Tawa Mulch: Growing the Midwestern Landscape (Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog)
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Tawa Mulch: Growing the Midwestern Landscape (Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog)

August 18, 2019

I’m Eric Kuhlman, Tawa Mulch and Landscape
Supply here in Findlay, Ohio. Here at Tawa Mulch we supply landscapers with organic
mulch and different landscape supplies. We started in 2006. We had a little 1000
tub grinder, two guys working for us, one semi, and now we got seven semis, we own
a grinder, and 15 employees. We service Indiana, southern Michigan, and
Northwest Ohio grinding for various municipalities; grinding their brush and
compost, their leaves, big wood. We bring all the material in here already
ground once and then once we bring it here we run it through our Morbark with
either an inch and a half or two inch screen depending on the product that
we’re running; and then we will dye it. We just purchased this 3400XT. We
graduated from the wheeled machine to a track machine. We move the machine at
least once if not twice a week from different municipalities. With this
machine as light as it is and the narrowness of it we can get in and out
of all these little small compost locations. My name is Justin Schutz,
a loader operator slash yard manager here. I run anything from the coloring
machine to the grinder. With this thing being on tracks, it’s helped a lot on
moving it around here in the yard, not having to hook a semi up to it so we’re
gaining time there. We can haul after hours now with this machine not being
over width. So, for coordinating-wise and moving from job to job it makes it a lot nicer for us. The infeed hopper on the 3400 with the
slanted slope is a lot more conducive for the operator. The visibility is very
nice. You can actually see the bed chain now so you don’t overload it, have
it too high, have it too low so you don’t get the spearing. You can see so much more keeping
material as level as possible. You don’t have to guess. It’s really important to
have the material level because the more level you have it the constant it’s
going to go in there and then the yoke doesn’t have to go up and down. It just
makes everything run that much smoother. You know, from a production standpoint we were hoping to get somewhere between 300 and 350 and shockingly after running 2-inch
screens with the narrow webbing we were clocking yesterday at 445 yards an hour. We were getting 250 to 325. With this one now it’s anywhere from 450 to 500. Yeah, definitely a two loader operation with this machine. The higher production will definitely help us get home to our
families a little bit quicker. What this means for my business is is
that the overall cost of the per yard is going to come down significantly. It’ll definitely be a profitable scenario for us at the end of the year. The screens and the teeth — we buy everything through Columbus Equipment They’re all Morbark products. The Alpha 3
is what we’re using right now for the teeth. We get really good wear out of them. The space between the engine and the mill has helped with changing screens
you’re not compacted in there and it has helped a lot. We work with Columbus Equipment. They’re really good on service. If we have a problem we call. Within usually 24 hours
they have a tech on site. We work this time of year around the clock. We got a two-month timeframe here where this stuff needs to be working and if
you call you’re going to get an answer right away. That support goes a long ways. “Morbark Strong” — you know there’s 60
years of building top-notch machines that are here with us. They’re a name that’s been around the grinding industry for years, so it’s nice
to have that good connection. you

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