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    NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY
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    NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

    November 19, 2019

    Oh, here we go… [courtesy horn] Yes! Thats what I call the courtesy honk I just pushed this custom button And it’s two super quick chirps of the horn that are not only friendly sounding but it’s intentionally not as loud as a normal horn, so I’m gonna show you how and why I did this and in the process I will explain what this red button does But first I’m gonna pull over. 1.3 million people die in car crashes per year so you really wanna be able to communicate with other drivers if you wanna stay safe but if you think about it, cars only have two built in ways to communicate with each other: you got your turn signal and your horn…[normal horn] and the turn signal is fine but the problem with the horn is that it is so one dimentional is like, if your only tool is a hammer, it is really good at one thing, but it sucks at everything else and I don’t know about you, but now that pretty much everybody owns a smartphone, 99% of the time I use my horn I’m not trying to avoid a crash, I’m trying to let the person in front of me know: It’s time to stop reading that text they just received And that’s the issue. I’m not upset. I just wanna be like: Hey, dude, the light is green. No big deal And that might come as a surprise, because I drive a Jetta But i’m not some hardcore angry road rage tough guy but even this Jetta which has just about the most emasculating horn possible sounds
    angry when you honk it at a light and if you try to do a nice quick honk it
    doesn’t usually register because it bottoms out too quick so I just push my
    custom-made courtesy honk button and because it’s so non confrontational this
    will never happen to me and this works for communicating in a lot of situations
    not just at stoplights like if someone is just sort of drifting in your lane
    you’re not sure if they see you or not but you don’t want to use your big horn
    or if you just want to get someone’s attention
    to tell them something if someone needs to move forward in traffic or in a
    drive-thru it’s nice because you don’t want to seem like a jerk as they can look right
    at you in their rear view mirror You can even use it as a way to say thank you and I kind of feel like there should be a standard feature on all cars so you
    still have your big horn that you can’t miss in the case of an emergency but
    there should be a smaller button right over here for the courtesy honk but the good
    news is that as an engineer if something isn’t exactly how you want
    it you just make it exactly how you want it so I’ve been on Amazon and got one of
    these Adafruit sound boards for 27 bucks where you can upload sound effects via
    USB with no programming required and then I got three of these cool horn
    buttons to trigger the sound effects for seven bucks each so i started on this
    side by wiring this to my cigarette lighter for power and then I used a 12 to
    5 volt power inverter to get me to the right voltage for the sound board which
    is connected to these buttons to trigger the horn sound effects I dragged and dropped
    onto there and then coming out of the board we have a 3.5 millimeter audio
    cable that plugs into a $13 amp to make it loud enough which connects to a 13
    dollar PA speaker now that we have all the components my buddy Bob from the
    YouTube channel I Like To Make Stuff came over and we got to work soldering
    actually I did all the work while Bob just stroked that magnificent beard of
    his he also made a video about making a custom horn like this that goes into way
    more detail so definitely check his out if you’re actually planning on doing
    this. This is intentionally more of a temporary setup but I wanted mine to be
    a bit more permanent in the dash so with the help of my talented buddy Howard we went
    to town installing this thing now the buttons were in place we
    connected them through the dash to the PA speaker rebounder to the frame under
    the hood. We also installed this beast which is the same type of horn system
    used on trains and semi-trucks basically there’s a compressor that fills an air
    tank to 120 psi which powers the horn but more on this later and the buttons
    also light up which makes them look really cool at night. I also added one more
    sound effect that’s powered by this button This is designed to be even one knotch
    nicer than the courtesy honk if you want to be super chill and grab the attention
    of a pedestrian who isn’t even in a car So that’s my pitch to make our roads
    more pleasant by increasing the vocabulary of the standard car horn and
    now you can do it yourself which leads me to this final button which is only to be
    use in extreme situations like when two teenagers are taking their sweet time
    to cross the street in front of you while fidget spinning I wanna thank audible for their support on this video not only are they the best when it comes
    to audio books but they’ve been working with me and supporting my channel for a couple of
    years now while making this video I listen to the book “Surely You’re Joking
    Mr. Feynman and I loved it” Richard Feynman was a genius Nobel Prize winning
    physicist who chilled with Einstein and helped discover atomic energy but that’s
    not what makes him so interesting this collection of stories from his life made
    me laugh out loud a bunch of time it starts when he was a kid and used to take
    apart radios to make homemade burglar alarm and then in college at MIT he used his engineering skills to pull pranks and then he eventually taught himself how to
    break into safes and use science to pick up on women he had this lifelong
    fascination with learning but in a practical sense not in a memorize facts
    from the textbook sense he’s just such an intelligent colorful human being so if you
    want to listen to “Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman” or any other audio book for
    free all you have to do is use the link in the description or go to Thanks for watching

    How to track time in JIRA
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    How to track time in JIRA

    November 19, 2019

    JIRA is an effective issue tracking software that supports
    agile project management – but it doesn’t have
    real-time time tracking. To be able to
    track time on JIRA cards, you can use Clockify, which is a
    free standalone time tracker that seamlessly integrates with JIRA. Clockify works across devices, and here’s how you can track
    how much time you spend on JIRA cards by using Clockify’s browser extension. First, sign up
    for a Clockify Web account. Then, depending on your preferred browser, go to the Chrome web store
    and download Clockify for Chrome. Or, go to Firefox Add-ons
    and download Clockify for Firefox. In both cases,
    once you download the extension, the Clockify extension button
    will appear in your preferred browser. The functionalities
    Clockify brings to JIRA are the same
    no matter the browser, so let’s see
    how you can track time on JIRA
    with Clockify’s extension for Chrome. First, go to your JIRA board and open a card – next to the project key and issue number, you’ll see
    the Clockify Time Tracker button. Once you click “Start Timer”, the extension
    will pick up the project key, the issue number,
    and the name of your card, to use as a description for your activity. You’ll also see
    the timer start ticking in the extension menu. As an alternative, you can select
    the name of your card, right click on it and select
    “Start timer with description…” By using this method,
    you can also track time on a comment – just select the name of the comment you want to use as a description, right click on it and select
    “Start timer with description…” once again. You can also track time with Clockify in the Backlog section
    of the Scrum Project Template, for an issue, or a sprint. In order to track time on
    a Backlog issue or sprint, click on it,
    to access the menu. Within it, you’ll see
    the Clockify Time Tracker button When you click on it,
    Clockify will pick up the project key, issue or sprint number, and its name, to serve as the description of your time entry. The extension also allows you to track time
    within the sub-task you create for an issue – when you create a sub-task and open its menu, you’ll notice
    another Clockify button, next to the project key
    and issue number of the sub-task. Once you click on it
    you’ll start tracking time on the issue’s sub-task. Whatever method of time tracking you choose, once you’re done with an activity, simply click the stop button. As an alternative,
    you can stop the timer from the Web version
    and your other Clockify apps. As soon as you click stop, the entry is added
    to your list of time entries across all Clockify apps that you use. To continue tracking time
    on an already added entry, you can click the play icon in the extension menu. You’ll also be able
    to add additional information to your entries, through your
    Clockify Web account. Once you open
    a Clockify account, you’ll be able to add clients, projects, tasks, define your tags, and set
    your hourly rates. As soon as you add this data, it will become available to you in the extension, and you’ll be able
    to select it when tracking time in JIRA, or any other integrated app. To add additional information to your JIRA entry, simply click on the running timer in the extension, and add your project, task, and tags. If you bill your work by the hour, you’ll also want
    to check the billability sign – this way,
    the time you spend on a JIRA activity
    will be multiplied by your hourly rate, and added to your earnings, which you can view
    in the header of a Report. Once your team is done with JIRA activities, you can go to
    your Clockify Web account and manage
    your time entries further: you can check the time you’ve tracked, delete entries, edit them, and view the project’s client. To generate
    a Report of the time you’ve spent
    on JIRA cards, select a Summary,
    Detailed, or Weekly Report, and filter by the project you worked on in JIRA. Once you do,
    you’ll get a breakdown of the hours
    you and your team clocked in for that project. Afterwards,
    you’ll also be able to export this Report, and analyze it further. Or, you can save it, and then send it as a link to your client
    or supervisor, so he or she can track
    the progress you make on JIRA issues in real time. Clockify is a free app
    for teams and freelancers, with extra functional features
    meant to help you streamline your time tracking data. JIRA is a straightforward agile project management and issue tracking tool. By using them together,
    you’ll get a powerful agile system with straightforward time tracking features.

    Dubai metro,station and ride || Vlog 4 || Indian Vlogger in Dubai
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    Dubai metro,station and ride || Vlog 4 || Indian Vlogger in Dubai

    November 19, 2019

    Friends , Welcome again on my channel. Few of my friends ask me to make video on Dubai metro & describe about it. so today i am going to take a ride of Dubai metro so let’s see how’s the Dubai metro let’s go ahead to see the metro. look at this this is the escalator using this we will go down i will show you a side view also those are the stairs for going up actually this is underground station of metro so i am going to down look here first of all i will so you the map of Dubai metro actually in Dubai there are two types of metro lines. Red line and Green line as you can see the network Red line starts from UAE Exchange you can see in the map Starting from UAE Exchange station the last stop of this train is Rashidiya metro station and vice versa. and the Green line is from Etisalat station to look at the entire map it is from Etisalat station to Creek Station & vice versa. there are two intersection on these line where these line meets each other. first is Burjuman Station & another is Union Station. both trains come through these two stations. that are Burjuman and Union Station. it means those are intersection from where you can take any train This orange color line is Dubai tram map, i am not going right now on tram. In Dubai metro there is no cash fare system you have to Take NOL card If you are tourist, there is another card for tourist you can get that from the reception of metro station. which is valid for some time. I have a standard silver card i will so you . how to recharge the NOL card This is my NOL card Look it again you will see how to recharge the card first of all you have to keep this card in this place only. sorry Dubai Police stop me to make video of recharge machine. “announcement” Look the entire Metro network. i will show you the station. How are these old pictures you can see Seat is there for passengers. look will go ahead to show you Those are the elevators (Lifts) for going up and Exit One more thing there is separate cabin for Women and children that pink color entrance Pink color on flor just ahead of entrance Three gates are there Only for Women and children. Men are not allow there. if mistakenly you enter there you have to pay AED 100 as fine. You can get train after every five minutes. approx every five minutes have another train. as you can see on that LCD next train is after five minute. look there next train 5 mins Emergency train stop is here in any emergency you can press this button. “al abu al ab tuglak” “Doors Closing” the next station is Baniyas Let take Exit using Escalator people talking Friends, i reached from Al Ras station to Baniyas Metro Station . If you like this train ride please like my video and don’t forget to subscribe my channel. will meet to you in next video till then bye bye.

    Nottingham station to London St Pancras railway station | train in the UK
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    Nottingham station to London St Pancras railway station | train in the UK

    November 19, 2019

    Thank you Thank you very much. Have a good day! [Driver] Have a safe journey Thank you! [Gordon] Thank you
    [Vendor] There you go Thank you [Announcement] Platform level [Announcement] Doors open Good morning, it’s time to go back to London There might be lots of trains. It’s really busy! It’s the busiest we’ve seen so far Look at what a beautiful day It could have been like this yesterday We’re traveling with East Midlands again They manage the Nottingham Station So if your traveling to or from Nottingham, chances are it’ll be with them This train is very similar to the last one Except for one thing: there is free Wi-Fi When you log in, it says it’s for first-class only But we’re in coach, train C, and it still works Halfway there [Renata and Gordon] Hello! First-class lounge East Midlands Trains An hour and forty minutes between Nottingham and London, easy ride You arrive here at St. Pancras station This is also the station where the international trains depart to France and Belgium, for example at St. Pancras International, with Eurostar This was our most expensive train trip here in England We paid 26 pounds for both of us
    (update: actually it was for each!) We could be paying half of that if we had left at 10:30 in the morning But we chose to leave at 8:30 so that we’d still arrive here early and we’d have the entire day to enjoy From St. Pancras Railway you can easily get the underground at Kings Cross St. Pancras It’s all interconnected You just follow the signs indicating “Underground” [Announcement] Mind the gap between the train and the platform [Annoucement] This is Kings Cross St Pancras [Receptionist] How are you guys? Welcome to the hotel Thank you [Receptionist] Did you do mobile check-in? [Renata] No, we didn’t [Receptionist] You did not Okay. Let’s do this very quickly and we’ll get you to the room. Would you like some help with your luggage? [Renata] No, we’re fine, thank you [Receptionist] Are you sure?
    [Renata] Yeah Now that our train rides are over and we’re staying here in London in the next few days, let me share our experience with trains here in England In a nutshell, service is great.
    All the trains we caught, all companies They were clean, on time, except for one with Cross Country between Birmingham and Manchester The train was cancelled Service canceled! But we ended up getting in another one, basically at the same time, which was even better than the one we had booked [Train Manager] Continue all the way to Manchester There are bad things that come from good, right? And that’s the thing, there are so many options here that it makes it very convenient I’m creating a playlist here with all our train rides if you want to know more details about each Come on, baby! You can do it! But what was very interesting is that they were all different. Some had free Wi-Fi, some had paid Wi-Fi Some didn’t have Wi-Fi at all Some had assigned seats We obviously didn’t pay attention Electrical plugs, food and beverage for sale.
    Others had none of that But it probably doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t offer It’s probably related to the line or to that service specific For example, we were with East Midlands in two trains: Between Nottingham and London And between Manchester and Nottingham. In the part between Nottingham and London, we had a free Wi-Fi But between Manchester and Nottingham, there was no internet at all But the most important thing: there are lots of ways you can save money travelling by train The National Rail Service has something called “travelcards” and there are various forms of discounts depending on your age, the number of people traveling with you, if you’re a student My husband and I, for example, we got a travel card called “Two Together travelcard”. We bought the digital version one week before coming here It costs 30 pounds and it’s good for one year With this card, we saved more than 30% in every train ride that we took here We’re probably saving around 100 pounds, if not more On some trains, we paid 5-6 pounds for both of us together We’re talking about a long distance train costing the same as the underground in London for two people Which is crazy! Also when you use the train sometimes there are promotions associated with train rides that you can take advantage of, even a foreigner We’re both are foreigners Keep these tickets now because we need them for the next attraction that we’re going For example, during our time here there was something called “two-for-one”. Meaning, if you travel by train, you can arrive in a new city and buy a ticket to an attraction, get a second ticket for free Now, for most of the fun we had, we ended up paying half the price in this entire trip There are rules for this, you need to present a voucher But in a nutshell, this is it Of course, something like this only happens during low season And for us it was great For most foreigners, England is a very expensive country But when you take advantage of all these deals plus all the free cultural attractions here, your money goes much further Now I understand why people insisted so much that we need to “tap out” after using the underground At first, it seems obvious, of course you need to tap out so the turnstiles can open and you go. But sometimes, let’s say, at rush hour, they just want to move people faster, they just tell people to go or someone will go and open for you And then you wouldn’t tap out Meaning, touch the turnstile with your card or your phone to register your exit That’s the mistake, because if you don’t do that, it ends up costing you way more than you would have to pay This is only when you’re using the Oyster card or a contactless form of payment like a credit card or Apple Pay, Google Pay. Not when you buy a single ticket We’ve been using Apple Pay for this entire trip and it’s absolutely fantastic You don’t even go to the cashier, you just arrive at the turnstiles with your own phone and it opens right there, it’s amazing! But, of course, to do this, make sure your credit card doesn’t charge international fees So, if you have questions about transport by train in England, or if you have more tips to share, let me know! And in the next few vlogs, you are going to see some of the best things to do here in London Thank you for watching!

    Jake Paul Diss Track ft. EX-GIRLFRIEND (Alissa Violet)
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    Jake Paul Diss Track ft. EX-GIRLFRIEND (Alissa Violet)

    November 19, 2019

    Yo, how is everybody doing? The moment we’ve all been waiting for. If you’re new here If you’re confused, basically Jake Paul dropped a song and in that song he was talking a lot of mean stuff about his ex-girlfriend so she ends up hitting me up and she was like yo, let’s make a song on Jakey You know me and Jake have no problems. I’m cool with him I like Jake but honestly I think I just like views a lot more so we went to the studio me and Alissa, she told me all the secret dirty stuff That no one even knows, she actually reveals all of them on her channel She just posted it, but anyways I just want everyone to know that Jake Paul said this a year ago Why would anybody start beef with rice gum? He’ll cook you up Are you really dumb (you’re dumb) there’s a reason why they call him rice gun? Why you take it serious? He does it just for fun He just said why you take it serious He does it just for fun, like Jake Paul actually Understands that all of my videos are jokes a lot of people don’t understand this people get actually mad at me like yo relax All my videos are jokes is just for fun. I have no beef against this kid He seems like a very positive chill guy. I just wanted to make a song, anyways official music video drops in two days I love you guys PEACE {Alissa Violet} I wasn’t about to go in, but like now I feel like I have to, ya know HuYAA, I can tell that you came with the Disney Flow. Ain’t nobody ever heard about your Disney Show Got a bitch that remind me of my cereal, from Britain when I see her I’m like Cheerio Yeah Alissa called me asking if we could win against Jake Paul, I said we Gucci like the shirts with snakes on ’em I just heard the song Team 10 now I hate y’all, Logan that will be your last hit like an 8 ball Yeah Wrong Paul, yeah it’s Jake like from State Farm. Get girls? But the hooker said you paid for it Me and rice in the house with like 8 floors, ride your brothers nuts, you’re a squirrel for his acorn Alyssa said you cum fast like the ferious. Diss tracks? You are my reflection like a mirror is You got girls? Wait where they at? Are you serious? My music video got more models period. Wanna flex so my wrist I put some ice on it Imma make her wet then put some rice on it. Diss me back, ha Imma still make that profit Everybody knows that I make better content. Should’ve never cheated now (never cheated now) Got fame from your brother now (from your brother now) and he’s a better kisser now (a better kisser now) Now I’m on to bigger things (bigger things now) Should’ve never cheated now (never cheated now) Now I’m f*cking on your bitch now (on your bitch now) You used to be af an, and you still a fan now. They gon’ call me RichGum cause I’m dumb rich now Yo yo yo where’s the beat dog? Honestly this isn’t what I signed up for, I just– its kinda too far at this point You guys just keep going at him. I don’t even want to hear what else you have to say, I mean. It’s just– it’s just not nice, man Wait what what? Where are you going? Bro we’re not done yet, come back here. You can’t just leave, hello I have like 2 more verses left! Hello! Dude she has two more verses, yo music vid in 2 days!! twitter @dminiqueaudrey can’t wait for the vid rice!!!!

    TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY! 26 Hours In A Sleeper Train
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    TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY! 26 Hours In A Sleeper Train

    November 19, 2019

    I’m looking forward the transsiberian train so let’s get to it! Good afternoon, we’re now boarding this
    train from Moscow to Yekaterinburg. It’s the beginning of our trans-siberian
    railway journey. It will take us more than seven thousand six hundred
    kilometers, all the way to Beijing. This is the first day. We’ll be spending
    twenty six hours on the train. In case you can’t tell I’m super excited! The train is already here! The people are already here but for some weird reason we are waiting
    to board the train, because Russia they take procedures and timings very serious. This is probably going to be one of the most exciting parts of our trip. Sleeping on the train and living on a train! It’s going to be awesome! But I do judge the amount of food that he has bought! I mean this is just … I might have bought food for three or four days. Look at this! Oh you think it’s just the one bag no there’s another one. There are two! I’m judging! But we’re boarding so let’s go.
    Let’s head into that train. This is our coupé. We have made it into our cabin. There are two other people here but this is our side of the cabin. We have two
    lower berths and two upper berths. Naick has the lower one and I have the upper one. We have two pillows and two mattresses. We have everything we need. We’re about to leave in a minute. I’m super excited! It’s a little bit old school but
    it looks nice. We managed to put our luggage underneath here. The one thing I’m not
    sure about is how I’m gonna get up there because I think there should be some
    sort of ladder but I don’t see it. and I can’t levitate yet so we’ll see. Do you
    think we have enough food for the day? It’s time to make our bed in a very small
    space. We have our seating area and we put a mattress on top of it. We have some
    freshly washed blankets. I’m not used to doing this. Somebody send help please? Now I have to figure out how to climb up here. Without getting injured…
    or minimally injured. Everyone else on the train is asleep so maybe we better get to it as well. Have a good night. See you tomorrow at breakfast. Transsiberian train sounds. Good morning it is currently 8 o’clock
    we just passed Kazan. Which is one of the stops on the way of this train. Our fellow passengers appearantly got off. Because when we woke up they
    weren’t here anymore so now we have a private cabin. That’s the main difference between first class and second class. First class there are only
    two beds and for class second class you share the cabin with two other people.
    We’re going to have a nice day on the train. Hopefully just the two of us. I slept pretty well I woke up a couple
    of times but I was okay sometimes when the train stops and
    starts again it’s like really shudders like the world is ending that what we
    have to go starts but otherwise it was pretty good a strange thing I woke up at
    4 o’clock this morning with a degree nor stopped I put my head out of the window
    and it was a very big big tank next to the Train all right so now for the food we bought
    some my supplies yesterday we ate like very small piece of it some some but all
    the rest is still here we are in show you how much exactly I bought it looks like a meatball to fit too much
    food if it looks like we’re in the disco right now on the screen we are not it’s
    just because the Sun is on that side cuz behind the trees every time I show you
    fast as it goes from like the door like the dark night the door light look
    it’s pretty beautiful outside I’m gonna get us some coffees the one thing that is free on every
    train on the trans-siberian is hot water so you can make yourself some coffee if
    you get a muck you can make yourself T to make yourself coffee you can make B
    much everything that’s instant which is one he has so much of it it was 64
    rubles for two coffees it’s pretty sweet do because that’s less than one Lord and
    now you have the mugs and you can keep it for the rest of journey so we can go
    back it’s more hot water make yourself some tea
    think she might have given me cappuccino version the language barrier here on
    this train is very very real they don’t speak a word of English not one word and
    I will speak much Russian northern I think the only words we know is high or
    just privyet it’s possible we just thank you da that’s yes and then that’s pretty
    much it doo-wop is do and valetti is straight it tastes like sugar water with a little
    bit of coffee mixed in sugar rush and going but I really like these marks are
    pretty cool they like proper old school Russian all right it’s lunchtime
    I’ve got some mashed potatoes for kick and I’m gonna try to Danny Aki noodles
    which look really good time for some cooking just the hot water you get
    anything I would say thanks true wise it’s
    looking a lot better than I expected then there’s this little baggie which
    has some sort of sauce it believes some very curious five hours later cereal Spiller strikes again look it has
    a right contrition super mash potato yeah even ego Wiseman do you mess when I’m missing out that’s
    good I’m really really enjoying the train ride so far it’s a relaxing I
    prefer no more playing because you have some space let’s influence love your food actual
    meat in there all right let’s go in for taste test and even that doesn’t matter it’s less
    good than we’d expect from this whole ordeal the mashed potatoes are like a
    really little flavor bomb this is like it’s good but I’m sorry
    what should you been very nice for dinner is the bomb after 22 hours spent on the train we are
    now in class new frisk stop time for little stuff we’re stopping here for 35
    minutes and it’s great to get out of train a bit
    and stretch our legs so far has been a really good experience
    it was nice living up the train for it’s about 24 hours now they are which is
    basically like a carriage attendants who same as a flight attendant but for the
    carriage in the Train there are people who will check your passport when you
    come onto the train they’ll give your bedding your lens
    they’ll make sure that you don’t make a mess a latrine so basically your
    property tax like your train butter so tree mom alerted me to the fact that
    I’ve gone onto the wrong couch I’d like to point out for goodness sake
    it was you who said that that was carriage number 11 I said I think it’s
    next to him anyway I made it Len felt almost right soon try to look up where
    else is on a train but the internet was very wonky I would say well the right
    word it’s 4.5 kilometers and there’s no it’s
    currently 11:40 p.m. so necessary now I’m gonna walk that bit young max yeah
    Cantrell Blake’s young max is like the Russian version of super it’s only 130
    rubles so that’s one euro 60 I think so it’s very cheap to let’s go on fine it
    again to even check if there’s someone in the
    car we haven’t seen you drive ever since we left home almost a month ago now we
    haven’t spent more than one night in private room you spent all our Lenten in
    dorm rooms because it was just so much cheaper and now finally so that
    concludes our first trip on the trans-siberian it was 26 hours hardly
    enjoy it actually looking forward already to the next one oh I don’t want
    you will be 56 hours if Emma was taking from Ekaterinburg to eat good all the
    way in Siberia I can spend three days here in Yekaterinburg that will be our
    next video and then onwards to Itsuki I’ll definitely if you like this video
    give it a like and make sure to subscribe to follow the rest of the
    journey because I mean this was just a short train ride and it was second
    clause we have other ones coming up dirt loss first loss he got that even British
    Siberia I mean yeah all the way to Mongolia and China I’m going to be
    interesting it’s gonna be awesome at first quit sticking that see you in the
    next one see you in the next one bye have a great day

    Every BILLIE EILISH Track in 3 Minutes – ft. Kina Grannis
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    Every BILLIE EILISH Track in 3 Minutes – ft. Kina Grannis

    November 19, 2019

    So you’re a tough guy
    Like it really rough guy Just can’t get enough guy
    Chest always so puffed guy I’m that bad type
    Make your mama sad type Make your girlfriend mad tight
    Might seduce your dad type I’m the bad guy I’m in their second hand smoke Still just drinking canned coke I don’t need a xanny You should see me in a crown I’m gonna run this nothing town Watch me make ’em bow one by one by, one One by one by You should see me in a crown All the good girls go to hell ‘Cause even God herself Has enemies I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t wanna stay I just kinda wish you were gay Call me friend, but keep me closer And I’ll call you when the party’s over So I think I better go I never really know how to please you You’re looking at me like I’m see through You are my strange addiction (x2) My doctors can’t explain
    My symptoms or my pain But you are my strange addiction What do you want from me? Why don’t you run from me? What are you wondering? What do you know? Why aren’t you scared of me? Why do you care for me? When we all fall asleep, where do we go? Where did you go?I should know, but it’s cold and I don’t wanna be lonely So show me the way home I can’t lose another life Sorry can’t save me now Sorry, I don’t know how Maybe won’t you take it back
    Say you were tryna make me laugh And nothing has to change today You didn’t mean to say “I love you” What is it about them? I’m the bad guy

    MyUsernamesThis DISS TRACK – MyLOSERnamesThis ft. Galette399 (Roblox Music Video) | Roblox Jailbreak
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    MyUsernamesThis DISS TRACK – MyLOSERnamesThis ft. Galette399 (Roblox Music Video) | Roblox Jailbreak

    November 19, 2019

    L KREEK L KREEK Give it now I’ll show you the fist can’t even show your face Forest Because your subs will think it’s a disgrace when it comes to roblox you’re the King of clickbait You can’t even get a date, kreek’s channel has a special b Everyone I asked said who the Freak are you all user can do it? L we all want him to go in his jail cell So let’s part n don’t watch my oldest game Crimes in real heart for the fame while users chicken thousand being really lame coming frozen sub left playing Jailbreak, everybody tryna heart, but then we go and give 10% Your whole channel is lame my username. This is a stupid game They’ve be in forest droppings bangers all the flippin time Your district didn’t even run as we’re just tracking using lifetime. Its boy Creek of the track user name is flippin wack We all know the dude. Well, he obviously aimbot hacks you the bullying me everyone would agree You can trap it all so all you do is spam l app me bacon hand No one cares usernames this no one’s gonna give you a kiss All you do is click bait little kids put your merch on eBay. No one would bid Oh, no, we never stop only grow in it to the top What what’s he – no girl will ever date you get off of jailbreak? You’re off flip and snake your channel was a mistake lit horse squad. I’m the literal Jailbreak God when I get on what watch I get lots of applause 400 K I always slay YouTube just doesn’t give you a lot of pay Rising to the top your channel just gonna drop Rome I threw me out but they just tryna cut you out don’t like you because you’ve got no clout nose down I’m always gonna be bigger than you your career is over six and tissues me and gel lat Always jumping fire to afraid to show your face. Maybe it’s because it’s a literal dumpster fire

    Anne Reburn – Dis Track (Official Lyrics Video)
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    Anne Reburn – Dis Track (Official Lyrics Video)

    November 19, 2019

    How do I reach someone like you? Maybe this song isn’t the best way But I don’t know what else to do You don’t listen to reason, no matter the language
    What can I say? My darling, you defy definition
    I only say it ’cause it’s true You know I won’t mince words
    with the people that I love
    And I’m sure Hell just can’t wait to welcome you I used to think about
    appealing to your sense of decency But then I realized you don’t have any I used to think about
    appealing to your sense of honesty But then I realized you don’t have any I sat down to write a single dis track
    But I’ve got more than enough material for that I have so much to say,
    I don’t know where to start Maybe when you’re under for that rhinoplasty
    you could ask if they could give you a heart My darling, you defy definition
    I only say it ’cause it’s true So I search for the words in my first and second
    languages to describe the hate I feel toward you You sociopathic piece of shit
    You’re the worst person I’ve ever met Two-footed rat, you only know how to hurt and damage
    But I don’t want to kill you, no
    I’d rather see you suffer I sputter, and stutter, and struggle
    ’cause the rage just makes my mind boggle I just don’t get how you can do the things you do So you can say that I’m not over it But the kind of scars you leave don’t really leave you The best part is you deny
    ever having anything to do with me
    But I can say everything I want and you’ll know it’s true My darling, you defy definition
    I only say it ’cause it’s true, baby I wish that I spoke every language in the world
    so I had a few more ways to insult you You sociopathic piece of shit
    You’re the worst person I’ve ever met Two-footed rat, you only know how to hurt and damage
    But I don’t have any more compassion
    I really want to see you suffer So say I’m Taylor Swifting it
    Or say what’s past is past But I enjoy this way too much for it to be the last

    Big Shaq — Mans Not Hot Remix (Shaquille O’ Neal Diss Track)
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    Big Shaq — Mans Not Hot Remix (Shaquille O’ Neal Diss Track)

    November 19, 2019

    Man like Shaquille O’Neal, he thinks he’s bad He doesn’t want to link me I’m ready to link him now you understand what i’m saying I’ve dealt with man like him, its like David & Goliath You know what i’m saying? That Shaq is expired You understand? Your careers over, big man. You understand? There’s a new man in town Man come from the U.K mans squaddeded it up Squaded up You dun know Yeh yeh Yo! You dun know, it’s big shaq, boom I’m not even going to waste my time and rap, man’s just going to talk over this Yo! Alright, you don know, boom, let’s go Yeh, alright, yo! Shaquille O’Neal You think you’re bad? Cause your knees are made of steel But you’re not, you’re moist Man’s see your armpit drippin’ In the changing room Yeah, alright, cool Uh! They call you big Shaq But you’re not big Shaq And your teeth bare plaque Mine no plaque You’re just wack Cut some slack Look at your back It’s just black I’m fin I don’t sing Man heard you sing Ring a ding ding Phone goes ping I ling ling Yo! Shabado Look at your toenails They’re black Mouth is white, like crack You don’t want to see me In the lab Man hit your head Like slab You dun know Huh! Man don’t even waste my time I don’t send, you understand what I’m saying, man just got me in the booth Fresh off the dome, yo! The ting go skrr pa pa pa katakaka tun tun tuka tun tun When I see man Ku tu kun tun tun tun Casualty Kutukum tum tum yeh, yeh yeh yeh, aye Shaquille O’Neal I’m in New York City If you’re bad come link me, mans in a hotel But you’re not going to come You get me? Mans called big shaq But you can’t even roll by yourself, you need your body guards I’m in-im in-im in America big man! Come, COME LINK ME BRUV! Say notin, I’m here Hold tight drizzy, hold tight Busta Rhymes Hold tight Puff Daddy Hold tight DJ Khaled, my brudda, hold tight Cardi B You don know the ting, bang bang I’m gone