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    It’s Strike Time – “The MSF Boycott Diss Track”
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    It’s Strike Time – “The MSF Boycott Diss Track”

    February 17, 2020

    Can you believe its come down to this? A white aussie guy coming out to rap diss? For MSF, call me Chewie or Chris
    All I really want is to hashtag fix this And stop the spending cos we Striking in Force
    No dropping cash, only free power cores Keep screaming till our voices are hoarse
    Show the devs we’re not their kind of whores What we want is for the game to finally be
    Not so all dependant on the god damn RNG It’s our intention
    To get progression and not to mention That its hard to make a Marvel game that gives
    us a de-rection Fix red stars though,
    That’s a start bro. Stop sneaking things into the base code
    Apologise so much its ironic though
    That the head of PR’s name: Sorry-bro Its not his fault that we’re always vexed. It’s the guys out the front who only care
    ‘bout the cheques The money men tryna see who sucks best
    While we’re all asking: what the Fucks Next? So wake up folks
    Its time to rise and shine Join the movement
    Get your ass on the picket line After all, I think the big guy said it fine
    You know what its time for? It’s Strike Time So you might be asking whats left, where do
    we go from here? We keep fighting until we see that gold and
    orange gear Maybe some changes to character release cadence,
    Hopefully they respond before the people lose their patience And as for the con-voys who think we act entitled
    “be happy with what you have or go and play another title. You need a better perspective, over here we
    have it great!” Sorry boys I’m out, I’ve seen less dicks on
    Chaturbate. Ill admit that line was a bit disrespectful
    More fun for me than in anyway helpful You see its really hard for me, to not get
    inflammatory, Toward a system that’s built to be so predatory But don’t worry, I’m about to lay off of
    those Foxes I’m not here to lecture you about loot boxes
    For now at least, we’re seeing more communication Lets hope it stays and not a single situation I’ll sign off by saying I hope we work together
    Cos both sides just want the game to be better That’s it folks, this will be my final line But this ain’t over: It’s Strike Time.

    경의선 임진강역 경의중앙선 복선공사 문산역 도라산역 지하철
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    경의선 임진강역 경의중앙선 복선공사 문산역 도라산역 지하철

    February 16, 2020

    Trego TV. Today, I came to Imjingang Station at the end of Gyeongui Line. This is the waiting room of Imjingang Station. It’s a very small waiting room, isn’t it? There is a restroom and a vending machine on the opposite side. Then let’s go to the station office. You can buy tickets for DMZ trains here. It’s also called the Security Tour Train. However, it is currently suspended due to double track construction. It’s a video from May last year, so it’s a guide.^^ I’m going to the platform of Imjingang Station. The open view is really an art. View of Imjingang Station from the platform of Imjingang Station Imjingang Station looks from the outside. It looks like a two-story building, but it’s actually on the first floor. Some of you might have just seen it in the station office, The ceiling’s so high that it looks like a second floor. Do you know what black cloth is under the track? This cloth is designed to prevent oil from commuter trains. I’m playing a role. So the commuter train stops along the tracks. They put a black cloth on the section. The platform of Uncheon Station that I introduced earlier, There are many differences in the platform of Imjingang Station. Uncheon Station is unmanned and poorly managed. It looks like a station, but Imjingang Station Just like the usual train station. He’s got an ordinary look. The only difference is, It’s a special station very close to the compound. The tracks of Imjingang Station are double tracks. If you leave Imjingang Station, you will be able to open the hall soon. So now, at Imjingang Station, We’re working on a double track as part of the subway project. Originally, from Munsan Station to Dorasan Station I tried double wire transfer. The budget requested by the Korea Railroad Corporation is not enough. with a small amount of money in the table. From Munsan Station to Imjingang Station The subway is under construction. The Korea Railroad Corporation will continue to do so in the future. At the cost of subwaying from Imjingang Station to Dorasan Station, I’ve applied for a budget of 17.8 billion. As soon as the budget is allocated, we’ll be able to get to Dorasan Station. I think we can take the subway. I just passed by, but the sign of Imjingang Station Except Dorasan Station, the next stop. It’s characteristic of putting Pyongyang Station in there. But when you’re on the double track, You’ll never see that sign again. The subway is scheduled to be extended to Dorasan Station. The next station in Imjingang Station will be Dorasan Station. Based on the photographs that are currently in processed, The roof of the platform you’re looking at. They say they’ve all been replaced by new ones. I think it’s pretty old, and it looks like it needs a replacement. For double track railway construction on the platform There’s also a concrete tie. It’s May, and he’s already been working on the project. Now you’re tearing down the old platform and floor. I think we’re going to transform into a new Imjingang Station. But as you can see, in the trees next to the platform There’s a lot of pollen going on. This time of May, the pollen will be in May. But here, pollen flies like a blanket snow. Falling pollen… The pollen’s too high. I think I’ll have to make a turn.ᅲ When we were on the Gyeongui Line, Imjingang Station was It was so calm and beautiful. That’s when the commuter train on the Gyeongwon Line It’s just been suspended. It was when the tracks were empty. So it was like a junkyard. Now it’s completely different from what it was. It’s got to be the opposite. Imjingang Station. the tranquil scenery of the platform without a soul. Now it’s a memory.^^ I wanted to go to the end of the platform on the other side, I couldn’t go because of the pollen. Shall we go to the end of the platform on the other side?^^ Dorasan Station is just a short way from there. Sooner or later, we’ll be here by subway. And Dorasan Station. Now it’s a scene of remembrance. The serene figure of Imjingang Station…. I feel affectionate and affectionate. I’ll be waiting for you at a nice station next time. If you enjoyed it, please recommend it and do it well.^^ Thank you. It was Trego TV.

    Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium Metro || East West Metro Kolkata || First-day ride Sector V  Metro
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    Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium Metro || East West Metro Kolkata || First-day ride Sector V Metro

    February 15, 2020

    Today is 14th February And today we will do journey East West metro From Stadium to Sector 5 Next station is Central Park doors are open on the Left. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform Next station is Saltlake sector 5 this train terminates you don’t sit open on the left Please mind the gap between the train and the platform Next station is Saltlake sector 5

    Costs Doubles For Kolkata Underwater Metro
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    Costs Doubles For Kolkata Underwater Metro

    February 1, 2020

    The Metro in Kolkata is the oldest in India and was started in 1984. This metro runs from North to South of Kolkata. The Metro was supposed to expand in 2014. Kolkata Metro Rail Corp was going to expand its metro services from East-West Kolkata. You all know the famous Hooghly river that runs between Howrah railway station and Kolkata. The Metro project will run under the river. Their aim is to construct a 520-meter underwater tunnel. Many will stand to benefit. The underground metro will cross the river in less than a minute. The new Metro is expected to carry about 9 lakh people daily The metro will help to reduce the traffic congestion. It will also help the environment by reducing pollution. Now in Kolkata, it takes some 20 minutes from Howrah to use the ferry to cross the river. By bus or taxi it takes an hour to cross the Howrah bridge. Hence the Metro is better. Its contruction was supposed to be completed by March 2022. However there were many problems which delayed the project and by several years. Its expenses have doubled as well. To fund the project KMRC took a loan from JICA to help fund 48.5% of the project. They took a loan of Rs 4160cr KMRC will repay the JICA loan over 30 years.

    Love at high speed: Jamie & Christian | A Game For Two
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    Love at high speed: Jamie & Christian | A Game For Two

    January 29, 2020

    I am Jamie Greubel-Poser and I am a bronze medallist
    in women’s bobsled. I love bobsled so much because
    I’m a very competitive person. Growing up, I was really
    competitive with my brother. Anything that we did
    we were competing, whether it was a simple thing
    like getting in the car first or who could get
    in the bathroom first. That’s where
    my competitive nature began. I’m Christian Poser,
    bobsledder and World Champion. I began in 2008
    with bobsledding, and before, I was a former
    track and field athlete, I did the 100 and
    200 metre races. One day, someone
    from the bobsled team asked me if I wanted to try it. I just did it and tried it,
    and I think I did a good job. So that’s how it is. The first time
    I ever got in a bobsled I was terrified and I hated it.
    It was really intense. After my first time
    down the track I never thought I’d do it
    again. I come from an area in Germany where bobsled or winter sports are not so common, so that
    was kind of strange for me, because we have
    no big mountains here. I had actually gotten
    into grad school at the time and the same girl who took me for my first ride
    down the track called me and asked me if I could come
    do two competitions with her. Once I got to compete
    in the sport of bobsled I totally fell in love with it. I suddenly had
    a new passion to pursue. My first competition was,
    I think, in 2009 at the Euro Cup. I was pretty nervous. My biggest victory was in 2011 because we won
    the World Championships. I was still young
    and I learned a lot. We had a great team
    and I really enjoyed it. My best moment as an athlete was winning the bronze medal
    in Sochi. As an athlete,
    you dream about the Olympics your whole life and to actually be
    at the Olympics and compete was totally surreal. For me,
    it was such an amazing moment. It was very special for me
    to have my family in Sochi, Russia,
    for the Olympics. They were actually in the stand
    when I crossed the finish line with my husband, Christian. To have everyone together to share that moment with me
    meant so much. The last Olympic games in Sochi
    were really different for me because the German team
    did not do really well, while Jamie did really well, so I had a laughing eye
    and a crying eye. The most difficult moment
    for me in my sports career was when I was injured in 2012. We had a national team camp
    in Colorado Springs and we were playing soccer
    as a team-building activity. I went to kick the ball and my coach
    went to kick the same ball, except he kicked right through
    my knee instead of the ball. I tore my ACL
    and it was pretty devastating because I had trained so hard
    that summer. It was a pretty hard time
    for me. I think
    the best quality of Jamie is that she can be, like,
    extremely focused on something
    that she really loves. What would I change
    about Jamie? Actually, there’s nothing
    I would change, but sometimes it would help her
    taking stuff not too seriously. The first time
    I ever met Christian was at a World Cup in Whistler,
    Canada. We were in the start house and I noticed him
    looking at me. He kept looking at me
    each day at training and I eventually decided
    to go over and introduce myself to him. I just tried to talk to her,
    but it was really, really hard because, at this time, my English was actually not so
    good. The next time
    I spoke with Christian we were in Lake Placid and I was waiting in line
    for the bathroom. He came up to me
    and said that he liked me and he asked me if I was going
    to the party for the World Cup. The day after the party,
    Christian went back to Germany and I wasn’t sure
    if we would continue to talk. Sure enough, he found me
    on social media and he got my number somehow and I started getting
    all these messages from him. Over the next three months we had to use
    a translator to talk because I didn’t know
    much of German and he didn’t really remember much of the English
    he learned in school. The most romantic time
    with Jamie was for sure our wedding because it was in a romantic
    place, like a little castle, and with just our families. So that was extremely romantic. The first time
    I came to Germany and Christian showed me
    all around Potsdam, I was really excited and amazed
    and I thought, “Wow, people really live here?” To me, it was like a
    fairy-tale, with all the castles. When I asked her to marry me
    I was extremely nervous. Also, in America,
    it’s the tradition that you have to ask
    her dad first, so that was also not too easy
    for me, but I just did it. When Christian proposed to me we were home
    at our apartment in Germany and I was taking a shower.
    And while I was in there, he put candles all over the
    house and dressed up in a suit. When I came out,
    he asked me to marry him. It was a really
    special moment for us. After our wedding in the US, I actually didn’t get to go
    on a honeymoon with my husband. He left for Germany and we didn’t see each other
    for four months. It’s hard to live
    in different countries, especially when they are
    over the sea, but we knew before
    that it wouldn’t be so easy and, at this time we have now,
    where we have, like, cellphones and the internet,
    it makes it a lot easier because you can see each other
    in the phone, you have Facetime, Skype,
    and all these programs where you can talk
    to each other. That makes it a lot easier,
    but it’s still not the same. It’s hard, but we know some day
    there will be an end of that and we will finally
    live together. Then it’s over with the long
    phone calls and all that stuff. It’s, like, also a training
    for us because it’s not always easy
    and we have to work on that and relationships are something
    you have to work on. This is like our training. We train every day
    to stay in touch and still give that other
    person the feeling that you are
    there. It’s good training. The most unexpected surprise
    Jamie got me was when she told me that
    she would move to Germany and leave her family
    and friends at home. So I was really surprised but also happy
    that she would do that for me. I know that’s a really big step
    for her and it’s not easy, but one of us has to move
    to the other country. So I’m glad that she did it, and I’m proud of her that she
    could make this step for me. I’m a teacher and, for me, I’m a little more
    flexible with where I can work. Luckily there are some options
    in Berlin to teach in English. It’s definitely challenging to have such a long-distance
    relationship. Sometimes it’s an 8-hour time
    change between the two of us and with jet-lag
    and our training it’s hard to fly home for
    the weekend and see each other. Normally, during the season, we see each other
    almost every day, but we are not
    in the same hotel. In this way, we can live
    together for part of the year but part of the year
    we have to live apart. It’s not perfect,
    but I think it’s OK. We decided to have two weddings because our families
    come from Germany, so in April I came to Germany and we started looking
    at venues. The first time
    I ever visited Christian, I was really blown away
    by how many castles there were and it was always my dream
    to get married in one, so we started
    looking and planning and it was really exciting. We were actually able to find
    a castle to get married in. For me it was good
    because we had two weddings – one in Germany and then one
    with Jamie’s family in America. After we get done the official wedding
    in Germany with my family, I really could enjoy
    the wedding with Jamie’s family in America because it was more like a big
    party, and it was really fun. – We enjoyed it.
    – Yeah. One day,
    we’d like to have a family and we’d like them
    to speak English and German because those are our roots. Right now,
    I’m still learning German, but I think I’ve come
    a long way in four years. Hopefully, it will be a little
    easier for our kids some day to learn German and English
    in the beginning, right? Yeah. Jamie did a great job
    in learning German in just a couple of years. So I’m really proud of her and, yeah, I think one day it’s time for
    a kid, maybe two. We’ll see.

    JeM Threatens To Bomb Railways & Temples
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    JeM Threatens To Bomb Railways & Temples

    January 28, 2020

    On 14th September 2019, a letter was received at Haryana’s Rohtak Junction Railway Station. The Railway Superintendent received the letter at 3:00pm. When the letter was opened, it was found that it was sent from Karachi, Pakistan. The letter was written by a man named Masood Ahmad. The Haryana Police read the letter and confirmed that it was written by the terrorist group the Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM). In the letter, the JeM warned that they will bomb the Rewari Railway Station. The letter also said that they will bomb 10 Railway Stations as well. In India they will bomb 6 temples across six states in India. JeM said that these are the places they will bomb on 8th October which is the Dussehra festival. After this letter, the security in all these places has been increased and the police have been placed on high alert. After the conversion of J&K into a UT and the removal of Article 370 on 5th August, there have been many warnings from the terrorists groups and the Pakistan army. Pakistan PM Imran Khan has even threatened to go to war with India many times. Terrorist groups are constantly trying to enter India. However it is very difficult. The security at the LOC has been increased and it has become very difficult for terrorists who are trying to enter India.

    Deadpool Deflecting Bullets – Elevator Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Movie Clip 4K
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    Deadpool Deflecting Bullets – Elevator Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Movie Clip 4K

    January 26, 2020

    Great. Stuck in an elevator
    with five guys on a high-protein diet. – Wade.
    – Dreams really do come true. Just shut it! – You’re up next.
    – Thank you, sir. You look really nice today. It’s the green. It brings out
    the seriousness in your eyes. – Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up, pal?
    – No. Not when I’m awake. Bradley? Top floor, please. Cover the elevator! The elevator! Time to go to work. Okay. People are dead. If you didn’t have that mouth on you,
    Wade, you’d be the perfect soldier. I wouldn’t do that if I was you, brother. – Take the diamonds. They’re yours.
    – I don’t want your diamonds. I want this. But that is nothing. A souvenir. Where did you find it?
    I want the source. A small village, far inland,
    three days from here.

    SUB)한국 김포공항을 처음본 일본 배우 반응! Seoul Gimpo Airport South Korea [South Korea Travel Guide] 韓国金浦空港
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    SUB)한국 김포공항을 처음본 일본 배우 반응! Seoul Gimpo Airport South Korea [South Korea Travel Guide] 韓国金浦空港

    January 24, 2020

    It’s Kimpo! We’re already here!
    -Yes! G I M P O!!!! Please take a picture~!
    -Again? Thank you! Am I okay?
    -Yes! Good! One, two! The temperature outside is 3 degrees Celsius! Three degrees?
    -Yes…! It’s cold! (in Korean)
    -It’s cold! LOL A E GO! (OMG x2) Was the flight okay? It was the best!
    -Did you? Um… Airplane is(Trying to say something in Korean…) -Let’s go! (Laughs) Hold on a second!
    -Let’s go! Hurry up! LOL Oh, on the plane. Did you eat? No! I didn’t eat it. Didn’t you eat it? Really? Did you eat it?(Akagi didn’t understand Korean)
    I thought you were still sleeping! I didn’t eat it. x2
    -You didn’t eat it! You’ve been doing this, haven’t you?
    -I had a pain in my back.(because of cold) My back hurts. I see… Did you sleep? Did you sleep?
    -I’ve been sleeping.~ I wanted to show you the tension when the in-flight meal comes out.
    (laughs) Was it delicious? It was Sukiyaki!(sukiyaki is Japanese food)
    -Sukiyaki… That’s right. It’s got tofu in it.
    -It had meat in it! I ate everything! LOL If you give me something to eat, I’ll eat everything! All of them! I ate it!
    -Can you eat more? I’m still hungry!
    -Good! It’s Kimpo now!
    Kimpo Airport! Great! I feel like I am back in Korea.
    -The weather looks good. It’s two or three degrees. It was an inside seat, so I couldn’t see outside well. Yes x 3 Before we land…
    -Yes. I was happy to see Korea again. This is Kimpo!
    -Kimpo! It sounds like a nice day! What a city! It’s too early to judge! It’s too early! LOL The view from the window…
    – Did you see it? I saw it for a second.
    -Yes x3 It looked like there were more buildings than around Incheon Airport! Oh! You did a good job.
    -The feeling of being broad. Yes, yes. I think there are many buildings around Kimpo.
    Is it different from around Incheon Airport? Do you think it’s different already?
    -It’s different already. It’s very close! Very very! How is it? It’s comfortable! It’s really close! Get off and…
    -That’s right down there! Right after immigration! Yeah! It’s not that crowded. Certainly! Incheon was great! Incheon was very crowded. Last time…
    -I spent a lot of time on immigration. Really It took about an hour…
    -Yes… Now go out there and…
    -Get out the exit. Let’s rent a Wi-Fi, withdraw the money! I think your reaction is weak about Kimpo airport. Is it so so? No x2 Because Incheon airport was so great! LOL You don’t have to say it’s great! Incheon airport was so great! It’s nice to be close~
    -Yeah. We gonna go out there.
    -It’s right after you get out! But you’ve been lost twice in this short time. What’s the reason?
    -Because Okun is gone! It’s only been 20 minutes since we arrived!
    -That’s right! Don’t leave me alone! Where were you? That’s what I’m talking about!
    I was just here! I think it is OK! Because you can speak Korean! I just said sorry in Korean! I didn’t write my passport number…
    -Oh, I see. I haven’t seen that either. Then apologize! Sorry. How about my Korean level? Is it good? (ignore)The airport is nice~ Incheon was so big!
    -I think this size is enough. Fast. I’ll withdraw money from here and rent a Wi-Fi and leave!
    -All right! Something’s quiet! It’s quiet!
    – Not many people. That’s right. I think it’s very cold today. Really. What? You’re wearing a padding!
    -Yes! OMG…
    -I put it in my bag. You brought this in!
    -That’s right. I’m starting to feel cold.
    -Oh, I see. Look so cold! Because of clothes what people’s wearing outside.
    -Yes. You came in summer last time.
    -Oh, yeah. And Japan is warm today, right? Yes, it was warm in the morning.
    -Yeah. I’m excited about the quiet beginning. I don’t know what’s gonna happen.
    -Please be careful not to become a lost child! LOL Wi-Fi!
    -Yeah. It’s expensive to rent in Japan! Oh, it is?
    -Yes~ Ah! There’s something on the second floor! We are going to come here when we go back to Japan. There aren’t many people.
    -Yeah. We can check-in here. Here It’s really compact. That’s it, right? The boarding area!
    -Yeah. That’s right. Oh, but it’s cool What is this? Oh!!! (Akagi thinks Okun knows everything…)
    What’s this? What’s this?
    I see a face. What is that?
    -I don’t know. (?)
    If you know, please explain a comment. Who is it?
    -I don’t know. Isn’t there any explain?
    -It’s not written. (Touch) There’s nothing …
    (laughs) LOL I feel that i am here in Korea. Why?
    -While Okun was renting wi-fi… Yes Here! Public telephone… But there is in Yokohama, too!
    -I don’t think so! You’re lying!
    -There is in Yokohama! LOL Really? Is there?
    – Yes! Really?
    -Yes. But there’s no water purifier. That’s right. This! Drink some water. What’s this?
    -That’s free. This? That’s right! Should I remove it from the top?
    -Yes! Isn’t that a great shape? ?? Put some water in there. What do you think? Isn’t it scary to drink free water when you are abroad? Are you a little scared? But why is that you’re feeding me? But I think it’s well managed. Monday, Tuesday… I’m surprised there’s free water at the airport.
    -I see. Trust me! … Your first experience in Korea this time is drinking water..! LOL Yes! How does the water taste? Ah! It is clean and soft!
    -LOL That’s too much. LOL When you go to sauna in Korea,
    You can drink it for free! A cup shaped like a triangle! There are these things, and there are squares. This is amazing. Is this how it works? That’s right. Throw it in there. Here is Seoul! How can we move from now on? We’ll take the subway from here! You have it, do you? T-money? (Korea Transportation Card)
    -Yes. Yes! Let’s go with it! Cute card!
    -Yes! Is it convenient?
    -It just has to charge it, right? Right. (Pretty design card) I heard it was a limited edition of the design.
    -Oh, really? !!!!! Surprise!!! Why? I think we can ride that for free! Shall we ride? Should we? Okun, you are sick now… Shall we ride? That’s awesome! How sweet of you! That’s right Beacause airports are complicated for some people…
    -Yeah. It’s a long way from here to the subway, so I think some people need it. That looks so comfortable! It’s for the elderly and the disabled. That would be convenient… I think my tension is going up. Where are we going in Seoul now? Of course it’s a secret.
    (laughs) Why?
    -Beacuse of top secret! Until i get there?
    -Of course. I think you’ll be surprised. The fire extinguisher is not red! Why is that?
    -It’s Metallick! Why? You look like a pure boy.
    -Metalic! It’s great to find each and every one of these things!
    -It’s great! Don’t you see? What’s that? It’s not red! This is red.
    -Yeah. Why?
    -Is it okay if it’s not red? I don’t know. In Japan, fire extinguishers…
    -Yes. It’s all red.
    -Yes. Is that Metallick from long ago? No… Korea was red, too. I don’t know well… Ah! Isn’t that it? in order not to damage the appearance! Is that right?
    -That’s right! It could be! Anyway, it’s okay if it’s not red, so I’m sure it’s done like that, right?
    -That’s cool. Airport rail… OMG! It’s lovely smell!
    -That’s right! (Sweet Smell) It is good smell! right?
    – The smell of bread. That’s right. x3 Do you want some? Are you going to eat it? Let’s not eat~ That’s smell! Oh no…! I’m hungry. It must be a way to attract and sell with the smell! I think we have to buy because of the smell. Akagi arrested by the smell…

    Hiro | Master of the Railway |Thomas & Friends : Quick Look
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    Hiro | Master of the Railway |Thomas & Friends : Quick Look

    January 20, 2020

    You Watching Hiro from Thomas and Friends, Was famously known as the “Master of the Railway”, Hiro have black solid color Hiro have Gold lining painting also the trailer have Solid mark write down 51 have 5 red pair wheels set have classic mark write down “Hiro”, at locomotive head have ombination solid black and gold lining the trailer is full loaded with coal smiling face and also hook hopper at the Bottom. classic mark be printed also with black and gold color simplisity make this Hiro more eleghant as a collectible railway series, this Hiro is worth to collect Thanks for Watching AtoyZ Youtube Video Channel, And Don’t forget to like, share, or subscribe this video to be the first one to get notice.