The Great Railfan Adventure Part 2 Downeast Scenic Railroad
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The Great Railfan Adventure Part 2 Downeast Scenic Railroad

August 30, 2019

All right, we’re on Anyway, here’s the second part of the Downey’s scenic, um You can see the train coming in the distance You’ll have to apologize guy says this is when the second day which is later in this video. I am pretty tired I kind of mess up What I was saying and you know, I apologize for that in advance but anyway, uh Yeah We got a little bit of a surprise for you this video is a little shorter than the last one, but we’re gonna try them to keep them is you know the regular 20 So minutes 20 25 30 minute period somewhere in there anyway enough chitchat. Let’s get it rolling There’s really wanna be anyway Can’t get it up on the railroads Choose available videos lots of abandoned lines in Nova Scotia No, yes No like to okay Yeah, there’s a buddy of his that does abandoned videos on the Newfoundland railway What’s his name girl, yeah Turn into a boy. Try name of I don’t lead haven’t come across him Yeah, but getting ready we’re gonna move right Five others Let’s get seperated wheelset over and well We do love the time with a lot easier to get to go take real fat. I was like So this building is new from when I was here last summer I don’t think that was here then You Yeah, yeah One of the Pistons drive business Oh Shit Gee ii remember going on there saying climbing all over So it was put there after retirement it last ran in 54 so sometime after that probably not long after that, okay, okay Important Reeth railings right away isn’t Rape and friggin. Wait just hate that with the time son of a bitch. There’s a paper mill That’s Bucksport that gets real service Or at least it did Some white stoic you don’t think earth Hey folks, we’re back. I’ll just uh heading to place we’re going to be staying for the night We’re not going to say anything until we get there it’s a surprise And we’re real family. Tell you we’re about to go over a big bridge That’s going to scare the crap out of rail fan and don’t were to make one of them Doesn’t I purchase Don’t feel bad. I walked over that a Trussell and Which Michalek knows? How do you think I feel? Well, that was your choice. Yeah, you chose to do that, right? You’ll be fine do it for the folks at home everybody’s counting on you Folks at home can go to hell. Hey now. Oh Shit pretty Newbridge this is kind of nerve-racking Pretty high freakin bridge, too Wow, okay, this is a little bit intimidating That is an old fort like that it’s probably as high as mcdonald mckay bridges back lovely The old bridge was right on here you can think that’s the pier there Other side of the yeah going to see it It was beverage was a little lower Oh, yeah, there’s the old bridge nice view the other major Well, that’s a nice rock cut right there that must’ve took a long time to do This is our secret location City point on the Belfast and Moosehead Lake They’ve got an open-air car, too Hello folks Lord Drake, and I um we’re in the caboose Give you a little quick. Look I’m gonna show you too much right now. But uh, Anyway, this is the end of the day one. We’re both exhausted and we’re calling it a night Anyway, we’ll see you guys tomorrow and until then. Have fun, right? Morning, folks. We just got up. It’s what day – and hunt tired so railfans gonna do the touring around 8:30 in the morning, maybe sunny day We’ve got van number well buggy as they call them down here caboose number 640. This one was built in December 1976 This is the the one we stayed in And This is a more modern one here Yeah, no, he’s got the lube plate there. It’s got a bill date of uh, looks like 218 Just zooming in on that there So look Yeah, 100 years old Well, it looks like it must be some kind of sheathing over wood or something that’s my guess One here got a nice bird nest built in 1964 And there’s a bunk car over on this side looks like it’s got a knotty pine interior Now I thought that these tracks had been laid by the Brooks Preservation Society, but it turns out that they were used they were Laid by the by the railway the Belfast and Moosehead Lake, but the the group actually put in this cross over And this 350 foot main central box cars here that have had their Friction bearings switch to roller bearings at some point bill date of 1951 And we’ve got a flanger here With a bay window Belfast Moosehead Lake number 23 And Are one of the 70 tenors number 51 In the original livery And the the group had actually just found out yesterday was going to put in a whole barn up here And they laid the foundations for it But the city said they had to build it as a proper building kind of thing and Would cost three hundred thousand so they decided they weren’t going to do that So now they’re looking at alternatives for a shop It’s too bad they went through the trouble and expense of putting starting this foundation Vintage you Ask railfan and I just came across the caboose in the works, huh rail fans over there taking pictures of it Rail fans impression of a catalogue so what would happen if the cat and a train horn? Not a baby it would sound something like this No No No now So we’re going to go and get cleaned up and then we’re going onto an expectation for vacation destination is I’ve already told you guys and Oh, man Our rail fans get started to Catherine Oh, ow You’ll see the site

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