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    FIRST #INDIAN #RAILWAY EXPERIENCE 3AC Train from Goa to #Hampi (Hospet)

    December 14, 2019

    Good morning! “Oops! too loud!” Good morning! 5:30 in the morning. We are ready to leave Goa. Well,
    Some more than others… We booked a taxi for 5:40am,
    so in 10 minutes. We are a bit sad
    that we are leaving Goa. It has been 3 months
    and it has been super nice, all the people we met,
    all the food we had. The weather,
    I can not say the same. Cause it was monsoon
    and it was pretty rainy. but still,
    very beautiful landscapes. And… what a lovely street
    we are in. So yes, we are staying
    at this Casa Marquito’s. Beautiful huh? Oh it’s fresh outside,
    so good. Last night
    we had our last Susegado IPA and White Owl
    at the legendary Joseph Bar. -Cheers!
    -Cheers! It was so nice. We visited also
    the Bonderam festival. But we didn’t stay long. Because It was far on the island
    and we needed to sleep early. But it was very fun,
    good music, nice atmosphere.
    Everybody dancing and drinking. It was good,
    families and… it was last..
    last good memory of Goa. And now we need to
    get to the taxi to go to… So we arrived at the station,
    Vasco da Gama. We are gonna check our train,
    platform whatever. And maybe go back
    outside again to get some Samosas! Oh yeah, Howrah Express, 7:10,
    platform No.1. With dumpling and coffee sir? Thinking… Okay, Sir.
    Thank you. Welcome to Goa, sir. -No, we are leaving Goa.
    -Are you departing? Yeah leaving. Yes! Here, sir. I think we came too early. And we have to wait around 50 minutes. But we have breakfast so… that’s a good thing. Samosas!!! Hyekyong… What numbers? Maybe
    these? Hello? And I will go there. We are in the train
    from Goa to Hampi. And this is way better
    than we expected. We reserved 3 AC and it was equipped with
    air conditioner. Maybe,
    Next time we go lower. Because we like to see
    how it is. This is how it looks.
    3AC class. Since it was a morning train,
    instead of sleeping, we read a book or enjoyed
    watching beautiful sceneries over the window. It was our first
    Indian railway experience and we really liked it. Where are you guys from? Actually he is from Portugal.
    He is my husband. After 7 hours train journey,
    we arrived at Hampi, one of the most
    historical places in India. On our next episode Monkeys Hungry Monkeys Thirsty Monkeys Temples Monkeys in Temples Elephants in Temples Scenic Views Powerful Gods Kingdom Ruins Selfies More Selfies Religious Passion Holy Cows And you Subscribe! Lifetime Travelmates

    New Zealand Railway Station’s New Mesh Art Piece Causes Much Hilarity
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    New Zealand Railway Station’s New Mesh Art Piece Causes Much Hilarity

    December 10, 2019

    It doesn’t look much like a cloud – but
    that’s exactly what this new £97,000 sculpture is supposed to be. The phallic mesh art piece has caused much
    hilarity since it was unveiled at a railway station in a suburb close to Auckland in New
    Zealand. One commuter, Phil Wellman, told the New Zealand
    Herald: “Oh my God, it’s a c*ck and balls.” The aluminium art work – called ‘Transit Cloud’
    – was created by sculptor Gregor Kregar, artist wife Sara Hughes and architect Davor Popadich
    and it was commissioned by Auckland Council. Kregar said he had found the reaction “a little
    upsetting” but told the New Zealand Herald: “Art is out there to stir reaction.” Last week a Canadian rail firm was left red-faced
    after customers pointed out that a map of one its stations was shaped like a penis. And in October American artist Paul McCarthy
    caused outrage in Paris when his giant blow-up Christmas tree was revealed – and left livid
    locals comparing it to a sex toy. The 69-year-old was even punched three times
    in the face by a Parisian after it was said to look like a ‘green monster butt plug’

    “Why I Will Never Ride A Train In Japan Again” Creepypasta Original
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    “Why I Will Never Ride A Train In Japan Again” Creepypasta Original

    December 9, 2019

    My job isn’t very exciting but it’s
    important to mention since it’s the reason I was in Tokyo in the first place
    I’m a representative of a huge plane equipment company I was there on behalf
    of my CEO who well at this time of the year was probably getting a nice tan in
    Hawaii with his family Christmas was just around the corner after all
    needless to say I would have rather had been back home with my family instead of
    trying to sell some new improved seating options for an airplane in Japan but it
    was my job and I couldn’t exactly say no however I was supposed to be back for
    the 22nd at the latest so at least I wasn’t going to miss Christmas with my
    family I was just going to miss what my four-year-old considers to be the most
    important thing ever the decoration of our Christmas tree I promised her I was
    going to get her something special in Japan since I couldn’t make it for the
    big event and this seemed to calm her down a little bit and that worked
    wonders on my wife too she also made me promise to bring something back for her
    anyway after a long day in meeting after
    meeting I was about ready to go back to my hotel Japan well a very nice place to
    visit as a tourist is literally Hell on Earth during rush hour as I got to the
    platform and waited for my train I felt very unnerved as if someone had been
    following and looking at me I blame that on the fact that I was tired but my gaze
    ended up wandering to a strange looking man dressed in all black
    I couldn’t see his eyes because of his long black hair shielding his gaze from
    me the train finally arrived and I got in but as you would expect a train in
    Japan there wasn’t a place to sit by my left was a group of boys fresh out
    of school playing loudly on their phones and exchanging words that made no sense
    to me you see I knew my way around Japan well enough since I’d been there a
    couple of times for work but well I never bothered to learn the language I
    only ordered food from the hotel and learned the places where I had to stop
    on the train just to avoid too many taxi fares the job well it paid for the hotel
    and the food but I had a very limited budget for transportation and I wanted
    to use it for the moment I could decide to buy gifts instead it was just easier
    to learn where I’d have to travel and use the train then end up with a
    transportation bill because my boss was too cheap to pay for it plus a taxi in
    Japan takes twice if not three times as much time to reach its destination and
    so well the train was the best option or well at least that’s what you would
    think until you actually got on a train in Japan you see the mix of smells are
    strong plus it’s always crowded and hot like a thousand tiny sardines packed in
    an even smaller can you just can’t stand in peace there’s always someone on your
    left to your right so ways someone behind you and in front of you quite
    literally shoulder to shoulder it’s not ideal if you know agoraphobia trains I
    always felt like I was suffocating but after three or four trips I can now say
    confidently that I’ve become a pro at using the train during these hours but
    let’s go back I mentioned a weird guy with the long hair once I got on the
    train I still felt like I was being watched
    around six feet to my right my gaze finally crossed what the man let me tell
    you I had never seen I is so read in my entire life it could have been contacts
    there were a lot of different fashion styles in Tokyo but I didn’t feel like
    if this was I was absolutely captivated by his gaze and not in a loving way
    something about his eyes unsettled me greatly and each time I tried to pry my
    gaze from his I ended up returning to him in a matter of seconds loud ding
    disturbed my thoughts and forced me to look at the station it wasn’t mine I
    still had four stations to go before mine would come up the train emptied a
    little and I had a little bit more wiggle room but it was still very
    crowded and plus when I sawed the red eyed man I couldn’t find him I don’t
    know why I didn’t feel reassured in the least that’s when I felt a hand on my
    shoulder and heard the deepest most guttural exhale I’d ever heard of my
    life every hair on my neck stood on end when I turned my head I was facing the
    red eyed guy I felt like his eyes were piercing my soul his gaze was so intense
    that if you asked me today what the rest of his face looked like I wouldn’t be
    able to answer that I also I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his I tried to
    move a muscle to at least get him to release my shoulder but I couldn’t move
    I was paralyzed those frozen and fear just then a loud screech and an even
    deeper vibration shook the Train and I heard a scream coming from the front of
    the car there was an announcement in Japanese over the intercom and the train
    started shaking even more it seemed like we were picking up speed as well I still
    couldn’t move it was like I was trapped by the red eyes staring at me staring
    straight to my soul the train kept picking up speed and people were
    screaming every time the train shook someone was catapulted off their seat
    the sound of glass breaking was heard as a poor teenage boy was sent flying
    toward the glass door the impact had been so strong his head shattered the
    glass panes it was still alive and conscious but he was bleeding profusely
    the voices on the speaker became louder and I finally managed to free my gaze
    from the red eyed stranger just in time to realize that we hadn’t turned I heard
    the sound of metal clashing against metal of human agony as flames and metal
    engulfed the cabins of the front everything happened so fast
    I saw a metal bar flying to my right and stabbing a woman in the chest the
    seconds before the crash finally reached us and we were engulfed in flames I felt
    my skin burn and I smelled other people’s charred flesh for long enough
    that the smell stuck to my nose and then I heard myself scream and I woke up I
    was holding one of the many handle bars so tightly my knuckles had turned
    completely white a woman and her child on my left well they were looking at me
    strangely she held her child even closer as I
    looked back at him I could feel that I was covered in sweat from forehead to
    ass and I nearly dry heaved when the stench of burning flesh reentered my
    nostrils again there is another squeeze on my shoulder
    I only had the time to look at the flashing indicator to know that we were
    still three stations left before I could get out and it’s think tably
    I turned my head to see who was squeezing my shoulder that was a big
    mistake the eyes were even more intense than they were before the first vision I
    had to assume it was a vision because the woman whose chest had been impaled
    was standing right in front of me breathing and looking pretty blasé about
    life but very much alive not that I could look at her anymore because the
    moment I set my eyes on those intense red eyes I knew I wouldn’t be able to
    escape I couldn’t see the rest of his face but I felt like he was smiling at
    me inwardly I could feel the malevolence
    and evilness and I imagined a smile I was about to try and say something when
    I heard their first gunshot noise tore through the atmosphere I heard a loud
    scream and saw blood and then a desperate man holding what looked like a
    semi-automatic weapon now I’m not an expert but that
    definitely wasn’t a handgun and it looked exactly like one of those guns
    you see in an action movie that shoots 12 bullets in under a second definitely
    not an expert on the subject but I felt an intense fear growing in my guts
    the shooter turned in the other direction and started shooting
    I saw literal pieces of human brains being splattered across the cabins and I
    was frozen in my place while people in my own cabin tried to run away from the
    shooter who seemed busy with the other direction but it would only last so long
    until he was done with that side he turned around and his eyes were just as
    read if not redder than the man forcing me to witness all of this
    a few more bullets were shot and I felt the warmth of the blood of the woman and
    her daughter as it splattered across my chest and face
    I finally reacted and turned around to try and run away as a flurry of bullets
    flew around me I was hit in the back three times
    my legs twice I felt the bullet as it pierced through my flesh and burned its
    way through my abdomen I taste the blood as I saw others panicking and felt feet
    literally walking all over me to try and escape the shooter felt very real and I
    was convinced I was going to die I tried to tell myself it was fake but I could
    feel it my consciousness slipping and cold seeping through my veins I saw my
    blood leave my body but leaders and my alertness flicker I coughed up blood and
    I lost consciousness when I came back to my knees trembled
    and it was still holding on to that bar the ding announced that there were two
    more stations left before I could get out and I wanted to get out now I tried
    to take a step forward but nearly tripped the man with red eyes grabbed my
    shoulders and I could see the little girls worried gaze on me I wanted to
    tell her and everyone they needed to get out of the train but again almost
    trapped in my own body I straightened myself and could still smell the burnt
    flesh from the first vision feel the pain and the bullet wounds from the
    second I stared back at the red eyed man ready to implore him to let me get off
    the train my whole vision turned red it was like I’d gone blind but then the
    woman holding her daughter coughed I looked back in a man with red eyes
    wasn’t there anymore my mouth dried up instantly the woman
    coughed again this time a little stronger her daughter screamed loudly
    and I noticed her hair and face were covered in
    blood a second later her mother was crashing down to the floor of the train
    was having seizures people formed a circle around her as she vomited blood
    but it didn’t last a second passenger started coughing and then a third the
    woman was still convulsing and vomiting on the ground her eyes remained closed
    as her daughter shook her I could feel the helplessness of her daughter as she
    screamed in her own tongue and cried for help now I might not know Japanese but
    agony is a universal language her mother reopened her eyes only for them to start
    bulging out of their sockets at this point I grabbed the little girl and
    shoved her face in my stomach her mother’s face was turning purple as a
    cacophony of coughs and retching happened in the background everywhere I
    looked people were vomiting blood were falling
    to their knees they look like they were suffocating the little girl’s mother’s
    eyes exploded and a mixture of eye fluids and blood splattered warmly
    across my hand as I kept her in my stomach her mother’s body kept being
    jerk by spasms for a few minutes then she stopped moving and then I heard the
    tiniest of coughs on my stomach then another followed by a warm stream
    that went from my stomach to my leg I pulled the little girl away and the
    lower half of her face was covered in blood her face was warm and sweaty I’m
    not ashamed to say that I pushed her away from me and took a step back only
    to trip on a body that had been done convulsing the coughing around me was
    subsiding as more people started to die but I saw this little girl vomit at
    least four times her weight in blood before the same thing that happened to
    her mother happened to her I couldn’t believe my eyes and I saw the
    man with red eyes as the very few last men standing started to fall and I felt
    an itch on the back of my throat and I coughed once then twice and then I felt
    like every breath I took was like inhaling miniature daggers covered in
    tiny flames breathing made my lungs burn and I could feel them filling with blood
    I coughed into my palm and there it was my blood all I could smell anymore was
    blood the train car was filled with it I tried to hold on to the handle bar and
    move through the cabin but my foot slipped on some of the gore and vomit
    and I fell face-first onto the floor that’s when I felt my body seized I lost
    control of my muscles and started coughing like crazy my vision blurred
    and my whole body was in a tremendous amount of pain I felt myself slipping
    slipping off into the blackness I rolled on my back and lost consciousness and
    then I woke up again but this time I wasn’t on the train I was back on the
    platform I was covered in sweat and shaking like a leaf when I turned the
    man was there but I couldn’t see his eyes I decided not to take the train I
    went back outside and gestured for a taxi I went back to my hotel 3 times the
    amount of time it would have taken me if I had taken the train but all I wanted
    was not to be surrounded by a ton of people and I entered my hotel room I
    made my way to my bathroom and I believe it or not I vomited until I felt like my
    entire body was empty it still smell the charred flesh of the passengers my
    abdomen and a great amount of pain from where
    I’d been shot and the back of my throat was itching like crazy I had to drag my
    body to bed and I slept for 11 hours when I woke up it was all over the news
    the Train yesterday had malfunctioned and crashed causing the death of 73
    passengers and wounding 129 that was the Train I was supposed to be on I packed
    up my stuff and I called my boss and I said I was coming home but something
    happened and I was coming home aside from using the airplane to get home I
    haven’t used public transportation since then and I haven’t set foot in Japan
    either you

    METRO Helping Neighbors – Hurricane Harvey
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    METRO Helping Neighbors – Hurricane Harvey

    December 8, 2019

    It was the largest rainfall in US history. The region was under water… and people needed our help. I worked the first responders throughout the night… to evacuate folks young and old, trapped by the flood. So much water… It was hard to tell where the road began or ended. People would cry, laugh, even clap… when they saw us arrive. They called us heroes… but we were just helping our neighbors. It’s what we do…at METRO.

    Manchester Mayfield Railway Station | Abandoned Transit Stop | Piccadilly | HD
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    Manchester Mayfield Railway Station | Abandoned Transit Stop | Piccadilly | HD

    December 3, 2019

    Abandoned Tube Stations. Manchester Mayfield Station. Manchester, England. Manchester Mayfield is a former railway station in Manchester, England. Opened in 1910. In 1960, the station was closed to passengers. And in 1986 it was permanently closed to all services. Mayfield suffered the effects of bombing during World War II, when it was hit by a parachute mine on 22nd December 1940. In November 2013, a planning application was made for conversion of the station to an entertainment venue with a maximum capacity of up to 7.500 people. Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks.

    Myths & Rumours: Maryborough Railway Station
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    Myths & Rumours: Maryborough Railway Station

    December 2, 2019

    There’s lots of myths around
    about this station. A lot of local people still believe it was meant
    for Maryborough in Queensland. Yeah, someone said,
    ‘Oh, it was… a mistake.’ Well, it is a really large station for what seems to be now
    quite a small town. When people saw Maryborough Station, and Spencer Street
    which was very ordinary, they said, ‘Oh, the magnificent one should’ve been in the city –
    not in the country.’ But that’s not right. The reason they built this place here, is because this was going to be
    the centre of a big rail industry. This was a gold town and the whole
    of Victoria was booming in the 1880s, and they had what they called
    the Octopus Act in the railways which was a huge network of railways right across the State
    to link everything up. It was very political – everyone was trying to get a railway
    in their town. And I think they just had
    great visions of this becoming the centre of railways,
    like the big railway towns in London. This Maryborough Railway Station
    was exciting, it had people everywhere. It had a big staff here on the station. And we had about 150 people
    working down the locos, and it consisted of fitters,
    boilermakers and assistant mates, and then it was made up
    of the Ways and Works Branch – they were loading parcels
    and goods that would come in. And then they used to have the gangers. One gang’d go out to Talbot,
    one gang’d be working on the Avoca line, one gang’d be working
    on the Castlemaine line and one gang’d be working
    on the Mildura-Donald line. So, overall, it’d be over
    1,000-odd people working there. The building was built by Swanston
    Builders from St Kilda in Melbourne, and the architects were
    the Victorian Railway architects. The building was quite expensive
    for the time – it cost £22,000 which was a lot of money in those days. The features that make this
    a Queen Anne Revival building are the flat gables
    with the curved arches and the polygonal spire
    with the cupola top and the red-face brick
    with the plaster strapping on it. It’s quite an early use of the
    terracotta across the top of the ridges on the slate roof. Also, the very tall,
    polygonal brick chimneys with the pronounced capping. The other amazing thing
    about this building is the huge canopy, there’s no other ones in Victoria which had this long skylight
    through the middle which makes it so much
    lighter and brighter, and it’s a very deep canopy. Without the skylight,
    it’d be very dark under here, and it is wonderful
    with all its detailing. It’s really one of the major features
    of the whole station. This main hall
    was the formal dining room in the, um, late 1800s and early 1900s, and there was silver service
    in this room. The long room was the refreshment room. There’s French doors all along there
    that opened out onto the platform. A bar ran the full length of that room, and that was more sort of stand-up
    and fast-turnover eating area. BETTY OSBORN: The station is magnificent
    inside with the beautiful ticket boxes. The flooring was done
    by Cawkwell’s of Melbourne. REG CARR: The building itself is unique. I love the telegraph room because in my day,
    to become a stationmaster, you had to have a telegraph certificate, and, uh… it was just
    the romance of it, I think. I can remember riding my bicycle
    to work, two o’clock in the morning, and the station was floodlit
    and it looked absolutely magnificent. Beautiful. It’s comparable to some
    of the other bigger ones in Victoria such as Ballarat, which is a completely
    different style – far more Victorian – or Flinders Street Station
    in the centre of Melbourne, which is ten years later and, um…
    10-20 years later – and far more Edwardian in style – so I think it’s unique
    and it’s beautiful. One of the first famous visitors
    was Mark Twain, and he arrived in 1895. But he didn’t say that Maryborough was
    a railway station with a town attached – he said, ‘You can put the whole
    population of Maryborough into it with a sofa apiece
    and have room for more.’ It certainly reflects
    the wealth of the area and what they perceived –
    that wealth just going on endlessly, that the gold was in the ground,
    they were going to keep digging it up.

    🎤MSD vs MCN – DISS TRACK🎤 [Barcelona vs Juventus 3-0, Celtic vs PSG 0-5 Parody Goals Highlights]
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    🎤MSD vs MCN – DISS TRACK🎤 [Barcelona vs Juventus 3-0, Celtic vs PSG 0-5 Parody Goals Highlights]

    December 2, 2019

    (messi and suarez) 1,2,3 (messi) Now its only you and me (suarez) Don’t Forget Dembele ! (dembele) Hi (Neymar) Who The Hell is He ? (Neymar,Mbappe, Cavani) Lame ! (Neymar,Mbappe, Cavani) 1 , 2 , 3 ! MCN Of PSG ( Paris Saint Germain ) Tearing Up Europe’s Best Teams ! Celtic ?! Top Class , I Agree ! Okay ? Chewsday Night I scored past him! Hooray! Rakitic made it two! 3-0 Revenge today! I was first to score! 2-0 Mbappe Edison Made it three That was totally not okay No way! Hahahaha! Cavani? He’s lame! He looks like Pocahontas! Yes! That’s what I was going to say! Hahahahaha! Nice bars, Dembele! More… Like… Dumb-E-Lame! O-O Well, that was dreadful! 1, 2, 3

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    December 1, 2019

    Hello Friends we will discuss list of deadliest Indian rail accidents which took 1000 of lives Bihar train derailment on June 6, 1981 passenger train carrying more than 800 passengers between Mansi (Dhamara Pul) and Saharsa, India derailed and plunged into the river Bagmati After five days, more than 200 bodies were recovered After five days, more than 200 bodies were recovered Estimates of total deaths range from 500 to 800 or more. The accident is among the deadliest-ever rail accidents on record The cause of the accident is uncertain as the accident was not well documented There are multiple theories: Cyclone , flood brake failure while trying to avoid hitting a water buffalo Next on list is Firozabad rail disaster occurred on 20 August 1995 occurred on 20 August 1995 at 02:55 AM accident happened between “Kalindi Express and Purushottam Express” the “Kalindi Express” from Kanpur unable to proceed as its brakes were damaged after hitting a cow It was then struck from behind at a speed of 70 Kmph by the Purushottam Express Three carriages of the Kalindi express were destroyed the engine and front two carriages of the Purushottam Express were derailed Most of the 2200 passengers aboard the two trains were asleep at the time of the accident The next accident on list is Gaisal train disaster occurred on 2 August 1999 killing at least 290 people Unofficial totals have claimed that over 1000 or even more were killed The crash occurred at about 1:45am on 2 August when the Avadh Assam Express from New Delhi was stationary at the Gaisal station Through a signaling error the Brahmaputra Mail from Dibrugarh was transferred onto the same track as the express train No one on either train or in the signals and station master’s office noticed the error As a result, Brahmaputra Mail train crashed headlong into the front of the Avadh Assam Express he crash involved such high speeds that the trains exploded upon impact passengers from both trains were blown into neighbouring buildings and fields by the force of the explosion The next accident on list is Khanna rail disaster occurred on 26 November 1998 near Khanna on the Khanna-Ludhiana section Calcutta-bound Jammu Tawi-Sealdah Express collided with six derailed coaches of the Amritsar-bound “Frontier Mail” which were lying in its path At least 212 were killed in total the trains were estimated to be carrying 2,500 passengers The next railway accident on list is Pukhrayan train derailment On 20 November 2016 the Indore–Patna Express a scheduled train from Indore to Patna derailed near Pukhrayan, Kanpur, India resulting in at least 150 deaths and more than 150 injuries. It is the deadliest train accident in India since 1999 when the Gaisal train disaster claimed 290 lives cause of the accident is still unknown Some sources speculated the train to have been overcrowded sources in the railways suspected rail fracture Some survivors claimed that one of the coaches was making noise The Next Accident on list is Jnaneswari Express train derailment derailment occurred on 28 May 2010 46-centimetre (18 in) length of railway track was missing At 01:30 local time, a train with 13 carriages passing over the missing track derailed. The derailed train was then struck by a goods train travelling in the opposite direction. At least 141 people died and more than 180 people were injured. Initially there was uncertainty as to whether the attack was a result of a blast The next railway disaster or accident is Rafiganj rail disaster Howrah Rajdhani Express train derailed over the Dhave River 300-foot bridge over the Dhave River near the town of Rafiganj near Gaya on 10 September 2002 Howrah Rajdhani Express was heading towards New Delhi when the tragedy happened Fifteen of the eighteen train cars derailed and fell across the tracks , two of them tumbling into the river beneath People killed as high as 200. At least 150 people were injured. Main reason was missing “fish plates” I want to tell my story here When this derailment happened I was traveling by the next train behind this train in purushottam express My train was stopped to give line to the howrah rajdhani express and it has overtaken us and the train met the accident I was passing this place on the other side of the tracks and have seen it live There are lot of other accidents I dont have much information regarding them as many of them are not documented as some are very old I have given names of these railway accidents in the description box Please do tell me the reaction regarding the video and post in comments about any information you want to know in future I will make videos on them.Thanks

    Spotting a Push – Pull Freight Train
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    Spotting a Push – Pull Freight Train

    November 30, 2019

    While travelling from Delhi on the 12952 Rajdhani Express to Mumbai. I spotted this goods train near Chhata, Uttar Pradesh A Ludhiana WAG-7 was in the middle of the rake in what appeared to be a push-pull configuration. The rake consisted of more than 50 flatbed container wagons. I’m not sure, whether this was two rakes combined together for a common stretch of route to be separated for different destinations or if it was indeed one freight rake with a loco halfway in the middle to increase traction efficiency. The rake was headed by a Tuglakabad WAG-9 locomotive. While I was trying to clear my doubts, my train continued its journey towards Mumbai. you

    Milford Track, New Zealand (Great Walks Track Profile 7 of 9)
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    Milford Track, New Zealand (Great Walks Track Profile 7 of 9)

    November 29, 2019

    Oh, it’s wonderful. It’s the first track I’ve
    ever done in my life so it’s a good way to start. The scale of the mountains, the waterfalls, colour of the water. [music] Yes, fantastic. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. The snow across the top. Reasonably challenging but fantastic. Great views. Great scenery. Really good. [music] I’ve got a friend who lives in Queenstown. We’ve spoken about it quite a few times and I thought, “What the hell I’ve done lots of trekking in Australia. This is just awesome.
    [music] These huts are crazy. Just awesome.
    I wasn’t expecting flush toilets and toilet paper so that was pretty fancy I guess.
    I was like psyched up for a real challenge but I actually think it’s a bit easier than
    what I’ve expected. [music] The sights and sounds and seeing a good chunk of New Zealand at the same time is pretty
    awesome. Going up over McKinnen Pass it was just phenomenal. It snowed yesterday morning and then we got to go up over and It was pretty breathtaking. It was stunning. [music]