The Baboon That Controlled a Railway for 9 Years
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The Baboon That Controlled a Railway for 9 Years

August 10, 2019

This video was made possible by Ecosia. Start using the search engine that plants
trees with every search you make at Monkey see, monkey do. Baboon see, baboon control a railway used
by multi-ton trains and thousands of passengers. That’s how it worked in the late 1800’s
in South Africa. Back in ye olde days radios didn’t exist
and since trains were loud, you couldn’t just shout at the driver to tell them what
to do. Therefore, in the 1800s, signals were developed
as a way to tell incoming trains to stations what to do. At first, lanterns and hand signals were used
by signalmen to convey the information needed but as technology advanced signals that could
be controlled by switches and levers were installed to ease the process. These signals were similar to weathervanes
in that they consisted of fixed posts with movable discs or signage that could be controlled
via a switch. Various colors meant to stop or go or proceed
with caution, and there were other vanes on different axes to indicate which tracks to
pull into once arriving at the stations and various other signs meaning to take it to
the left, right, to criss-cross, to cha cha now, to cha cha again, and for everybody to
clap their hands. With the world going loco for locomotives
at the time tons and tons of signalmen were needed to ensure that the trains stuck to
schedules, were in working condition, and stuck to the proper tracks. Signalmen, as their names imply, were also
responsible for operating the levers that would set off the signals for the trains out
of the signal house. In the 1870s, one of the signalman for the
Cape Town to Port Elizabeth Mainline Railroad in South Africa was a man named James Wilde. Wilde went by the nickname “Jumper” because
he had a habit of jumping between the cars that would pass on the tracks and in a totally
unforeseen and completely unpreventable twist of fate, Jumper once jumped a moving railcar
and fell under it losing both of his legs in the process. After this, Jumper continued working hobbling
around on a pair of peg legs although he found himself limited in his ability to signal trains
proficiently. Not having legs does that. One day at the market, though, Jumper came
upon a chacma baboon who’d been trained to lead an ox-drawn wagon. Though impressive, its intelligence isn’t
particularly surprising by today’s standards. We now know that baboons aren’t so different
from humans in their brain capacity. Baboons can keep schedules, communicate with
their own language, differentiate between scribbles and the written word, and the University
of Rochester recently concluded that baboons are actually capable of counting to an extent
although I’m not sure what all the fuss is about since I’ve been able to do that
at least since I was double-one or twelve-teen. Jumper begged and begged and finally convinced
the owner to let him take the baboon and thus the prodigious primate pair was born. The original owner warned Jumper, however,
that the baboon would refuse to work unless he had been given plenty of brandy to drink. They’re really just like us. The baboon, named Jack, was first taught to
observe and then respond to certain commands. When Jumper would hold up a certain number
of fingers, Jack was to pull the corresponding lever. From there, Jack learned that the trains were
giving similar orders by the number of blats from their whistle. Over time, Jack realized on his known which
tracks needed which signals and would double-check his own work as he was doing it. He also realized that conductors needed access
to the coal sheds and would retrieve the key from Jumper unbidden to give to the incoming
engineers. Now, if your job is replaceable by a monkey
you really shouldn’t be expecting much job security so surprise surprise both Jack and
Jumper’s jobs eventually came under threat. Jack was a beloved fixture of the railroad
until some snobby high-society aristocrat noticed that he was, in fact, a monkey and
narc’d on the pair. The bosses at the railway were aware that
Jumper had found an assistant but were totally in the dark about his baboon-ness. After the Cape Town executives launched an
investigation, they found out the truth about the monkey business. So, naturally, they tried to fire both Jumper
and Jack. Jumper begged to demonstrate Jack’s cleverness
and so the rail managers agreed to put him to the test. Jack perfectly performed his signaling abilities,
even checking both directions to make sure the incoming trains were heading to separate
tracks at the station. They were so impressed that they made Jack
an official employee paying him 20 cents a day and half a bottle of beer every week. It’s been said that in the nine years Jack
worked as a signalman he never made a single mistake, despite being constantly drunk and
a monkey. Jack became known as “Jack the Signalman”
and worked and lived with Jumper in a small cottage not far from the signal house. He stayed there and worked for the railroad
up until his death from tuberculosis in 1890 and his skull is now displayed at a museum
in Grahamstown, South Africa not far from where he worked. Monkeys can do a lot like play the violin,
ride bicycles, roller-skate, but what they can’t do is stop the systematic and widespread
deforestation of their natural habitat. Luckily, you can and you don’t even have
to spend any money or effort to do it. Ecosia is a nonprofit search engine that uses
the money generated from advertising to reforest areas including places like Tanzania, Ethiopia,
and Burkina Faso where there are native baboons. It only takes about 50 searches to plant one
tree so you can really easily make a difference. Head to to add it to your browser
so you can start planting trees one search at a time.


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