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    Cheap Way To Travel Around Japan: Seishun 18 Kippu + How To Buy The Ticket | Japan Travel Guide
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    Cheap Way To Travel Around Japan: Seishun 18 Kippu + How To Buy The Ticket | Japan Travel Guide

    November 12, 2019

    Hey gu ys, so today I want to share with you guys one of my most favourite ways of travelling around Japan and if it’s not the cheapest, it definitely is one of the cheapest ways to get around Japan and the ticket is called the seishun 18 kippu in Japanese and in English it goes along the lines of youthful 18 ticket I’m not quite sure why they added the “youthful” and the “18” in there because no matter how old you are, anyone can buy the ticket If you get this ticket, it gives you unlimited rides on the local and rapid trains on the JR line For the ticket it’s around 11,850 yen so it comes to around 2,370 yen a day so that’s really cheap, imagine going from Tokyo to Osaka or like Tokyo to Hokkaido, that’s amazing! and the ticket looks like this so you can get unlimited rides on the local and rapid trains for 5 days or 5 times however, it doesn’t have to be consecutive days and also you can share this with your friends and family and use the ticket just remember you have to use it up before it expires the ticket is seasonal so it only goes on sale 3 times a year So the youthful 18 ticket is very similar to the JR pass however only foreigners with the tourist visa on their passports can purchase the JR pass so I thought I would share this video with those of you who aren’t on your tourist visa in Japan I think this ticket is great for budget travellers and it’s great if you want to see more of the local Japan or if you just want to have a spontaneous trip, just jump on a train and see where it takes you I actually personally used this ticket a few times before once I went from Tokyo all the way to Hiroshima It took me around 16 hours so that’s a lot of time compared to the JR pass where you would just use the bullet train However, time equals money right? So you sacrifice time on this ticket However, it’s only 2,000 yen It only cost me 2,000 yen to get from Tokyo all the way to Hiroshima so that was really cool because I could stop along many train stations like local train stations that you would never stop at and I also went there by myself so it was a great way to see the local areas of Japan and just get on and off a lot of the trains The local trains do take a lot more time to get to the destination however, you can see views that no other transportation method can offer you can buy the tickets at any JR ticket offices or travel service centres they are mostly located nearby the train ticket gates so it’s very easy to find You can’t put the ticket through the automatic gates so Instead, you have to pass through the manned gates and show the ticket to the station staff you can also buy it on the ticket machines however they don’t have an English one yet but if you follow what I pressed on the Japanese one, it should be quite straight forward Press for how many tickets you would like, one is for 5 days and then just confirm and pay the money here are some of my very old photos when I used this ticket to travel around Japan visiting some friends and family So I hope you guys found this video helpful

    The Tower of Tuna Challenge!
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    The Tower of Tuna Challenge!

    November 12, 2019

    Guys you know how much we love food. Lately we’ve been traveling all over Japan to try to find some of the best places you can add to your food bucket list. So today we took a quick bullet train over to beautiful Shizuoka, where we’re gonna eat an absurd amount of tuna. And you might be asking why don’t we just go to Tsukiji fish market, except Shizuoka is the tuna capital of Japan. They are the number one exporter of tuna all around the country. So we decided to go to Kashino-Ichi fish market so that we can take on the infamous Maguro Mountain. Sashimi for days. We’re gonna die. I’ll out eat you? You’re gonna out eat me? Who’s gonna eat.. I don’t know. We already know the answer to this. – You think you’re gonna win? We already know the answer. – I mean I don’t know, you never know. – We already know. Oh ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2018 UFC maguro mountain showdown live from beautiful Shizuoka. We have the crowd favorite of the night Simon. Dothraki man warrior who is currently the heavyweight mandu champion. Of course, we can’t forget the underdog Martina bunnies are puffy Ella. She has been known to surprise at times when she out eats Dothraki man warrior and such instances is Coco curry and who can forget the spicy ribs of death. We’ll see if this match goes down in flames or goes up in smoke. So when we spoke to Shizuoka prefecture about this shoot, We asked them if they had any kind of cute hats or Shizuoka shirts that we could wear to show our excitement. And we’re a little bit surprised with the results. Ducky this is Amazing
    -Amazing I’m the pirate of Shizuoka
    -yarr Category is: Shizuoka realness. Oh wow, oh my god. Yes reel them in. Oh look at that. Yep She’s cutting the fish and she is serving it and eating it. Hmm true. I really love the way Mt. Fuji brings out her eyes It’s just a really unique piece. Look at that. That is definitely one of the fishiest Queens. Keeping it real while reeling it in. Oh yeah, I’d love to smack that hali-butt. Serving up raw fish and raw looks mm hm Simon and martina, your look was supposed to be under the sea, but it sunk like the Titanic I’m sorry my dears, but you’re up for elimination Hey guys, for real though, um we did not plan this and I am really surprised that they’re actually okay with this because we are gonna prance around wearing this for the rest of the video So I know it’s really difficult to take us seriously with these hats on but this place is a seafood lovers paradise. This is legit because they’re so close to actually getting the fish from the market. This place is like, it was just bustling for lunch, but not like crazy bustling, where you have to like get up at 5:00 a.m and like elbow people out of the way. If we lived in Shizuoka we would be eating here every day. This is… this is my dream place. I love sea food. They have tuna everything here. Tuna bowls. Tuna. Tuna. Tuna. Tuna games Tuna. Tuna. Tuna And even … tuna ice cream. Hmm. -Yeah -What?
    -it’s made from tuna, -but…
    -sucker, it’s vanilla. They have all these amazing challenge bowls. Like Dan had a gigantic tuna nigiri for lunch.
    -Like this big! We only watched because we’re saving our room. We’re about to like start eating soon *grunting* You going down!
    (inaudible gibberish) And now what
    -and now what
    We’re gonna be getting a mountain of tuna How much tuna are we actually getting?
    -400 grams -400 grams of Tuna -Each. This is gonna be my protein intake for the day We’re gonna have to go on one of those dance adventures again like Italy in order to not be super fat. We’re gonna have the fishiest farts Oh boy… I didn’t even know that was a thing.
    -oh my god -our cats gonna love us
    -he’s gonna totally love us ♪ suspenseful music ♪ Okay, okay, okay we have to stop at the same time, okay ready, huh? That’s crazy, that’s crazy! Whoohoo and match has begun. If you see here in the instant replay Simon’s eyes clearly indicate that he believes Martina will not be able to finish this amount. Oh my god. Are you still going? When are you gonna stop? This is madness.
    -Okay. Stop. This is gonna be my bowl here. Oh my this is not happening.
    -this feels like something I should be curling outside. Oh my god, Simon.
    -Okay. I think I made a terrible decision. I think you made a terrible decision. I’m only gonna do half of that. – girl no we’re here for a challenge We don’t come here for diet food. We didn’t come here for snickety snacks. We came here to eat tuna until we die. This is how we’re going out. Mom and dad, thank you for all that you’ve done. it’s time for me to go. alright
    – more more more more more more more MORE They’re the same?
    -Nonono more more MORE higher higher higher more more MORE Okay yes stop, stop Oh my god, this smells amazing The miso soup and the croquette. The fish doesn’t smell like anything, which is great because you don’t want your fish to smell. You’re don’t want you fish smelling fishy.
    -But the miso soup We’re gonna need these kind of flavors I think to break up as we keep eating -The monotony -Cause we’ll be like, there’s too much tuna. I gotta say I’m a little concerned right now because this all just looks like raw chicken -It really just looks like raw chicken. -Well, it’s not its been sauced. -It’s not, it’s tuna いただきます (itadakimasu: thanks or the food/let’s eat) I’m a little bit worried about what we just done -you should be, but this is gonna be… really… -Do you think you’re gonna like, dip yours with wasabi or pour it on top? -I’m gonna try it pure first Okay, I’m gonna see how this goes. -me too. Ready? –
    Go for first place -Let’s go for it. Oh yeah. -That’s great
    -it’s like nicely tangy. super soft. -Yep, there’s no like, chunky tendons. -Yeah -This is great -Wow. -Oh my god. We might actually able to finish this -What do you mean ‘actually’, of course we’re gonna finish -I don’t know ducky Lord. All right see with this hat on than I expected -My eyebrows keep moving around. -I think I should just go like the full speed ahead Hmm I’m not sure what the best strategies for something this you just eat quickly or chew slowly because I may have more room in your stomach All I know is, Simon’s falling behind. -Oh girl you shovelling -I’m eating like a businessman on my lunch break. I’m eating so fast, that I can’t even talk. -Mmm -Okay -I mean -Shovelling time -Simon is really falling behind me here Look at this I got this whole hole here Do you know what kind of fish we’re eating today? …Yeah So the fish we’re eating today; this is kihada tuna, which is a three kilogram tuna, and it’s a lot leaner a lot less fat than other tuna woah and let’s see that again You can see martina going in for the ‘dumps everything unceremoniously on top of her food’ to moisten it, helps it go down faster. -It’s a lot easier to eat -definitely, because this is like a poke bowl, and people love poke bowls. -Yes. -I feel like if we were eating a different kind of tuna that was like really really fatty. There’d be like a maximum capacity of how much you can eat. -Mmm Kind of like when you’re eating a really buttery beef. *static* -Hey Do you like soda? Do you like curry? Do you like shrimp? Well come on down to S-Pulse Dream Plaza in Shizuoka and try out our shrimp flavored soda Yeah, there’s the ebi at the end. Ooooh Whoa That’s special, that’s uh, that’s not my style. I’m gonna move on to a different beverage if I could, if you don’t mind right now S-Pulse Dream Plaza, where you can torture your friends by making them drink soda flavors that shouldn’t exist We’ve gotta see who’s gonna finish first. A race to see who’s gonna get sick first. My hands are starting to cramp How’s your hand doin’ girl? -Oh it’s cramped -Your hands cramped? -Right now, i’m stuck in this position I was holding the bowl so intently to try to finish this. Back to the eating position. -Back to eating. What happens if I warm up some of my tuna? -Well, that might be gross Simon. -It’s a terrible idea. Don’t ever do that again. Whoa -Whoah -Calm down girl -I think I’m winning. -I think you are too. -I’m definitely winning this -Cos you had less than me, that’s why. -No I did not -You definitely did. -Simon is like, ‘Oh I shouldn’t eat anything all day’, and I said you want to win an eating competition, you need to make sure that your stomach is big enough to eat that food And Simon was like, ‘Ooo, breakfast!’ How is he gonna possibly catch up to me at this point -Ah, I’m gonna catch up that’s -I’m even gonna go in for my croquette -That’s a great croquette, isn’t it? -this tastes like childhood hamburgers -Yes -Right? -Yes -Did it just hit you? -Yes, it definitely tastes like my parents kind of hamburger -Yes -they used to make -because they take mince meat and they mix it with like a panko or like a bread so it’s not like an, actual like, ‘100% American beef burger’ My parents would call this ‘cutlet cheeky’ -really? -and I just realized cutlet is a cutlet -and cheeky means chicken? -No cheeky cuz it’s cute Cutlet cheeky~!
    =oh god what is this=Here’s an interesting fact about tuna: maguro in Japanese is slang for starfish in English, if you know what I mean -and if you don’t you don’t, don’t look it up. -Holy *bleet* girl Holy shit, I’m being put to shame, gir! How are you doing this? -it’s the hat and the Shizuoka spirit, its come to me -this is a side of you that I’ve never seen -Grrr super saiyan Martina, hrrrghhh Pro tip: you could just lift up the rice and hide some tuna underneath it. Nobody will know. Oh my god you have so much more tuna. -I know I know girl -you are literally so far behind -I really want to know how, are you are you doing the Korean thing, which is just like throwing shots behind. Is there like, tuna all over the ground here that you’ve been dumping. -No, there’s a kitty inside my kimono -How have you been cheating -and i’m just going *cat meowing* -Oh gosh, I feel really In fact if you pat my back, I have a tiny little burp BOUUWGHHHH Now its gone. -Oh yes, a burp, I got room, second wind Sad, Simon, sad I don’t think you’re gonna catch up son. -I’m amazed. -What can I say, flick my Mt. Fuji hair. -Oh did you forget the rule? There’s a special rule that you can do 1 2 3 switch bowl. You remember that? Yeah that’s, Maguro fact: You can do 1 2 3 switch Bowl. I mean you can switch bowls. You can only do it once per challenge. Okay, so you do it once -Only once per challenge entirely -and then I go 1 2 3 switch bowls and then that’s it we both got our once per challenge -Dan is living for this Dan. is. living for this. Living for this look. -Gosh, I do feel full but I want more of that croquet I’m gonna beat you girl, you giving up Taking my croquet? This is gonna be -Don’t you throw-up Ricky Bobby -the biggest -fish cake *bleet* of my life Just a huge oden right out of the butthole, you know what that’s gonna be… Alright here I go. -No, you’re not going anywhere Okay Wait Ducky you can’t do this to me, my reputation. I need to prove to everyone Well, I’m trying my hardest to slow down, but I literally have one piece left here it goes Simon about to lose to his tiny tiny wife. I’m glad you won because that means I don’t have to do any more. I am stuffed and amazed? I’m so impressed with my wife Let’s go for ice cream! Wow Simon. I think everyone needs to see just how badly you lost. I can’t believe how well you did I was expecting you to give up. This is unbelievable girl this is a new side of you that I haven’t seen, because I whooped you in the dumpling challenge. No food competition ever tells people they can’t have water. I gave up because it was too salty. -all this ‘could’ve’, ‘would’ve’ business doesn’t matter Now you guys know the truth. -The whole point is -I whooped him. -This is a tie, one for Martina, one for me What?! How is this a tie?? One for Martina, one for me This is clearly not a tie -Nonono, overall in our food experiences -Not even close, I ate more rice than you I even finished your croquet Well, it’s official if you guys think you can come here and beat Simon or beat me I want you to make sure that you send us a picture either on Twitter -Yeah -or on Instagram, you better tag us so that I can find these and prove to Simon that he’s losing too many people around the world -No, look, 400 grams is an obscene amount But what did I just eat -an obscene amount -400 grams. Who do you think you ate 300 maybe 200? No, this is definitely three How, how dare you this is definitely 300 -Let’s ask, shouldn’t the chef know, shouldn’t the chef know how much this is? -The chef knows. Yeahh yeah yeah yeah I still ate more than Simon -So, I was given 450 grams, Martina was given 400. I left 70 grams behind for a total of 380, and Martina ate all of hers so she wins at 400 grams So I know I had more than you. I did have more -But it doesn’t matter if you have more than me. -You did eat more than me. -I ate more than you. I even ate more rice than you. So I am the undisputed maguro lightweight wait middleweight, maybe every weight after this, CHAMPIIIIOOOOOOOOOON Congratulations girl. Love, I am so impressed with how well you’ve done I know. -I know I’m being a hater but I’m really quite surprised I know -You did a great job -Don’t act like you’re not impressed because I know that you are impressed I’m the winner. -We had a great time here in Shizuoka. The clothing is awesome. The hats are great and the tuna is delicious Yup -If you want to experience this yourself, make sure you click on the description box below and learn more about beautiful Shizuoka Okay when you guys come here I want to make sure that you tag me on Instagram or on Twitter with a hashtag of like #eatyoursushi and maybe #Shizuoka and that way I can see how many of you beat Simon it can just be a collection of online tags of Simon being a loser SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER Now if you’re still hankering for more fish because I know I am You should come with me to my bonus video because I’m gonna learn how to make nirigiri from scratch I’m literally gonna become a sushi chef Simon -But let’s be honest. You’ve had way too much fish for one video That was an obscene amount, come with me. I’m gonna show you some specialty ice cream that they have here. You can never go wrong with ice cream It’s ice cream, -but sweet or savory? -What you want? -Ice cream or sushi? -make the right decision

    Швейцария. Почти идеальная страна. Большой Выпуск.
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    Швейцария. Почти идеальная страна. Большой Выпуск.

    November 11, 2019

    This is Switzerland! A country of clearest lakes, country of mountain peaks, hills, waterfalls, green Alpine meadows, top of the range cows, the tastiest milk, and shameless tourists, who come to drink the milk, stomp the grass, and stick their cameras everywhere. Until that hasn’t happened yet, let’s raise our glasses to this wonderful country! It is common to preview a vid before it begins, telling you what to expect from it, provide general impressions about the country with a posh voice, but it’s Switzerland. You don’t even need words here, just a bunch of landscape shots… It took Microbe and I, more than 5000km to get here. If such thing is not for you, the Wright brothers invented planes, whilst our partner Aviasales, invented how to find most lucrative flight options. If for example you decide to go to Geneva in November, this is how many options you will have, be it a direct or a one stop flight, with prices ranging from 80-400USD. Aviasales would have been just another search engine, if not their perks… You can see the plane details for a given destination, airline punctuality stats, which is extremely important if you have a transfer flight. These guys save you time, and make ticket search easier on daily basis. Find out about their other perks via the link below. Switzerland! Renowned for the Alps, best watches, and most trusted banks. The air is super clean, you get Evian for tap water, and views are to die for! Which is what celebrities used to do, spending here their best years, prior to the moment. Dostoevskiy wrote his Idiot novel here, Tolstoy finished Lucernce, Tchaikovsky wrote Evgeniy Onegin opera, and Lenin planned his revolution. Apparently it was him, who said: My soul is with you in Siberia, although my body is at the hotel in Zurich. I believe him! The swiss invented muesli, milk chocolate, and LSD. They also came up with Helvetica font, which is an official font of NY metro, and if you think that it is all, Swiss inventions include velcro, plastic, army knife, and a famous formula. Yep, Einstein came up with it whilst in Switzerland. It is home for Hadron Collider, used to discover Higgs boson, and I can theoretically be holding it right now. …not confirmed though. There are 4 official languages, 450 varieties of cheese, a square flag, and one of the most stable economies in the world. I think Switzerland is close to ideal close to ideal because a perfect country doesn’t exist but it is right there on top! Whether it is true or not, we shall find out today! Talking about emotions, first thing that you feel here, right upon setting foot is unbearable tranquility. Throughout the whole 9 days of my trip I had a feeling that i am in the most calm place on earth. …and I m not on Farer Islands, with the population of 50000. Switzerland houses a population of 8m, and people lead a normal life. Still, this place is extremely calm. At first, I thought it’s because I mainly visit villages, where life tends to flow slowly, but big cities turned out to be the same. This is magic! Switzerland adds around 20 years to how you behave. So even if you are 25, I doubt you’ll be inclined to rush somewhere, or do extreme sports. It makes you want to sit on a bench, that are just everywhere and spend the whole day appreciating the surrounds. It’s clear now, why so many celebrities come here, in their elderly ages. This country is made for relaxation, you just want to sit gazing over this beautiful valley enjoying the views. Still, all of the above mentioned, has a good reason behind it. Switzerland has 2nd highest wage level in the world, averaging 62,283USD per year, which is more than 5,190USD per month. To better understand this amount, let’s see how much petrol you can buy for an average wage in some European countries. It is around 233L and 236L in Moldova and Ukraine accordingly, 650L in Belorussia, 785L in Russia, 1689L in Germany, 2107L in Norway, and 3240L in tiny Switzerland, which is enough to open a small logistics company. Economy is in a great state, although you would need more than money, to feel comfortable, as security plays a big part in it. Switzerland managed to excel here also, by distancing itself from any geo political topics. This is Europe, Countries in blue, are part of the EU. See that grey spot in the middle? It’s Switzerland. It is neither part of EU, nor part of NATO. In fact it is so neutral that their last war participation was 200 years ago! …the Napoleon war. It’s just a wonder, how a country in the middle of Europe, managed to stay away from wars for 200 years! Country’s landscape plays a big role in this. Alps on the South, Jura mountains on the North, whilst most of the population, lives in the middle. Switzerland is like a hot-dog where bread serves as the mountains making it difficult to attack. Their defense strategy accounts for an enemy to open the map, see the landscape, and decide to steer away for easier prey. Most bridges are built in a way so that in case of war, they can be easily demolished. Same goes for the mountain passes. But this is not all… The army is actually pretty good as well. Army service is obligatory, although the referendum was gathered two times aiming to cancel such obligation. Still, in both cases, people voted to leave it as is. Swiss army is approved by Vatican, which is why it is them who protect the Pope! Moreover, you can legally keep a gun, and as per statistics, half of the population have one. A gun can be bought in a cute shop like this one… So we have a grocery store here, and a gun shop next to it, and there are lots of these around the country. A rifle starts at around 200EUR, whilst you can get a machine gun, if your budget allows for it. Interestingly, less than 1 out of 1000 deaths is caused by a gunshot. Since I am not a resident I can’t get myself a rifle here, whereas locals don’t even need a passport, to get one, using only the residence ID. Simple as that! Easy! Let’s talk about safety then… In year 1963, these guys have approved a law, that states that every local must be provided with a bunker in case of a possible nuclear war. So then government got to it, and built bunkers all across the country, whilst the biggest one, not only in Switzerland but the world, is what you see now… It’s a Sonnenberg Tunnel, that can provide long term acomodation to 20000 people! It is capable of resisting a 1 megatonne explosion within 1km radius! Inspite the Swiss neutrality, bunkers are everywhere… This one is at a mall carpark. All old buildings have one, fully ready to be used. What’s captivating, is that these bunkers can still house 115 percent of the population, providing more than enough space to the existing residents. Now you know where to go if things hit the fan) Basically it is a well equipped bunker in the middle of Europe. …and now you know why. Country’s political neutrality and its security also aid the local financial system, which is why people keep their funds here. …lots of funds There are more banks here than dentists. The rates in local banks are at nil, whilst if you deposit over 1 million, the rate becomes negative, meaning that you pay the bank to safe keep your wealth. Reliability! Local bank notes are quite nice also, they are like Instagram stories – vertical. A 10CHF note, has been recognized as the most beautiful note in the world, in 2018. All of the above and the local sights, that we will soon discover, made this place a pensioner’s dream. Switzerland is deemed second in the world after Japan by life expectancy, hence, many dream to spend their final ages here. Celebrities moved here for it, amongst whom we have a Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse, Audrey Hepburn, Vladimir Nabokov, Coco Chanel, Erich Mariah Remarque, and Charlie Chaplin, all burried in Switzerland. Euthanasia is also legal here, and if you google suicide tourism, Switzerland will pop up right away. As for local pensioners, they are happy and carefree people, and I just love watching them… This place is perfect for them… I needed help to better understand the local way of life, so I took to Kreuzlingen, to talk to Stas who lives in this country for 7 years now and knows it throughout. – So i had these elderly neighbours, – whilst living in Bern, – a wealthy family, – but they never flew out of Switzerland. – They travelled to Italy and Germany by car, – but never ever flew. – I asked them whether they have been to the sea… – and they said no, we don’t need that, – During summer I swim in the lakes, – trek the mountains, – and during winter I ski… – He said that sea – is just not his cup of tea… – [Anton] So Switzerland is more than enough? – [Slava] Yep, they are 65 years old, – and have never been to the sea. – Don’t get me wrong, – they are nice people, – they aren’t unhappy either… – they just don’t need it. In my opinion, this happens because the Swiss are very used to local way of life. …and don’t get me started on this, because local laws on noise are just next level… To keep your neighbours happy on weekends, it is illegal to cut the lawn, wash your car with high pressure equipment, including everything else that makes sounds… Here for example, street artists are banned. Svetlana, who works for a large American firm, will shed some more light on this. Unfortunately i can’t disclose the company name, but it’s a place where everything is free) Love it! – Our company gives out – a special survival pack – to every expat employee of theirs. – It includes a book – that teaches you how to live in Switzerland. – One of the rules that surprised me, – is that you can’t flush the loo after 10pm. – since your neighbour may call the police, – or bang on the pipes. – [Anton] They’ll call police for this? – [Sveta] Yep! – [Anton] Did it happen to you? – [Sveta] Nope, I am quite lucky – with who I live with. – But once, – during a 2 week business trip to New-York – my 15 year old daughter begged me – not to bring the grandparents over – and to let her to stay alone. – So my secretary called me at night, – to say that police called – because my daughter was loud. – Turned out she was playing guitar – with her friends. Apparently, noise laws go beyond the people… – Swiss dogs do not bark… – No idea how they train them, – but they don’t bark… – There are no stray dogs around, – but pets never bark, – regardless of the breed. *Criminal Taking into account that Kreuzlingen is located both in Switzerland and Germany, I would assume that it was a German dog. – Previously, – If your dog wouldn’t stop barking, – you will be obliged to cut its vocal cords out, – whether you like it or not. – This raised protests, – but the government proved that – no harm is done to the animal – during this procedure. – But barking is definitely not on! We are now in the German part of Kreuzlingen as it’s still the same city and just look at the contrast… Bin bags on the streets, everything is kind of similar, but still very different! The wildest law in Switzerland though, states that you must pee, sitting down. – Is this aimed at noise as well? – [Slava] Nope, – It is hygiene, – as when you stand and pee, – there may be splatter, – which you eliminate by sitting down. – [Anton] Women know about this… – [Slava] Men know about it as well, – of course they pee standing, – at bars and restaurants – but they always sit when home. This is Switzerland for you… God forbid for you to pee standing at home, then flush the loo, and get a fine in the end. I am not a fan of political discussions, but it is a key, that will help you to understand this place. Hence, my apologies… Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, each has its own constitution and laws, making the country more of a republic. Officially the country is called Helvetic Confederation, underlining unity of cantons. From a juridical stand point, there is no capital city here, although de facto it’s Bern. Each canton has its own laws, and even obtaining a driving license is varies between them. Geneva canton banned hunting, whereas it is allowed in all other cantons. Turgao on the other hand, banned barbeque during summer time. This kind of reminds me of USA, although the difference is extreme. – Moving from canton to canton – is the same as moving countries. – incredibly difficult! We had to show dozens of documents, – all over again. – It’s the same country, – but cantons hardly talk to each other. – A canton doesn’t care if you lived in Bern – and paid taxes, – they will ask you for a myriad of documents, – and will dig up everything they can on you, – all your diplomas, – everywhere you worked, – everything! – I needed more documents when moving cantons, – than when I moved here from Ukraine. Interestingly, even voting procedure may vary… These cute houses are in Appenzel canton, that is famous for a certain tradition. Appenzel is a small town, whose population of 5600 people, gather on this square numerous times a year, and carry out democracy, by choosing new mayors, approve new laws, new leaders, and this is how it looks… People of Appenzel are not fans of hierarchy, and since 14th century, they vote and select canton’s political future by a show of hands Appenzel is a one off, but it serves as a good reflection of Switzerland’s inner makings. There is a saying here, that a Swiss votes 4 times in a year, instead of once in 4 years. Not a joke, referendums can take place here every 2 months, and every 2 months people go voting, and then carry on with their business… Such involvement, affects the political state incredibly well, as in such society, everyone feels the responsibility. Uh and by the way… Parents in Switzerland aren’t allowed to give names to their kids, that may later affect their future. What I mean by this is that you won’t find people here with names that in any way resemble something funny or wrong. Poor kids… As per Swiss laws, you cannot keep only one social pet. It is deemed as isolation and equals to brutality. Hence you cannot have just one guinea pig, same goes for fish and parrots. Everyone need a match. There is also a dog tax, governed by the dog’s size and weight. All dog owners must pass dog training, the be able to care for their pets. Also, you can’t just go and fish in Switzerland. – You need a special passport to fish. – No one here can fish without it! – it’s a special permit that you get – after the fishing course, – where they teach you how to release the catch, – so you don’t hurt the fish. – It’s not hurt it when you eat it, – but you may hurt it when you unhook, – so you learn – how to handle specific species – after, – you are free to fish everywhere… To some, locals laws may seem strange, but since the Swiss are regulars in the happiest people rating, these laws definitely don’t hurt. I guess you may now wonder how to become a resident in this country… Good news, is that it is real, unlike in Dubai for example bad news, is that it is very difficult. – You need to spend 10 years here, – regardless of the permit you have. – From which the last 3 – must be spent at the same place, – without leaving. – Even if you move to a neighbouring village, – everything starts all over. – Then you have to pass an exam, – that includes geography, politics, – other things, – including what your neighbours think of you… – They will literally speak to your neighbours, – and god forbid he or she says – that you didn’t help her with groceries – 3 years ago… – You are doomed then! – These are extremes of course, – but it surely can happen. There is a story that Alain Delon who now lives in Switzerland, was very upset with the local gov, because he had to wait for his passport for 12 years, like any other simpleton. Hence, being a star, won’t help you! I am in Geneva, and behind me is the Jet d’Eau fountain, one of the tallest fountains in the world, but I am here for another reason… Geneva is where a hand watch was invented, and to honour this, I am wearing Certina, the partners of our show. It’s a great piece, and a re-issue of their vintage divers watch, from the 60s, water resistant to 200m. Hands and dial are covered in superluminova, that makes the watch pop in the dark, which was very useful during filming. It’s a great travel watch, due to its double security system, that protects the watch. Muhammad Ali had one as well. Although I reckon he was taking them off during fights) A Japanese skier Miuro Yūichirō on the other hand, executed an extreme descent from mount Everest with a Certina watch. …They both survived) All Certina watches are Swiss made, in case it’s something that bothers you, I on the other hand, love the design and precision. You may have noticed that I haven’t really showed you around yet… Let’s change that, although there is slight problem… Looking at these sights I ran out of vocabulary, ending up with banal: Amazing! Fantastic beauty! It’s unreal! I am in awe! The classic UFF and… How do you leave this place? So I gathered myself together, and managed to calmly describe my emotions… I’ll be straight with you, I nearly melted in the first 3 days, I was leaving my car in the middle of the road, running to film sights, I were then promising myself not to stop anymore and follow my plans, and then it was happening all over again. Such thing had only happened in Iceland to me, I am seriously losing my mind here. This place grabs you by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go for couple of days. First, it’s the colours… This is an actual colour of this grass! Looking at local meadows, is like looking at Windown XP wallpaper. …Very hard to believe that these colours are real. Makes you question whether they paint it on purpose. But no! I have done zero colour correction to these shots. Same can be said about the water colours, that resemble a colour palette, from blue to turquoise, or this colour… These waters are indecently clear. – This lake behind me – is the cleanest lake in the world, – and due to this, – local and German wildlife protectionists – raised an issue last year – stating that this lake is too clean – for fish to survive in it – as there is no plankton. – Basically an extremely clean lake – is a problem. It is uninhabitable for fish, dude! They overdid with cleanliness! Yep, this is Switzerland for you! Our next stop are the Swiss villages, so let’s dive in… I don’t really remember any of the names of the villages i visited, but still, they all look like they came out from the Swiss chocolate ads. Every village captivates you, making you stop, to stroll around, gaze over toy like houses, and just take in the atmosphere. I am now in Sisikon village, which I discovered whilst looking for a hotel. There is a railway, a couple of hotels, and an astonishing lake, on the shores of which the village is located. I was just looking for a cheap hotel, woke up, and couldn’t believe in the beauty this place. This goes to show, that every little village has a tiny hotel, and the sights that are worth coming here for, and it’s ubiquitous! It’s just amazing! I got a bit over myself by calling Sisikon a town, it’s more of a commune with 300 people. There are even smaller villages here, like Corippo, situated on the South, it’s population is 12 people, 11 of whom, are over 65 years old. In order to revive this village, the Swiss, plan to copy an Italian concept of Albergo Diffuso, turning all empty houses into one scattered hotel, with top notch service and main reception. Such concept proved itself in Italy, and maybe it can excel here also, as both the village and surrounding landscapes are incredible. It’s great here… Great but expensive. Now to the negatives… Let’s talk money that these villages will set you back by. These are the rooms I stayed in: this one was 60$ and had one loo and shower per floor. This room was 100$ and it also didn’t have its own shower… Unlike this room, which costs 125$ with a fan instead of aircon. My best room was in Gottlieben, that set me back by 80$, and just look at it… The place is 400 years old, and I was strolling thought it like it’s a museum. I booked it couple of hours before check in and that probably explains its low price. Up until now, we mainly covered touristic places, and I were keen to find an authentic, secluded village. – Hey Stas Stas and I are heading East, to the Appenzell Alps. You happen to come across many of farms along the way, and these cows are just top, it’s a proper cow establishment, where massage is part of the daily life. Milk can be bought via vending machines, but I were keen try to fresh milk! …so we kept driving to the village of Vasseraum. – She says they have – the best spot for our car… *the spot – Where are we heading? – [Stas] To Seealpsee – [Anton] What is it? – [Stas] It’s a mountain lake, – that can only be reached by foot. – No cars, – no trains, – only by foot. – Roger Federer loves this place apparently, – and he comes here often. – Best part about it – is that there is a small cheese factory, – and if you ask me – they make best cheese in Switzerland The climb is pretty extreme, and I was already sweating 5 mins later… – This bloody cheesy must be incredible… – Otherwise this is pointless… It took us an hour to get to the lake and a tiny village of Vasserau, with a dozen of houses. A meadow on the other side of the lake is breathtaking, resembling all your expectations of a Swiss village in Alps. Of course, you can find milk here, and unlike other farms, they actually pour fresh milk for you. Well… To Switzerland! Milk is great, all thanks to these cows, surrounded by love in all its glory. They are quite curious, both to the cameras with mics, and people who carry them around. Then, we reached a cheese factory, and although I’d love to tell you that it’s a family business under it’s 6th generation, and the cheese is made by some old school recipes, but no… Meet the head of the family, who speaks great english and makes cheese using today’s tech, selling it right on the spot. We are sweating like crazy, because it’s very hot inside, but you get the drift, right? It’s a place where you have milk, unreal valley, absolutely no cars, no one smokes here, clearest water, cows, munching on fresh grass… This place is perfect for cheese making, which is what they do, and sell it on the spot… 2000kg per year to be precise, which is not much as they say. Factory is actually pretty small. I guess, its time to start tasting… We bought two types of cheese, turned out it’s really cheap… sold here only! Guys, that’s how you become a food blogger… God forbid of course, but hey… I mean it’s so stupid, I’d really like to share it with you… I am not a cheese expert, but it’s nice) Vasseraum is an ideal place for eco tourism as they say, and if you are looking to find more cool places in Switzerland, check out Stas’s twitter, as it’s full of invaluable info. So, let’s close the village topic, and talk about something that makes the Swiss the best in the world. Switzerland’s massive advantage is that despite mountainous landscape they managed to develop an immense infrastructure that any country would die for. Mountains cover 2/3 of the country, and as you can imagine, it’s not the easiest country to move around in. It boasts highest mountain passes, rivers and rocks. Such road infrastructure must have required a lot of effort, and the Swiss have done it! The roads are ideal, railroads are immensely developed, and all of it is nothing short of amazing! Let’s get to it! DAMS More than half of electricity is produced by hydro power plants. The one behind me is small, but there are slightly bigger ones… Switzerland packs over 200 dams that are over 100m high. It also houses 5th largest dam in the world, it is 285m high. It’s not this one, but you are looking at the tallest rock climbing wall in the world. If you happen to have special equipment, you can get right to the top which is 165m high! BRIDGES The Swiss have excelled here as well. This bridge is not the longest, spanning over 280m only. …it’s still a mission to go over it. We’ll get to the most beautiful bridge later, but for now, let’s check out the most renowned bridge for the Russian audience… A so called Devil’s bridge, that Suvorov’s army crossed over and defeated the French. Here, you will find a Suvorov monument, and 5 acres of land, deemed to be Russian. TUNNELS Switzerland is the land of tunnels, they are just everywhere… You drive out of one, and then enter another one, then another one, one more, more, and so on… It seems that the Swiss build these tunnels out of habit. You get tunnels even in places, where you can easily do without one. but since they are good at it… why not! This country is full of long tunnels… Gotthard tunnel is the longest in Switzerland, being nearly 17km long… Crazy! At the time of construction in the 80s it was the longest tunnel in the world. …now it’s 9th, but still… 17 bloody kilometers! …in the rock! Just so you could get an idea of how long it is, let’s drive through it together, although I’ll speed it up a little. Here comes the entrance… and.. Let’s go! It may take us some time to watch this at current speed, so let’s speed it up a little more… …I agree, Let’s go even faster… Well, that was pretty long… Took me around 15 minutes to go through it. To be honest, it’s a bit tiring! Still, this wasn’t enough for the Swiss and they have built the longest rail tunnel in the world! The Gotthard Base tunnel, spanning over incredible 57km! It is situated right under the Alps, it took 17 years to build it, costing 12 billion usd. Gotthard is not only the longest tunnel, but also the deepest, since there are Alps above it. At peak points, it is 2.5km deep, and without proper ventilation temperatures inside would reach 45 degrees celcius. Thanks to this tunnel, travel time from Zurich to Milan got cut by an hour. Now, to my favourite topic… One of the reasons why you should drive here, is the roads… You are well aware how I like mountain passes, Switzerland has many, and also the highest one I’ve ever been to. it’s called Furka Pass. Let’s see what kind of a cookie is it! I think it’s one of the most popular European roads, as people come here from all over, so the road is partly congested. Still, these mega views over compensate in full! I am at sloth pace here… stopping at every turn, thinking that this is the last time, I then go up, and the view gets even better) It took me hour and a half to reach the road’s peak, at 2431m. Petrolheads would love it here, as apart from usual supercars it’s like an expo of rare cars. This 80s Alfa, is just ideal for example! Furka pass can be stormed not only by car, but also on an old school locomotive. Built in 1914, the train is fully original, including the driver, despite his age) And of course it runs on coal… Cherry on the cake for Furka Pass, is another very special place The Rhone glacier. What’s cool about it, is that you can not only go on it, but also, go into it… The ice is quite thin on top, and as the clouds cover the sun, the light in this ice cave, start to change. …as if someone alters it on purpose The sights inside the cave, are an influencer’s dream. As for Furka Pass, it is 10 out of 10 and my recommendation! If roads are not enough for you, the are dozens of funiculars… Some, are pretty exotic, like this Gelmerbahn, the best of its class in Europe. Built to transport construction materials, it now slowly pushes visitors up to the altitude of 1860m above sea level. A sped up footage of the descent, can easily compete with a good roller coaster. The Swiss also build traditional funiculars, best in the world apparently, so if you ever go skiing, it will most probably be the Doppelmayr funicular taking you up. Recently, this company has built a pretty unusual lift, but to get to it, you first need to jump on this old guy… Local drivers here look so vibrant, that they can surely earn lots by leading corporate events. It takes around 15min, to go up in this wooden cart, and here it is… first in the world cabrio funicular. Yep, there is no roof, allowing Chinese tourists to take pictures without glass interference) …and there is definitely enough to take pictures of! Cabrio lift is a genius idea! I think they should all be like this from now on. Completely different emotions! It’s like… Ouch My ears are popping) Funiculars can be found on many mountains, whilst this one, opens up the views on Lucerne town, and gives you a chance to listen to a Chinese horner) There is not much to do on top, and people come here solely for the cabrio lift. A return ticket up will cost you 80$ …that’s if you park your car properly! But if you are like me… it may come out a tad more expensive. Guys, even a Swiss fine looks nice and pretty) …incredibly neat. I actually knew that I’ll get a fine, because I didn’t have enough change and the train was leaving already, so I didn’t have much time… 40CHF Now I need to figure out where to pay for it. A fine can be paid in any post office. You get a ticket, queue up, then fill up the form, withdraw cash, because cards are not accepted, pay, and receive a paper that states that you are not a felon. With pure conscience, and empty pockets, we proceed further! All there is left to tell you is about most technological and beautiful part of transportation. THE TRAINS Trains are one of symbols of the country, and their precision is comparable to Swiss watches, whilst they depart extremely often. To give you an idea, trains depart every 20 minutes from the most distant village in the West to the most distant village in the East. Most trains are equipped with children quarters, so the screaming kids do not disturb other passengers. Of course these trains are one of the most expensive in the world, A Zurich to Bern ticket, cities that are 100km apart, costs 60$. The best part about the railroad though, are the notched lifts, that help the trains to tackle steep inclines, which means that Swiss trains operate even in the mountains, uncovering jaw dropping views. As per my promise, this is the most beautiful Swiss bridge… The Landwasser viaduct, and once your train rolls on to it, you become part of a Harry Potter film set. I can watch this forever… As if you are watching a newly assembled a toy rail road. Now, I was eager to get on board of this train! I took off to probably the most beautiful village in the country. Left my car there, and bought a ticket to Wengen. Windows do open, as naturally most people get onboard for views only. I think we can leave my comments out and just take in the views… This was my stop, but I didn’t want to leave 🙂 I was so taken by the views, that I am nearly at the last stop now and when a ticket officer saw my ticket, he showed me a table with fines, and that it’s 90CHF so I said that I’ll pay for it, to which he replied that he won’t let me, and helped me to get on the train back.) That’s the Swiss for you, although I was happy to pay the fine, he just didn’t let me) These trains are hypnotic! It’s like an amusement park, where you watch a film in 4K, 8K, or even higher quality that hasn’t been invented yet. It’s time to show you the most fabulous village in the whole of Switzerland. Meet Lauterbrunnen! Wbat you see now, is the middle-earth from Lord of the Rings. John Tolkien, the book author, came up with the land of elfs after he visited this village, and it left an indelible impression on him. …and really, it’s very hard to believe, that this place exists in real life. It’s pure magic, that comes from a fairy tale book. …and again, since we are talking about celebrities, let me show you a bunch of places related to famous people who used to live here. First, it’s the St Germain mansion, situated in the French part of the country. It is home to a museum dedicated to Hans Ruedi Giger, who came up and painted The Alien. Ridley Scott came across Hans’s book and saw what he was looking for. The first Alien prototype was made out of branches and something else… To be precise, meat, condoms and slime, which is sort of a gooey material. It is interesting what was going through Han’s head, to come up with Alien, living in such well established country like Switzerland. Next, is a Corseir Sur Vevey cemetery, home to Charles Chaplin and his wife’s graves. Not many of you may know, that remains of his body were stolen shortly after, to then be resold to his family. The body is back, but there is now 2 metres of concrete that protect the grave. They have also installed a sensor that makes a high pitched sound when you approach it. This is surprising, because I am alone here, there is no one else. …when usually there are always people at the celebrity cemeteries. We are now by the Geneva lake, in a rather cute and small town of Montreux, where the most famous Freddy Mercury monument is located. Initially it was meant to be set up in London, but the mayor declined this proposal, so it was put here, in one of his favourite towns. The band bought a sound studio here, located in the casino building which now serves as an expo called Queen Studio Experience. 6 Queen albums were recorded here, including… You can also gaze over costumes, hand written lyrics notes, band’s instruments,, and Srabble, which they loved to play. So if you ever come here, make sure you pop in, since entrance is free anyways. My main goal in Switzerland was to visit it’s most popular peak, the Matterhorn mountain. First I had to leave my car at the near by town. After a 20 minute train ride, you are in Zermatt, the closest village to the peak. Cars are not allowed here, so these EVs become your only option for commute. …and horses of course. We are not done with trains yet, as to get even closer to the peak, we need to take one more train. A train that takes you up the mountain …priceless! Well, here we are! This is it! The sun is down, last train has left already, but worry not, as this is part of my plan. I’m staying here for the night, and I have everything I need… Tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, some food, including muesli for breakfast, and most importantly, good optics, as I’m staying here for two things that I love… to shoot the night sky and the sunrise. I hope it’s worth it! For now, couple of words about this peak… Don’t really have much to say, because it’s incredible, and you may have seen it many times before. Yep, the Toblerone mountain, which is the most famous Swiss chocolate. Matterhorn is deemed as the most beautiful peak in the world, due to its pyramidal form, and sides facing the four compass points, and to spend a night here, is a dream of many photographers, including mine. …and I am about to fulfill it! My cam was shooting all night, until the battery died… Let’s see what came out of it… Needless to say, it was a splendid morning, as any morning near the summit just can’t go wrong, but morning at the base of Matterhorn is an emotion unlike any. The prosaic part of this is, that for you this will finish with nice pictures, whilst for me it’s just the beginning, as I need to descent …one way or another …don’t really know how and maybe even by foot find my car, and leave this place. All good, I made it to the train. Beautiful here, isn’t it? It’s beautiful everywhere but I still can’t get used to it. I just checked my odometer, and realised that I have done 7600km, since the start of this European trip. Crazy things… I think it’s time to go home, although I so don’t want to. It’s a great country! If you decide to visit, prepare for it’s views and a hefty spending… But it’s worth coming here not only for the views, but the tranquility, high quality service, and amazing roads. Tranquility is everywhere here. Honestly, I find it harder and harder to be surprised by something, but Switzerland has won me over. Even a week after the shoot, I still take pictures, stop in awe of the meadows, which I saw dozens of time, and they still surprise me! This country is definitely in my top 10. If you’ve never been here, do come and visit. It’s definitely worth it! Travel more guys, and you won’t be disappointed! …I mean just look at this These meadows, and a train… Yep!

    Trains, Bus in Kyrgyzstan | Useful Apps for Tourist
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    Trains, Bus in Kyrgyzstan | Useful Apps for Tourist

    November 11, 2019

    I am Varun. I am from Delhi In hostels, there are mixed dorms where boys and girls can stay together but you Don’t get excited You have to follow some rules I didn’t understand what he said Now we are going to Osh bazaar She is saying that prices are negotiable What the Hell am I doing! We just met all of a sudden I was searching for buses going towards my direction Which bus goes towards my hostel? Then he started searching for me then he said, come with me I have a car. I’ll drop you I was waiting to sit on that side of the car I thought he is going somewhere in my direction but he went back to the same place where we met now I am going inside my hostel today I am going to check out i stayed here for almost 5 days enjoyed the laid back life here This is how I am going to travel this time I have ample of time This is a wooden bridge And this reminds me of my grandmother she used to call these bridges something else It’s not easy to survive in a foreign country if you don’t know the local language though it’s not impossible if you use apps like Google translate Let me share my current experience I was waiting for my bus at the last bus stop I cannot make the local people understand about my destination So I left many buses which were going to my direction But ultimately I had to take help from my smartphone Then I came to know a lot of buses were going in my direction And I had already left many of them Now I’m just going to use my mobile apps to Reach my destination Very few people understand English in this city even the youngsters do not speak very good English I came here to explore this mall Probably this is written, ‘hypermarket’ in Russian It was a wild guess I couldn’t accept anything from them. As they were students infact its better to give something to students Now I will try to buy Google Pixel phone This is Tsum It is a short form of a long name which I don’t know Now I am going inside to buy a Google Pixel phone I want to work with a few brands Google Pixel is one of them I approached them, but they never replied So if you know someone from the team of Google Pixel then please convey my message to them This is Bishkek railway station very small station this is the main train station of the capital city of this country but there is a reason behind this Train network in Kyrgyzstan is very small hardly 350 kilometres long actually, this country is full of mountains almost 95% of the land area is covered by the Mountains thats why rail network is much smaller than the road network You can go to Issyk Kul in a train It is a popular tourist destination This is September and the train going towards Issyk kul has already stopped You can take a train to Balykchy to reach Issyk Kul There is a direct train from Bishkek to Balykchy From Balykchy you can catch a Marshrutka to go further in Issyk Kul This way you can get an experience to travel in Kyrgyz trains There are trains going on international routes These countries were the part of Soviet Russia So there is a train from here to Moscow, Russia also to Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan Refer their website to get the train timetable It is available only in Russian, but you can use the Translate tool I couldn’t get the proper information from the station enquiry as people do not speak in English There are 2 railway stations in this city This is Bishkek 2 There is also Bishkek -1 I wanted to know its location, but couldn’t get it Thats written over there – Bishkek 2 Bishkek-1 railway station is 6 km far from this one Bishkek was earlier known as Pishpek This train is going to Kazan, another city in Russia The train to Balykchy is operational only in Summer If you are visiting this country in Summer and planning to visit Issyk Kul then I would recommend you to take this train You can get a train from this station They are the cheapest mode of transport. Also, the route is quite scenic Usually, I take help from Google Maps to know about the buses in a city But here in Bishkek, Google Maps doesn’t have that feature So there is an application called 2GIS it will tell you about the local transportation in this country These are the buses going towards my destination After the bus drops me at a point, I have to walk for 7 minutes This also informs about the types of buses Whether it is a Marshrutka or Trolley Bus This is a good app – 2GIS A trolley bus is coming if it is #4 then I will take it thats #4 this is a trolley bus

    14 Annoying People You’ll Meet on The Train
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    14 Annoying People You’ll Meet on The Train

    November 11, 2019

    [Captions by Y Translator]
    THE PEOPLE IN A RUSH>>Ah, this is my stop. Alright. THE SQUEEZER Yeah, that’s a cool– Woah. Alright. What? What is this guy doing? Excuse me? This is not your seat. In fact, this is not even a seat, bro. You speak English? Let’s go. THE SWEATY GUYS Man, I seriously don’t
    understand people like this. I hate rude people on the train. Do you smell– THE PUSHER>>Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. THE GENTLE MAN>>Hi! Sorry. Excuse me. This is my stop. Hi. Sorry, excuse me. This is my stop, guys. Hey! Sorry. This is my stop.>>Excuse me.>>Hi. Sorry.
    This will be my stop. Can you please move? You know what?
    It’s fine. It’s fine. I missed my stop anyway. I missed my stop anyway! THE STUDENTS Oh my God! Since when was Mitosis
    part of our exam? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?>>Mitosis wasn’t part of the exam. It’s Meiosis.>>Meiosis?>>Yeah.>>They’re not the same thing?>>No!>>Then what I have been studying for?>>Oh my God.>>Give me your notes.>>I don’t have my notes.>>You don’t have notes? THE PERFECT BALANCE THE NO BALANCE THE PEEPER>>That’s a good one.
    Can you tag me in that? Wow, is that your friend? Is she attached? Add me on Instagram. Sorry, I think there’s
    a grammar mistake. You only use the apostrophe with “it’s”
    when the word means “it is” or “it has”.>>Can you just shut up?>>Is that your boyfriend?>>Are you kidding me? THE LOUDSPEAKER What? Didn’t wear clothes? How is it possible? Did you take a photo? First, you put it in. And then you take it out.>>I’m trying to concentrate here. Please, lower down your volume.>>Okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.>>Thank you. Thank you.>>I already told you not to waste time.>>Hoi.>>I’m trying to talk on the phone. Having a conversation here. Foreingner. Don’t care him. THE PARANOID>>You see, this year’s plan
    is going to be fantastic. It will be at MBS. Boom. Boom. Boom. All the women, the children, all,
    everybody will be screaming. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. I tell you, all according to plan.>>Boom boom boom?>>Yes. All I need to do is to
    press this button.>>No! Don’t do it. Wait, what’s this?>>NDP bro. 2018 was very well planned. Fireworks is also very beautiful. Can I have my phone back? Want to see? Boom. Boom. THE PERVERT>>Oh my God.
    Those are the girls from YouTube. I’m gonna take a picture. Oh. Shit. My flash is on. Okay, this is really awkward. I’m just gonna pretend
    like I’m looking for something. Play it cool. Play it cool. Looking for something. Can’t find it. It’s alright. Looking for something. THE SICK PERSON THE SLEEPER THE RESERVED SEAT>>Hi. Sorry.
    You can have my seat.>>What the hell is wrong with you? Just because I’m fat
    you think I’m pregnant, is it?>>No. No.>>I…
    >>Then what? What? What?>>You just look tired
    so I just wanted offer you.>>What? Offer what? I’m healthy and I’m strong.
    I don’t need your seat, okay? But since you offered, move. Move.>>[Announcement]:
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. This train will be delayed for 40 minutes.

    Memory based questions of DMRC Psycho test!!!
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    Memory based questions of DMRC Psycho test!!!

    November 11, 2019

    IF you want this booklet shown in video, then message us on our fb page. links are given in description. hurry only first 50 candidates will get this. IF you want this booklet shown in video, then message us on our fb page. links are given in description. hurry only first 50 candidates will get this. IF you want this booklet shown in video, then message us on our fb page. links are given in description. hurry only first 50 candidates will get this. IF you want this booklet shown in video, then message us on our fb page. links are given in description. hurry only first 50 candidates will get this. IF you want this booklet shown in video, then message us on our fb page. links are given in description. hurry only first 50 candidates will get this. IF you want this booklet shown in video, then message us on our fb page. links are given in description. hurry only first 50 candidates will get this. 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    First Class Overnight Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai ● Tour of Second Class
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    First Class Overnight Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai ● Tour of Second Class

    November 11, 2019

    Hey guys So we [just] got into our what is this first class room on the train at night time? They’re going to be making two beds here somehow. Let’s give you guys a tour. I’m gonna put my [stuff] down real quick We entered through this way, and I had a ton of bags. [I] [had] some trouble going through this door. I got stuck. It’s really narrow. It’s like a let’s see. It’s like one, two I want to say 20 inches. There are windows on the side. Bunch of uh, rooms on the left. Is my bra strip show? Should I give you like a whole view of this room? And then we have a sink right in the corner [uh] soap for you this door is a little bit heavy. [oh] Also, there’s a gentleman who came and asked if you want pringles or some other tight snack and drinks [I] said no this door is kind of heavy actually what a workout. Okay here. We have Glass puffs, and I guess we could put water bottle here. Which is this? Let’s open wherever this is. This is a connect ding door. So if you get four people then you go oh, I see I was thinking as a bathroom, but I guess not so [I] guess we’ll have to close it then and if this opens No electrical outlets perfect if you recharge with Bethenny’s you look old But then seeing color has my mails You push it in it lasts for about two seconds. [I] think [these] are the bed cushions. We have a clothing rack Very nice. Oh it looks like legs and a foot right? It looks like a someone sitting on the side and like this what happens if I switch this show switch it take over it Okay, this will work Okay, it was just a light life up Bright Dimmer and then volume If I nothing goes on I will put it on that one. [oh], what’s this? [oh] I guess this is [for] the person on the upper bed to put their stuff in you have to rochambeau or the bed I can Sleep anywhere. I also put the feeling we’re gonna start the charging party early, so later on we don’t freak out and what’s this a? Lot of things that make me want to push and pull here. We can have a dance party in here Let’s check out the restroom. Oh, this is a locking thing okay, so let’s open this Gun cause the painting [I] just so much – oh You’re stronger than me august Okay, we got lucky We’re located right next to the restroom and what doesn’t squat with it. [oh] my gosh is a squat to my lips blocks power and Years [no] The rooms are actually bigger since the stinking public that I just completed my business is push to flush Sherlock whoa Sure, [but] love love love Yo, if you want to see the sights the passing landscapes definitely [ride] this during the daytime however it is a long ride How many hours of this, era? It’s 12 hours 12 are already much [1313] are right however if you Take this right during the night time then you could save money on accommodation. Yeah. I try some watermelon [seeds] sure pick this up from 7-Eleven for only 6 Baht I Mean how much can you charge for watermelon seeds to be honest? I’ve never seen watermelon seeds so big because my finger Exactly my [fundament] Maybe you don’t use it [all] sorry is not only I Think you got species outside. I thought it’s like a shell see. There’s a white thing that comes out of the show There’s not a snack you eat when you’re really [hungry] because if you’re really hungry, you’ll have no patience to get to the inside Okay, I found it a trick you put it in your mouth like vertically like this not horizontally vertically and ago You hear that crack [break]? bad If you’re not a patient person this little train you to become patient Alright, so it looks like this is armrest It looks like appropriate Let’s put it back up so Sarah how do you like this place? How does it make you feel? It feels like a blast to the [Pad] Feels like we [timed] out to the 90s yeah, [oh], and the wi-Fi doesn’t work here, so it’s kind of nice Yeah, you know you don’t get stuck in the internet zone. You just really like Enjoy everything for what it is So let’s say we make a couple stops on the way to chiang mai dinner time Well my meal looks a little withered and sad, but it’s okay I’m gonna add some of the cashews like [got] from Saudi [love] [it] and Sarah. What’s you good tech your mouth? What I notice is when the Thai people cook they don’t get all their garlic all the time So I will use that tactic what I cook and people question me like why should do that [that] is I you think this Thai style so mix acceptable if you really want to know what’s in here. It’s carrot baby corn Broccoli [I] see some cabbage in there as well and tomato that does not look like food. It looks like a pet it looks like a giraffe Is it a sandwich [I] doesn’t have a butthole We’re right here. Oh right here. Oh, [bellybutton] cashew time I’m going to use the restaurant in the back you Oh, no, if I got a bag of chips for 40 bucks at the end of the [hoppers] I see They give a towel than this one and [here] we have a blanket Use our super fit It’s a better game I Felt your bottom lip that was contacts [yah-yah-yah] [delivers] very juicy Hello, we could play so many times This cracker box tell you exactly how thick it is. It’s three millimeters in diameter trade started to move So I wasn’t expecting anything, but once I got up here it feels very fun. Here’s a little shelf Okay Peekaboo oh my bed and let’s hang this in our closet My little shelf [I] can look [outside] action People okay, actually because we’re right next to bathroom. We can see if there’s a queue on the other side of curtain Sarah parked her stuff on the shelf and I parked on myself here this light goes on Whoa [that’s] really great [you] a little hand [luck] here put my water inside Our charging station, and that’s the light switch on and off and because it’s not too far away from me I could turn it on and off Yeah, so if you want me to switch the light off there. I’ll do it And I’m in charge of Ac up here. [do] you know typically being on the second floor like a bunk bed? People don’t always like it, but there’s a lot of amenities The travel agents are saying that it could get quite cold at nighttime because the Ac over is still too cold right now After all we can adjust these guys I Recommend that you take a shower before you take the sweeper train another tip is use the restroom when the train stops Because I just use the restroom right now It’s like playing a point-And-shoot game What time [we’re] waking up again? If you can sleep [through] this you can sleep through anything And looking outside it was all cityscape for now. It’s all just query now let’s say I slept better than expected but if you’re a light sleeper, I prefer when you take the daytime train instead Summa will be here at 7:00 a.m.. As for [makeup] this morning. I’m not going to be try gentlemen This one has been showered. Oh, we’re here you buy everything the gentleman just took my bag and we [come] power. Hope you guys enjoyed the tour [of] the [train] right to find out with you today Get a greek goodbye

    Our Alaskan Cruise 2014 on Holland America’s Amsterdam
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    Our Alaskan Cruise 2014 on Holland America’s Amsterdam

    November 10, 2019

    This is the story of our family’s first adventure to Alaska on Holland America’s cruise ship, “The Amsterdam.” On our way we would make a stop in Oregon for Trevor’s grauation and pick up Nana, who would be our fellow adventurer. Where are we off to? Alaska! Brynn, will you check under the car? Any cats? After checking the garage carefully for cats we headed to Billings where we spent the night and fueled up on breakfast. Then we were off cross-country headed for Oregon where we would meet up with Trevor. We saw a lot of great places along the way and we enjoyed some great food. The drive from Sheridan, Wyoming to Ashland, Oregon is about 20 hours so we tried to break it up as much as we could with stops along the way. This was a refueling stop. We stopped in the tiny town of Grass Valley, Oregon so that the kids could let off some steam. Well, all of us were able to let off a little bit of steam. We leaned over the bridge at the Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint. We entered Crater Lake National Park where there was still a lot of snow in June. Brynn loved it. Crater Lake Lodge is located 1,000 feet above the lake on the southwest rim of the Crater Lake Caldera. It’s almost 100 years old having been built in 1915 to provide overnight accommodations to visitors. We arrived in Ashland after dark. Go knock! Hi, Trev! Hey, you guys made it! As soon as we arrived in Ashland we took Trevor with us to the Medford Oregon Airport where we picked up Nana. She flew in this evening from Dallas to see Trevor’s graduation. and, of course, to see the rest of us. Yeah, now we say, “Oh, isn’t it great they graduated,” “and they have a job.” As soon as her bags arrived, we headed out for ice cream, and then back to our hotel. Trevor’s graduation! Yeah? What time is it, Krista? It’s 7:17 … in the morning! Today Trevor would graduate with his master’s degree in music from Southern Oregon University. He already has a job lined up this fall teaching elementary school kids music in Portland, Oregon. [music playing] There he is. He just came past. I see him. I see him. Trevor Scott Bateman [wild cheering] [applause] [more applause] [music playing] After Trevor’s commencement ceremonies at Southern Oregon University’s campus were over we took Trevor and Moses out to eat lunch. We chose Smithfield’s in downtown Ashland where we sat outside under the shade of a live oak tree to eat our meal. [music playing] They had great steaks and ribs and all kinds of things on their extensive menu. [music playing] Last but not least. All right! When we were done eating our meal we all went outside and stood for a family photo. It was late in the day and we had to head for Seattle. We stopped in Portland on our way to see my nephew Zach Parsons who had just moved to Portland after graduating from BYU in landscape management. We had a fun time eating a buffet meal together even though the restaurant was suspiciously empty. Happy Father’s Day! Happy Fathers Day! Today was the day we would finally board the ship and we were all very excited to head for the port in Seattle. There’s the Space Needle over to the left. You can see it now. This is kind of ruining my video, rain! Well, welcome to Seattle! It’s right there: the smaller of the two. We arrived dockside at Holland America’s cruiseship, the Amsterdam. Tate, turn around. She’s gonna band you like a goose! These little red guys, don’t they look like they’re from a 40s movie? Let’s go explore the boat! [music playing] [ship’s announcement tones sound] Well, once again ladies and gentlemen, this is your cruise director. [unintelligible announcements overhead] Again, welcome on board. So glad you made it. And you are in for an Alaskan adventure! [music playing] You’re not going to be overdressed for this place. Tess, what’s happening? we’re moving! I’m so excited! It is. It’s pretty cool, huh? Daddy, will it go fast? Yeah. It’s going to go much faster than this. Are we in the sea? Yeah. That’s a sail. Oh, so you need cloth so the wind will push it? That’s right. The wind pushes the sail. but we don’t need cloth? No. We have a different kind of boat that we’re on. We’re on a diesel ship. A diesel ship? Yeah, so we don’t need the wind to sail with. So … so how do we get across? We have an engine and propellors. Oh. What are propellors? This evening we got dressed up and went to the ship’s fancy restaurant The Pinnacle Grill. Scoot around and I’ll sit by you. How was the escargot? Actually I thought it was pretty good. It was good, wasn’t it? How was the escargot, girls? It was actually … it was not bad. It was surprisingly good, wasn’t it? I got a ribeye. It’s very good. Your ribeye looks pretty good. My filet mignon is delicious. It’s really good. After dinner we went down to the lounge to see shows and comedians. Okay, ask any one of the girls. The best part about a cruise ship is breakfast in bed. You just check boxes the night before and it magically appears. The pool isn’t bad either. And then there’s ice cream available 24 hours a day. Our cruise ship even had a shopping mall set up outside around the pool so that we could buy souvenirs from Alaska without even having to get off of the boat. Tess found a wolf who would be her companion on the boat. By far one of our favorite activities was just sitting and talking after eating a meal in the lido buffet. Hi, Brynn! Hi, Dad! Both Tate and Tess made friends in the kids’ program Club HAL We soaked up the sun in the crow’s nest while we listened to people cheer for the United States in the World Cup games. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon they served High Tea. Maybe a strawberry on top. We experimented with all kinds of herbal teas. Okay, what kind of tea is it? Orange spice. Orange spice. All right let’s see it change color. Ready? Yeah, I’m ready. I’m excited. Is it changing color yet? Not yet. I’ll shake it. What did you get? All sweet. [laughter] Well, it’s kind of a … I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s not bad. and then I got chocolate and white woven bread and an eclair. I got banana bread and whatever this is with berries. And I had a big dollop of cream here that I used on my almond roll. But what was the best part? Better, even better than the chocolate? Breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed. You just ordered breakfast and had breakfast in bed? So what did they bring you for breakfast this morning? I had orange juice, hot chocolate eggs, ham Froot Loops That’s it. Toast. I’m going to get toast tomorrow with a bunch of things of Nutella Nutella, huh? How many packets of Nutella are you going to order? Ten. All right. Time for a nap? I’m feeling the ship move here. What did we get, Tate? We got a sting ray! A sting ray! It’s a sting ray on the bed! It’s quarter till ten and the sun’s still up! It looks like it’s five! Isn’t that crazy? The midnight sun. Are you going to bed? Say, “No, I’m waiting for my shrimp cocktail.” If you fall asleep, what happens to your ice cream? Dad will eat it. Don’t you dare do it! It’s Tuesday morning and we woke up and this is what we encountered outside. We’re supposed to go sightseeing today in a fjord to see a glacier but it’s pouring rain outside. The winds are going. There’s probably … ten-foot swells. There were five-foot yesterday and these are at least twice as high. And there’s a dense fog that’s settled in. [excited chatter] Tate brought this back to the table and I said, ” Ah,” “Tate, that looks good.” “What kind is it?” And she said, “I don’t know,” “I just wanted the raspberry.” And it’s gone. Yeah, it’s self-serve now. Krista says the eggnog mousse tastes like Christmas. Does it? Oh, yeah. What did you find? I don’t know. It just looked good. Eggnog. Eggnog mousse. Mint tea? It’s very good. Did you know you can make them from the fresh mint leaves in our garden? Yeah, but I … I don’t want to. Oh. The rain and fog continued in Stephens Passage off the southeastern coast of Alaska. We were headed for Tracy Arm Fjord where we would see a large glacier at its end. We found ourselves jockeying for a good position where we might be able to see the glacier better maybe somewhere dry and warm. Pretty wet out here, isn’t it, Tate? Yeah. Look at that fog! Hey, cool. It’s kinda moving in. Tracy Arm Fjord is a long narrow waterway just wide enough to allow a cruise ship to pass. It’s gorgeous! Isn’t it beautiful? Steep granite walls rise right up out of the ocean and waterfalls stripe the sides of the fjord. Over 30 miles long up to a third of the fjord is covered in ice. At the end of the fjord are the twin Sawyer Glaciers I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t be inside either. We weren’t sure how close we would be able to get to the glacier because of large chunks of ice floating in the water. But there it was: Sawyer Glacier. it’s huge! Do you see it, Tess? Do you see the big glacier down there? Dad, that’s the thing where they did the thing for the Titanic! I took a picture of her family and they were standing in front of the glacier and it was a very nice picture and then right before I snapped it she went … [holds up fingers] like that. [laughter] So now they’re letting the port side of the boat see the glacier so everybody gets a chance from their stateroom. – There was a family that was taking pictures – Uh huh? with a little girl who was about two, two-and-a-half and they were holding up a packet of saltines and she would smile because she saw the saltines and then they’d take it away and then they’d take another picture and hold it up so she’d smile. Go inside where it’s warm now? – Yes. I got on the elevator and this little kid ran off laughing. So I get on the elevator and I see all the buttons have been lit up like a Christmas tree and I went, “Oh!” No, I didn’t think it was very funny Now it’s … Now it’s a little funny [laughter] Tate is all dressed and ready to go to dinner. Tate is ready or Tess is ready. [laughs] one of those T and T kids I think you can get that as your side dish. I think we should get the seafood platter and the duck paté for dinner. – I want to try duck paté. – Duck paté? Brynn: What happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise. Like in “The Office”? On a cruise anything can happen. I’m eating it the fancy way … but not the fancy way. 10:12 at night! It looks like it’s 7 or 8 out there! And … It’s still light out there! We’re in Juneau. Here’s the view from the window. We got off the boat in Juneau and it was our first time in Alaska. We were sure glad it was June because it was freezing cold. We found some benches where we sat down to put on hats, gloves, coats and scarves whatever we could find. The tram takes us up there to the top of Mt. Roberts. – Thank you. Alright. Jump on. The Gold Belt Mt. Roberts Tramway opened in 1996 It connects downtown Juneau to the top of Mt. Roberts which is high above downtown Juneau. The people here say that it’s the only aerial tramway in southeast Alaska and it rises steeply 1800 feet. [laughing] That’s the halfway point. The tramway took us high above a rainforest to the mountain house where we had great views of the city of Juneau and Gastineau Channel which is a narrow strip of seawater between two mountains. The people who operate the Mt. Roberts tramway claim that it its one of the most vertical tramways in the world. Don’t rock the tram! We weren’t sure exactly what we would find at the top but we did find a goat and a gift shop, so… it was pretty fun. Ah, that’s nice. We did find a theater where we learned about the Tlingit Indian tribe native to Juneau and we did see some people playing Christmas music in the lobby. That’s how cold it was. We left the gift shop and went out to the observation deck to look out at the city and water below. Oops! Careful, Nana! We also checked out the map and found the Nature Center. Do they make you carry that in your teeth? He’s taking me hiking with my walker! How’s the Nature Center? It was soon time to leave our perch atop Mt. Roberts We headed back down to sea level and then boarded some buses that were waiting for us. We had tickets for the ‘Best of Juneau’ whale watching tour and so we boarded busses to take us north to Auck Bay. Here we would board a sight-seeing boat to see humpback whales on their annual summer migration to Alaskan waters. The boat was named the St. Gregory. Sounded safe enough. [overhead] All right, good morning everyone and welcome aboard the St. Gregory. As we get underway this morning I do have a few safety announcements for you. Today we do have some complimentary beverages We have hot chocolate and then we’ll be setting out some donut holes here in just a few minutes and those are complimentary, as well. Nana found the hot cocoa and Tate found the donut holes so all was right. [overhead] So we do have to keep our eyes all around the boat looking in the water and also along the shorelines. You never know what we’re going to see out here on the water. And all of a sudden, there they were. We saw them. [announcer] It looks like we have two right there. So the humpback whales do travel From Hawaii back to Alaska every summer. So this is their feeding ground. So the humpback whale population around the Juneau area is here right now for one reason and that is to eat as much as they can before they return back to Hawaii where they have their breeding and feeding grounds. – Oh! – He’s slapping the water! Oh! [laughter] [camera shutters clicking] Look there’s one right here close! … so getting to see that pectoral fin is a sight that we don’t usually get to see at all. I didn’t even mention the pectoral fin in my “what to look for” … We waved goodbye to the whales and they waved back with their pectoral fins. We had been watching the whales in a place called North Pass just off the southern tip of Lincoln Island. Now we headed south to Colt Island where we would eat a salmon lunch at Orca Point Lodge. The tide was out and it was pretty windy when we arrived at Colt Island but we brought our appetites with us. We walked up the dock in search of the lodge and its dining room. What kind of tea is that? mint? mint herbal tea? As long as you have no hand sanitizer on you can pretty much touch anything You’re not going to touch that one are you? After lunch we got back on the boat and they took us back to the dock at Auck Bay. Here we boarded a bus which would take us to our next stop Mendenhall Glacier, just north of Juneau. The buses dropped us off and promised to return. We walked along a pathway with lots of others to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center part of the Tongass National Forest operated by the United States Forest Service. The center receives half a million visitors a year most coming, like us, from cruise ships. Mendenhall Glacier is a 12-mile-long glacier fed by hundreds of miles of smaller glaciers. We had some great views from the balcony and windows of the visitors center. We had to put up with a little bit of shaming about receding glaciers and how evil people are but I thought the glacier was beautiful and the ice was really blue. How old is it? 200 years old. Is it cold? [laughter] Turn around … and pose. The buses did come back as promised and we got on board and headed back to the cruise ship. We managed to stay dry as the rainstorm didn’t hit until after we boarded the buses. Of course, it was still sprinkling when we arrived back at the cruise ship. We were all very happy to find the Lido Buffet waiting for us back on the ship. It’s just after seven in the morning and we have arrived in Sitka, Alaska. This is our first view. There’s no dock or anything so we have to anchor and then they have little tender boats that bring us in to the dock. So … I bet that was that crashing sound and big splash. Nana’s already down there. – Oh, Nana’s on another one? – Okay. Down you go. Thank you. Over you go! Wow! In the confusion of getting to the tenders Nana had left before us and so we were separated. She had taken the boat just ahead of ours. We caught up to her when we got to the dock, though. We have our own welcoming party! Look! Well, that was fun! Our first goal was to find a post office so that we could send post cards. – Okay, so where’s this post office you speak of? – I think I was just appeasing you for the time being. [laughter] We did find a post office and a gift shop as well. We found that Sitka didn’t have a whole lot of attractions if you weren’t going whale watching and we had just been, in Juneau, yesterday. Get it? Good job! We made the best of it and we explored the green space along the waterfront. We looked at boats. Yeah? If we lived here … If we lived here is this where we’d keep our boat? Yup! We found a boat with a tent on it for camping. We decided our boat was more comfortable than the one with the tent. We arrived at the Sitka Sound Science Center and saw and touched all kinds of starfish, mollusks and anemones. What’s that Tate? An anemone. [laughter] – Oh-oh-oh! They just disappear! – I want to do it! – Okay! – Okay. Touch it. – Touch it. – Ooh! – Ixnay on what? – I don’t know. – I was so confused. I was, like, wait. [laughter] -What were we pointing out, Nana? – The amorous starfish? – Those loving starfish. Yes. Until my smart-aleck granddaughter said It was … a reflection! With that, we left the Sitka Sound Science Center and headed back along the waterfront to Harrigan’s Centennial Hall where we enjoyed a free concert featuring a cellist and a pianist playing Bach. [cello and piano music playing] [applause] Ketchikan, Alaska and wouldn’t you know it it was pouring rain. The first thing we did when we got off the ship was find a portico where we could hide out from the rain and figure out how to put our rain ponchos on. – It’s just a poncho, honey There’s no … there’s no arm hole. We made our way along the docks in our rain gear to our Bering Sea Crab Fisherman Tour aboard the ‘Aleutian Ballad’ This fishing vessel was one of the ships featured in season 2 of the Discovery Channel’s show “Deadliest Catch” and now it gives tours to cruise shop passengers who want to see how their dinner is caught. We found some seats in the stands up out of the rain and waited for the show to begin. – The spines are venomous. Now it’s not enough venom to kill you but it will enhance the experience. They took us out to an island inhabited by scores of bald eagles and we watched in amazement as they tossed chunks of fish to the eagles. who were obviously very happy to see our tour boat arrive. – They swooped down, swooped over, swooped … You could not take a picture and miss an eagle. – How many eagles do you think there were? – I think there were about sixty. – Yeah. – Maybe. Maybe more. – And what kind of eagles were they? – Bald eagles. Big, massive, American bald eagles. – Yeah. – They were gorgeous. And then they pulled up the first crab pot and the fun really began. Hold it up closer to your face. It makes a better picture. There you go. [laughing] – It’s creepy. – Nice work, Tate. – Are you going to hold this one Nana? – Yeah. Ooh, he’s touching me. – Yeah, but, but, he can’t … he’s not going to hurt you. – ah ah ah ah ah He’s not going to hurt you. – Okay. – Okay. Let’s do this quick. He kind of scratched me. Well, but he’s not going to pinch you. [nervous laughter] Nana, you look so brave [laughter] – Ooh, his little legs get you. – I know, but he’s … his pinchers are kind of close to me. – Tip his head down a little. There. Hold it up. Hold it up! Well, this one looks like you might have pulled him off the buffet. Tess, do you want a turn? No? Okay. Can you grab him right there? Now his tail can flip. He’s got a … What’s that? – He’s exuding black stuff. Is that caviar? [laughter] – I don’t know. – Yeah, that’s the first thing that looks delicious to me. – I’ll take your picture with him. – No. … right behind my fingers. They also showed us king crab and a large octopus they pulled up as well. [applause] It was a great voyage and we had lots of hands-on fun with sea creatures. While the rest of us headed back to the ship by way of the souvenir shops by the docks Brynn and I made a quick detour to see Creek Street. We had to hurry to be back on the ship by midday. Creek Street is a historic boardwalk shopping area built on wooden pilings along Ketchikan Creek. A century ago it was a red light district. but now there are art galleries, museums, and clothing shops along the creek. – Look at this and look at this. – Look at the size of her spoon! – No, you should just scoop it all in at once! Do it! – Ooh, that’s good! – Isn’t that good? [laughter] [laughter] – She does a little lemon mousse dance every time she … – It gives me a chill when I … Are you going to film this entire thing? – So far it’s been pretty entertaining! [laughter] Okay, watch … watch. [laughter] And yet you keep eating it. – I know. I can’t stop. Don’t you guys feel bad you didn’t get a lemon mousse? – We think it’s the giant spoon. that’s our theory. [laughter] – It gets you right there. I really enjoyed that! [laughter] – Where’d you get that? You guys look good. [chatter] [clapping and rhythmic singing] [cheering] I’ve got some herbal tea and some cheese and crackers coming with room service. I’ve got my show. – And what’s outside your window? – Huge waves! – Is it rocking? -And they’ve been hitting the window! – Yeah? – which is not comforting. After I called room service I was thinking … hot chocolate! On our last full day at sea the ship had a talent show for the kids on board. Both Tess and Tate invited us to come and hear them sing. – We’re going to go ahead and get started. So first please welcome Isabella and Tess [singing] …and here I’ll stay Let the storm rage on The cold never bothered me anyway. [applause] All right. Tate is nine years old from Wyoming and she’s going to be singing a song. [singing] Didn’t know I was lost Didn’t know I was lost Didn’t know I was lost I didn’t know [applause] What do you have there? Is that … lemon tea? Yeah, I got the last one. Well, at first I didn’t like it but Mom won’t let me have them at home. – Good idea. We should wave to those people! Wave to them. They’re waving to you. – Wave back, stupid people from Victoria! Our last port of call was the city of Victoria in beautiful British Columbia. We left the sea terminal to board a bus that would take us on a tour of the city sights a tour that was a bit abbreviated because the ship had arrived an hour and a half late. The bus took us to The Empress Hotel on the Victoria waterfront where we enjoyed sandwiches and pastries in The Empress Tea Room. The Room is furnished with rich fabrics tapestries and hand-carved tables and has hosted royalty and celebrities. They even accommodated us with pineapple herbal tea. – …classic cucumber Moroccan chicken on a marble rye roasted ham on cranberry bread and egg salad on a mini-croissant. Our signature raisin scones with our Empress cream and strawberry jam and the trick is to lather both on very heavily citrus shortbread Earl Grey mascarpone tea cups and girls, those are chocolate tea cups, so eat away! … and a Verona dark chocolate tart. – That’s a little tea cup of chocolate – And what’s it filled with? – Sugar and cream. – Roasted ham on cranberry bread. – Ooh, that looks really, really good. – Ooh, the egg salad is good. – Hi, Brynn. [laughter] – That was just a little message to future Brynn? – I just gave myself the eye. – Oh! – and that means something – Future Brynn just said something back. When we had eaten as much goodness as we could we headed outside to enjoy the bright, late evening sky of the longest day of the year as we looked out over Victoria’s Inner Harbour. We left The Empress Hotel on the bus which took us back to the Amsterdam The kids couldn’t wait to see what the stewards might have left in our cabin. – An elephant! – An elephant? – and they gave us chocolate! – You guys got an animal? – We got an elephant! – We didn’t get one! – We got an elephant! – Take a picture of it! It was our last evening on the boat and Brynn and I took a late walk on the Promenade Deck to take in the night sea air. [announcement] You can disembark the vessel at this time please remember to have with you your stateroom key card available to scan at our security terminal one final time as you make your way off the vessel. and on behalf of all of us here on Amsterdam we hope you have a safe and very pleasant journey home. – My favorite thing was breakfast delivered to my door every day. – Wasn’t that the best part of the trip? – That was the best. Yes. I loved that. – Yeah? What was the best part about being on a cruise ship? – The attractive guys. The attractive guys on the cruise ship, huh? All right, mom, what did you … ? I liked the attractive men … [laughter] especially, there was a couple of old geezers I saw coming down the … I loved the crab ship “The Deadliest Catch” That was my favorite and I loved the whale … the whale watching Ah that one was so fun! [announcement] We will now continue with our disembarckation procedure any persons holding luggage tags purple 1, 2 and 3 … – This is us! – Did you have fun? – mmhmm – All right. I think we’re ready. And with that, we headed off of Holland America’s Amsterdam and back to the real world. We took Nana to the Sea-Tac Airport to head back to Dallas and the rest of us returned to Sheridan, Wyoming by way of the Trans-Canada Highway. We had seen great sights beginning with Trevor’s graduation and then on to our Alaskan adventure: blue ice glaciers breeching whales swooping bald eagles monstrous crabs beautiful mountains great food and great fun. It was everything a vacation should have been. – Yeah but … but he’s not going to hurt you. – Ya ha ha ha!

    A Bullet For The General (Full Spaghetti Western Movie, HD, English) *full free western movies*
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    A Bullet For The General (Full Spaghetti Western Movie, HD, English) *full free western movies*

    November 10, 2019

    Take aim! We’re dying for our country
    and our freedom! – Long live Mexico!
    – Fire! Kill me, kill me, you bastard! Kill me! A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL – Hey, there’s a line.
    – Go to the end of the line! Where do you think you’re going? – Where are you going?
    – As far as the train goes. – As far as Durango.
    – Okay. To Durango, then. Senor. Are you from the United States? Senor. – Do you like Mexico?
    – No, I don’t. – Look, there’s a man on the tracks!
    – Look! Stop! Stop! Driver! Can’t you see there’s a man there?
    Stop, by God! Lieutenant!
    Call the lieutenant. Where’s the lieutenant? – Why did we stop?
    – I don’t know. Driver! – What are we waiting for?
    – There’s a man on the tracks. A man? Who is it? He’s tied to the tracks… with chains. He looks like an officer. – Is he alive?
    – Yes, he’s alive. Sergeant, tell the men
    on the flatcars to be on the alert! You soldiers up on the engine, get down! Go unchain him! He has a captain’s uniform! What’s going on? Help! – Where’s Rosalba?
    – Mama! I’m here! – My child is with you!
    – Yes, over here! Lieutenant, why aren’t we moving? We have no cover up here. Driver, get as close as you can, but don’t run him over. Yes, Lieutenant. It’s impossible.
    It’s impossible. – Sergeant, send two men down.
    – Yes, sir. Giamo, Gomez, hop to it! They’re shooting
    from the other side as well! You guys go to the other side!
    Shoot toward the mountain! Fire! Here I am! We’re going to have a party! They’re going to kill us!
    Let’s move! Paulito, take cover! Let’s go! Driver! That’s it! I’m not staying here. García, stop! Are you crazy?
    Come back, García! Lieutenant, we have to get out of here! Tell the driver to move,
    or they’ll kill us all! Captain, I’m Lieutenant Alvaro Ferreira! I belong to the 7th Rurales Regiment. I await your orders.
    I don’t know what to do. I’m Captain Enrique Sanchez Campoy of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. I’m sorry to be the cause
    of these complications, Lieutenant. Give me my orders! Decide what I should do! You decide, Lieutenant. I can’t. – What?
    – I can’t! Sergeant! Answer me, by God! The sergeant is dead. Officer, can you hear me? If you leave us your weapons,
    I’ll let you go home. I’ll let you go back to your wife. Officer! You’re busting my balls! And when my balls get busted,
    things get ugly. I’m going to find a safer place.
    I’m leaving! No! They’ll get you! Come back! What the devil can we do? Are they revolutionaries? They’re damned rebels.
    Sons of bitches! – What do they want?
    – Our hides. No way they’ll let us live. Captain, I await your orders! Don’t ask me. What kind of an officer are you? You’re nothing but a coward! Take responsibility for your actions. I know I’m responsible for my men,
    but I can’t kill you! One man is worth less than sixty. All right, then. Bastards! God damn them all. Muchachos, leave the officer to me! Driver! Achilos, stop the train! Hurry! !Vamos! To the train! !Andale! Let’s go, Achilos. Adelita! The horses! !Vamos! Let’s go, muchachos! !Adelante! What’s he doing?
    Hey, you can’t go there! They killed Matías! Bastards! Over there!
    The train’s stopping! Let’s go! We’re with God and the people. We fight for God and the people. We’re your brothers! Have no fear! Nino, did you stop the train? Yes. – You killed the driver and the soldier?
    – Yes, I found a gun. With handcuffs? How did you do that?
    Tell me how you shot them with cuffs on. Like this. Easy, nino, easy. So tell me, why did you do it? They were taking me to the border. – To El Paso?
    – Yes. Why? – There’s a bounty on my head.
    – Oh, yeah? How much are you worth?
    How much money? Not as much as a train. I get it. You’ve already paid me
    by giving me the train. All right, nino, I’m in a hurry. Hands in the air. Hands in the air!
    Get ’em up! Nino, we’re even now.
    Go back to your mother. Muchachos, leave the civilians alone! Just take the weapons! And all the ammunition you can find! !Viva México! – Is there a machine gun?
    – No, only rifles. Where do these bastards
    keep the machine guns? – Vicente, any machine guns?
    – Nothing! …in peace. Amen. And you? Who are you? A priest living with those thieves? Christ died between two thieves. God is with the poor and the oppressed. If you’re a good priest,
    you should know that. Don’t touch him!
    Respect the dead! – Get out of here.
    – I said leave him alone! Hold it right there, you bastard. He killed me!
    He killed me! They’re going to kill us! They killed them! Achilos, the mules. Load the munitions on their backs. They’re going to kill us all! Quickly, muchachos! Let’s go. – Who’s that?
    – The gringo who stopped the train. Nice. Look. Do you want it? Do you want it?
    I got it for you. – Where are you going, nino?
    – I’m coming with you. Hear that, boys? This nino wants to come with us. – Why?
    – I don’t want to be hanged. I understand. – If they catch me, I’m done for.
    – Oh, yeah? I stopped the train. Besides, you need men.
    You lost several today. One. Matías, poor guy.
    He’s gone forever. Guapo, what do you think of this kid? If he’s brave… – If he’s brave, why not?
    – Okay. He stopped the train.
    He killed the driver and a soldier. Two shots, two kills. Good. – Picaro?
    – All right, but let’s get going. – Pepito?
    – He’s a gringo. I don’t like him. That’s why?
    Because he’s a gringo? No, because I don’t like him. He’s in love.
    He doesn’t count. – Santo?
    – If he helped us, we should help him. Okay. But tell him if he’s with us, he’s with the revolution. Got it, nino?
    Do you like the revolution? Wasn’t it the revolution
    that shot off my handcuffs? That’s true. It’s me.
    I’m the revolution. Muchachos, we’ve found a new comrade! Let’s celebrate! Oh, Mother of God! The horse is killing me. I can’t take it anymore. Buck up, Emilino. We can’t stop. Be brave. – I can’t.
    – Hang in there! Hey, Chuncho! – Sixty rifles.
    – Good. – How much at 30 pesos apiece?
    – Sixty times 30 makes… – A lot.
    – 1,800 pesos. 1,800. Thank you, kind sir. – There are 15 of us. How much apiece?
    – One more now, with the gringo. – But Emilino is dying.
    – Right. Then one less. – So how much apiece?
    – 120 pesos. – 120 pesos. That’s easy.
    – That’s great! Hear that, nino?
    You made 120 pesos. Happy? – It’s not much.
    – I know. We need to find some machine guns. They’re worth a lot more money. – What is it, nino?
    – Nothing. – I thought you were revolutionaries.
    – We are. Who do we sell our weapons to?
    To the revolution. To General Elías? My God. Do they know our great general
    even in the United States? I’m glad, gringo.
    Look at him! This is General Elías. He gave me this medal.
    I fought with him. My brother says he was sent by God. Hey, Picaro! Sing one of our songs
    for Emilino. He’s dying. – I don’t feel like it.
    – I’ll give you five pesos. Sing! Come on, boys! Let’s all sing! Cheer up! “Adelita!” Forgive us. Forgive us for this day. For today we have shed yet more blood. And we have killed many of our brothers. But you know that it is only
    our love that guides us. Our infinite love
    for all the creatures who suffer. Is he crazy? He’s my brother. I didn’t think he was your brother.
    He’s blond. Why not? Same mother,
    and the father, who knows? We grew up together. He’s the best of all of us. And he’s not crazy! He’s pure… as pure as a child. He doesn’t know
    we get paid for the weapons. He thinks we donate them
    for the triumph of the revolution. – Where are we taking the weapons?
    – To the headquarters in the Sierra. – Where is that?
    – In the mountains, in the Sierra. – That way?
    – Yes… But first we need to collect more weapons. – Are you coming?
    – No. – Why not?
    – I don’t feel like it tonight. – Is he dead?
    – Yes, he’s dead. May he rest in peace. Amen. It’s cold at night… if you sleep alone. Nino, I think Adelita likes you. But watch out for Pepito. Good night. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke… he doesn’t even notice women. – What do you like, nino?
    – Money. – Get me the commander.
    – Guard! The commander is busy. – Why do you want to see him, gringo?
    – I’m handing these two criminals over to him. – What have they done?
    – They attacked the train I was traveling on. – Bandits or rebels?
    – Is there a difference? No, there’s no difference. Well, look at this. – Are you the guy with the drum?
    – Yes, I am. With our national flag? You bandit! Guard! – Inside!
    – Let’s go. Move! I said inside! Let’s go! You come along too. Get a move on! Walk! Inside, you pig! – Go get the commander.
    – Yes, sir. What kind of gringo are you? English? American. American! Tiny heart, lots of money. Who gave you a medal?
    Your general? For all the soldiers you slaughtered? Well, we’re going to kill you. Should we kill you today, or should we kill you tomorrow? Should we kill you today, or should we kill you tomorrow? – Are you pulling my beard?
    – Yes, I’m pulling your beard. Then I’ll break your balls! Hold it, or I’ll shoot! Where is he? Where is this American senor? I’m Commander Hernández Montoya. Come on. Let’s go. Hurry, Eufemio. – Kill him!
    – Let’s hurry it up. !Rápido! If you touch Adelita, I’ll kill you! Give it to me. – Give that to me!
    – Good. Pepito! Come on! – Let’s go, muchachos.
    – !Hombre! Give them here. More soldiers are coming.
    They called in reinforcements! Let’s get out of here! Long live the revolution! Commander, what’s she look like? – Blonde? A brunette?
    – Is she pretty? Gentlemen, this is a real woman. She’s stupendous! The most beautiful
    that’s ever come this way. Corporal, help the lady. Fernando, some champagne. Quickly. – Welcome.
    – Welcome, beautiful lady. – At last!
    – Welcome! Hello, boys!
    Dona Dolores sent me. Good for Dolores! No more abstinence! – Muchachos, take it easy with my things.
    – Yes, miss. – It’s the new girl.
    – Reserved for the officers. – Hello, whore!
    – And what are you? A virgin? – Oh, no! I’m a whore.
    – We’re all whores here. !Guapa! – Welcome!
    – No more chastity! Easy. There’s some for everyone. Come here! Just a minute, gentlemen! One, two, three- My sister is a nun, and she embroiders
    very nice hankies for me. I was good at embroidery too as a child. Dona Dolores is a true friend to the army.
    She’s our godmother. What’s she doing? !Senorita!
    Come over here. Lieutenant! – Adelita, are you okay?
    – Yes, I’m okay. – I give up!
    – I give up! Eufemio, the weapons! – Is there a machine gun?
    – No, nothing. – Shit!
    – Nothing doing. You can have whatever you want. No need to get rough. Come to me, morena! – Are there any machine guns here?
    – No, only whores. – Excuse me.
    – No problem. What kind of shitty army
    has no machine guns? Let’s get out of here! Aim! Fire! Did you run out of courage?
    Why are you shaking? Hold it right there! Aim! Fire! Let’s go get the officers. – Water.
    – Water. – Have pity on us.
    -Water, senor. This way. Come on. Come on up. We have to agree on an exchange
    of prisoners for our officers. – Sorry, you’re out of luck.
    – Let’s talk about it. – You’re just unlucky.
    – We can arrange something. Have a little dignity.
    Please, sir, hold still! No, wait!
    This is too good for them. Leave them to me.
    Move it! Quickly! What are you going to do to them? Get down there! Take the ladder out! Throw the key in the river. This way you’ll die… a slow death. You’ll have all the time you need
    to repent your sins. Santo, this is no time for your sermons. We’ve got to hurry. Let’s go, muchachos. In the name of our president,
    Venustiano Carranza… Stop! Stop! Why are you decorating criminals? They’ve killed women and children. They’ve tortured common laborers. They’re a disgrace! They’ve pillaged, raped, slaughtered, exterminated poor, innocent victims. Tigers of Mexico, I curse you! Is that priest crazy? Nino, get a move on
    with the ammunition. Vamos, let’s go! Chuncho! There’s been an uprising in San Miguel.
    The people hold the town. – And the soldiers?
    – They killed them all. Muchachos, let’s go to San Miguel! Tonight we eat, we drink,
    and I want a woman. What’s wrong? There will be girls
    for you too in San Miguel. Come on. A little revelry! You’re always sad, nino.
    Let’s go. Let’s take the weapons to Elías’s camp first. – Then we can go to San Miguel.
    – Come on! Wake up, nino. If you come
    to San Miguel, you won’t regret it. !Vamos! We’d better go to San Miguel now. You never know when the army will come. And then the party’s over, nino.
    It’s time to live! – !Vamos, Pepito!
    – Let’s go dancing! Long live the revolution!
    Long live Mexico! Long live the revolution! Chuncho. Raimundo. – Crazy man!
    – Old fart! Welcome! – How are you, Raimundo?
    – How are you? – What happened to your arm?
    – Lost. – Where?
    – In the last fight with the army. General Elías said to me, ““Old man, go home.
    You’ve done enough for the revolution.” How about you? Me? I travel with the boys.
    I kill soldiers. I steal weapons from the army
    and give them to our general. Excellent. Elías needs them. – And who’s this?
    – An American. He’s very brave. A good guy.
    A comrade from America. The United States gives money
    to Carranza’s government. – But also to the revolution.
    – They used to. These days, they only help our enemies. -Why , gringo?
    – Why? I don’t know. I’m not friendly with
    the president of the United States. He’s “not friendly.” – But what do you think?
    – Me? I’m with Chuncho. We take weapons from the army,
    and pass them on to the revolution. Of course. Is he offended? Oh, well. Let’s go celebrate our reunion. !Vamos! No, wait. First we must kill Don Felipe. – Who’s Don Felipe?
    – The owner of the lands. All right. Muchachos,
    first we’re going to kill Don Felipe. Let’s go find this Don Felipe. – Are they coming?
    – Yes. What are you doing? Wait! – What do you think you’re doing?
    – What you should be doing. – No, darling. Please don’t.
    – Go get the cartridges. Let’s not be foolish. – I’m not saying this out of cowardice.
    – Coward! Let me go! We can talk, negotiate.
    Raimundo is a reasonable man. Let’s at least preserve our dignity. Oh, God! Oh, God! I feel ill. Rafael! It’s not fear.
    Believe me. – Rafael!
    -Yes, senora. I truly feel ill. – Rafael, come quickly!
    – I’m right here, senora. – Help me take him to the other room.
    – I can’t breathe! Come. Lie down. I’ll talk to those criminals. – Are they all at home?
    – Yes, sir, all of them. No, no, that’s champagne.
    You’ll get diarrhea. Drink something else.
    Drink red wine, hombre. Good morning. Please, come in. – Take a seat.
    – Thank you. Beatriz, Henriqueta,
    more bottles for the gentlemen. Sit down, muchachos.
    You too, Adelita. Senora, where is Don Felipe? We’re here to speak with your husband. Senora, excuse me. Could you pass the cheese? – Thank you very much.
    – You’re welcome. Senora, please have someone
    go get your husband. My husband is resting right now. You may speak to me.
    There’s no difference. – There is a difference, senora.
    – Please, sit down. – You’re Raimundo, right?
    – Yes. Is your family all right? Since when are you interested
    in my family, senora? So, what do you want? – Money?
    – No. What do you mean?
    It seemed as though that’s all you wanted. – You’ve done nothing but ask for it.
    – That’s true. We ask, and your husband, just so he doesn’t
    have to give us anything, calls the green hats… the Rurales, our murderers. – No, he didn’t call them.
    – Yes, senora, he did. My husband has always been against bloodshed. – Believe me. My husband-
    – Is responsible for our dead! Let’s not talk about the past. Raimundo, let’s try
    to reach an understanding… reasonably. – What is it that you want?
    – The land. All right. – We’ll see what we can do.
    – Nothing, senora. – The land is ours now.
    – Yes, stolen! – You see, senora…
    – Yes? The fact is that these muchachos
    would like to kill your husband. Why? Why kill him? What has he done wrong? And why are you telling me
    and not them? Because… they’re not in the habit of talking. As children, they were always quiet. Forget it, Rosario. There’s no use in talking.
    It’s pointless. So, Raimundo,
    you’ve decided to kill me. Why?
    There must be a reason. Is it just because I’m rich? No, senor. It’s because we’re poor, and you’ve done your best
    to keep us that way. – Who is that man?
    – He’s one of General Elías’s men. A brave and decorated soldier
    of our revolutionary army. Can you tell me, then,
    why they want to kill me? I understand your question, senor. Felipe, what’s happening? It’s unfortunate, but, in this life,
    people die sometimes. – Guapo, toss me the cheese.
    – All right. – I have one favor to ask.
    – Anything but your life. Ask away. Let me say good-bye
    to my mother in there, and let her and my wife leave. – What do you say, Raimundo?
    – All right. All right. – Do I have your word?
    – You have my word. But let’s get a move on. Good-bye, dear. Forgive me if I’ve disappointed you sometimes. I’ve always loved you. Felipe, what do these people want? Nothing.
    I have to leave with them for a moment. – Tell me the truth.
    – It is the truth. – What kind of a rifle is that?
    – It’s a precision rifle. Nice. Do you like it? Here. My gif t to you. – Enough!
    – No. – Cowards!
    – Where are you going? Murderers!
    Get out! Get out of here! All of you, out!
    Get out of here! – What a beauty.
    – I’ll call the army! Thieves! I’ll have you all hanged!
    I said get out! What kind of commander are you?
    You’re a murderer! – You’re all murderers-
    – She’s hot! I’m sorry. Get ready to leave, senora. You really want to leave, senora? Too bad. I like you and your red hair. Didn’t you give your word? Words fly away with the wind, nino. – Out of my way! Let me go!
    – Come on. Let’s have a private party,
    just the two of us. Haven’t we wasted enough time?
    Let her go. Why are you defending her? I was only 15
    when some other Don Felipe raped me! Why should she get special treatment? Why? Adelita, look what I found.
    It’s for you. Come and try it on. – I like her. I like her.
    – And you want to get rich, you clown? Nino. – Lazy slobs like you don’t get rich.
    – I’ll kill you. Did you hear that?
    The nino is defending the lady. But the lady wants to stay with us. Can’t you see you disgust her?
    You smell like a goat! And you’ll smell like a- Chuncho! Why, Chuncho? Why? Chuncho! What have you done? Why? Why did you kill him? Because Guapo wanted to kill the nino. And the nino is my friend. Wasn’t Guapo your friend too? Guapo is dead. Don’t worry about him. – What are you yelling about, Eufemio?
    – Oh, nothing. I came to tell you
    Don Felipe has a car. Come see! A car? That’s great.
    Let’s go see it. Good-bye, Rafael. You’re happy, aren’t you? Stop, stop! Let’s go to San Miguel in the car. To San Miguel! A car! – What’s that?
    – The gear shift. – What’s it for?
    – To shift gears. – Do you understand?
    – No. – But the horses go faster.
    – Don’t tire the horses out! Don Felipe, what kind of a car
    runs slower than horses? There are too many of us. Did you hear that? Okay, get off. – Get off!
    – Down! Down! – Idiot!
    – Get off. And now, drive faster! Wow, it’s nice. You look beautiful tonight, Adelita. What’s up with you, gringo? Nothing. I wanted to apologize
    for not noticing sooner. See? It was a good idea
    to come to San Miguel. I thought you didn’t like women, but you do. So, what are you waiting for? Are you afraid? Of Pepito? No. – Of what, then?
    – Of complications. Look… That’s never happened to me before. – Why are you here, then?
    – To say good-bye. I’m leaving. So are we. – When?
    – Tomorrow. No, you’re not. Can’t you see Chuncho?
    He’ll never get tired of the applause. He’s starting to appreciate
    the revolution again. Oh, really? And just because they’re clapping,
    I should give up on my money? After we risked our lives! No way.
    I won’t give up on it. – Why don’t you tell Pepito?
    – You bet I will. Where did that idiot run off to? Pepito! – Adelita, what is it?
    – Come here. I have to talk to you. And quit drinking! – What’s wrong, my love?
    – I’ve had enough. I don’t want to rot in this town, and I don’t want to waste my life
    always in the saddle, waiting for the money
    from the weapons forever. What’s wrong? I don’t get it. Really, you don’t get it? What are we doing here?
    Chuncho sings, Santo preaches. Everyone’s drunk, but when
    are we going to deliver the weapons? I want my money, and I’m leaving. After this trip is over, we’ll be set. The trip ends here.
    Ask the gringo. What does she mean? I was telling Adelita that Chuncho
    has no intention of leaving. Says who? Ask him.
    He’s over there. What are you waiting for, idiot? Ask him. Go on. Ask him. If everything goes well, I’ll take you with me to my country. Together? To the United States? Don’t make fun of me. – Do you like me?
    – Do you like me? – Let’s go.
    – To my house. Chuncho! – I need to talk to you.
    – Tomorrow. No, now.
    When are we leaving? I know when. When I say so.
    When I feel like it. – Let’s go.
    – Forgive me, querida. Get out of here. Forgive me.
    They’re so rude. – Look at the bull!
    – The bull of our pueblo! Eighteen, 19, 20. – Only 20 cartridges?
    – Enough to kill 20 soldiers. Watch it! – I don’t know how to shoot.
    – Then give it back! – Wait! Where are you going?
    – No, it’s mine and I’m keeping it. Raimundo, a machine gun!
    I found a machine gun! – A machine gun?
    – A machine gun? There was a machine gun hidden
    in the warehouse with tons of bullets. – No kidding!
    – And it’s brand new. – Where is it?
    – In the warehouse. Let’s go. Where are you going, my love? It shoots 20 bullets at a time.
    It can kill 1,000 soldiers in an hour. – Who found it?
    – Get out of here. Let me see. So beautiful! I’ve wanted one of these
    even more than a woman. Come on, women.
    Hurry it up! Double time! Brother, if the cavalry comes,
    we’ll roast them on a spit! You said even horses
    are God’s creatures, didn’t you? But not the government’s horses! – Anything new up there?
    – Nothing. – Keep your eyes peeled.
    – Of course, General. Excellent. – What’s going on?
    – I was waiting for you. We’re ready. – Ready for what?
    – To leave. And the rest of you?
    Are you all leaving with him? No, it’s the gringo who’s coming with us. Chuncho, come with us.
    The party’s over. Our money is waiting for us
    at General Elías’s camp. What are we waiting for here?
    The army? So they can capture us and the weapons? We can’t leave the village
    of San Miguel to be slaughtered. And what should we do?
    Get slaughtered too? That’s not why we came here. But if we’re all here with our weapons… and with a machine gun,
    we at least have a chance. Why take that chance?
    I don’t get it. We can take more weapons from the army. – That’s something.
    – We have so many already. – No, I’m done.
    – We’ve done enough shooting. The truth is, amigo, you have shit
    in your veins instead of blood. Maybe, but living shit
    is better than dead shit. – Amigo, shit will always be shit!
    – Fine. – Then give me my share of the weapons.
    – Give them to him. – What’s his share?
    – Thirty rifles. – And the ammunition.
    – Four boxes. Come on!
    Everybody, gather ’round. We have to unload the rifles and ammo. Look at these shitty warriors running away from San Miguel
    while the army is on its way. What heroism! Nino. I’m not mad at you. You’re a gringo. What do you care about Mexico? – I’d leave regardless.
    – Even if you were Mexican? – Why should I stay here?
    – For them! – Is it worth it?
    – Why? Aren’t they men like us? Look at this town, nino. They’re poor and dirty, but they’re men,
    just like us. Look at him. He doesn’t go to the barber
    or wear cologne, but he’s a man like us. Go unload the weapons. Do you understand me, nino? No. Gringo. Are you coming or not? Good-bye, General! Chuncho, you can’t do
    a bunch of things at the same time. You have to do one thing at a time. The thing that’s most worth your while. – So, are you coming?
    – No, I’m staying here. Good-bye. – Good-bye, nino.
    – Let’s go! Be brave! – Good luck, Chuncho.
    – Go on, you slut! Sons of bitches! I hope you get fucked in the ass! In the ass!
    That’s where your motherland is! Let’s go. Okay, Vicente. Hurry! – What, are you leaving?
    – We’ll be back. !Adios! Did you see that?
    They’re leaving San Miguel! Like this. Give me that. This isn’t a stick. It’s not a spike.
    Is it a spike? Is it? No? Say no. No, right? It’s a rifle, a Mauser. A great rifle.
    Everyone, look at it. You open it. You load it. You close it. You aim. You fire. Is that clear? Try it. Go on. Try it.
    It’s not hard. You open it. You load it. You close it. You aim. And you fire. – Did you drop this rod?
    – No. – So whose is it? Yours?
    – Not mine. Are we done? Should we try again? – I’m wondering why I stay with you.
    – Just because. And why should you stay with me? – Why?
    – Because we really like staying with you. Why are you leaving? Chuncho, what’s wrong? – Should we try again?
    – Go ahead, shoot. You can kill each other. You aim. Like this? That’s good. Get me the machine gun. Enough. Give me the rifle. Now go home. – Leave me alone.
    – My love, are you coming? Leave me alone. I don’t love you.
    I’ll throw this at you! – Come on.
    – Go away! Leave me alone! – What’s wrong, brother?
    – She only wants one thing. She’s never satisfied. You know, I was thinking
    we shouldn’t have let them leave. It would have been better if we had all stayed here
    together with our weapons and ammunition. Thirty Mausers
    and a machine gun will be enough. As long as you and I are here,
    no one will enter San Miguel. I know, I know. General Elías needs weapons
    more than we do. Who knows if the general
    will ever get those weapons? Why? I don’t know if the nino and those
    good-for-nothings will find the way. Didn’t you tell them how to get there? I said up the mountains, in the Sierra. What else could I say? There are no paths, nothing. – The General is waiting for those weapons.
    – I know. I know that. Watch it! I’ll kill you! Look… if it weren’t for the army,
    which could get here any second, I’d go after them, catch them and bring them back with me. I could, right? But we need you here. Yes, I know. Chuncho! They stole it! – They stole the machine gun!
    – When? Who? – This morning, when they left.
    – They asked for it in your name. In my name? Who? I don’t know his name.
    The one who sings. – Picaro?
    – Yes. Did you hear that? And you’re the one who knows
    how to read and write? Hermano, I’m going. – A horse!
    – Chuncho! Give me your hat. !Vamos! Come back soon, brother! – Come back soon.
    – !Tranquilo! I’ll be back with the machine gun tomorrow! Hurry. It’s Chuncho! Picaro! Eufemio! Get my horse. Get off! No one can steal a machine gun
    in my name! Is that clear? All right. Should we go? Not that way! This way! Why? Because you can’t go
    to General Elías’s headquarters. It’s too dangerous.
    There’s fighting there. There’s a different place where Elías’s men
    bring us our money. We’ll go there. Didn’t you want to see the general? Of course I’d like to. But, for now… I’ll be satisfied with his photograph. Some other time,
    some other time. Adelita, guapa, let’s go! Let’s go, horse! General Elías’s men! Chuncho!
    How come there is only one? I told you they’d come. – But only one?
    – There are the others. – No, they’re soldiers!
    – Pepito! – Rurales!
    – Pepito! – Where are the others?
    – There, at the watering hole. – What’s going on?
    – Rurales! – We’re screwed.
    – Get us more ammunition. Go, Vicente! Nino, the machine gun! Take cover! Quick! Hurry! – News of the general?
    – Everything’s fine. – Did you bring the weapons?
    – Of course. – But where are the others?
    – They were captured. Now we’ll have some fun.
    Grab a Mauser. Vicente has been hit. – Fire, nino.
    – Easy. What are you waiting for?
    Come on! Come on, damn it! Shoot! Listen to the machine gun sing! Come on, nino! Another one. Another! They’re coming back. Watch out for Adelita, nino. Another one. Pepito, more ammunition. Quick! Pepito… What have you done? What have you done, you idiot? Come here, sons of bitches! !Cabrón!
    Come here! Wait, nino. Stop. I’ll take care of those guys. Where are you going? Come here! I have to shoot you! Good thing you had the machine gun. Come here. Don’t leave! Is he dead? Maybe he didn’t have it. Maybe one of the others was carrying it. But why them? Fuck! That means he didn’t bring the money. Or did you take it, nino? – Yeah, and I already spent it all.
    – Yeah, yeah. Now we have to go to the general’s camp. And Vicente is dead. – Eufemio?
    – Dead. Pepito? Dead. Adelita, buck up. – Buck up, muchacha.
    – I’m leaving. – Where are you going?
    – I’m leaving. Muchacha. In this life, people die sometimes. What about your share of the weapons? Did you get the money? No, nothing here. But if you come to the camp with us… we’ll split the money three ways. Do you have any money? I don’t know what you’re looking for. I’ve never understood you,
    and I don’t even care anymore. Pepito is down there.
    Bury him. Are we going to waste more time
    burying them? What’s wrong, nino? Do you feel sick? Come here. Let’s go. It’s nothing, nino.
    You’re not used to this life. Now… with a little fire,
    everything will be all right. No, it’s malaria. Malaria? Get my pills from my bag. – Get what from your bag?
    – The vial with the quinine. The vial with the quinine. It’s a little glass vial. Glass? Okay. – The whole thing?
    – Four. Four. Take this. Take it. This is no good. I’ll give you
    some good medicine, nino. Chew this. It’s good. Mescal is good for the body,
    for the head and for love, nino. It helps you sleep, dream. – Drink up, nino.
    – Thank you. – Chuncho.
    – What? I don’t understand you. You keep wasting time,
    thinking of others. – Me? Who do I think of?
    – Me, for instance. You could have left on your own
    and taken all the money for yourself. Well, I don’t like to work alone. – Chuncho.
    – What? Do you know a Hotel Morelos
    in Ciudad Juárez? I don’t know any hotels. If we get separated, find it. – Why should we get separated?
    – Something might happen. Nothing ever happens, amigo. Nino, why do you have
    a gold bullet in your bag? It’s… a good-luck charm. – Like this is for me?
    – Right. Good luck! Let’s go. The general’s camp is nearby. Just think, nino. That money is all ours.
    We’ll divide it all between us. !Vamos! LAN D AND LI BERTY – Chuncho, are you still alive?
    – Chuncho can never die. – How are things here?
    – We’re waiting for weapons. – How about down there?
    – It’s hell. Vamos. – Too hot?
    – Hot and bloody. This here is heaven. A heaven where we starve. – Not enough to eat?
    – Nothing at all. I have a machine gun for the general. – Go on, eat it.
    – Thank you! Hombre, he’s a friend of mine. Let’s go! Adios, senor. Hey, kids, who’s the oldest? Come here. Divide it fairly.
    One chunk apiece. Come forward. – Two.
    – Two. Hold it. How many? – Five.
    – Five? – Three.
    – Three. Catch. Paquita. Catch. Good, Paquita. Another one. Stop. – Senor, now do you like Mexico?
    – No. So what are you doing here?
    Why don’t you go back to your country? I sell weapons.
    It’s a job like any other. I wouldn’t sell weapons to people I disliked. Because you’re not a professional.
    Chico, learn from General Elías. He buys my weapons and doesn’t complain. – Good-bye, revolutionary.
    – Adios. – How many survivors in the town?
    – Not many. – Are they here?
    – Yes, we put them in the chapel. – Are there many dead?
    – Yes, many. Hombre. Senor. A machine gun. Look. It’s fantastic.
    The latest model. It uses the same bullets as the Mauser. One… machine gun. Go on. Out. One, two, two. That’s it. How much? – How much what?
    – The amount. Five thousand pesos. Good. First, the general wants to see you. The general? To see me? Great. They resisted as long as they could,
    but there were too many soldiers. – Nothing could be done.
    – General. Here he is. Come forward. – Come, Chuncho.
    – Well met, General. I have a picture of you.
    It’s your spitting image. Take a seat. Move. It’s been a long time
    since you fought with us. Now we must talk about money. And about the weapons I brought. Did you hear about the machine gun?
    It’s amazing. Yes, I know. – What’s the total, Tomás?
    – Five thousand pesos. – Five thousand pesos.
    – Pay him. This time, Chuncho… has done well for himself. – Thank you, General.
    – Just a minute, Chuncho. I need your advice. – Mine?
    – Yours. Sit down. Three days ago, Carranza’s army
    took back the town of San Miguel. All the townspeople died, because they had no weapons
    to defend themselves. It was a massacre. – Really?
    – Yes. One man profited from this massacre. A man who profits
    from the deaths of his brothers… Does he seem like a man to you? What would you call him? A bastard. And what would you do to him? I would kill him. Your comrades from San Miguel
    are dead, all of them. And you’ve made 5,000 pesos. Have me shot. – Ramirez.
    – Yes, General? No, I must punish him. He’s my brother. My blood. And you? What do you have to say about it? What can I say, General? Who knows? Maybe death will be less ugly
    if my brother shoots me. Here, cashier.
    I don’t need any money where I’m going. Good-bye, Chuncho. Good-bye, General.
    Long live Mexico! Good-bye, beautiful.
    I’m leaving! I don’t like this spot, brother.
    It stinks of pig shit. Let’s go a little further. Hermano, Santo, won’t you let me
    make confession or absolve me? There is no absolution for what you did. – Prepare yourself.
    – But you said God is good and generous. God is, but I’m not. Where, then?
    Will you make up your mind? Wherever the hat falls. Where are you aiming? Here or here? – Wherever you want.
    – Here. Brother, what is it? They shot General Elías! The general was shot with a golden bullet. General Elías is dead. REBEL ““GENERAL” KILLED
    BY GOLDEN BULLET No bills, please. – Isn’t it the same?
    – No. Gold! You promised me
    100,000 pesos in gold. Pay him. It’s hard to believe you succeeded. Why? You’re very young. They said the same thing when I volunteered. And yet I’ve done what I said I’d do. – But how did you get away?
    – I was lucky. Just a moment. The receipt. For important services
    rendered to the government. Senor Tate, there are other rebel leaders. If we should need you,
    where can we find you? If I need money, I’ll find you. Adios. – Keep the change.
    – Thank you, senor. Thank you very much. Senor, can you spare some change? I’m hungry. Get out of here, for the last time! What do you want? Get out! Stop bothering our clients! Where are you going?
    Stop! What do you want?
    Watch out! He has a gun! Stop him! Call the police! Leave him alone.
    Leave him. He’s armed.
    Can’t you see he’s got a gun? He’s a friend of mine. It’s just a joke.
    It’s not loaded. How are you?
    I’ve been expecting you. – Shouldn’t we hand him over to the police?
    – Go away! Here. Don’t shoot right away.
    Wait five minutes. Manager, I gave you a case yesterday.
    I’d like to collect it now. Very well. Of course, senor Tate. Just a moment. – Right away?
    – Yes. To be secure, I put it in the safe. Here it is.
    The case and a letter. For senor Chuncho Munos. Read the letter. ““Dear Chuncho, I waited for you
    for a week, but now I must leave. I’m leaving you the 50,000 pesos you earned. It’s half of what I made with your help. I hope we meet again someday. Thank you for everything, and-” For you. Senor, just a moment. A signature, please. Come. Sign the paper.
    Any mark will do. Good. Come. Let’s go up to my room. – Should we call the police?
    – No, I think they’re friends. – It’s another one of your tricks.
    – No. If I’d wanted to trick you,
    I would have left with all the money. That’s true. But the general… Why did you kill him, nino? Yes, of course, I know. For all this money! You see how much that man was worth? You’ve made more with this one job
    than you could have in your entire lifetime. For sure. – But why did you kill my brother?
    – He was about to kill you. Yes. That’s true. Well, what’s the matter? – What’s wrong, Chuncho?
    – I don’t know. I came here to kill you. And now I don’t know. ?Quién sabe? Scruples? All right. Let’s do this. If you’re having scruples,
    I’ll take all the money. Hands off! Who took you to the general? I did! Yes, with this money, I’d be a rich man,
    even in the United States. You are a rich man, Chuncho. It’s time to start looking like one. Relax, senor. What is your profession? I’m in business.
    I’m leaving tomorrow. For the United States. If I come back, I’ll look for you. I like you very much. – How did it go last night?
    – Very well. A fiery woman. – How much did you give her?
    – Nothing. I’ve never paid! – What do you do to women, Chuncho?
    – They fall in love. Sometimes I might give them
    a little present, if I feel like it. But when you pay,
    there are no complications. In your country, perhaps.
    I don’t know. But here money doesn’t fix everything. Hey, beautiful! – Get out of the way.
    – It was my turn. And now it’s mine. Life is beautiful
    because it’s full of surprises. The last man goes first. Senor. Senor, may I shine your shoes? Buy yourself some bread. Cut it out! Buy yourself some bread. Shall we go? Thank you, senor. Tell me, Chuncho.
    Have you ever taken a train before? Thirteen, or 11.
    I’ve lost count. – No, I mean as a passenger.
    – As a passenger, none. You’ll see, it’s much nicer. Nino, if we go to the United States,
    won’t it be dangerous for you? You said there’s a bounty on your head. That was just a trick
    so you’d let me join your gang. What about the handcuffs? I took them off a dead soldier. – How did you know I’d attack the train?
    – I had to join the rebels to get to the general. I’d been riding trains
    with weapons cargoes for two weeks. – Then you met me.
    – That’s right. Nino, you’re very clever.
    You never make a mistake, right? – Let’s get on. The train’s leaving.
    – You’ve been a good friend to me. It’s true, but I have to kill you. – Are you starting with that again?
    – No, nino, I’m almost finished. Don’t be stupid.
    I made you rich, Chuncho. – Why do you want to kill me?
    – Nada. I just have to do it. – But tell me why!
    – ?Quién sabe? Why do you want to kill me? ?Quién sabe? What do you mean, “who knows”?
    You have to know. I do know why. Wait. Tell me why! Go back to the United States! And you, don’t buy bread
    with this money.

    Cute Cartoon Kids Songs For Babies | Bob The Train Nursery Rhymes – Kids Tv
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    Cute Cartoon Kids Songs For Babies | Bob The Train Nursery Rhymes – Kids Tv

    November 10, 2019

    Hi I’m Bob the train Do you wanna go on a Alphabet ride with me Yes A A B B C And D E E F F G H I J J K K L And M N N O O P Q R S S T T U And V W X And Y And Z Wasn’t that fun let’s start from Zz this time Z and Y and X and W V and U and T and S R and Q and P and O N and M and L K J I and H and G and F E D C and B and A One more time starting from A let’s all sing together now A and B and C and D E and F and G and H I J and K and L and M N and O and P and Q R S and T and U and V W X and Y and Z Did you enjoy the Alphabet with bob the train See you again next time