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    April 9, 2020

    – [Calvin Coolidge]
    Expenses of the governments of this country, the stupendous sum of about seven billion
    500 million dollars, we get 700 million dollars, is needed by the national government, and the remainder by local governments. Such a sum is difficult to comprehend. It represents all the pay
    of five million wage earners receiving five dollars a day,
    working 300 days in the year. If the government should add
    100 million dollars of expense, it would represent four day, to comprehend. It represents all the pay
    of five million wage earners receiving five dollars a day,
    working 300 days in the year. If the government should add
    100 million dollars of expense, it would represent four days more work of these wage earners. These are some. – [Guard One] You boys in a hurry? – No. Engine’s got a miss in it. – Sounds good to me. – Yeah well, must have
    some rust in the car, it hasn’t been run much since winter. – Say uh, you boys
    wouldn’t happen to have any firearms or booze, do ya? – No, those are illegal. – [Guard One] You want to
    come out and pop the trunk, so we can take a looksie? – No. – [Guard One] What do you mean no? – Well, what’s not to get? It’s two simple letters, an N, an O, put together they spell. (firing) (crashing) (thrilling music) (laughing) – That was hilarious. He looked like a damn turtle
    on his back trying to get up. Man, this the last time
    we can do it this way. – Well, it’s too close for me. It ain’t over yet, get that
    damn baggage packed up. – [Don] Put in the fan if you have to. – [Vic] I am. – Shoulda stole the faster car. – Oh stolen’s such an ugly word, I’d prefer borrow. – Wish they would have
    just taken that bribe, it would have been so much easier. – You just get them damn spikes out, we can get ’em off our asses. – Can’t wait to try these. – [Vic] You’re gonna get the chance. (firing) Whoa! – Son of a bitch, they’re shooting at us. – Yeah, but don’t they know
    they could hurt somebody? Alright, don’t dump ’em yet. Wait ’til we get to
    that turn point bridge. – [Don] Alright. – Alright, you ready? – [Don] Uhuh. – [Vic] Alright, now. (clinking) (laughing) (hissing) (crashing)
    Oh shit. (whirring) – [Both] Oh shit. – [Don] What are we gonna do? – [Vic] Come on. Come on. We gotta jump. – I can’t swim. – You’re almost 30 and you can’t swim? – No. (yelling) (splashing) (yelling) (guns firing) – [Vic] Fuck you feds! (laughing) (groaning) (laughing)
    – You crazy son of a bitch. – Whew. Ah hell Don, think of it this way. We’re sitting here looking
    at beautiful blue skies. Instead of five years in a glass at Walla Walla Penitentiary. Not to mention that 10,000 dollar fine. – Shit, I’d rather a drowned. – Yeah, me too. That’s why we had to jump. – Jump? Some crazy fucker pushed me. (laughing) – Is that what you’re
    gonna tell old Saint Peter when we get up to them pearly gates? Your old buddy Vic pushed you? – Shit, I was fixing to tell somebody, but I doubt very seriously
    it was Saint Peter. I’d be talking to. – Actually I’m starting
    to think about you. You’re a bad influence. – Yeah, right. Hey we better get going. That fat guard wasn’t looking
    too good last time I saw him, I think we might have killed him. – We didn’t do it. – Nothing is ever your fault, is it? – Hey it ain’t our fault he
    can’t drive on four flat tires. – Are we playing by any rules here? – Sure we are. Vic’s rule number one, rules are for pipe smoking dog walkers who don’t like to have any fun in life. – You call this fun? – Hell yeah. – This is only fun if we
    make a bunch of money, and we live through it to spend it. You know it’s 30 miles to
    Colville, we better get going. They’re gonna have the
    dogs after us, alright. We better get going. – Ah shit, I lost my shoes on the jump. – [Don] Yeah me too, let’s move. – [Vic] See if we can
    find a car on the way. (knocking) – Come. Sit. I hear you boys had a
    close call the other day. – Yeah. Yeah, it wasn’t good. Not good at all. Guards, they got a real
    good look at us both. – Not to mention your car. They’ll be coming for damn sure now. – Well, you don’t have
    to worry about that. We borrowed it from some poor bastard on our way through Colville. But um, we can’t take that route anymore. – No. – Not to mention that cop, he might not make it. We need to come up with
    something better, quicker, that’s gonna take some planning. And then we’re gonna need
    to find something else to haul the stuff in. – They wouldn’t take a bribe? – No, we tried that. – [Don] You know if you
    hadn’t been so impatient. – They already made us. Twas our third time through that week. – Let me tell you what
    I’m up against boys. There’s a mining convention next week. There’ll be a lot of tycoons in town. Like Kellogg, Comstock,
    half a dozen others. Then of course we have the rich boys. There’s Zalibach and Werehauyser. Now these two control half of the timber on the west coast. They drop a thousand dollars a night each while they’re in town in
    my speakeasy, I like that. I want to keep them happy. I want to keep them coming back, spending their money in my speak. Now these boys, they’re used to having the best available at all times. Now that includes whiskey and rum, the best whiskey and the best rum. Not that gasoline shit
    that Tiny is manufacturing up on the side of the hill. (scoffing) Now, I need you two to tell me how you’re going to fix this so that we will be very
    happy and much richer by this time next week. I think this business
    meeting is over boys. – Wait, we can’t–
    – Come up with something soon. – We can’t drive it down, but maybe we can bring it down by mules. – (scoffing) I’m not
    dealing with no damn mules. You’re bad enough as it is. – Dear god, you two sound
    like you’re in love. – If you can guarantee
    us five dollars a bottle on our next run, we’ll have your booze, and
    we’ll have it here on time. – And how do you propose to do that? – Fly it in. – Fly it in? (laughing) – Fly it in? Oh, that’s brilliant. That is absolutely brilliant. I suppose we should just
    get wings and sprout ’em and flap ’em and go across
    the border that way, huh? – There’s the old Stearman
    for sale at Felts Field. We’ll go check it out tomorrow. If we can round it up
    we’ll get it up in the air, the next day, we will have
    your booze Mr. Davenport. You have my word on it. – You’ve got your five dollars a bottle. I have a question. When did you learn to fly? – You don’t have to worry about my flying. It’s a done deal then? – Done. Good luck. – [Don] You can’t fly. – Sure I can. A little. – Oh shit, I’d love to see the day you can fly a damn airplane. – You will, tomorrow. – Boys, the door closes on the way out. – [Don] Just because Nick had
    you flying around on the wing at a county fair upside down, does not mean that you know how to fly. – Sure it does. Look he’s taught me a little bit. Just ’cause he don’t fly anymore doesn’t mean he can’t
    give us some pointers. – Yeah that’s great, as
    long as you’ll listen. – You know, we can make
    a pile of dough real fast if you learn how to fly,
    we can get two planes. – Let’s see how one works first. – Look, there’s three speaks in this burg. We can supply ’em all. – They’re talking about
    repealing prohibition. Then what’ll we do? – Start a stillery. There’s one over on Vinegar
    Flats for real cheap. You know, we just have to make
    enough money real fast. – And if this little
    brainstorm of yours works. – Oh it will, we’ll fly real low along the
    river all the way to Canada. On the way back we could
    even buzz the guard towers. (laughing) – Hey man, we’re supposed
    to be keeping a low profile. Louie was right, if we’re too
    flashy we’ll get caught quick. – Yeah well, Louie’s
    just worried about Louie. – Yeah, we can count on one thing, if we get caught he
    will not know our names. We should head on down to Slack Alice’s to see what she’ll pay. – You know that’s not a bad idea. – [Don] Yeah. – Only trouble is can’t see
    Alice without seeing her sister. – Shit. – [Vic] She is sweet on you. – How could I forget about that one. – [Vic] But you know what they say, any old port in the storm will do. – [Don] I would rather ride
    out in Noah’s little storm through a rowboat than
    pull in to that port. (slamming) – [Vic] Hurry up man, I think. Hurry up Don, I think they’re waking up. – [Don] You got it all wired up up there? – [Vic] Yeah, go, go, go. – [Don] Alright, let’s go. (engine starting) (dog barking) (country music) (sputtering) – Ah hell, I think we ran out of gas. – Shoulda checked that before
    we decided to steal this one. – We’ll just go steal another one. – Let’s go get some gas. But you’re siphoning it. – What? Get out there and push. – [Don] I’m not pushing a stolen car down the road.
    – It’s not stolen, it’s borrowed, now get out there and push. – [Don] Terrible idea. – Just push it, let’s get some gas. (rumbling) – Pretty nice Buick. Think it might be time to
    take it off the market. – Yeah, we’ll grab it on the way out. – Absolutely. (clanging) – Oh it’s you guys. Ain’t seen you boys for a spell. – Yeah, we’ve been busy. – So I’ve heard. – Alice up there? – Yeah. – I suppose Kate is too? – Oh yeah, she’s all keyed
    up for you Donny boy. – Shit. – Tiny is too, so be careful. – [Vic] Alright. Ring us up, okay? – Alright. (creaking) – Well, well, well, what
    brings you boys slumming? – [Vic] Oh Don here got a little lonesome. – Kate, come see who we got at our door. – [Kate] Oh. – Damn it, do you have to. – Come on now, be a sport. It’s nice to bat our eyes
    on some good looking guys for a change. – Sure is. – Well we got a little
    proposition for you dames. – Mh mh, why don’t you come on in? – [Vic] Nah, this is business. – Ah damn, business before pleasure. – [Don] There’ll be none of that. – Now Don’s just a little shy. (piano music) ♫ I got a craving for you ♫ Can’t seem to satisfy it – [Alice] Can I buy you boys a drink? – Oh no, allow us. Don, where you going girly? Four glasses please. Now we’re gonna have this for sale soon. Thought you might be interested. – See what you boys got here. – [Vic] Give it a taste. – Mh, that’s pretty
    good, how much you want? – Seven bucks. – You’re killing me. Don’t you know I don’t have
    the high polluting clientele that Louie’s got? Let’s try six. – Hey Leo, try this. You know if you had better booze, you might have a better
    class of riff raff. (laughing) – Leo here’ll drink anything. ♫ I couldn’t help but cry ♫ So now I miss you daily ♫ All I do is sit and sigh (crashing) (laughing) Pour me another one, yeah ’cause that’s how I want my customers. – Well hell that’s 151 proof. Think about it this way, you can water it down and be
    like pennies for a nickel. – Yeah, like you won’t? – No, I supply you with goods. Do with it what you will. – Seven it is then. Chowmein, come clean this mess up. – Mr. Leo. Mr. Leo, Mr. Leo. You kill Mr. Leo again! Hire someone sing. (yelling) (dramatic thrilling music) – [Don] Good pour. – See you all in a couple days. – Sounds good. (sighing) – Guys wouldn’t be trying to
    tattle your molasses down here, would ya? – [Vic] Nah, we’re just
    here having a drink with the lovely ladies. – Okay well, this is my town and uh, it’s not big enough for all of us. – [Vic] I think we’re alright. We’d hate to see you have to scram. – Oh I won’t be going anywhere boys. – Hey now, now boys. We don’t have funny business in here. – Yeah, we don’t need
    – Boys. – [Kate] To damage the goods. – We’ll go ‘head and see you out. – It’s still here. No, no, no, Don. Let’s borrow this one. – [Don] Yeah, let’s
    liberate this fine machine. (engine starting) – [Vic] Woowee, sure is
    pretty, ain’t she Don? – [Don] Looks to be pretty
    much top of the line. – Oh excuse me boys. This plane isn’t for sale right now. I’ve got work to do on her. I would like you to look at
    that one right on down there. We could make a sweet deal if you were to have a look at that one. – Why that one? – Well I’m busy with this one.
    – Aw, she’s alright, she’s alright, let’s take a look at her. (whimsical music) Well Don, what do you think? – [Don] I don’t know man. – Sounds good, let’s go
    see how much he wants. Alright, how much do you want? – 2500 and not a penny less. – I’ll tell you what, we’ll give you 1700, deal? – Aw god, you guys are crazy. I had two offers last week for 2000. This old gal is worth three. I’m making you a deal at 25. If I was to fly this plane down to Pasco, I could get three easy. – Why don’t you fly it down to Pasco then? – Well I’ll tell you why. – Sure you will. – Last year I flew down to
    Pasco and I came in a little low and I hooked the tail
    skid on the telephone line at the end of the runway. I got out, I had to pull
    20 feet of wire off of it. I’m really kind of
    scared to go back there. I’ll tell ya boys, ’cause I like you so much
    I’ll let you make payments. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, a thousand now and a
    thousand five minutes from now. And you boys have got
    yourself a sweet deal. – Oh hell Gabby, don’t go out and hurt yourself there. Tell you what, we’ll take her. But we’d like to take
    her out for a spin first. – Yeah, sure, you boys done much flying? – Yeah, actually kinda. – Kinda? – Well maybe I ought to go with you. – No, no, no, no we’ll be fine. If you just get that old crane
    running, we’ll do the rest. – Give us a hand. – Switch on. – [Gabby] Wait, wait,
    haven’t you ever started a round engine before? – No, I’ve only flown an Eagle Rock. – [Gabby] You have to pull it through or you’ll bend a rod, sure as hell. – Alright, sorry. – [Gabby] Okay, switch on. – Switch on. – Switch on. (whimsical music) (whirring) (whirring) – You stupid sons of bitches. – Whewhehehew. Whew. You alright Don? – Soon as you get me
    out of this damn thing. – Whew. See, told you I could fly. (whimsical music) Nick. – Yeah I guess so, let’s go see what he has
    to say about this plane. – You bought that off that old coot, huh? – Yup. Said he just had it overhauled, if you believe anything
    he has to say, that is. – Yeah but I think he did it himself, and that may or may not be a good thing. – Yeah well. We’re gonna take it up for
    a little job to Colville. – Need fuel? – Yeah, and a puke pail. – Or somebody standing
    out on the wings and flap. I don’t know Don, you up for that? – You can kiss my ass Vic. – He didn’t think too
    much of his first flight. – Well, some can be more
    exciting than others, that’s for sure. – He thinks he’s a pilot, being as you flew him around
    a few times on the wing. – You remember the time we flew the plane under the bridge with
    them fisherman on top? (laughing) – Yeah, it took us three hours to get all that fishing
    gear off the plane. – Well this is all very reassuring. – Well, stop by anytime
    if I can be of any help. (whirring) Boy just like his daddy. (dramatic music) (whirring) (honking) – You can just put it in the elevator. (clinking) – That’s all of it, right? – Yup. – Send us a little closer to hell. – 10. Makes 130. – Should be enough to
    get us into a card game? – [Don] Mhm. – Make it 150. Is that all you can carry in
    that little plane of yours? – Well, no. – Well then who are you selling it to? – Slack Alice. She’s giving us eight dollars a bottle. – God damn it! I’ll give you 7.50, and
    I want every delivery for the next two weeks. – Eight. – Eight. Eight? That is robbery. – Well then none. I already have another buyer. – Alright Vic, alright. Don’t be hasty. Look, I need that booze. I’ve got a big convention
    and I am running short. Those boys, they love their rum. – Make it eight then. (sighing) – Okay, but I want you to promise that I get every delivery
    for the next two weeks. Is that a deal? – Sure Louie, you got a deal. – That’s Mr. Davenport to you. – Okay, so we best get going then huh? Damn, it looks like rain. – Yeah. I think we should just
    go scare up a card game, what do you think? – There’s fish in there to catch. Let’s do it. – Alright. (honking) Open up. Come on, we were just in
    there, let us back in. – Password? (honking) Not without the password. (dogs barking) (laughing) Give me a minute. – [Vic] Open up! – [Guard] What’s the password? – Come on man, let us in. (laughing) Mother. Mother fucking load, now open up. – [Guard] We got fish to catch. (soft classical music)
    (faint chatting) – You mind if we going you gents? – No, not at all. Might change the luck. – [Player] Yeah, deal me out. – [Vic] Vic Hansen. – [Don] Don Collier. – [Host] Noah Kellogg. Eddie Werehauyser. – Good to meet you. – [Kellogg] Mr. Comstock. – Oh damn Don. How are we gonna split up
    a silver mine, a gold mine, and a lumber mill? – [Kellogg] What do you
    got to lose their rooster? – He’s no rooster, I’d
    call him more a sparrow. – [Werehauyser] Oh, how’s that? – ‘Cause he’s full of shit
    and he chirps all day. – No, no, he’s right. All I got is an old airplane. – Really? I’ve always wanted to go up
    in one of those contraptions. – [Vic] Oh yeah? Yeah, I’ll take you up for
    a spin around the patch. – I don’t believe this man
    appears to be suicidal. (laughing) – Let’s just play cards. – What can I get for you sir? – I’ll have a shot of rum, thanks. Thank you. – No problem. – Comstock. – Nay. – You know that man over there? – [Comstock] No can’t says I do. – He said he was the vice
    president of Anaconda Mining. – That’s bullshit. He looks more like a G
    man than a miner to me. I think that son of a
    bunker here last June when the government was
    inspecting up there. – Yeah, well I’d hate to lose this joint. We’d all end up at Alice’s. – That would be terrible. (chuckling) – Ask David, he’s around here somewhere. Louie here. – Yeah, we just came from his office. – I think I’ll sit this one out. – Yeah, just as cards get hot you bug out. – Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I’ll have this fine young
    lady sit down for me. – [Liz] Oh, oh no, I may lose. – Hey, that’s all your worried about? Don’t. There’s plenty more where that comes from. I’m taking it out of the
    ground by the train load every day. Here, you sit down and keep my seat warm. Might even be a little
    something in it for you to keep. Here. Now these guys won’t even know I’m gone. – [Comstock] Well, she
    is easier on the eyes. (knocking) – Come. – Sir, Mr. Kellogg wishes
    to have a word with you. – It’s okay, please have him come in. – Louie. – Noah, you’re looking well as always. – Yourself as well. – Thank you. – Is there something I can do for you? – Yeah. Your place has built itself up
    to be quite a little business since the last time I was here. – Thank you. – That might be short lived, unless you do something
    about the government agent that somehow snuck inside. – What, what are you talking about Noah? What? Where? Can you point him out to me? – The bartender said he
    claims to be connected with the Anaconda Mine Company. You can check that out for yourself. The owner’s a guy named Marcus Daily. He’s seated over there with the cigar. Gentleman far to the left here. Gentleman is the guy down at
    the end of the bar, black coat. – Thank you Noah. I’ll talk to Mr. Daily
    you’ll be here, I presume. Rick. – [Rick] Yes sir. – Please. – [Rick] Yes sir. – Take Mr. Kellogg, give him
    anything he needs at the bar. – [Rick] Will do sir. – Thank you Rick. (soft classical music)
    (faint chatting) – Evening gentlemen. Louie Davenport. I’m the proprietor of this establishment. Mr. Daily, may I speak to you in private for one moment sir? – Sure thing Mr. Davenport. What can I do for you? – The gentleman at the end
    of the bar, black coat. You recognize him, he
    says he works for you? – Never seen him before. Certainly doesn’t work for me. Has kind of a clean cop
    look, don’t you think? – My thought exactly. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Daily. Get back to your game and
    have a wonderful evening. – I will, thanks Louie. – If you need anything,
    please don’t hesitate to ask. How is everything Rick? – [Rick] Oh very well sir. – Good, good. Excuse me sir, I’d like to
    speak to you in my office. – [Agent] Why? – Because you’ve entered
    my club uninvited, and you’re not whom you purport to be. – [Agent] I’m with the Anaconda. – That’s part of the problem, sir. I’ve spoken to the owner of the Anaconda. And he says you don’t, and
    intend to agree with him. So, would you like to follow me or do I need to get assistance? (dramatic music) Sit down. – In that case, I’m Agent Bachman. And I’ve been watching
    your little club here for quite some time. You might have to speak to
    my superiors about that, if you know what I mean? – Sit the fuck down! (scuffling) Now. That was a much more truthful answer. So, what will it take for you to forget about our little club? – 20%. – 20%? That’s very decent. So let’s see, 20% for you, 20% for the chief of police,
    20% to keep my boys happy. Oh, then we have the distributors. So let me see, next time
    somebody comes in here and asks me for 20%, I
    should just give it to ’em. (slamming)
    Fuck you, and fuck your police chief! – I’ve been watching your flight boys. They might have to go down to. Down with ya. (thudding) – You’re not gonna say a lot if the speaking parts are missing. Now, we don’t have a lot of time.
    (gurgling) What are you going to tell your superiors? I can’t hear you. What are you going to tell your superiors? Damn. I don’t think we’re ever gonna know what he was gonna tell his superiors. – [Hans] What do you want
    to do with the body boss? – Take him over to Meddle Road. Cut off his fucking head
    and throw him on the tracks. Put his head in a mail bag. Give it to Vic. Tell him to drop in the river
    on his next fucking trip up to Canada, and get this hunk of shit out of my office before
    he spoils my new rug. – [Hans] Alright. – So what you’re saying is, we’ll clean the fuel out of the tank, and we’ll just fill her up. – Yeah, I mean we can carry twice as much without the weight of
    all those damn bottles. – Sounds good to me. – Louie wants you to
    drop this in the river. (thudding) Next trip. – Damn, what is it? – Maybe it’s best that you don’t know, or you can ask Louie yourself. – Well what is it? – [Don] I don’t know, let’s find out. Holy shit. – What is it? – [Don] It’s that guy
    from the other night. – Oh! (gagging) Oh, it stinks. Oh. Damn it Louie. Damn it! – [Don] Jesus. (knocking) – Yeah? What is it Rick? – We’re running out of rum
    and whiskey Mr. Davenport. – I know, the boys are bringing
    in another load tonight, we’ll be fine. – Oh okay, got you boss. Oh Tiny wants to see you too. – What the fuck does he want? – With him, who knows. – Alright. Send him in. Oh and by the way Rick, can you make sure that that
    new shipment of glasses we got from Seattle is cleaned and ready for this evening? – Yes sir. – And can you send Hans up. – Will do sir. – What do you want Tiny? – [Tiny] I think you know. Doors have been way down lately. I’d like to know what
    the hell is going on. – It’s like this. You see the rich clientele that
    I have in my establishment, they like good booze. Not that gasoline shit that you’re brewing up there on the hill. So we’ve been flying the
    good stuff in from Canada. Simple as that. – [Tiny] Well let me tell you, it ain’t as simple as that Louie. The cops still gotta get paid, and my boss in Chicago
    still wants his money. – You got a problem,
    haven’t you there Tiny? But it ain’t my problem. (slamming) – Well maybe it’ll get to be your problem when the shipments stop
    coming down from Canada and I got to charge you double
    to make up for my losses. – What makes you think you
    can come into my office and tell me what to do? I don’t need your cheap
    shit gasoline Tiny. Now get your ass out of
    my office you little fuck before I tell Hans to teach
    you how to fucking fly. Hans! – [Hans] This midget bothering you boss? – Who you calling a midget
    you fucking overgrown gorilla. – Prepare for your first flight. – Oh fuck. (crashing) You son of a bitch. Fuck you. – [Hans] Now flap the stubby wings. Hey, that’s better. – Really don’t think we
    should have done that. He has connections with Chicago. I don’t think Tiny is
    gonna take that too well. (whirring) (thudding)
    (splashing) (whimsical music) – Good evening boys. You know I grew up with your families. Been to your houses. Sat at your tables, shared bread with you. And I want to let you know, you boys have really got
    my butt in a predicament over all this booze here. And I don’t like it. (spitting) What’s more, the feds
    now are looking to me for some answers on that missing officer who was snooping around. I am not used to this kind of scrutiny. They did find his body yesterday though. Over in Hillyard. It was a real mess after
    the 905 ran over him. But they haven’t been
    able to find his head. Now you boys wouldn’t know
    anything about that, would you? – No, sir. – Well I’m here to tell you. The rumor is the feds are
    now taking bribes from Tiny. So the heat is gonna turn way up on this little rum business of yours that seems to arrive from heaven. (clinking) – Well I’m sure that this will help keep ’em off our asses now, won’t it? – For a while. But just for a while. One of you boys cut yourself? – No, we picked up a pig for
    our barbecue this weekend. (scoffing) (sighing) – You know that asshole might
    have been over our house for dinner a couple times, but he sure as hell was
    never invited by us. – Still a pain in the ass. – Hey you remember that one time he arrested us for driving
    that old motorcycle through the pool hall? We were just a little drunk. – A little drunk? Yeah, yeah you couldn’t hit the backdoor. – Oh I hit it. – Oh yeah, I remember, I got
    the scars to prove it too. I guess that’s why this
    is all illegal now, huh? – Hey I was fine until you
    decided to try to fall off. – I only decided to try to fall off because you decided to try
    and take a table with us. (laughing) We were safer in lockup that night. – Yeah. He’s still an asshole. Come on, let’s go get the truck. (whirring) (grand music) (soft music) – Another 200 for
    dropping off that parcel. – You know, I don’t know what it was, but it left a bloodstain in
    my hangar that the chief saw. Don’t involve us in your dirty work. – You already are. (clinking) Look, I’m running a little short on booze. I need you to make another run. – Problem is we can’t
    carry as much as we want. The bottles are heavy. – I’ve got an idea that might fix that. – Well spit it out. – I was thinking–
    – Look, you two work out the details. But be careful. The feds have been sniffing around, and that asshole chief, he’s
    starting to be a real problem. Just watch your backs okay,
    that’s all I’m saying. – Told you he was an asshole. Yeah, we saw him earlier. We had to give him a case
    of rum to keep him happy. – He asked about that fed
    that got run over on Hillyard. – What did you tell him? – Can’t talk about something
    we don’t know anything about. – Good, that’s very good. So. You gave him a case of rum? With what I’m paying him,
    he should be very happy. – Yeah well I still wouldn’t trust him. – Look, I want you to
    do another run tomorrow. – Getting a little pushy, aren’t you? We’ll fly when we want to. – Okay, I’m just worried
    that I might run out. Now get the fuck out of my office and let me listen to my music. (soft whimsical music) – Suppose if we cleaned
    out that upper fuel tank and jutst filled it with run. Just run our fuel out of the bottom tank. – No, cause as you the
    gas out of the other tank it’s gonna throw the
    center of gravity off. You’re gonna hit the ground
    like a ton of turnips. – Hm, well we can haul twice as much rum if we could just figure this out. – Oh it’ll work, ’til you boys start
    putting vodka and whiskey and everything else in this damn thing – That’s just the name of the game. We’re gonna go to jail
    for a little or a lot. – You can try it. If it kills you I’m a be the first one to say I told you so. – I like to save the brass, if it kills me I’ll be
    the first one to say damn, that old Nick sure knew
    what he was talking about. – [Don] I don’t suppose I have
    any say in this, now do I? – No Don, you make too much sense. – Let’s give it a shot. (whirring) Howdy. Bet you weren’t expecting us
    back so soon, now were you? – Well you sure are a thirsty lot. Business must be pretty good, eh? – It sure is. So good we can barely handle it. We’re gonna need a whole barrel. – Where you gonna put it all? – In the fuel tank. – Oh dear. I hope you boys don’t outsmart yourselves. – I wouldn’t worry
    about that one too much. (whirring) (whimsical music) – I’m revenue agent Marshan, and I’m gonna inspect your plane. – Revenue agent, by what authority? – By authority of the
    United States government, that’s whose authority. I suspect you two of
    violating the Volstead Act. I mean, you’ve got this
    nice looking plane here and you’re supposed to be
    working for the railroads, but I don’t really see you two doing much. – Well mister revenue agent,
    you got any proof of that. Well damn Don, that thing sure was pretty. You must have spent a
    lot of time polishing it. – Yeah, okay. I’ve been looking through your log books. You guys have been spending a lot of time up in Colville. I’d just like to know
    what your business is. – Well, see, my mom lives up
    there and she’s real sick. – Colville is mighty close to Canada. It takes the two of you to
    look out for your mother? – [Vic] Well see, if you had
    met my mother you would know. – It’s gas, and it’s full sir. – [Vic] Of course it is, we just went up to Colville and back. (chuckling) – Damn, and I thought that was the plane we were looking for. – Well hell, why don’t you just tell us what you’re looking for. You know, maybe we can help. – Rum, mister. Illegal booze. – I’m sorry we couldn’t
    have been more help. I guess it’s just not your lucky day. Now if you don’t mind, quit
    wasting our fucking time. Sure would like to put
    the old lady back to bed. – Yeah well, I’m gonna take off for now. But you two have not seen the last of me. I’ll be around. – Oh I hope so, this has been a pleasure. – Feds. – Bye chief. Oh look at that, Doolittle’s in town. Louie’s gonna be hot for tonight. – Jimmy always was good for business. Who’s that he’s got with him? – Hell if I know. But she sure is lumpy
    in all the right places. Come on, let’s go. (knocking) – Come. Well, how’d it go boys? – Good, real good. Brought in over 10 cases. – Good. – You know Louie. Chief came in to pay us a
    visit, and he’s still out there. He’s not a happy guy. You know you might want to have him over for one of your drinks,
    if you know what I mean. We got a real good thing going on here, and can’t have him going back on our deal. – You’re right. We do have a real good
    thing going on here. You know when those miners left they were one happy bunch. I’m gonna need another delivery tomorrow. By tomorrow night this
    place will be packed with rip roaring cowboys, and you know how much
    they like their whiskey. Then we got the fly boys
    coming in for the races, and well, we know that they’re
    such refined gentlemen. – No, that’s not a problem. But, we might need a little help with some more bottling. – What? What happened to the last
    two girls I sent you? I didn’t see them for two days. (chuckling) – Hey, bottling is hard work Louie. They’re probably catching
    up on some sleep. – Right, sleep. You know what, I’m gonna try
    to keep Tiny off your neck, and then I’ll try to
    sidetrack the feds, okay. – I think you’re right about Tiny, I think he’s gonna be really upset about our deal with Alice. – As I’ve said before boys, I think you are going to start a war. And you know damn well that I’ve had Tiny thrown out of here once. – Really wish I was there to see that. – No, you don’t. Wasn’t pretty. (dramatic music) – There she is. Who’s that girl? That lady right there with the olive skin in the white beret. She came in with Doolittle’s guy. Is she one of Doolittle’s girls? (chuckling) – Her? (clearing throat) She’s Whirlwind Billy, the owner of the Wild West Show, daughter. She’s here doing promotions on the air races with Doolittle. – Oh no. I’ve seen this look before. Never ends well. – I want to meet her. – Why do you want to go
    and do a thing like that? She’s just gonna break your little heart. (whispering) – Sure you will, I’ll
    believe that when I see it. You know, there’s not talking
    to him when he gets like this. (chuckling) – Oh boys, boys, boys. Come on. I’ll take you down and introduce you. (chatting) Come on. I’ll introduce you. Doolittle, Kitt, ladies. I hope you’re finding everything
    in my club to your liking. – Well, well, look what
    the cat dragged in. Yeah speaking of the dead rodents, I see you’re still living up
    to your nickname, Doolittle. – Good, that’s what I like to hear, friendly conversation. – Hansen, are you really gonna enter that old crate of yours in the races? – [Vic] No, I feel real bad
    about making a grown man cry. – Kitt, I’d like to introduce
    you to an associate of mine. This is Vic Hansen, and
    his partner, Don Collier. Gentlemen, I have the
    pleasure of introducing Ms. Kitt Hawkins. – What an unusual name
    for such a lovely lady. – Why thank you. Hansen. You know I went to
    school with a Vic Hansen for a short time. – Ah, my name is Vic, but I went to school on
    a little bump in the road halfway to Colville, Hidden Valley. – So did I for the first two years. You know my name is really Ann Smith. – Wow. I’ll be damned. – Yes you will be. You were always pulling on my pigtails. – I was always trying
    to get your attention. – Well you did then and you are now. – It finally worked. – So what is it you do Vic? – I’m a pilot. It’s Mrs. Hawkings, right? – Yes, but I’m not married. I had to change my name for the stage. I mean, wouldn’t you, if your name was Ann Smith. – Hell yes I would if
    my name was Ann Smith, I would have been beaten a lot. (laughing) – Well a pilot, huh?
    – Mhm. – So do you live here? – Yeah, yup. I’d love to take you up sometime. Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow morning? – Yeah, I’d like that. – Um Vic, I’m sorry they’ll be
    a little busy tomorrow, Kitt. Boys have a little errand
    to run for me tonight. I have an idea. Why don’t you all come to my invitation a big ball I’m throwing
    tomorrow night at the hotel. – That’s a great idea. Kitt, you gonna be available tomorrow? – Yeah, yeah that sounds wonderful. – Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow. – [Kitt] Alright. – Do you want to drag a hoof? – Yeah, sure. (clinking) – Hello, lo, lo, lo. Hello. It’s great to be back in my old home town. Even though it is for just a short while. Now, would you like to hear
    something from my new album, I’ve Got a Girl?
    (cheering) I’ll take that as a yes. Now, think you can
    remember the way it goes? – [Pianist] Hell yeah, I
    can even play it backwards. – Alright, you play it backwards and I’ll sing it forward,
    and we’ll see where we land. (clinking) (soft music) ♫ In the city ♫ After dark ♫ There’s a place – You know, he has a great set of pipes. – She sure does. – He’s talking about Bate, you idiot. ♫ Feels so right ♫ Dancing through
    (rumbling) Maybe we should get out of this damn game. – Yeah? Can we afford that? How much we got in cash? – Damn if I know, but feels like my mattress
    is about two feet thicker. – Well what else are we gonna do if we’re not doing this? – I don’t know, go to Mexico or Cuba, somewhere soft. Start a distillery. This damn prohibition can’t last forever. – Shit, we’re being followed. – I can’t really see, but
    it looks like fucking Tiny. – Louie’s right, it’s gonna get hot. – Let’s get out of here man, step on it. Let’s get this show on the road. – Kind of late for you two fly boys to be taking off, ain’t it? – It’s my mother, she’s
    taking a turn for the worse. – Oh yeah, that’s the one that
    lives up in Colville, right? – That’s the only one I got. How many do you got? – You two are really some
    great comedians, ain’t ya? – I am. He’s a straight man. Well mister revenue agent, hate to be rude but we
    really gotta get going. Come on, help me up. (whirring) – Hey Joe, how’s that woman of yours. – [Tiny #1 Man] Yeah. – Shit, how’s your mother? – [Tiny #1 Man] Better than most. – Tiny up there? Listen, I don’t need this shit alright. We can shoot you down tonight. Just let me go up the
    damn mountain, alright. Oh. Damn. (dramatic music) (fire crackling) Tiny. Haven’t seen you around a lot, so I figured I come out and see how your little shit ass is doing. – You know if you’re
    out here for some dough we ain’t got any. This is the first time
    we started the still up in over a week. – You know, that’s not my concern. My concern is collecting the fee. – The fee? Why don’t you collect your fucking fee off of those two rumrunners that are working my territory and they’re stealing my business. You know if you bastards
    would arrest those two, we might all be back at the dough. You know another thing, the boss has been
    wondering what’s going on, maybe if I told him that you cops weren’t doing your job, then we’d see what your
    fee looks like, huh? – Yeah, well we’ve had trouble
    catching them with the goods. Maybe you can do something about that, but that doesn’t matter. What I’m concerned about is our fee. Those fly boys took off
    sometime after dark, they should be back around midnight. I think tonight’s a good
    night for a snipe hunt. Not much of a moon and all,
    but that’s not what matters. What matters is that we get
    our money and we get it soon. Or you’re not gonna like
    the next time I visit. – God damn. When this batch is done shut her down. Get your guns boys, we’re going to town. Those son of a bitches have pissed me off. – Alright. – Yahoo, let’s go get ’em! – Time we did something. – [Man In Tan Hat] About god damn time. – [Tiny] Alright, you
    two guys go over there. We’ll be over here. And when those son of a
    bitches come over us to land, we’re gonna let ’em have it. Down right here. (rustling) (whimsical music) Here they come boys. (guns firing) Give me that rifle. (whirring)
    (guns firing) – Got my leg. – [Tiny] I think I got ’em boys. – Put her down. – Hey boss, who the hell was that, tipping ’em off with the light? – I don’t know, let’s go
    down there and find out. What the fuck are you doing out here? – Snipe hunt, looks like it works, I’ve caught a worthless piece of shit. – [Tiny] You son of a bitch. Get him boys. (whirring) (crashing) (hissing) (booming) (groaning) – Don. Don. Oh shit. Oh. Don, Don. Hey, somebody! Somebody help! Don, Don! Somebody help! Hey, Don. Somebody! Anyone, help! (soft music) ♫ There’s nothing I couldn’t do ♫ And nothing I wouldn’t – Ah. Ms. Hawkins. Kitt, you look ravishing. My god, you are beautiful. – Thank you. What a wonderful hotel you have. Have you seen Vic? – Oh, oh I’m so sorry my dear. Nobody told you. Vic’s plane crashed yesterday. – What? Is he okay, is he alive? – Yes, yes he’s alive. He’s a little bruised, but
    other than that he’s fine. It was (whispering) – Well where is he? – He’s in the Deaconess Hospital. – Can you take me there? – [Davenport] Of course. – Can we go right away? – Of course, of course. Hans. Would you please have my driver
    take Kitt to the hospital. – Of course. – Thank you. – Thank you. (soft music) (chatting) Hey. – Damn, I thought an angel
    came to take me away. – Oh, one has. – Yes, I believe she has. (groaning) – Well, looks like all the
    important parts are in tact. How’s Don? – He’s in pretty bad shape. (sighing) Lost a lot of blood. The doctors, doctors say they may not be able to save his leg. Bullet shattered his knee real bad. – Bullet? – We were shot down. – Who would do that? And why? – Oh, you see. Don and I, we haven’t really been flying for fun, we’ve been running some
    booze up in Canada. Seems that the natives aren’t
    really too excited about that. We ruffled enough feathers and put a pretty big target on our back. – Well, guess you couldn’t
    exactly call the cops in a situation like that. – No, not to mention local police have brought in
    a couple of federal agents and, they’re all on the pay roll
    of some big galoot named Tiny. We can’t go anywhere, especially in the condition Don is in. Getting killed comes to
    mind if we do anything. – Will you let me help? – How? We’re in this way too deep. – I can fly. (laughing) Stop that, it hurts too much. – What? I can drive a car, I can even work on it. – I’m sure you can.
    – Why can’t I fly with you? – Besides, why would you want to? I thought you were Doolittle’s girl. – I’m no one’s girl. My mother left when I was
    seven, I never knew why. My father passed away after
    being kicked by a horse. I was 10. Billy took me in and, raised
    me like I was his own. I’ve never met anyone like you. So when I heard what happened I got this feeling in my stomach, I thought I’d never see you again. Don’t leave me out here
    just flapping in the wind like other people have done. I can’t take any more heartache. Jimmy would just be here
    today and gone tomorrow. – Alright miss, if Mr.
    Hansen’s going home tomorrow he needs to get some rest. – Will you come get me tomorrow. – Of course. What time? – [Nurse] Doctor comes in at 10. – Okay, I’ll see you at 10. – Kitt. Sorry about the ballroom at Louie’s. – It’s okay, I’m just glad you’re alright. – At least your feet won’t hurt tomorrow. – What? You didn’t want to dance with me? You, you can dance, right? – I don’t know if I’ve ever tried sober. – Come on now, time to get. (whimsical music) – [Vic] Don, you got some visitors bud. – Nick? You look like hell. What happened to you. – That fucking Tiny and his gorillas caught me at the end of the runway. – That was you? With the light? – Yeah I was working
    late, seen ’em come in, grabbed a light and went down there. – Thanks man. Doctor said I get to keep my leg. They don’t have to hack it off. But, my eye is gone. Nothing they can do to save it. – [Vic] I’m sorry buddy. Looks like your flying days are over. – What am I gonna do now? Not much work for a one eyed guy. – [Vic] We always talked
    about starting a distillery. – Well. Can’t let me drag you down like that. – Well, maybe my dad
    can find you something. – Thank. He work in installs? Thanks, but no thanks. – [Vic] I’m gonna go look at a speed in the upper head Coeur d’Alene tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I find. – You go that plane. I’ll be up there in two weeks, you watch. – [Vic] You’ll always be my partner, but I don’t think you can fly. You’ve got no depth perception. – Why not, it’d be no
    different than flying with you. – Well, let’s take my plane tomorrow. – How is it that you have a plane? – Well it’s not mine, it’s my dad’s. I do a couple stunts
    at the wild west show, draws a crowd. – You sure it’s the plane? – You must be on drugs. – [Vic] Get a good night’s rest. – I’ll be out soon man. – [Vic] We know. – Come get me. – [Vic] We know. – Alright. – [Nick] Goodbye buddy. – Love you guys. (phone dialing) – Hello. Could I have Fairview 335 please. Thank you. Hello? Yes, is Vic Hansen there please. Oh, I see. Ah yes could you tell
    him that Louie Davenport wishes to speak to him
    as soon as possible. Thank you so much. (knocking) – You wanted to see me? – Yeah Vic, you’re
    looking well, can you sit? Heard you boys took a nasty spill. – Yeah, I’m alright, but Don, he took it real hard. Lost an eye. It’s gonna take some time,
    but he’s coming around. He’s still alive anyway. – Glad to see you both made it. Look Vic, I’m just about
    out of rum and whiskey. When do you think you’ll be well enough to be up flying again? – You’re about out, huh? – Yeah, out of everything. – Well I got a new plane,
    we would like to try it out. – We? What Don’s out of hospital already? – No, training a new pilot. (chuckling) – Who would be dumb enough to go up and train as a pilot with you, Vic? – Kitt, she’s not dumb. She’s just adventurous
    enough to try something new. Besides, it’s not hard spending time with her. We’ve tried to go out a couple days. – I’m gonna be out of
    everything tomorrow night. I want you to do a run tonight Vic. – Be careful Louie, you’re
    gonna piss me off again. – I need the booze Vic. – Alright. Nine clams then. I got to pay for a new plane. – You know, we had a real good thing going until you decided to get greedy. – We done here? – Yeah. (dramatic music) (clinking) – Tiny. – I see you’ve taken up
    with those bastards now. – They have good booze,
    my customers like it. (thudding) (crashing) Don’t act like that in here. That’s gonna cost you a hundred
    dollars, get out of here. – You best enjoy it. ‘Cause that’s the last you’re gonna see. – And don’t go doing anything stupid now. (whimsical thrilling music) (rumbling) (whirring) (whirring) (whirring) (groaning) – Holy shit. Hey. – [Vic] What happened? – [Kitt] You alright? – My head’s killing me. – We were hit by lightening. – By lightening? – Yeah. – Strange thing happened
    while we were up there. After we were hit, whole plane slid up. Stayed that way for a few minutes. – That seemed almost fire. – Whatever it was, sure was neat. – Oh I’m so glad that you were concerned about our wellbeing. – I figured, if we’re going down, might as well have fun with it. – Oh my god, look at
    the hole in the plane. Can’t believe we got out of there. – Yeah. It’s a good thing I was with you. – Thank you. (dramatic music) (splashing) – [Davenport] Thank you for that Vic. By the way, how’s that
    little girl of yours turning out as pilot? – Oh, damned good. You know we were hit by
    lightening last night. If it wasn’t for her I
    would have been laid out in some field somewhere,
    because I was knocked out cold. – [Davenport] You okay? – Yeah, I am now, but I had a hell of headache. – [Davenport] Speaking of aches, that one in our ass was
    outside the cub last night. He said that he’s going to get you and me, so I’m warning you, we both better watch our backs. – Knock knock, can I come in. – [Davenport] Yes. – Hey. – [Davenport] Vic was just filling me in on your adventure of last night. (laughing) When can you have the plane ready? You know the races are this weekend. – Oh, we’ll have her stitched up and back in the air in no time. – Yeah. – [Davenport] Good. I have a lot of money riding on that. – Nick. – [Nick] Good as new. – [Vic] Ah, thank you. Sorry I wasn’t much good
    with this hurt wing. – I didn’t notice any difference. – Well Kitt, ready to go
    up, take it for a spin? – [Kitt] Yup. – You guys have fun. – [Kitt] Thanks. – Thanks buddy. (soft music) (whirring) Thank god it stopped raining. – Wow. See, you had a plan right. – Oh yeah. Been wanting to bring you here for weeks. This is one of my favorite spots. – [Kitt] Well I’m glad
    you did, it’s beautiful. – Come on, get under, it’s
    starting to rain again. – Geeze, good god Houdini. You got anything else in that bag? – Oh yeah. You’re the most important part. Thanks for coming. – Thank you. He keeps me in line or
    else I just wing out, out of control. – And Nick? – Nick, Nick’s an old friend of my dad’s. He’s like a second father to me. You know he still does some flying, but his health’s not too good. – Well, sounds like you need something to keep you under control. – Yes, I do. It’s getting late. – Yeah.
    – Shall we see if we get this old wreck to take us home? – Yeah. Thanks for pulling on my pigtails. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t. (whirring) (sawing) – Where’s that fucking Frankie? – He’s in Chicago, doing a job for AL. – Oh fuck. Who else do we got as a dropper? – Big Foot Bob. – Nah, he’s too sloppy. I need somebody that
    can jimmy an aircraft. – I know just the guy. He thinks he was an ace in the war. He’s got a steel plate in his head. Mh, he’s not all there, but he
    knows his way around a plane. – Can you get him? – I thought we solved
    that problem already boss. – No, we got a lot of ’em, but there’s a dame on this now. – Ah. (clinking) Hey boss, this is Ace,
    the guy I told you about. – So you can make an airplane crash? – [Ace] Can I make an airplane crash, what a question. – Moron, I’m not used to asking question. And having a person I’m speaking to make me sound stupid. – [Ace] Alright, sorry. – Let’s try this again. I need this plane to crash this weekend and I want it to look like an accident. Can you do that? – Yeah, I can do that. – Good, now we’re getting somewhere. Al’s coming out here, and I want this fucking mess cleaned up before he gets here, or he’ll send Nitty, with
    some Chicago thunder, and we’ll be lucky if all
    he does is kneecap us all. – Who is Al? And what the fuck is a nitty? – Capone, you idiot. And I guarantee you, you
    do not want to meet Nitty. Damn, I got to be the
    one to pull your head. – [Don] Kitt. – Hey, Don. My gosh, it’s so nice to see you out. – Mh. It’s good to be out of that damn hospital. – [Kitt] You gonna fly with me? – No, my arm isn’t really
    feeling all that good. Besides, it’s your promotion and I really should stay
    around with the old gent, make sure he doesn’t run into anything. – [Kitt] Alright. I’ll see you when I get back. – Bye, have fun. (whirring) Don, Don, there she is. – Sure can fly. – [Vic] What’s this? – Looks like a bolt in the safety wire. – Hey kid. – Yeah? – Where’d you get this? – That man over there
    told me to give it to you. – [Vic] What man? – That man. (dramatic music) (whirring) (exploding) (soft music) – Annie, Annie, Annie. – Oh I hate you Vic Hansen. (rapid breathing) – What proof do you have that it was Tiny? (slamming) What’s this? – It’s the nut in safety wire that hold the control cable on. – Little son of a bitch. I told you he was dangerous. I just didn’t think he’d
    go after your girlfriend. – Yeah, well. I was supposed to be on that plane. I don’t know how he
    knew it, but he knew it. – Look, I hope you’re not
    gonna do anything stupid. – I’ve been dreaming up this little surprise for that little midget ever since he shot us down,
    and those two G men too. It’s about time that little operation he’s got up in Mount Spokane goes up in smoke, if you know what I mean. – That still is like a little thorthop on the side of that mountain. Just how do you expect to get to it? – By air. Wouldn’t be a problem, would it? – No, it wouldn’t. No. I think I know just a little too much about what you do in your spare time Vic. – How is it that you got
    a plane for sale so soon? – Well I sell things. – Things? – Yeah, things. You got something you want sold, I can find a buyer for you. Why just last week I was going on down to–
    – Alright, alright, I’ve already heard your line of BS. How much do you want for the plane? – You’re not one to fly it
    before you buy it, are you? – Maybe. – Oh, I can’t watch. – Well then close your eyes then. I’m gonna take it for a
    little spin around the patch. Don’t you worry Gabby, I’m
    not gonna crash your plane. – Just don’t do any of those
    there hoopty doos, okay? Oh did I tell you, this one’s got one of those
    newfangled radidioes in it. – You mean radio? – That’s what I said. You must have had trouble in school, huh? (thrilling music) – Go prop me up. (whirring) – Hey boys. – Hey Nick. – We need to figure out how to mount a machine gun on the plane. – I guess the question is where you gon’ get a fucking machine gun? – Well, those national
    guard boys next door, they just got a brand new one, and maybe, just maybe, we got
    the old one collecting dust. Besides, a little bit of rum might just cloud their judgment enough to make anything seem logical. – What are we still doing
    standing around here? Let’s go visit the neighbors. – Get in the car. – I ain’t riding in the stolen car. – Ah, it’s not stolen, it’s borrowed. – I ain’t riding in a borrowed car. – We’re gonna put it back. – Alright well then, well then just tell us how
    do we mount it on the plane? Where can we mount on the plane? – Actually you can put
    it on top of the wing. You can stand in the
    seat, shoot it from there, like you used to do. – Yeah, just like old times. You fly, I’ll shoot. – Hell no, this is your
    harebrained idea, not mine. – I’ll do it. I’ll fly the damn plane. – [Vic] No, you can’t fly, you won’t be able to see how close we are. – Just tell me when to
    pull up on the radio. We need to serve up some payback. – You know, that just might work. – Well it’s not gon’ be that easy. – Sure it is. – No, it ain’t. (whirring) Nick said to put the gun on the wing. – [Don] On top of the wing. – [Vic] On top of the wing. – [Don] How are you gonna reach
    the gun on top of the wing with that windshield there? – I didn’t think about that. Hell, we’re just gonna
    have to take it out. – [Don] Alright. (whirring) – [Tiny] Fuck it’s those rumrunners. – Okay, bring us around. – [Tiny] The fuck is that. Coming ’round again. Come on boys. – [Vic] Little closer. Almost there. (guns firing) (machine gun firing) Oh shit. (guns firing) Little closer. – [Don] Is that close enough? – Yeah, right there. (firing) – Get that fire out.
    – Come around again boy. (groaning) (gun cocking) (firing) (exploding) – [Tiny] Fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. (exploding) (thrilling music) (whirring) – You check the water and the oil, oh and don’t forget
    about the windshield sir. – Get ’em? – I fear the still has been destroyed. – Whatever will we do? – I’d get the hell out of here. And in a hurry. You can see the fire from town. – Yeah, I know. We got at least three or
    four of them, if not more. – Well you’re gonna have
    to change your identity. ‘Cause them feds and them Chicago boys gonna be looking all over hell
    and Washington for you guys. – Tell them boys we said thanks. – [Nick] Where you going? I don’t know, let’s see. Heads, Kentucky. Tails, Tennessee. (whirring) (whirring) (guitar music) (humming) ♫ All those years I drank ’em down ♫ All those years wild and free ♫ Then the revenue would come ♫ And shut it all down ♫ Falstead done got the best of me ♫ Now my hands is shaking ♫ My lid is aching ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ My hands are shaking ♫ My heart is aching ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ My hands are shaking ♫ My liver quaking ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ My hands are shaking ♫ My lid is aching ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ Get me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ No more booze ♫ I’m gonna get mean oh lord ♫ Get me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ One more night of gasoline ♫ Give me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ Falstead is killing me ♫ Give me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ One more night ♫ No more walking the street – [Singer] Somebody
    get me a goddamn drink.


    Cat® Compact Track Loader D3 Series | Overview

    April 9, 2020

    Today I’m pleased to introduce you to
    the D3 series of Cat skid steer and compact track loaders. These wheeled and
    rubber track models provide new levels of comfort reliability and productivity
    that were inspired by you our customers. Let’s take a closer look. One of the
    first things you’ll notice is the changes in appearance to the outside of
    the machine. You’ve got the Cat logo located on the
    side of the machine along with the model number and the series number here on the
    left arm as well as some of the feature identifiers here on the left arm. This
    change in styling gives the machines a fresh new appearance. A couple of things
    we want to point out around the front of the machine here before we enter the cab
    which are a direct result of customer input and feedback. First would be the
    step here, wider openings that allow for great material flow through here
    anything that happens to be spilled from the bucket no longer as material buildup
    in this area an issue. Next would be a bolt on grab handle. Grab handle that if
    you happen to damage it in the course of the work that you’re doing is
    easily replaceable so that you can safely enter and exit the machine.
    Speaking of entering and exiting the machine cab door opening. Much wider than
    our previous models makes entering and exiting machine much much easier. Now
    that we have the cab first thing we want to do is put on our seat belt. You’ll
    notice that it’s a high vis orange which makes it much easier to see from outside
    the cab whether or not the operator has a seat belt on. Next you’ll notice the
    additional comfort provided in the cab. An additional three inches of space
    between these joystick pods allow the operator to be more comfortable not only
    in the knee room area but also in the foot positions that you can now place
    your feet for those long days on the job. I want to move the controls to a
    position that’s more comfortable for me as an operator. Speaking of controls there have been some improvements to the controls as well. On the left joystick there’s now
    a yellow button with a snail symbol on the face of the button that is the same
    symbol that you would see on the advanced display monitor when that
    function is activated. So when Creep control is activated you will see the
    same symbol snail here on the display that you see on the face of the button.
    In addition there’s now an icon on the display that indicates when you were in
    the float functionality. So if you’re using the float to clean up around the
    jobsite you will now know that. That’s just another way we’re
    communicating more information and making it more intuitive for you to use
    our machines on the jobsite. Cat skid steers and compact track loaders
    have always featured innovative technology. The dual direction
    self-leveling system is an example of that. Introduced in our previous series
    models we continue to offer the self leveling functionality which works in
    both the raise and lower direction on all our D3 models. Another example of
    technology is the return to dig and work tool positioner features which allow an
    operator to automate repetitive functions when digging and loading or
    operating an attachment where a specific angle is desired. These three features
    now have been bundled together so if your machine is equipped with the dual
    self leveling function you now can take advantage of the return to dig and work
    tool positioner features as well. Speaking of technology there’s some very
    exciting new technology that’s only available on the D3 skid steer and
    compact track loaders. When the machine recognizes that a smart tool is attached
    the joystick controls change to match the attachment functions. For instance
    when the smart backhoe is attached the joystick controls now operate the swing,
    boom, stick and bucket functions. This means there is no need for the door to
    be removed in order to operate the backhoe attachment and the operator can
    remain in the comfort of the fully sealed and pressurized cab. With the click
    of a button it is easy to switch from the backhoe mode back into the skid
    steer mode in order to travel or reposition the machine. Another smart
    tool example is the smart dozer blade attachment. When connected the joysticks
    convert to the dozer control pattern meaning the right-hand joystick controls
    all the blade functions. The smart tool technology is exciting and we will
    continually be adding attachments to our portfolio in order to expand your
    capabilities. We’ve also fine-tuned our torsion axle suspension undercarriage so
    now you can grade, truck load or handle materials with even more confidence. And
    if you load and carry as part of your regular application we’ve now added two
    speed travel to even our smallest compact track loaders.
    Now all D3 compact track loaders come standard with two speed travel for
    increased productivity no matter where you need to go. Last but certainly not
    least is an improved fuel filtration system. It’s now even lower in
    maintenance as an inline fuel filter is no longer required which means
    only one filter to change. The high-capacity canister style filter
    continues to offer a visual and electronic method of identifying any
    water that may have been separated from the fuel. The fuel lift pump is also an
    improved design as it’s now brushless for even greater efficiency and improved
    long-term reliability. I’d like to thank you for taking time to learn about the
    D3 skid steer and compact track loader machines. For more information visit your
    local cat dealer you can also check out our Instagram and Facebook pages as well
    as visiting our YouTube channel.

    Japan Hour: Road Trip On Daiyūzan Line (Part 2)
    Articles, Blog

    Japan Hour: Road Trip On Daiyūzan Line (Part 2)

    April 8, 2020

    Local lines. Trains travelling through
    the beautiful scenery of Japan that make us feel nostalgic. Season by season,
    we enquire local residents to find breathtaking scenery, delicious
    cuisine, and wonderful accommodations. It’s a journey to uncover recommendations
    only the locals know. All aboard to find the home in our heart. HOME IN OUR HEART This time, the journey takes place
    in Kanagawa Prefecture, on the Daiyuzan Line of Izuhakone Railway. -We’re here.
    -Yes, we’ve arrived. We could’ve walked here. It’s a short line that takes 20 minutes
    from the first station to the last. It’s spring in full bloom
    along the railway. This is incredible! It’s great weather for travelling. Our travellers find cheap
    and delicious seafood. All of this? Yes, 550 yen. I’m taken aback! Gourmet food with large portions
    popular among the locals. -What happiness.
    -There you go. This feels amazing. The water is gentle. Our duo gets excited about
    an outdoor activity with a great view. Even this rugged old man enjoys it. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you. The two are guided by
    the kindness of local residents. We talked on the phone. -Yes, thank you.
    -What’s your name? -Hiroshi Tachi.
    -Hiroshi Tachi? Shimo Shimo! Shimo Shimo! That’s so cute. It almost makes me cry. -That one’s from earlier.
    -Mr Shimoda. It’s filled with wonderful encounters. -Thank you.
    -Thank you very much. Yay, yay, yay. Let’s get started. All aboard
    our journey of enquiry and discovery! -Here’s are the grills.
    -It’s hot, so be careful. -It looks good.
    -It looks great. Let’s eat. Grilled beef slowly marinated
    in home-made miso. -It’s quite thick.
    -Look at that. It’s beef. It’s quite… luxurious, isn’t it? It has a great flavour of miso. I love it. Grilled seasonal vegetables grown locally are served with yuzu and pepper paste. See? -Wow, amazing.
    -Isn’t it? It’s juicy. It’s sweet. -I love the flavour of asparagus.
    -Me too. Also, the yuzu flavour is very nice. -I enjoy it.
    -It’s the best. I love vegetables, after all. Seasonal vegetables. Here’s your pot rice with
    sakura shrimps and clams. You’re very strong. -This is mixed rice with chicken.
    -Great. Ta-da! Mixed pot rice. -This is it.
    -Nice. -I should mix it, right?
    -Sure. -The colour is nice.
    -I’ll mix it. Nice colours. Look how they sparkle. It looks great. It does look good. Careful. It’s hot. That’s the edible wild plants. The rice is amazing. I love the flavour. You do? I love this rice. -It’s so good.
    -Good? -It has the juice from chicken mixed in.
    -I see. -It must have a rich flavour.
    -Very good. They cook rice with soup stock made with
    locally produced dried bonito flakes. Here’s the pot rice with sakura shrimps
    and clams. Let’s see. Look how many sakura shrimps they added. -The clams smell great.
    -That looks good. It’s quite a large dish! It has a lot of shrimps. This is proper… Sakura shrimps are in season right now. I’ll try it, then. I just made eye contact
    with this shrimp. Let’s eat. As soon as I put in my mouth,
    there’s a great flavour that spreads. The rice is incredible. ENTRY 6 The sixth entry, the flavourful
    pot rice and grills from Miyoshiya. -Thank you. It was delicious.
    -Thank you. -Thank you.
    -It was great. -It was all very good.
    -I loved the pot rice. -Thank you.
    -I’ll come back again. -Good job.
    -Good job, sir. -Thank you very much. See you later.
    -Have a safe trip. That was incredible. -It feels nice.
    -Yeah? We eat, take a bath, and sleep. You sleep like this? It’ll be nice to sleep in a place
    that’s so quiet. That’s true.
    It’s usually noisy where we live. We’re back at our home. -We’re back.
    -Hi there. -Are you asleep?
    -No. -It’s too early.
    -No, not yet. -Welcome back.
    -Thank you. I loved their pot rice. You did? I’m glad. -Great recommendation.
    -Thank you. I’m glad to help. -It’s an honour.
    -Thank you for everything. I would like to go see
    the hostess club next door with him. That would be fun. -You should.
    -You’re one year younger than me, right? You’re right. I’m 57 years old now. The year of the tiger. -Tiger?
    -Tiger. -I’m the year of the ox.
    -Really? You two should drink together
    until morning. -The one next door.
    -You guys should go. So you’re a tiger.
    In what month were you born? -September.
    -So I was one year ahead of you. Right, in school. The two quickly became best friends. -Thank you very much.
    -See you later. -Good night.
    -Good night. What a day we had. -I’ll sleep so well.
    -Thank you. It was a great trip. Very nice. On the journey on the Daiyuzan Line
    of Izuhakone Railway, our duo advanced to Sagaminumata Station
    and found six entries on the first day. Let’s hope that they’ll meet
    more wonderful people tomorrow. THE SECOND DAY -Good morning.
    -Why say it from up there? Good morning. I heard you whistling. Good morning. You look pretty as always. Thanks.
    You didn’t say that yesterday, though. I was tired yesterday. You were tired?
    You must’ve been exhausted. Hello, good morning. -Good morning.
    -Sorry, but I have a 10,000-yen bill. Can you change it to small bills? Sorry, we can’t. We’d accept it
    if it was 100,000 yen. What? Really? -What are you talking about? Good morning.
    -Good morning. Take a look at his tie. You have a tie on this morning.
    Last night, you wore a polo shirt. -It’s escalating.
    -I had to. -You had to?
    -You know. You two are staying at my hotel, so I thought I shouldn’t wear
    anything casual. -No worries. Yesterday was fine.
    -Really? It’s perfectly okay. -I’ll drive you guys now.
    -Yes, thank you. It was great.
    I was able to relax very well. It was a great hotel. Thank you. ENTRY 7 The seventh entry in the guidebook,
    Iwashita Ryokan, a hotel owned by a rugged old man
    who’s a fan of Girolamo. -The weather is very nice today.
    -A photo first thing in the morning. -Excuse us.
    -A photo in the morning. NARRATION: FUMITOSHI SANO The owner of the hotel will take
    the two to Sagaminumata Station. TIME LIMIT: 4:00PM This time, the time limit
    is four in the evening. They still have three more entries to find
    to achieve their goal. The weather is even nicer than yesterday. You’re right. The mountains look beautiful.
    Hakone mountains? Yes, Gairinzan and Myojingatake in Hakone. Gairinzan? I feel sad. Soon, we have to say goodbye. The time to say goodbye is approaching. -He always sees you in magazines.
    -That’s right. That’s incredible. Now I’ll collect more and more issues
    of LEON magazine. -Thanks to you.
    -That’s great. Mr Iwashita, you’re very fashionable.
    I can tell that you read the magazine. Very fashionable. -His manners too.
    -Sophisticated. That’s right. Thank you very much. We’ve arrived. They arrive at Sagaminumata Station. 17 MINUTES UNTIL THE 10:48AM TRAIN -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. -Please give my regards to your wife.
    -Thank you very much. -Have a happy New Year.
    -Thank you very much. Merry Christmas. -We need to buy a pass again.
    -Yes, one for today. Let’s do that. -Good morning.
    -Sorry for the wait. One-day pass, please. -Two, please.
    -Two. Two tickets, please. It’ll be 1,080 yen. -Okay.
    -I’ll return this to you. It’s recycling. You return it?
    I’ve never seen anyone doing that. You don’t keep it as a souvenir?
    Thank you very much. I’ve never seen anyone return it. -All right.
    -All right, where should we go now? -Where are we now?
    -Sagaminumata. Okay, this way. Should we go to the next station? -Next station?
    -Iwahara. -Iwahara.
    -Yeah. -Let’s go to Iwahara.
    -Sure. There are five stations left,
    including the terminal. Their first destination today
    is Iwahara Station, the next station. Here it comes. Many people aboard? Here’s my train. -This way?
    -My train. My train. -Nice.
    -This feels nice. It’s very peaceful today. 10:48AM On the journey on Izuhakone Railway, the second day starts now! The Daiyuzan Line of Izuhakone Railway
    that runs through Kanagawa Prefecture is a short local line with 12 stations
    total and a distance of 9.6 kilometres. Their goal is to get recommendations
    from local residents and create an original travel guide
    with 10 entries. IWAHARA STATION We’ve arrived at Iwahara Station. -We’re here.
    -That was quick. So quick. -Cool.
    -Nice. So this is it. Hi there. -Hello.
    -Are you from here? -Are you from here?
    -Yes. Oh, really? Where are you going now? I went to Odawara to have a meal
    with my aunt. You went to Odawara for a meal? -I always see you on TV.
    -Thank you very much. What did you eat? Today? We had coffee and bread. So you went for a coffee.
    That must have been nice. How old are you? I’m 90 years old. You’re 90? So is my mother. You’re 90? You look younger than that. I’m young too. I’m 70 years old. -You’re 70? You both look young!
    -Terrific! -Anything interesting around here?
    -Right. -We just got off at this station.
    -There’s a shrine, but it’s not so great. There’s nothing interesting in this area. -The shrine is nice with cherry blossoms.
    -It can be anything. Any shops? -Any good food?
    -Please. -It can be a park.
    -Have you done this yet? No, not yet. Did you do this yet? You’re very honest. There isn’t anyone monitoring either. -They pay even if nobody is watching.
    -That’s great. -Are there any good sweets around here?
    -Yeah. -Maybe a cake shop?
    -Is there a cake shop here? -No.
    -It can be anything. -There’s a store over there.
    -A store? -Turn right over there.
    -Is it a supermarket? -It’s a 7-Eleven.
    -7-Eleven? There’s also a MaxValu supermarket. -Really?
    -It recently opened. It must make things easier for you.
    That’s convenient. I see. -Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.
    -Don’t worry about it. -Let’s walk around, then.
    -Yeah, let’s go this way. 1 HOUR, 48 MINUTES UNTIL THE 12:37PM TRAIN It feels like there are more people here
    compared to other stations. They look for people to enquire. There’s a signboard
    of a tatami shop there. -Where?
    -Look. -Yeah.
    -It says “tatami.” Should we go take a look? Our duo is curious about the tatami shop, so they’ll make a little detour. -Hello.
    -Hello. -Hello.
    -Excuse me. -Hello?
    -Are you busy? Sorry to bother you. -Is it okay if we film you?
    -Sure. He’s okay with it. I can’t believe this! You’re making tatami mats. I’ve never seen that before. -What?
    -What? -May we?
    -Go ahead. Are you the owner’s son? -Nice.
    -Yes, I am. How many generations? -The fourth generation? Impressive.
    -Awesome. -May we come in?
    -Sure. Let’s go look. -I wanted to see this.
    -I wanted to see tatami mats. I can’t believe this. Wow, this is impressive. -Nice.
    -This is so cool. It’s a tatami shop. -You’re the fourth generation?
    -Yes. -So it’s 100 years old?
    -No. How many years has it been? I’m not sure exactly how many years. But it’s been a very long time. How old are you now? -I’m 41 years old.
    -41? We’re the same age. Yeah! We’re the same age. -You were born in 1978?
    -Yes! Year of the horse. Awesome, and you’re the fourth generation. Shimo Shimo! Cool. Wow, what are you doing here? -We’re travelling along this line.
    -I see. We saw a sign that said “tatami mats.” We wanted to see it. You’re a craftsman. That’s cool. A craftsman. A bit rugged. Yes, a rugged craftsman. Cool. -How long does it take to make a mat?
    -Yeah. It doesn’t take much. About 30 minutes. -What?
    -30 minutes? It’s all done with machines now. -Oh, I see.
    -Yes, it’s all machines. If I did it by hand using these tools, -it’d take 1.5 to two hours.
    -Per mat? -Yes, if it’s all done by hand.
    -I see. Impressive. What is this called? It’s the edge of a tatami. -What?
    -It’s this part here. How many different patterns do you have? There are a lot. I always see tatami mats and think that
    they have cute edges. -Sometimes I do.
    -There are many. A lot of them. Samples? So cute. -These are adorable. Look.
    -Nice. -This one’s cute.
    -Yeah. Are these the latest ones? Yes, they are. These are very cute. I like that. I’d love to have tatami mats like these. Where can I buy these? -These…
    -You order them? I order them from a wholesale dealer. This one is lovely. The tatami culture should be valued more. Can I take a photo? A photo? You want to take a photo of this? It’d be really cool
    if I put them on my jeans. I see. -That’s a cool idea.
    -We have these too. He’s a fashion model after all.
    He has very unique ideas. We can chose the front side too? Within walking distance from here, is there anything you recommend? -Someplace you like.
    -Within walking distance? -Yes.
    -Walking distance… Walking distance… -Grill Toshio.
    -Grill Toshio? It’s a restaurant that is super retro. -Is it good?
    -Not sure if they’re open. Their food is amazing. Do you often go there? -Sometimes, with my family.
    -What’s good there? They are known for their cutlet curry. Cutlet curry. -That sounds nice.
    -The presentation is amazing. -It’s like this.
    -Wow, really? It’s called Grill Yoshio. Do you often go there? Yes, that’s why I look like this. I’ll bring my dad. Your dad? His father, who was taking
    a break at home, comes out. -Hi there.
    -This is Nora. Sorry to surprise you. -You’re so friendly. Thank you.
    -Thank you very much. -Thank you too.
    -Really. Not many famous people visit our town. I’m curious about Grill Yoshio.
    Let’s go see. It’s Grill Toshio. It’s Toshio. Sorry, Yoshio is my ex. Keep walking down that way. -Where?
    -Nice, Dad. That path. -Go down that street.
    -Down the street. -Thank you.
    -Really, thank you. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. -Thank you. Take care of yourself.
    -Let me see that. -Two rugged men.
    -Great. See you. -Thank you.
    -Bye. -Bye. Good luck.
    -Thank you very much. Thank you. They’re nice people. Very funny. They’ll now go to Grill Toshio. Is that it? Pork cutlet set menu. Pork cutlet set menu. Yeah, there it is. The restaurant looks cool. Cool, it’s retro. This is going to be good. Hi there. Hello. Hello. We have a camera crew that’s filming us. May we film your restaurant? Can they film us eating food? They said it’s okay. That guy must be Toshio. -It must be.
    -It’s all good. It’s a nice restaurant. -It’s so clean and sparkly.
    -Let’s go. Shall we go in? Sorry to bother you. Sorry. Thank you for having us. -Sorry to show up so suddenly.
    -Thank you. Cutlet curry. Such a big portion. Yeah, that looks like a lot of food. Maybe I’ll try one. What should I get? Our hamburger steaks are very popular. Hamburger steaks? -I’ll get this pork cutlet hamburger set.
    -Sure. Please. Grill Toshio opened 47 years ago. The reputation of their traditional
    home-made dishes, spread by word of mouth. Now, not only the locals but people from
    out of prefecture come to eat their food. Here’s
    your pork cutlet hamburger steak set menu. -Nice.
    -That’s me. Pork cutlet hamburger steak. -Wow, look at that.
    -Awesome. Here’s the sauce for your hamburger steak. It’s tender. Look how easily the chopsticks go in. It’s very old-fashioned. It makes me feel nostalgic. And… -Look!
    -Here’s the cutlet curry. My goodness! Whoa, look at that. Unbelievable. My gosh. Seriously! Our duo gets off the train
    at Iwahara Station. They visit the restaurant recommended
    earlier that serves Western-style food. -Here’s the cutlet curry.
    -My goodness! Wow, look at that. This is crazy. My gosh. Seriously! Oh, dear. For their popular cutlet curry,
    400 grammes of rice is served. On freshly deep-fried cutlet, they pour lots of curry,
    which they spent three days cooking. There’s the cutlet. What happiness. There you go. He’s happy. I love the curry flavour… -mixed with the crunchy breading.
    -Yeah, the breading. It’s amazing. In the kitchen, there is a man
    working hard, cooking all by himself. Could this be Toshio? -It’s very good.
    -Very good. Oh, yeah? Thank you. -Are you Yoshio?
    -Sorry? -Are you Yoshio?
    -I’m Toshio. -You’re Toshio?
    -Yes. -You’re Toshio.
    -Yes, I am. -Can you finish that?
    -I’ll try my best. -The food is amazing.
    -Good luck finishing it. Thank you very much. Are you doing okay with these prices? Yes, we manage. -Yeah?
    -It’s me and my daughter. I see, so it’s you and your daughter
    who work here. I can’t believe these generous prices
    when there’s this much food. ENTRY 8 The eighth entry in the guidebook,
    Grill Toshio, with their huge cutlet curry which has a 47-year-long history. Thank you for the food. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. -Sorry to bother you during busy hours.
    -Come again. Thank you. I loved the food. Thank you very much. -That was great, wasn’t it?
    -Yeah. -Yes, it was.
    -Incredible. You can tell by this -that people wait in line.
    -You’re right. They must be very busy during lunch hours. Their food is amazing,
    so that makes sense. Yeah, if people spread the word. What time is it? They’re back at Iwahara Station. What’s next? -Next?
    -Stop at each station? -Where are we now?
    -We’re at Iwahara now. Maybe we can skip one station? And go to Wadagahara? -The next one might be close from here.
    -True. So we should skip
    to the station that’s after that. There are only four stations left. They skip the next station
    and go to Wadagahara Station. Will they be all right? Look. -That’s our train.
    -Here it is. All right. 12:37PM After a while… Look at those clouds. Impressive. Look, it’s Mount Fuji! So pretty! Mount Fuji! It’s very pretty. It looks amazing! I’ve never seen Mount Fuji
    from a train before. If you’re lucky, you get
    to see Mount Fuji like this. After a five-minute ride,
    the train arrives at Wadagahara Station. WADAGAHARA STATION -We’re here.
    -Good. 12:42PM It’s slightly a larger station. Yes, it is. Okay, right now… It’s 12:43pm. We can take the next train
    at 1:18pm or 1:30pm? -Around then.
    -Sure. What’s going on? There’s a square
    right in front of the station. -Yeah.
    -We didn’t have that before. Right, we didn’t have that until now. -This looks nice.
    -There’s a coffee shop. Kintaro Shokudo. Cool. -That’s a convenience store.
    -Yeah. What a nice coffee shop. -Hello.
    -Hi there. -Nice.
    -Hi. -Hello.
    -Hi. -Hello, hello.
    -Great. I can’t believe this. Is there anything
    within walking distance from here that you recommend we visit? Recommendations around this area? -Kohakudo.
    -Kohakudo? It’s behind the train track. Let’s go take a look. They sell aroma oils -and incense sticks.
    -Really? -Can we buy souvenirs there?
    -Yes. Yeah! -Thank you.
    -Let’s go look. Usually, aroma oils and incense sticks
    are not sold together. It’s a very nice store. Great. Let’s go see it. Let’s go. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. Thank you. We’ll be back. There’s a white building on the right. It’s open. I see cars parked. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m excited to look for some souvenirs. -I want to buy something.
    -That’d be nice. Right around the corner… I see something very pretty. It’s in an amber colour. Yeah. -See?
    -Yes. Excuse me. -It smells great.
    -Can we film your store for a TV show? -For us…
    -We’re with a TV crew. We’re on a journey. -They said okay.
    -It’s nice. It’s a very nice place. Please come in. It smells great.
    I’ve never been to a store like this. This is the store manager. -She’s pretty.
    -Not at all. Thank you for having us. Our duo gets off the train
    at Wadagahara Station and visits a stylish store where
    incense sticks and aroma oils are sold. Let’s look inside. -The manager is pretty.
    -Not at all. Thank you for having us. Is this a relatively new store? We opened last April. -Last April?
    -Yes. And before that? -Nothing.
    -Nothing? This building was newly built. At first, the local people here
    didn’t feel comfortable coming in. And not many people
    came into the store at first. So, last summer, I also sold some vegetables and fruits outside of the store
    to make it easier for them to come in. You lured them with food. Exactly. This April will mark
    Kohakudo’s first anniversary. The manager of the store
    is full of great ideas. When she found out
    that the elderly in the area had to travel far to get incense sticks, she decided to open this store. She sells not only incense sticks
    to be lit for home altars but sells incense and aroma oils as well. There are about 800 products
    that have different scents. This one has a smell of coffee. -That’s right.
    -You love coffee. -Impressive.
    -I just had a customer who bought these. Her late parents loved coffee,
    so she got these to offer to them. It was just this morning. -I had no idea there are this many.
    -Yes, there are. Amazing. Let’s find one with a nice scent. -Lily and rose.
    -Lily and rose. -Violet.
    -Violet. I’ll take this. -And this stand. It’s lovely.
    -Great. Nora buys incense with a floral scent
    and an incense stand. This one has a citrus scent.
    It’s refreshing. I smell yuzu. Thank you very much. I’ll take this. This is an aroma oil with a yuzu scent. -I’ll take this.
    -Thank you very much. That one. She also buys some scented cards. Is this new? Yes, it’s new. It was out of stock for a long time,
    and I couldn’t get them. I finally got one here. -How much is this?
    -25,000 yen. It’s very nice. It’s pretty. After much contemplating,
    Girolamo decides to buy this. -I wasn’t planning on buying anything.
    -I know. -I was forced to buy.
    -Not really. You kept buying more and more stuff. Pay in a lump sum? No, can I pay in 10 instalments?
    Just kidding. ENTRY 9 The ninth entry in the guidebook,
    Kohakudo, with various scented products. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. That was great. We’ve got eight… no, nine entries. -We need one more.
    -One more. They’re back at Wadagahara Station. Where will they go next? 7 MINUTES UNTIL THE TRAIN AT 2:06PM -Let’s go to Daiyuzan.
    -Daiyuzan. Now that they’re happy with the souvenirs
    they bought, they head to Daiyuzan, which is the terminal station. This is the last time they’re taking
    the Daiyuzan Line on this journey. This is the last time we’ll see this. It’s the last time we take the train. -Should we sit here?
    -Where? That way? 2:06PM The scenery outside of the train windows
    will be remembered forever. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. We’re arriving at Daiyuzan, the terminal. Here it is, the terminal. Please make sure to take
    all of your belongings. Great. Daiyuzan Station, the terminal. DAIYUZAN STATION Slowly, the train arrives at Daiyuzan Station,
    the last station of this journey. We made it to our goal, Giro! -Yes!
    -We made it to the goal! We did it! -Cool.
    -This is nice. The station looks different. -Look.
    -It feels more lively. What’s that? -Hello.
    -This is the last time we’re using this. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. -You can pass.
    -Oh, yeah. We can just go. -What’s in front of the station?
    -It’s huge. -Look, Giro!
    -Look at that! Look. It’s Kintaro. Kintaro is from the Ashigara Mountains. KINTARO’S HOMETOWN,
    THE ASHIGARA MOUNTAINS Kintaro is a folk tale character
    that is featured in a nursery rhyme. The Ashigara Mountains
    are also mentioned in the rhyme. It’s a collective term that refers to
    the area near the Kintoki Mountains, including Hakone Gairinzan
    and the Ashigara Touge. It’s also Kintaro’s hometown. This is the waterfall where Kintaro
    supposedly took a bath as a baby. The folk hero supposedly used these rocks
    to do juggling with bears. In this area, there are many places
    related to the legend of Kintaro. I wonder if there are any locals here. I see a taxi driver. We already asked a taxi driver.
    We asked Mr Shimoda. Our duo enquire a flower shop
    in front of the station. -Hi there.
    -Welcome. We’ve been travelling. Are there any places nearby
    that you recommend we visit? -We’re asking people around.
    -I see. -Doryo.
    -Doryo? Do you know Saijoji? It’s a temple. -A temple.
    -We have a temple and a shrine. And souvenir shops? Yes, I think so. You’ll need to take a bus from here. It’ll be about 20 minutes. About 20 minutes. It’s a bit up high. -We go up the mountain?
    -Yes. Would you like to come with us? I have an errand to run right now. An errand. Do you often go there? I do. I recently visited there. It’s a wonderful place. -Is it?
    -Yes. We should go, then. It’s a very unique place. -It’s Sajodera?
    -Saijoji. -Saijoji.
    -Saijoji. Also known as Doryo. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. Sorry I can’t go with you. No problem. Thank you. -Sorry.
    -It’s fine. Thank you. Our duo takes a bus
    to a temple called Saijoji. Excuse me. We’re filming a travel show now. Is it okay to film inside the bus? -Sure, no problem.
    -Thank you. There’s something Nora has been meaning
    to ask Girolamo for the past two days. It’s Kintaro’s mountain. What do you have in your bag? -Inside?
    -Yeah. It could’ve been a small bag like this. I saw that and thought so too. Maybe I’m more feminine than girls? What do you mean? -This.
    -What’s that? Our duo arrives at Daiyuzan Station,
    the terminal. They now take a bus to Doryoson. On the bus… 1 HOUR, 24 MINUTES
    UNTIL THE 4:00PM TIME LIMIT What do you have in your bag? -Inside?
    -Yeah. It could’ve been a small bag like this. I saw that and thought so too. Maybe I’m more feminine than girls? What do you mean? -This.
    -What’s that? It’s long. It’s an iPhone charger, isn’t it? Why would you need such a long one? It’s very useful. What else? -What else?
    -We’re looking through your bag. This is it. An iPad. An iPad. I watch TV on this. There was a football
    game last night, so I watched it. -That’s impressive.
    -Also… This is aftershave lotion. I see, for shaving. You don’t need to carry this every day. You can use this if you want. -Hand cream.
    -Hand cream. You’re very girly, Giro. I love this smell. Good smell. -Yeah, I like it.
    -Great. Impressive, as I expected. -Italian men are well groomed.
    -Not really. This is a payslip from my agency. A payslip? I want to see that. It’s not bad. And many other things. Why would you go
    on a trip with your payslip? -I need to file tax returns.
    -I see. What’s this? -That is…
    -A cushion? -Cushion.
    -Something was on it? -Something was on it.
    -Yes. It should be inside here somewhere. 2:38PM You have so many things.
    I wonder what was on this. -I also bring music when I travel.
    -Music, sure. -Bluetooth.
    -It’s so heavy. It’s really heavy. We’re going up the mountain. Yes, we’ll go up a bit. We’re going up quite a lot. The bus advances farther into the woods. We’re here. Amazing. We’ve arrived. We’re here. Look at that. Thank you very much. Incredible. It’s a bit chilly. Yeah. Great. There’s a bridge. Giro and a bridge. -Bridge.
    -Giro and a bridge. PHOTO TAKEN BY NORA HIRANO -Great.
    -Thank you. Giro and a bridge. All right. These steps look nice. I love this. Very nice. It’s beautiful. -It’s very picturesque.
    -It is. Anywhere you look. Look at that bridge. -Nice.
    -Pretty. It has a great atmosphere. The gods are calling me. -Stand over there, Giro.
    -Sorry. Nice. Nora can’t resist taking photos. It’s a fusion of Japan and Europe. Even if they don’t give us
    permission to film, -it’s still worth coming here.
    -You’re right. 57 MINUTES UNTIL THE 4:00PM TIME LIMIT Don’t forget that you’ve yet to reach
    the goal of finding 10 entries. It’s quite a large temple. Will they let us film here? Ready, set… Hurry up and get here. -Hurry, you’re slow.
    -Don’t stand there. Hurry up and get here. Earlier, we were talking to the lady
    at the flower shop. That lady apparently called city hall
    for us. She had asked someone to be here
    when we visit, and he’s here. The lady felt bad
    that she couldn’t come with our duo, so she called someone she knew
    from the Commerce and Industry Division. -Mr Nakazawa.
    -I’m Nakazawa from city hall. -Mr Nakazawa.
    -Yes. -The lady from the flower shop called you.
    -Yes. She told me to get here right away,
    so I did. -You have a nice personality.
    -Thank you. -This way.
    -This place is massive. Yes, it is. It’s equivalent to 27 Tokyo Domes. 27 Tokyo Domes? Seriously? The temple was built about 610 years ago,
    during the Muromachi period. It was built around the same year
    as Kinkakuji in Kyoto. -The same year.
    -Kyoto. About 600 years ago, Saijoji was supposedly built by a monk named Emyo Ryoan. It’s a renowned temple with
    about 4,000 schools across Japan. A RENOWNED TEMPLE WITH
    ABOUT 4,000 SCHOOLS ACROSS JAPAN Here it is. -It’s the main temple.
    -Okay. Please come up. Excuse me. Incredible. THE MAIN TEMPLE This structure is called a canopy. It’s the biggest one in Japan. -The biggest in Japan.
    -I believe! I’ve never seen anything this big either. A canopy. The three stand in line and pray. At this temple,
    there’s something even bigger. -What is it?
    -It’s the biggest in the world. -I’ll show you next.
    -You’re good. You’re a great speaker. -Stay tuned!
    -Exactly. We’ll have a commercial break here. This way. He’s so funny. The temple is also known
    as a temple of tengu. That’s right. We saw a tengu. When a Buddhist priest died,
    one of his monks named Doryo said that he did everything he could
    for the temple. He said that he’d transform into a tengu so he can watch over this temple. He became a tengu
    and disappeared into the mountain. So we have a tengu watching over us. So that’s what it was. Doryo is believed
    to have been a disciple monk who contributed significantly
    to the establishment of the temple. The monk actually existed, and he is believed to have transformed
    into a tengu when the priest died. It is said that
    he is still watching over the temple. Because of this monk named Doryo, Saijoji is also known as Doryo-san. The temple is very much loved
    by the people. I think I saw something. -You saw it?
    -I think so. Hey! -Here it is.
    -Here. -They’re geta sandals.
    -Look at that. There are so many geta sandals. Why are they here? These are geta sandals that are worn by
    the tengu I mentioned earlier. So the believers of the tengu
    bring these here and donate them to the temple. The world’s biggest thing
    that I mentioned earlier is actually this. -It’s huge.
    -It’s huge. It’s gigantic! Wow, unbelievable. -These weigh four tonnes.
    -Four tonnes? Geta? Four tonnes? You know, geta sandals always come
    as a pair of two. So they’re believed to bring luck in love
    or to improve one’s marriage. So that’s what it was. It’s geta. -I see.
    -Walk through and get lucky in love. Why don’t we walk through together? -Let’s go. From where?
    -Lucky love… From the centre. They walk through to pray
    for more happiness in their lives. Happiness, please come my way. -Do I turn left?
    -All the way to the left. -Left?
    -Not there. That way. Yes. This way? Go into the middle part. -Okay.
    -And come out through the centre. -Right?
    -That’s all. Watch your head. I tried to circle many times. All right. We’ll be happy. Now I’ll take you two
    to the most spiritual spot of this temple. Let’s go! I’m so intrigued. With Mr Nakazawa from city hall,
    our duo visits Doryoson. I’ll take you two
    to the most spiritual spot of this temple. Let’s go. I’m so intrigued. So many spiritual sites. -That’s true.
    -Yeah. Mr Nakazawa guides the two farther. -Look at that.
    -Nice. It’s the oldest tree here at the temple. It’s about 500 to 600 years old. -600 years?
    -Back when the temple was built. Amazing. In the spring, when the tree absorbs
    water, you can hear the water running up. The water needs to be lifted
    up to the top. That’s how much vitality this tree has. You’ll absorb energy from the tree
    when you hug it. So this is the spiritual spot? There are three old trees here,
    so there’s a lot of energy here. Incredible. -Three brothers.
    -That’s right. Please try touching the tree. -I feel a lot of energy from these trees.
    -Yeah, me too. ENTRY 10 The 10th entry in the guidebook,
    Doryoson and its spiritual energy. They successfully achieved their goal. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. Please come again. I feel happy now. Me too. 4:00PM -Full of energy.
    -Exactly. Don’t do it too much, or you’ll explode. Boom! You’re so popular. No matter where you go,
    the elderly and kids recognise you. -You should be happy about it.
    -Yes. It’s all thanks to your fans. Yes, it’s all thanks to everyone we met that’s made this journey a great success. -That’s not an overstatement.
    -Right. -It’s fun to travel not having made plans.
    -True. -Busy people usually make plans.
    -You’re right. If you have time, make no plans.
    Pleasant surprises await you. -You might meet someone.
    -That’s right. For every unique encounter,
    there is a special place to visit. This would not have been the same
    if it weren’t for you all. This local line
    was a heart-warming journey. Thank you, everyone, so very much!

    너 만나러…나 홀로 130km 라이딩 / 자전거 vlog
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    너 만나러…나 홀로 130km 라이딩 / 자전거 vlog

    April 7, 2020

    Subtitles can be set in Options. run 130 kilometers alone Hi! I am mumu. This is a video of riding a 130km bicycle alone. I’m on my way to the bike lane. It takes 11 kilometers from home to get to the bike-only road. cherry blossom road I want to take a picture. The cherry blossoms are pretty. mumu: Could you take a picture for me Thank you! Did the photo turn out okay? Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Korea. It is dangerous to ride a bicycle on the road. I’m going to use a bicycle lane when I go home. Today, I will go to Paldang and have lunch. Anyangcheon There are many cyclists. (As the video is very windy, adjust the volume.) Isn’t that a nice building over there? Han River Railway Bridge a nice bridge Follow behind a passing rider. Thanks to you, I was able to move comfortably for a while. It’ll be boring if you go one way, so take the north road and come back to the south. The Han River and Bicycle Road Korean bike paths are the best. I’m distancing myself from people because of the virus. Everyone, take care of yourself a walking dog Who wants to ride with me? an uphill climb The initial slope is strong and the road is narrow. If you are tired, you can get off. As usual, the climb is tough. downhill slope 15% Paldang Bridge I’m going to the restaurant I wanted to go to.(Changmoru) (Changmoru) It’s such a popular restaurant that you have to line up to eat. I’m going to try it today. Waiting for order As expected, there were so many people! But you can wait or eat. Seafood Kalguksu dried seaweed flakes and scallions It’s for one person. The soup is gone. It’s hot! (Tasting) There is a reason why it is popular. I enjoyed my meal. When I get bored because I’m alone on the pretty cherry blossom road. mieum hill a man who pedals a dog running long face to face It’s dangerous! Can you hear the wind? It’s a terrible headwind. I followed the passing rider in the wind. The rider in front saw me and signaled me. Rider in front of strong winds He looks down with difficulty. Do you want me to change it for you? I have a long way to go, so I’ll just follow you quietly. I’m coming after you. He’s speeding up! Come with me! Wait for me! Later, I stopped his wind in front of me. It’s passing by. Go for it! It’s windy, so I’ll follow you. 110 km point 16km on the left side of the road, 36km on the right. I’m going to go to the road by bicycle. I got stuck in my throat while drinking water. Gimpo Han River Gapmun I was going to ride 80km without a break, but I went to a convenience store because it was hard. energy drink It is cool. I’m on a 133km ride. It’s the longest ride I’ve ever been on alone. Thank you for watching today. See you in the next video.

    Minecraft Transit Railway(MTR Mod) – Rail/Train Basics (1.10.2)
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    Minecraft Transit Railway(MTR Mod) – Rail/Train Basics (1.10.2)

    April 7, 2020

    You can ride MTR Trains in Minecraft Go straight and you can ride it You can destroy trains with ‘Train remover’ Rails in MTR mod is similar to minecraft default rail, but they are different How to place Normal Rails You can make curve track too. Big curve is recommended. You can’t make curve so small or so huge Rail switch can be made place switch lever next to the stone slab When powered, train will go on curve You can make also 45 degree curve track To make train platform, Spawn Rails, Train timer is needed You can control waiting times with brush. Right click timers. with a brush, you can change train speed.
    20m/s=72km/h Light rail also included in Mod Slope rails are included. (16×1) Reverse rails can be used to reverse direction of the train Intersection rail can be used



    April 7, 2020

    [Music] welcome back and thank you so much for the great feedback after the first video so in that first video I took the standard j6l thousand to doing ten part and didn’t touch any settings and run as fast as I could and in one quite good but it got me thinking if I was to set the bike up a little bit better what kind of improvement we could see so I booked myself on a track day and we’re going to found out [Music] so what I’ve tried to do here is to bring this bike a little bit closer to have the MotoGP bike field so we’ve done change in geometry in the front and we’ve also altered a bit the position and also with studies different to suspensions and change the hydraulic setting as well and I’ll give you some details once we get at the track [Music] well what’s on Park and the weather is only gone for now so the modifications are made on the bike firstly the geometry of rays divided by 12 millimeters by dropping the forks by 12 meters as well as dropping before I wanted to change the position of the bars because I felt like for the road he was great you know lets me in and it was really comfortable before the track I wanted to be able to muscle the Bible other settings we’ve done the preload so front we went from seven preload to ten on the rear of the bike same process of thinking we won’t stiffen everything up so in the rear we put two more Millie preload and we’ve also closed the rebound settings and the compression setting so we now one turn away in both satin ribbon and compression from as close as you can get in the front is the same for the rebound we are one turn away from the maximum so closee as much as you can and then turn back one turn and this is for both folks because from this by both folks are independent so you need to do the same setting on both so this is for the preload and also fold Duncan centigrade it’s going everywhere yeah a smaller or so 16 liters going [Music] you know [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’ve been around the track in Oakland Park and the result is positive really good I’m really happy I mean the main change is the geometry change with dropping the force it’s quite a big step and I can feel that immediately so we’ve gained on braking stability we are floating a bit the front tire front tire well just giving me good stability now I’m to be upset because we’ve got we still have a chicken strip it’s like two millimeters on the side so I’m gonna try and lean a little bit more on the next run front suspension so we uh need some preload we went from seven to ten and we also closed a bit compression so this I think along we’ve lifting the bike up in the front works well for the braking and the support on braking so I’m up here with this as well and this is a step that would recommend a rear suspension we added a couple of mini payloads in the rear to make it stiffer and we also closed the damping but to be honest that didn’t feel so much of difference we need a bigger step we need like a big spring the thing is this bike is just so fast on the drives it sits down and there’s so much power I think it would need on the track a little bit more support and for that we want to go one two steps with the spring to positive with the bus the first one is and it will much more wide so I have more strength on the bike and muscle the by around more and also I can move my body from left to right a lot better so this is definitely perceived the seven positive is if you’re Lee to be tall like me and go like lanky limbs when you actually are on the bike in the straight you know instead of being other issues to be elbows in in the straight more room and I can be really in a better position for this right now another trick that I just thought about is to gain some top speed it’s very easy as well do that don’t forget to put it back if you go back with the right so it looks like the day’s finished unfortunately it’s raining cats and dogs so what we’re going to do is before leaving he’s checking tire pressures so I did adjust them when the tires weren’t up and the reward so warm was 1.65 32.2 front we will check now where we are for the coal piles they’ve pulled right down what point over so 1.4 over 165 we’ve lost 0.25 so let’s check the flow now 2.2 when I was on track next ed Cobb now one man time so it’s consistent 0.25 drop in the rails 0.25 drop in the front as well so that’s problem when you try is a Super Bowl with when they call so this if you’re a good indication when before you start your track they’re thrown those tires if you want them to go up to 165 to point to start them 0.25 underneath and then obviously you need to check in so every time you come in check it so if you’re prone you’re gonna have one of those already but if your track the beginner just like me you’re gonna need one of those so I just gonna focus on these files a little bit there in the description Utley so just take care so Wilton power we came in the Sun and we’re going away with the rain I mean these proper looks like a light now way off see you guys [Music]

    Cheap German Train Tickets at the Czech Railways
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    Cheap German Train Tickets at the Czech Railways

    April 6, 2020

    Hi, I’m Georg from and today I will show you how to buy cheap train tickets for the German Railways. And the whole trick is to buy them at the
    Czech railways. Yeah, sounds funny but that’s how it works. So let’s assume we want to go from Berlin
    to Munich. Then we will buy a ticket from the
    last Czech border station, it’s called Děčín, via Berlin to Munich. That’s the plan. And we will buy it as said at the Czech Railways. Their website is and once the site is loaded, we should maybe switch the language from Czech to English as we probably speak better English. And from here, we will choose the E-shop,
    so the place where they actually sell the tickets. Good, and here we go. We go from Děčín to Munich
    via Berlin. We will go at the end of this month. And for the time, we pick some really early
    time because actually the first part of the journey we won’t take, so just to find a first train of the day. We are all set, now “Search” and here we go. So we see, we have a ticket for 466 crowns,
    I’ll just show you how much is in Euro, from Děčín via Berlin to Munich, and we of course
    won’t take this first train because we are in Berlin, not in Děčín. But that doesn’t matter. We can just use this ticket only for the second
    part of the trip which will start at 12:05 from Berlin main station, arriving at 4:00
    in Munich. What’s also interesting: The ticket you will
    get will be an online ticket, it’s a simple PDF, you can print out. And it’s a saver ticket, so usually they are
    tied to a certain train connection. Now in this case, these saver fares from the
    Czech Railways are tied only to this first train, so this first train that is actually
    crossing the border. This means that for the second connection,
    the second part from Berlin to Munich, you can take also other trains, a train that departs
    later, say another ICE going at 1:00 or 2:00. So this is a really convenient ticket because
    it gives us a lot of freedom, even much more freedom than a saver fare from the German
    Railways. Now if you would buy it here, you just click
    here and buy, you then can pay with Visa/MasterCard, as said you receive a PDF with your name and
    then in the train you should have a document (passport or ID) showing your identity. Now, 466 crowns: how much is that actually
    in Euro? You can easily check this with Google, they
    have built-in currency converter, just type in “CZK in EUR” and we see it’s in 18 Euro
    for a 4-hour fast train trip in Germany – great isn’t it? Yeah, why does this work actually? Well, it’s easy, these are saver fares and
    like with Ryanair and other offers, they just have a little amount of tickets that are so
    cheap and then, once they are sold out the price rises. And interestingly, apparently, Czech people
    don’t travel so much to Germany, at least not from Děčín via Berlin to Munich, so
    because of this, a lot of these cheap fares are still available. And and we just make use of this. We can also be creative: Now, this is one
    option, from Děčín to Berlin. You can also go the other way around from
    Munich to via Berlin to Děčín. Or you can take another bordering town, so
    for instance if you live in Nuremberg, then the next Czech station would be Cheb which
    would be the one that you should start off or end your journey at. I will include a list of all these convenient
    Czech border stations in the description, so check this out. And now I wish you all happy travelling, happy cheap travelling with the German and Czech Railways. And if you liked the video simply click on
    “Subscribe”. Thanks!

    I Got Fooled in Half-Life: Alyx!
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    I Got Fooled in Half-Life: Alyx!

    April 6, 2020

    no more scares please good news is I
    don’t hear any creepy crawlies bad news is that on our left I’m going it’s still
    dark oh heck no I hear it you it’s too early in my day to be screaming like
    that no stop coming huh what I don’t have
    health nope oh hang on I gotta learn how to get my EpiPen again no sure trying to
    stab myself in my leg like a good little girl of which I am NOT anybody got them
    good shotguns show I don’t think I need to get in the light this is freaking me
    out freaking me out I know I meant date slowly and more
    darkness anything in here a bucket really is there anything in the bucket
    no I guess not come on oh you just scared me can I have
    this give it what happens if I turn on the oxygen tank will your brain explode
    give it here you’re dead I could snap your neck well
    you’re not supposed to spin around and supposed to be epic like in the movies
    because of my height disadvantage we are going to do this and that without is
    this why does it look like a camera looks like see what happens when I don’t
    even do stuff in my left hand I’m completely broken okay uh-oh no sir
    where’s my flashlight oh Jesus Christ hurry that’s a shotgun
    shell as if headcrabs and zombies aren’t enough at my own stupidity to do with so
    much for being smart and quiet and tactical I hear things hello oh boy oh
    boy multi-tool what the Jesus help me I don’t know
    that’s a yellow I didn’t pay attention to any of this
    and so it goes here hey we go we’ll get it oh I didn’t see there’s more colors
    on top and it’s telling me you can grab I’m just stupid just go with it thank
    you no Ben I swear something comes flying
    out of here my headset school risen I need that
    do you have anything why are you dead in this room that’s kind of weird for this
    protein bars dude I love me some protein bars what kind of protein bar that looks
    like wheat we is not protein maybe it’s Triscuits or something as
    beer and sardines hey sardines I can give him to Carol basket she can feed
    her husband don’t tell anybody it was here sir you are very dead but don’t
    tell anybody I’m just raiding the place I feel like I’m about to get hurt hello
    friends just trying you eat these here eat a tire we’re gonna give you the
    ability to move today you don’t want rubber okay well we’re
    just gonna use this to go through here no he doesn’t want that either I can’t
    believe you could eat a human but you can’t eat a tire doing good this way
    dink yeah he was supposed to eat my helmet
    bastard Annie ain’t my respirator oh crap this is getting noisy baby
    explody here go boom I come bearing gifts yum food run right no no none that’s what you get for not wanting the
    tire clear I was just gonna say that where’s my gun no sir
    hi I didn’t mean to choose my shotgun but yeah oh I’m in this block I’m not
    going anywhere else well they just blocked me in then they there is
    something going on up in those pipes I just heard it
    you got a pretty nice boot so I’m not gonna lie I want a pair what the frig
    you can have them because I don’t know what’s going on with your foot there I
    can get behind this outfit black and white always looks good
    I still want your ass though I will get these probably serve me well happy I was
    gonna say how about you come with me and never mind he’s refusing oh oh oh
    surprise look at that I have to are you having issues can I help you it’s on a
    shingle their armored I just thank you okay found it there’s a spot you can
    shoot them and it’s a little bit easier to kill them thankfully this thing
    highlights it good good good that makes it a little easier than dealing with the
    turtle crabs or nipple crabs or whatever you want to call them Oh what’s in know
    how about you change your mind shoot you in your butt whoa you don’t have any cool body parts
    the highlight no good job yeah I’m gonna hit you in my multi-tool sir got your
    arm there we go uh-huh up take that yes that’s an unwelcome surprise well I
    guess we could have just gone in the door right instead of I like to do
    things the hard way my name is Jerry nothing well I was worth it you would
    have jumped on my head and scared me but now you’re dead I hope you learned your
    lesson these poems are making me anxious what is going on Oh buzzing solved when
    it down just shoot your weapon nothing can I please get some shotgun ammo up in
    here they really don’t give you a lot of it do they do I push the button unwedge
    the wrench I’m prepared half life 2 taught me how to use a crowbar you guys
    aren’t ready for the what a pipe I don’t think I’m ready for the paint oh it
    needs the wheel never mind it took me it took me a minute then we had to open the
    fancy wall shoot to get on the what the frig man go on this is a puzzle I don’t
    like I can’t put together I can’t furniture and you expect me to solve
    this can I have duct tape or glue go in
    please sure I’ve never had this much of an issue putting things in it doesn’t
    want to go in the hole three hours later it says right here to operate it’s
    perfect hey ah finally after God knows how long
    trying to get that frickin wheel on an iron we’ve worked for opening the gate
    why is it moving you’re moving and it’s kind of gross not liking that at all you
    you look slimy you leak in something and they’re eating the equator no good job you idiot don’t even look at me
    I’m not tempted by the explosives not nope I don’t care if it’s flammable or
    explosive this is put here just to trap me I know it holy crap this is really
    dark it’s breathing don’t start shooting spores or else I’m gonna have to go to
    Spain holy crap really dark really really dark did I really just don’t yell
    at me Russell I’m stupid so many slimy glowy things I got that Russell that is
    a perfect trap for me as you can see I shot the first extinct one don’t go into
    the tongue don’t shoot the explosive it’s nice and easy don’t move please we
    get back into the sunshine daylight even not another wheel be on the lookout for
    a wheel oh god that’s tempting please shoot the
    law Oh oh no no no no no oh no no gently these things are touchy okay and it’s
    dark again the wheel is hanging from this dude really we can’t use the
    explosives because it would set off a chain reaction and I actually saying
    that I’m going to save oh yeah it’s good it’s completely fucking dark like dark
    dark dark dark dark I am scared I cannot see anything except
    that light and the Chloe part of this gun and there’s things crawling making
    noises oh and tongue sticking out from the railing I’m Gary that is a skull oh
    well it’s a good thing I moved oh you poor soul where’s your glow II know I
    don’t want to explode please don’t shoot she’s the explosives
    he moved at the wrong time mother drop it good boy stop the
    headcrab die oh thank god the headcrab died okay
    yeah my heartbeat is racing I’m pretty sure I just healed the bug in my arm
    no I healed me whoopsies you just ate something this way buddy head crevice Oh
    No drop it that was very close I almost died there we’ll take that mo why are
    all these headcrabs carrying ammo now you the thing that I came here for what
    did I just throw I think it was a rib cage oh mama
    hang on is it another bug can you store multiples no you cannot well never mind
    mr. bug you get to live to see the rest of your day
    through the door this must be the one that was locked he squeezed through the
    doorway there we go we did it fit yes no fidgeting with you this time is it just
    one and done daylight no more scares uh that’s not a turret now that’s railroad
    crossing I hear gunfire a lot of gunfire you didn’t see me meaning we have to find ourselves an
    unbonded automatic weapon because I’m currently on a shotgun ammo
    I thought he was a clown vermin they got nothing they’re giving me nothing
    they’re like year fend for yourself with a pistol that’s right oh no it’s just a
    piece of paper Oh God and I hurt my minor whatever the
    you’re called ammo show go to em oh sweet precious line it up perfect 25
    resin double shot no ho that would take two ammo and I don’t barely have any
    burst fire was bullet reservoir 10 additional bullets that’s not bad
    what else can we upgrade with a shotgun if we save autoloader and grenade oh ho
    ho yeah we’re gonna hold on to our resin I’m okay but thank you for your service
    no no we reload did I get him I think I did
    are you bonded with your weapon sir is it something I can relieve you of your
    duties with give it up you’re dead you don’t have DNA anymore wait you’re just
    short of human what is wrong with you smack the shit sorry you can’t do
    anything else because I already killed you but what’s wrong with you cuz hands
    don’t look like witch fingers he doesn’t have a crab on his head he’s perfectly
    healthy probably even showered today yeah that doesn’t do anything
    it proves my point and I’ll put you in a cage freaking animal oh wait it’s
    already loaded Thanks well that’s so nasty I don’t even want to think about
    what they’re putting in me oh I hear you train do not
    I’m not here so I can write it behind this pretty well that was a headshot
    wait where’s this guy stop hiding behind the phone I’m gonna die this is your leg
    bothering you sir I apologize do you have an undaunted weapon skink
    raceboys Bunga where’s the following we scared
    Bam Bam oh my poor click four bullets did that not hit you come on how much do
    you know dude I’m hitting him right in his head what you stop okay now he’s
    done hold the gun there are Jesus Christ learner yeah I’m
    very very very very close to that do you see that she said I had zero hearts zero
    that gave me one heart I should have grabbed another one how many more of
    these guys are there Russell is I don’t feel very well protected oh there’s a
    healing thing thank you Jesus and as a free bug dude squish
    I’m so happy you’re being squished right now cuz I was very close today very very
    close thing did you drop anything for me are you on bond with your weapon with
    the peanut box with freegan shotgun shells coop and that’s powered on so we
    go this way you’re connected you go this way I don’t know if I was supposed to do
    that nice where’s the turtle aim to be ready
    for a fight you’re not gonna give up your daddy I’m going for my dad Eli I’m
    coming for you well her dad anyway I’ll try my best
    speedy speech speedy that’s there and you’re not lit up con come on be nice
    either all in the same trajectory those are not in a trajectory I’m acting like
    I know what the hell I’m talking about these are all connected I don’t get how
    to connect Oh magic oh that wasn’t way more complicated one uh I forgot how to
    do pull the handle pull the handle up this is the brain things again battery
    my dear boy where you be maybe there grab this nothing nothing there I just look why
    okay don’t eat that no more shotgun shells
    take those I have plenty now well not plenty I have enough battery so
    we can put this in here now we can get this thing rolling and now we got to
    line up the brain things light shine through there’s one you stir backwards
    this way there you go no use your right hand there’s a wheel
    missing why is there a wheel missing do we not need the wheel I guess we do need
    a wheel where the hell do you get a wheel from in here somewhere
    well music is creepy let’s just move this he’s got a glowy part no you
    however have a glowy part where’s your clue and took out his friend that’s a
    win no I didn’t shoot him in his belly for God’s sakes give me get off my head there you go
    did I find a wheel wheel does empty there’s the wheel okay I’m working on it
    we got one more stop you’re in no you’re not I lied
    now we’re in Brussels what are you doing here can I get in okay reengaged I’m not panicking you need to tell me
    how to get out of here can you there’s a switch you’re making
    me panic I don’t see you switch I’m looking for a switch you keep saying
    that but you can’t tell me where the switch is I’m looking I’m still looking
    and I don’t see any MUX and switch you say it one more time I’m gonna punch you
    in your nose I’ve got it I’m holding that way the explosions oh I stopped the
    train big time Oh that was some okay I’m fine
    I think so can we go get Eli now that was the whole point of this right are we
    just hijacking the trip oops can’t do that I found it Russell there’s no jr.
    are they new he liked superweapon super what where is it look to the Northern Star the
    vortigaunts head gotcha I’m afraid of heights oh not too high
    can you make me a branch please oh you’re fantastic mr. bored aghanim thank
    you don’t don’t ask Russell I love to my death run old man stretch
    I love you mr. Barragan Doupe Doupe Doupe Doupe Doupe okay now I don’t know
    their work they’re a little bit smoother making my way downtown
    not really

    2015-2020 Mustang SpeedForm GT350 Style Track Pack Rear Spoiler – Gloss Black Review & Install
    Articles, Blog

    2015-2020 Mustang SpeedForm GT350 Style Track Pack Rear Spoiler – Gloss Black Review & Install

    April 6, 2020

    If you’re a fan of that Shelby GT350 Track
    Pack styling and want the convenience of a pre-painted part, well, then you should definitely
    consider checking out SpeedForm’s GT350 Style Spoiler shown here in black for your 2015
    and newer Mustang. Now, Speedform’s option is constructed from
    durable ABS plastic and is finished in an OE quality Ford gloss black paint for right
    around 150 bucks. Installation is gonna go down one of two different
    ways. If you have a factory spoiler installed, you’re
    looking at a straightforward job here that requires no drilling whatsoever. On the other hand, if you do not currently
    have a spoiler or wing attached, there will be some minor drilling involved. So, because of all this and the variables,
    the site’s just gonna go two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here and
    call it a couple of hours to complete from start to finish as we’ll show you later in
    the video. Now, the spoiler category is a rather large
    one and will feature mild stuff like the factory blade type spoilers, all the way down to the
    gnarly carbon fiber GT350R stuff and everything in between. Now, the option that we’re talking about here
    today is another factory-inspired part and one that I think personally will live somewhere
    in the middle between mild to wild in regards to overall sizing and styling impact, and
    that is the standard GT350 Track Pack Spoiler. Now, prior to the 2019 model year, Ford did
    release two versions of the standard GT350, basically, the non-R variant, and that was
    the Tech Pack and also the Track Pack car. Tech Pack had a very basic and unassuming
    blade style spoiler, which I thought was almost too subtle for the mighty Shelby. Now, the Track Pack style spoiler, on the
    other hand, fit the car perfectly, and offered a good amount of aggressiveness, if you will,
    for a spoiler. Sure, it’s not as crazy as the GT350R option,
    but let’s face it, that spoiler is a little much for most casual Mustang owners out there. This guy, on the other hand, perfect right
    in the middle and just look great on the car. But let’s focus in on the Track Pack style
    spoiler that we have here from SpeedForm. And on the surface, you do have a very durable
    and lightweight ABS plastic build, with a lot of the same design detail as that OE Shelby
    option. The flip side is, it’s gonna be far less doe
    than buying an OE Pack directly from Ford, and you’re also getting the benefit of it
    being pre-painted right out of the box in this nice gloss black paint job. Now, this would be ideal for owners out there
    either looking to match a black car or maybe just prefer the color contrast on any other
    color Mustang. I do also wanna point out here, gang, that
    we also offer the same exact spoiler on the site but pre-painted in any different color
    to match your ride, but the price does jump up dramatically to north of 400 bucks. But let’s get into the installation here with
    the speed forum spoiler and, again, one of two different things to consider. If you have a factory spoiler already installed
    there’s no drilling necessary. You just have to remove that factory spoiler
    first. On the other hand, if you do not have anything
    installed on that decklid, to begin with, well then you will need the drill, there’s
    really no getting around that. But to give you a better idea of how this
    is gonna go down here’s a detailed walkthrough of the job along with a quick tool breakdown. Tools used for this install are a clip and
    panel removal tool, a Phillips head screwdriver, a 10-millimeter socket, a small plastic scraper,
    a quarter-inch ratchet, an eraser wheel, a power drill, and some 3M general purpose adhesive
    remover. So, before you can install your new spoiler,
    you’re gonna have to remove your old spoiler. In order to do this we’re gonna pop the trunk,
    remove the hardware and the interior panel. Now I’m gonna use an interior panel tool to
    remove all the clips that hold this interior panel on and get access to the screws. Next, I’m gonna use a ratchet with a 10-millimeter
    socket and remove the 4 nuts that secure the wing to the trunk lid. There’s one on either side and two in the
    middle. I don’t want to lose that. Gravity is your friend. So, there’s also a layer of double-stick tape
    underneath the spoiler that holds it to the decklid. I’m gonna use a plastic tool and a little
    bit of perseverance and slowly work my way from one side to the other to pry this off. Now, we’ve broken all the 3M loose, we can
    remove our spoiler. Okay, so as you can see there’s a little bit
    of double-stick tape residue left on the trunk lid. I’m gonna use an eraser wheel with a drill,
    but if you don’t have one of these at home, what you can do is use a little bit of adhesive
    remover and some elbow grease. It’ll take a little bit longer but it will
    get the job done. Now that I’ve got the heavy residue off, I
    can go back with a microfiber and some adhesive remover and clean up the rest. Now, you can peel off the backing for the
    bolt hole gaskets and install them to the bottom of the spoiler. Before I install the spoiler to the decklid,
    I’m going to peel back the corners of the double stick adhesive to make it easier for
    me to get everything lined up. So, now we’re ready to install the spoiler
    to the decklid, this part’s a little bit tricky. You have to line up before holes with the
    four holes in the trunk lid, hold it in place, and get the screw started. You have to be very careful when doing this,
    otherwise you can drop the screws inside the decklid and you can’t get them out. Now that I have all four screws very loosely
    started, I can close the trunk lid, make sure everything’s lined up, and start peeling my
    tape and applying some pressure. Now, I can apply some light pressure and finally
    go back and tighten up your four screws. Now just throw your interior panel back in
    and you’re good to go. And that’s gonna wrap up this review and install
    of the SpeedForm GT350 Style Track Pack Rear Spoiler for your ’15 to 2020 Mustang. Thanks for watching. For all things Mustang, keep it right here


    Automated Railway Crossing Project by Roboversity

    April 5, 2020

    Railway crossing is largely dependent on risky human operated gates. This project aims to make level crossing safe using embedded systems. In this course you will work on sensors, motors and microcontrollers to automate railway gate control. Sensors detect an approaching train and signal the microcontroller to shutdown the motorized gates. So by making this project, you get to solve a real engineering problem. You can do this course online at your own convenience or register at one of our venues.