Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Island of Sodor
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Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Island of Sodor

September 10, 2019

Kids Toys Play William are we doing a track build? yeah!
what are you building up today? it’s the island of sodor at Vicarstown! I love how
you’ve got the bridges going between the tables. do want this end to be Vicarstown,
or what you want to do with it? warning, warning! we’re building tracks! I like
this. you can catch a train, and get your mai.l and maybe a drink of water.
you got knapford, and what’s this over here?
Tidmouth sheds. notice everything on Sodor’s green? maybe there’s have too
much green paint. hey that’s why Henry’s green. yeah! Oh, nice! double Knappford. well,
you’ve really got this going on up here. are you building down here? – are you? the
subway! going on, what other buildings do you want up here? do you want buildings
down here as well? what’s this, it’s not a subway station. you think maybe this one?
yes! we’re gonna leave it up top, you know. what, let’s just try to put as many
buildings up here as possible. okay, well the doesn’t read on the farm.
no we are definitely not going to put a farm.
let’s put McCall’s farm right here. what you think? here is the farm. Are you
gonna keep working on the subway? I’m gonna build McCall’s farm right here,
right beside knapford station. there’s a farm. that’s a good place for a farm. okay
you’ll put this, oh man. that’s not gonna work. that’s not gonna line up at all!
come on, the subway they’re all done the subway!
Boco! I always get those two mixed up. y-yeah you have that guy, that Brio train. is this one big
circle route? I think you might need more stations down here. I don’t know. this is
the soda or subway oh wow! do that again! I want you right up close.
Oh! what is he? that in slow motion. for that slow motion! I see, what you’re doing
there? you’re just building up a storm. here, hmm. that’s gonna be a tricky one.
but what do you think? you’re just you just won’t stop building, will you? look
at you go! You’re the man, buddy! mmm, that might work. I know, we’ll use that
train Labs thing right there. maybe you think. what’s your really bad problem? Oh
what happened there? oh, okay, you need to make it right like that, so we need to
make that longer. new. you get it? awesome buddy! look at that! well, Billy’s bridge
is going across. dad is still this frustrated with this! I have no idea what
I’m doing here! what’s this scene? while racing Gordon.
Madge has to come pick up Philip, and Butch is there.
oh, here’s Madge, and fill up off to get repaired. that’s Elizabeth or that Isabela
Isabel? and there’s Kelly. I really get back with the Jack and a pack ice or
gave you pretty big here at season 23 well the good news is I finally got this
track figured out the bad news is is there’s not much I can do with long
maybe I wonder if I can oh that might actually work
hmm okay this is like my final of time an that’s not gonna work oh we could fit
that in there and then we can do you know we could actually make this work
right here we have you got this track it’s a flying saucer has a darn sort of
snake trap door brothers on the subway hold on
so maybe it’s put a buffer you and your buffers no no close
yeah well it’s fine on here no buffers oh yeah it will work
right on oh that’s good yeah go on top at the BRIT hey you still like a trade
no okay that will work that’s not the best fit but it will work we’re gonna
keep the skeleton truck and maybe come up around here on more paw patrol to get
the train back on Isis lovely Oh what happened paw patrols out first roll hmm now we just have to get back to
there okay so this side is done you know what I can put some actual buildings in
here can’t I hey you know what go good right there sure another station in here
oh yeah that’ll work good and here we have Ted with Hulk to med ticket office
and Tidmouth sheds this is looking pretty good on this side William heavily
what do you want to do over here do you want to maybe put Steamworks and Sodor
search and rescue center over here oh no I totally forgot about what goes after
McColl’s farm well now we’re not making a mess of the rumor anything oh
here’s Jeremy jet plane in the airport okay I thought we were gonna put maybe
this steamer Xterra burger you put in the airport there instead I can’t
remember the last time we used this piece what if we put another dredge here
because we don’t have enough bridges crossing hi Veronica are you gonna help
us build okay you got it doc oh is he stopping all engines gulping all engines
stopping all engines I might put a connector in here where you guys think
we get the opposite yeah something like that
that’d work okay if we take this out put this in here are you guys already
playing in here Wow look at all this look how busy this is getting Oh Tom
it’s what happened Daisy’s going around and around what a busy island stop wait
for Gordon he’s I think we are going to just put that
right there okay and coming off this bridge we can
now get in to Vicarstown Steamworks or shorter such a rescue 70 years now you
guys what steel works let’s get building this team works then all this mad where
did you come from go back to the airport we belong
is he a taxi and like a sea without an air taxi what are you building look at
you a you’re building up here holy what is this Sodor Steamworks is that a box
of chocolate car and we’re gonna put that bone right there and now we are
connected right through here we’ve got one two three four five bridges in here
now from the store not here oh no yeah we got six seven bridges down here too
he’s hard to derail there you go tada oh yeah we got this going on now though
this bridge is in here so we have one two that’s gonna be pretty easy to put
together and then three right here okay we’ll put this right here and then use
this big Steamworks piece this is starting to look like a lot of
Steamworks oh we still have more room look up with it that’s a really tight
fit more steam look at one big Steamworks here
oh and should we put a buffer right there oh you want to put the bubble
machine there so you want yes you know this bubble machine is one of the most
favourite pieces of our community they love this bubble maker I know they love
it so much put this right here okay we’re gonna put this piece right here
and this piece right here and we are done guys what do you think we just have
to clean up all the spare parts because it’s not like my kids left out any spare
parts or anything okay William are you ready to tell us about the Island of
Sodor here show us about mash timoshev intimate yard where most time
with this orange train destroyed its time tunnel went down here to Egypt oh
this is Egypt this is tip no ticket booth and tidmouth Holt bridge over
subway bubble maker oh that’s the most important part of the
iron we’re gonna build that back to Brio and then over here we have oh no the
bubbles and then underneath here’s the subway and we have a stop here we had
two bridges right here and then we have another subway stop
right here and obviously some form of train accident involving him that’s
great oh no real train what what what’s going on with paw patrol why are you
attacking our elbow hello on the subway oh haters that’s a subway please visit
this blanket take you underground that’s an underground plane is it it can go
above ground or underground robot that’s a very nice planet you go far under Oh
crashes operating trains to Africa so and just when you blink and turn the
camera off folks we have another accident what happened here intently
we’re trained you guys want to use hey you know who already have oh the new
ones hey you know what we got big red working again – didn’t we oh they’re also Wow looks like that this
isn’t gonna be an interesting race are they going good wow they do good on this
lady where do you come from is money come backwards here’s here Parker right
there yeah look you go wrong oh wow he’s free now and he gets pushed
over to my her brain in the bunker I can’t help you
you ever had one just a position no crashes oh he’s backing up let’s hear
you guys back it up I’ll be back because why would we make it fun for
them there’s no sin Sylvain yeah let’s see if you can make it through B ym I’m
gonna put them on there yeah so I’m back this way now you’re gonna run away from
William hell are you going this way huh hey you guys get going just eyes here
come on run away from William wait what are you doing hey Chris oh okay he’s
gonna make it cheers come on go through bad yes
bringing it back on track it on time this is one of hit oh come on you can
climb Oh candy catsup this guy can pass
helicopters what’s going on yeah yeah Pennsylvania torpedo folks nothing beats
this guy there’s no way William can ever knock him down mighty rad coming to the
rescue please coming to our talk not that won’t
wants to strain that out there you go the top money right here comes to a
liner now tear an mighty rad let’s see what so seems to do the same thing with
their money rad good he pushes looks like he’s pushing on cozy oh hey there’s
how he’s got the total to the camera caught that was buddy right
hey minor mighty red they’re escaping now going back over to be Nafferton
aside he dono dayliners he get a home you get derailed Pennsylvania’s revealed
he seems to be the sauce is going backwards look at him go folks
oh well get that lined up and we did it and he’s going on y’all with crash whoo
Oh what’s gonna happen here folks it looks like there’s gonna be a
malfunction at the junction yeah mighty red getting on you Thomas
Oh Jeremy just late but you can see you later now look is a carnage my hair
keeps on keepin on oh whoa
climb in the walls fashion him now they’re going ahh
Wow this Islands getting destroyed are they why Sir Topham Hatt is you think
he’s part of the mail now yes hard eight hundred help what what what Jeremy what
happened to you look at all this stuff and what’s going on in here
oh man here’s our name train Li a and spells daddy okay I have a few
challenges for you what are the challenges you for your audience son
right sky marshal rocky and rubble they might be hiding somewhere in the subway
too let’s see if we can find them anywhere
in this picture okay if you’re watching at home remember to say found when if I
if you find one of the paw patrol pups now look on the subway I think the next
one might be on the subway I don’t know where the last one could be try to find
two upside down trains in this scene – upside down
trains okay – they have to be trains though that’s not true
how are the sideways count what Sir Topham Hatt doing okay we’re still
looking for really hmm that’s a pretty strong cow holding
up a jet plane hey guys click here to watch another
video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye


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    2:50 I really would like to see Madge return to the TV series. Then again, there are so many characters that have yet to be re-introduced.

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    4:48 – It isn't all that old, either. It was one of the last Wooden Railway products produced before the line was discontinued and replaced with the Wood line.

    5:43 – That BRIO car came on a pack with a flatbed. There were variations of that car that came with other sets. In addition to the blue version, I also have a yellow version that came with a blue SUV and a red sedan, and a green version that came with a tow truck.

    6:59 – Well, it has been vindicated by history since the Wood line replaced the Wooden Railway line.

    7:35 – Somebody's been watching Dinosaur Train. That show and Shining Time Station both had a character named "Mr. Conductor".

    8:35 – Well, Henry was the Rev. W. Awdry's least favorite character.

    8:43 – I think it's because PAW Patrol has replaced Thomas as the #1 best-selling preschool brand in more recent years.

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