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    Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!
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    Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

    November 22, 2019

    It won’t matter because the ice that’s kind of soft it’s even like no sharpening your Sunday They’ve never been wrong or like matter. Yeah Yes can I’m gonna do behind you sweat get you Jersey and get a shot of it, you know Well, I’ll just wait here yo how you feeling we got a lot of lottery oh, yeah I lost a garden really he’s got it. He’s got it Oh man, we’re like no you get our trainer followers just great idea but deeper. Oh Wait, I was gonna say guys get back on get back on. I’ll put it off someone guys sit Can you sit down look we’ve got to get a picture of this real quick? Excuse me. Could you please help us that you mean to interrupt? Could you please help us to the picture quickly? Sure before we get like towed off. Thank you Take a knee On this course actually all of you the big one Let yourself fall no need to jump off running get their flat stance. Let yourself fall off them if they have a little lip What’s to love you going on the 3-way and a three-year-old it was last? Jump before that lifter what not? Long stretch goes down down and the last – oh Yeah, holy cow, oh just know that when you jump off His speed is your friend Well, you don’t want to like stop right before it let’s do the wave harder if you slow down Like This this is a hard job You’ve seen this like obviously wanted out last one down How much each other on that one, okay, so the only one you dis recording I would stop and look Around that corner at the bottom Just go up to it looking at it then skate backwards a little bit and go off cuz that one you can literally just fall Off and it’s like right there These other ones you have to have speed to catch the landing So I wouldn’t think too much more anything just go down to have fun. You’re gonna fall like It doesn’t matter Just be cognizant. You don’t want a full cage on like keep those hands in front Like if you’re gonna fall keep that, you know It’s very rare If I think more like very rare I’ve ever like even base plan and ever and you just don’t fall like that But you guys just keep that in mind That turn night so, you know, you spend your whole life playing ice hockey get used to it You get up to a high level and you come out here You think it’s a natural habitat and you get the jumps and drops and your human instinct just tells you don’t do it Okay, hey man, like you got to try something once in your life right If you get a chance to do one of these things or even just come to a field to see it’s likely an ice rink Or this track you got to try and do it. It’s all about the experience and like as a hockey person This was like playing for the first time again that same thrill. It was amazing it’s absolutely terrifying going down that track like the in the videos the drops don’t look that bad and when you go up to the edge, it’s just like It’s scary to go down like it It’s peer pressure to get us to go down. That’s the only way to go. It was absolutely terrifying Wow, yeah, yeah. Yeah Jesus I came and again drawn Get soaking wet. Yeah, this is gonna go So don’t slow down over these, right He makes it look so easy like he got to the top of the vert ramp that’s insane Oh slide off, nope Oh go for it man We’re going yeah, I’ll go next This brutal right do ya think so. Oh, yeah, I’m drenched man The camera is absolutely terrifying. Yeah it is it is we good. I’m like, I’m terrible Yeah, I couldn’t get to go down it but then I went down that and it fell okay Even ago you have to just skate. They said like you just don’t stop So the question is what is it like going down a crushed ice track for the very first time one word terrifying Okay We thought that we would get on it. Like we all can skate. We all can play hockey We thought we just get on it and sail down a couple of us would fall But you get to the the edge of a drop and your body just freezes and says no that’s that’s what happened to us There’s more than six feet of just ice and a drop It’s the most scary thing that I’ve ever done in my skates But it’s been so much fun if you ever get the chance to come out here and see the sport better if you ever get a chance to do trials or Tryout please make sure that you do because this thing is sick and aside from that So much respect and admiration for the players that play the sport because it is so hard Those divots you want to land on that. You don’t want to learn fully in the ramp All those little marks then you want to clip the top You just have to go in your car the sucks and hit the boards Hummus Okay In those videos Watch your head dude, you can’t be Try to go out there, but she’s got it Ready who’s under 25 go Dine me got another day guys. We’re having to go now. He’d be gonna shut down or go Oh My god Christmas Christmas Oh There it is got that you got that Easy Sure wore me down. I’ll go The easiest way to do this Flip around hop down. You got it. Just go for it Brutal

    Lexus RC F Track Edition: Official First Look ft. Vsauce2
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    Lexus RC F Track Edition: Official First Look ft. Vsauce2

    November 22, 2019

    – There comes a time in the
    most hardcore gear head’s life, when you’re just a bit
    too mature to drive that squeaky, scrapey, shaky, stripped-out track car of your youth. Your back kind of hurts from
    all those youthful shenanigans. You gotta make a couple of
    calls on the way to work, but you can’t because
    of all the road noise and you’re stripped out
    interior and sometimes you got to drive the boss to the meeting and you’re embarrassed when
    you got to ask him to get out so you can clear this speed bump. But you’re still you. It’s in your DNA to drive
    a car that makes people say (engine revving)
    who the hell was that? (upbeat music)
    (engine revving) So what do you do? You get a limited
    production race-inspired, carbon fiber covered,
    sophisticated AF, track car, so sophisticated in fact
    that we brought in Kevin from Vsauce2 to help me explain
    the smart boy stuff better. – That’s right, there’s a
    lot of hype about this car and I’m pretty sure that
    if we get the edit done fast enough this will be the first video that doesn’t take place at a press event or just standing next
    to it at an auto show. – We brought it from out
    office in West Los Angeles all the way to Thunderhill
    Raceway so you guys can see it stretch its legs. Today we are going bumper to bumper. – From carbon fiber
    hood all the way to also carbon fiber rear wing. – On the 2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition. (upbeat Music) – I mean, look at this thing. It’s got a huge rear wing, it’s got a carbon fiber
    hood, bright red interior. This is the Lexus RC F Track Edition. Lexus built it to make
    a statement to say hey, just cause I’m a grown up now, with a job, doesn’t mean that I don’t
    still want to live out my hot boy fantasies of going
    fast and getting attention. And attention you will
    get, this thing is dripping in carbon fiber. Its got 472 HP and when you drive it, it feels like you’re in a video game. We’re gonna dive deep and
    tell you guys everything that makes this RC F the Track Edition. Starting with something that
    Lexus does very, very well. It’s got a super high revving V8. (funky music) If you know anything about Lexus, you know about the
    beautifully, over-engineered, smooth-as-silk 1 UZ engine from
    the 90’s, LS-400 and SC-400. This is the 2UR-GSE. Lexus knows how to do V8’s right and this one is no exception. Now they’re giving the
    RC F a five liter V8, making almost double the horse power, clocking in at an impressive,
    472 buffhorses and 395 pound feet of torque. Its the most powerful
    V8 Lexus has ever built and it revs all the way to 7300 RPM. A surprisingly high limit
    for such a big engine. To get the most out of the V8, engineers slipped the car a few tricks. It has launch control so
    you can make the absolute fastest sprint possible off the line. (engine revving) – And the Torsen rear differential has a higher gear ratio for quicker speed. Go ahead, call me out in the comments, higher gear ratio is right, right Kevin? – The terminology can be confusing. High Gear Ratio is also
    what people call short gears and low gear ratio is what
    people call tall gears. That’s for fuel economy
    and highway cruising and that’s not what this car is for. The RC F Track Edition has shorter gears which gives it even more
    explosive acceleration. (engine revving) – Okay, so, according to
    AMCI certified testing, the RC F Track Edition
    can go from zero to 60 in a very fast 3.96 seconds,
    but stopping well is actually more important than going,
    otherwise you’d be hella dead. And I said hella dead,
    you might say but James, there aren’t different levels of deadness, there’s just dead. Well, I’ve got news for you pal, I’m in Northern California
    and it’s hella everything around here. And it’s in the dictionary
    now, so deal with it. The Track Edition hauls
    itself down from speed with big, beefy buff Brembo six
    piston calipers in the front and four piston calipers out back. And because this is
    not your average Lexus, the brake discs aren’t
    made of average cast iron. N0, these are hella sick 14.9
    inch Brembo carbon ceramic brake roters on both ends. – Brembo carbon ceramic
    roters are made using an elaborate multi step process. Raw carbon fiber chips
    are added to a silicon, not a silicone, resin
    powder, poured into a mold, pressed and heated. Over the next couple of days
    it’s heated again to over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, more silicon resin
    is added and its heated a third time under vacuum
    to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process transforms
    the original resin into the ceramic material and it takes
    up to three weeks to complete. It makes the carbon ceramic
    discs more resistant to extreme heat, brake fade, roter warping and the types of things that
    often plague stock street cars on the track. As an added bonus, they’re 50%
    lighter than cast iron brakes which reduces unsprung weight and helps the suspension work better. – Ultra light weight forged
    19 inch wheels by BBS take even more load off the suspension. And they’re wrapped in proprietary Michelin Pilot sport 4S tire. Michelin tweaked the
    internal tire structure, rubber compound and thread
    pattern just for the RC F Line. Which helps to reduce under steering and improve lateral grip. Also, durability. Sticky tires are awesome for
    handling and braking of course, but a sports car is nothing
    without a sick suspension. The Track Edition has forged
    aluminum double wishbone with a hollow sway-bar
    upfront and a forged aluminum multi-link rear end. The F adapted variable suspension
    is more aggressively tuned and the rear has stiffer
    suspension mounts. In fact the entire chassis is
    stiffer and lighter cause this car is hella full of carbon fiber. The roof is carbon fiber,
    the hood is carbon fiber, the front lip spoiler is carbon fiber, the rear diffuser carbon
    fiber, the whole rear wing and the F Logo are carbon fiber. Even the back bumper support
    beam and trunk partition are carbon fiber, and you
    can’t even see those things. All the visible carbon does
    make the car look sick, especially with this
    matte Nebula Gray paint that you can only get
    on the Track Edition. But, it’s not all show and no go. If you haven’t noticed by
    now Lexus was serious about cutting weight on the RC F Track Edition. But, unlike when I cut weight
    in high school wrestling and went down to 164 this
    thing became even more of the beast when I just became tired. – The carbon fiber body
    panels, titanium mufflers, hollow half shafts and other
    light weight components, shaved a 176 pounds off the
    previous RC F’s total weight. The aluminum suspension bits, forged wheels and carbon
    ceramic brakes cut 61.7 total pounds of unsprung weight. With all else being equal a
    lighter car will accelerate more quickly and handle better too. (engine revving) – After they put the RC
    F on a diet Lexus turned special attention to the
    Track Edition’s aerodynamics. Engineers worked with
    the RC F – GT3 race team, to incorporate things that add down force and enhance traction. – The carbon Fiber front
    spoiler moves extra air over the top of the car and creates a
    higher pressure zone above it, pressing it into the ground. Integrated canards on
    either end of the spoiler, direct air away from the front tires and front wheel wells which
    reduces lift and drag. The front wheel wells
    actually also are vented, to allow air to flow out,
    which further reduces lift. The under tray is smooth and
    flat before transitioning to a straight rear diffuser. This reduces drag and
    turbulence under the car and creates a venturi
    effect which sucks the car to the ground. Finally the carbon fiber rear
    wing actually reduces drag and can produce up to 58
    pounds more down force than the standard speed activated wing. It all adds up to some
    seriously planted performance. (engine revving)
    (funky music) – Okay, so Lexus built a
    car that absolutely rips. We have established this,
    but you know what else Lexus is really good at doing? Making nice ass interiors. Both the RC F and the RC F
    Track Edition have gauges inspired by the LFA super car. You ever heard of it? It’s like one of the best
    selling cars ever produced! (engine revving) The tach is right there on the center like it is in any proper
    sports car and it’s digital, so it changes depending on
    what drive mode you’re in. It’s super fun. Normal mode, looks like a normal tach. And the two different sport
    models look like something out of a fighter jet. There’s a huge 10.3 inch,
    wide screen display. Apple car play and you
    can tell Alexa to turn on your fancy internet
    smart lights back home. While you’re driving
    there you can set the mood after a hot date from the driver seat before you even pull into the driveway. But, here’s a little tip, from a big bro. If you’re driving this thing right, you’re already setting a
    mood from the driver seat. – [Kid] Oh gross.
    (laughs) – The Track Edition has
    red carbon fiber accents on the doors and dash,
    and the center console looks like brushed gunmetal
    stainless steel trim. It really divides the cabin
    and adds to the feeling that you’re sitting in a cockpit. You’re not overwhelmed
    by a bunch of buttons and controls, everything
    here has a purpose and there’s still a CD
    player so you can bump your spring break ’03 mix on
    your way to the track. There dedicated stereo knobs and a drive mode knob right
    here so you don’t have to do everything through the menus. The only transmission
    you can get on the RC F and the RC F Track Edition
    is an 8-speed automatic with down shift rev
    matching controlled by these paddle shifters right
    behind the steering wheel. They turn when you turn
    the steering wheel, which is what I prefer. I don’t like when the wheel turns and the paddles don’t
    turn, that’s annoying, this is the way you do it. The wheel itself is pretty
    small and its thick so its got that aftermarket,
    tuner, racy feel. The cabin is the perfect amount
    of quiet and comfortable. I could definitely sleep in
    here, but let’s be honest, I can sleep in most places. The RC F isn’t so overly
    insulated that you can’t hear the refined notes of that
    sweet 5.0L Lexus V8 note. Does it sound good James? You bet your titanium exhaust, it does. Check this out.
    (engine revving) Then we come to my favorite
    part of any interior. These hella rad, big
    bolster, race style seats, and if you like red el
    concara, then the Track Edition literally has your back.
    (laughter) The regular RC F comes with
    bum warmers and bun coolers but Lexus ripped those
    bougie features out of the Track Edition, sorry Nolan. They are power adjustable though cause, you know still this is a Lexus. – These seats will hold
    you firmly in place while you’re turning around the
    track, something that you will definitely need, because
    this thing is fast. – Listen, we’re all gonna grow
    up, whether we want to or not but that doesn’t mean
    that you gotta give up your favorite kinds of toys. Luckily, brands like Lexus
    are paying attention, and building sick cars for adults. The RC F Track Edition combines
    all the flashy carbon fiber and go fast performance
    mods the adolescent version of you wants with the
    polished and refined package that the grown up version of you deserves. If this is what adulting
    is then sign me up. You know, there’s a lot
    of people to thank for helping us put together
    this video together. Most importantly, thanks
    to you guys, the audience for watching every week,
    showing up in the comments and supporting Donut since day one. Because of you guys, we’re
    able to do big stuff like this and I promise, it’s only gonna get bigger and cooler and more exciting. Thanks to Lexus for
    letting us borrow the car. And a big thanks to Kevin from Vsauce2. It’s awesome to be able to
    collab with other YouTubers that we’re huge fans of. This was really cool. Let us know who else
    you would like to see us collab with in the comments below. Follow me on Instagram and
    Twitter @Jamespumphrey, follow Donut on Instagram
    and Twitter @Donutmedia. If you like my shirt, go
    buy one, I love you.
    (gentle music)

    Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge
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    Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

    November 22, 2019

    (SPORTS SWAP) Elis Ligtlee,
    Dutch track cyclist. Such a strong rider. Elis Ligtlee is going
    to take the gold medal for the Netherlands. She can’t believe it,
    an Olympic gold medal. The most
    beautiful time in my life. Naomi Sedney,
    Dutch track sprinter. It’s going to be a race here. Passionate, disciplined, kind. The ultimate dream
    to do that 100 on an Olympics. Delight for the Netherlands. It’s OK. Go! Oh, God. (CYCLING/ATHLETICS) (ATHLETICS/CYCLING) – Hi.
    – Hi, nice to see you again. – Yeah, how are you?
    – Welcome to my velodrome. Thank you.
    I’ve been here before, though, for track competitions. – Oh, yeah in the middle.
    – Yeah, in the middle. We have our nationals here,
    so a lot of good memories. You see, here, my team-mates, the national team
    track cycling, – training on the track.
    – Yeah. What do you think
    about track cycling? Oh, my God,
    I’m petrified to try it! I mean, it’s sort of OK
    looking at it like this cos you’re not too high
    but way up high… Yeah, it’s a little bit steep. We obviously do a lot
    of biking in this country and I grew up biking
    and I learned as a kid, but I didn’t like it much
    so it was me basically me biking to school every day
    and then I got a car and I stopped biking,
    as much as I possibly could, so I’m curious to see
    what will happen now. How do you feel
    about sprinting? A little bit nervous. You’ll be fine.
    You’re strong, you can go fast. I hope so. It’s a totally new experience
    and I look forward to doing it. It will be different –
    it’s with my legs, also, but not on a bike. We will see. (THE KIT) You, of course,
    have your bike – we have these. These are spikes,
    they’re very light, we have spikes for grip – and they don’t have
    a heel or anything because you don’t need it,
    anyway, because you’re just running
    on your forefoot. – Yep.
    – So, these are yours. Thank you.
    Oh, yeah! Really light. These are blocks
    and you position them in a way that makes you want
    to jump out of them, basically. You just press
    down really hard and go out and that’s it. – So, here’s your bike.
    – This is it? Nice! What do you think about it? It looks good.
    It’s very orange. (TRACK BIKES –
    CARBON FIBRE FRAME, FIXED GEAR) So, if you can feel,
    it’s very light. It is! It’s so very lighter
    than a normal bike. Yeah, because
    you have no brakes. – No brakes?
    – No, it’s a very simple bike. How am I supposed to stop
    with no brakes? You have to stop
    with your legs – and I think you can do that. There are no brakes on them!
    OK, that is worrying. Yeah, that will definitely
    worry me. That’s…good to know
    beforehand, I guess. It’s important
    to wear a helmet. Yes, with those not-existing
    brakes and stuff, I can imagine. Thanks. (THE INITIATION) One of the most important
    things is to get warmed up, so we’re going
    to get warmed up first. OK. First things first, I want
    to see how fast you can run. You’re going to run
    a 60-metre challenge, that’s all the way up to there
    and I’m going to clock you. On your marks. Ready… ..go! Come on. Come on, come on. Not bad. 10:06 – Oh, wow.
    – Not that bad at all. Oh, my feet. Ooh! What do you think? It’s fun. The start is difficult,
    and the speed, it feels weird. Normally you see it
    only on television, or with a competition –
    but now you do it by yourself and you see
    how really hard it is. Oh, that’s better. Oh… So this is a roller. We use it for warm-up
    before a competition. The harder you ride,
    the easier it is. Are you sure?! OK. What did you think about it? I don’t think I like it much. I think I’d rather
    just cycle on this than be stuck on these. We have to do one lap,
    it’s 250 metres. This is the start
    and also the finish. – OK.
    – I will clock your time, and after that I will coach
    you for a better time OK? – OK.
    – You ready? – I guess so.
    – Go! – Oh, God.
    – Come on! Faster. You can ride so much faster,
    come on. Oh, God, oh, God. Go, go, go, go, go! OK, that was not fun…
    Oh, terrifying. – Why?
    – Because I kept thinking I was going to fall and
    then I slipped on the blue part and had to get
    back onto the blue part. Curves are difficult, and I couldn’t stay on the blue
    part on the straight ends… But I didn’t fall,
    so I’m really glad about that. Your time. So that’s, like,
    really slow, right? Normally, we do that
    in two runs. Yes, I bet! But it’s OK,
    it’s your first time. I can run faster than that. – It’s, it’s your first time.
    – That is true. (THE BASICS) Now let’s see if we can
    get you under the 10 seconds. I think we can. First things first, your start. How did it feel in your blocks,
    was it comfortable? Did you have enough room? Yeah, the space
    it was not enough. What I usually do
    is two and a half, measure that out
    and put the blocks there… ..and like three and a half
    on the other side. – Feels better?
    – Yes. It looks like
    you’re at the right angle. So it actually
    looks pretty good now. The first step is supposed
    to be as big as possible because you want
    to be right in the race so the first step you’re like
    go – and, like, almost a jump. Yeah. Your arms were
    really big, which is good, but try and keep a little
    bit of a 90-degree angle. Yeah, that will be like…
    Yeah, that looks pretty good. And this would have to be… If you can tighten your abs
    the entire run, that’s, like, ideal. How does that feel? Like a robot. I could tell with your running that you were hitting the
    ground with your whole feet. Yeah. You don’t have
    to use your whole feet. You actually only
    use your forefeet, the part which
    has the spikes on them. Do you think you can do that
    for 60 metres? I don’t know. It feels like
    you’re walking on high heels. – I have some tips for you.
    – OK. Um… It looks very good, a little bit dangerous
    sometimes. The best way to explain it
    is to ride some rounds and we do it together, so I can
    learn you how to do it. Oh, God, it’s no good. Go. I’m going to need another
    round of going round just to get my feet
    in this thing. Agh! – Yeah?
    – No. I was close, though. You have to do it
    with your… Yeah! The first thing,
    I think it’s better to stand up on your bike, on your pedals,
    to make more speed. I think you have much power in
    your legs and we could use it. – Yeah!
    – Aah! That looks good. It feels like
    I’m going to topple over. You have to sit
    in the right position. The right position
    is with your hands there and then your elbows
    to your knees. OK. You have to sit above your bar. More to the front. – There?
    – Yeah. OK. It looks good. It feels terrible! (THE DIET) Well, usually I think
    I’d eat a lot more protein than I have on my plate now. Yeah, more eggs and chicken. – Chicken. Beef, even.
    – Yeah? Yeah, we have
    a lot of meats for lunch. OK, we use protein shakes,
    and also with breakfast. Do you ever struggle with that? Eating clean,
    eating healthy? Yeah. It’s very important. Sometimes it very difficult
    when you’re at a party or something and you see chips
    or chocolate or cake there. Ah, cake especially. In your head, “No, no.” (THE CHALLENGE) Elis did her first run
    in 10:06 – now the challenge for her
    is to go under 10 seconds, so that’s 7 hundredths
    of a second faster and I think she can do it,
    so, we’ll see. (60 METRES IN UNDER 10 SECONDS) On you marks. Ready… Go! Come on, keep going,
    keep going, keep going. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on,
    come on, come on. Whoo! 9:43. Nice. Way under 10 seconds,
    well done. High five. Really good. The start feels better. Yeah, it feels better.
    Oh, I can actually coach! I’m so proud of myself –
    and of you, of course. It was really hard,
    but it was really fun to do. It was very good coaching tips,
    so, yes, thanks to Naomi. – Under 10 seconds.
    – Really good. She made so much progress. She went over half a second
    faster in her second run, so it was really good. I was really impressed,
    I’m proud of her. (ONE LAP IN UNDER 30 SECONDS) 35 seconds is the time to beat. I think you can go
    under 30 seconds. – OK.
    – Do you think? Er, we’ll see. Under 35 should
    be possible, at least. Ah, under 32? – OK.
    – Yeah? – OK, deal.
    – OK. I wish you good luck. Thanks! Go! Come on. Come on. Quick, quick,
    quick, come on. 29:43? What do you think? 33:05. Nice!
    Under 30. – Yeah.
    – Good. Good job. She rode a 29,
    so that was very good. I’m a happy coach. I don’t think the fact
    that I’m a track sprinter helped me in any way today,
    like, not at all. I was so out of
    my comfort zone. I never even got to the point where I was trying
    to transfer power, I just got to the point where I was trying
    not to fall on my face. It was 6 seconds for her,
    and it was 6 hundredths for me, so it was a good day. (SPORTS SWAP)

    Model railway took train enthusiasts five years to build – BBC News
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    Model railway took train enthusiasts five years to build – BBC News

    November 22, 2019

    It’s the model railway hobby but probably
    taken a little bit further. Our aim is to build model railways and take
    them to a higher level and we build them to scale to the standards which would be to emulate
    the real thing. It was 1958 thereabouts and it was pestering
    my parents for a train set as a very young boy of seven years old and it’s never left
    me. Alloa has been built from photographs and
    plans and the finest details we hope we’ve applied, right down to the backs of the tenements
    and the washing in the back gardens because when you look at a photograph, all these details
    are peripheral. So when you look at two photographs, it looks
    almost real. It’s the only hobby that I know of where
    you learn joinery, electrics, engineering, architectural skills, research, you name it.
    There’s not many hobbies that you learn all these sort of things. One of the first things that jumps out is the track because it’s very accurate, it’s
    done to plans, it’s hand-built track and it’s finer than you could ever buy and it’s
    about a tenth of the cost. To build your own stuff can end up a lot cheaper
    and the end result is not only more accurate, it’s bespoke. You’re basically taking yourself into that little world, or that little diorama that
    you’ve created. It just takes you away from all the hustles
    and bustles of what effectively is quite hectic lives that we tend to lead. It can be a labour of love but then any hobby can be like that.
    Restoring classic cars, building aircraft, it can all be a labour of love.
    When you see that model running on the layout, you think ‘I did that’.
    It’s unique. Nobody else has built that.

    Sad Slow Instrumental Guitar Ballad Backing Track A minor
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    Sad Slow Instrumental Guitar Ballad Backing Track A minor

    November 22, 2019

    Backing track slow ballad style. For electric guitar. Ideal to improvise solos, with long notes or shred. You can also sing, or play different instruments on it. You can improvise by using a scale of A minor. The track has always the same chords progression. You can also practice the chords which you see on the video. The record has electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and pads. Add it to your playlist, subscribe, share, to help me continue making these tracks. Have fun!


    Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Standing Up to the School Bully ft. Mike Troy | truTV

    November 22, 2019

    This has been a good week. Right? I was actually going
    to the school, ’cause my son was actually
    getting bullied, right? So I go up to the school,
    and the craziest thing happened. I get up there,
    and the kid’s father’s there. And, um, his father bullied me! You know what I mean? And I remembered this dude. Like, you remember
    your school bully? Like, we all do. Like, this dude
    beat me up so bad, right, like, his brother jump in
    and help me fight him, right? And I’m scared of this dude. And I don’t know
    what it is, right? Black parents especially —
    my mother was like this. This was her rule. “You be scared of God and me.
    Nobody else.” I don’t know
    how my mother found out that I was scared
    of Joseph Ward. Soon as I come home,
    she’s like, “Unh-unh, unh-unh,
    unh-unh, unh-unh. We going back to the school.”
    And I’m like, “For what?” “No, you gonna fight
    Joseph Ward.” And I’m like, “Ma, he real deal. He’s, uh, he a boy-man, Ma. This dude, he crazy!” What’d Ma say?
    “He ain’t that crazy.” I’m like, “Ma, please don’t
    let me fight this dude. I’m nervous, Ma, please. He beat up
    the whole school, Ma.” My mother take me
    down to the school, and she gonna have
    this little hype talk, right? “Let me tell you something,
    Mike Troy. You gonna fight Joseph Ward. ‘Cause if you don’t fight him,
    you gonna have to fight me.” Right?
    Don’t they scare you with that? And then she ended with this,
    “And you don’t wanna fight me!” My mother was wrong, ’cause
    I beat the hell out of her. “I’m not fighting him!
    He’s a boy-man!” I was like, “Joseph,
    hold my bookbag.” I was like, “Hold my bookbag.” I’m not fighting him. You shouldn’t put
    that pressure on me! I’m scared!
    I don’t wanna fight this dude! So the next day,
    Joseph Mother Ward came up to me, right? I’m a minor.
    I’m a minor. She did this.
    She did this to me. And I was like,
    “Oh, Ms. Ward? Wait here.
    I’m gonna get crazy. My mother is gonna have
    to beat on you!” You know, you get hyped
    when you know your mom’s in it. “I’m doing it.
    Wait right here. It’s gonna be on.” I get home, I tell my Ma, “Ma, Joseph Mama Ward
    did this,” right? My mother lost it. She’s “What?!”
    I was like, “Yeah, Ma. I tried to tell her,
    don’t mess with Janet baby! I tried to tell her!” We going on down
    to the school, right? They taking bets on the fight. Yo, my mom’s a gimme,
    gimme, gimme, right? My mother’s stretching. We all there, “Yeah, whatever. She don’t want it, right?”
    I’m like, “Yeah, Ma. Calm down, crazy.” Out of nowhere,
    Joseph Ward Mother come. You hear this — [thumping] My mother a little woman, right? She’s like, “Yo, who that? Who the — Who the dragon lady
    over there… blocking the sun? Who is that?” I’m like,
    “That’s Joseph Ward Mother. Get crazy, Ma! Get crazy!” My mother knew her! She turn around,
    “Olga, is that you? Olga Ward?” Then she turn right back to me. “Mike, let me
    ask you a question. Do I send you
    to school to fight? Do I send you?
    Do I?” And I’m like, “No.” “I’m sorry, Olga.
    Let’s go.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]

    Matsushima Ichinobo Hotel Tour & Bullet Train / Shinkansen in Japan
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    Matsushima Ichinobo Hotel Tour & Bullet Train / Shinkansen in Japan

    November 22, 2019

    Today we’re taking the train from Sapporo in Hokkaido To Matsushima A small town on the coast Near Sendai We spent one night here To see one of Japan’s top scenic views I’ll show you that in a separate video Today I’ll take you with me on the train Then I’ll show you the fanciest hotel I’ve stayed in, in Japan There’s new Japan travel videos on my channel every Thursday If you want to subscribe First we’re taking the Hokuto Limited Express From Sapporo to Hakodate It takes about 3.5 hours But there were some lovely views along the way This isn’t a bullet train BUt they’re working on one for this route between Sapporo & Hakodate So in a few years’ time This journey will be much quicker They’re aiming to make the whole trip between Tokyo & Sapporo Less than 5 hours It’s not quite as comfortable or spacious as the shinkansen The bullet train But it’s not bad At the moment it’s quite crowded Because it’s Sapporo Snow Festival time This is warm coffee in a bottle From the convenience store You can find it in what looks like a fridge But it’s warm It’s really sweet I think it’s got about 20 sugars! We changed at Hakodate To the bullet train This is the Hayabusa And it’s the fastest one The name means peregrine falcon So it’s named after the world’s fastest bird I think the shinkansen looks really cool I just love how it looks This line goes from Hakodate in Hokkaido All the way down to Tokyo But we’ll be getting off at Sendai To go to Matsushima We just wanted to break up the trip And explore a bit more of Japan on the way There’s actually lots of interesting places in Tohoku along the way I’d love to see more of them Now usually on the bullet train Reserving a seat is optional But on this train you have to reserve You can do it online before you go It’s pretty comfortable on the shinkansen So doing a long journey really isn’t a problem We were on here for 2 hours 40 minutes From Hakodate to Sendai And for a long journey You gotta have snacks Let’s take a look through the shinkansen This is a rest area between the carriages There’s places to freshen up And if you need to make a phone call This is where you can do it You have to be quiet when you’re in the carriages This is also the only rubbish bin you’ll find on the bullet train I had to be quiet Because there were some people standing there Who probably thought I was kind of strange for filming the toilets Don’t make the train cry From Sendai it’s about half an hour on the local train to Matsushima Which is on the coast This was quite a long travelling day We left Sapporo at 10 in the morning And got to Matsushima at quarter to six But this was one of my favourite places from the trip So I’m really glad we went There’ll be videos coming up to show you what it’s like We’ve arrived in Matsushima After about 6.5 hours on the train today On the way from Sapporo It was quite a long journey But we’re here at our hotel, which is the Ichinobo Matsushima And it’s a very big room we’ve got! This is a much fancier hotel Than I’d normally book But I had a voucher So we splashed out For our final night of the trip Ok this was the final night of the trip But it’s not the end of the series I’ve mixed it up, so we’re not in chronological order any more When you first come in there’s this little entranceway This is the same in Japanese houses You have a little area by the door Where you put your shoes Then you don’t wear shoes inside the house They’ve given us these slippers to wear Inside the room We also get these disposable slippers Which it says you can take home with you if you want to It looks like a whole apartment when you’re here It’s a bit of a strange arrangement for the bathroom In here we’ve got the sink Here’s the amenities You a Ladies Set Which is a hair band, some cotton buds & some cotton wool pads That’s what ladies need apparently! There’s some hair brushes What’s this? A hair band A head band Some toothbrushes Then the shower’s in here Let me put the light on & show you The shower’s a separate bit on its own With 2 shower heads That looks good That’s quite spacious in there Then the toilet’s over here In a little cubicle on its own There’s some more slippers here To wear in the toilet Here’s the Japanese toilet buttons This is another quite Japanese thing When you flush the toilet The water comes out here As a tap so you can wash your hands I guess it saves space & water This arrangement for the bathroom isn’t typical of Japanese hotels at all Most of the ones I’ve stayed in Have had really tiny bathrooms Or those bathroom all-in-one pods So this is really different Now let’s go through to the main room Look how big it is! This is massive compared to all the other hotels I’ve stayed in, in Japan But we’re not in the city here Matsushima is a seaside town The whole place seems a bit more spacious so far It’s got a nice traditional Japanese look In here There’s a fridge-style wardrobe The light comes on when you open the doors And they’ve given us pyjamas To wear around the hotel It says it’s ok to wear these outside your room And we also get these stylish waistcoats This hotel’s also got an onsen It’s got an outdoor bath on the top floor So you can wear these as you’re going to the onsen Or to the bar in the lobby There’s a little area with tatami mats Down here by the phone We’ve got a little sofa Phil’s modelling You can’t see at the moment But this view is amazing The hotel’s got a really nice garden There’s a swimming pool out there It’s February at the moment So I don’t think anyone’s going to be using that for a while But you can see the bridges are lit up Earlier on they had flaming torches out there And it looked really pretty I don’t know if you can see, it’s still snowing a bit It’s quite a big hotel You can see the rest of the building going round that side The sea, over there It was dark when we arrived So we haven’t seen it yet But the sea is that way I’ll show you in the morning when it’s light Another unique feature This door here You think it’s a cupboard No it’s not! It’s a mirror?! That’s hidden behind a door For some reason There was a time when I was staying in a hotel I got up in the night Put the light on Hadn’t realised there was a mirror right beside me I saw someone standing beside me And it really scared me So if only I’d had a mirror like this with a door It wouldn’t have been so scary Round this side of the bed We’ve got a sideboard with tea & coffee making facilities And cupboards down here to put stuff in BUt we’re only here for 1 night So I don’t think we’ll be doing much unpacking This is so much bigger Than a normal Japanese hotel room And it’s really nice As I said, this is much fancier than a hotel I’d normally stay in So I’m really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning There’s a buffet And I think it’s going to be really good There’s also an open air onsen On top of the hotel Now this is February And while it feels warm to us Compared to how cold it was in Hokkaido The temperature’s still just above zero degrees C So we didn’t really fancy it But apparently they also have free ice cream up there The view was beautiful This was such a lovely place to stay You can see some of Matsushima Bay Which is known for hundreds of tiny islands There’s more of that coming up Now it’s the morning And we’re at breakfast I wish I could show you more of the buffet But I didn’t want to disturb other people having their breakfast We felt a bit out of place Because everyone else was wearing the pyjamas & waistcoats from their room We don’t usually have breakfast at the hotel But they had a really good buffet A lot of it was cooked fresh And there was a lot of fish I had udon with sesame dressing I think it was supposed to be for the salad But I love sesames Then we went for a walk outside in the gardens No one else was out there Because it was pretty cold The garden probably looks better when it’s not the middle of winter And everything’s a bit more green But I think it’s still a lovely view Even if I was just there fore 1 night This was a lovely hotel I forgot to mention The other good thing is In the evening, they have free beer in the lounge I can’t wait to show you the rest of Matsushima It was really beautiful Remember to have a look at my designs On Especially when you’re starting your Christmas shopping And I’ll see you next week on Thursday

    Bring Me The Horizon – Throne
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    Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

    November 21, 2019

    ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU

    New Japan Showdown in San Jose – Full Backstage Comments
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    New Japan Showdown in San Jose – Full Backstage Comments

    November 21, 2019

    It’s been a month since the last American show, It’s been a while since I’ve been in the ring, But somehow I didn’t skip a beat. We’re just 2 days away, I believe this will be the biggest
    singles match of this year for me. Although people still see me as just a Young Lion, My next match, against Ibushi, I will let it all out. All the power and
    all I’ve learned from my time as a Young Lion. Good.
    Good. We were able to communicate. But we still have a language barrier. Do you understand ‘language barrier’? ”コルト・カバナ”なら聞き取れる No, no, no…
    ‘Language barrier’. Barrier? 翻訳しよう LET’S DO OUR BEST! Let’s do our best… Oh!
    Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best. I’ll do all the translating with my ‘Pocket Talk’. Get it? 翻訳機があるから Let’s do our best!
    Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best!
    Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best!
    Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best! Let’s do our best! Nice work, everyone. I was very moved, hearing the
    Liger chants echoed through the arena. I’m happy. Although we did lose the match, Truthfully I wanted to finish
    my last American show with a win. But my partner was young, this was our first
    time teaming. I wish he was more experience. However, win or lose,
    the fans supported me so much. ライガーのアメリカ最後の試合で
    彼と組めたことは本当に光栄だ 言葉にできないくらいだよ 心から光栄に思ってる He is working hard in the Fale Dojo. He’s training in Australia,
    but I believe we’ll see him in Japan, also. Please remember his name.
    It wouldn’t hurt. 日本で会おう It’s good that young wrestlers
    like him are coming up. This was my last American show, But I have no regrets. That’s about it, huh? Liger, what memory stands out
    for you from America? I never thought a small wrestler
    like me could be able to fight in America. On the first WCW Monday night show,
    I had a one on one match against Brian Pillman, That was the biggest match for me, in America. Even now, some wrestlers tell me that
    that match made them decide to become a wrestler. So, I think that match influenced a lot of people. And the fans liked it. So, I would say my first match against
    Brian Pillman in WCW was the best memory. You actually recently fought his son… Yeah. I was able to fight his son, too.
    His son is not too far behind his father. He has something, there. I’m lucky, I even get to fight Finlay’s son, too. Also, Shinya Hashimoto’s son, too.
    I have fought the offspring of some big names. That’s one of the things that I was able to
    experience because I have fought for many years. Although this was my last American show,
    I still have many shows left in Japan. Also, an Australia show is coming up.. There’s no time to take a break.
    I can’t. Until the very end, I won’t stop
    until January 4th and 5th are over. Train. Wrestle. Rest.
    And repeat. I’ll do that over and over. I bet you’ll still come back to America,
    for meeting fans. That’s right. That will be no problem. It’ll be
    entirely different without having to wrestle. I want to watch shows from ringside,
    with other fans. I want to watch New Japan
    and pro-wrestling from around the world. Thank you very much. There were huge chants for you, Liger. There really were… It was like a firework, that lit me up. That makes me really happy to know
    that they support me, Liger. Even after the match was over… Even after the match, they kept chanting,
    “Thank you Liger.” That truly brings me joy. They knew that this was
    my last match in America, Truly, although I couldn’t win in my last match,
    in my opinion, I believe I had a great ending. So, I’m satisfied. Truly, thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry, just one more… You were kind of the first wrestler to open up
    the door for Japanese wrestlers in America, Compared to when people didn’t know this place,
    how has it changed? How have the fans changed? I see that New Japan Pro-Wrestling has become
    recognized in America and Europe, But it’s not because of what I did, it’s due to
    everyone’s efforts these last two years. We’re running towards that goal. We have overseas tours in between Japanese tours. It’s actually very tough for wrestlers, but at the
    same time we’re spreading the New Japan name. Nothing makes me happier. But we’re just getting started. I’m counting on New Japan to keep
    spreading the name to the world. And I will be there for things
    like meet and greets. Or I could do commentary. I want to participate
    however I can, even just a little. Let’s keep raising the stock of New Japan
    Pro-Wrestling. Please, keep supporting us. Thank you very much. You punk!
    Don’t mess with me. Hey… Don’t think you can crawl your way
    to my level, bastard. That hurt. That really, really hurt.
    What was that chop? I thought my skin was gonna fall off.
    Wow. He’s fired up, but… Being lively doesn’t make you a pro-wrestler. どうぞ 鏡に映る俺たちの身体は
    セクシーだな それ本物のファーか? あぁ いいや 違う 動物愛護主義の友達もいるし フェイクだよ 趣味で狩りでも
    やってるのかと思ったよ いや それを言うなら
    俺の方がハンターだな いや そうでもないか とにかく楽しかったよ やっぱり地元のカリフォルニアで
    試合できるのは最高だよ それにこの地域はフィリピン系も
    たくさんいるから 特に大きな声援をもらえるんだ 今日は石井に
    たくさん助けられたな? あぁ 石井は今夜
    ビッグインパクトを作ってくれた カリフォルニアのファンは石井を
    トップのベビーフェイスとして見てるよな 本来の彼のスタイルとは違うけど チームに勝利を
    もたらしてくれてありがとう どういたしまして BUSHIをボコボコにするのが
    楽しくてな 俺は普段BUSHIに負けてるから
    感謝するよ 仇を討ってくれてありがとな お安い御用だぜ 相棒 それはそうと… 今夜はパーティーの
    気分じゃないか? パーティー好きだろ? いや 今はそんな気分じゃない 前回 両国で
    カメラの前で泣いちまって… 本当に悲しかったんだ ジョン・モクスリーへの
    リベンジに燃えていたのに 直前になって相手が変わったから でも もちろんあいつは
    USヘビーのベルト挑戦に値するだけの男だ だからあいつのせいじゃなくて
    俺自身の問題だったんだけど でもあの日を境に
    俺は前に進むことにした 今は目先のWORLD TAG LEAGUEだけに
    集中してる だから デビッドかランス
    今夜どっちが勝っても 俺は大丈夫だ 今年のWORLD TAG LEAGUEも
    優勝だけを目指していく 12月8日広島で
    優勝するのは俺たちチームさ あのデカくてセクシーな
    トロフィーを手にするのは 間違いなく俺とデビッドだ そしてWRESTLE KINGDOMで
    G.o.Dのベルトに挑戦し ベルトを獲って
    俺は完全復活する 以上だ オーケー パーティーはタッグリーグと WRESTLE KINGDOMが
    終わってからだな もうちょっと体を絞らないと ありがとう The title match is set for the Tokyo Dome. However, we’re empty handed, right now. But I have to be positive, even in this situation. I have to stay optimistic, no matter what. Even though we’re empty handed, we’ll make
    the most out of the sadness, anger, the struggles. It’s important to use your
    feelings to give you strength. 3K’s third straight victory. The story will continue.
    We’ll give you a great ending in the Tokyo Dome. And SHO’s fighting in the next match. Please, find your NEXT.
    We’ll have the winds at our backs. This opportunity for the
    British Cruiserweight championship… This loss to Phantasmo… It won’t let it go to waste. I’ll make
    the most it. That will lead me to… What’s ultimately NEXT. おい 勝者のビールはどこだ? キンキンに冷えた
    ビールはどこだ? どこだ? お前らビールを忘れたのか? ブリティッシュ・クルーザー級王者は
    俺だって忘れたのか? 俺はこのベルトをイギリスで マイケル・オクと
    センザ・ボルト相手に防衛し それから日本では
    田口から防衛し おまけにオーストラリアでは あのキング・オブ・スニーキースタイル
    ロッキー・ロメロからも防衛したんだぞ そして今夜サンノゼでSHOを 完膚なきまでに
    叩きのめしてやった それなのに何故
    その俺にビールがないんだ? まぁ あったとしても
    どうせ温いビールだろうけどな 今から用意しても遅いぞ お前たちの
    無礼な態度はよく分かった 俺はシングルでもタッグでも ジュニアのトップなんだぞ SHO&YOH 確かにタイトルマッチは
    決まったかもしれないが お前たちがトップを張ってたせいで この3年間のジュニアタッグは
    クソつまらないものになった だが俺と石森が
    頂点に立ってからの6ヶ月 ジュニアタッグは再び
    最高にエキサイティングなものになった 俺たちはROAD TO DESTRUCTIONを制覇し SUPER Jr. TAG LEAGUEを優勝した 今度はWRESTLEKINGDOMで俺たちが 新日本最強のジュニアタッグチームだということを
    証明してやる じゃ サンキュー&グッドナイト ジェイ・ホワイトに ビールを奢ってもらえるかどうか
    試してみるぜ 俺のベルトに触るな! どうだ?これでようやく
    理解できたか? お前らが何を言おうが
    俺には関係ない お前らが俺を好きでも嫌いでも
    どうでもいい お前らの応援など
    求めてもいない お前らが”EVERYBODY DIES”コールを
    してもしなくても どうでもいい お前らのことなんて
    全くもって気にもしてない デビッド・フィンレー
    あんな虫けらに構ってられない ジュースのことだって眼中にもない もう殺した相手だ
    お前にリマッチの権利はない それからジョン…
    怖気付いて逃げたのか? どうせ適当な言い訳でもするんだろ そんなの聞いてられるか このUSヘビーは
    世界一デンジャラスなベルトになった 世界中を見渡しても
    誰も俺の正面に立てる奴はいない 一人残らず
    強烈な痛みと苦しみを与えてやる 俺と同じリングに立ったことを
    後悔させてやる お前たちは
    何も分かってない!何も! もうお遊びの時間は終わった 応援もブーイングも関係ない 誰がインターネットで
    好かれてるかという問題でもない 俺は自分だけのために闘ってる 時間はかかってしまったが
    誰も俺からこのベルトを奪うことはできない EVERYBODY DIES 一人残らず EVERYBODY DIES! テーブルがひっくり返ってる こんな屈辱を感じたのは初めてだ この8ヶ月間は家にいることしかできず
    一試合もできなかった 復帰した自分を思い描いてたが
    負ける姿は想像できなかった ビッグチャンスだったのに 復帰戦でUSヘビー王者に
    なることだってできたのに 自信があったから
    会場に妻だって連れてきたんだ でも彼女が見たのは
    ランス・アーチャーに潰される俺の姿だ 8ヶ月間ずっと
    東京ドームのことばかり考えてた どうしてもあの舞台に立ちたい だが このチャンスも
    モノにできなかった ランス 俺に挑戦させてくれたこと
    それはありがたく想ってる 公平に闘った上で
    お前が勝ったんだ でもやっぱり屈辱的だ 今年残るはあと1シリーズ 東京ドームの舞台に立つには
    ここで結果を残すしかない 俺とジュースが目指すのは優勝
    それ以外のオプションはない 絶対に優勝する もうこれ以上
    自分に失望したくない 8ヶ月間死に物狂いでやってきた ドクターには
    最初から飛ばすなと言われたが 俺はUSヘビーのベルトを賭け
    ランスと闘うと決めた その結果の負けだ WORLD TAG LEAGUEまで
    もう1週間もない LAであと
    もう1試合あるけど… どうなるだろう… ジュースと話してくるよ イスを投げたりして悪かった タイトルマッチではなかったにせよ
    テーブルくらい用意しろ 俺はチャンピオンでベストだ
    いつもテーブルを用意するべきだろ テーブルというのはビッグマッチで勝った時の
    シンボルのようなものだろ 俺は凱旋帰国以来
    数々のビッグマッチで勝利を上げてきた 東京ドームでは
    1番のビッグマッチに組まれてる 初日の相手は内藤 2日目は飯伏かオカダ
    勝者のどちらかが相手だ だがこれらの男がいても
    最強なのは俺ただ一人だ 最後のROCK N’ ROLLAであり
    THAT’S REAL MSGをたった一人の力で完売させた 俺がその男であり… 史上初のインターコンチとIWGPヘビーのベルトを
    同時戴冠する男だ 内藤 もう笑ってられる
    状況じゃないようだな せめて呼吸してろ Chants for Okada. サンノゼ! 楽しかった? He’s asking if they had fun. What’s wrong? Hey, there’s no sound. Come on. Okada got the mic sorted out. 楽しかった? Yeah, we already heard that. 良かった WRESTLE KINGDOMは… 14 1.4 オカダ vs 飯伏 Bigger chants for for Ibushi or Okada? そして1.5は… IWGPヘビー級王座 vs… IWGPインターコンチネンタル王座… ごめん
    言いたいことがうまく言えてない WHAT THE- Whoa.
    Stop right there. Don’t say it. だけど次俺がここに戻ってくる時
    俺の腰にあるのはIWGPヘビーのベルトだけだ もう一つのベルトには用がない He’s proclaiming the importance of
    the IWGP Heavyweight championship. I fight with pride for this title.
    I don’t give a damn about any other belt. Next time I come back here,
    I’ll still be the IWGP Heavyweight champion. Thank you for today! ありがとう! 今日この試合に立てるか
    本当に難しかった 何故なら今朝 俺のスクールの生徒の一人が
    亡くなったと聞いたんだ だから友人のオカダとオスプレイと一緒でも
    この試合をするのは心苦しかった コータと組めたのは最高だった
    ベストを尽くしたよ 今日この試合はマット
    君に捧げたんだ 結果は負けだけど
    俺を誇らしく思ってくれただろうか 君のことを想ってるよ ありがとう Whatever happened… We lost. But, this wasn’t a one on one match. I may sound like I’m making an excuse,
    but I’ll move on. I still haven’t showed…
    Not yet… Ibushi, this was the first time
    you wrestled in San Jose, How did you feel about the fan reaction here? I realize this every time I wrestle overseas… They are truly kind. I want to do more for them. I want to spread more of Kota Ibushi. More and more I’ll spread New Japan and
    all of pro-wrestling to the world. That’s my goal. Onwards, to January 4th. やぁみんな パーシーには
    会ったことあるかな? 彼女はとても優しいな? 紹介しよう パーシーだ ダリルの友達で後輩なんだ 彼はSEX PIGを目指して
    トレーニング中なんだ 東京ドームが近づくに連れ パーシーとダリルは
    俺とヒロムみたいに 最高に良い友達になれると思う でもIWGPジュニアのベルトに
    友情は通用しない ヒロム お前のことは大好きだし
    復活も嬉しいよ…でも ジュニアのトップを
    張ってるのは俺だ じゃ パーシーと2人で
    サワーパッチ・キッズを美味しく頂くよ I think today was my last overseas show this year. I want to tell every single person, thank you. Really, the fans in America are passionate,
    just like in England and Australia. Having this support from all over the world
    gives us the power to fight. Truly, thank you for your support. We still have one more show in a couple of days. Some of us will be there. And I believe we can
    fight on bigger stages. Keep an eye on us. Also, January 4th is set. Who’s bright idea was it
    to have a vote in the first place? It was me… Whatever. It’s set.
    It is what it is. I guess the vote says all, That they want to see a double title match. Honestly, I’ll pack the Dome both days. I think it’s best to give
    the fans what they want. Then, on January 5th, when I win… I’ll talk about that when that time comes. Anyway, all that matters is my
    upcoming title match on January 4th. I have to win there, or else, what was the point
    of my protest of a double title match? If I stumble there, Everything that I have done
    would have been pointless. So, anyway, January 4th,
    Ibushi is getting fired up, isn’t he? I didn’t think he could take me out
    with a missile dropkick. Anyway, first I have to focus on
    the title match against Ibushi on January 4th. It could be better than the match on January 5th. Please, everyone around the world, count on me. Thank you.

    Tutorial: Track your transcript
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    Tutorial: Track your transcript

    November 21, 2019

    Hello and welcome. M y name is Christine
    and in this video I’m going to show you how to track your order on The first thing you’ll want to do is log in to your account. You will see
    the name of the school that you attended here. Click Track. You’ll be brought to
    the screen that gives you the order details. Let’s do a quick tour of this
    screen. Up here you will find your document ID and here’s the recipients
    name. And down here you can see the email or mailing address of the recipient. This
    is good to know if you want to double check where your transcript is being
    sent. You have the price here, and here it shows you whether you ordered a paper or
    electronic transcript, and if you wanted your transcripts sent now or if you
    wanted to wait until your next grades appear on your transcript. You’ll find
    that here. So let’s look at the order status. You can see that right here in
    this example the order has been submitted to my school. Remember, your
    school must review and approve your order before we can send your transcript.
    You can find more details about your status here, including any
    troubleshooting information. Now let’s look at some of the other statuses you
    may see. Available for download means that your electronic transcript is ready
    and available for the recipient to download. If you sent your transcript
    directly to an email address like in this example, the recipient, even if you
    are the recipient, would have received an email with a link in it that allows them
    to access your transcript. If the recipient says that they did not
    receive the email, they should check their Spam folder. But we can always
    resend the email too so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Now if you sent your
    transcript to an academic destination and you just see the name of the
    institution like in this example, this means that the school is in our
    Parchment Network. Your transcript would currently be sitting in their Parchment
    Receive inbox. Download confirmed means that the recipient downloaded your
    transcript. This status means that your transcript was shipped. If we sent your
    transcript it would say Parchment has shipped your transcript here. And if your
    school sent it, it would say that here. If your transcript was shipped and the
    recipient still hasn’t received it, double-check the address to make sure
    it’s correct. If it’s not correct, you will have to place a new order. We cannot
    change the destination due to security reasons. If the address is correct,
    remember that USPS mail can take seven to ten days to arrive. If you see an on
    hold or canceled status, you will need to speak to your school about it.
    Orders can only be canceled by you or your school. OK, so let’s review. If your
    order is still with your school, you will need to talk to them about it.
    If you’ve made a mistake with the destination, you’ll need to place a new
    order. This applies to both email addresses and mailing addresses. If there
    is something wrong with the content of your transcript, you will need to speak
    to your school. Remember, we do not hold your official transcript; your school
    does. Finally, if you need to contact us, please include your document ID which
    you’ll find in the order history screen. Congratulations! You now know how to
    track your order. If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center
    at It’s where you will find help topics, videos and a guide
    to ordering and tracking transcripts. It’s also where you can contact us.
    Thanks for watching!