Times Square, New York || Travel Vlog || Episode 5 || Best B
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Times Square, New York || Travel Vlog || Episode 5 || Best B

January 14, 2020

hello welcome back with another video
and this is a travel vlog to New York traveling is my interest and making
travel vlog is my great passion sharing a good moment that I have spent in
several places can always make me happy of what I am doing traveling and
creating its moment not only refresh myself but it will create a great memory
of my lifetime all right let’s start my travel journey today is July 28 2019 I’m
traveling to Times Square New York yeah we just landed we were heading to
terminal yeah we have just landed to LaGuardia
Airport and I’m feeling that I’m back to my hometown I lived in New York for more
than 12 years and after coming back in two years made me like I’m back to my
home We’re taking Uber so we are heading to our next stop from
LaGuardia Airport in New York so before going to Times Square we have decided to
visit our place where we stayed here for 12 years
yes none other than Queens Jackson Heights New York this is the great place
that we really want to visit before we go to Times Square and one of the my
favorite place Himalayan yak restaurant delicious food and you can enjoy and you
can get the vibe of Nepal so the food we have missed so much from
this restaurant was* a lot however we couldn’t have all of them but we just
picked some of the great food like Momo’s dumpling and some chicken sekuwa everyone must visit an Himalayan yak restaurant if you visit New York and
this place is located in Queens New York and Jackson Heights that’s the main
place so we are just roaming around a Jackson heights a bit and then we can head
to Times Square this is the main place or main crowdiness of the main heart of
the Jackson Heights where people also call Little India in here and this is
the Broadway way and 37th Avenue and the other cross intersection Street is there
in 73rd Street all right now we are trying to go to Times Square, heading for the times square and where we are waiting for famous subway
train of New York City so we gonna take subway to Times Square so this is the hotel where we stayed in
downtown New York Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott hotel have you ever been to Times Square if
not, lets visit together if you have then please do support us by watching
our video and share it to your friends and families when you hear a phrase called “City never
Sleeps” you would probably think of New York City yes but it does not apply
every part or areas of New York City however this phrase will imply to Times
Square Times Square never sleeps no matter what
time it is and this place never gets dark times the score is the highest
visited place in Manhattan New York this is a major commercial intersection with
heavy amount of tourist destination including entertainment center and
delicious food from food truck times square is located in the midtown
Manhattan section of New York City at the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenue
it stretches from West 42nd to West 47th Street it was a pleasant experience
again that made it a memorable visit this year. I lived in New York City for
12 years and this place was always favorite place for me to hang around. now all the lights were replaced with
oversized LCD screens and they are brighter than ever. In fact the largest
display in Time Square is the largest 4k screen in the world. Nine stories tall with
23 million pixel display is the world largest screen. One of the world’s
busiest pedestrian areas and there are as many as 500,000 photos taken every
year in this area alone approximately 330,000 people pass through times square daily. Many of the tourists while over 460,000 pedestrians walk through
Times Square on its busiest days. Times Square is big, bright and
unforgettable. Walk to the top of its red steps it was
a nice experience just sitting on the stairs and enjoying. This place is a must a visit place if you ever plan to visit Manhattan New York I don’t want
to go much of the history of Times Square but Times Square formerly known
as Longacre Square. Times Square was renamed in 1904 by the iconic building
at one Times Square is best known for the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and in fact
there’s little else there it was originally constructed as the New York
Times headquarters in 1904 back when the area was largely undeveloped Times
Square is not a geometrically a square shape it is a closer to bow tie shape
and its functions as a town square another fact of Times Square is you are
not allowed to smoke in that area or $50 fine for any person caught smoking
within the area this rule was in effect since February 2011 so what can you do in times Square. Things to Do in Times Square:
1. Madame Tussauds New York we’re all famous public faces
wax museums 2. Ripley’s Believe It or Not 3. Top of the rock observatory 4. Rockefeller Center Tour 5. Radio City Stage Tour 6. Museum of Modern Tour 7. Museum of Modern Art and much more the
best way to come to Times Square is via public transportation to get to Times
Square the number 1 2 3 7 a b c d e f m n q or w and s shuttle trains all
service The Times Square area. Alright folks
Times Square New York blog ends right here if you liked my video please do
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here I will see you in my next video hey guys finally I think you have
already watched all of the videos finally finally we have arrived at the
hotel we just checked out the hotel I mean we check in the hotel a little
earlier and we went to Times Square as you have already seen all the beautiful
images photos or videos all for his to crowd and very very crowded in times for
I don’t know it was special today but it was so crowded as you can see on the
video right oh hi it’s at 12:47 right now we gotta wake up tomorrow and we’re
heading to Pennsylvania to attend a wedding party I think this is all about
New York it was very short time I am here today I
didn’t get enough time to go around other places but just the Times Square
was my main target to just hang around over there walking over there it was so
fun excited you know it’s really fun to come here sometimes I hope you like it
I’m gonna head tomorrow I’m gonna have to rent a car and we’ll drive to
Pennsylvania for the wedding party and let’s see how much coverage I can do for
the wedding party but after that next day I’m going to Ocean City Maryland and
there I’m gonna capture some good moments alright guys thank you so much
for watching my videos if you like the videos share comment like subscribe hit
the bell icon and you know everything right alright thank you so much

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