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    Women Train To Become Firefighters For A Day • Ladylike
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    Women Train To Become Firefighters For A Day • Ladylike

    October 19, 2019

    – [Safiya] So, is it warm in there? (laughs) (bangs) (upbeat music) – Fire fighters, – Our American heroes. – To show you just how hard their job is – You’re about to watch
    us probably suck at it. – It’s Ladylike, and
    today we’re gonna learn how to fight some fires. – I definitely admire firefighters. I don’t know if I ever had a phase where I wanted to be a firefighter. – I liked them, I
    thought they were awesome and heroic and dope, but I never thought that I could be one. – I think a lot of it is
    that when you see posters for firefighters you see men,
    you don’t really see women. – I’m getting myself mentally prepared for like how physically
    taxing today’s gonna be. – I don’t have a ton
    of upper body strength. I heard that we’re going
    to carry 150 pound dummy. – I’m anticipating us getting schooled by some female fire fighters. – I am excited to challenge
    myself and push my limits. – I think today’s gonna be a wake up call, that this is real life and
    things like this happen and to try and be as ready as possible. – Don’t try, are we trying to tell them don’t try this at home. Maybe try this at home. Learn these skills and
    try this at home, kids. (upbeat music) – I’ve been on the Los
    Angeles Fire Department for 16 years now. – Wow. – I’m an Inspector 1,
    I’m also a fire fighter and paramedic. I also assist with the
    candidate assistance program, so I do a lot of strength training for candidates coming into the field. – What got you ladies interested enough to believe that you could
    actually pursue this career? – When I was 16 years old I
    joined the Explorer Program with LA City Fire Department. And literally, from the
    first day I walked into the Fire Station I knew
    it’s what I wanted to do. – I never thought I wanted
    to be a firefighter. I thought it was not a female job. One of my jobs was an athletic trainer with the Fire Fighter football team. Some of the guys were from this department and said, “Hey, you should
    really think about the job, “we’re hiring.” So, I rode out and I
    realized for that five hours of a ride along, they work
    out, they’re team oriented, they get to help others,
    and they eat together, and cook together so
    there’s that camaraderie for that 24 hours. And, I thought, you
    guys get paid for this? – What’s like the normal like start time. So like, when a recruit does
    it for the first time ever. – A minute and 15, a minute
    20 as they’re getting used to it, but once
    you do it over and over they practice several hundred times, they can do it in 30 seconds. – So, do you guys feel like, as women, since there aren’t a ton
    of women on the force and like you said there’s
    a lot of upper body work required, you have
    to work twice as hard to get to the same level as everyone else? – We definitely do have to work harder and work differently
    than the men do, right? So, there’s a lot of specificity exercises that we can do to train our
    upper body to become stronger. – It’s not only mentally and
    physically and physically challenging, but it’s also
    emotionally challenging as well. – I’m gonna put 60 seconds on the clock and you guys are up. – All right.
    – All right, ready. Go. – How do you think
    we’re going to do today. We’re gonna be put through
    like an obstacle course and have to carry like a
    165 pound dummy, I think? – Well, for a group of
    three, for what’s meant for a person of one, I hope
    you’ll be able to do it. (laughs) – [Freddie] Oh man, no pressure. (laughs) – We think you guys are
    going to do excellent. We know you’re gonna
    pass with flying colors. – So, what you’re saying is my height is not going to be an advantage today? – Your height will be
    an advantage today, yes. – Oh, all right!
    (laughs) I knew I came here for a reason. – All right, here you go, arm through. Here. (laughs) Yours was fast. – Can you imagine like running
    to get the hose in this? – Oh my gosh. – That’s what we have to do, right? We’re gonna wear this to do it? – Oh, we’re wearing it with this? – This first obstacle that we’re have here is going to be the Hose Drag. So, we’re gonna drag it
    over there by the barrel, around an obstacle and into this box where you’re gonna pull
    it all the way through till you get to this red line. This simulates getting
    the hose to the fire. – The second event you
    ladies are gonna be doing is our forcible entry event. So, what it is it’s a
    ten pound sledge hammer and you’re going to be simulating that you’re forcing entry into
    a locked door, or facility. The third event you guys will be doing is a ladder simulation. So, fire fighter Sonoda
    is going to go ahead and demonstrate actually
    raising a ladder up, she sets it on the side of the building and then she’s gonna raise
    what’s called the halter, it’s the fly portion of the ladder. The key in this event
    is not to let it slip through your hands. If you do it’s an automatic fail. That’s 165 pounds, and
    this is the one we thought you three could do together. (ominous music) – Set, go. – [Daysha} Come on Freddie. – [Safiya] Yes Freddie, get it. Pull that giant hose. – [Daysha] Pull it Freddie, pull it. Go Freddie, go Freddie. (ominous music) (claps) (ominous music) (gasps) – [Freddie] Go Daysha, go Daysha. (bell dings) All right, whoo. – Hit every rung. Walk. – [Safiya] Put that ladder up. Whoo. – Okay, hand over hand. – [Freddie] Pull that ladder. Look at it go. – [Gale] Good, now don’t
    let it slip coming down. – [Freddie] Whoo. – Good job. – Yes!
    (laughs) – We missed all of them. Okay. (ominous music) – All right, good. – Whoo. – Nice job. So, that is four of the eight. – Four out of eight, four more. – Good job ladies. – Yeah, great job. – We’re congratulating ourselves but we did half of the minimum standard. I had a lot of fun, I had
    a great time actually. – I’m sweating. – I feel like my eyebrows
    probably sweat off at this point. – Oh, yeah. – I have such a deep appreciation for what you guys do now. – Yeah. – Right now we’re right in the middle of our new testing
    process, so we are doing a lot of recruiting. We are looking to increase
    our number of females in the Fire Department. – It’s not easy, but I
    think that if you can get through all of this I could see how you’d feel so satisfied
    at the end of everyday. – Yes. Thank you so much,
    thank you for having us. – That was – Lady tested, – [All] Lady encouraged. – And, we are encouraging you to apply to the Fire Department Training Program. – Hey all, click on that
    (mumbles) over there to see more videos from our channel. – Some of our favorites are in there. – And, some we like just okay. – But watch anyway. – Because we love you. – We love you. – I’m sleepy. (whooshes and creaks)

    Seoul to Busan KTX Train Ride (Economy Class Review) + Delicious Korean Breakfast
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    Seoul to Busan KTX Train Ride (Economy Class Review) + Delicious Korean Breakfast

    October 19, 2019

    good morning good morning guys greetings
    from Seoul South Korea you know what time it is it’s 5:00 in the morning it’s
    pretty crazy so we’re standing outside of Seoul station what we’re doing today
    is taking the KTX all the way down to Busan so we’ve got an economy class
    ticket and man this train is like a high-performance gazelle man this
    thing’s goes at 300 kilometers it only takes 2 hours and 20 minutes so I can’t
    wait to get on board we’re gonna arrive in Busan like really early morning nice
    and fresh that means we have the whole day to do stuff but what we’ve got on
    our minds right now is breakfast so let’s go get some Korean breakfast
    before we board the train and it’s crazy before we even walk in the station with
    a lady a fan she selling hand rolls (gimbap) right behind us
    so get some and some kimbap street gimbap amazing don’t believe it we got
    breakfast early before we get in that’s the hustle right there yeah 5 am all right so we’ve got gimbap for
    breakfast we found a lady selling it outside for 2000 Won each 2 Cheon Won it’s
    crazy that’s like less than two US dollars so good to take a look at this
    comes wrapped in tin foil and you kind of like as your as you’re kind of
    unwrapping it here you can see the seaweed the outer layer in terms of what
    we’ve got in the middle it appears that there’s some kind of like a ham looks
    like we’ve got egg maybe some radish some greens and carrots not entirely
    sure enough to take a bite totally loaded though I hate when it’s mostly
    rice and you don’t have the ingredients in the middle this is the opposite it’s
    mostly ingredients mmm I feel like she made it just like five
    minutes ago or something I did go front we started an inside of the station
    there are plenty of options to eat hope to see what’s open at this time of day
    oh man sounds I love my Korea yeah street foods cheap yeah well it’s not
    cheap it’s affordable it’s really affordable it’s super fresh and it’s
    always available man oh the level I mean get it at 5:00 a.m. you can get any time
    in Japan this would have happened everything’s closed till 6:00 Wow Wow go
    good are those flavors the radish got the carrots get the ham so coming into
    the station you see that it’s already surprisingly busy like there’s the
    Dunkin Donuts that’s open there’s a convenience store just over to the left
    that’s open so there’s plenty of options to grab some stuff once you get into the
    station so when you walk into the station the ground level is mostly like
    grab-and-go type of items you’ve got convenience stores we notice that Dunkin
    Donuts over there so it’s just like grab something quick and go but on the second
    level if you want more of a sit-down type of restaurant that’s where you can
    head and yeah let’s mention the price here so we are taking the economy class
    oh lucky Joe got this ticket because it’s on the weekend like if you book
    last-minute like there’s like no seats available like
    from like let’s say from 7:00 in the morning until the late afternoon there
    was literally no trains available so we grabbed one of the last at 6:00 in the
    morning we leave at 6:05 arrive at 8:54 and the price of the ticket was
    fifty-nine thousand eight hundred Won so I believe that’s O Man Gucheon Pal Baek Won one
    plus something like fifty five US dollars what a deal man like basically
    cross the entire country from Northwest to Southeast that’s a really good price
    in my opinion so up here on the second level you’ve got KFC which is right
    behind me and over on that side Burger King and both are open this time of day
    which is kind of crazy like I’m gonna head to the story way and maybe grab a
    little snack we ran out of time it’s like 15 20 people in line we have time
    of 50 people in line this is oh so much yeah we don’t want to cut it close so
    we’re just gonna get on the train when we arrived in Busan we’re gonna eat
    probably right at the terminal have a nice proper breakfast we’re looking at
    the schedule and every single train is leaving right on time right outside
    right on the minute there’s like a zero minute delay for the next live train so
    we really need to get there so we are looking for cart 18 and I have to say
    that this station is super organized like for anyone coming here as a
    foreigner there’s lots of English signs it’s just a very clear system come down
    to the platform and the only thing you really have to worry about is finding
    your carts dude I just found out something really cool I was wondering
    like how do you know which platform you go to some Texas up we got to just walk
    a little bit walk a little bit walk a little bit right there tells you that is
    18 we need to get on 18 last thing to do is actually get on this
    beast KTX and you do not have a second to spare like these KTX trains leave precisely
    and we’ve got like left in five minutes let’s get on this only people here yeah
    man this is actually a very nice economy class oh there’s gonna be like more like
    ya know but it’s really good very very nice you can see nice seats I
    mean it’s not leather no but it’s fine a recline your seat you have your little
    magazine here is this KTX yeah the destination you know a little worked you
    got a little workstation it’s pretty cool I think there’s even places to
    charge your electronic and there’s Wi-Fi there’s Wi-Fi Wi-Fi everywhere in South
    Korea everywhere that’s the most I believe it’s the most connected country
    in the world so guys right behind me this is a
    section for big luggage David and I are taking a like half of it but there’s
    three different racks and wrong I mean it was his like it was
    604 second of ten 605 close the doors and we’re out
    I mean things off I know it’s like on time on time on time no matter what and
    yeah we’re just zipping through Seoul right now as you can see beautiful skies
    Cooper’s a little overcast today luckily we’re leaving a was gonna be like
    completely pie and it’s not it is empty up here like we have the entire cart
    yeah like the second a second divided I don’t why they divided car 18 but this
    section of car 18 empty so it’s like first class for us right yeah where’s
    the wine where’s the caviar aside yeah where’s
    the caviar told you soju where’s the yeah where’s the oh man let
    me look over to River look at the Han River I just like being deep sleep unavoidable sleep like
    I could barely anyways the trip is called so fast the
    time has been flying by in terms of a scenery which you see on this trip you
    tried to start off in Seoul to the big city
    then you make your way out to the countryside a little bit it’s kind of
    combination of do to pass by places like rice paddies you
    see hills three as such as Daejeon and Daegu along the way probably like 10 or 15 minutes from
    getting there terms of like train it again
    what I found on the KTX is that people are sleeping in the dude just leave I
    slip a lot that’s a lot like she’s a lot more know you’ve someone I have a gift
    we get up and see your you were like you were like worried I was gonna drop my camera so we’re here in Busan bro we needed to
    Busan we made it to a legitimate yes yeah we’re hungry to get the food Arvind
    get some food I’m beyond hunger we made it we made it we made it and we’re
    starving so we’re having Korean breakfast we came to a cafe
    that’s called Bon Juk and bibimbap and those are the two things I specialize in
    so if you don’t know juk is korean porridge and bibimbap is probably the
    most popular rice dish you can get in korea it’s basically rice with a whole
    bunch of vegetables mix it around and the one that I ordered for you dude is
    gonna be amazing it’s called dolsot bibimbap involved it’s in a stone pot it’s a
    king of bibimbap and I’m having a oh gosh what am i having I’m still half
    asleep I am having sweet pumpkin porridge which is called Hobak Juk
    and it should be arriving soon foods here check out what we got
    so over here I went with the it’s called a Dan Hopak Juk which is a sweet
    pumpkin porridge this is my favorite Korean porridge that’s very colorful as
    you can see it’s orange I’m gonna show you what it looks like guys you have the
    rice balls in here and you can see how sticky and thick it is I’ve also got
    some beans some red beans checked out oh man
    so basically what you do if you want to serve yourself did you grab it with
    these rice balls you just plop it into your bowl just like that like I’m making
    sure I grab a couple of those it’s super hot like I don’t know if you can see the
    steam but the steam is coming off I’ve got a
    number of little different side dishes kimchi this is meat and something spicy over
    here and I think that is like a pink radish soup
    doctor what is a little bit solid anyways and start of his meal it’s
    obviously the pumpkin porridge so I’m gonna try that right now try a bit
    without the rice ball and then with the rice ball grabbing in here oh my gosh
    just like I remember I haven’t had this in like three or four years so sweet so
    smooth to reach pumpkin tastes oh man I love this man this is so tasty
    hurry up you have a chance eat Juk I highly recommend it it just goes down so
    smoothly it’s really tasty food raw what do you think of your first bibimbap oh
    my god I’m in love not good I might have this every day from nobody
    that is so good yeah the burnt rice makes the sauce the tuna with spicy
    kimchi with all these other vegetables seaweeds this is really the ultimate korean
    breakfast I can live with that I love how it sticks all together yeah
    yeah good good so good do really filling meal I highly recommend getting it only
    what ten thousand so ten bucks I actually you know what yours yours is
    even cheaper mine I didn’t know my mother nine thousand yours was seven
    thousand five hundred with a thousand works usually eight bucks dude what a
    deal in America you can’t find this no no you know the first time trying it I
    think I’m gonna try a lot it was like I think these are the options yeah yeah
    egg and everything yeah you can get with a you can get with me
    you can get it with bulgogi yeah I like just so many variations of it you can
    get with mounted vegetables it’s like such a good meal dude it’s unreal unreal
    dude that was a good breakfast amazing breakfast you like it oh my god first
    Bob first time that Bibimbap it won’t be our last yeah we will seek that out
    again I need that like five more times before I leave this country yeah I mean
    what a trip we got up at 4:00 this morning can you believe that 4:00 in the
    morning mantle it was so hard to get up but by the time we got to the train
    station like I had a little bit of energy
    we slept most of the train ride woke up we were in Busan it only took just over
    two hours and now we’ve got a great city to explore yeah so we’re gonna be here
    for several days we’re gonna be doing tons of stuff eating lots visiting
    attractions so stay tuned for that and we’re gonna have a lot more South Korean
    episodes coming to you soon if you liked the video give it a thumbs up comment
    below subscribe both of our channels will see you with more adventures soon
    peace peace

    LEGO Train Track Incline Info and Answers!
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    LEGO Train Track Incline Info and Answers!

    October 19, 2019

    Hey Folks! Welcome to this video, this is
    the Info video regarding the inclines including the curve that was on the incline. A few people
    have asked about it. The basic build of this was taken from an
    idea from Mardisgrasman23 for the main slope but I’ll show you that in a minute. As always
    the builds that I do aren’t necessarily the perfect ideal builds I’d like, I build with
    the parts I have, the elements that I have and just try and get something to work and
    do what it needs to do at the time. So, this is not the last, final version of inclines
    and curved inclines etc. This is just what I did in order to get the video to work and
    in order to get a train from the ground to the magazine shelf on the coffee table. So, without further ado let’s have a look
    at how it’s all done. So here is a slightly closer look at the incline.
    As you can see it does slope and the pieces that the track is connected to is sloped as
    well. This is possible because I have rockers under here. Here’s one that’s taken off of
    the track and you can see these rockers here, these just allow the top plate to slope to
    the right angle and it just means that the bottom plate can stay on the ground. I’ll
    put a link to Mardisgrasman23’s video on that because he’s the one who came up with it and
    tested it originally on YouTube so, it’s his idea in operation here and it works rather
    well. I don’t know whether I’ll keep doing this
    it’s not the sturdiest and it’s not very scalable I suppose, it’s a bit tricky to put together
    but it certainly works and it does the job, and it did the job really, really well in
    the latest video. So now on to the curve. So this is the curved slope. Here you have
    the normal Power Function curve going on in the inside, the inner curve. On the outside
    though there is a power function curve and also a bit of flexible track in between each
    curve, and that’s how I get the wider turning circle. This, though, doesn’t actually stick on the
    pillars it’s actually lies on top of it which isn’t the best but it’s the only way it would
    really stay. It also if you look under here, take this piece off. I’ve got these two by
    two tiles with the studs in. That helps to keep the track in place and also it helps
    with a slight camber so that when the train’s going around it it is actually leaning into
    the curve rather than just being flat. It can help to catch on the track as well. It’s
    not the greatest solution, I’ll try and work on something a bit better but it works, that’s
    the thing it does actually do the job. So that’s the curve, the gradient on it is actually,
    Shantanu asked the question on my original Slope and Bridge video, the gradient is actually
    one brick for each piece of track. Which is actually fairly severe but the trains just
    about manage to handle it so it does the job and it gets the height I need it to without
    needing to use too much track. The pillars underneath the curved pieces of
    track, they don’t have rockers on them they are just plain bricks on plates basically
    with more plates supporting them. There’s nothing special about these I was basically
    running out of pieces to build the railway with so, these are the supports for the track.
    They’re pretty simple to make and they kept the curves up, the slope up and worked wonderfully. So there you go, that’s the quick look at
    the inclines, the curved incline as well. As you can see the curved slope is not that
    pretty but it does the job on the video you can see the Heavy-Haul Train and the Blue
    Cargo Train pull, well, it was twelve cars they were pulling around those corners so
    even though it’s a bit, it’s not the smoothest of corner it still does the job. Those engines
    of course have two motors in them so they can pull a bit more. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, click like,
    click the thumbs up if you have, subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in
    the next video. Bye!

    Young Designers Light Rail Ideas Competition: Cat B winners
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    Young Designers Light Rail Ideas Competition: Cat B winners

    October 18, 2019

    Well we thought one of the key aspects of
    public transport is connectivity, you know, if it’s going to be utilised, you know it
    has to be able to be used by everyone; and that’s everyone in the community you know,
    irrespective of where they come from. We thought communication, accessibility that kind of
    thing was really important. Obviously there was some fairly tight competition
    between all the schools and groups participating. What did you think when you saw your name
    come up on the screen? Very surprised, but ah definitely excited
    and happy.

    Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Go cart race | Animated Series| Wow Kidz
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    Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Go cart race | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

    October 18, 2019

    Students, a Go kart park is going to open in Fursatganj, where Go karting will be done. They are organizing a Go Kart race to promote their park. Those who want to participate can submit their names to me. Sir, I will participate and win the first prize too. I will bring my Go Kart. Bunty, Go kart is very costly, this is not an ordinary car, they will give their go carts to everybody. My father has a lot of money, he will buy me a new Go kart. Ok, those who want to bring their own Go karts can get it. Sir, I and Imli will also participate in the race. Who else wants to participate please raise your hands. Dad, my lovely dad, you are the best dad in the world. I am so lucky that I have a dad like you. Hey, stop praising me and tell me what do you need? Dad, I need a Go kart. So go and buy it. What! A Go kart? Dad please, my good dad, my lovely dad, please. I want to take my new Go kart to the Go kart race and win the first prize. Oh this young boy wants to participate in Go kart race. Please don’t discourage him, get him a new Go kart. That old man’s face looks familiar. But sir, this does not happen in our village, kids don’t ask for such expensive things. Haha!! I am a Go kart company’s owner. I am here to attend this go cart race. I would like to give a new Go kart to your young & talented boy but after the race you have to return it back. Thank you uncle, thank you!! Haha!! I will get a new Go kart tomorrow for the race, see you there. That man looks like Timbaktoon. Yes you are right. Then, even we will have to prepare a special Go-kart and get ready to face any type of danger. Vir, there is always a single seat in Go-kart and you have attached two seats. I knew that you won’t participate without me. Thankyou Vir!! Get aside Chulbul, Vir has made another seat for me. Sorry friends, but second seat is for Imli, you both cannot participate in the race. You never allow me to participate in any competitions. This time I won’t listen to you. Gintu!! In this way, we will give a new Go kart to that boy Bunty and defeat Vir in the race. You king of fools, if you want to give him a Go kart then give it, not for defeating Vir but rather for finishing Vir. Meow! You are genius boss. She is right boss. I will give you a Go kart full of weapons and give him this helmet too. As soon as Bunty will wear this helmet his brain will come under your control. Whatever you will command him on the walkie talkie he will do the same. Haha!!! Vir’s game is over. Haha!! Wear this helmet Bunty. If you wear this helmet then you will win this race. This Gintu always does what he wants. All the students listen carefully, everybody has to take five rounds of this ground. The fifth round will be the last round. Ok everybody. Was this a Go kart of just the breeze? It was just a fast breeze sir. How can a Go kart take a round so fast? Look, even half round is not complete. Remove the dagger and burst Vir’s Go kart’s tires. Vir, Look there. I knew that Timbaktoon must have done something or the other. Bunty, take Vir out of the ground and finish him off. Use the weapons which are there in the Go kart. Hey Bunty, what are you doing? Stop the car. Stop!!! What happened? We have already finished four round and others have not even completed the first round. If we win like this than people will definitely get a doubt that we are using some magic. Come on let’s stop somewhere, eat and relax. Vir laser gun!! Don’t worry Imli. Imli, you get down. I cannot put your life in danger. No Vir, I will not leave you alone. Imli, Bunty is not behaving normal, he is behaving like a robot. I guess Timbaktoon is controlling him. There is a red light coming from Bunty’s helmet. I feel that Bunty is in their control because of this helmet. Imli, you drive, I will go and remove his helmet. Robo suit on. What am I doing in this tunnel? Robo boy, what is happening here? Vir!! Bunty, press the brake, tunnel is about to get over. Bunty, you return back. Vir!!! Look there, a car is falling down. Let’s run otherwise this car may fall on us. Look, Robo boy is coming. Seat belt is stuck, it is not opening Vir. You get aside. Go Vir!! Look there. Yeah! Robo boy!! Thankyou Robo boy. Your welcome Imli. Gintu, get up, I guess the race is over. No, how is this possible. Vir, where were you? How did you lose the race? Timbaktoon gave Bunty a new Go kart along with a magical helmet to control him like robot and attack us. We were trying to save ourselves from that. How dare he does that. Now I will teach him a lesson. Hey Timbaktoon, Vir is saved but how will you protect yourself from my laser rays? Haha!! She even speaks boss, boss save me!! Haha!!

    Locals Get 1st Look At Miami To Orlando Train Plans
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    Locals Get 1st Look At Miami To Orlando Train Plans

    October 18, 2019

    with zero due at

    Maari 2 – Rowdy Baby (Video Song) | Dhanush, Sai Pallavi | Yuvan Shankar Raja | Balaji Mohan
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    Maari 2 – Rowdy Baby (Video Song) | Dhanush, Sai Pallavi | Yuvan Shankar Raja | Balaji Mohan

    October 18, 2019

    Even this is a jolly good feeling! My Rowdy Baby! ‘Hey, my fizzy cold drink;
    My spicy hot sauce!’ ‘I’m your little puppy;
    Take me, take me.’ ‘Hey, my silky soft thing;
    My smoking hot chick.’ ‘Dripping with love;
    Talk me, talk me.’ ‘My dear prince, just say the word;
    And we can cuddle, all day long!’ ‘My dear princess, you rock my dreams;
    When we get together, it’s fireworks!’ ‘Come, let’s hit the beach;
    And dance to some beats.’ ‘You are my Rowdy Baby!’ ‘Come, you’re my only girlfriend;
    Here, I’ve got you flowers.’ ‘We’ll make us new trend, baby!’ ‘Rowdy baby!’ ‘Trend-u baby!’ ‘Rowdy Baby’ ‘Rowdy baby!’ ‘You’ve got my mood all worked up;
    My hormone-u balance-u damage-u.’ ‘Hey, Kamakshi! My Meenakshi!
    Maari’s got his eyes on you.’ ‘One plus one is two, my love.
    You plus me is three, my love.’ ‘Hey, Jhansi Rani! My Krishnaveni.
    I’ll buy you a pony, come ride it.’ ‘Hey, Magician! You’re a smooth operator.
    I’m part of you, we’re the perfect pair.’ ‘Rowdy Baby!’ ‘Rowdy Baby!’ ‘Rowdy Baby!’ ‘Hey, my fizzy cold drink;
    My spicy hot sauce!’ ‘I’m your little puppy;
    Take me, take me.’ ‘Hey, my silky soft thing;
    My smoking hot hunk.’ ‘Dripping with love;
    Talk me, talk me.’ ‘My dear prince, just say the word;
    And we can cuddle, all day long.’ ‘My dear princess, you rock my dreams;
    When we get together, it’s fireworks.’ ‘Come, let’s hit the beach;
    And dance to some beats.’ ‘You are my Rowdy Baby!’ ‘Come, you’re my only girlfriend;
    Here, I’ve got you flowers.’ ‘We’ll make us new trend, baby!’ ‘Rowdy Baby!’

    Kids Euro Festival: Drum Bommel (Luxembourg)
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    Kids Euro Festival: Drum Bommel (Luxembourg)

    October 18, 2019

    >>From the Library of
    Congress in Washington, DC.>>KAREN JAFFE: Hi, good morning.>>Good morning.>>KAREN JAFFE: Good morning. [inaudible] both schools in
    the District of Columbia. And you guys are grade
    kindergarten, right?>>Yeah.>>KAREN JAFFE: Thank you. we’re very glad to have you. you are in the Library of Congress. Has anyone been to the
    Library of Congress before?>>Yeah.>>KAREN JAFFE: A few of you, great. Welcome back. And you’re in a special
    place in the Library of Congress called the
    Young Readers Center. I’m Karen Jaffe, I’m director
    of the Young Readers Center. And I’m here to welcome you for something called,
    “kids Euro Festival.” Here’s what that is. Kids Euro, Euro stands
    for European unit. Which is made up of 28
    countries in Europe. Very far away. Has anybody heard of Europe?>>No.>>Okay. Europe is across a very big
    ocean, called the Atlantic Ocean. And these 28 countries have a
    festival in Washington every year for children, just for children,
    and they invited special performers who come to show you things
    they do in their country and to tell you about their country. And today the country
    is called Luxemburg. And here’s a map and there
    are two words up there, one is the English word
    and the other is the — I think that’s the French word. But they speak three
    languages in Luxemburg. They speak German, French and
    Luxemburgish, [inaudible]. The other language. But that’s a map of where it is. Okay. So, I’m going to introduce
    our special guest who’s called the Drummond from Luxemburg.>>SVEN KIEFER: I’m doing nothing. Nowhere, I put my rhythm,
    that’s not rhythm. That’s not [inaudible]. It’s not [inaudible]. I was looking for my rhythm. Rhythm. Rhythm. No, no, that’s still paper. It’s still paper. Oh, my gosh. Is there somebody out there? You sure, hello? Hello? Hello? Oh, there’s somebody out there and
    I do not find my rhythm, no, no. oh, no, no, no. somebody’s out there. I have to take a look there.>>SVEN KIEFER: Hi, guys. How are you? you’re fine? Yes? Oh, please come near. Come, come. You can come, everybody
    can come nearer. Don’t be scared, come
    nearer where you will see. I wanted to show you something. Do you know what is rhythm?>>Me.>>SVEN KIEFER: you
    see rhythm one time. No, stay there, everybody
    will see it. do you know rhythm? No, no. you don’t know who I am. You do not know who I am. No. your teacher doesn’t
    tell you where you know. Wait. You don’t know what’s my name. you know my name. what’s my name?>>I don’t know.>>You don’t know. Your teacher doesn’t
    tell you the name? good job, huh? Wow, I’m Drummond [inaudible]. Say hi, Drummond [inaudible]
    one time. Good, okay. Let’s go. I want to show you rhythm. Did you teacher show
    you the rhythm one time? No. oh, my god, what
    did you do there. Wow, no rhythm at all? Nothing? Wow. But, you see my golden tent? Yeah. I think you see that. So, that’s for the teachers now, when I bring something
    out you have to clap. Do you know how to clap actually? Yeah, you know how it works. Oh, great, good, wow. I do know where I put my rhythm. That’s not rhythm that’s stupid box. No, no, no, no, no. still. Now, for this
    you don’t have to clap, but I wanted to show rhythm, rhythm. Because rhythm is something
    really fantastic. Rhythm? I think there’s
    nothing inside, yeah? I don’t know where I put that. Maybe the seat on the bum on rhythm. Check underneath under
    your bum, is there rhythm? No. what’s here? Rhythm. No. and there. Do you have rhythm underneath? No. everybody, check it one time. Good morning, Victoria,
    do we have rhythm? No. Why? And grownups
    people sit there. Great great. It’s for everybody. Every act to move your bum
    big, and where’s rhythm. Oh, you no you do. Please, take a seat. No, no rhythm. Yeah, you smiling, I’m
    coming to you as well, huh? There’s no rhythm. Check that please. Check everybody. No rhythm. You sure? Okay, don’t move. What’s going on. The rhythm? No. take picture for Facebook. Oh, my god. no rhythm at all huh? Oh, we didn’t check there? Is there some rhythm underneath? No. maybe I didn’t check the bag. I forgot to check the bag. Because rhythm is something
    [inaudible] This is something. Don’t feel bad. It’s getting boring
    with all this paper. But, oh, my god. No, no, no, no, no, don’t
    do it, behind the red line. Stay behind the red line. Oh. This is not rhythm. What’s that, you know that? It’s a piece of a coconut. Did you show a coconut before? No. These teachers,
    look at [inaudible]. It’s a coconut. But it’s not rhythm. No, no. I would say, okay,
    we cannot see a rhythm. Maybe we can smell it. does everybody have a nose?>>Yeah.>>SVEN KIEFER: Everybody,
    you’re sure? Is it clean? Yeah. A little bit. Trying to get a good smell. [sniffing] somebody smell
    something like rhythm. [kids chattering inaudibly]
    You smell the rhythm? I do not smell the rhythm. Do it again. I come over here. Let’s do it again. [sniffing] I smell a fart, huh? Oh, my god. oh. But it’s not rhythm. So, I would say, you cannot
    see it, you cannot smell it, maybe we can listen to it. You have ears like me? That’s right. You know the bubble game?>>SVEN KIEFER: I hear nothing. Nothing at all. So, rhythm, nothing to see,
    nothing to smell, nothing — I know a game help
    us find the rhythm. Please, Congress of Library,
    everybody stand up now. so, be behind the red line. Go a little bit back. A little bit in the back. Everybody needs a little
    bit of space. You need more space. You there. Okay. you know what is a freeze? When you make freeze you make
    a cool movement and you stay and you don’t move anymore. You are frozen, okay. It’s for everybody. You paid the entrance, it’s
    for everybody, it’s free. You will see. You don’t come here to sit nice. See, he will do the job, huh? It’s okay, everybody
    can [inaudible] today. This is free. Okay, you okay, you feel good? Sure. We will jump now
    and when I shout stop, everybody freezing, okay? we do that, ready. You can jump. You are sure. Let’s go for jump, jump,
    jump, jump, jump, jump. That’s good. Freeze. So, that’s the moment for the
    teachers, hi, teachers, hello, hey guys, would you
    make some pictures? It’s nice to see. You have a phone there. Okay, let’s do some pictures. Hey, we do it again I think, huh? They have to organize it,
    picture, camera, oh, my god. okay, we jump again. Hey, people, you come
    from Washington? It was that high. Could you jump more high? Let’s try. Come on. Jump, jump,
    jump, jump, jump. And freeze. Don’t move. Don’t move at all. take a look to the camera.>>SVEN KIEFER: Maybe it’s
    good to stay on that side, please behind the red line. Okay, but you forgot something.>>Can we do it again?>>SVEN KIEFER: We
    have to do it again, because you forgot
    to find the rhythm. We do that again. Okay, ready? Okay, we jump, make freeze
    and then we open our eyes and we close our mouth again, and
    maybe we hear something, okay? that is difficult, you can do that? Yeah. Okay, okay. you ready with the camera now. please, jump, jump, jump, go. Freeze.>>SVEN KIEFER: I hear nothing. I have an idea. You know where you prep for
    this, inside your stomach. Put your hands on your stomach. On your breakfast. And then you make 1, 2, 3
    and here something bumping. Hey, it’s also for you there. It’s free. No, you don’t have to pay for this. you feel something inside there. Yeah. You sure? What do you feel?>>Your heart.>>SVEN KIEFER: Your heart. It’s bumping along
    huh, bump, bump, bump. Take a seat, take a seat. On the other side, please. Take a seat.>>SVEN KIEFER: Take a seat. That’s good. Do you know the rhythm is
    coming from your heart, because your heart can
    do something magical. Like when you sleep — don’t
    fight for place, everybody looking to me — when you sleep
    your heart can do that. Bump, [snoring].>>SVEN KIEFER: Bump. [snoring] Bump. When you wake up in the
    morning you take a breath first. Bump, bump, bump. Bump, bump, bump. Bump, bump, bump. Bump, bump, bump. Bump, bump, bump, bump. You are going a little bit faster
    and you go to the playground and jump around, bump,
    bump, bump, bump, bump. For sure. Take a look at your
    heart again, feel that again. Is it the same fast as it was
    before or is it slower now. it’s slowing down a lot, huh? Wow. This is magic. Actually do you know the
    first instrument in the world? No. these teachers, what
    are you doing all the time. The first instrument,
    you never showed them? No? I will show you. oh, wait, I have to
    organize my mess here. You see that mess. You ready for the first,
    very very first instrument at all in the world. Ready to see that? You really want to see that? No, don’t do that. You really sure you want to see
    the first instrument in the world? Sure. Yeah. Yes. You want to see it. the first instrument
    in the world, yeah. You ready for the first
    instrument in the world at all? ready to clap, ready. Here comes the first
    instrument in the world. [ Clapping ]>>SVEN KIEFER: [inaudible]. Imagine how old I look like when
    I’m very old, like beard like that. No, it was the body. Your body. We are going to do
    something together. But we have to half a
    meter back, everybody. Just a little bit, everybody. Everybody need a little
    bit of space. Too near, too near,
    just a little bit back. A little bit back. Just a bit, just a bit, just a bit. Yes. Okay. everybody has space. Just a little bit back. Thank you. thank you. don’t fight. Good. Okay. you see my [inaudible]
    oh, what’s up you. stand up please. I invite you to stand up, everybody. They have to stand up as well. Oh, my god. you’re tired, coming
    here, nice performance. Now, it’s huge. Please take a look to my
    [inaudible], that’s my [inaudible]. You see my [inaudible]? Everybody look to my [inaudible]. When my [inaudible] moves
    like that m make a sound. You see, with the foot. You see again. Okay. everybody understand,
    we do it together. Take a look. It doesn’t move at all,
    it doesn’t move at all. take a look, we go and boom. Not bad. We do it again. Take a look to my [inaudible]
    and we move. Boom. Surprise. Can we clap one time. We get that? No, no, no. one time. Can you count one? You can count to one. Clap together, you look
    to me, take a look to me. [clap] Again, again. Ready? [clap] last time, you ready? [clap] I didn’t clap at all. again. Okay, now we gone,
    now we go, most difficult. Take a look. [inaudible] meets foot. Surprise. Clap and then foot. And foot, and clap. And foot, and clap. And your foot and clap,. And foot and clap. And foot and clap. And foot and clap. And foot and clap. Yeah, woo. Take a seat.>>SVEN KIEFER: Wow. No problem. Okay. but, after doing that
    a while, it can be boring. I have first instrument
    — no, leave it. do you want to see
    the first instrument. But, first, it’s — what — the
    first instrument such a small story, I have to tell you, are you
    ready for first instrument. Yeah. Are you ready? Are you sure? Yeah. Hey, teachers,
    what’s going on? [ Applause ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Okay, I understand. That was a tree. Yes, it was. And a big tree, but it was not
    blue like me, it was a tree. And there was a farmer and the
    farmer — no, no, wait, wait, try to do that bump again. I tell you a small story. This farmer came out one
    day and he was very angry, and he was so angry
    he came with a saw and with the saw he
    cut off the tree. He was still so angry that
    he made a hole inside. It’s magic and made
    a big hole inside. On this farm he had lots of mice. Anyway, do you know how a cow
    make, the cows, how they do?>>Moo.>>SVEN KIEFER: Moo. So, you have cows in Washington. Moo. Do you know how a horse make?>>Neigh.>>SVEN KIEFER: Neigh. Okay. and the farmer he has a coat and this was goat was
    all day bah, bah, bah. But the goat died. There was nobody there
    that was talking anymore, because the goat was not there. The farmer got a great idea. He took the coat off the goat
    and he put it on his tree. He took a long, long, long, long,
    long, long rope, that is going up, down, up, down, up, down, up,
    down, up, down, up, down, up, down. now, Washington, I have a question,
    can you make a look at something without taking and using hands. You can look with your
    eyes, you can do that? Sure, take a look inside. You see, it’s a big hole inside. I told you that. No, with your eyes. You see it? You saw it. everybody got it. now, take a look at
    how I catch a goat. No, no, It’s a goat. To catch a goat you need
    a rope, a long rope. You got it. so, then you put the
    rope underneath, and then you have a
    small for the flop. Bend your knees and your
    [inaudible] in-between there, and your hands in-between
    there and maybe, don’t touch, maybe you have it like that. Thank you, thank you. so, are you ready. Please, close your ears. Ready? Huh? Ready? [ Drum Sounds ] [ Applause ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Now, try
    a little bit sit down, listen, make the bubble game. I tell you a story with my drum. [ Drum Sounds ] [ Kids screaming ]>>SVEN KIEFER: I think you
    can do something together. Please, stand up, stand up. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s difficult. It’s really hot in this. shows are really hot. Stand up, sit down,
    stand up, sit down. okay, you. place it on the ground. You cannot jump. You just can wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Stay behind the line. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. No, I thought wiggling would
    be like that, you know. Wiggle, jiggle jiggle. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle. Please move your body. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle what’s going on there. Back seats. Wiggle, wiggle wiggle,
    no, don’t want to wiggle? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle Oh, wait. Can you do two things
    at the same time? You think, yeah, you can do that. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Wiggle, clap, wiggle, clap. Wiggle, clap, wiggle, clap, wiggle,
    clap, wiggle, clap, wiggle, clap, wiggle, clap, wiggle,
    clap, wiggle, clap. [ Drum Sounds ] Wiggle, clap, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, clap. Hey, not bad. Wow. You make some fun, yeah. Okay? you heard about my country,
    now you have to learn the word — please — you have to
    learn a word in my country. In my country we have
    some nice word it’s called “poopusvinken” [assumed spelling]. Try to say poopusvinken.>>Poopusvinken.>>SVEN KIEFER: Poopusvinken.>>Poopusvinken.>>SVEN KIEFER: Poopusvinken. Very important when
    you go to my country. You can’t say hello. Poopusvinken, do you know that? Can you spell it, poopusvinken, can you say it one
    time for me, teachers. Poopusvinken. All right. I explain to you now
    what poopusvinken is now. it’s the best part in this show. You ready for poopusvinken there? Put out your bum and
    show it to your teacher. That’s the poopus we call. To the teacher to the
    camera, put it out. So, and now you make the wiggle. That’s poopusvinken. Now you understand
    how poopusvinken is. But, we do now three things. Three things. We wiggle, we wiggle, we
    wiggle it, we waggle it. still we wiggle. You ready with the camera. You wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    then we clap, clap, clap, wiggle, wiggle, poopusvinken. Poopusvinken, poopusvinken. Yeah. Now you make
    poopusvinken and wiggle. You move your bum. Move your bum. Poopusvinken, poopusvinken.>>SVEN KIEFER: Yu like that? So, now it’s for you. you make the film,
    you ready, your bum, nobody will see your
    bum, just put it there. Ready, wiggle, you wiggle, make
    it faster now, it’s funnier. Ready? Wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Poopusvinken, poopusvinken,
    poopusvinken.>>SVEN KIEFER: Yeah. Woo. But you can take
    a seat shortly. Not everybody in the
    world had this nice drum. Some people over the big
    ocean they had something very, ooh, they had this big box. Oh, teacher’s please. Oh, my gosh. Don’t look, play attention here. Yeah. It’s a big box and in
    the big box would be a hole. You see. Take a seat. Wait, wait. Listen, listen. SpongeBob. [ Children speaking inaudibly ]>>SVEN KIEFER: There’s
    nobody inside. Nobody inside. No, it’s empty. It’s empty. Maybe I can sit on that. Shall I hit it one time? Yeah, you think. To hit that thing. Whoa. That was a great idea. [ Pounding Noise ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Hey, Washington, in my country the people can do
    four things at the same time. Are you sure you can try. They can do four things
    at the same time. Yeah. You think you can do that. Let’s try it. Stand up, please. Four things in one moment. Now it’s a show. Wow. Stay behind. Okay. ready? First step. And take a look at the
    camera for Facebook. Especially for you,
    especially for you, who’s behind me, no, it’s for you. okay. ready. First thing is the wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. And wiggle. Clap and wiggle, two things. Two things. Wiggle and clap. And now we make poopusvinken
    as well. So we clap, we wiggle,
    we poopusvinken and then we try to circle around. Whoa, four things. You ready to do that? It’s a lot. Suppose to be a lot. You see some people don’t
    move, they still sit. It’s amazing. Ready? Four things to do, yeah. No, stay behind. Thank you. okay, wiggle, wiggle,
    wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap,
    poopusvinken, poopusvinken, poopusvinken, turn around,
    turn around, turn around. Poopusvinken, turn around,
    clap, clap, clap, clap. Woo.>>SVEN KIEFER: Oh my gosh. Oh, that was too much. Take a seat, take a seat. And after, don’t do that. After all this history,
    stay back, please. After all this history there was
    this great big moment in life because they — no,
    that’s okay, that’s okay. you pay attention now. it’s great, it’s great. But for now I invite
    a special guest. The world famous drummer
    [inaudible]. Are you ready to welcome with
    me the world famous drummer? He’s inside there,
    world famous drummer. You want to see him? Yeah, man. Are you ready for clap. Here is the world famous
    drummer of all. [ Applause ]>>SVEN KIEFER: And
    for you special guest. Please more of that. Woo. Now, take a look. I see, great. [ Bunny drumming ]>>SVEN KIEFER: He can as
    well as doing poopusvinken.>>SVEN KIEFER: Not bad, huh? No. behind. So, after all this history now. What’s your name, Cody, go back. Sometimes there are many rules,
    rules sometimes are very difficult. You people build something,
    it’s the coconut. Take a look to my coconut. Go back. The coconut,
    you see the coconut? Listen to that. I will join you in melody. Because after all sometimes
    melodies are great. Listen, are you ready? [ Various clicking sounds ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Sometimes
    music is strange, huh? Maybe mom and dad [inaudible]
    sometimes strange. But, people build all the times
    instruments and then they get that. A xylophone, that’s right. this is a very old xylophone. Do you know what they did in
    the time with these things in the winter, in the winter
    they through it [inaudible]. Yeah. Shall I try?>>SVEN KIEFER: Ready? Sure? Is the phone on. You going to make a whole
    film of mine, or what. I get famous in America, yeah. I’m so glad that I shaved. Okay, let’s growing
    up people sometimes. Ready for the melody? Wait. Something’s not right. okay. I think [inaudible]. Ah, I play you Luxemburg
    melody, okay.>>SVEN KIEFER: I can’t.>>SVEN KIEFER: No, wait. Look. There’s a big
    one and then a small. So, where to start. Ah. You know where. Big one or small one? Big one, small one. What do you think? What do you think, big or small? Middle one, no, no. big or small? Small, big. I’m big. I start with big
    one, so, it’s decision. Is camera ready?>>SVEN KIEFER: Ready? [ Xylophone playing ]>>SVEN KIEFER: It’s not bad, huh? You could clap one time for me. that’s okay this is
    history, you know. Sometimes it’s like the
    books in this house. Some books are really old. But this is history. Today, a xylophone looks like that. [ Applause ] [ Xylophone playing ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Ready? Okay, stand up. For everybody. Please, hang off the thing there. Now we do something together. You ready? Do you know the wheels on the bus. Wheels on the bus,
    you know that song? Let’s try it together,
    let’s try it together. Okay, deep breath. [ Xylophone and kids
    singing “Wheels on the Bus” ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Not bad. But, let’s try it again. You’re right, the bus
    and the wheels okay. okay, breath. [ Xylophone and kids
    singing “Wheels on the Bus” ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Okay, wait, I
    will tell you something now. now, take just a look to
    me, just take a look to me. pay attention. I will show you what I see. People, you sing like that. Take a look. The wheels on the bus go round
    and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus
    go round and round all through the — Do you think good? I get scared about this. please give me a smile here. Don’t smile if you don’t want
    to smile, but give me smile. You’re ready for smile? It’s also for you back there. Take me a smile, please. We do it again, ready? Okay? Take a deep breath. [ Xylophone and singing,
    “Wheels on the Bus” ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Okay,
    now we get angry. Close your arms together, make bad
    face, now we make big bad wheels. Ready for bad wheels on the bus. Ready? Sure? Bad wheels on the bus. Take breath. [ Xylophone and singing,
    “Wheels on the Bus” ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Not bad. But, let’s do, I get scared of that. Let’s do a sad version
    of wheels on the version. You can do sad version. Please keep your hands down
    there, just hang around and sad version go around. Ready? Are you sure/
    Take a big breath. [ Xylophone and singing,
    “Wheels on the Bus” ]>>SVEN KIEFER: and this
    is the job of musicians do and musician tells you stories about happy crazy things
    and all this stuff. And some of them, sometimes
    in their story that tells us about sleeping story. Please, let’s try something
    very nice. We go on the ground, on our back
    and we watch through the roof and we put off the
    lights and then we try to make sleep story, sleepy story. Go on your back. Go down. take a good
    long, take a small rest. Right on the back. Move a little bit in the back, otherwise you do not
    have space enough. Lie on your back, lie on your back. We have to turn on your back. Okay, grown up people, you can sit. Lie on your back. On your back. Oh, my god, is that
    difficult, oh, my god. go on the back. Could we turn off the light please. Yeah. Okay. we do not turn off the lights. Okay, it’s okay. leave them,, leave them, it’s okay. it’s okay. leave them, leave them. Take a seat, it’s okay, it’s okay. fall on your back, go on your back. Stay on your back. Take a rest. Hey guys, we did enough. We make poopusvinken. We saw a lot of things. [ Xylophone playing, “Twinkle,
    Twinkle Little Star” ]>>SVEN KIEFER: Just take a rest.>>SVEN KIEFER: We found the
    rhythm in our heart today. We saw a lot of things. The story about the drums. We were dancing. Poopusvinken. We are in the television now. Some people yeah, wow. You feel good? You still lie on your back. We going to travel on a big journey
    to my country, because we have to cross a big, big ocean. I have the big ocean with me. don’t do that, don’t do that. Just take a look. Stay there, I’m coming to everybody. Lie on the ground.>>SVEN KIEFER: I come
    there, stay there.>>SVEN KIEFER: Big boat, huh. Sometimes on the ocean
    a big wave comes.>>SVEN KIEFER: Are you getting wet? Oh, you do not get wet. I don’t think so. Wow. Okay. I will short, very short. maybe it function now,
    take a look, it’s magic. Oh, sometimes, there’s problem. You see, this is not French,
    this is called Luxembourg. And Luxembourg is the
    language we speak. Now I will say something
    now in Luxembourg. You listen. [ Speaking in foreign language ]>>SVEN KIEFER: It
    sounds strange I think. But it doesn’t matter. But this country is
    that small, You see? Come look. One half hour to go there,
    half hour to cross that. We are 500,000 people
    living in the whole country. It’s like Washington Center. Downtown here, I think,
    it’s the same, huh? So, thank you very much. Good to be here. Thank you.>>This has been a presentation
    of the Library of Congress. Visit us at

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    How To Use The Moscow Metro?

    October 18, 2019

    hello! the moscow metro changes so fast and today i want to show you how to use it first of all i recommend downloading the yandex metro app it’s the easiest way to get a good map of the Moscow Metro secondly if you’re visiting Moscow for a few days you can buy tickets from these machines however, if you’re staying here for a long time it’s better to buy a ‘Troyka’ card or ‘Ediny’ ticket from a ticlket booth believe me, it will save you money thanks for watching I hope it was helpful for you and see you soonish

    Visit. Travel. Adventure. | The Tech Interactive
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    Visit. Travel. Adventure. | The Tech Interactive

    October 18, 2019

    for about 20 years we were known as the
    Tech Museum of innovation but earlier this year we did go through a rebranding
    and we have emerged as the tech interactive we felt that that better
    encapsulate what we are hands-on learning interactive at the Tech
    Interactive our mission is to inspire the innovator and everyone we want to
    empower people with technology and science at the Tech Interactive we have
    all kinds of different science exhibits one of which is Body Worlds decoded in
    Body Worlds decoded you can check out an augmented reality kit and that’s going
    to allow you to walk around the gallery and see different things that the normal
    human eye cannot see we have geocache locations in the exhibit that will pop
    up in front of you as you walk around and it’ll teach you more about biology in our body motions gallery we have
    what’s called Birdly Birdly is a fully immersive flying simulator on Birdly you’re
    going to be able to lay down on this platform you’re gonna wear an HTC vive
    that’s going to go over your head and you’re going to physically fly flap your
    arms as if you were a bird flying around Manhattan New York City it’s an
    absolutely incredibly immersive experience and it is very convincing the IMAX of the Tech Interactive is
    amazing it is one of the most immersive ways that you can experience a movie you
    sit inside of a curved dome theater and an IMAX laser projector is going to
    throw an image that is 82 feet across over 9,000 square feet and it’s the only
    place in this part of the world where you can get that kind of experience as we all know parking in downtown San
    Jose is a hassle so your best option for getting here is taking VTA bus or light
    rail if you’re looking for something fun to do in Santa Clara County come check
    out the tech interactive as you Visit Travel Adventure with VTA