The Dawns Here Are Quiet (Episode 2) (1972) movie

December 14, 2019

Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Who’s that? What strange figures are these? Two strangers appeared from
the forest. They look like ghosts. Part Two A MINOR LOCAL FIGHT Sixteen, Comrade Sergeant. So I see. Go to Ossyanina. Tell her to get our
troops into good positions. Send Brichkina over. Crawl, Comrade Interpreter.
From now on we live on our bellies. Comrade Sergeant. Cheer up, Brichkina. – You remember the way to go back?
– Yes. – The swamps are the worst.
– Yes, I know. Wait, Lisaveta, don’t hurry. The tracks are narrow, don’t come
off it. – I’ll make it.
– Take a short rest on the island. Report to Kiryanova that
there’s been a change of situation. Our force won’t be enough to cope
with it. You better leave your weapon here. Don’t forget to take your marsh pole. – On your way, Lisaveta!
– Shall I leave my ammunition too? You were right to fall back to here. Pretty nasty business, girls… pretty
nasty. So we’ve counted sixteen… They’ll be here in around three
hours, as near as I can judge. I sent Brichkina back to the base. We can expect them come here
only by the evening. If we get dragged into a fight,
we won’t be able to hold out. There’s no position we could hold
them, for they have 16 machine guns. So we just sit and watch them walk
through? We’ve got to stop them coming along
the crest and force them to go around. Around Lake Legonte.
Only how? No, the Germans are not
looking for a fight. They’re taking hidden paths
to keep out of the enemy’s way. They’re trying to sneak up on their
objective without being seen. Maybe we should let them see us and pretend we haven’t seen them? Then they may decide to take
the Lake Legonte route, and that’s a twenty four hour hike. So who can I let them see?
Myself and the four of you? They’ll reconnoiter and find out
there’s only five of us. They’ll just surround us and finish
off all five with their pig-stickers. Go ahead, Rita. Comrade Sergeant, what if
they run into the woodcutters? What woodcutters? Where? The forests
are empty, there’s a war on. Women do the woodcutting nowadays. You’re right, girls.
That’s a brainstorm! We’ll put on a big act, and I know
exactly the place to do it. Move it, girls, we don’t have much
time. Here come the others! – Wait, let me carry you.
– Nonsense, I can manage. You still have that fever. They’re coming, Comrade Sergeant. – The water’s cold.
– Lift your skirt up higher. That’s not a regular order. Forget military talk for a while.
The Germans have interpreters, too. You treat me like I’m a kid… Want a little more medicine? Don’t sit on those cold rocks.
Hurry, girls, get going! We still have some organizing to do. It was a great idea with Lisa’s scarf. – A shame to tear it.
– We’ll get her another one. My lingerie came handy. All she thinks about is showing off. Cover ’em up now because you’ll be
with me. Well, let’s begin, girls. Try to make a lot of smoke. Make
a lot of noise breaking branches. Only don’t stick out too much. Just keep appearing and disappearing.
Only don’t overdo it. – Praskovya!
– What? – Take the axe!
– I already did! Give me a hand! All right then! And one, and again!
Here we go! The fire won’t catch. It must be damp. Mine’s burning fine! Once more. All together now! It won’t
move. Once more! More! – Watch out!
– There she goes! Lop off the branches, quick! Praskovya, follow me! Masha, have you peeled the potatoes? I can hardly feel my fingers. Watch out! Hey, girls! Come and give me a hand! There she goes! We called up the mill.
They’re sending the trucks along. When do we eat? As soon as the potatoes are ready. Hey, girls! Be careful, will you? Take cover behind the trees,
not the bushes. You can push over this one yourselves. Komelkova, follow me. Here, Galka. Anyuta, give me that axe! Go get your own axe.
This one’s mine and I’m using it. Girls, bring some dry wood! Hey, girls, lend a hand! Perhaps they’re gone. Who can tell? Maybe they are. They know their business, or they
wouldn’t be on one of those missions. – Shura, help me!
– Wait. Hold it! I see. Come on, push hard! Timber! It seems to be working. A patrol. They made a decision. They’ll cross and our whole operation
goes sky high. If they find out they’ve bee seen, they’ll need only five fingers to
count us, and then it’s the end. Well… I’ll take care of these two. And while the rest come after me
with their machine guns, you’ll perhaps manage
to find a hideout. You, Komelkova, go back
with the others. I’ll cover you. Raya! Vera! Come in the water! Halt! Come back! Apple trees and pears were in blossom On the river hung the morning mist. Young Katyusha stepped up on the high
bank Of the river steep bank in the midst. Young Katyusha stepped up on the high
bank Of the river steep bank in the midst. On the bank Katyusha started singing Of a proud gray eagle of the steppe,
Of the one… Where’re you, Vanyusha? Come on, girls, come and swim! – Coming, Zhenya!
– Coming! Wait for us! What is this? Who’s going to work?
I’ll give you a bathing! Don’t worry, the work won’t run away! The work can wait. Watch out! Timber! Zhenya, don’t cut yourself
on the rocks! I’ll teach you, lazy good-for-
nothings! You work first, then you go bathing! Take my position. If anything,
cover me. Lop off those branches! Vanyusha, where’re you? Zhenya, that water must be freezing. Why are you lolling about there? It wouldn’t hurt you, either. I’m coming out. Coming for a dip, girls? I’m on my way! They phoned from the mill. The trucks
are coming. So get dressed. What’s the idea? Let’s get out of here, Komelkova. Are you afraid of taking a swim,
Vanyusha? Vanya! I can’t take any more of this.
I’m going to start shooting. No, Sonya, you mustn’t. What are you doing? I’ll fix you… Ivan Ivanovich, the trucks are here.
Waiting for you. Hurry! Enough of playing with fire! Get dressed. Get her warm. Easy, easy… They’re leaving, Zhenya. Leaving. We sure fooled them, didn’t we? Well, Eugenia, you certainly made me
take a bath. – She didn’t mean to.
– What? She didn’t mean to. Oh, I burned a hole in my skirt.
Look, girls. Don’t worry. We’ll issue you a new
one. It’s over now. You sure sent them around the lake,
there’s no other way for them to go. Only if Brichkina manages
to make it, of course. She’ll make it, she’s a smart kid. All right, girls, how about
a little shot to celebrate it? Let’s drink to Brichkina’s fast legs. And to your bright heads. The worst is over now. When we get back, I’ll see
you all get a citation. And Zhenya a decoration. Definitely. She earned it. At present may I express my gratitude? Our lives belong to the Soviet Union! Smell that? Their German habits give them away.
They feel like having coffee. What makes you think that? I feel the smoke.
So they’re settled down to eat. Only are all sixteen there? We’ll have to count them, Margarita. If you hear any shooting, pick up the girls and head
to the east as far as the canal. Make your report about the Germans
there, but I guess that Lisaveta should be at our base
now. – Is that quite clear?
– No. What about you? Cut it out, Ossyanina.
We’re not on a picnic party. – Now what do you answer?
– Quite clear, Comrade Sergeant! We shall sing together later, Lisaveta. When we’ve accomplished our mission,
then we’ll sing. Help! Pull me out! Zhenya, were you really afraid? Not really, maybe only later. I’d have been really scared without
you close by. You know what they say: Company
in distress makes trouble less. They haven’t left, they’re camping.
We must move our position. Thank God those Germans don’t
have a professional hunter with them. – Why?
– I smelled you out long ago. Did you bring my tobacco pouch? Sorry, Fedot Yefgrafovich, I forgot. Never mind. I’ve got some rough stuff
in here. Thanks for remembering my bag
at least. That pouch was a present. It’s a shame. – Where are you going?
– I think I know where it is. Wait! Come back here! Sit down. We should’ve changed her boots for
her, they make too much noise, because they’re two sizes too large. The main thing now
is not to let them find us. Organize things in your sacks
so they won’t make any noise. Well, anyway Lisa Brichkina
should have arrived by now. As soon as the reinforcements
are sent after them I’m going to get you all behind
the rocks. Why? So that you wouldn’t listen to foul
language when the hand to hand fighting starts. – We can stand it.
– Don’t butt in! I want you all to take cover now
and keep your eyes peeled. And no sneezing! No coughing either!
Sound travels a long way here. Is that Gourvitch calling? No, it must be a bird. Komelkova, follow me.
The others stay here. Follow me. The Germans? Keep quiet. Not neat…
Not neat… That’s why she had time to scream. He thought he was knifing a man. He didn’t get the heart at the first
stroke. I couldn’t save you. Lie here a while, dear Sonya. Cut it out, Komelkova. Get your breath back. They’re right here. Close to us. There’re two of them. They’re going to come this way
and go along the crest. Position yourself behind that rock. When they get level with this tree
here, you make some noise. Not too early, nor too late. Don’t start shooting or you’ll draw
the others. Now go on! Good work, Komelkova. I’m very obliged to you. Go away.
Oh God! This is so horrible! They have broken every decent human
law. And because of that, they’re below
any kind of decent consideration. Want to wash a little? I know. You’ve got to get used to it.
You’ve got to dry up your heart. I’ve known men who are real strong,
and even they… Until you make your mind think
a different way… Think you can find the others? Go then.
Bring the rest to Sonya… Say goodbye to her. Save that till later! She was an all A’s student. Both at school and at university. Yes… She read poetry. What’s important,
she could have children. And grandchildren, too. Then the line wouldn’t have been
broken. And they broke it with a knife… Put them on. Why did you have to do that? Because she can’t fight without
boots. And war’s not a game. We have to think of the living.
That’s the only law in war. Put them on. That’s an order. I can’t. How can you? I… I shall write to my parents about it. Stop lying! You don’t have
parents, and never had. You’re a foundling.
Stop telling us tales. Don’t be so mean.
If we start behaving like that, we’ll turn into wild animals like
the Germans. Here. Fire short bursts. Otherwise it’ll
jam. – I know.
– Only short bursts. All right now. We’ll hide
everything we don’t need here. We’ll take all the guns. Spread out! Come here! They’re pulling out. Are you hurt? No, a piece of rock, that’s all. Thank you, Junior Sergeant,
for that one second you gave me. For that second I should supply you
with vodka all your life. – We got out of this by some miracle.
– I bring luck. Luck…
Lucky I saw them first. Stay back here. We treat her like a human being,
and she… A Komsomol member!
Every shot we fire counts here. Comrade Sergeant, are you a Party
member? Of course I am. Then you must preside over
our Komsomol meeting. And what’s on the agenda? The shameful conduct in action
of a card holder. Cowardice. So you want criticism? You want Comrade Chetvertak to be
reprimanded, with the minutes taken? And the Germans to put their
resolution on it? Right? Not right. So in my capacity as master Sergeant
and as a Communist, I suspend all meetings
till further notice. As far as cowardice is concerned,
I didn’t see any. You can only see cowardice
in the second battle. It was only confusion,
for lack of experience. Am I right, Gunner Chetvertak? Now stop crying, and blow your nose. Ossyanina, go forward a little
and watch the forest. The rest of you grab something to eat
and get as much rest as you can. Have a chunk of bread, girl. – Here, eat this.
– Thanks. Why do you think they broke off
the contact? Any opinion? You don’t know? I don’t know, either. Yet we’ve got to understand the enemy. War doesn’t mean shooting better
than the others. It means thinking better. You’d better get some rest. I can’t, Rita. I must look for them.
I’m exhausted, but I’ve got to. Who you’ll be taking with you? You’re a good soldier, Ossyanina,
only you don’t know regulations. And… what do Regulations say? A commander is not just a military
leader. He got to be a teacher as well. No, don’t do it. You better take
Zhenya. Of course, it would be better. But a person should never
lose her self-respect. Follow me at a fair distance.
Just take your guns and ammunition. If you hear shooting, or two duck
quacks, take cover and wait for us to get
back. If we don’t return, you retreat, and go under cover to our previous
positions eastward. – Say, how old are you?
– Want the truth? Seventeen. So you told a lie when you
volunteered? And I lied that the krauts killed my
family. That’s a good one. But I must have had parents once,
haven’t I? They named you at the orphanage? – Our manager thought of it.
– Chetvertak. New penny. Nice name. – You really like it?
– Good things come in small packages. Play dead! Don’t even breathe! Mama! First group, move in from the back! The rest follow me! For our Soviet Motherland! Hurray! Let’s go, Rita. Let’s go.
There’re only two of them. No, Zhenya, we must obey orders. Surround them, men!
Kill the dirty fascists! Follow me! Forward! Kill the fascist swine! You do as you like.
I’ll go in by myself. Gunner Komelkova, we’re not playing
at cops and robbers. This is war! For Stalin! Forward! You hear that? He’s trying to lead them away from
us and Galka. He promised to be back by tomorrow. How about some more tea? There are six of them. They’ll make it all right. How clear the nights are… Clear, but cold. We’re pretty far north. I only hope the girls won’t be too
chilly. How did it happen,
Lisaveta? I went too fast. – Fedot Yefgrafovich!
– Fedot Yefgrafovich! Comrade Sergeant! – Fedot Yefgrafovich, it’s us!
– We’re over here! My one and only Fedot Yefgrafovich! You’re alive! Oh, dear!
You’re here at last! There, there, girls! What is it? Did you have anything to eat?
Did you manage to get some sleep? We didn’t feel like it, Comrade
Sergeant. You can forget about Comrade Sergeant,
little sisters. I’m your brother now. Just call me Fedot, or plain Fedya,
like my mother called me. I know it’s a pretty ordinary name,
but I got no other. We buried Galka. Our comrades died
the death of heroes. Galka Chetvertak fell in action. And Lisa Brichkina has been drowned
in the marsh. With Sonya, that makes three
that we’ve lost. That’s how it is. On the other hand, we’ve kept the
Germans circling for 24 hours already. So I propose we drink to our three
sisters. That we drink to their glory! Why haven’t you executed my orders? What orders? I ordered you to pull back eastward. So we did. – Yes, I see…
– We picked up all the equipment. Thank you for the equipment.
Now listen to some more orders. You will first eat, then collect your
things and march eastward. There won’t be any help coming. And the Germans are coming this way.
So we can’t afford to waste time. And you, Fedot? It’ll be my turn to try and gain
24 hours. Those three girls who’ll never return, I’ll remember them till my last day. Lost something, Fedya? Now I’m without a grenade.
I’ve lost the detonator. A grenade without a detonator
is just an iron rock. A snowball would be more effective. Never mind, Fedot, we’ll beat them off. We’ll handle them, Comrade Sergeant. You’re going to pull out of here
on the double! I give you 3 minutes! We are not pulling out! For that insubordination…
I’ll send you to Court Martial! What are you doing to me,
girls? We’re all very worried, too,
Comrade Major. More than forty eight hours. Not a thing, no news. No, he didn’t send anybody here.
I said he sent no one! Yes, I think I know the route. Yes, I’ll come right over. Comrade Combatants! The enemy, with plenty of firepower,
is coming this way. We’re uncovered on the right
as well as on the left. And we have no help on the way. Therefore I order all combatants, including myself, to hold the front. Hold on. Even when you’ve nothing
left to hold with, hold on. There’s no room for Germans here! Because behind us is Russia. Or to state it simple, our motherland. It’s a great life, fellahs, Soldiering’s a song, When the Sergeant likes you,
Nothing can go wrong. Don’t start shooting
until the krauts are in the water. And until then you only breathe once
in a while, so the birds go on singing. Got it. Here, but for shooting over the river,
use the rifle, save the machine gun. When they begin to attack, you’re
going to have plenty of use for it. – Got it.
– Wait. Now keep an eye out.
So they don’t try to outflank us. – Right!
– Get going! Comrade Sergeant! Hurry! It’s Rita! Here she is. – What was it?
– A grenade. Water… water… – Right away.
– No! Some rags! Anything! Hurry up! – No, silk’s no use. We need cotton.
– There isn’t any. Thank you, Zhenya. The Germans… Where are the Germans? Go… go! – Will you cover us?
– Yeah. It’s all right… It’s all right… Rita. The shells didn’t go in deep.
You’ll pull through. Go… go help her.
Zhenya is all alone there. Hey, what’s the big hurry? She’s leading them off.
She’s making them follow her. Leave me. Go! Surround them! Follow me! As he was saying: Will you belong to me? So my life be Passion and fire. A smile so charming, Your eyes’ fascination Promise forever A bliss of desire. Now he was happy, Now burst in tears, Now he was happy, Now burst in tears! No, he did not love… To me, poor heart,
So he was saying… Bastards!
Come and get me, dirty fascists! To me, poor heart,
So he was saying, Though he didn’t,
No, he did not love… He did not! I’m finished…
Love! He promised! It’s interesting. Hey you! That’s for Rita! And Galka!
And Sonya! And Lisa! As he was saying: You’re a bright star, Lighting forever A dark, somber soul! You have inspired… My heart… with a hope! Come here! Come on, come here! You’re afraid? Dirt! Did she die instantly? Yes, instantly. She could have hidden, but she
wouldn’t. Where are the Germans? They’re gone. I guess, they went for
explosives. But they couldn’t beat us! Do you
understand? They couldn’t beat us. Does it hurt? It hurts me a lot more here. I couldn’t save you,
all five of you. And what for?
A dozen lousy fritzes! You’re not to blame. It’s all part of… war. Because war explains it? And when peace comes? How am I going to explain it? What can I answer when they ask us: How come you men couldn’t save our mothers from
the bullets? Don’t say that. We fought for our
country. Don’t torture yourself. You just lie here.
I want to take a look around. There’s only two bullets left in it. But it’ll be a comfort to have it. Wait. Come closer. Remember how I found those two
Germans in the forest? I was going over to the town to see
my mother. She has my little boy, Igor.
He’s three. My mother is very sick. Don’t worry, Rita. I got it. Thank you. I’ll go take a look
and be right back. We’ll return to the base tonight. Kiss me. You need a shave… Go.
Cover me with branches, and go. And be sure to make it back to
the base. We’ll go back together. What have you done, my dear girl?
What have you done? Hande hoch! Up sticken! Up sticken! Up sticken! Up sticken! Up sticken! Alles! Alles! To the corner! Alles! To the corner! To the corner! Hande hoch! Hande hoch! Conquerors! Are you? Victors! Are you? A bunch of girls! I had just five girls with me! Five
girls! And you couldn’t get through! You couldn’t!
And you’re going to die here! All of you!
I’ll personally kill each of you! And afterwards they can try me!
Let them try me! This is Moscow.
Here’s a communiqué from the Soviet Information Bureau. During the day of June 3rd, no major
engagement took place on the front. However, some minor local fights occurred in certain sectors. And another night
Fell on the sleepy mountains. In the bonfire smoke
The eyes of the campers glow. The wind has died down
With the last song’s words. Maybe it went somewhere
Looking for you, though. What if all of them
Happened to come here, To this great place,
Where the glaciers are heard. Many a friend I meet,
Traveling here and there. But why is it so
That you I meet not? I’ll go on searching,
Hopeful and willing, Even if it’ll take me ages
Following you. I’ll go on searching,
Because I have a feeling That in a faraway country
I shall find you! – You like it?
– It’s beautiful. Those ghosts are still here. That’s it, dad. Very good, Igor. Elisaveta Brichkina Sophia Gourvitch
Eugenia Komelkova Margarita Ossyanina

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