The Great Model Train Robbery
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The Great Model Train Robbery

August 14, 2019

Tucked away in a wooded backroad in Kent in
southeast England, is a club for model train enthusiasts called The Gravesend Model Marine
& Engineering Society – where, since 1953, hobbyists meet to work on their mini locomotives. And even though the trains are small, the
work that goes into them is massive. Most locos to actually build – it takes five
to 10 years. Some people have been on them even longer
than that, 20-25 years. And it’s not only running them, you’ve got
to maintain them and that takes quite a lot of doing as well. The club is open to the public on Sundays
– hosting birthday parties, charity runs and other events for children. It’s a great hobby to have because I think
a lot of the youngsters that come up here do appreciate what we do. I’ve got grandchildren of me own and I know
how much they enjoy it. And over the years I have had three, four
engines. Unfortunately … do you want me to talk about
– sorry. Do you want me to talk about the robbery or
not? On February 14 of 2019 the unthinkable happened
… and the club would never be the same. We just sat down to eat breakfast when I received
a phone call from Derek, one of our members who’s a dog walker, who uses this pathway. And he just said, Tricia, I’m sorry. Tough to tell you, but we’ve been burgled. As we came through the gates, the door to
the clubhouse was off its hinges and laying on the ground. Both these containers were open, the debris
inside where they just gone through everything broken into the locks where the trains were. In total four trains were stolen – two belonging
to individual members and two owned by the club itself. The value of the goods was estimated at 25,000
pounds. Letting people know what had happened, calling
them up to tell them was probably the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. It was horrible. There were tears. They may be grown men, but there were tears
on my side and theirs. When I walked in here and realized that my
engine had disappeared, I must admit at that time I felt like packing up to be honest. To have that year, that engine over 20 years
and to maintain it and keep it running, it was devastating really, be honest, absolutely
devastated. And my grandchildren – well my grandson especially,
cause he loved it and it really upset the young fella, it really did. The second member whose train was stolen decided
to leave the club. He was too heartbroken to continue. Others, like Tricia, focused their energy
on investigating the crime. We now know that the thieves had a van of
some sort parked at the end of this farmer’s pathway at the edge of this field. They walked down this pathway, cut the farmer’s
fence, climbed over, which brought them to the back of our containers. On entering, they angle-grinded through all
these hinges. They did this with the same one here. And the last container here is where our two
club engines were stored. The police believe there must’ve been about
four of them, as the engines obviously are really heavy and to lift them over that fence
must have taken some strength. The police were unable to uncover any additional
clues, but that night, Tricia received a phone call from a model railway shop in Hemel Hempstead
– a town about 90 minutes from Kent by car. A man was offering to sell some model trains
from his van, but when asked about paperwork – a requirement for all engines – the man
drove off. It was matter of seconds, he said, when his
helper in his shop came out and said, you’ll never guess what, Gravesend Model Marine had
four locos stolen. He was gutted. From there we’ve had no real leads at all. What we’re hoping more than anything is that
these people will leave them somewhere because they can’t use them. They can’t get rid of them without the paperwork. They’re nothing as scrap. And to the members, it would be lovely if
they were found in a ditch somewhere or a field anywhere – even if they’re damaged. We’ve got the facilities where we can repair
them. The members were quiet for a few weeks. Gradually we were lifted by the community
around us who decided to do Just Giving page for us and raise money. Donations to the club totaled over 5,000 pounds
– mostly from small contributions by friends, community members, other clubs, and complete
strangers. The frowns, the tears gradually turned to
smiles again. We had such support from the community, a
lot of us couldn’t believe it because we just saw it as a love of our own. It was like a hobby that just keeps us busy. But when we saw the support from the public,
it was just brilliant. We have bounced back very well actually. Well, I went out and one of our club members
– he happened to have a loco for sale. I said to him, look, if you want to sell one
of your engines, I’d be quite happy to pay for – to buy one off you. I feel a bit sorry for him really because
the loco he’s given me is better than the one he’s got. I should think it’s quite funny actually. The culprits are still at large, but the club
is as strong as ever – chugging right along with a newly completed expansion of their
track. These people will not stop us because we love
what we do and that’s the truth. And if you enjoy what you’re doing, there’s
nothing better than that. And I think that says it all really.


  • Reply Bloomberg June 28, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Who stole the model trains? Read Austin Carr's full story here:

  • Reply shroombud13 July 5, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    very sad 🙁

  • Reply Richard Kinkead July 5, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    Nothing is safe. That's bs to steal trains especially used to entertain kids. I hope you get them back.

  • Reply Damn Daniel July 5, 2019 at 2:25 pm

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  • Reply Sflot July 5, 2019 at 3:03 pm

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  • Reply Brett8792 July 7, 2019 at 6:38 am

    As a member of a club in Melbourne, Australia, robbery is not so much of a problem here as most clubs are very secure but it is not out of the question completely. A club in the south eastern part of the city was broken into one night and after the word had got through the next day, everyone involved in the hobby in Victoria was out looking in collectable or antique shops and even scrapyards. Unfortunately the loco that had been stolen was found in an unrepairable state the next week at a scrap dealers. The locomotive was over 40 years old made by the owner as a school project. It is amazing what relationships clubs have with each other.

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