaco geological teams went to the
site to get to the bottom of it but they simply couldnt. Some claim it couldve been cus of an earthquake
tremor since some sand volcanoes form during large earthquakes but 11 years later theyre
still clueless about the real origins. J: Halfway through our list at 5, the Cowboy
Bandit. This one is insane because this guy somehow
has been eluding the police for over 30 years ! It started back in 1987, on September 19th,
when a man entered a bank in Spokane, Washington, and robbed them of $100,000. The man who robbed the bank was described
as wearing glasses, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. When he pulled a gun on the teller asking
to be taken to the vault, he also revealed a police scanner, making it clear he’ll
know if anyone calls for the police. After completing his first robbery, the Cowboy
Bandit would go on to rob about a dozen banks total, even being captured on camera at some
of them. Although it took a while to finally get the
bandit on camera, while he was robbing a bank, one of the tellers set off a bill trap, which
is located under some of the bills the tellers were handing over to the Bandit. This not only notified the police, but also
activated the banks cameras. Still, even though he was caught on camera,
to this day, law enforcement hasn’t been able to find the Cowboy Bandit. At number 4 is The Max Headroom Interruption. I feel like many people have seen this signal
interruption that happened back in November of 1987. The signal intrusion happened at about 9pm during
the sportscast news on WGN-TV and lasted about 28 seconds. The second intrusion happened during Doctor
Who and that lasted 90 seconds. Its been 30 years now and the hijackers behind
the interruption are still unknown and honestly the whole thing was creepy as hell. The person in the video is wearing a Max Headroom
mask and sunglasses with this buzzing sound in the background. In the first one, hes just swaying from side
to side bobbing his head up and down in front of this metallic striped background. In the second one the person actually talks
saying hes a freakin nerd, heheing away, he starts humming and singing a song, and seems
like hes on some kind of high level of drugs. He goes on to say i just made a giant masterpiece
for all the greatest world newspaper nerds. And hes not wrong. J: In at 3, Leah Rowlands. At around 10:30 am on March 10th, 1997, Leah
Rowlands was working as the manager of a gas station in Nebraska. The mother of two had just gotten promoted
the day before, and didn’t think twice when a red Pontiac Grand AM pulled in to get some
gas. The man in the red car walked into the gas
station without shoes on, and sweatpants rolled up to his knees. He waited for a mother and her daughter to
leave the store, and then approached the counter. Leah was instructed to hand over the money
in the cash register, which she did, a total of $150 dollars. She was then told to lay on the ground. Complying with everything this robber said,
Leah wasn’t expecting him to shoot her three times, twice in the arm, and once in the head,
killing her instantly. The suspect then took off with the money,
some soda, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and the gas he filled his car up with. Although there was surveillance footage of
the entire crime, to this day, Leah’s killer has never been found. Now at number 2 is The Hampton Court Palace
Ghost. This grand estate was the home of Henry the
8th and all his 6 wives and all their kids. I feel like i learned about this guy in history
at primary school more than i learned about anyone. It was a tie between him and both world wars. So the staff at the palace heard the alarm
go off which meant the fire doors were open but when they rushed to check there was nothing
there. But in the footage you can see the doors opening
even though no ones physically opening them. And then a man appears out of nowhere in medieval
clothes and leaves through the doors. No one saw any person come in and out of the
doors yet the footage showed otherwise and it looks like a skinnier version of Henry
the 8th tbh. Maybe the afterlife made him skinnier. J: Taking the top spot on our list, at number
1, Bigfoot. Now you most likely already know the story
here but for those that don’t, well, it’s quite an interesting one. Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson filmed what
some say is a real life bigfoot, and others claim to be a hoax, way back in 1967. The story goes, the two men were searching
for bigfoot. Patterson claimed to have seen large footsteps
earlier in the week, and convinced Gimlin to go on a journey with him. When the two returned to the area Patterson
had originally found the prints, they were washed away due to rain. Still, the two men trekked deep into the woods
on horseback. Then out of nowhere, Patterson’s horse started
jumping around. And then they saw it. Bigfoot, on the other side of the creek. Patterson reached for his camera and started
to record, but as he got closer, tripped on some sticks. The noise got the attention of Bigfoot, who
made eye contact with the men and then kept walking away, deeper into the woods, as you
can see on the footage. To this day there’s still a debate about
whether or not the footage is real, and Gimlin doesn’t seem to care to make people believe
him. He knows what he saw.


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