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    Getting to know Tuen Ma Line
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    Getting to know Tuen Ma Line

    January 21, 2020

    Tuen Ma Line is the new railway line connecting
    the West Rail and Ma On Shan Lines Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 will operate from Wu Kai Sha Station
    to Kai Tak Station Travelling between the New Territories and Kowloon Will have a new railway option Passengers on the East Rail Line can choose to interchange at Tai Wai Station To reach Kowloon East via Diamond Hill Station Travelling from Tai Wai Station
    to Diamond Hill Station will only take 9 minutes Full opening of Tuen Ma Line will connect the East and West of New Territories Wherever you wish to go It will be more convenient Exactly. Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 will open in 2020 And we are also looking forward to the Full opening of Tuen Ma Line

    認識.屯馬綫    Getting to know Tuen Ma Line
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    認識.屯馬綫 Getting to know Tuen Ma Line

    January 20, 2020

    Tuen Ma Line is the new railway line connecting
    the West Rail and Ma On Shan Lines Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 will operate from Wu Kai Sha Station
    to Kai Tak Station Travelling between the New Territories and Kowloon Will have a new railway option Passengers on the East Rail Line can choose to interchange at Tai Wai Station To reach Kowloon East via Diamond Hill Station Travelling from Tai Wai Station
    to Diamond Hill Station will only take 9 minutes Full opening of Tuen Ma Line will connect the East and West of New Territories Wherever you wish to go It will be more convenient Exactly. Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 will open in 2020 And we are also looking forward to the Full opening of Tuen Ma Line

    Kolej na Kraków! / Railway for Cracow!
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    Kolej na Kraków! / Railway for Cracow!

    January 19, 2020

    Almost 250,000 cars enter Cracow every day (source: report of Municipal Administration Department in City Hall of Krakow), the city is most congested in Poland and vehicle traffic also contributes to formation of smog. However, ecological alternative in transportation is railway and soon it will be even more friendly to the city and its inhabitants thanks to modernization of main railway line running through Krakow. In this episode, we will take a closer look at this investment. Let’s watch! Time on railways for Cracow! E30 railway line is one of two Trans-European transport corridors crossing Poland from east to west. Route also passes diametrically through Kraków and on the almost 20-kilometers-long section between Krakow Main Cargo (Kraków Główny Towarowy) station and Rudzice is currently undergoing a huge modernization. Works will enable to obtain a railway system in the Krakow agglomeration that resembles the human circulatory system, where: – the heart, center of agglomeration passenger service and, above all, long-distance passenger, is Krakow Main Passenger (Kraków Główny Osobowy) station, – aorta, the largest artery, is a 4-track section between Main and Płaszów stations. A part of line will be created thanks to construction of 2 agglomeration tracks and modernization of 2 currently existing for long-distance traffic, which will allow independent servicing of both types of connections. Four-track section runs in dense building area of Krakow, crosses many streets, so it is led on flyovers and viaducts. Longest sequence of extended and renovated objects is 850-meters-long, and viaduct within Grzegórzecka street is over 150 years old! Works are therefore under watchful eye of conservator. Line crosses Vistula River in Krakow and previously existing bridge will be replaced by three parallel arched bridges. Their constructions will consist of 3 arches of different sizes and longest span will be 116-meters-long. New bridges on Vistula are the most spectacular objects of this investment. – remaining arteries of railway system are: three-track section between Płaszów and Bieżanów stations and two-track sections deriving traffic from Krakow. On route, stations and stops are being modernized. Two new stops will also be built in Krakow at Grzegórzecka street and in Złocień. There is no other such investment in Poland today in railway, which would take place on line crossing diametrically large city in half. Scale of the task is huge, it was a challenge to maintain railway traffic during investment and to set up additional tracks that will ensure running of a larger number of trains. For Krakow, this route may become a transport backbone, such as the metro in Capital City. Speed at which trains will move is also important – on engineering facilities in center even up to 100 km/h and on regular route up to 160 km/h. This will ensure a much shorter travel time. The modernized line will improve integration of railway with the city and, as a result, area of Krakow agglomeration – with new and modernized interchanges, adapted to serve people with mobility limitations. The value of the entire project exceeds 1 billion PLN, it is implemented as part of “Connecting Europe” instrument for 2014-2020. Meanwhile, thanks for your attention and see you next time. Bye!

    Hitchhiking in Russia, Biysk to Gorno Altaysk | Indian hitchhiker in Siberia | Wonderful highway
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    Hitchhiking in Russia, Biysk to Gorno Altaysk | Indian hitchhiker in Siberia | Wonderful highway

    January 19, 2020

    So , he has dropped me to a petrol station Good morning friends I have checked-out in the morning itself Uncle will drop me to a petrol station in the highway from where I will start hitchhiking from Biysk to Gorno Altaysk So he has dropped me till this petrol station So, now i will have to find lift from here till gorno altaysk Very beautiful highway Giving signal to me but not stopping. Peoples are responsive Doing hitchhiking in Altai Republic (Russia). Temperature is 1°C That car was slowed down but did not stop. Hopefully will get lift I am confused Shall i ask lift in Highway or Check for lift in the petrol station? Let me try for sometime Will try in petrol station if i don’t get here I am waiting for a car to give me lift from last 1 hour but Finally not got the lift in this highway So, i have decided, let me try inside the petrol station Incase someone going towards Gorno Altaysk. Hopefully he will give me lift Very cold here My hand is shaking.. Almost freeze Some peoples are responding but some are not Definitely will get some option Now Autumn has started in Russia So, autumn tree leafs are looking nice Have got the lift So, now i will take a lift in a truck He has given me a signal to come with him in his truck Wow! this will be my first lift in a truck in Russia He is Andre He has given me lift till gorno altaysk By doing hitchhiking going to gorno altaysk He will delivery goods some where near gorno altaysk When i told him that , i am from India Andre immediately responded and agreed to give lift Thank you Andre Andre has written my channel’s name He will subscribe to the channel He is a good person. He told me that, his truck will get unloaded in gorno altaysk. So, he will drop me there Its absolutely okay for me As i will have to go to gorno altaysk only Inside the town i can travel via local transports I will go to Katun river Very scenic view there . I want to see that Andre is trying to make me understand something Trying to translate in Google Translator from Russian to English Andre’s mom likes Mithun Chakraborty Mithun Chakraborty is very famous in Russia , i could feel that yesterday i went to KFC they asked me from where i belong to I replied , i am from India Then they talked about Indian Cinema Specially Mithun Chakraborty Everyone knows Mithun Chakraborty These Two Artist Raj Kapoor & Mithun Chakraborty very famous here This is the entry point of gorno altaysk From here Altai Republic starts I think is Katun River This katun river flows between altai mountains Very beautiful location Very beautiful highway Very less crowded Feeling cold though i am wearing an Inner but cold here I am like him, travelling the world Let me go, my truck is waiting This is a highway. I need to be careful while crossing I am actually seeing opposite site , as in India car comes from other side Andre dropped me till Bus station From here i will go to my next destination I will go to hotel first I am asking him that, where is my hotel location and how can i get car from here? I have sent couchsurfing in gorno altaysk but no one has accepted I sent yesterday very late around 12 AM to 1 AM I think they have not seen. So, i have booked a hotel, which is near Katun river Igre is his name . He is helping me To find a cab, who will drop me to hotel I am in gorno altaysk bus stand I booked my hotel in a location called Manzorokh I will get Katun river view I got taxi Taxi will charge me 200 RUB Approx 230 Rs in INR

    1,100 Jobs With 65 New Trains Built In Victoria, For Victoria
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    1,100 Jobs With 65 New Trains Built In Victoria, For Victoria

    January 15, 2020

    After a 12 month international competitive
    tender process, I am very pleased that these high capacity Metro trains, 65 trains, $2
    billion worth of work, that work has been won by the consortium led by Downer. And that
    work will be undertaken in this workshop right here. Those 65 trains are an extra carriage
    long. They have a 20% increase in the overall capacity. What does that mean? Well on the
    Cranbourne-Packenham line, where they’ll run from the beginning of 2019, we will see
    39,000 extra passengers able to travel on that our busiest line. These are the trains
    that will service the Metro Tunnel when we connect the Dandenong line with the Sunbury
    line. And they’ll have the latest technology, the latest design. There’ll be better information
    for passengers within the trains themselves, contributing overall to a better public transport
    experience. So we’re not just getting new trains made proudly in Victoria by Victorians,
    we’ll also breathing new life into the rolling stock industry here in this state. The overall
    job number on this contract is 1,100 jobs. 15% of those jobs will be apprentices, trainees
    or cadet engineers. This is all good strong news. Trains for Victorians built by Victorians.

    WillNE – Can I Have Views Too Please? (DISS TRACK) Official Video
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    WillNE – Can I Have Views Too Please? (DISS TRACK) Official Video

    January 11, 2020

    Right you lot I really wish this was clickbait… it’s not Shoutout BG Media though Westy and all that, yeah? ♪ Westy, is that you yeah? ♪ ♪ What’s this? A bunch of wet pricks… ♪ Sorry, I mean wet flannels ♪ Faking your beef with a bullshit diss ♪ Tryna keep up with my second channel ♪ We can move on to ChrisMD ♪ I see that you love that quiff ♪ Only problem that I can see ♪ Is that little man’s like… 5 foot 6? Right, I’m starting to vlog So before I even say anything about this, right I wanna say we’re still gonna be chatting shit about other people every single week That’s not gonna change. Like, I realise I’ve got you lot from like uh… bullying kids and all ♪ Tobi you’ve stayed quiet ♪ To be honest I can’t knock it ♪ I would probably do the same ♪ 6 foot deep in my back pocket ♪ Memeulous! I didn’t wanna cuss you (I did) ♪ But this ain’t an idle threat ♪ We can all see what you’ve just done ♪ Stole This Week On The Internet So I’m not going to stop that right, like I genuinely love making that content That’s the content are meant to be making, if you get what I mean But I’ve just been thinking recently if all I ever put on YouTube Is just me sat on my computer or standing up next to my window chatting shit about what other people have done Is not not a bit dead? I don’t even have the popcorn or the beard ♪ To the burnt chip ♪ You’re a hurt prick ♪ Real talk you look like 11 ♪ How were you born in ’94, yet you still look like you’ve came from Year 7? So yes, I want to start a vlog right, and I don’t want to be doing like 20 minute daily vlogs of just stuff that I do in my day I realise none of you want to see that What I wanna do is more 4 or 5 minute vlogs, maybe twice or three times a week Probably twice, we know what I’m like It’s just a lamp, these aren’t even plugged in. And just make it fast-paced and funny Basically what I’m trying to say right We’ll get the elephant out of the room here I wanna rip off David Dobrik not Jake Paul, okay? So some of you might have seen my vlogs before, I’ve been putting them on the second channel but basically I’m gonna take that concept – make them shorter, make them better and wack them on here ♪ Can we move on to Calfreezy? ♪ I’m sorry your content stinks ♪ How’s my man got 2 mill subs? ♪ Looking like the real life Jar Jar Binks? Joel’s left his Twitter open, what we puttin right now? Should we eyes emoji? Would Joel eyes emoji? So I’ve gone for “Realistically, if I wasn’t having to deal with some Love Island nonce I would have bodied every YouTuber on a track by now” Joel: Jesus Christ ♪ Callum McGinely ♪ Your face looks like an anus ♪ Sarah’s going to leave you when she gets more famous Will: One second, what you saying? Calfreezy: One second what? Will: Big man, the full f**king bottle Will: This full bottle, I wanna see you fold it Will: Come on, what you saying? Calfreezy: I’ve seen the videos and I can do the videos Calfreezy: Alright Calfreezy: Three, two, one… Will: Hang on, hang on. How much is left in this f**king bottle right now? Will: You chat SHIT! Calfreezy: Give me some respect, I did give it a go Dead. It was dead. Calfreezy: I gave it a shot Him: How many seconds was it? Will: One. Calfreezy: I’m clearly taking the piss. You actually gave it a go and did shit ♪ Deji, I heard what you said about sidemen ♪ You need to chill your rage, mate ♪ Shit version of VannosGaming? ♪ But you’re just a BTEC JJ? Will: So you gotta push from the bottom into your mouth Oi! Will: This man’s cheeks just inflate Oh… Oh, fair… Will: Okay, big one, midway through recovery. Hit me with these 4 words for that bastard Ginger: Um, 4 words that you need to sneak into your Uber ride home with the Uber driver Ginger: Let’s go for… premarital sex Will: That’s a phrase, you’re allowed phrases. Phrases are good Pink: How do you say… “Bioluminescence”? Will, to Stephen: Oh shit, can you pronounce that? Stephen: Yes, thank you Ginger: Then I think we’re gonna go for “dog bite” Will: Dog bite, bioluminescence… what was the first one? Stephen: Premarital sex Ginger: Dog bite, bioluminescence and “KSI is my favourite rapper” or “favourite musician” Ginger: “KSI’s my favourite musician” *Greeting Uber Driver* Stephen: Do you go to any festivals? Stephen: Like music festivals? UD: Not really UD: I’ve got two kids. I don’t really have much time Stephen: I’ve only ever been to one and it was called Bioluminescence or something it was really weird Will: Where was that, like? Stephen: I dunno, it was near Reading Will: Oh yeah? Stephen: and there was a band called Dog Bite Stephen: And they had a song called “Premarital Sex” Stephen: It was so weird Will: F**king hell, mate Stephen: Very odd Stephen: My favourite musician’s KSI so… Will: Oh yeah, fair enough Stephen: I haven’t seen him for a while ♪ Simon, that’s Miniminter ♪ Let me put this to bed ♪ The only ammo that you’ve got mate is… Girl: WillNE has a square head ♪ outro music ♪

    Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs umbrella man | Animated Series| Wow Kidz
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    Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs umbrella man | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

    January 10, 2020

    Timbaktoon, who is he? Boss, he is Umbrella man. It is not raining here. Take him away. I don’t want to buy any umbrella. Hot rays, falling rain, I can finish everybody’s tale. Because I am not an umbrella trader but the umbrella chief. Haha!! Umbrella man!!! Mad boss, Fire and shoot me. My name is Mad max and not Mad Boss. Your umbrellas cannot stop my laser rays. Haha!! How are you Mad Boss? Now did u understand, that I am not a trader but the chief of umbrellas. Haha!! Did you noticed the power of my soldiers? They are laser proof, fire proof and water proof. Ok, I understood. You are a very useful man. Go and kill Vir the Robot boy. You will be given whatever you ask for. Go! Ok Mad boss thank you. My name is Mad Max and not Mad Boss. It is so hot; there is a shower of sweat. If it really rains than the climate would turn cool. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadaum dum dumadum. Look Chulbul, it is going to rain. Now be happy. Gintu, what are you doing? If someone will see that it is raining only on us then? Please don’t do this. Ok I will start the shower in entire Fursatganj. Hey Bunty’s Mom, Bunty, come out and look it is raining heavily. Hehe!!! Oh! My back. Oh! What happened dad? Oh! I got a cramp on my slim waist. Haha! So much fun! Chulbul, you should not laugh on someone like that. It is wrong. Lift me up. Dad! Come! Everybody come here. What is the cost of this umbrella? All these umbrellas are for free. Anybody who is interested can take it for free. Free, free, totally free. An umbrella free on a free umbrella. Haha!! Dad, he is giving the umbrellas for free. Let’s go and take it. Save me!!! Help!!! Haha!! I am not a trader of umbrellas but the chief. I am Umbrella man!!! Robo boy help!! What is happening? I’m sure this man has been sent my Mad max. Imli, Chulbul you both wait here and don’t come in front. I will be right back. Haha!! Shout! He will definitely come. Haha!! Robo boy suit on. Haha!!! Who are you? Leave them. Haha!! Robot boy, nice meeting you. Hot rays, falling rain, I can finish everybody’s tale. Because I am not a trader but the chief of umbrellas. Umbrella man!!!! You want Robot boy. I am here, now leave them and if you have guts than compete with me. I need to take him somewhere far from here otherwise the laser beams may hurt someone. I should call Chubul here. I will take him for a ride on clouds. He will be happy. I will give him carrots to eat. Wow, so many carrot. It’s amazing! Chulbul, is everybody enjoying the rain down? If I tell him what is going on down then, he will leave and instead of helping Vir, he will raise more problems. I should stop him here only and keep eating carrots happily. Hehe!! Tell me!! Everything is fine, Vir will handle everything, only those umbrellas which are flying are troubling people. I will go and help Vir. What am I doing here? Who are you? You came here to have popcorn and I am here to have carrots. Come on, eat popcorn. It is so much fun to have popcorn’s on clouds. Thank you Robo boy!! My soldiers go and catch Robo boy. trap him. Haha!! Robo boy, this is the beginning of your end. Haha!! Let’s go home boy’s. I am not a trader of umbrellas. I am the chief of umbrellas. Haha!! Twister suit on. No, my umbrellas. I prepared them with so much efforts. I will destroy you!! Extra power on. Yeah!! Haha!! When you cannot remove cream with a straight finger then you should bend it. Now you are trapped Robo boy. Come on let’s go to Mad Max. Drill suit on. Hello, how are you? No, you made a hole in my umbrella, I will not leave you. I will not leave you. I won’t let you go umbrella man. No, stop it!! Chulbul, what happen? Let’s go down to see the grand finale. Rest all is done. Let’s go! Enough!! Land is near. Please, stop, I’m afraid. Now sing that umbrella man song please, I like it a lot. Umbrella man!!!! Robo boy! Thank you Robo boy. I am going back to my village. I will go there and sell umbrellas. I wont be the chief of umbrellas but I will be the trader. Bye!! Save me! Boss, Umbrella man help!!!

    HOW EXPENSIVE IS KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA FOR INDIANS ? Food, Room, Transport expense in Indian Rupees
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    HOW EXPENSIVE IS KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA FOR INDIANS ? Food, Room, Transport expense in Indian Rupees

    January 9, 2020

    Welcome back to the channel guys. First of all I would like to thank all of you. It is because of you that I have secured 1k subscribers It is because of you that I have secured 1k subscribers We have crossed the first milestone in you tube which is obtaining 1K subscribers. Please keep supporting me and I will continue to upload exciting videos and will take you through exotic destination from all round the world. With that said This video will be about a day’s expense for a tourist visiting Malaysia or how expensive is Malaysia. You’ll get a closer look in this video Keep watching this video till the end because at the end I will tell you how much did it cost me per day in Malaysia, which includes my travelling, food, and my hotel charges. So, without further delay, let’s get started with the video If you are new to this channel, please don’t go anywhere without subscribing my channel, i’ll not let you go either 😉 So, let’s get started In the previous video, I took you to the markets of Kuala Lumpur and also told you about how I purchased a drone worth Rs 1 lakh for Rs 60k. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out through the link at the i button. Let’s proceed now How much money would you need per day to survive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Let’s get started now (finally :D).
    Firstly, I would like to educate you that the Malaysian currency is known as Ringgit and the smallest denomination is RM 1 and the biggest denomination is RM 100 During the making of this video RM 1 is equivalent to Rs 16.82. but to make it an easy calculation we take a round figure of Rs 17 for RM 1 If you wish see a separate video to understand the Malaysian currency elaborately, you can comment me below. you can comment me below. Let’s start with talking about the hotel. As always, I booked this property through Airbnb, which charged me Rs 1,930 for one night. Since I booked the hotel for three nights, it cost me around Rs 6,237.77. Since we were two people, it cost us around Rs 1,039 per head Mornings started off with self made breakfast. Here you can enjoy two options, Firstly, you can cook yourself a hearty breakfast. Secondly, you can relish a meal out in the market. To help yourself with a breakfast, you can cook maggi, bread, bread, omelette or anything that satisfies your taste buds.
    One maggi here costs RM 1 which is equivalent to Rs 17. If you go for eggs, It will cost you around RM 8 for 1 dozen eggs, which is Rs 136, two eggs will cost you Rs 23 two eggs will cost you Rs 23 You can also try out these mini packets of fruits which would cost you RM1.5 per packet and are easily available in the market.
    Alongside Malaysian cuisine, you can also enjoy the taste of India with dosa for RM 2, uttapam also for RM 2 and Roti canai, a special preparation, wherein, a very soft dough of white flour is prepared into thin sheets of chapati, which is further folded into square chapatis. into thin sheets of chapati, which is further folded into square chapatis. into thin sheets of chapati, which is further folded into square chapatis. This chapati is further fried and can be stuffed with eggs or chicken. A non stuffed Roti canai will cost you around RM 1.2. Tea will cost RM 2. Coffee will cost RM 2. Ice tea also will cost you RM 2.
    Fruit juice can cost you RM 4 or more.
    Maggi will cost you RM 4 2 ltrs of water will cost RM 2 Considering both these options, the average value for a good breakfast is RM 5 which is equivalent to Rs 85. You can enjoy a heavy breakfast for Rs 85. You can enjoy a heavy breakfast for Rs 85. After a good breakfast, now it’s time for lunch. Any food corner here will serve you the local delicacies at cheaper rates. Any food corner here will serve you the local delicacies at cheaper rates. You can take a plate of rice, along with any of these pre-cooked veg and non veg dishes. along with any of these pre-cooked veg and non veg dishes. along with any of these pre-cooked veg and non veg dishes. You will be charged as per the no. of dishes that you have tried out. You can also try out Malaysia’s most popular dish, Nasi Lemak. You can also try out Malaysia’s most popular dish, Nasi Lemak. Overall your lunch will cost you ranging from RM 6 to RM 10. The average value for your lunch and dinner will cost you RM 20 which is equivalent to Rs 340. Post lunch, I am heading towards the metro station. The major local attractions here are for free like Petronas Tower, KLCC Park, Jalan Alor Night Market China Town Pasar Seni, Bukit Bintang and even Batu Caves.
    You will not be charged any entry fee to visit these attractions. If you wish to visit the Petronas Tower up in the deck you will be charged separately. Or any food items at Batu Caves will be charged separately Or any food items at Batu Caves will be charged separately Talking of transport system, Kuala Lumpur has very easy and convenient mode of transport. Talking of transport system, Kuala Lumpur has very easy and convenient mode of transport. You can avail free AC buses plying all over the city. Hop-on Hop-Off bus service is also available especially for the tourists. These buses take you to sixty major tourist attractions in the city. These buses take you to sixty major tourist attractions in the city. The hop-on hop-off buses provide you tickets for a 24 hr service and a 48 hr service The hop-on hop-off buses provide you tickets for a 24 hr service and a 48 hr service You can book the tickets through at a discounted rate. Please refer to the link at the description box. To explore any destination you would need a tourist map that you can easily make yourselves available from any of the tourist help centres that you can easily make yourselves available from any of the tourist help centres This map shows the metro route in Kuala Lumpur I am at the Pudu station and I am heading towards Batu Caves.
    Kuala Lumpur’s metro system is very similar to that of Delhi’s metro system. You can either purchase these tokens or you may also get yourselves the touch and go card for hassle free commuting or you may also get yourselves the touch and go card for hassle free commuting You can find the details for the touch and go in my previous video. Please refer to the link in the i button Please refer to the link in the i button 2 tickets Insert coins here and bank notes here here are 2 tickets tickets I had to change 2 trains to reach Batu Caves Stations will be displayed like these dots your current station which one you crossed and your next station this yellow light will tell you there will be announcements too in the train about next stations.

    Metro Telugu Full Movie || 2017 Latest Telugu Movie || Bobby Simha, Shirish Sharavanan
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    Metro Telugu Full Movie || 2017 Latest Telugu Movie || Bobby Simha, Shirish Sharavanan

    January 9, 2020

    “Am I this body or my identity?” “Am I remembered for light or darkness?” “Am I both? Where’s the answer
    to this question?” “Is dream our happiness or a burden?” “The heart feels lost in this world” “Is our breath the shelter?” “Is our fate in our hands?” “Death is always the bitter truth” “Am I this body or my identity?” “Am I remembered for light or darkness?” “Am I both? Where’s the answer
    to this question?” “Is dream our happiness or a burden?” “The heart feels lost in this world” “Is breath the shelther?” Hey, brother. Who are you? What’s your name? Pandu…
    -What do you do? National Business…
    I mean… robbery… Why do you always target ladies? Ladies are more scared. You should
    see them when I snatch the chains They start shivering How many did you kill until now? Who are you? I will tell you. I will tell you
    I killed two people I planned on a house in Banjara Hills Only mother and daughter were home Husband was out of town. I told them
    “Stay silent. I will just take the jewelry” They shouted and created chaos I didn’t know what to do
    I slit both their throats No… No… I know he won’t leave alive from here I don’t know how many they are I also don’t know if I am
    looking for one person or many The day I catch them will be their last “Do you send some people
    as enemies to us?” Sir. Sir. Sir. Help sir. Help sir. Save me, please save me. Sir, save me please.
    He is killing me Do I look like a savior to you? Hey, rascal I will just ask once What did you do last Saturday? I was asked the same in Police Station
    Who are you guys? I will tell you. I will tell you
    -Go ahead Gold is being exported form Singapore I went to the airport to import it I was quite busy that day
    I have all that gold now How are you selling gold in the black market? Gold isn’t that easy to sell There are particular agents
    to sell gold in the black market Once we give them the gold,
    they get it done I want that gold There is a contact named ‘dumbo’ in my cell Call him. Will you leave me
    if I give the gold? Yes. Talk normally Pandu, where were you? Not even a call…
    -Hey, dumbo. Where are you? I am in your area. What’s the matter? Get the material and come
    to Kachiguda immediately. -Okay A guy will come on my bike.
    Hand it over to him Why are you talking so stiff?
    -Nothing. Cold… Take medicine. I will come in half an hour Did you talk about the payment?
    -I did You get the material and come fast
    -We will both go abroad after this. Okay? I have to sell that gold. Talk to your agent
    Tell him it’s a new deal Will you leave me then? I will give you the agent number. Dial… 9177717308 He is not the guy we are looking for What do we do with the gold?
    -Find out where gold travels in the black market We will find some clue Okay. What do we do with him? I asked you for the ACP’s number. Found it?
    -Yeah Hey… Sign this
    -I will not Why should I sign when I did nothing? My lawyer instructed me
    not to sign anywhere Do you think you can scare me? Go away… My advocate is on the way Calm down. Look how I handled it Ice… Get me a soft drink Sir… Sir… Leave me.
    No… Please leave me Sir… Sir, is one signature enough? Hey… Sign here… Stay here. I will go talk Sir, who is the coach here?
    -The guy in the black t-shirt… Sir, Pandu sent me Purushotham, ask everyone to leave Bye, master. See you I have to clarify today
    Master, you didn’t tell me how to get abs I will call tonight and tell you Okay, master Sir, he is Pandu. Accused in Warachiguda
    mother and daughter’s murder case… Check the camera What do you think of yourselves? I was in this profession for so long
    I still couldn’t do anything Strange world!
    What can anyone do? Are there any buyers?
    -Not like before… And it is now a central matter Huge risk… Can’t be caught Sir, we can try Sankar and Ramesh in the market They enquired everything and came One of those two left the city and the other, this world
    -Is there anyone else? Are they even trustworthy?
    -Yes. Make the call Hello… ID no: 468714 Where are you?
    -Hyderabad… I am Aravind Jewelry or pieces?
    -Pieces… But huge ones… 6.5 kg Don’t remove the sim. Come at 10 tonight
    I will text the address He asked us to come at 10 What happened to you? He is very dangerous
    There won’t be any problem, right? If there is any mistake, he will kill you I didn’t imagine life to become any worse I am Adi Kesav Working as a writer in Santosham magazine… Being a writer was my childhood dream We stay in Secunderabad. Dad is Dora Retired Head Constable… His only
    pass time after retiring is reading news Mom is Jaya. My mom and dad
    are the best couple in this world My brother is Madhusudhan. Studying B. Tech
    first year in Nova Engineering College… We don’t have much money or greed Middle class family with high-class joy… Coffee… This TV though…
    Always playing… Hey… Wake up… Brother freshened up already Madhu, take a leave this Friday.
    I already did Why?
    -Why are you both taking a leave? Mom, did you forget? Your wedding anniversary… We have to celebrate grandly. What say?
    -Okay, brother. Let’s rock it He might waste his salary
    There are a lot of other commitments Dad, I saved 25K for mom I will get her a special gift.
    -No gift for me? Why do you need a gift? I will get you 5kg of newspapers
    They will work for a month Dad… One minute… What about the bike?
    Did you ask at home? I will… -You know Divya’s boyfriend
    Sanjay got a new KTM bike It’s amazing.
    He sent a picture on Whatsapp Want to have a look? Oh… You don’t have Whatsapp
    on your phone? They are going for a ride
    this weekend on that bike. She is bragging about it
    Please, Madhu. Plan something My sweetheart…
    Okay. Love you… What? Dad, I want a bike
    -Bike? Why? Brother drops you at college You just take the bus in the evening Dad, everyone in college gives me weird looks All my friends get their bikes and cars Only I go by walk Hey, it is beyond our standard to get
    you to study there. I said no But, brother paid the donation
    through loan and got you in We had to pay the loan until recently Let some time pass.
    We will think about it No. I will not go to college without a bike Hey, I am trying to explain
    -Dear, calm down Madhu, you want a bike, right? Tell me
    -Yeah Adi, you said you saved 25K
    Add another 20 to it and get him a bike Okay, mom
    -I only want KTM bike Get him what he wants Do you know it’s cost, mom? How much is it?
    -KTM is the present trend, mom Show room price, Insurance, Fancy number…
    Totals to just 1.8K, mom Brother doesn’t have that much money now Adjust with a small bike for now Please, mom. We will get it
    in 2 days once the payment is done He doesn’t even think about our situation and you are both supporting him
    -Dad, please You want that bike, right? Let’s plan
    I will check with the office and tell you Yes…! Methods of production… Bro, I am in class. Call you back Okay… Okay… Hey… Hey… When did you get an iPhone? Move… Give me the phone Your iPhone is superb Is it?
    -Yeah How much is it?
    -40,000 20,000 in the bazaar Do you want to buy it? I can’t pay so much I can pay upto 2000 per month 2000?
    -It’s great! It isn’t funny. Give me the phone first Waste… Waste…
    -Oh my God! Have a look. It’s beautiful.
    You will love it Utter waste… Sir, look at this. It will be nice Have a look. You love it, sir? Appreciate me, sir
    Look… Are these photographs?
    Hey, Adi… Be friends with someone smarter You recommended him to me
    But, he is killing me Do you know what a photograph is?
    It should have a story behind it It should have life Understood? What?
    You just nod your head Sir, what about the third page article? Are you busy?
    -Come Yeah. You… Come… Do I have to?
    -Come here… Come near… You… Wow! Superb, sir!
    -Superb? Are you brainless? What did you study? Is this photograph nice? You are coming in without any manners How do I run this magazine with
    people like you? I would have to beg Adi, I am yelling here and look at what he’s doing Sir… Whatsapp…
    -Whatsapp? Shut up You also want a bike loan, huh?
    No loan… Go do your work I am on the road I guess he is coming with family. Okay I will call you once I am done
    Hey… Get going… Chinni… Chinni… Dad… Dad… Just one smoke…
    -Go away Just one… Dad… What’s this?
    -It’s enough… What, dear? You are smoking right on your dad’s face Do you smoke outside too? If you give me so little I will go finish packets Huh?
    -I was kidding, dad Adi, if we have huge debts,
    we can’t sleep peacefully One shouldn’t come home and question us On duty or post retirement… I never asked anyone for money
    That is why our family is happy drinking at home with wife’s permission There’s a lot of difference
    between drinking at a bar We don’t want these credit cards or loans They just show hope and cheat us Let some time pass There is some amount in fixed deposit Let’s get Madhu a bike with that We shouldn’t hurry now
    and go for a loan It’s not compatible for us You make sense even
    while you are drunk Days when sons make fun of dads… Dad said he would get me a bike in one month One month? Will you cook up a new story next month? Don’t give me the same reason Learn to be happy with what you have What do you even have to make me happy? On top of that, I don’t understand
    where this relationship is headed I am really confused
    I am going to class Waiting for the bus? Going home? I will drop you
    -It’s alright. I will go I will drop you on my way. Sit… Sit… Shall we go? Does you dad get you whatever you ask?
    -My dad? He works in Corporation.
    What can he get me? Are you into some part-time job?
    -Part-time job? Something like that I am interested too. Refer me You don’t seem truthful Right or wrong, I have to buy a bike Bike? Okay… Hey… Thief… Stop… Custom officers caught 5kg smuggled gold
    from Dubai in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Custom Officials had got more than
    200kg gold under custody this month alone As these incidents become frequent,
    the country’s economy is at loss Police official Siva Mani announced a special team
    to address the increasing gold smuggling Hey you… Where’s your mind?
    Manager is calling. Meeting… Come fast Bro, this world has everything We just have to take what we want Understood? You asked for a
    part-time job. This is it Safe and easy… You saw my mobile, right? You can get two of those with this.
    Understood? See you tomorrow Come fast…
    -Coming, mom Why all these garlands? Dad, did we see your wedding?
    No… So, we will watch now Next thing after the wedding is honeymoon Honeymoon, huh!
    -Look who’s blushing! Why does a retired cop need a revolver, dad?
    -I didn’t use the revolver even while on duty You are a tubelight
    -You guys… Dad, apply this Sindhur on mom Mom and dad, bless me Hey… This is for you
    -Why all this? Who else do I have, mom? Hey, when did you buy this? You didn’t even tell me. Fantastic… Wow! Mom, this is Madhu and that’s me What about me?
    -You are the chain, dad Didn’t I ask you to get him
    a bike with that money? Mom, my loan wasn’t approved Dad said he would buy it. Okay?
    -Okay. No problem Wow! Mom, where’s brother?
    -He left quite early on some work You take the bus
    -Bus? I can’t go How many times do I tell you?
    -Why are you talking much? What happened now?
    Why can’t you take the bus? I can’t go in those crowded buses
    That is why I am asking for a new bike You want to go only on a costly bike, right? Ask me for a bike like your brother’s
    and I will get it right now I can’t take such a crappy bike. I want the
    bike I asked for. Will you buy it or not? How can we immediately get you a 1.8 lakhs bike?
    -In the same way brother got you that chain… Hey… What the hell are you talking?
    Where did you learn all this? I will kill you, rascal What is he talking? I am going, mom
    -Hey… Have breakfast… What’s this, dear? Shall we
    get him the bike he wanted? Don’t be foolish Parents should fulfill childrens’ hopes but not their malice We would be showing them
    the wrong path otherwise He will understand after a while What’s this? iPhone… iPod…
    Rado watch… Nike shoes… KTM bike… I want all this. Are you
    coming or do I go alone? Welcome to my world… Look, bro… There’s no crime
    easier than chain snatching But we have to be really careful The two important things are the
    location and the person we will attack We should mug up all the
    lanes of the location we plan on Look… I have targeted that lady The ladies we target shouldn’t have
    their hair down They should either have it braided or up in a bun We can then snatch without any risk We should select ladies in heels
    so we aren’t chased afterwards We should always focus
    on the targeted ladies Only then will it be a clean snatch This is your life now Ready? Hey, Ganesh. How are you? Average, bro… Who is this fool?
    -Friend… Fresher… Welcome… Welcome… How much is it?
    -120-144gm Look, Ganesh. It isn’t fair
    to do business separately Deal everything in Guna’s route
    -Don’t you trust me, bro? Bro, I came to meet Obul A new guy joined me. Nothing
    like that. He will just accompany me Yeah. He’s a good guy
    It’s alright. I will get him to you Okay, bro. Please tell him Greetings, bro… New face…
    Had to doubt him Okay, bro. Fine… That’s it. End of matter…
    -Give him that How much did you tell him?
    -It will be around 120gm No… It will be around 84gm Wait here… I will weigh it and come Who is he? We can’t sell the illegal stuff so easily We need people for that
    Only this group can do that They take 30-40% of it And give us the rest All the stolen gold in this city comes here But we don’t know how they make money
    from it Bro, if we do this our self, we can earn a lot Shut up. We will be dead if they hear you Hey… who’s that behind you?
    -He is my friend Hey… Talk to Guna… New faces are coming
    No one is proper Who is he? -This business and the entire gang
    is under his control How did you find such a big link? Everything is Guna’s link I will take you to him
    You will know everything Ganesha, you will get one lakh
    after taking old debt Okay. Give it Take it.
    I will see you next time You were superb in the first attempt Take the entire amount
    I will introduce Guna tomorrow. Bye… Buying a KTM bike, huh? For my brother… Chain for mom and bike for bro… Hmm… What? Kumar told me How cruel! Didn’t even invite me
    for your parent’s anniversary Have you ever called me home? You know, right… Kumar has no one He grew up with us We are everything to him Can’t avoid him He comes forward for everything Have you seen this? Go away
    Go and click properly You shouldn’t think about past at present, Adi Think about future too What? Okay. I will take you home Hey… Hey… What?
    -It’s my parent’s wedding anniversary next week Will you come to my place? Do I poke or stab you with it? Hey… Do you think Guna will like me? It’s not like you are in love. Come on What, bro? How are you? You started in the morning only Come… Our place… Hey Ganesha… Who is he? Friend… He’s new
    -New comer, huh… I can make out from his cunning face Hey… Who is he? He is ‘Tattoo’ Mani Famous for Tattoos From every person he steals,
    he gets a tattoo as a reminder What happened now? He got into drugs. His nervous system is dead He can’t move anywhere now A good friend of Guna That is why he still supports him You stay here
    I will go in and meet Guna Brother, I told you about my friend I got him He was with me yesterday
    He was really good I slipped thrice earlier But he did really well in the first attempt Even I am alone He will be my company That is why I got him If you approve, he will be with me You can trust him Heard you are doing well He told me
    Just answer me correctly It is almost like an interview What’s the difference between
    thieves and robbers? A thief usually steals secretly and the victim usually becomes aware of the
    theft only after something has been stolen A robber is not only usually seen by the victim but also frightens to injure the victim Hey… if I start speaking English, he wouldn’t understand a word While a guy is on the phone
    at a railway station, a guy steals his suitcase without his notice That guy is a thief When a guy threatens a lady and steals everything, he is a robber We fall in between Look… Here come my boys… Obul called 52 last week… 48 this week… It’s not enough. You have to improve We targeted for 60 coming week He is also trying to be a thief like you Go train him You have been told all the rules.
    Follow correctly Don’t touch anyone in loose hair and jeans If you are caught, Police will torture you You should manage saying
    parents don’t give any pocket money But if you reveal anything about me, I very well know how to escape But you will be condemned Cut those nails first You will hurt the ladies
    while pulling the chain That’s a sin Ladies are Goddesses They give us a lot Be cool even while committing a crime Do you like Hitler or Gandhi? I like Gandhi Why? Money has his picture Hey ‘Tattoo’ Mani… Heard him? Yeah. He is a smart boy Correct… Money and money alone is important World is a slave to the rich Shall we be the slaves or make world our slave? “This world belongs to none” “There is no relation whatsoever” “This world belongs to none” “There is no relation whatsoever” “Who’s the reason behind this new life?” “Live new no matter what happens” “This world belongs to none “There is no relation whatsoever” “Accpet your mistakes and be brave” “Erase all your sorrows and be free from chaos” “Accpet your mistakes and be brave” “Erase all your sorrows and be free from chaos” “Life is great. Wish for something” “Just laugh it out when you fail” “This life has no limitations” “Something you can never catch hold of” “No matter who denies it” “Money rules the world” “This world belongs to none” “There is no relation whatsoever” “Money always leads to downfall” “Stop worrying and enjoy this life” “Money always leads to downfall” “Stop worrying and enjoy this life” “Don’t fool around” “Don’t make promises” “Don’t play with your words” “Mom sings lullabies to us” “But we end up in a 6-feet pit” “Live like a lion in the jungle” “Don’t adapt wrong means” “This world belongs to none” “There is no relation whatsoever” “Who’s the reason behind this changed life?” “Live new no matter what happens” Don’t follow me You make me disgusted Shall I talk to your dad?
    -Dont talk about my parents You are doing a bit much Why do you still follow me? Oh… Look… I am your security in this area No. My dad is my security
    -I will beat him up I will beat the hell out of you No one in this area likes you Becasue you don’t like yourself I look better than you Has anyone in this area touched you?
    Do you think I will stay calm? Hey… Who are you?
    -My chain… Hey… I dare you to stop I can’t run anymore. Stop… I dare you to fight me
    and leave this place alive You guys are dead Hey… Which area are you from? Snatching, huh?
    I am watching Bloody fool! That’s my darling’s chain.
    Return it. Okay. Take it My gift…
    All the best My chain is gone… Carry on, bro. Okay… Cool… What happened? Where’s my chain?
    Did you get it? 200CC… Full pick up… He left
    -Where’s my chain? I hit him hard on the back I asked for my chain
    Where is it? It’s not real gold
    Why are you yelling? Did your dad get you real gold?
    Let’s go There are no chain snatchers
    in Mumbai like Hyderabad They are caught due to lack of experience Andhra’a ACP is dealing this If you say okay,
    I will give you 500K in advance What say? It’s like a transfer order
    Best chain snatchers… Different state every month… You were saying something…
    -Don’t play around, Guna Why would I do that? It’s a good deal, Guna
    -Our silent plan is going well A thief should never be greedy Safe and easy crime is the best
    though there is less profit Leave…
    Tell me if there’s anything local What, Guna?
    What’s this, ‘Tattoo Mani’? Both of you are silent
    Are you scared? You used to be brave, right? Got some operation done in Bombay? There’s a frog species in Colombia This came from its body 5ml is enough to get high 10ml and you won’t wake up for a week 20ml and you will go crazy Whole of this and you will be dead Will you leave or die? Don’t give me crap about courage It’s not daring to say ‘yes’ to something It is daring to give a stern ‘no’ I now tell you ‘no’ to your deal What? You want an iPhone 6? I just got you a tab last month Okay. I will try But remember the phone you first had What is she saying?
    -There’s no limit to a girl’s wishes Love has gotten costly Even a stolen chain isn’t enough for her Our pockets are empty We can’t steal without informing Guna How much did we steal this month?
    -42 chains 1560 gms… It’s all waste
    -Why? We go give everything to Guna He plans it all
    -But we steal it all Can’t we make the plan? We worked hard for those 1560 gms You said Obul gives 20K for 12 gms How much does 1560 gms cost?
    -I can’t answer suddenly 2.6 million… How much did we get?
    -Just a million Guna took 1.6 million How can we live in this city
    without atleast a 2.5 million? What do you imply? We should get everything
    I feel it’s best to proceed without Guna Hey… Are you saying no to Guna? We can do nothing without him You know how sharp his plans are You just came Ganesh, world is a slave to the rich Shall we stay slaves or
    make world our slave? You guys decide… Hey… Stop the bike Come on… Stop the bike… Blow… Blow… Blow properly Sir… Drunk and drive…
    -Come aside Ganesh, you said we can do nothing
    without Guna Rohit and I just stole a chain
    -What are you saying? It will be around 200K Big aunty… Big chain…
    -You will be dead if Guna knows How will Guna know this? You will get into trouble
    -Listen to me We can save upto 1500K every month How long do we roam on bikes? Shoudn’t we get a car? Leave from that spot first
    -Okay. Okay Coming…
    -Okay Was I right, bro? Hey… Stop the bike… Stop… Stop… Stop… Take out the helmet and blow Take the helmet out and blow
    -Sir, crime report… Chain snatch… Two guys on a DUKE bike with helmets…
    Coming from Amberpet… Green t-shirt and a brown shirt…
    Bike has no number plate Sir… Crime report… Chain snatch…
    -It’s them… Catch them Chain snatchers escaped SI Rama Krishna is chasing them Who’s at LB Nagar? Patrolling SI, come on line…
    They are going opposite to vehicles Turn… Turn… ACP Sivamani here…
    We are chasing the vehicles Check who’s the patrolling SI
    and get him on line Seems you were in a chase last night
    -Yeah. We made the police shiver ACP’s chain…
    It will be atleast 120 gms You feel you are heroes, huh? Didn’t I tell you to return
    within 10 minutes of a snatch? You guys stole the ACP’s chain You shouldn’t mess with the cops They will keep chasing you If you repeat this again… You take half of what we steal How do you think the rest
    is enough for us? You are all dogs You would beg on the roads
    if it weren’t for me He will not repeat this
    Forgive him My plans are the reason
    you weren’t caught all this while You left me. What did you get? Do you know how pressurizing it is? Hey… Tell him Discipline is really important
    If you go on your own again… I will kill you If you go on your own again… I will kill you You are all dogs You would beg on the roads
    if it weren’t for me You need to repeat this for a proper knot Come… She is Ramya
    Brother’s colleague… Hi…
    -Hi… He is a bit shy He doesn’t mingle much with girls Near Bandlaguda Housing Board… a girl Priya was talking to her friend when a guy snatched a gold chain from her neck Luckily, she was safe with minor injuries She posted a picture of this chain
    on Facebook before 20 days There was a diamond worth 500K
    embedded in the chain Police are investigating the case Girls have no safety these days All this makes me scared You be careful Aunty, it’s already late
    I will leave Hey… How will you go? I will take the bus
    -You just saw the news Wait… Adi, go drop her Thanks, aunty. I will leave Yes…!
    -Yes…! Yes…! Our boys are not involved
    in that girl’s case, sir Sir, someone new must have done it Sir, I already swore I left that profession Okay, sir Hey… Did you…
    -Why would I do it, brother? Where were you yesterday?
    -I was out with my girl Where were you last night? Where were you? He was with me all night
    We played video games Dear, I didn’t visit Sukumar after he retired I will go meet him and return with Adi Get Sukumar to our place while coming Been so long since I saw his family What are you doing?
    -Cleaning There’s dirt there…
    This side… There… You are useless It’s better to get a maid
    -Hey… Shut up and leave Both of you come home directly What do we do now?
    We were happy stealing chains all this while We are now in unnecessary trouble Are you feeling bad? Me? I would steal two chians
    at once. Why would I be scared? I feel there should be no evidence There’s no evidence Listen to me
    Let’s go to Guna He will take care of everything
    Problem will be solved easily Why do you take his name all the time? What did he do for you? We will be left with nothing if he knows I didn’t do this on purpose It happens sometimes Bro, you saw the news I didn’t just steal the chain
    There was also a diamond in it It costs half a million Why don’t you talk to Obul? Lets finish the deal
    -I can’t do that Let’s approach Guna Let’s make a deal with Obul separately Guna won’t be in the game anymore Oh God! Look at his room…! He must have locked it Where did I put the other key? Hey… What?
    -Why aren’t you picking up? How many times did I ask
    you not to call that number? What are you doing?
    -I will call you back Where are you?
    -I will talk to you later. Hang up Whose phone is this? Bro, I spoke with Obul He agreed after a small discussion He asked us to make sure
    Guna doesn’t know about this Madhu, where’s the chain?
    -At home You guys go. I will get it Hey… What have you done?
    What have you sinned, huh? Isn’t this the chain we saw on TV that day? Tell me… Come on… It was a mistake, mom Mom… Mom… Hey… Don’t touch me
    Go away… Get lost I have to call your brother
    -Mom, listen to me I will call and tell him
    Go away… Mom, why do you always
    bother about dad and brother? What did they do for you?
    Adi earns 30K And dad just gives his pension What can you do with that money?
    How much do you want? 200K or 300K? I will give you, mom I will treat you as a queen Understand me, mom
    I like this Why did you raise me like this, mom? Cruel fellow… Why did you change like this? Mom… Stop… Listen to me… Mom… Stop… Listen to me…
    -Leave me… Leave me… Why didn’t she lock the door? Jaya… Jaya… Jaya… Jaya… Jaya… Jaya… Jaya… Jaya, what happened? Mom…
    -What’s all this blood? Hey… Call the ambulance
    -Jaya… Jaya… Jaya, what happened to you? What happened? She isn’t breathing
    Jaya… Jaya… Jaya… Oh my God! Look at your mom… “Is he a result of my good
    deeds or a boon to me?” “Mother that gave you birth,
    is now just flesh” “You opened your eyes with tears
    and grew up in my heart” “Your little feet have now
    lost direction” “As I sing a lullaby to you,
    did you repay me with my death?” “This is the sin you gave birth to
    When will it end?” “Isn’t death its emancipation?” “This is the sin you gave birth to
    When will it end?” “Isn’t death its emancipation?’ “Is he a result of my good
    deeds or a boon to me?” “Mother that gave you birth
    is now just flesh” Bro, you didn’t do it on purpose They will think someone killed for
    jewelry. You don’t worry. We are with you Hello, sir… Secunderabad SI Vijay Kumar speaking… Yes, sir. A lady has been killed on spot Yes, sir. They said jewelry is lost Okay, sir. I will send the body to
    postmartum and give you the report Thank you, sir When someone kills mom brutally do you want me to stay quiet? Huh? You say yes. We will kill him “This is the sin you gave birth to
    When will it end?” “Isn’t death its emancipation?’ “Is he a result of my good
    deeds or a boon to me?” “Mother that gave you birth
    is now just flesh” Postmartum report is here
    Once you sign this… What’s in the postmartum report? Sir, please don’t ask me that
    -It’s okay. Tell me We shouldn’t leave the ones
    who do this for money Skull broke and there was heavy bleeding She was in severe pain for 15 min before dying Sir, please… Sir, we need fingerprints of the victim’s family Give us your entire family’s fingerprints We would be dead if your
    mom called someone that day What can we do?
    There’s no other option There’s no evidence
    They will strike out the case Everything will be back to normal
    I sent Krishna to sell that chain He said we would only get 200K Along with everything we stole at Madhu’s place We will get around 3 million. Okay? Alright… We are doubting three people Pandu… Ramesh… Shankar…
    Inspector is investigating Pandu We know nothing about the other two
    -It’s been two days, sir What can I do? Can we offer Police Protection
    to every house in the State? That guy’s daughter was talking
    to her friend on the road Someone snatcher her 400K worth chain Did you find the accused?
    -Why do they wear such costly jewelry? What, sir? They will snatch
    anyone wearing jewellery Or rape them… What can women do? Hello, sir. How are you?
    -Look… He is No.1 accused
    As far as I know, he killed 2 people He earns a living out of robberies There is no evidence
    So, he roams freely What, sir? Why do you create
    such havoc for a dead lady? You are bothering me for such nuisance
    Don’t distrub me. Bye… I want that gold Talk to your agent Will you leave me then? Gold in the black market… There will be no problem, right? They asked us to come at 10 Julie… uncle will come in another 2 hours I will come with a happy news
    -Happy news? Hang up the phone… Excuse me, sir… Are they going
    to come exactly here? There’s 5 more minutes. Everyone
    in this profession is quite punctual What’s the time?
    -10:00 He might not understand English
    (10:00 in Telugu) Go away What is your ID Number? 468714… Three people… Who’s Aravind?
    -It’s me, sir You come with me
    -Hello… We can’t trust anyone with our gold
    We are also coming I should check if they are right for this Please understand…
    It’s their gold Did anyone else come with them?
    -No one… Come… When you are going back,
    take care of me Remember to take me while leaving Have you seen that old guy? They are all dangerous They do it all quietly We can keep earning if we deal correctly Hey… Aren’t you Subbarao? Why did you say Aravind?
    -We can’t have a single name in this profession What’s their doubt? You seem cunning I don’t know about you Look… I will only allow one person Come… We only do it perfectly in this city Amount is also reasonable That waste fella outside… takes over-commission…
    He can’t survive in this business Take my contact while leaving He is an idiot Let’s deal everything directly Hey…
    This is our factory 80% of stolen gold in the city comes here We melt it, make biscuits and sell It’s made into jewelry and sold again That is why we have no issues We can do business happily Hold this… Check it and make a call Dear, you wanted to go to
    Singapore, right? I am working on it Let’s leave in two days Does the wife have to know? We have to manage something How many women are dead because of you? How many women are dead because of you? Hey agent…
    Look at him… He is talking sentiment Bro, women are for two things One is to give birth and the other… You know… You seem crazy Hey… Did you get it? Oh my God! Who gave you this? This one? Guna’s gang brought this I removed the chain and wore this What is it?
    -Mom… Hey… Who is Guna? Do you know where he stays?
    -No Ask them Little bro… You leave… What a torture! How many kilos? 23… Catch him…
    He snatched my chain Catch him…
    Catch him… He snatched my chain
    Catch him… Catch them… Catch them…
    They will run away Catch them… Where’s my chain? Give me my chain Hit them…
    Beat them up… You steal chains but wear no inners, huh? Hold his hands Sir… Sir… Would you steal your mom’s too? No morals… Look at your faces… Tell me
    -Police caught Krishna and Kamal It’s Guna’s plan. They beat the
    hell out of them in the station Guna is asking me not to bother How can we not? They are
    our friends. You are only right, bro Guna used us well all these days He is calling for another work now
    We have to do something to him Get everyone. I will come directly
    -Okay Spot is at the 4th street in Dilshuknagar A guy there got his wife a 360gm gold chain She wears it and goes for a walk
    with her son at 10:30 at night Husband is now out of town Even a bomb blast in the neighbor’s wouldn’t alarm anyone She shouldn’t get a single scar Steal it without any bloodshed Who will go?
    -I will You don’t have to go
    Learn discipline first No, brother
    Let him do it I am not asking for permission I am just informing you It is daring to give a stern
    ‘no’ rather than a ‘yes’ We don’t want you We will take care You are all with him, huh? Guna… Guna… You gave him the injection… Guna… Guna… Guna… Let’s complete the Dilshuknagar plan Guna is out of the game Sir… Lot No: 42… Portable vaccum cleaner…
    Working in good condition… Government’s bid is at Rs.100 150… 250… 300… 400… Once… Twice… Thrice…
    Take out the next item Electrical induction stove… Lot No: 43 100… 200… 300… 400… Dear… Had lunch? Okay… I am at work. An uncle came to me
    I will talk and come. Okay? Who were those two with you?
    -I don’t know I came to sell gold. I tried to stop them
    They beat me up and left You were the first one to run away 23 kilos gold is under Government’s
    custody now Which route did they come through?
    I want those two Guna… Please… Leave me… I am old… I am your dad… You are really great
    You shouldn’t do such things Hey Guna… I will get your
    face tattooed. Leave me Hey… Leave me…
    Not like this… What the hell are you doing? Who’s Guna? He is only Guna
    Come and life me up Lift me up quickly Careful… Watch… I am old… Careful… How many chain snacthers do you have? Tell me… I will break your teeth…
    Tell me… Don’t hit Guna
    -Tell me then Don’t hit Guna You don’t know how great he is
    Don’t hit him I will tell you
    I will tell you 6 of them… We just plan They are the executive department A guy came and changed everybody Guna didn’t like it
    They gave him an injection I told you everything Don’t do anything
    Please leave us Make a call first Emergency…
    -Emergency, huh? Die… Die… Die… I can’t feel anything there
    -I will hit your head. Can you feel it now? I will tell you
    -Go on… 10:30 tonight on the 4th street in Dilshuknagar… They will snatch a girl’s chain You can catch them there
    I told you everything Let me go
    I will tattoo your face otherwise Why do you hit me on the face? Dilshuknagar… 4th street… 10:30
    -Don’t go to them. Listen to me Don’t go to them, Guna Hey Emergency… What’s this? Is it that powerful?
    -Yeah It gets you super high
    Takes you to another world You should go too They must have returned by now They are always late these days Let’s go and check Bro, look… Bro, come and help… Bro, help… Help me, bro… Who are you? You rascal… Brother… Why are you here, brother? Brother… I know… I know I am making a mistake But I like this I didn’t like that crappy bus,
    bike and college Please leave me, brother I will go far away from you I will not show you my face again Let me go, brother Brother… Brother… Brother… Brother… Brother… Brother… Brother… Brother… Leave me… Brother… Brother… Leave me… Brother… “Am I this body or my identity?” “Am I remembered as light or darkness?” “Am I both? Where is
    the answer to this question?” “Is dream our happiness or a burden?” “The heart feels lost in this world” “Do you send some people” “as enemies to us?” [ SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA ]

    Top 20 Projects Completing in 2020 | The B1M
    Articles, Blog

    Top 20 Projects Completing in 2020 | The B1M

    January 5, 2020

    From striking skyscrapers to vast Olympic
    parks and stadiums on a level of ambition never attempted before, 2020 sees a new decade
    kick-off with the completion of some truly remarkable construction projects. From the overwhelming number of schemes set
    to finish this year, these are the 20 you need to keep your eyes on. Stretching over four square kilometres and
    including a major extension to the Dubai metro, the finishing touches to the 2020 Expo site
    are now being made ahead of the event’s opening in October. With more than 130 nations showcasing the
    best in global development – and with pavilions designed by some of the world’s most renowned
    architects, including Santiago Calatrava, Grimshaw and Foster + Partners – the 2020
    Expo is expected to welcome more than 25 million visitors over its six month run. Making headlines when it was first proposed
    in 2015, Melbourne’s Premier Tower is now beginning to make its mark on the city. Inspired by the music video to Beyonce’s
    “Ghost”, the skyscraper’s curvaceous facade also plays a significant structural
    role, breaking up and disrupting wind loads that would cause the tower to sway. The USD $1.84 billion Allegiant Stadium in
    Las Vegas will become the most expensive stadium ever built when it complete’s ahead of the
    2020 NFL season. With space for 65,000 spectators, the landmark
    stadium will become home to the Las Vegas Raiders – who are relocating from Oakland
    – and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels. Topping-out in 2019 after six years of construction,
    the tallest skyscraper on New York’s Billionaire’s Row is set complete in 2020. While it won’t take the title of New York
    City’s tallest building, the 472 metre Central Park Tower will overtake the nearby 432 Park
    Avenue to become the tallest residential building in the world. Los Angeles’ striking SoFi Stadium is now
    racing towards completion and is set to host a string of high profile concerts throughout
    the summer of 2020. Becoming the new home of the Los Angeles Rams
    and Los Angeles Chargers, the 70,000 seat venue is expected to play a major role in
    the Olympic Games in 2028. Already part-occupied, November 2019 saw the
    topping out of Melbourne’s first supertall skyscraper – the 100 storey Australia 108. Rising from former swampland in the city’s
    Southbank district, the striking tower will feature the highest residences in the southern
    hemisphere when it completes in 2020. With its New National Stadium opening in 2019,
    Tokyo’s wider Olympic Park will complete early in 2020 ahead of the Olympic opening
    ceremony in July. Constructing a number of new venues and redeveloping
    some that played host to the 1964 Games, all eyes will be on Tokyo as the world’s athletes
    gather in the city. Part built on the original structure of Echelon
    Place – an incomplete complex which fell victim to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis – the 59 storey Resorts World Las Vegas is now nearing completion. Despite rumours of delays, developers behind
    the USD $4.3 billion scheme have announced that it will open in 2020, making it the first addition to the city’s Strip since the Cosmopolitan in 2010. The Daniel Libeskind-designed, PwC Tower will
    become the final high rise in Milan’s City Life master-plan, joining skyscrapers designed
    by Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki upon completion. The 175 metre concave structure will be the
    fourth tallest building in the city and arguably emerge as the standout tower in a country
    not known for tall buildings. April 2020 will see Vietnam’s first foray
    into hosting a Grand Prix with the completion of a 5.5-kilometre hybrid circuit. Bringing together a series of converted public
    and purpose-built roads for the race, the new routes will be handed over for public
    use after the event. Adding to an ever-growing list of state-of-the-art
    stadiums on the African continent, the 60,000 seat National Stadium in Abidjan is set to
    open in 2020. With the Ivory Coast due to host the Africa
    Cup of Nations in 2023, the venue will stage the opening ceremony and the final match of
    the tournament. Now the tallest skyscraper in the City of
    London, 22 Bishopsgate will finally complete this year. Originally the site of the Pinnacle tower
    before works were halted in 2013, the new structure rises to 62 storeys from the foundations
    of its never-realised predecessor. Already topped-out, Tower 1 at Torres Obispado
    rises 305 metres to become Mexico’s first supertall skyscraper, dethroning Chile’s Torre Costanera to become the tallest building in Latin America. Topping out in April 2019, the 363 metre Vista
    Tower will complete in 2020 offering a hotel alongside a number of residences. The structure is already the third tallest
    building in Chicago and the tallest skyscraper designed by a female architect to date. Now in its second season of construction,
    works to upgrade the wharf at Antarctica’s Rothera Research Station – making it capable
    of accommodating the new Sir David Attenborough research vessel – are set to complete in April
    2020. With the new wharf in place, construction
    crews will return in late 2020 to continue work on the wider station. The skyline of Warsaw is set to change dramatically
    in 2020 with the completion of the 53 storey Varso Tower. While the roof of the skyscraper will reach
    230 metres, the inclusion of an 80-metre spire in the building’s official height will see
    it crowned as not only the tallest skyscraper in Poland but in the whole of the European
    Union, taking the title from London’s Shard. Standing 280 metres tall and each rising to
    81 storeys, the twin towers of Brazil’s Yachthouse Residence Club will become the tallest buildings
    in Brazil when they complete and the second tallest skyscrapers in South America. Becoming the first metro in Pakistan, the
    Orange Line in Lahore is the first of three routes now proposed for the city. Running for some 27 kilometers, the new line
    is expected to serve 250,000 people each day when it completes and becomes operational
    in 2020. With Ethiopia fast-emerging as an African
    powerhouse, the 198 metre new headquarters for the state-run Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
    will become the tallest building in the country when it completes later this year. After more than a decade of construction,
    August 2020 will see Seoul’s World Cup Bridge finally open. With works first commencing in March 2010,
    the bridge was originally expected to open in 2015 but became significantly delayed due
    to financial constraints. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
    learn more about these projects and the incredible world of construction in 2020, subscribe to
    The B1M.