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    December 6, 2019

    – Oh yeah Sharers, today’s video is sponsored by Hot Wheels, who helped us make this video so you know it’s gonna be epic. We have 250 feet of epic
    backyard Hot Wheels tracks. – [Carter] Whoa, that’s so epic, there’s a huge jump at the bottom! – Oh yeah! And Sharers, you’re
    driving, let’s do this. Here we go! – [Carter] Woo! Okay, let’s do it, launch it Steve! In three, two, one, go! (wheels spinning along track) – [Stephen] Oh! – What is going on, Sharers? Welcome to the vlog,
    welcome to another awesome– oh, Baby Otter’s sleeping. Hi Otter! Oh, you’re awake! Say hi to the Sharers, Otter. Say hi! Aw, he’s so tired! He’s so tired, oh yeah Sharers, today’s video is sponsored by Hot Wheels, who helped us make this video so you know it’s gonna be epic. And we have so much Hot Wheels stuff, it’s gonna be one epic vlog
    so let’s get it started. Let’s go find Carter. Hey Carter! (gasping) Oops, Baby Otter’s sleeping. Okay, let’s go find Carter. (light switch clicking) Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter. Carter? – [Carter] Oh Stephen, over here! – [Stephen] Oh Carter,
    whoa, what’s going on? – Check it out, we got
    all this Hot Wheels track, and we have so much more, it’s so cool. We also have these
    awesome Hot Wheels cars, these are so cool, look at this gold one. Yeah, and this one’s
    probably my favorite one. Check it out, it’s like a shopping cart, there’s a little guy on the back. – [Stephen] Oh, that is so awesome. – [Carter] Yeah, and we have a motorcycle, it has two wheels, I wonder
    if that’s even gonna work. – [Stephen] How does that even stand? – [Carter] I don’t know, but
    it stands up pretty well. Look at that. And we have two stunt
    boxes, check these out. – [Stephen] Oh yeah
    Sharers, these are awesome. You can do epic turns with these. – Yeah, and you can do other builds, too. Check it out, it’s got
    a whole list of them. One, two, three, four other builds. And check this one out, Sharers. This one is so cool, it’s huge. It’s called a Stunt Bridge Kit. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, the Stunt
    Bridge Kit is so awesome. Carter, we gotta open this thing. – Yeah, this thing is so cool. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, check this out! – [Stephen and Carter] Whoa! – This is so cool, let’s build this thing. (tracks clicking together) – Woo, okay, we got all the blocks built. Let’s add ’em to the stunt bridge. This one goes on the top right here. – [Stephen] Oh, is that level three? – Yeah, this is like level
    three, this is three points if you can get the car to
    land all the way in here. And then this is two points if you can land the car onto this one. And this is one point down here. If you can land it on
    this, you get one point. (tracks clicking together) – [Stephen] Oh Carter,
    let’s turn the bridge on. Oh yeah! Let’s give it a try! – Let’s launch the red truck. I’m going for level three, here we go. In three, two, one– – [Carter and Stephen] Go! – [Carter] Aw, I need more power. Okay ready, here we go,
    in three, two, one, go! – [Stephen] Oh! (bell ringing) – Two points!
    – That’s two points! – All right, I gotta try this. Here we go Sharers, ready? – [Carter] Yep. – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! – [Carter] Oh!
    – [Stephen] More power. – Here comes level three, and… Level three! (bell ringing) Oh, woo!
    – [Carter] Whoa, you did it! Woo, that was awesome! – Yeah Sharers, this Stunt
    Bridge Kit is pretty cool. – [Carter] Whoa!
    – [Stephen] Ahh! – Yeah, Steve, we got all
    these Hot Wheels tracks, so let’s go step things up a notch. – Yeah, that’s right Sharers, we’re gonna go build the most epic Hot Wheels track you’ve ever seen. – Woo! (door sliding open) – Oh yeah Sharers, we’ve got
    a lot of Hot Wheel track, can fill up this entire backyard. – [Carter] Oh see, we should
    start from all the way up here and go all the way down that steep hill, all the way down to there,
    that would be crazy! – Oh yeah, let’s do this. (box slamming ground) – Actually Carter, this
    might not be enough track. We might need more track. – Easy, I’ll go grab
    it, I’ll be right back. Oh yes dude, this has gotta do it. Look at all this track! – [Stephen] Whoa, okay
    Carter, let’s get building. – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – Oh yeah Sharers, here we go, one straight Hot Wheels track
    all the way down the backyard. – [Carter] Whoa, it goes
    all the way down the hill, that’s so far, we gotta test it out Steve! – Carter, you think this is gonna work? – Oh yeah, it’s gonna work,
    it’s gonna go down the hill, it’s gonna so fast, you
    gotta give it a try. – Yeah, I guess there’s
    only one way to find out, let’s put some Hot Wheels cars on it and let’s launch ’em down the hill. Moment of truth, Sharers. Will this work? Ah, this is a huge track, ready? – [Carter] Yep. – [Stephen] In three, two, one, go! – [Stephen and Carter] There it goes! – [Carter] Oh my gosh, it’s going so fast! – [Stephen] Whoa, it’s gonna explode! – [Carter] It bounced off!
    – [Stephen] It bounced off! It made it pretty far, check this out. Whoa, it made it all the way to here. – [Carter] Whoa, that’s so cool! – [Stephen] Pretty good, it
    almost made it all the way. – Oh see, I have an awesome
    idea, check this out. – [Stephen] Oh what’s your idea? – Let’s put a giant hill in
    it by lifting it up like this. – [Stephen] Oh, yeah! – Like that. – [Stephen] Let’s put a stunt box in it. This stunt box should do it, Carter. – Oh this is so perfect! The tracks just slide in just like this. Oh, and then we’ll do this side and we’ll slide it in just like that. That’s gonna be so perfect! – [Stephen] Oh, this is gonna be awesome. Will this work even better? Let’s find out. – Okay, let’s launch another
    car, we got this one. This one’s pretty cool,
    I love the colors on it. – [Stephen] Oh, that’s
    awesome, let’s put it in. – [Carter] Let’s see if this
    will make it all the way down! Here we go Sharers, off to a slow start, we’re gonna give it a little push. There it goes! – [Carter] Oh, it’s going
    fast, it’s going fast! – [Stephen] Oh, it’s
    speeding up! Here we go! – [Carter] Oh, there it
    goes, will it make it? (yelling) – [Carter] It launched! – [Stephen] It got some air that time! Whoa, that was so cool. Where did it go? Oh wow, I think it
    might’ve made it farther than the gold car, it almost made it all
    the way down the hill. (wheels spinning along track) – Whoa, that was awesome,
    let’s upgrade the track and make it even more epic this time, come on let’s go! – Yeah Sharers, we
    still gotta make the car make it all the way down the hill. – Yeah, and this stunt
    box has awesome turns, so I’m thinking we’ll add
    some turns to the track, let’s go do it. – [Stephen] Oh that should
    help slow it down a little bit. – Yeah, come on, let’s
    put one like right here, I’m thinking. Let’s pull it off right here, and we’ll stick the turn
    in right here like that. Woo, okay. And we’ll put this
    straight piece right here. Okay Steve, let’s test
    this, make sure this works. – [Stephen] Oh, Will
    this be too much speed? Let’s find out, let’s pick this blue car. You ready Carter? – Yeah, send it! – [Stephen] Here we go! Will it work, will it work, will it work? Oh, it worked! – It worked! – [Stephen] Okay, this is awesome. Now we can shoot it up
    the hill a little bit, and we’ll curve it back down. – Yeah, let’s do it. – Now we can put this straightaway
    right after this turn. And redirect the Hot Wheels cars this way. – [Carter] Oh, then put
    another turn over there, Steve. Here, use this one. – This is gonna be awesome! These cars are gonna go so
    fast, this is gonna be so cool. – [Carter] Let’s see if
    they can make it this far, go ahead and send a car. – Purple Hot Wheels car, here we come. Ready?
    – [Carter] Yep. – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! – [Carter] There it goes! – [Stephen] Make the turn! – [Carter] Made the turn,
    and it made that turn! – That was so awesome! – [Carter] Oh, we gotta add more track! Come on let’s go. – Yes, more track, let’s go! I’ll disconnect from here, we’ll take this track,
    we’ll connect it over here. – [Carter] Oh, now you’re talking Steve, I like where you’re going with this. – This is getting epic. – [Carter] Yeah, this
    track, it started straight, but now we’re adding a
    turn there, and turn here, another straightaway, we
    gotta add more turns, Steve. – Let’s open up another stunt
    box, we need more turns. – [Carter] Oh yeah. I think there’s more
    turns in here, let’s see. Yes, there’s two more, Steve. Let’s add the turn right like this, oh, we should connect
    it to the stunt box now. – Oh yeah, we should elevate it, so let’s put this stunt box back on top. Then we’ll put a piece
    of track right here, connect the turn into here, so it’s an elevated turn. – [Carter] Oh, whoa, is this gonna work? This track turn is so cool, now you’re gonna add more that
    comes off this way, Steve. – [Stephen] Will this work? If it does, it’s gonna be the most epic Hot Wheels
    track I’ve ever seen. – [Carter] Okay, I’m gonna go
    put a car down, here we go. Whoa Sharers, this track
    is getting awesome, we gotta set another car, let’s
    see if it’ll make it down. We’ll do this hot rod, oh
    yeah, here we go Steve, you ready? – [Stephen] I’m ready, Carter. – [Carter] Okay, we’re gonna
    set the car right here, here it goes! And we got turn number one. (car hitting grass) Uh oh, it didn’t make
    it to turn number one! I think this Hot Wheels
    car is a little top-heavy, I’m gonna try another one. – Here Carter, use this one, this is more of a race car style. – [Carter] Oh, this one
    looks super fast, here we go. Sending it in three, two, one, here we go! And we’re off, turn one! Turn two! – [Stephen] Here we go, here we go! – [Carter] Turn three, whoa! It almost made it! – It did so well! – [Carter] It almost made
    it, it almost made it. Go! (wheels spinning along track) – Woo, it made it, that was so awesome. Looks like it had just a little bit too much speed so let’s shorten
    the track just a tad bit. – And we’ll reconnect it
    right here just like that, there we go, now I think it’s gonna work. Okay, I’m sending the
    purple car, here we go, in three, two, one, go! – [Stephen] Will it work,
    will it work, will it work? Oh yeah, one, two, come on, come on, come on… No way, it worked! – Woo, it worked, that was awesome! – [Stephen] Woo, now we
    can just connect it here and it should go all
    the way down the hill. – Oh, let’s do it. – [Stephen] Let’s move the
    stunt box a little higher so the cars don’t get
    too much air off of it. And we’ll connect this track
    to this curve right here. Now let’s just extend the track the rest of the way down the hill. – Oh, it’s just needs one more thing, this is gonna be the secret ingredient, that the car can make it all the way down, let’s add this stunt
    bridge for an epic launch, like it’ll jump right off, let’s add this to the bottom. Oh yeah, look at that. – [Stephen] Bridge is opened and ready for an epic jump to finish it. – Let’s go drop a car
    down, come on let’s go! – [Stephen] Woo, Sharers,
    here goes nothing. It’s got a long track to go down, a couple turns, but if it makes it, that’ll be one epic Hot
    Wheels backyard track. You ready to do this, Carter? – Yeah, here we go. In three… – [Carter and Stephen] Two, one. – [Carter] Oh!
    – [Stephen] Go, go, go, go! There it goes, there it goes, first curve, yes. Second, yes, yes, yes. Third, yes, oh! Oh, it’s upside-down! Oh, no! It got turned upside-down! Let’s try that again, it was so close. – Okay, we’re almost there, let’s do it. Okay here we go, let’s try again. In three, two, one, here we go! – [Stephen] First turn, it made it. Second turn, it made it. Third turn, yes. Oh, it flipped upside-down! And it, oh! No way, it’s working! Yes, woo! Oh, it did it Carter! All the way down the hill! – That was awesome! – Woo, that was the most
    epic Hot Wheels track I’ve ever built! – Okay, that was awesome,
    let’s try this blue one now. Ready, here we go, in three, two, one. – [Stephen] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. First turn, yes. Second, yes. Come on, come on, come on, yes, yes, yes, yes! Go! (yelling) It jumped in the air. Okay Sharers, I got get in on this fun, this is gonna be the best launch ever. Carter, which car should I use? – [Carter] Oh, I think the
    blue one is the fastest, you gotta go with that blue one. – Let’s do this, here we go. You ready Carter? – [Carter] Oh yeah,
    I’m ready, let’s do it. – [Stephen] Here we go in three, two, one, go, go, go, go, go! (rock music) (wheels spinning along track) – Oh, yeah, that was epic! – [Carter] That’s like
    over 250 feet of track, that’s so awesome. – Totally epic. – [Carter] This car is so fast. – Well Sharers, there you have it. That was our epic
    backyard Hot Wheels track. – Yeah, that was probably the most epic Hot Wheels track I’ve
    ever seen and ever built. That was so much fun. – That was incredible! – And we filmed an awesome
    video on the Hot Wheels Channel, it was so much fun. – Yeah that was another
    epic Hot Wheels track. – Yeah, and the music there
    was like totally awesome. – I was jamming out. – Yeah, they were like
    jamming, racing Hot Wheels, it was me, Stephen, and
    Liz, and it was super cool. – Yeah, major shout-out to Hot Wheels for sponsoring this video, this was epic. – Oh yeah Sharers,
    today’s vlog was so epic, and until next time you know what to do, – [Carter and Stephen] Stay
    awesome and share the love! Peace, woo! ♪ Snow day, it’s a snow day ♪ ♪ Snow day, no school today ♪ ♪ Snow day, it’s a snow day ♪ ♪ Share the love everyday ♪


    Morgz – Clickbait (Official Music Video) *Diss Track*

    November 29, 2019

    Okay let’s make sure er is up. It’s loud and ready. (gasp) Oh my God, I’m ready to hear some straight fire right now! Oh my God guys here is. Okay guys, three..two…one Hello guys, welcome back to another video and today We’re making a song. Now you’re probably wondering Morgz Why the Hell, are you in a bathrobe and why hell have you got your hood up. Well I’m wearing the bathroom because it’s frickin comfy. But I’ve got my hood up because I’m trying to get into the mood isn’t that like what you do when you make rap songs like hood up and stuff? I think I’ll just take this down for now so yeah at the moment I’ve been getting so many comments, Morgz when you’re dropping the Diss-Track on Mum. Morgz are you even gonna drop a diss track and the truth is guys. I’m still making my mind up and I’m just not sure if you guys want me to diss my mum. Do you want to see my first ever diss track. Show me you want the track by leaving a like and also subscribe to my channels down below so you don’t miss any of the beef that’s happening at the moment now mum has been chatting a lot of Poo because we’re going to keep it family-Friendly PG Yeah, mom has been chatting a lot of poo over on her channel, and I’m not I’m not amused you know I’m not amused. She’s just causing more and more of a problem to me. She’s just she’s angering me I’m frustrated I gave her this channel I’ve made of this channel and all she use it for is to sabotage. My name to kill my name She uploads exposed videos of Morgz she’s tweeting about me, I made her channel and she disrespects my name she disrespects team Morgs And I ain’t having it but um I’m in the mood to make a discharge right now put it out – hey guys today Why thought I would do to vent out my anger towards mom is make a song however It ain’t gonna be anything you’ve seen before basically today. I’m gonna be doing the rap song Challenge I Tweeted out saying I’m gonna make a song and it’s going to be about one word and one word only and asked you guys you Know what word should it be I had loads of you saying mom I load the same ball at Lodi same team orgs, but looks booty ours with a bad one But there was one word that shone above every other word This is arguably my favorite word to ever exist And this is what we’re going to be making the song about today Ladies and gentlemen the song we’re going to be making today will be called clickbait to warm myself up and to learn a little bit more about disc drugs before I Possibly drop my own I’m going to be challenging someone else a random rapper from the internet And if you ask me for any details about the song I’m only allowed to say clickbait. It’s got to be about clickbait There’s nothing else no other details I’ve just got to tell him to make it about quickly Because there isn’t really any better way to get yourself in the district type of news well Let me make myself look like a rapper. Let me make myself like a rapper. Okay Gucci, ha now We’ve got a role with a headphones. Oh, man I’m feeling it my voice sounds very weird now, and then finally the finishing touch the horse. Do I look like a rapper yet? Well look at this do anyway what we’re going to do right now is move over to the internet and try and find someone who is going to make of the Clickbait song okay guys so the website I’m going to be using is fiverr Also known as the site which basically got Pewdiepie screwed over I mean, that’s basically all it’s known for but yeah, basically on this site You’ve got a bunch of people who will literally do whatever you want for money? Let’s see if any of them come rap okay, so I’m going to go into the fine searchers there it is recent search I’m going to put in rap. I will go stright an eightball rap verse for your idea That sounds like a good one however I do want the rapper to actually to actually wrap it because I don’t know if I were a rapper Yeah, I will outstanding rap for any occasion. I Will outstanding rap I will write a rap song for your loved one I mean you may be saying let’s use this guy for Mom But I don’t really love a mom anymore savage morgue is real. I will create a custom rap song for any occasion This is getting better guys I will record an eightball rap verse for hook started at 15 pound 40 I thought it was fiverr. Okay. Let’s see what this guy has got to offer oh my god, but he’s 30 pound Pound thirsty booty pound don’t like a meter money cpM. Low bro. C’mon man 30 pound for a wrap Oh actually 15 pound is for an 8 bar verse or 30 pounds for a 16-bar verse, I think I think you know we got to go with a 30 pound one I think this guy here is my guy let’s proceed to order 50 freakin pound. Let’s let’s do it Let’s see what we can do extra Fast One Day delivery 11 pound 55 I Thought y’all aside that you know I got to get my delivery fast burn order waiting around for this guy Okay proceed to payment. I don’t have a buddy clue. I’m even buying here, but I’m paying with Ivan telling him I want so this is probably not going to go very well, but hey we got to try the song needs to be about Click bait, that’s all I’m saying okay three two one start order. I’ve clicked it Oh my God, okay order starters whoo? Well guys, I guess all we gotta do now is wait. I’m waiting bro I’m waiting for my guy to get my orders on but guys the clickbait song with the official Clickbait song is on its way And I’m going to come back to you guys when the song is ready for us to listen to but guys I’m fired up I’m ready for this battle. I’m ready for the war with Mom I’m getting myself pumped guys call it teen moms 14 logs, but obviously you guys know it’s gotta be team logs It’s the strongest team on Youtube guys. I’ll see you in a day. Okay guys literally like a week later We’re here. I’m in a new location I’m on holiday as I’m sure you’re aware and let me tell you the beef between me and Mom has gone out of control Like completely out of control if you don’t already she’s been chatting Sherger over on her channel literally, just change sugar all day all night every video Just chatting sugar about me, and I’m just a minor my own business And it’s not to the point now where I’m actually making my own diss track And I’m going to tell you more about that in the next videos reveal the next days with guys right now It works perfectly I’ve got this district ready here because I need so in a way, I need to start teaching myself I need to learn more about the art of discharge ready for mom and the guys finished with the clickbait discharge So I’m going to listen to this right now here. Why saying anyway dude? Hey every did it good or not? I’m literally so excited. I’ve been waiting to do this for so long So I’ve just had other things to think about things being a big fat monster upstairs and being really really annoying on our own channel That’s mom by the way, well yeah, I’ve got my laptop down here He did email me the file, and I genuinely have no clue what to expect. I haven’t looked at this yet It could be a flop it could be really good It could be fire mean this guy plans to team up together because really good I’m just going to see I’m just going to see what it what he came up with but one thing I am really Really? excited because I need to study this track see if I can take anything from it and Use it in my track guys one more time if you’re new here remember to go down there and smash that subscribe button We’re on the rise we’re doing so good we grow in so strong ye me names mongoose and I like geeeeeese So if you could subscribe that’d be amazing and finally leave a like on this video right now put 10 years of good luck Yep And you probably won’t believe me, but you know if you don’t like it and it turns out I’m telling the truth who’s gonna be laughing then eh oh, I’ve got it. I have got it indeed all Your order is ready here. We go. Oh my goodness. I am so freaking hyped right now. Oh Okay, let’s make sure the speaker is all it loud. I’m ready. Oh My God, I’m ready tears and straight fire right now Oh my God guys here is okay guys three two one. Oh really cuz it’s my earphones Oh, oh, okay? Okay You know we beyond their clickbait, you know we think I’m gonna get the fumes up by any means necessary. Oh Yeah, I just need your attention everybody look this way oh Switch it rule. You know that I’ll tell me my big break clickbait You know that it really ain’t that new I’m gonna put a dope give each other penny other raise let the people Say that I’m lying you can say that up tripping, but I just need to click it I call it good business. You want to complete it I’ll make it very intriguing When I start my videos like you won’t believe is a keep on clicking cuz I know you want a few what happens People say they hate it, but I swear man. I ain’t happening really ain’t a crime I do it all the time my channel school equipment video thing today. Oh oh my God I’m never going to change we all like but I know you’ll be a fan now watch my new video. You’re wasted. Oh Hey Click break Holder Ding Wow, oh my God I always lose again mouth La Wanna come see this I make it very Intriguing oh my videos like to walk with me That’s what I asked. They did a tile you won’t believe this my fault. Haha This is just to stick with the tooth it really ain’t crap can’t do it Maybe you’ll think of the night Clickbait be ashamed of my pain keep both doing it. I’m never going to change Like me, but I know you’ll be a fan now watch my new video Waster and eBay Clickbank hold up yeah Hold on. It. Did somebody literally just say like straight fire hose not just me like Jack My oh my got a song about like wait. I literally like my dream like oh my goodness gracious oh yeah Guys that was absolutely fire right there I didn’t know if they’d understand like the reference like click mate and like do if it was going to be like I don’t know why he was just if You didn’t but like that was like straight fireman died that was gone. Oh shade It’s getting Frickin hein him and Jesus Christ Well guys that was the click bait song now. I’m not even sure I because I kind of want to recreate this right, maybe I rap for this song I do like this song and then do a music video for it or Should I just do the diss track on long because I’m not sure I want to do the district on Mamba what have we create? This song we do with fire. Tell me we’ll do in the comment section. Maybe I should do boo Maybe I’ll combine them – I don’t even know guys I’m just shocked because that was literally fire, but guys thank you all so much watching this video I’m now stood up because I’ve trust the freaking room because it was literally that fire guys, but yet Thank you all so much for watching this video. If you’re new here Go down there, and smash that subscribe or like show team mom that we are the strongest unit We go in a team will eventually go down and maybe going up right now what they’ll go down one to realize what? Hypocrite molds mum is I said it in third person there But yeah guys thank you all so much for watching Subscribe if you’re new if you would leave a thumbs up on this video that’ll be so much appreciated I’ll be honestly like I’d be really really cool guys Thanks also for watching and as always I’ve involved you guys been awesome, and I’ll see you in my next video crews out if your service Remember to subscribe to my channel And don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis Thanks for watching think the help

    Trans Mongolian Railway | Exploring Lake Baikal in a Russan Van
    Articles, Blog

    Trans Mongolian Railway | Exploring Lake Baikal in a Russan Van

    November 27, 2019

    ♪ [Music] – Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning… – Goooood Morning! Hello everybody! – Good Morning Everybody!
    – So we’re currently on Olkhon Island which is an island located in the middle of Lake Baikal, in Siberia. – Today, a very exciting day
    we’ve hired a Russian mini van and we are going to drive round the island find all the most beautiful spots and… hopefully see some seals! ♪ [Music] – This van is absolutely amazing! I don’t think it’s an old ‘traditional’ one It must be like a newer van but, it’s fully decked out it’s so comfortable there are no seatbelts it’s going to be awesome! – Ok, so no seatbelts, on a very bumby, slippery windy road [laughs]. ♪ [Music] – So we just stopped at this at this like deserted beach Who knew there’d be a beach in Siberia? Right! I know it’s technically not a beach [laughs] because this is a lake but still, it looks like a beach. So supposedly this beach is three kilometers long but honestly, [laughs] I can only see maybe one hundred metres down the beach it is so cool, because we are the only
    people here. ♪ [Music] – [laughs]
    – [laughs] – Wow! Um… [laughs]
    – This, this island is so beautiful! as you can see behind us
    it is so misty! We have just been driving
    through the country side and as we go up and over hills
    the mist will lift and then fall and lift it’s got this really eerie
    feel to it. – This is the start of a horror film
    [Sally makes dramatic noises!] – Just as we were driving up
    the mist was totally clear and we thought ‘YES!’
    we’re going to come, we’re going to
    get some great shots! it’s going to be amazing!
    And as soon as we walked over here MIST! – So we’re at the Three Brothers Rock
    Which is about halfway up Up towards the North end of
    the island. There’s three rock formations
    which form the Three Brothers Rock. – Not that you can see them right now.
    – No. Hopefully, hopefully the mist will lift beause it is…. – Yeah then we can fly the drone today! – And we can show you just how beautiful
    this, this island is. because… it’s, it’s stunning! ♪ [Music] So we’re at the northern most tip
    of Olkhon Island now We’ve stopped here for lunch Our lovely driver Sergei is cooking
    us lunch. Ah, I think we’re going to have some sort of
    soup. Right now, Sally and I are
    off to see if we can find… the headland. ♪ [Music] [Footsteps] – So the mist has just lifted
    just a little bit. It’s a bit hard to see
    it still looks pretty foggy behind us. BUT oh my God the view
    Is absolutely AMAZING now. Like absolutely stunning! The lake we’re currently on, Lake Baikal is actually the largest freshwater lake in the entire world. And apparently, it’s got enough water inside of it to cover the surface of the entire earth! that’s CRAZY! [laughs] ♪ [Music] I just wanted to show you this before the mist comes in. You can see it’s coming all the way in we seem to just be chasing it today it doesn’t matter where we go the mist just rolls in. but it is beautiful it’s just lake and sheer cliff It’s crazy to think that this is a lake. It’s just so vast. It’s like look at the ocean. You just can’t, cannot comprehend the sheer
    size of this. – Have a look at that coastline! All the way around… Absolutely… STUNNING! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! And Sally’s off on an adventure. Give us a wave! [I’m the queen of the world!] – It’s so windy… I’m literally blowing away. But, the view up here is SO worth it. It’s absolutely amazing. The sun has come out, the sky is blue and the day is just a completely different day! ♪ [Music] So we’re just having a picnic right now which was prepared for us by our lovely Sergei. He made us soup. We have a sandwich We also have a Russian cake, tea and
    a salad. – What more could you ask for? – I know! This day has been so amazing! – Mmmm – I think this has been one of the things
    Ed’s been most excited for coming to Olkhon Island. – I’ve been looking forward to coming here
    for a long time! I was in Russa in 2015 and had actually
    planned on coming here. Umm… However, I got quite sick and had to
    go back to Australia. So I didn’t actually make it And this is one of those things I thought, “I have to come back to Russia
    just to come here” And now we’ve done it… So – And is it living up to your
    expectations? – It’s just perfect, it really is! [Rustling package] – So we have this Russian cake.
    Or at least, I think it’s a Russian cake He said cake
    It looks more like a bread roll than a cake to me, but whatever… we’re going
    to give it a try. Oooo it’s so sweet. When I bit into it I was actually
    expecting it to be like a bread roll consistency, but it’s really soft and really crumbly The inside is real crumbly. The outside’s really sweet and it’s coated in what I think is icing sugar or some kind of sugar it’s really really really sweet.
    It’s just like a crumbly biscuit. I feel like this would be better dipped in
    my tea Oh yeah! That’s good! Yeaahhhh. ♪ [Music] [Car driving] – Now that the suns come out you can just see how beautiful and blue the lake is Like it’s all these different blues and
    turquoise colours and it’s just absolutely amazing.
    It feels like summer now. I feel like we are in a different season
    and almost a different place. – It’s so hard to believe that this morning You couldn’t see anything Like we were lucky to see ten metres In front of us – Yeah
    – And now we’ve ended up with this beautiful clear day and it’s
    made today something special. ♪ [Music] – This day just keeps getting better
    and better and better and better! we just stopped again Our lovely driver Sergei, just basically stopped and he’s like
    “Beautiful lookout, great for pictures” And he pointed this rock out that’s
    in the water, that’s called
    “Crocodile Rock” I’m assuming that’s because
    it’s supposed to look like a crocodile… But, I think you’ve kind of got to use your imagination a little bit to
    see the crocodile You’ve got to kind of squint at it funny
    A little bit. – Oh my hair [laughs]
    – See my hair flick, it was just as good! [laughs] – So I think we’ve arrived at what is
    probably our last stop for the day, today. and what a good one.
    – Yeah it’s absolutely beautiful, so our here, I’ll fly the drone over it, we’ve
    got Crocodile Rock – Wait, it’s here… There!
    – That one. – Ok, amazing. We’ve got Crocodile Rock and
    It’s just been absolutely beautiful today. I have had a really really REALLY,
    loved today. – Year it’s been a really good day. It’s been really interesting the different landscapes We’ve seen today. So we had like the misty forests, but we’ve also had the sandy beach, and before we were at a pebble beach. And then it’s been really hill and really flat. Really grassy and also sandy and also there was dirt. – Yeah, yeah and there were sand dunes at one point.
    – Yeah It’s really been ah, um, quite confusing day
    landscape wise [laughs]
    – But, intersting none the less! Like I had no idea… [drone beeps]
    – Oh oh, the drones dying – Bring it back, bring it back
    – I had no idea what to expect… [drone beeps loudly]
    – Maybe you could… – No idea what to expect, but anyway…
    Ed’s going to land the drone. And then I think we’re probably going to
    jump straight back in the van head back into town… And, yeah.
    What a great day it’s been! ♪ [Music] – I don’t know if I can open this… Oh
    I got it! [laughs] We did it yay!
    – Ahh mud! – Oh no [laughs] [laughs]
    – Thank you Sergei! – Thank you so much! [door slams]
    – Thank you very much!

    How I Deal With My Busiest Days · Staying On Track, Motivated and Sane · ad
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    How I Deal With My Busiest Days · Staying On Track, Motivated and Sane · ad

    November 27, 2019

    It’s that time of year again where things
    start to feel a bit non-stop. It can be stressful, overwhelming, but ultimately, so rewarding,
    and kind of thrilling in a way. When it’s all-go, and I’m here, there and everywhere,
    the most important thing for me is not being tied down, still be ing able to do my thing
    properly and do work that I’m proud of. Which is where today’s video sponsor, Intel comes
    in; they’ve sent over this new 10th Gen HP Spectre x360 that they’ve specially co-engineered
    with HP with life-on-the-go at the forefront of their minds. So let’s get on the go, shall
    we! Aside from making art, of course, my favourite
    part of the work I do is creating products and packaging orders. I’ve said it before,
    it’s in complete contrast with the creative work I do, but I love repetitive tasks. When
    I’m planning a busy day, I try to prioritise things that need doing- you know, there are
    people out there that have paid for this stuff and it’s up to me to get it to them- but also
    not forgetting the stuff that I really like doing. It’s easy to lose sight of why you’re
    working so hard when none of it feels rewarding, so I always try to squeeze in a mix of the
    two. To keep track of all of those things I should
    be doing and want to be doing, how long those things might take me, how much I can fit into
    one day. I’m still using Google Calendar. Also using the task sidebar a lot more. I
    like the added flexibility of being able to duplicate tasks, move things around, things
    that are more convenient than would be if I was using paper. Plus, the added convenience
    of knowing that I’m never gonna get somewhere and not have my list with me because I can
    guarantee on a day like this, my laptop is always with me.
    As I mentioned at the beginning, this laptop is part of something new from Intel. Along
    with other laptops that are coming this holiday season, this is part of the Project Athena
    Innovation Program which is all about a new level of mobile performance. This is actually
    why I was in Berlin, to see the work they’re doing first-hand, and it’s really exciting.
    Intel have been working with the likes of HP and others, to create these laptops with
    the ideal specs that people need on the go, while trimming away the stuff they don’t,
    to deliver an incredible mobile experience. The best yet. Battery life is a huge part of what makes
    these Project Athena-based laptops, like this HP Spectre x360 so special. And long battery
    life is key when you don’t know when you’re going to be able to squeeze in some emails.
    This kind of harks back to my last point, but my whole day isn’t going to be full of
    things I particularly want to do, so the stuff that faces a bit more resistance, work best
    in timed bursts. So things that I can wedge into dead space. So perfect for if I’m going
    from one place to another, if I’m waiting for a phonecall or appointment or even if
    I’m on a break, watching telly and I need somethign to o during an ad break. Don’t underestimate
    how much you can do in little sprints, when you’re not doing anything else.. Speaking of breaks, take them. Even on your
    busiest days, you’re no good to anyone if you’re burnt-out. I get up and have a stretch
    and a walk-around at least once an hour. I also allow myself to completely disconnect
    at lunchtime. The key is having a set time that I’m going to get back to work, and sticking
    to it. So check this out, -show fast startup- when
    it’s time to get back to work again, I can do it in a flash. This is another incredibly
    valuable feature of this Project Athena-based laptop. Windows gets up and running super-fast,
    and with the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, there’s a level of responsiveness
    here that just blows my mind. My workflow is seamless, and that’s important, because
    this is the time of day where the little procrastination elves start creeping in and creating distractions.
    It might be a different time of day for you, but I know this feeling, I know when it’s
    coming, I want to lose focus, I want to get in bed and watch YouTube videos. And all of
    a sudden, I’ve lost my favourite pen, which means I can’t possibly finish that drawing.
    So maybe I might as well get into bed and watch YouTube videos, right? And I can find
    my pen tomorrow? I’ve started avoiding these moments by making
    it impossible for me to talk my way out of doing what needs to be done. The more-energised
    and motivated version of me from earlier has already put everything in place and made sure
    I’m ready to tackle what I need to tackle, with backups if things don’t go to plan. I
    find this key for those more demanding days. And getting distracted while my laptop loads
    up or opens a new programme, is no longer something I can use as an excuse for wasted
    time. I’m not great at asking for help, not gonna
    lie. But today, it needs to be done. So I’m here at my sister’s. I was coming here anyway
    because she’s going away for a bit and I wanted to see her before she went- not letting any
    work stand in the way of that- plus I said I’d help her pack. And an exchange of help
    is a great way to do it, when you’re stubborn about asking for a hand. All I need to get this work done is my laptop-
    still not plugged in, by the way. And this new HP Spectre x360 is ideal when you’re on
    the move. So I’ve got that impeccably long battery life with no extra weight or bulkiness,
    AND with that high-performance, completely uncompromised. Laptops like this are tested
    by Intel, they have to meet a certain standard of battery life, of responsiveness, to be
    able to have this identifier that says it’s been engineered for optimum mobile performance.
    This is what you’re looking for. It’s just another level, for speed, for intuitiveness
    of a machine. And you just don’t realise what a difference that can make to the flow of
    your day, or of your work, until you get to experience the difference. A little bit of collaboration, or any kind
    of socialising on a busy day like this, is the final piece in the puzzle. It’s what makes
    it manageable. And enjoyable! And there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to
    wind-down at the end of a long and productive day, knowing that you smashed it, especially
    when you’re working on doing something that you love. So thanks again to you for watching, and to
    Intel for sponsoring today’s video. Don’t forget to look out for these 10th Gen, Intel
    Core Processor based laptops with this special callout so you know it’s engineered for people
    who are on the move. Find out more about this laptop in the links below and I will see you
    soon for the next video. Bye!

    Spending some time with CRAZY critters in Ottawa | Operation Discomfort
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    Spending some time with CRAZY critters in Ottawa | Operation Discomfort

    November 24, 2019

    today we’re playing with critters at
    little raised Nature Center hi I’m Nina an Ottawa based blogger I love to keep
    busy and stay active by trying new things in the Ottawa region follow my
    adventures as I try new activities and get out of my comfort zone today was quite the adventure and it was
    a little bit intimidating I went to a little raised reptiles and Nature Center
    and I got to hold and even feed some of the animals it was so cool today I’m
    going to little raised reptile zoo and Nature Center how to really goodnight
    sleep so I’m feeling ready to go and meet some of the creatures respecting to
    meet some may be snakes tarantulas other animals today so let’s go see what they
    have for us Mina my name is Natalie Adam till race
    hope you’re excited for today we got lots of cool things planned for you so
    we do have some reptiles we have some mammals as well but today we’ll be
    meeting up close and personal a tranche Allah a snake big snake and we’re gonna
    get to also feed we’re gonna start with maybe our little Cayman and then we’re
    gonna go on to our big Gator so I hope you’re excited and ready for that so
    yeah if you want to follow me we’ll make our way into this use so what we’re
    gonna meet first is Casper her yes she is a golden knee tarantula she’s very
    very sweet she is quite old hum and she’s gotten a lot more comfortable with
    being handled so don’t worry you’re gonna stay safe with her now what we do
    to pick them up as we actually reach underneath and we have them stand up on
    their own okay now I am gonna pass her it to you how do you feel both
    tarantulas oh so what you want to do is yeah no actually the way you doesn’t I’m
    just gonna place her on you don’t drop her whatever you do like she’s kind of
    like a water balloon if you drop her she can explode Oh in here is kind of like
    water but it’s also her insides okay and so as soon as that pops open
    unfortunately that’s so she could literally exploded yeah yeah they’ll
    explode if she fell down she probably would I make it so we’re always very
    careful with who we hand them over to come on I go back to Natalie yeah okay
    said nicely there you go you’re okay she’s just kind of feeling
    her way around so you could see she’s feeling she notices there’s nothing
    there so she’s just kind of staying back yeah if you want to do that like a
    walker girl here there you go if you notice at the friend here yeah so just
    keep your hand nice and flat so when she’s starting to tip she does get a
    little bit okay that’s fair there you go but yeah you’ll notice the front are
    kind of like her arms okay the rest are likes those are called pedipalps and
    they actually use them to catch their food they use them to make webs to like
    tie up their babies when they eat lay eggs so all sorts of things our sub uses
    for it a little shiny bit there those four eyes and they actually have eight
    of them yeah so there’s tens at the top you’re really really tiny but believe it
    or not despite how many eyes they have they actually have really poor eyesight
    oh yeah if you’re ready you can just let this hand go so just let her walk off
    and that works to perfect your natural yeah awesome okay all right Kiwi well
    I’ll do I’ll have you help me hold the body oh yeah really heavy yes so just
    flip them over there you go okay I’ll hold the head if you want to sit down we
    can I know if he does get heavy so let him sort of rest Hey all right so he’s
    probably about only maybe thirty pounds but feels way heavier when he moves
    because he shifts his weight so much now kini is a reticulated python and this is
    one of the longest snakes pieces in the world the longest ever found was about
    just over 28 feet and it was one of these these have been known to eat
    people however at this size he is getting
    things like chickens and rabbits so nothing quite as big as us however if
    they do sort of smell something on you they can get excited they can obviously
    nip so before we ever take him out we always break their food drive so we
    have a hook stick we tap them a little bit gently on the nose so they know it’s
    not food so that’s kind of what we do so this food drive is broken right now he
    is a little bit curious he’s smelling around he wants to move around but he’s
    not in food mode when they’re in food mode their tongue constantly comes out
    and it goes really really quick long or quick tongue flicks when they go along
    like that they’re just exploring ok smelling they do smell with their
    tongues eventually they did just get comfortable they sit down they kind of
    relax he’s obviously comfortable there the way
    he’s yet up no long hours okay he’s so long that I feel like I’m not like that
    I have nothing to do with it you’re like if heads over there and I’m just like
    holding this no no you got a big bite so their tails actually their anchor okay
    so if you kind of let their tail just like flop they wouldn’t they would keep
    moving they wouldn’t feel comfortable so they only wanted to get it stable
    exactly so they’ll either wrap on which is not like trying I’m trying to
    constrict you or each year it’s just anchor so they’re not they
    feel like they’re coming out to something you did wrap around my hand as
    soon as he got on there and I was like oh there you go tight yeah yeah they do
    definitely hold on tight that’s how they do in the trees
    but don’t worry if he was constructing it I would know because I have the head
    gotcha but yeah they just get comfortable hello go stay out here for now you can kind of
    stay here and watch okay but just stay a little bit back because she will come
    rushing the door sure so hey girl that’s what happens here are
    pumpin yeah it’s okay girl I know water water lady water go go on
    no deep water water coming going okay just past me is a bucket thank you just
    close the door B mini water go on lady water water really terrifying to only hear the sound I’m coming okay good girl
    okay okay I’m gonna grab boy just like it is with the other meat you’re gonna
    hold it to the side so she can see it first huh
    her come up and once her mouth is open then you put it in okay okay so you
    don’t keep throwing it at her because she knows that she’s just gonna keep
    pushing you and you’re gonna keep giving her food oh no we don’t want to give it
    to her like that so yeah ah once she’s still then you
    give it okay okay okay there you go she’s very gentle yeah it’s
    really good once you actually order this okay okay there’s only one more one more
    so okay let’s make it a good one lady right Julie D up good girl
    awesome definitely sort of I do little little things I throw her optional
    change behavior right hey so if you kind of give it to her right away she’s like
    okay I’m gonna keep rushing and I’m gonna go crazy but if you kind of just
    let her settle give it when she’s ready and sad and waiting then she knows she
    can get food and she’ll keep doing that over and over and over good girl I’m all
    wet I had an awesome experience at the little raised reptile Center today I got
    to meet some critters even to feed an alligator which was an amazing
    experience so I’m ready to go home take a nap put
    rest up and I’ll see you guys in the next episode so that was my adventure
    today I’ll see you in the next post

    WORLD’S FASTEST ZIP LINE! | Wales, United Kingdom  😱
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    WORLD’S FASTEST ZIP LINE! | Wales, United Kingdom 😱

    November 24, 2019

    You’re watching Vagabrothers. We’re in Wales, and this is the world’s fastest zipline. 3-2-1 Good morning Vagabuddies. Welcome back to Vagabrothers. It’s day three of our exploration in Wales, and today we’re surrounded by snow-capped mountains and waterfalls in Snowdonia National Park. Mount Snowdon is right behind us. It’s the biggest mountain in Wales, second biggest in the UK, and this whole area used to be historically slate mining, but it’s recently been rebranded as adventure capital of Wales. So we’re going to find out why in this episode. Stay tuned. The way this thing works is that we are in an old slate mine, and Wales was one of the regions in the UK that produced a lot of slate, a lot of coal; there’s a lot of mining in the mountains here, and this is an old slate mine. I’m having DejaVu. This reminds me a lot of our trip last year to Northern England in the Lakes District because we were at Honister Slate Mine, which I think is the last working mine in the U.K. Obviously when mining….. the mining industry kind of declined here in the U.K. , it caused a lot of unemployment and a lot of different shifts in the economy. So this is an interesting way to see how they’re turning something that once was heavy industry into tourism. We were just sitting here looking at the setup and watching these people go down on this little small zipline here. There’s no way that could be like the world’s fastest zipline. You can’t get going fast enough. You totally thought it was, and then we realized that you just take the zipline, the first one like a warm-up zipline down, and then you hop in a truck from there and you drive all the way up this mountain to up there. We have to put on these little jackets like flak jackets, and then we’re going to put on a harness because we’re going to be hanging head first when we go down. This is going to be insane. Number one down. Warmup done. Just arriving now to the top. It’s called the big zipper. The big zipper, man. Soft landing, you know, if you fall off into the water. Oh my god, dude. I don’t even know if I enjoyed these things Why do I do it? You ready, Mark? Let’s do it. 3-2-1. That was crazy fast. We’ve hopped back into the car, and now we’re driving off to another zip world adventure, but honestly that zipline was amazing. I think that’s the closest you can get to wingsuiting without jumping out of an airplane or off a cliff or whatever. For all the anticipation, it was less scary than it seemed because once you got past the ground below, you kind of lost perspective how fast you’re going opened up over the water and you’re able just to enjoy it. Next we’re going to go to Bounce Below ,which is a really interesting amusement park that is built into the underground caverns of a former slate mine. The scenery in this valley is incredible. We’re driving up this huge kind of u-shaped glacial valley. The tips of the peaks are covered in snow . They’re waterfalls cascading down into the bottom of the valley, and we’re on this twisty, turny road that just hugs the cliffside all the way up and over into the next valley. We have zipped over to a different slate mine, and this one’s got a thing called Bounce Below, which I think is like a bunch of trampolines in this underground cavern that used to be a slate mine. This should be fun. In certain respects, this is kind of similar to what miners would have had to do. They’d put on a hardhat; they’d eat a sausage roll; they would walk or take the train down into the cavern and start mining. Mining was extremely dangerous. They would go 500 meters down underground and then once you started working, which usually started in your early teens, you’d work your whole life. It was extremely dangerous. If they didn’t die from explosions or gases, oftentimes a runaway cart could end your life in a second. Now, if you get triple bounced, you could end your life in a second. What’s the best thing about bouncing down here? It’s in a cave, so it’s amazing and it’s different, and it’s unique. This is what it must be like to be a kangaroo. I’m tired. This is exhausting All right guys. We have journeyed down into this little gully, and we’re in this beautiful forest, and we’ve met up with Richard who’s going to take us foraging. Hi guys.What’s going on Richard? Where are we? We’re on the edge of Clocaenog Forest. We’re just outside the market town of Ruthin. So you’re from Cornwall originally. Why come here, and why get into foraging? There aren’t any mountains in Cornwall, for a starter, but the foraging thing started down there with my family, and it’s something that’s always been part of my life, but I… Wales is such a fantastic climate for foraging. Can you tells us about how foraging has evolved in terms of restaurants and the culinary scene in general? It was the first foraging revolution back in the ’70s when people really started to pick up on the idea of living off the land. I don’t know. It’s like there’s the post hippie movement that started that, and it really kick-started this desire to go out and find wild things to eat and have a greater connection with with our food. We work with people to take them out show them how to gather wild food safely, legally, ethically. Just walked down this path for about a quarter of a mile, and we’ve already found something to add to the list. What do we have here, Richard? We’ve got some wild garlic down there. Really common at this time of year; really easy to find; perfectly safe to eat, but there’s a lot you can do with it. Does it bear any resemblance to our non wild garlic? It’s Allium Ursinum, is its Latin name. It looks more like spring onion with longer leaves, but the scent really intense. That is incredible though. It smells exactly like garlic. It is garlic. It’s wild garlic….. mmm. With this you could just chop it and chuck it on top of a pizza or something ,and you’d get the same flavor as garlic. Or a soup….it works actually quite well with stinging nettle in a soup. Stinging nettle? Yeah, you can make that as well Really? Yeah. We found the next little batch What’s this one? This one is opposite leaves, golden saxifrage. That’s quite a tongue twister. This is like a… like a salad plant, so it’s strange but it tastes a little bit hairy. There’s a weird texture going on with it. Yeah, as it goes down your throat, feels like you just ate a mothball, but it tastes good, cucumber peppermint.. Richard here has a pan and some olive oil, so we’re just going to pan fry these mushrooms, a little bit of wild garlic, have ourselves a nice little Welsh natural feast. Welcome to Chef’s Table, Season 4. Looks good. Hmmm. That’s good, but you can just tell that you got good ingredients, don’t need too much to make it taste delicious. Thanks for watching. That was a super fun day. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs- up, share with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers and don’t forget to turn on notifications so you get an update every time we publish a cool travel video. Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the Wales series. We’ve got a lot more adventures coming at you. In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you Vagabuddies on the road. Peace.