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    Crossrail Explained In 2 Minutes

    April 8, 2020

    Crossrail is a new railway coming to
    London that will run from one side to the other starting and finishing outside of the
    Greater London area but also in new tunnels underground central London It starts out in the west at Reading and
    comes along existing tracks to Paddington with a branch coming up from
    Heathrow as well which is where it then goes 30 meters underground into the new
    tunnels one branch heads southeast coming up to the surface after Canary Wharf but with two short tunnel sections again before terminating at Abbey Wood
    the branch that runs northeast comes into the open just before Stratford and runs over the
    line that is County known as TfL Rail, terminating at Sheffield There are nine brand new stations being
    built mainly in the central area with all other existing stations on the line
    either being upgraded or rebuilt When the service is fully running there
    will be 24 trains per hour in the peak through the central section with 12 each
    on the two eastern branches, 14 of those trains will terminate the Pennington and out of
    the other 10, 4 will go to Heathrow 6 will go to West Drayton , 4 to Maidenhead and 2 will terminate at Reading To run the service 65 brand new trains are being built capable of carrying one and a half thousand passengers each and they’re
    going to be really long Compared to six-car trains on the tubes Northern and Piccadilly lines and even longer eight car trains on the tubes Victoria
    and Central lines Crossrail trains are going to be even longer at two hundred
    and five meters With such long trains, it’s going to be more important than ever to be at the right end here’s where the platforms are going to
    be at the new Tottenham Court Road station the western entrance and exit will be a
    third of the way down the road towards Oxford Circus tube at Farrington
    Crossrail the eastern end of the station will connect up with Barbican tube
    station such is the length of the platforms on the ground and for Liverpool Street Crossrail station the western end reaches is all the way to
    Moorgate and you’ll be able to enter Moorgate tube station and walk the
    length of the Crossrail platforms and get to liverpool street tube station but
    Crossrail isn’t going to open up all at once it’s scheduled to open in stages. Liverpool Street to Shenfield, currently branded as TfL Rail will be rebranded and become
    Crossrail in May 2017 Crossrail will then take over Heathrow
    services the Paddington in May 2018 It won’t be until December 2018 that the
    new tunnels under London open to the public and services start between
    Paddington and Abbey Wood In May 2019, trains from Sheffield well then no longer go to Liverpool
    Street but run into central London in the new
    underground tunnels. The last part – full services out to Reading – will then commence in December 2019 The colour for Crossrail is purple which is how it will appear on the tube map but with more over ground services and new tube
    extensions coming by the time the Crossrail finally fully opens in 2019
    the tube map may yet evolve into a brand new design

    Miami-Dade Minute – Transit Launches Contactless Payment
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    Miami-Dade Minute – Transit Launches Contactless Payment

    April 5, 2020

    This is your Miami-Dade Minute. One, two, three… We’re very excited that we’re bringing new payment options to make it very, very easy to use transit. Starting today, riders can pay fares directly with their bank cards or digital wallets. They no longer will have to buy an EASY card or an EASY ticket, although we will continue to accept these forms of payment. With this new system, Metrorail will now accept Visa, MasterCard, and yes we will even accept American Express – that have been enabled for contactless use. The
    digital wallet options include pay systems offered by Apple, Google, Samsung, and Fitbit. Right now we have something called fare capping. So let’s say you’re going to ride the Metrorail 3-4 times in one day, well your first tap will be $2.25, your second tap will be $2.25 but after that you’ll only be charged the daily rate, and then you can ride for free the whole rest of the day. Somebody could just tap, go, and not deal with the hassles of messing with
    machines and whatnot. We’re making it easier for people to use our system, and
    my understanding is that while today we’re talking about our train system in
    the near future we’ll also be talking about our bus system. This project is funded partially by the People’s Transportation Plan, our half-cent sales tax. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of our customers
    here in Miami-Dade County and this is one of the ways.

    Forrestfield-Airport Link: Forrestfield Station animation
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    Forrestfield-Airport Link: Forrestfield Station animation

    April 3, 2020

    The Forrestfield-Airport Link will
    deliver a new rail service to Perth’s eastern suburbs. This landmark transport
    project will add 8.5km to the existing rail network, with three new
    stations at Redcliffe, Airport Central and Forrestfield. Located adjacent to
    Dundas Road and south of Maida Vale Road, Forrestfield Station will provide an
    accessible and efficient transport option to and from the city. The station
    has been designed as an intermodal transport hub featuring eight bus bays,
    parking for up to 1200 vehicles, 80 drop-off car bays, as well as 180
    secure bicycle parking bays. These features will make travelling from nearby
    suburbs to meet the train easier. The distinctive roof shape visible from
    the surrounding area will then help guide passengers towards the station’s
    elevated entrance area. Like most stations on the Transperth network this
    station will include ticketing and information services, customer service
    staff, and a kiosk. After passing through the Smartrider fare gates access down
    to the platform level will be via lift, escalator or stairs. Forrestfield Station
    has been designed as an end-of-line station featuring a 150m-long and
    11.5m-wide island platform. From here it will be a 20-minute journey
    to the CBD and a two-minute journey to Perth Airport, with trains running every
    10 minutes during peak service. A ticket to the city will be the cost of a
    standard two-zone fare. The wider station area will also include
    platforms for stowage, on-track access for maintenance and turnback facilities.
    The design of the station’s 300m-long retaining wall shows a tessellated
    pattern featuring earthy colors inspired by the Darling Scarp. An estimated 9800
    daily passenger trips will be taken to and from the station by 2022. The team is
    working closely with the City of Kalamunda to ensure the new station
    complements their plan for the future development of the local area. This
    project forms part of the Metronet vision to create liveable communities
    connected by world-class public transport.

    how to make a train for kids in hindi ( subtitles in english do turn it on )
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    how to make a train for kids in hindi ( subtitles in english do turn it on )

    March 14, 2020

    materials required : match boxes, coloured sheets, glue (fevicol), buttons, scissors & sketchpens take an empty matchbox paste colored sheet using glue to give it a look of a train make windows and doors using a marker in this way a bogie of train will be ready similarly some more bogies can be created now take a thick strip of paper now paste all the bogies on the strip wait until glue dries up use buttons for making wheels now paste them accordingly when all the buttons will be pasted it will look like this now train is ready for a ride

    Tokyo Metro 1000 Series (Toshiba PMSM) – Omote-sando to Shibuya (Ginza Line) 東京メトロ1000系電車
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    Tokyo Metro 1000 Series (Toshiba PMSM) – Omote-sando to Shibuya (Ginza Line) 東京メトロ1000系電車

    March 12, 2020

    Next station, Shibuya Shibuya, the last stop Transfer information: Interchange station for the Fukutoshin Line, JR Lines, Tokyu Lines and Keio Lines We will be moving again. We will be moving again. Thank you for waiting Thank you for your patronage. We will soon arrive at Shibuya This train will not proceed any further Thank you for traveling with Tokyo Metro

    Mumbai Railway to have New ATVM Machines
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    Mumbai Railway to have New ATVM Machines

    March 6, 2020

    Mumbai’s local trains are extremely famous. Now new machine called ATVM have been introduced. Western, Central and the Harbour Railways are the three railway routes. There are a total of 42 railway stations. Now there will be 92 new ATVM machines installed at these stations. The old machines took a long time to book ticket but now new ATVM will take very less time. Earlier to book a ticket, people had to select their preferred language, then they have to put their destination and other details. Then the ticket is printed. There are six steps in total. The new machine will help passengers book tickets quickly. There will be only two steps and then the ticket is printed. How is it done? Well, first you have to select whether you want a ticket for a single or return journey. After this you have to select your destination. The ticket will print and then you can leave. This new technology is very good! Chief PRO, Central Railway Shivaji Sutar said that in Mumbai people are always in a hurry. This will help passengers quickly book tickets and go to work.

    🏙️ [2.8] Blender Tutorial: How to create a  CITY | Road system | part #14
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    🏙️ [2.8] Blender Tutorial: How to create a CITY | Road system | part #14

    March 2, 2020

    hi guys this is part 14 of the series
    how to create a city in blender. Today I will show you how to create a road system
    in the new blender 2.82 we are going to model some road parts
    texture them and then use some modifiers to create the road system. So let’s
    start I will select everything with [A] press [X] and [Enter] to delete. [7] on the num pad, [shift + A], I
    will add a new plane here. [Tab] to go to edit, [ctrl + R] to add a loop I
    will have in loop in the middle. Select faces
    I will select the one side [X] and delete faces as you can see this is half of
    the plain, [TAB] to go back to object. Go to modifiers and add a mirror modifier.
    so now we have we have plain mini route now let’s go back to edit select edge I
    will select research press e to extrude on the z-axis so present Z on the
    keyboard I will bring it a little bit odd so this will be the sidewalk I think
    it’s enough and eat to extrude X on the x-axis and I will press on the numpad a
    minus one select the edge here + ctrl + B together
    I will go something like this and talk to go back to object so this is
    the first part of the road I will name this plane as straight since it will be
    a straight road and also they renamed a collection tool road parts let’s see so
    now it’s time to a texture the road I will first go toward properties and
    select from here environment Asia and then we look hand on HDRI that I have
    downloaded already from HDRI heaven dot-com I will add the link into the
    description so I will select this head cuts up along me I will open this ear I
    go to textures sorry to shove you and I will never change to shading tab I will
    press period on the numpad select the road press field I will leave it
    somewhere here create a new material I will name this one as asphalt and now
    it’s time to find our textures that we are going to use so I will expand the
    top from here I see the textures here or you can say help some teachers from for
    the road then decide what will it go throat select albedo and drag and drop
    to import it connect the color to the base color of
    the principal piece if as you consider rotation the other side so ctrl
    + T to add a mapping and to the rotation I will change rotation to the z axis by
    90 degrees so this is the road now let’s import also the rest of the textures so
    this one is the eight part I will try and run somewhere here I will press
    shift in a and search our search for a math node I’ll connect a color to the
    bottom and the value 10 displacement I will change to multiply and change also
    somewhere like point and – now let’s import the normal map so for the normal
    mode let’s press shift any against search I will search for him um nothing
    bound color to the head and normal to normal okay appreciable psdf for miss
    too much so I will change the strength a little bit go to somewhere point six
    it’s enough and also import a roughness I will press
    G to move bump down roughness here and color to roughness this is perfect I
    will press shift in eighth and on Troost away call run to the roughness to
    control the roughness of the road so we’ll drag and drop the black somewhere
    here and now let’s create some water to the road I will add here shift in a
    search for a Veronica t-shirt and also search for a loyal section I will
    connect a color to the vector of the warm way let’s move them somewhere yet I
    will also press Shift + E to duplicate a colorant and connect the distance to the
    factor of the color I will press ctrl shift and click on the color to preview
    the detection until here so this is the balloon with their no restriction
    connected I will train a little of the oyster car to something like 16 and also
    the scale of the modern way through something like 2 this is K is not too
    strong and now I will change the black spots
    which will be a water to something like point three I will leave it to point
    four for now shift ctrl shift and click on their PC we’ll be able to see the
    texture but now I will select everything here press ctrl + J to create a frame
    press m to open the properties and I will change the label to some to work so now this place is frame it will be
    connected with the roughness because I would like to leave the roughness of the
    texture I will move a normal not and move them
    also be somewhere here now let’s duplicate a math node from
    here cuz I will still leave it as multiplying I collect the color the
    roughness texture to talk and they will turn to the bottom K this looks good for
    now and we are going to also connect a voltage to the end pump here I will
    search for an RGB and mix RGB I will connect the texture then bump texture to
    the bottom and they color the water to the top I will also change this one to
    multiply and with the factor here we can control
    everyone more bombs less change 12.5 link and now we’ll change the noise 2.8 these noobs right we’ll have some sports
    on what they wrote now let’s continue with the sidewalk I will select the road
    here cut materials I will create a new material here please
    new and limited – and actually we’ll copy everything from the asphalt so
    press a to select everything right click copy go to the sidewalk select
    everything x2 the lip and control V to paste I will change two faces select
    from here – to here with ctrl select the side board and press assign so this will
    be the side wall and now from here I will change the textures to the sidewalk
    so we’ll click open go back to the sidewalk
    select the bigger for the roughness changed side wall roughness for the
    normal change the normal sidewalk and they hate to the heel of
    the sidewalk sign and now we had to go to UVA dd-na zoom a little bit plus 700
    to top you go to texture you and press you to get a list for the UV mapping and
    on up so this is the the size of the South Pole : to you be editing select
    everything s and X in order to scale on the x axis and I will learn through
    something like to on the non part as you can see me some more so s X no sorry s
    and Y to scan on the y axis and I will also change to something like to first
    start to go back to object as you can see the sidewalk sidewalk looks already
    good excess here so go back to edit and g2x
    to move it to the z-axis somewhere here some more now as you can see and
    selected every single part to material select the side work and click on select
    to select everything that Sidewalk material is assigned to and play a
    little bit with the UV editing to bring it somewhere that you like it like the
    first time so this is the the node and the sidewalk and now you can we can play
    with the shading to change a little bit the normal and the heat map because it’s
    it seems to monkey so I will try to 22 for example and change the fuck yeah somewhere here we changed so let’s
    select the asphalt material and changed the normal to something like 22 for
    example this is much better and you can change but more of the water or more of the
    material to their than normal not to the road so I will change to something like
    this this looks much better so point to is point nine I will change back to
    sidewalk let’s move to the cave map and change something you prefer so mine at
    first we have we had like point two which is the other side so let’s change
    to minus minus point one four this is much better and from the water you can
    change how much what you like that word so then a side pork looks solid good
    roads good let’s now save the project and now let’s change to lay out zoom 700
    and we have to create some more parts of the road order to connect them after
    together so you can play with the materials I will leave it like this for
    now change Shift + D to duplicate I will press the right click on the mouse to
    leave it at the exact same position and hide the first straight part I will
    change this one too I will press the edit and start changing the shape of
    this airplane so now we would like to create a theme so we’ll remove the
    mirror control alarm to add a loop to the middle of this one also z wireframe
    select faces c2 circle select everything I will select the heart of this one x
    and faces to be it is part of the faces and now go back to solid your material
    view we go to material you press stop to go back to object mode and don’t hate
    this one on the z-axis by – 90 this an order to create a theme of
    this part let’s go to help you change to where this I will select this one chief
    NS and Kelso to select shall leave the castle
    yeah double tap on this edge to select all the edge press 7 on the numpad you
    have to be on the top view and select the skin to from here I will assume a
    little bit and change the rotation of this one and by pressing ctrl to slap on
    the decrease I will leave it there bar tool select box and this is the part
    about I will night show to cut but as you can see the textures are stretched
    so plus 7 on the numpad z wireframe a to unselect everything see for set for
    selection and I will also delete this part like the faces will live on only
    this one so I would like to move it to the center of the axis here so I will go
    back to object mode but to metallically with Z Z key pressed shift + S and send
    the capsule to the authority and now I will select office now we have to change
    the origin of the color here so I will select
    vertex and select this one chief Dennis captured a to the selected right-click
    and let’s first press tab to shift a right click and set the origin to origin
    to take care sir – honey here now shift NS cancel – word origin and again shift
    NS and selection to the capsule as you can see the selection is now straight to
    the origin and now press a top go to materials I will select the side hold
    for now change to UV editing let’s come back here to help you as you can see you
    unit is just a straight line so we’ll press you the keyboard and or not right
    again but I would like to get it rounded so we’ll go here double tap and double
    click sorry on the on this edge to select all the X here let’s start from
    the bottom select everything s to scale Y on the y axis and 0 and also this one
    scale on the y axis 0 g + z + y sorry to move it to the top and wait for all the
    belongs why hm I will do the little bit fast here
    finish okay and now do the same process exact same
    process on the x-axis s X 0 and X 0 enter to create a rectangle show you a
    little bit a trick to make all the rectangles yeah nice so I will select
    here faces I will like this space between the faces oh let’s say this one
    so select this one press space to search and search for follow
    I think this yes Proactive plots so enter okay and all there the faces have
    the exact same size now so this is how it looks like now I will
    also drink this one up I prepare it like this one two three four five so this is
    much better and let’s do also the same process for the road so let’s select our
    asphalt from the material start and select you and and change from the UV
    eighteen attention to the background so this is how it looks like now let’s
    select it again and I will scale it to fit and also move it to avoid the lines
    I will lose someone yeah go back to object press seven on the G on the X by
    two minus two G on the y -2 so – I – yeah – – and now change the origin of
    the plane to the water eating so right click set origin origin to 3d cursor
    so no if I rotate its at the meter and now go to modifiers and add a mirror
    modifier and also to the y-axis as you can see now we have four roads one on
    the x-axis and one more day y-axis I will apply these modifiers in order to
    edit so now let’s go back to layout back to edit mode I will change to vertex and
    start because as you can see here it’s these are not connected I will start
    connecting a little bit except together so select this tool out mm at Center and continue the process
    until the vertex mesh to the center I will leave it somewhere here and also
    lick the same process on the other side and now let’s match it to the x-axis to create a perfect rectum and square here
    all the name Center senior till the end this is fabulous
    like now so select the road I can call to be editing you and
    – I’ll hold it here G to move it s to scale so I will scale somewhere here now
    boy – okay lines of the road so this is how it looks now so we’ll have also the
    shape and let’s move to the third part and it will be a one-state cycle on this
    side and I wrote on this side way so we can rotate it greater than we like so I
    will shift and D to duplicate this one a name – let’s say three change to the
    case okay and also hide the whole top and select
    everything go to our frame selection sill called selection so change two
    faces and delete the health of the plane go back to object mode and now we’ll
    also unhide this one the straight one and shift + D to duplicate and hide the
    straight one and leave only the three road and the state one copper to Sala Q
    or R Taylor Pringle spective I will remove the mirror and rotate to the
    z-axis by 180 and scale to y-axis back to or
    because the test will be stretched called a lazy to go back out on adding
    modifier change and to the y-axis select apply enable here the slab tool G
    Y and move it to the Y access to align them and also press 1 on the numpad well
    I will go to wireframe and also select this side and G to the Z okay this
    notice okay the origin that we said because in correct on the z axis so
    let’s change it will go to top Q go back to material you tap Edit vertex I will
    have to select everything here shift & S castle train selected change the origin
    today to the same place and now shift an S cursor to the water regime and move
    shiftiness this election to their question so no
    it’s not are they correct yeah so I will
    press shift and select both of them controlling G and now this is their room looks nice so let’s also take this one
    and I’ll hide the fourth one because as you remember this is not aligned
    perfectly so select everything yes it’s better to select only the road shift & S
    castle to the selection go back to object set origin to 3d cursor and back
    shift & S castle to the authority and move the decimal action to the a cache
    so everything is aligned I will also save ctrl + s and now it’s
    time to create a lot system so I will unhide the straight road
    I will Shift + D to duplicate disable also the Sonic to unhide a sorry
    and let’s hide the straight and select the the new plane press m to change
    collection I will now create a new collection name here let’s say a old
    system so now the route parts will be hidden at the end and the road system will be here so let’s press I will apply
    the the middle modifier from now save this save
    on the numpad and now let’s stop trading their own
    system so first thing first I will add an array modifier to their y-axis I will
    press shift the name and create a new busy here middle change the rotation so
    plus R to the x axis by 90 please this is how it looks now seven again tap to
    edit a to select all the vertex of the bezel B and change let’s say 2 vector 7
    on the numpad tap go back to object rotate to the z axis by 90 degrees so
    now it’s in the middle of our road so select the road go back to LA let’s say
    fit to kill I will choose there as a here and also add a modifier and select
    object is there care so if we select Bezier curve go to talk to cut weight it
    and select this vertex I will go to talk to you show you and press e to extrude
    the vectors as you can see the road is following the desert tail so I will
    leave it somewhere here and also if you would like to create some nice curves
    press V again and switch to automatic and it to extrude somewhere here
    as you can see this is some straight line so I will go back tortured moose
    select the road let’s talk to all to edit and you can add some loops to the
    road in order to bend the curve here take the boob as you can see they don’t
    know having better select the Bezier curve about to edit I will enable and
    proportional editing here G and Z to move it on the z-axis you can see the
    road is following the basic curve so select also this vertex D and automatic
    to go to a straight line and as you can see here the same part you can create
    whatever you like an extrude follow for example the map or the new york city
    that we created a disease you can do it when you like you like this line to be
    straight you can change the vector and you like to create something straight also you can create a photo a four-lane
    road without cycle we save all with different materials you can create a
    variety of roads here so let’s go to the start because we have traded already
    some different parts i will unhide for for example and move it no bad cells to duplicate it first move
    there to plication to the road system and hide I can they the road parts move
    this one to here and rotate and connect too much the roads here and so the
    trillion word you cannot even create whatever you like so this is part 14 so to the next part I will create their
    own system for New York City connect the roads they are create some more
    varieties some new parts of the road and connect everything there I hope I will
    see you in the next video and please if you liked it press the like button give
    me your feedback are the comments below and if you are not subscribed please do
    it now see you everyone

    NEW 2020 Alfa Romeo Racing C39 at Fiorano Circuit – Filming Day with Kimi Raikkonen!
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    NEW 2020 Alfa Romeo Racing C39 at Fiorano Circuit – Filming Day with Kimi Raikkonen!

    February 22, 2020

    Finally, the new 2020 single-seater Alfa Romeo Racing C39 that will take part in the Formula One World Championship was brought to the Ferrari private track in Fiorano Modenese for the first 100 kilometres of “shakedown roughing”, possible thanks to Filming Day. Here you can still see it without sponsors, the definitive livery, as well as the real presentation to the world, will be on February 19th on the Montmelò circuit near Barcelona, ​​Spain, during the first week of the official tests. As we know, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi will be the official drivers of a single-seater that adopts the Ferrari V6 Turbo engine and modified by the Italian-Swiss engineers from the Sauber team. We wish Alfa Romeo Racing a high 2020 season 😉👍 Follow me, subscribe and don’t forget to click the Bell 🔔 to get notifications of all my latest updates, Thanks for watching 😉👍

    ‘Use a track as route’
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    ‘Use a track as route’

    February 20, 2020

    Hello and welcome to this video on: Using a
    track shared by a user, as your own route. Now first of all we are going
    to go back to activities. As I explained before, here you
    will see all the activities. Now we are mainly
    focussed on a track. Now we will make the
    distinction between tracks. And we will search for a nice
    track to use as a route. Now, lets take this one.
    210km, 4 hours. Takes place in France.
    To Valence part 2. Now this is the track that was driven by the
    user who uploaded it to the activities. Here you will see some information on the track.
    The maximum altitude was 1km. Minimum 100 meters. Average speed 50km per hour. I think that is because he
    took a break somewhere, but left the tracking on. So make
    sure you pause the tracking. Ok, so lets use this as a route. In the top
    right corner you will see: ‘use as route’. We will click that.
    We will call it To Valence copy. Once again, it is not my track. And now the Myroute-app editor
    will make this track into a route. But there is something you must know.
    This is not 100% foolproof. Sometimes it happens that the
    diversion from track to route, Brings a couple of problems with it.
    Well not really problems, but It can slightly alter and slightly
    change the track that was driven. So I would recommend you
    go to every waypoint, And you have to make
    sure that every waypoint Is placed correctly on the track. As you can see here, waypoint 6,7,8 and 9. Now, I dont think that the original track Made a U-turn somewhere on a highway. So I am going to delete waypoint 7. And I will delete number 7 again,
    since number 8 turned into 7. And now it will go smoothly.
    These are the type of problems Well not really problems,
    but the type of errors which can occur when
    converting a track to a route.