Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Track Build Sodor Airport
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Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Track Build Sodor Airport

January 14, 2020

I think we’ll build an airport what do
you think Hey look at the blimp and we have this piece of Airport nor so it all
looks the same that’s kind of weird how they did that
uh blimp see if it’ll hit the building don’t hit the building don’t hit the
building oh so close and then we had this piece look at this the sword or
airport or yellow things yellow one sort of airport here’s the runway nice
nobody is some helipad – where are those helipads I think they’re in here – you
know what I think we can use this as an airport tower and then we’ll use this
helipad daughter use that one – okay let’s use this whole piece Oh looks like
we’re missing the yard hold on there you go you know this is the Sodor search and
rescue center but we use it for the helipad and the helipad and a helipad I
knew one of our bridges had an airport sign on it you wanna use the transfer
station okay this big tunnel this big Brio tunnel and I want to use this Mart
I know it’s the mindset but I like this we haven’t used this piece in a while
then the players can take off from the airport and hit the mountains okay we
got the snow-capped mountains we’re gonna do that and I think this battery
charger all work for the airplane what do you think Liam I’m owning a train
station I think this’ll do nicely what do you think guys we can build a
chocolate of this I think these are the right pieces I have an idea for the
mountain set I’ve been up bring these pieces and put a roundabout over here as
well what are you gonna do on the airport part it looks like you
have the length of the table or you sure you wanted to go that direction all
right we got the snow-covered mountains over here I think we put the big Brio
tunnel right here got a curve coming off the mountain set and I think we’re gonna
build this out right here and add it to there somewhere okay Liam what do you
think of this you come through the mountains over tops you like this we’ll
have the four way out of there so we’ll have to figure that out it’ll do more
Airport stuff over here coming out of the Brio tunnel I think we’re going to
hook it up to this side but we’re gonna go kind of through here and up on that
side and then maybe we’ll come back and go underneath with this one that’s a
little bit too close to there we’ll have to expand that out you know what we’re
gonna have to put the same piece in there’s not enough you know what let’s
make it even bigger that’s too much okay a short piece there then we’ll put this
in and now we can look at that splitting the uprights yay put that down we’ll
probably come to a t-intersection off here putting the end of the runway right
here the plane takes off and hits this help are you sure
cuz there’s the grass at the end of the runway I think yes put the hanger Oh
Jeremy oh no it hurts Jeremy we might I don’t think this will be the final place
that we put the hanger okay but you can’t go over the runway I don’t think
it’s a good idea to make a bridge over where planes are landing Omega dot
that’s gonna line up right there perfect oh I don’t know this is going to be do
you think this is gonna be enough right here it’s happening Jeremy hey Liam what
do you think of this setup you like this yeah this is a little bit weird but
we’re gonna have fun with this well show you put a destination or a
building in there someone you think oh maybe okay you order the front transfer
station in here I think we’ll put this right like that
oh nice and there and then we can do another male-to-male here’s a little bit
longer one that works out real nice I think we’ll put the hanger for this here
welcome to Sodor we had the plane Jeremy goodbye alright I think this side of the
table is done but we have one two three four outlets left hmm this is gonna be
interesting especially with a runway right there
with the plane get off all right Liam we got a problem here pal
this can go to there but I don’t know if this is gonna be in the way and if we
put a special three in one there what are we gonna do with that this is
confusing hmm I’m gonna have to think my way out I
don’t know if a t-intersection is gonna work there or not I don’t think it will
hey I have an idea maybe we’ll use I know which ones to use let’s get all
this out let me see you let me see let me see
we need the opposite of this there’s one there’s two
okay so we’ll put that there and we’ll have that go into there what happened
over here we have a different Jeremy don’t we this is the old Jeremy do you
have the new Jeremy got him we’re sure we do you like more that one I like you
know what I like about this one is he had he fits on the fits on the traps
this guy does he fit on the trucks I think yes maybe he’s back we’ll steal
and now is had no go for takeoff okay so I think we’re gonna have to put the
airport over here the control tower cuz we need a place to put the helicopter
and then we have the bleb which is right in front of the runway with the tundra
this is a big mess I don’t know how planes are gonna come and land on this
Airport well I think that we’re kind of done the ability we can actually move
this out a bit more now that we have all this room you know what you know what we
can do let’s put this right here and then we’ll have room for the helipad and
then we have the runway we can put this control tower right there maybe and then
put this big Airport right there what do you think of that I think I might get
hit by a plane what do you think okay let’s see what happens takeoff oh no problem with takeoff okay
I did not expect that on this channel we’re gonna put a station in here I
might put such a type of station right here maybe I’ll have to figure that out
cuz I don’t like we have now but just a big empty space here we’ll do something
with it were you thank Lee and we’re we done let’s take a look at the track your
belt well it’s doing its job so we have the runway at the hangar control tower
there’s the plant oh it merely misses the hangar folks looks like we have
Harold up there a good thing he’s got a helipad you can hit this oh oh oh gee
then we have the is another airport control tower is it there’s a weather
tower good thing we only have three we have the airport junction tunnel here’s
an electrical charging station for I don’t know why nice
we got the transfer station and then over here we have this big piece coming
up the hill and it keeps going to the dad that’s where trains get dizzy here’s
the big Brio tunnel let’s get some motorized straight to see if they can go
on this track what do you think which one do you want to use oh thank Gordon
can do it we’ll have them start up at the station should he be pulling
anything okay Oh gets caught up but he goes through early night he’s lifting
the truck yeah it keeps going get the tender back on oh look it’s quick quick
quick quick quick quickly Oh ball again let’s do that over let’s try this again
are you ready yeah go shooters ease on gentle gentle no has go
go quick quick oh you missed do you watch i filming well valetroy sit ah
okay ready he’s gonna go dad’s gonna try this come
on yeah coming through it let’s see you can hand out the camcorder as he goes
through yeah oh here’s Gordon coming around and Oh Jeremy flies right over
him he’s walking by the airport folks ain’t nothing goes on here going through
the tunnel and up the hill and he’s flying by Harold the helicopter he loves
get dizzy what’s gonna happen I don’t even know which way he’ll go
probably straight Thanks here we going back on track will it be
enough to go through the tunnel go go Gordon is this what’s going on how did
you get caught there how does he go is he just you wide I don’t understand oh
it’s a plastic it’s the green plastic is that where he gets caught yeah look at
that and he gets a little hung up and he’ll do it again you know you’re
trained really well there Liam Gordon coming over top of everything he’s
coming down it’s gonna clear what’s gonna happen whoosh oh the blimp just
misses Emma’s he’s going up and that is the track good job Liam!

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