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Top 10 Largest Cities by 2030 | The B1M

October 11, 2019

By 2030, the global population will have grown
to over 8.5 billion people. 60% of them will live in cities and one in every three people will live in a city with over 500,000 inhabitants. This trend, means it’s more important than
ever to get our built environment right – by 2030, it will literally be shaping the way that more than half the people on earth are able to live their lives. Our cities are already facing a wide range
of challenges from improving air quality and ensuring the efficiency of transport infrastructure,
to the responsible sourcing and delivery of food and water, housing demand, social cohesion,
equality and the risk of flooding – to name just a few. Technology, data management and
the emergence of new economic and political models are all playing a part in helping
address these challenges. So what are the main regions of focus? The
next 12 years will see a huge shake-up in the ranking of the world’ largest cities,
as growth in urban areas across North America and Europe slows in relative terms, whilst
booming across Asia and Africa. Here, we take a look at the 10 largest cities
by 2030, as predicted by the United Nations’ World Urbanization Prospects. Held by Shanghai in 1950, and by New York
in 2015, Mexico City will take 10th place on the global ranking of the world’s largest
cities by 2030. The sprawling capital of Mexico is already
one of the most important cultural and financial centers of the Americas. Its phenomenal growth
since the 1980s has been accompanied by air pollution and transport infrastructure issues,
but the city has moved to address these and now has a clear plan for sustainable development
in place up to 2030. The city has since a number of built environment
innovations in recent years including “smog-eating” buildings which help to combat air pollution
and the engineering of “earthquake-proof” skyscrapers to withstand the regions seismic
activity. With a forecast annual economic growth rate
of 5.1% over the next 12 years, Lagos is set to overtake Johannesburg to become Africa’s
largest city by 2030. Already a vast urban area of Nigera, Lagos
has the highest GDP of any city on the African continent and is home to one of its largest
and busiest ports. The projected rates of expansion and growth
present a significant challenge for the city over the next decade. Its population is also
much younger than that of other cities on our list, creating a powerful demographic
opportunity, but also posing a risk, as the city absorbs millions of young people into
the urban labour force, while managing the political instability that could entail if
youth unemployment soars. Despite not appearing in the top 10 back in
1950, Cairo is set to move up from its 9th place ranking in 2015 to become the world’s
8th largest city by 2030. With an urban area that already extends over
600 square kilometres, Egypt’s sprawling capital is currently grappling with air and
water pollution issues, along with it’s infamous traffic congestion. With the city
set to become home to over 24.5 million people by 2030, plans to cut emissions and construct
a new sewer system are now in development. With a projected population of nearly 25 million
people, Karachi will enter this list for the first time by 2030. Despite its turbulent past and well-publicised
infrastructure challenges, the city remains a major cultural and economic centre and a
key port on the Indian Ocean – fuelling its expansion over the next 12 years. While sixth place was held by Moscow with
5.4 million residents in 1950, it will belong to Dhaka by 2030. Already the fourth most densely populated
city in the world, the capital of Bangladesh will grow its population from just under 19
million people in 2018, to over 27 million in 12 years’ time. Despite being a major financial centre, the
city is prone to flooding and grappling with traffic congestion. The first phase of its
new metro is due to open in 2021. Moving up from 7th place in 2015 to 5th place
by 2030, is China’s vast capital Beijing. Standing as the political centre of the nation
for more than eight centuries, Beijing combines seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites with the
modern architecture and infrastructure of one of today’s foremost capital cities. However, its expansion has not been without its challenges and ongoing programmes are
now working to tackle traffic congestion, improve air quality and ensure the retention
of historic sites over the next decade of growth. Just ahead of Beijing and moving up one place
from the 2015 rankings, is India’s leading financial hub, Mumbai. With thriving commercial and entertainment
industries coupled with high living standards, Mumbai will continue to attract residents
from across India and the wider region over the next decade. Breaking the 30 million mark and moving up
from its 10th place ranking in 1950 is China’s largest city, Shanghai. The urban area has seen intense development since the introduction of economic reforms
in the early 1990s. Already home to the world’s busiest container port and the financial centre of one of the world’s leading economies, Shanghai will continue to expand over the
next 12 years, ranking as the third largest city in the world in 2030. Taking second place is Delhi, India’s capital
and current most populated city. With GDP set to grow by 7.1% a year, Delhi
will outperform its nearest Indian rival Mumbai up to 2030. Air pollution remains a significant
challenge, with the World Health Organisation naming it as the most polluted city in the
world in 2014. Despite many initiatives, the expansion of the metro and measures to curb emissions, concerns remain around the levels of air pollution in Delhi and their projected growth as the city expands. With an astonishing population of over 37
million people, Japan’s capital Tokyo is set to top our list. Tokyo is already the largest city in the world
and will retain its position from the 2015 rankings will almost no change in the
size of its population between now and 2030. The city has a lot going for it – it’s
a leading financial and political centre, has the highest GDP of any urban area, was ranked first in the 2017 Safe Cities Index and is set to host the Olympic Games in 2020. By 2030 the city is set to further improve it transport infrastructure, reduce air pollution and further enhance standards of living. Looking even further ahead, the Global Cities Institute projects that Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will be the most populous
city in the world by 2075, and that by 2100, it will be surpassed by Lagos in Nigeria – which
will then be home to 88 million people. If you enjoyed this video and would like to get more from the definitive video channel for construction, subscribe to The B1M.


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