November 19, 2019

These are ten megaprojects the U.S. desperately
needs to complete in the near future. They each represent many other projects awaiting
approval and funding in cities and towns across America. A bullet train in Texas would help ease traffic
in Houston and Dallas that will only get worse as the lonestar state continues to grow. A road trip from one city to the other will
take up to 6.5 hours in the next twenty years. Modelled after Japan’s Shinkansen train,
the Texas Central High-Speed Rail will cut that journey to just over three hours thanks
to max speeds of 250 miles per hour. Heavy rains in 2015 breached more than 50
dams in South Carolina, causing flooding throughout the state. It’s an emergency that will keep happening
if the more than 600 dams rated as high-hazard aren’t modernized. Dams are aging nationwide and need more than
$20 billion in repairs and upgrades. The Washington DC area has some of the worst
traffic in the country. Extending the existing metro system to the
suburbs by adding another metro line with 21 new stations will make everyone’s commute
shorter, and will take an estimated 17,000 cars off the road. Denver has an ambitious plan to take back
land from the interstate by plunging part of the I-70 East underground to create a large
park with sports fields and performance spaces. The project will also modernize and widen
the 60-plus-year-old road to ensure its structural integrity and ease congestion within the sprawling
Denver area. Miami is already dealing with the effects
of climate change with the installation of 80 pumping stations. But when sea levels rise just 5 more feet,
96% of the city will be underwater, making it America’s most vulnerable urban area
to a changing climate. To survive, it will need to significantly
expand its levee system and build a multi-billion dollar seawall. The highly populated northeast corridor of
the U.S. desperately needs to expand its high speed rail network to keep pace with the best
cities in the world. Right now, the fastest train is the Acela,
whose top speed is just 125 miles per hour. A maglev train connecting New York to DC could
hit 300 mph and cut the commute from four hours to one. Old sewer lines aren’t properly functioning,
resulting in raw sewage streaming into Lake Erie from Cleveland during storms. Project clean lake is a 25-year renewal plan
that uses a variety of green methods, including the construction of seven tunnels, to solve
the problem. To allow for more people and goods to pass
through the Detroit-Windsor, Canada section of the border, the Gordie Howe International
Bridge will provide uninterrupted traffic flow. When complete, the project will increase daily
vehicle crossings by 30%. Phase 1 of California’s high speed rail
project should open by 2030. It aims to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco
in just three hours, compared to the nearly six hours it now takes to drive the route. It will be the first high speed rail project
on the U.S. west coast and will eventually extend to San Diego and Sacramento, the state’s
capitol. 200,000 daily passenger trips are made through
the only rail tunnel connecting Manhattan and New Jersey. 100 years old and severely damaged by Hurricane
Sandy, it badly needs an upgrade. The proposed Hudson River Rail Tunnel
megaproject would modernize the existing tunnel and add a second one in order to ease congestion
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