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    Baberi Top Most Dangerous Track of Kumrat Valley | Epiosde 3 : Kumrat Travelogue
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    Baberi Top Most Dangerous Track of Kumrat Valley | Epiosde 3 : Kumrat Travelogue

    March 29, 2020

    Senorita Blue Skies Moving Clouds Good Friends and a Pleasant Weather That’s all you need for a Trip To Remember For ages and I’m lucky that i got all of these on the very next morning in kalam while leaving for Kumrat Valley Welcome Back to the Channel Journey From Ustror to Baberi Top I never Thought it was that much of Dangerous Track For Me it was the 2nd Most Dangerous Track Jeep Track I did First Was Obviously Fairy Meadows After Travelling for 3 to 4 Km we didn’t find any sign of Kala Chashma So we decided to took some pictures than i tried to find my senorita in the mountains Kumrat Valley Senorita…… Senorita…… Before We Stopped on the waterfall Of Kumrat Valley On Our way back to the places of Hotel it started raining So Heavily That We Couldn’t Visit that waterfall and that rain didn’t allow us to explore more in kumrat Valley that DAY so that’s how we ended our that day in kumrat Valley see you in my Next Video till than take care Allah Hafiz

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    March 21, 2020

    [Jansen] don’t look at the camera,
    don’t look at the camera [Jansen] you grab a table? [Paul] oh, they have tea [Jansen] they have coffee, too we are about to enjoy…breakfast hotel breakfast was pretty legit today big spread we ate a lot which is not too unexpected… I suppose we’re headed back up to the room to use the facilities [Paul] what facilities are we using, Jansen? I don’t know…Holl had to go running back first we’re never leaving this place this is an osmanthus tea osmanthus flower tree people actually dry this and make desserts, make tea they make all sorts of stuff with this beautiful flower, so pretty I think it’s the season [Jansen] yeah, I think it’s blooming right now yeah, cause there were bags and bags and people… [Jansen] and people were taking
    pictures of it everywhere the fish eats it, too [Paul] they were all fighting for it earlier good morning last day in Guilin how’s everyone feeling? [Holl] Paul’s dying [Jansen] yeah, we decided to walk from the hotel to the edge of the park we’re headed over to the Reed Flute Caves we have a little bit of time this morning to see one more natural wonder from this area so, we’re in Reed Flute Caves and, we’re in this giant cavern right now it’s pretty cool tour groups go in every 20 minutes but it’s in Chinese, so we just skipped it we’re just doing it ourselves Paul, what day you think of the caves? it’s nice [Jansen] alright, we’re doing a McDonald’s break a slight snack I got the chicken wings pretty good [Paul] really spicy though [Jansen] what do you have? [Holl] Sichuan Chicken Sandwich [Paul] double chicken burger [Jansen] what do you think? it’s good – it’s really good [Jansen] I got this grilled chicken sandwich [Jansen] doesn’t look so hot [Jansen] not gonna lie [Jansen] soggy! [Jansen] so much tartar sauce! [Jansen] oh my God [Jansen] I will, though [Jansen] eat this bad boy oh, these are good [Holl] uh, huh how much did it come to? 89 89 for lunch, snack-ish we’re on to the train station next so… alright, so we’re at the Guilin West Railway Station there’s multiple train stations in Guilin so make sure you’re at the right one but we are at the high-speed train one and, we just got dropped off and we’re now going to head into the station for our train to Hong Kong [Chinese spoken in the background] it’s a sh*t show we boarded, barely… it’s chaos it is chaos I lost my battery case he lost the drone we aren’t doing so well in Guilin I think it’s time to leave look at this shelf that Holl, Paul, has built welcome to the Kim’s Convenience Store what would you like? [Jansen] I would like to have one yogurt, please $10 US dollar, please where’s my $10 US dollar, b*tch [Jansen] there you go that’s nothing. my hand is empty, b*tch I have jujube yogurt and, it’s as yummy as it sounds it’s really good taste like date yogurt why’s he talking to himself? [Jansen] how’s is it? it’s good; I like it it’s not as ferment-y it’s more like a sweet rice drink it’s good; it’s what the Koreans drink, too Guangzhou stop almost there [Jansen] so, we just got through immigration and passport control at the West Kowloon Station it was a little bit more complicated than we thought there was passport, immigration, customs…make sure to keep your train ticket cause that’s the last thing they ask for to exit the system and now we’re headed to our hotel…subway we just bought our Octopus cards it’s $150 $50 are refundable credit so, we have $100 to spend on it but you can spend it in a lot of stores also so we just decided it would be easier it’s contactless, so lets see if it works so, we’re in Hong Kong our first night! [Paul] yes, we made it say hi everyone! -Hi
    -Hi! we just showered and we’re now going to go out and grab some food and check out the neighborhood of Wan Chai which is where our hotel is it’s hot it’s humid — it’s really nice; no shirt I’m very excited not to have a backpack for the first time internet is amazing [Paul] everybody’s wearing shorts here no VPN we’re out of China we’re out of China I got stopped on the Customs not Customs, Immigration coming in I got real scared I was like, what do I do? what do I do? what do I do? oh, my god, they’re going to arrest me I can’t leave here — and then what? and by luck, they said oh, it was a mistake – sorry xie xie wǒ ài nǐ, bàba [Jansen] what did you get? uh, that Char Sui was amazing Peter, you would have loved — if you love Char Sui, Peter this is mind-blowing, to the next level it was really good so, we ordered the goose dish a bbq pork and we got the lean one which is surprisingly not that lean but in a good way I thought it was going to be dry, but it was very moist [Paul] every time I have the lean one, it’s always…. dry this one had layers of fat should we have gotten the fatty one there was a small percentage of fat it wasn’t like pork belly it wasn’t anywhere close to that it was marbled but it was so good and we got some greens to round it off but the goose was the star of the show they also gave us… right amount of sweetness and they gave us a pitcher of gravy on the side to put on the rice which was… so far so good for our first bite in Hong Kong we never made it to second dinner the place we went to ran out of pineapple buns and egg tarts so, we decided not to go and we’re just headed out… it’s hot and humid we’re walking around and we’re going to go out to bars it’s Friday night we’re in Hong Kong, right? we’re done it’s Friday night; it’s 1 am almost we’ve been out there’s a lot of activity Hong Kong just make sure… [speaking French] he’s saying something in Chinese I’m wearing a new shirt tonight. did anybody notice? me, too are you? oh, look, and Holl’s wearing a new shirt I’m wearing a new shirt, too where’s my new shirt? how come you don’t shout to me? a simple black tee a simple black tee a simple black tee a simple black tee that works everywhere everywhere always make sure to pack a simple black tee for everywhere everywhere everywhere oh, my god how could you not put it right into my mouth?

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    March 12, 2020

    what is good guys and welcome to today’s
    video this is seriously epic like the most specialist video I think I’ve ever
    uploaded on the channel and that is because we are at a brand new circuit
    here in Japan and I am amongst the very first people to be allowed to drift on
    this circuit the first time ever oh it’s kind of snowing a little bit
    that’s insane anyways so I’m here today because of Okachan good morning we’re both pretty kinky but
    we’re also a little bit stressed because of the rainy today’s rainy lady
    Benja danger very danger so yeah we’re hoping for safe driving today no
    accidents or anything like that so hopefully everything goes according to
    plan but the course looks epic let me show you a printout so here is the
    course layout and I am so excited about it you can obviously drive in either
    direction I think the first session we’re going
    out in is this direction but I’m so excited about this because look at this
    huge straight coming into a big sweeping corner a lot of speed can be obtained
    here big angle massive entry coming in through to some kind of like I guess
    monkeys through to another deep corner with a lot of angle that you’ll be able
    to throw in there coming around a nice big sweeper again all the way back
    around and to the straight again this circuit is so cool I can’t wait to
    get out there so enough talking let’s get out there and give it a go and hope
    that I don’t come off tracking total my car because they still haven’t finished
    all like the safety run away zones and yeah obviously there’s some pretty
    gnarly drops out there in certain sections and if I was to gum off they’re
    probably gonna lose a sump so anyways that aside let’s get out there and have
    some fun we’re about to head out on the track to just do like a slow loop around
    and just try and like you know get the hang of the course layout this is so
    exciting here we go there’s also obviously no helmet because we’re just
    cruising around the moment we start drifting helmet and gloves I needed
    always this is so cool brand-new circuit the
    first to be drifting on this however is that Wow
    Man I’m so like nervous about drifting in the wet I’m really surprised at how much
    we got a jump up track for a bit Johnny’s to check out his car but this
    thing is it’s surprisingly really gripped up honestly
    so we now back on the track but in the opposite direction personally I think
    I’m gonna like the other direction more but let’s just get the hang of it and
    see what it’s like yo this is hard this direction is
    insanely fun I wasn’t expecting that a bunch of a wet like that waterfall now Wow Sokka John’s car doesn’t have
    any interior vent so we’re spraying on this anti fog stuff like after every run
    to try and stop it from fogging up we’re gonna go jump in the car with him now
    and he’s going to show me the best line to run for this particular layout
    because I’m kind of struggling in my car to get like a good layout and a good run
    with this layout but it’s still definitely really fun good oh yeah Michael
    Rowena it’s the boss all right so we’re waiting
    first in line to head out and we’re back to the original direction from when we
    first went out and the rain has stopped so I’m pretty pumped about that because
    that means we might be able to get a bit more grip and I could not feel
    comfortable going a bit faster if it’s super patching there’s a lot of wet
    spots and and whatnot then I’m probably gonna play it safe again but it looks
    pretty good right now it looks like it’s pretty gripped out so let’s just go out
    there have some fun relax and try to be smart and not crash that’d be great you
    know oh yeah we got this place to ourselves
    no one’s in line behind me haha let’s see oh it’s so gripped up now oh yes this thing is sorry gripped up now so let’s try like that Scandinavian
    flick my entry into this No oh yeah that’s funny ass alright so your
    Scandinavian flakes work will work really well for an entry that no God
    please no don’t want to try that again no no sofa
    cover third let’s give this shot No I know I just took off my whole front
    bumper I hope everything’s okay just limp it back well Murphy’s Law guys
    if something’s bad is gonna happen it’s gonna happen when you I guess the most
    prepared for it and when I say most prepared I mean I
    literally just finished making this car perfect
    Scott girl’s livery the whole thing and now BAM we crashed it I’m not even upset
    hey I’m actually like like finally we did like obviously it’s not it’s not
    like something I wanted to happen but it happened and it’s okay and honestly we
    got away very very lucky my radiator support seems to be like not even
    tweaked at all just looking over I don’t see any kinks or anything I think we got
    away with that super lucky unfortunately though the blue headlight I don’t know
    if that’s gonna be able to be fixed it’s a nice big cracking it’s all broken in
    there now so I think that’s done intercooler probably gonna need a good
    clean-out and it’s potentially broken um I don’t know though like this is
    definitely kinked up but there’s no holes in there so we should be able to
    get this thing home mainly though it just looks like it’s full of dirt and
    stuff it looks like we looked like it got pushed back in in but it didn’t do
    any damage we’re really really lucky honestly like best-case scenario for
    what just happen like super lucky we just seemed to rip off the whole front
    bar and mess everything up even like my oil cooler and stuff is totally fine
    even though it’s in a position that I really don’t want it in because that’s
    like danger zone just check it out how much dirt is any hang on come on Kevin
    you can show the people how much dirt is in here please
    oh my gosh come on there we go look how much dirt is in this thing it is just
    like man we can create a couple trees in there we plant some pineapple plants in
    there only the oh jeez know about that oh I forgot my GoPro is in here she’s
    still running that would be funny if it caught the crash but yeah we got away
    super super lucky I was expecting way more damage the way it felt from inside
    the car I’ll have a quick look under here yeah
    it looks like we completely didn’t do any damage down here either very lucky
    luckily it’s all soft from the rain I guess no hits or dents to the sump
    either man so lucky so yeah it looks like oh we’re gonna be in for is a new
    bumper because this is like cracked and split in so many different places but
    we’ll be able to zip tie that on and then just new headlight well we’ll
    probably do a pair because I did want to get rid of the blue but I was just
    finally happy with the blue because it matched the livery the best thing about
    it too is all I need to get reprinted for the livery are these side stick is
    and just the PS Tucker logo is in the front like you couldn’t be any luckier
    man seriously we’re you literally got out of this really lucky
    all right I’m ranting on about how amazed I am that we didn’t do any more
    damage but literally we’re just gonna need some more of these pieces like this
    is all like look that that literally broke off the bumper was bolted in sorry
    well the fiberglass told the metal look at that that’s great this side we might be able to bed back
    into shape but you might as well just replace them they’re super cheap they’re
    like twenty dollars from from Nissen so not a big deal
    so I could chance here now and I figured we’d ask him what is exactly does he
    think about me wrecking my Silvia saw that there I really screwed up I panicked because I thought the rear end
    of my car was gonna smash it to the bank so then I kind of like went to spin and
    because I thought I would had it in gear and yeah man mistakes happen but it’s
    okay so before we start fixing anything up one of the best things about this
    place is because it used to be an old rally track they have these high water
    pressure cleaner things here so we’re gonna be able to clean all the mud off
    and then we’ll be able to start zip tying things together and you just put
    like a couple hundred yen in there and then you got full access to a full
    proper high-pressure cleanup so let’s go do that clean this thing up bet I’m
    gonna go over the footage later when I get home and then I’ll film a clip then
    we’ll talk about it but I know I made a bunch of mistakes there and trying to
    recover that and I panicked because I was worried about the rear of my car
    hitting the wall hitting the embankment and then that’s what made me kind of
    like naturally spin even further and yeah is not a good time didn’t also help
    that I completely was in neutral and not in any gear and I was going to clutch
    dump it and just it bounced off a limit up for a little bit there these things
    happen so let’s clean this thing up get all the mud out of here and then we’ll
    zip tie things together and then we’re probably head home so I got the s15 karna back together you
    can see things are just not right there we got zip ties hanging out everywhere
    we’re just gonna run with it I’m not gonna even cut them off Yolo
    I assume that’s so much fun today even though we kind of been in the front of
    the Sylvia it’s still all good and I learned a valuable lesson every time I
    make a mistake you learn a lesson unfortunately I seem to be the type of
    person that always learns the hard way but honestly I’m fine with that because
    I have way more fun learning things the hard way
    and I think I feel better relationships like that as well anyways I’m gonna keep
    packing up and then we’ll continue the video ever man 4 on the top of the
    little Bay’s that they have here it’s kind of an epic view just to give you
    like a really good idea of just how big this circuit is hopefully the drone
    footage I got before it really shows it literally like this place is so cool I’m
    so pumped to come back here when it’s like properly dry and sunny and hot man
    so good and obviously not been it up in the corner out there like I did before you know at first I thought
    anti-clockwise I preferred that I think I prefer clockwise now I don’t know just
    from like driving the two today I think overall I enjoyed clockwise more than
    anti-clockwise I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see how it goes on like a nice hot
    sunny day if my car feels incredibly different today – it’s so much more
    grouped up it’s insane absolutely love it well it’s time to
    head home hopefully my zip tie repairs hold up although I’m sure they will
    because there are cars literally held together with zip ties such a fun day
    literally such a fun day quick PA stop for a snack and a coffee I got all cash on an American dog
    American dog it boys she can’t take the kid out of the oven so taking another
    little break at another PA because I forgot to put gas in my car
    luckily we’ve got the what are they called all I can think of as a Japanese
    where’s Kaioken Jerry can a little Jerry can a container of gas in the back 20
    liters so I’ll pop that in now but one thing about sunrise circuit and natsu is
    that it’s a little bit further than Nicko probably another 30 40 minutes or
    so so when I Drive from Yokohama it probably with no traffic I could
    probably get there in like two and a half hours which really isn’t that bad
    of a driver if I was to be honest because of all the PAS along the highway
    you get to stop at Starbucks and things like that it’s really not that bad
    anyways I’m gonna put some gas in the in the car but since we just said Starbucks
    I think it’s time we did an isomer coffee time because it’s been a while yeah
    went for a mountain emerald emerald man you know what I’m saying well you guys
    saw me buy it at the last BA I just forgot to drink it so good actually it’s
    still warm too actually I just wanted to say the phrase I’m gonna coffee time now
    that I’ve had my ice about a coffee time stopper this car to get some air some
    our coffee time so survey says guys let’s have a look how much did that 20
    liter Jerry can give me in gas gonna give me half a tank ya know
    tee’s we were pretty empty good it out there so I just got hired and I was
    looking over the in-car footage at the crash and it looks like I literally just
    kind of panicked and froze as well as just made some really bad mistakes in
    that moment which is fine I I still haven’t like had a lot of those
    experiences to try and stay calm and collected and really know what I did I
    didn’t put it into gear I left I put it into neutral instead of second gear and
    then when I went to clutch kick to try and like get the wheel spinning and keep
    me from going backwards I just bounced off limiter and then my steering I
    didn’t correct and to keep going back straight I kind of kept it held lock and
    then turned it a bit which encouraged the car once the weight shifted behind
    to then spin me around so yeah a bunch of mistakes but pretty normal I think
    for someone who’s only been driving as much as I have and still needs a lot
    more experience clearly in those situations so live and learn that is
    what it is and with that guys I think I’m gonna wrap up the video here I
    really hope you enjoyed it but before you go anywhere else there’s a link down
    in the description to our cajones youtube channel please go give him some
    love let him know I sent you and with all of that aside as well I do want to
    say a massive thank you to him the whole reason why I’m able to go to these kinds
    of events is because of him and his influence and friends and stuff like
    that so definitely go give him some love guys links down in the description I
    know a lot of these videos are in Japanese but subs do eventually come up
    in the first couple weeks or a couple days and stuff after they go up and I’m
    sure you guys gonna love the content regardless so go check them out and with
    that smash the like button leave us a comment and I’ll see you all in the next
    video peace out ja Matta you

    My South Western Railway week of delays! (and no repays) #TightwadDad Vlog
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    My South Western Railway week of delays! (and no repays) #TightwadDad Vlog

    March 11, 2020

    [Music] So this is a good start. The train has 5 carriages. It’s half a train. It’s 5 carriage train, instead of a 10 carriage
    one. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] It looks pretty busy… and there’s no seats! Cos it’s half a train. On the upside, the company’s going to call
    itself “–Ern Railway” now. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So this is my seat for the one hour journey. Gonna get myself comfortable, I think. [TANNOY:] Usual 10. I’ve just been informed this is due to a brake
    problem on the rear 5 coaches this morning in the depot. I do sincerely apologise for this. This service is half the size of a normal
    service of 5 car. I’ve been informed recently this is due to
    a brake fault on the rear 5 coaches which are in the depot. So we do apologise for the uncomfortable conditions
    up to Waterloo. They’re gonna remove the guards, and replace
    them with full-time apologisers. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [TANNOY:] For the cramped and uncomfortable
    conditions this morning. As most of you well know, this service is
    normally a 10 car. For the last couple of days it’s been a 5
    car. This is not a permanent change. This was just due to I’ve been informed brake
    problems on the rear 5, so I can only apologise. And hope for the rest of the week return to
    a 10 car. Hello South Western Railway. This is what it looks like when half a train
    runs. It’s nice and cosy. Okay so that wasn’t a great start to this
    week of filming this. I can’t move my legs! I’ve been standing for an hour. And holding this at an awkward angle because
    I don’t want to enrage the many people that I’m sharing this train with. Anyway I give this journey a half out of 10. Half for the half train that we got. Man that was ugly. 115 quid — oh and er it was a little bit
    late as well! [Music]
    [Music] What a difference 13 hours makes. Got a completely empty train. Life is good. For this evening. So… I’ll probably give this journey a 10 out of
    10. Solid 10. Knew it was too soon. The guard has just asked for police assistance
    over the tannoy. It’s gonna be okay. It’s all gonna be okay. Ah well. So I’ve now downgraded this score to… erm,
    the journey’s a 7, a gentle 7 out of 10 now. [Music]
    [Music] Okay so that didn’t go so well but you know
    there’s still the rest of the week to go [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    It’s Wednesday, it’s 5 past 7. And I know it’s gonna be a good day
    We’re gonna we’re gonna get solid tens today, I know it. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So that was a nice journey. Got a seat. Ten minutes late so it’s ten minutes
    I give that journey I give it a 9 out of 10 even though it’s 10% late so there’s 10% off
    the mark. So I think that’s fair. I don’t know why it can’t just turn up on
    time, but… guess we’ll call it South Western Railway
    time [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So it’s 10 hours later. And I’m after the 1845. Agh, knew it was to be true
    They’ve run the train short! Look! Instead of 12 carriages, it’s 8. I’m looking at the wrong camera again. It’s 8 carriages – we can’t get on! So it’s a short, short form train again
    I dunno if I can get on. [TANNOY:] If you do require Clapham, please
    return to the platform. Thank you. So I squeezed on. And er it looks like we’re gonna be leaving
    five minutes late So we’ve, there’s the camera, so we’ve left
    late. Again. Let’s see how this goes. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] That wasn’t such a great journey – I got my
    bag strap caught in the door, it was so crowded. I was standing for 45 minutes – it was a good
    job that I’ve got on it and nearly didn’t get on it because it was so crowded, but the
    train behind us the 1900, that got cancelled totally because of a train fault – as well
    as our one being short because of a train fault
    And the 1815 before it was short, because of a train fault so… I guess I should be lucky that we got a train
    at all So that’s a win. But I’m only gonna give this a score of 7. We’re late as well but not late enough to
    get any compensation so I’ll give that journey actually no I was standing I’ll give that
    journey 6 yeah [CRASH!] that train! Oh hello there it’s Thursday morning it’s
    7:15 and I’ve got a good feeling about today I think this might be the day where South
    Western Railway can show us it’s excellence! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So we’re nine minutes late. Late enough to have an impact – Not late enough
    to get any compensation. I think I’ll give that journey… a, a, it’s
    tricky – I’ll give it a nine with some indecision Yeah it’s a solid nine. [Music]
    [Music] So it’s Thursday night – there’s a camera! I keep missing it. It’s Thursday night – going for the 1745. Let’s see if all the carriages are here. Looks like most of them are here. Looks like it’ll also leave on time, so I
    don’t wanna jinx it, but this this could look good. (SINGS) It’s a proper length train! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] Okay so this is going well. We’re on time and there’s a faster service
    that’s going to overtake us so I’ll be able to get on that and maybe get home a bit sooner
    I don’t know why I’m staring you like this. It’s like I’m looking down – I don’t – lift
    it higher that’s what I should do but I feel weird holding the phone this high. I think I’m getting better at this over the
    week, no? Okay I spoke too soon. It’s a third of a train – there’s only four
    carriages. Oh South Western Railway! You keep us hanging on! So this 12 carriage train is only 4 carriages. That’s a third of a train it’s– maybe I should
    shoot all my videos in here? I’m not sure. It’s not exactly soundproof. There’s no water. Oh! [Music]
    Hello it’s five to seven on Friday. Last day of the week yeah! I’ve got this new camera I don’t even know
    if you can see me let alone if I’m in focus I’ve got good hopes for today. I know South Western Railway can pull this
    out of the bag yeah! It’s funny I was thinking last night I’m worried
    that this video will come off as ungrateful or snarky when it absolutely comes from an
    opposite place I feel so grateful in this country that we
    have a rapid mass transit system that’s just there for us as a nation. But anyway let’s see what today brings
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    Okay so my train’s on time – yes! – but it’s another short formation
    It’s 8 carriages instead of twelve but on the upside it’s a Friday, so it’s usually
    a lot quieter on this route on a Friday, so fingers crossed. A lot of people like to not travel in by train. What’s not to like?! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] That’s not the camera: The lights are off. It’s nice and intimate. I actually prefer it like this I think. [TANNOY]
    At Guildford, we were advertised differently. This lead to a couple of minutes extra. I do apologise for the inconvenience this
    will cause to your journeys this morning… So it’s not going quite so well on this journey. We’ve got a level crossing failure. The train was routed into the wrong platform,
    so we’re running about 12 minutes in delay. And, and there’s a third of the train missing. So… not quite there this morning. [Music]
    [Music] Okay, so this is interesting: we’re exactly
    14 minutes late. If we’re one minute later we get compensation,
    and if we don’t lose a minute, we don’t. So fingers crossed
    [Music] Okay so there’s a– there was a, we were routed…
    routed? We were routed into the wrong platform at
    Guildford – there’s a level crossing failure – a third of the train is missing, don’t know
    if you can see that in the background? I’m still looking at the screen instead of
    the camera and we’re sixteen minutes late which is great because that means we’ll get
    some compensation. I’ll put that on screen now, how much I’ll
    get. It takes a couple of weeks to go through
    So that’s gonna be a load, a load of money We’re 15– no 16 minutes late on a one-hour
    journey Ha. But it’s okay, because I now allow an hour
    and a half… [TANNOY ANNOUNCEMENT]
    I now allow an hour and a half extra on my journey time because I might not trust South
    Western Railway so much at the moment [Music]
    [Music] So we’re out seeing a show. We’re going to get very late train, at 2245
    and it looks like it’s gonna leave on time – it looks like all of the carriages are here. So very late on a Friday night… South Western Railway you’re looking good! [Music]
    Oh! It’s not that train! It’s the front of the–
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So that was a good one. That was on time… all the carriages were
    on the train. Well done South Western Railway. So I think what I’ve learnt is, the time to
    travel on South Western Railway is at midnight on Friday… then we’re good. It’s Monday. It’s the last day of this experiment to just
    record a typical week travelling on South Western Railway. The company has cancelled two trains – the
    two trains I was going to get on. So I didn’t rush to the station for it. But just realized I won’t get any compensation
    for that because I don’t actually hold the ticket for the trains that were not going
    to leave. So… don’t know how I would claim for that. Ah well. So, I’ll go and get my ticket now
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    It’s a bit windy So the train straight after the cancellations
    are obviously late. So fingers crossed we can get on this one. [Music]
    Okay so this train’s a bit busy. But the next one’s in ten minutes, it’s delayed
    even more. So… there’s a seat. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [TANNOY: The next station is Guildford]
    [TANNOY:] This is your service up to London Waterloo, this is your Guard. Apologies, we’re now running 20 minutes behind
    schedule. We were delayed as we arrived into Guildford,
    we were delayed further as we were awaiting a second member of crew to head up to Waterloo. So I do apologise for the delay as we are
    running around 20 minutes behind schedule now. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So two trains cancelled and the one next one
    in is 27 minutes late. That’s erm… I think I’ll give, give that – I don’t know
    if you can hear me? I’ll– all I can hear is just apologies on
    tannoys, it’s lovely. So I think I’ll give that journey a soft six
    out of ten It didn’t clonk over to the half hour extra
    compensation so I’m 27 minutes late, I’ll be paid the same as being sixteen minutes
    late, which… is unfortunate. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So the last journey on the last day of this random
    week of travelling with South Western Railway. That last journey there, left at 1800 and
    I’ve got here on time — it might be in one minute late but basically it’s on time, so
    that’s a good one. That’s a good one to end on! Well done South Western Railway! I’ll give that– Oh, I had to stand! I had to stand for half an hour, but but look
    all the carriages were there! It was a twelve coach train with twelve coaches! And it left on time! So one journey – that’s fantastic – to end
    on on this journey high. So that was a random week of me travelling
    on South Western Railway Have you got any comments? What’s it like for you travelling on South
    Western Railway? Or maybe on the train company that serves
    your area – leave a comment below I’d love to hear your stories. And if you’ve reached this point in the video
    my goodness you you’ve come along a long journey with me. You’re awesome! Thank you. Why not express your awesomeness with a thumbs
    up 0 would be lovely to know that someone reached this point of the video. And if you’re feeling even kinder, why not
    hit the subscribe button? Every single subscription is treasured and
    takes us closer to the 1000 subscribers that we’re aiming for. We really appreciate that. I’ll see you on the next video thanks for
    watching! Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers
    just click on his face. Thanks bye! How’s that?

    How NOT to claim South Western Railway Delay Repay | Class 442 smashed #TightwadDad VLOG
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    How NOT to claim South Western Railway Delay Repay | Class 442 smashed #TightwadDad VLOG

    March 10, 2020

    I know let’s get this train. [TRAIN WHOOSH]
    Oh. [MUSIC]
    So this train limping away — it’s Monday the 17th of February — got to the station,
    and things are running on time… even though there’s a storm
    And then I thought ‘oh, I’ll take a picture of myself with this nice old train from 1989,
    and er… oh look it’s going very slowly and…’ its front cab window was smashed. This seems to happen quite a bit on these
    old trains. I believe they’re called Class 442’s. [TANNOY] This service is unsafe for us to
    continue. This service will be terminating here. Would you all change please, all change. I do regret to inform you again that this
    service is being terminated here. This is due to unsafe conditions to carry
    on. Because the window was smashed by a tree,
    they’ve taken it out of service. Some of us punishers… punishers? Some of us passengers wonder how clever it
    is to introduce trains from 1989 through our line in 2020. So anyway good job I took a picture because
    I’ve had my my compensation refused a couple of times. So I’m gonna have to tweet this, which I don’t
    like doing. But erm… it’s the only way I can keep track
    of the trains being taken out of service all the time. So anyway this is delay we’re facing at the
    moment – I’ll screengrab it. I guess we see what time we get to London
    and on what train! That’s the broken train! The window looks better on this side – hey
    maybe we’ll get a shot of it as it goes past! [Music]
    [Music] So I got here at 7 o’clock it’s now just gone
    8 o’clock and the next train looks as if it’s coming into the station now
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] Fingers crossed for this one. Will it be 12 carriages or will it be 8? It’s South Western Railway bingo… Yes! It’s 12 carriages. Oh that’s a result – this is a good start
    to a Monday… an hour after it started [Music]
    Ah, I’m freezing – I can’t feel my hands. [Music]
    [TANNOY:] Once again this service WILL now be calling at Guildford, Worplesdon and Woking
    only. Okay, we’ve just been told that this train’s
    being terminated at Woking. So we’ll see how long this takes. [Music]
    [Music] So this train – the first one through the
    blockage has been terminated early here at Woking. They’ve told us to go to Platform 1. I’ve got to record this, because the Delay
    Repay people – they’ll refuse the refund, when they see that there was a next train
    – even though we’ve got to get all the way from Platform 5 over to Platform 1 in I think
    under a minute, so let’s see how this goes… I’m gonna keep the camera running just to
    show you how quick it takes to be terminated and detrained and find another train
    [TANNOY: Please note the train will only be 6 carriages, so if you’re not able to board
    the next train on platform 2, please remain on the platform. The next available train will be the 0924…] Okay so the next train in is six carriages
    long, we’re 12 carriages, so Delay Repay – the people at Delay Repay will block that payment
    because even though we couldn’t get on the train. [TANNOY]
    “Please stand behind the yellow line please!” [INCOMPREHENSIBLE TANNOY]
    It’s exciting twelve carriages down to six carriage train, let’s see how this works out! Yeah that would be full when it arrives yeah. [TRAIN NOISES]
    [PLATFORM STAFF SHOUTING] Okay, it’s gonna be a bit tricky getting on
    the next train. [TANNOY]
    There’s 12 carriages of us trying to get on. [TANNOY NOISES]
    I know, let’s get this train! [TRAIN NOISE]
    Oh. [Music]
    Ooh, this looks good. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So it’s 0957 which means I’m 1 hour 20 minutes late. They’ll blame it on the storm – but from here
    it looks like more to do with running a 32 year old train with curved windows not coping
    very well with a tree and terminating the next train through – the first train through
    that blockage – South Western Railway chose to terminate that that at Woking. So let’s see how the wonderful people at delay
    repay will reply with this one. I’m sure there’ll be an apology I’m sure there
    will be a good amount of compensation on my £118 ticket! Let’s see what they come up with! So I’ve put the claim in – hello by the way
    I’m Neil – thanks so much for seeing this through to the end… Will I get some compensation from South Western
    Railway? What do you think? Leave me a comment below tell me what you
    think – tell me what your experiences are and down there I’ve also got a link for–
    I’m just giving myself big shadows! In the link below I’ve put the link – that’s
    what it’s called – to the southwest and delay repay site you can try this out for yourself. But anyway I put the claim in – I think I’ve
    got that up on screen now and South Western Railway? Wailway? South Western Railway sent me a refund on
    my £118 pound ticket – I got a grand refund of £5.91 pence. Yes. EXCEPT… then I saw in the corner of the
    email – wait a minute! South Western Railway REDUCED my delay from
    1 hour 16 minutes down to under 59 minutes. South Western Railway just changed my delay! I filled in all the forms, I presented all
    the proof, and the company just went… “Nah. It’s between 30 and 59 minutes.” Completely made up a time to avoid paying
    the extra compensation you get on 60 minutes and over. So I click on the appeal button and I go through
    the appeal process where you have to fill in the form that you filled in the first place
    – from scratch – and I’ve recorded it for your viewing pleasure – you can watch along
    with me how good I am at doing this. I wanted to make sure that I had all my facts
    straight which meant that I was too slow because I kept looking back at my photos and my tweets
    and my screengrabs and my videos I’m sharing with you here right now
    But because I was doing that, this the appeal system just kept logging me out and every
    time you’re logged out – you’ve got to log back in again and start again from scratch. I don’t know why we’ve got a login! You’ve got to start from the beginning of
    your appeal – appeal – every single time you’re logged out. Uploading the tickets, and filling in the
    boxes, and then it hit me. I’ve spent all this time on the delay, and
    the claim for the delay repay, and now the appeal for the delay repay. I don’t think South Western Railway wants
    to give me this few extra quid. They’re going to fight this against me to
    the death. And my breath is taken away in admiration. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe South Western Railway will delight me
    with their response… “Unsuccessful”. So your compensation won’t be increased. If you still believe we make the wrong decision
    after spending what feels like hours of your life on us, please get in touch! Dear [email protected]
    How are you? Me? I thought my 32 year old train with its 1980s
    stylish curved windows, smashed by a tree, was meant to arrive in Waterloo at 0841. I thought you terminated our first train through
    the blockage, early, at Woking, with our full 12 carriages trying to get across three platforms
    to an already full 6 carriages. I thought the next train I could physically
    get on was the 0919 from Yeovil… that was delayed. And I thought that this train actually arrived
    at London Waterloo at 0957. So I thought my delay was 1 hour and 16 minutes. But actually I was wrong. And South Western Railway Delay Repay is teaching
    me a valuable lesson. South Western Railway is teaching me how to
    gain humility. How to nurture patience. And most of all… how to bend the laws of
    physics, space, time and dimension. And I want to learn. I want to learn good. You are the champions. You are WINNERS. And you have completely beaten me. I’m broken! And a little bit… rinsed. Or as your email nails it, “Unsuccessful”. Thanks again, it’s been a blast. Neil, kiss. PS hope the driver is okay. [Music]
    If you have watched to the end thanks so much for being there, I really appreciate it and
    if I can help at all, leave a comment. It’d be lovely to hear from you
    If you could give it a thumbs up it might help some other people to see it and if you
    hit the subscribe button that also helps pump up my videos in YouTube. You don’t have to watch anything I make ever
    again, but every subscription is really appreciated. Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers
    just click on his face. Thanks! Bye! How’s that?

    Bongaon Local এ এত ভিড় কেনো হয়? 😶 | Most Crowded Train Route in Sealdah Line
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    Bongaon Local এ এত ভিড় কেনো হয়? 😶 | Most Crowded Train Route in Sealdah Line

    March 8, 2020

    how long you’ve been doing this daily passengery thing? “About 29+ years” Facebook, WhatsApp or memes, wherever it is…”Bongaon Local” I’m sure you’re familiar with the name! 😁 So guys this is the Bangaon Junction And this is the legendary 8:08AM Bangaon Local Up to here you’re a normal human And the moment you step on here… You become a Superhuman! Just 1 minute left! Just look at this guys! OMG! Please SUBSCRIBE and help us grow. Which station is the most crowded in this route? Its so crowded that you can’t even get off the train! some lost their watch, glasses, phones…its too much crowded! You heard that bro? 😆 People who never visited Bongaon have heard about it! when people come to know that we traveled from Bongaon to Kolkata to make video… They react like this…😅 It would get more crowded? Right? I’m hearing a rumor that… Its less crowded today. Just look around Only two station crossed. And its already flooded! I don’t even want to know what it would be next But wait…Machhalandapur Station is still on the way! Sovon is preparing himself! Now I’m ready! So this is the Machhalandapur Station. We’ve safely laned at Machhalandapur. Nothing happened as we heard before. Thank god! But why we get off at Machhalandapur? Because it was getting too much crowded to shoot video Another fact is… that, trains till around 10AM, don’t have any hawkers in it, cause its too much crowded. So it would be a big miss, if we don’t show you that vendors… selling various kind of food and other things, inside the train That’s why we will get back to Bangaon and start again and we will travel till Sealdah and show you the level of Bongaon Local Machhalandapur has great tea stall here Lets check that out, its on the platform No. 2 A Barasat-Bangaon Local is coming, we will get on… return to Bangaon…And re-board… If anyone in the Bangaon local ever asks you “Dada running?” then please leave the gate to them Or they will push you outside with them Its an unwritten rule here. another fact is the train has not stopped yet some might have got home ‘selling random superstitious stuffs’ where the doctors failed, they came to rescue 😂 bro are you supporting superstitions? 😂😂 you can see its not much crowded 🙄🙄😆 I was standing like this for about 5 minutes 😅 Like any other trains Bongaon Local’s Daily passengers are also famous. With both good and bad sides. But one major good side that I’ve noticed myself that they would offer you their seats at the middle station (Barasat), if you’re standing for so long. That’s humanity! Another thing I’ve seen…cause my own cousin is a daily passenger on this route That they become like family to each other. even though they don’t work at the same office, or don’t know each other before See…you can always do this. You can keep your hand on their shoulder, put your bags on their lap. They won’t mind at all. But you may ask for permission first. So yeah they become friends and family. So I’ve met such an uncle, who is doing this Daily passenger thing how long you’ve been doing this? for about 29+ years 29+ years???!! Habra Local on this route Was there even trains on this route? that long ago? but the fact is why there’s no vendor till now? its really shocking Don’t worry, if we don’t get them we will show them during the return journey… So bro lets show the experience of getting around inside the Bangaon Local? Lets go to that side I didn’t know Sovon was planning to get scolded! Relax bro…Its ok 😂 Just try to make some way Look how he’s relaxing and reading the news paper 😨 He’s like ” I don’t care about the crowd” I’m sure they are gonna kill us 😂 Now decide yourself, why won’t you call them superhuman, who travel like this daily Are you standing straight? you can learn ballet, stretching here 😂 Now I know why there’s no vendor here. Just look at that. We have solution for everything by “Jugad” You made this at home? to use on the train? Pure “Desi Jugad” it looks like the crowd is lessening. cause we almost reached Sealdah We just reached Sealdah. The train is almost empty. cause most of the passenger got off at the Dum Dum Jn. or the Bidhannagar. Now we’ll take the return train to Bangaon and And show you the vendors, and all other stuffs and food so see you…tata “Rest of the story…after the break!”

    #13 THAILANDIA – Railway Market
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    #13 THAILANDIA – Railway Market

    March 6, 2020

    I’m leaving Bangkok I must say it was very hard for me to leave I had found a place in a hostel of Italian friends eat pasta … get-togethers, speaking Italian for me it was super relaxing in fact I am very late behind schedule I can only start again throw me in this new adventure Malaysia direction 560 miles … and off we go! today I made only 43 miles well anyway Today I stop at Samut Songkhram here there is to see the market crossed by a train the Maeklong Railway Market I’m a little tired… I’m a little tired is it worthy? I’ll find out there is no time to be tired on a trip like this … how cool … so cool oh … then the day starts again until the train passes again my throat is dry I reached the area of salt production and it is full of salt vendors at the roadside they sell big incredibly large sacks of salt how beautiful! how beautiful in short, it is full of resorts luxury stuff I’m looking for a temple but unfortunately the battery on my phone died even the power bank is dead in short, it is a situation a little … boh what to do now? I do not know… boh and nothing … but fuc*** it Well, that is a nice awakening today I continue the road south I can see I am in a place for rich people because there’s something I had not seen for a long time ie the cycle path it is brand new and hope it’ll stay with me very long It is a tour de force of 1120 miles in 18 days and now I’m pushing enough so I can rest a bit towards the end I hope to find a few days to pass to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore that sucks something ended up in my eye and I can not get it off I hope to find more rivers from now on because I want to take a bath daily two baths three baths I found my place for the daily rest which is substantially … a burial plot next to the road if you need a pillow but you don’t have anything a bottle and a towel they are fine to make a good pillow beside, it’s really comfy bottle and towel, always resolve now I give myself a pineapple that it’s there looking at me “eat Pierre” how tasty five pounds of pineapple, maybe even 6 and I eat it all! I’m sick when I was still in Siem Reap I got the fever and they told me I had this throat infection the infection is never really healed arrived in Vientiane I returned to the hospital thinking of having defeated it but … I have a sore throat, I feel hot, sweaty I feel all muffled the next town is at 62 miles I really do not feel like riding in these conditions I’m sick but really sick … I’m trying to make a tactical hitchhiking let’s see if someone pulls up hell, I have to go to the hospital I have to understand what I have I am very worried

    productive day in my life: procrastinator tries to not procrastinate
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    productive day in my life: procrastinator tries to not procrastinate

    March 4, 2020

    Hello my friends It’s Nina and it’s the day before the actual day where I’m supposed to be productive but to give some context I got a 7-day free guest pass for a gym I have been wanting to go to a gym for months now and I just got around to convincing myself to get a gym membership or pass for now I’m getting a free guest pass because I actually haven’t visited this gym yet I don’t know how it’s going to be. So tomorrow or today I’m going to try to leave early and go to the gym. Hopefully it all goes smoothly I went to a gym back in 2016, 2017 and then I didn’t anymore I’ve been avoiding getting a gym membership because of my social anxiety I just kept telling myself “oh, I’ll do it later” “I’ll do it someday” but I’ve been pushing it off for a really long time Anyway, I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow or today. See you in the morning So I’m like now realizing what I did. I’m really going to the gym tomorrow, huh? Hopefully I enjoy it It’s so cold I wake up early, but I don’t go outside this early anyway you guys I’m going to the gym now the good thing about filming my days is that it forces me to do stuff this morning I woke up at 6:30 I was gonna leave at 7, but I kept procrastinating going outside. So now it’s 8:00 anywho, we’ll see how today goes and then we’re going to carry out the rest of our day I’m gonna come back and wash up and do my makeup and all that. I’m so cold Let’s do this. It’s the first time going to a gym in a while kind of nervous Hopefully I enjoy this though because I used to like working out I used to like running I used to like working on my strength and all that but it’s been a while I think it’s been like two years now. Let’s go why’s it windy anyway i’m here i am the back from the gym I’m kind of glad that I got a guest pass because I don’t know how I feel about the gym I feel like I might be more of an indoor exercise kind of person away from other people because I felt shy a lot of the time being there But maybe it was because I was trying to film while I was working out I was there for about an hour and a half And it went smoothly but I don’t know how consistence I will be going I think that’s why it’s good to try it out first before you commit yourself to a membership I did appreciate going out really early and now it is 9:50 by the time I get home it’s going to be 10 I’m gonna get my makeup on and then just get on with the rest of my day I didn’t even get to do my workout at the gym because I didn’t know where to go Usually I just spread out my yoga mat at home and then I just do my workout Not really sure how I’m feeling. My experience probably is seven point five out of ten I’m gonna go home wash up, and then I need to go back out to go grocery shopping. I’ll see you guys soon Beautiful day to walk my dogs. My dogs are my only friends So here’s the outfit for today I just got my cropped jeans and my hoodie you guys want to see what song I’m listening to Here’s the song that I’m listening to right now map of the soul 7, so frickin good. Let’s get our face on the makeup is on it is actually quite chilly today I thought today was going to be a warm day But I’m wearing my hoodie and I’m still kind of cold my hair is curling up on the sides like this I think right now I’m going to go grocery shopping a little bit and also buy some stuff for my room I’m going to come back so I can reply to emails and take care of some stuff in my life And today is basically just another reset day I have to get everything prepared I’m going to plan out some future videos and also do my laundry I feel like it’s like required for me to do my laundry in a video. I also have to water my plants I am yet to get joonie a watering pail so I still have that bottle from my Korea trip still haven’t thrown it away Do you guys also want to see this little embroidery that my friend did one of my in real life friends made this little embroidery She’s a childhood friend of mine And so she made this of my merch it looks so accurate like down to the handwriting cuz I made the handwriting myself It’s not a font that you find on the Internet. This is my own handwriting and she replicated it. The colors are spot-on It’s just so cute. And then today’s choice of socks. we’ve got an avocado Cute socks make my day. Let’s get it Proud of you Yes let’s go grocery shopping I’m gonna put my airpods away because that’s dangerous Don’t worry. My tripod is safely secured. Let’s hit the road No, I forgot my produce bags aaaAAAAAA I brought my reusable bags, but not my produce bags. Dang it respect put your hands in the air Put your hands in the air Don’t worry. I’m not going to run you over. I’m an adequate driver. Let’s see if I can park perfectly We’ve safely arrived I’m always worried my BB cream is coming off it’s super bright. Let’s go shopping now i got everything that I needed to get I’m gonna go home now it is so bright. I’ll see you in the next clip I’ve already tried out oatmilk and here it is, it is the original oatly oatmilk. Let’s make an iced latte So I haven’t been taking my vitamins regularly because I don’t know what vitamins to stick to I’ve been having gummy vitamins But I kind of want to move on to tablets just because I don’t want to be a baby anymore So I broke my tablet in half because I can’t swallow the whole one It’s so freaking big I don’t know why they make it this big I don’t know why they can’t just make it smaller and then just make us take two a day eye- I just don’t understand the logic. so i already had one. I almost choked on it I saw my life flash before my eyes it was scary and I have to take another one I’m not ready to go through that again. I’m kind of disappointed. I wish there was like a vitamin free trial as well Now I have a whole container of vitamins to go through. Here we go It’s still in my mouth I swallowed it, ugh I’m looking at the camera time It’s been 12 minutes that took me 10 minutes to swallow i’m so over it Actually, I can’t be over it I have to do this every single frickin day now. Anyway, that’s done Okay, so the light’s not that great for the last one to two hours I got sidetracked and I had to deal with a bunch of admin stuff. I took care of a bunch of emails and other things I couldn’t film any of it because it was very personal see that’s the thing a lot of things happen off-camera but trust me, I’m exhausted now I was actually gonna deal with my emails on camera here but I did it all just now I still have so much to do I don’t think I’m going to do my laundry today Maybe I might I don’t want to sleep late though I’ve also been dealing with taxes and other adult stuff I had to see a tax accountant and just a bunch of things. I think I’m going to plan out my day tomorrow first I think I’ll show you guys what my bullet journal looks like right now I have to kind of cover some things up because there’s a lot of secret information I’ll bring you guys into my journal here is my layout for March It’s pretty much the same thing that I usually do except I added washi tape everywhere. I mostly have birthdays on here And then I wrote some goals and future tasks and then I made tiny little doodles. This is literally the same monthly layout that I always do but I just decorated it a little bit. I will show you my other things Okay so I can’t show you what’s on my brain dump because there are some things that I can’t reveal but here is my lovely habit tracker and that is actually a washi tape. It is a very thick washi tape, but it looks like watercolor paintings So it’s pretty much the same thing as well But I just decorated it a little bit here is an example of a week It is kind of like a Google Calendar except on paper We have the times from 6 a.m. To 10 p.m Here in these boxes I write down important events such as yoora’s birthday on the 19th of March. She’s a Pisces So there’s a little bit of room for that because there won’t be so many events per day but this is the important part I used to write just giant lists of tasks But now I can actually time them out so I can plan my day a little bit better So I have that for every week and on the corner I have all these doodles look at all these plants I used a green marker and a gray marker and just a pen look at it. They’re all different isn’t this adorable Oh my gosh, they’re so cute I haven’t looked at this in a while But now that it’s March I can finally put this to use I am excited So part of me trying to be productive is just having a nice bullet journal layout Bullet journal spread helps to keep me in order Another thing about why I like bullet journaling and why I like doing it myself When I could just buy a planner is that I like how setting up a bullet journal spread kind of slows down time a little bit especially because I feel like life can just be overwhelming, fast paced and when I just sit down to relax and prepare my bullet journal spreads for each month or each week it just literally slows down time You don’t have to have your days planned out to the dot but just having a certain idea I think gives you a sort of guide I do believe that we should live life a little bit freely when we can but on busier days or busier times when things can get hectic I definitely recommend bullet journaling. You don’t even have to bullet journal do you i am doing some background stuff on YouTube I am approving subtitles taking care of all these things that I should have taken care of a while ago It has begun a little sloppy but my first day of vitamins in march my Instagram, I’m not really sure I think I posted yesterday exercise. I can actually mark that I walked my doggies studying Korean i gotta get back on that skin care and then watering joonie looking good except for youtube There will soon be a dot here and that’s when this video is uploaded That is done, I think I’m going to just do my laundry and clean up now I can finally toss my entire room into storage bins. That’s basically my way of cleaning up Next we have this little section here. I just unbuttoned my pants. I got this little storage bin Here’s a cute little storage bin and the bottom fell out I wanted this little box so I can hide stuff in here as you can see everything is visible I have some PR items in here that I’m just going to move into a nice storage box I got three of these I’m just going to kind of toss them in here. Oh, my life is changing already I can just toss more stuff in here. I have complete freedom now i have my photocards in here Literally just toss everything in i actually need this though one box and then we can place this right on top here maybe So this little box has a lot of photocards I have some photo cards on my little vanity here gonna put them safely into this box and put them all in here i have my little stash here I’m going to place it into this just so i have quick access to it Here is the storage box as you can see it fits perfectly. oh that is so cute Would you look at that? It’s nice and neat and then these cords just kind of go under after some cleaning Everything is finally put together I can breathe again My bed is the one place that’s always clean beautiful magical wonderful nice and clean Blue light blocking glasses gonna put them over here I’m supposed to put this in my car all clean now I am hungry. I’m going to have a relaxed dinner And so concludes another day it is actually 9 p.m now I had dinner and then I just put my laundry in the dryer I’m going to take care of that in the morning I don’t want to sleep too late and I’m actually already tired. I’m becoming more grandma as we speak I hope that this was and enjoyable productive day. My living space is nice and clean. I feel a little bit more organized I took care of some tasks that I’ve been wanting to take care of for a while and I just feel a little bit more put together Thank you for joining me on this day and I will see you in my next video. Let me just get up Let’s bring it in as always and I will see you in my next video! Goodbye my friends 🙂

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    February 25, 2020

    Hello, welcome to the video, my father is carrying things in the back, my mother is carrying a suitcase in front. We are now leaving from Khajuraho, India. Why did I make this video? Because in this video we will take the train with mom and dad. Good bye. My father here Although he does not speak English and Hindi,
    made friends, we said goodbye to them Now we go to the train station. When i have been here for years
    I have always traveled by the same trains. Incoming groups, the groups that came to visit me
    I had the same train traveled. Now my mom and dad are famous
    I will get on the Indian trains. We have an 8 hour journey,
    I will show you these. I wish you a pleasant time. Thank you to the temples. Goodbye to the temples.
    -Vallahi, it was beautiful. -I agree. -What do you think about traffic? -Traffic curcuna, No such thing. Who gives these men a driver’s license? Really these guys license for driving like this they deserve it. It is not clear who came from where and where, there is nothing called traffic, no rule no rule! There are 5 different classes on trains in India. One you see behind this, this is an incredibly crowded class. This is referred to as 2nd grade, 5th grade. If you want to travel in this wagon, that only gives you the right to take the train
    you buy from ticket and if you can find a place you are sitting,
    If you can’t find, you are sitting on the ground. You can only travel with this train. Almost the same version of it,
    only bed numbers are determined, that nobody else usually rides but of course this is India,
    where people can travel but at least your bed number
    There is a class with beds. It is 4th level, that is, 4th class tickets. The windows are open for those in the 2nd and the sleeper class. As you can see, everyone is outside
    eats, drinks, throws, spits. Then the air-conditioned classes begin.
    The first 3 classes are also air conditioned. It is divided into 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Now let me go into grade 3. Now this is the class I’m in, the 3rd grade. We switch to air conditioning and pillows are given on the beds, duvet cover is provided and blanket is given. These are definitely not in the 4th and 5th grades. These classes
    the lowest of these air-conditioned 3 classes is AC3, this is AC3. One bed at the top, one bed in the middle and at the bottom there is a single bed. These beds are on this side of the corridor just like this. From a corridor and right and left double beds There are 6 beds here. When we look across the corridor, There are 2 beds here at the top and bottom at the bottom. These are called side corridors. That bed side aisle top,
    This bed side corridor bottom. My favorite on these trains, The bed that I like to travel the most is this bed. In wagons with this triple system, you can sit upright,
    this is the only bed where you can do anything you want. So this is my favorite bed. Now we travel I’ll show you a class 2 wagon szie. This is 2. Curtains are added in this 2nd class wagon. The beds on this side of the corridor are again 2,
    one at the bottom and one at the top. Side top, side bottom. On this side, the difference of the 2nd grade is that, there is one bed at the top and one bed at the bottom. Now you can sit more comfortably on these beds, because they eliminated the middle bed. The 1st class is left behind, I have never seen 1st grade until now,
    I was riding. It seems unnecessarily expensive to me. I am in 2nd grade, In my 3-year history of 9-month India trip I will travel in this class for the first time thanks to them. The class I travel to is always a 4th grade, Passing as a bed,
    your bed number is certain, even if someone wants to share your bed, this is my bed bro brother, i gave your money, please go i will sleep were the classes you might call. Opening the windows,
    These were the classes I traveled. Soon the ticket attendant will come,
    will check our tickets. Then our bed sheets and duvet covers will come. Our blankets are already here, on the beds. There’s 2 beside the pillows,
    there is this side. I don’t know if we sleep or not. -I can not sleep.
    Can’t you sleep? -It’s not possible.
    -Oh really. Good thing there is this phone,
    we go by playing as much as we can. We will look and stop, otherwise time will not pass. -Do not the conditions here bother you? -You sleep if you find a place to put your glasses on? – I will curl aside, if there are sheets, I’m not worth anywhere. -The tickets? 19, 20, 21. -Lights? -Anil, Cafer, Meral. How did you see?
    -I saw it, I was scared, son, wait a minute. -Let’s see. How will this 8 hours pass this way? Let’s have a good journey.
    Think about it. Something inexplicable, I was afraid I was afraid.
    Goodbye. What are you saying mom?
    You didn’t see the others, what is your opinion about this wagon? But since I know your previous videos, I can guess how it is. -You are right. How are we going to spend 8 hours? Even if I didn’t sleep for 2 days,
    If I had slept now, I’d sleep full. -8 hours, my god is not such a thing. -It goes down and walks. – Oh god. -You got the shoes off and you’re getting used to, huh? -Look at the seat or something,
    we sit like a lord of nine villages. -We accept majbur, not getting used to. You know you’re not that bad
    actually time passes. Of course you’re comparing some things. -I was afraid at first, when I came in, I thought we were going to sit in an armchair. -Bed train we will sleep, night ride. Normally this train arrives at 6 am in the morning. We will get off at a few previous stops,
    he is going to Delhi last. – Are they annoying here? – They don’t. -Daddy had 20 minutes waiting, what should we do? Let’s go next to my buddy.
    So let’s close the veil of the mother. -5th grade is your buddy? – Where I went now, my son is very interesting.
    Was it 5th grade? -5th grade. Come, let’s go to the other side
    come to my bros, come on walk – Now they’re waiting in line to ride, Dad, people are waiting in line to get settled and get on. -Thank you. -They love to take photos. They come wherever they see. My father is still shooting people as if he was shooting a documentary,
    sounds very interesting. These started to seem normal to me now, I have been on these trains more than 100 times
    I have traveled. I have traveled more than 100 times on these trains but my father sees something like this for the first time. so the bad situation in Türkiye
    probably not. So it sounds much more interesting to my dad, he is shooting his videos so as not to forget now, When he returned to Turkey in order to remember
    continues to shoot videos. -Shake, say hello. -Father, what do you think, these trains, the class we ride, about what you see? – Stop seeing my son, I’ve never heard of a train like this. But in a country with a population of 1.5 billion, There is probably more, there is no way to be a high speed train. Sounds like it. How interesting. People are something inexplicable. It has never been in Turkey?
    Have you ever seen such a train? -No I did not see, Are these people going to travel 7 hours or 8 hours? There are 8 who will do, There are 12 to do, 3 to 4 to do, varies. And most of them will be standing.
    -Subject. -Most of them will go by shaking the door, maybe for hours. – They couldn’t get in the bank, we just saw it. I’m in surprise, I am very surprised. Oh god, these people are hard work. I guess the managers here are saying, What we handle Turkey nice if our hands. 80 million population. -A man is surprised. – Surprised, huh?
    -Sure honey. – Come on, look at the toilet and the toilet,
    This is a sink, There is a staple, it will flow up if you lift it like this. There’s a toilet here,
    there is also a toilet here. Let’s take a look inside. -I’ll show it right now. It doesn’t open. Açılmıyor. Shall we make the bed? -Are you going to sleep?
    -I will not go to bed, son, I will not go to bed. -What do you say, son, who is in the world?
    oh let me take a breath like this -Really? -Vallahi on me, it’s too hot to get a blanket. We were surprised at first but we got used to it later. These are the benefits of being a peasant child. -Ofcourse.
    -You wouldn’t sleep? -I got used to informal, I got used to sleeping.
    Come on, good night. Goodnight. Ugh. Mother, will you continue to sit like that? What the hell is my son? Because I will leave from India
    I feel sorry for one thing. Where can I find such a colorful life? You go out on the street, have a boar, have a camel, have a cow, he has a dog, everything is intertwined. Nobody hurts anyone,
    so are people. It blah blah traffic in the country, though in Turkey sound the horn, two times behind it,
    play a little hard, Iniverir ‘What’s wrong? he says. ‘What are you shouting and calling?’ he says. Nobody here is getting angry with anyone. Even light touches in traffic
    the front or the back, he never says to me after that,
    he looks away and goes away. It doesn’t come down, even the side mirrors are closed,
    side mirrors. That’s why she always looks at something,
    The men looking in front of him. Did you turn your head and look left and right
    I swear to someone. Something incomprehensible, allah allah. Those horn sounds, Jove billahi at our wedding procession
    not so much horn. But before you live at work, unknown friends,
    very different. To those who died without seeing that India
    I am sorry now. – Thanks daddy, good night.
    Good night, son. -Mom, wake up when it comes to Agra. Okay? How many stops, Agra? – We should have arrived at 02.20. How are we going to spend 8 hours? -I can not sleep. Can’t you sleep?
    -It’s not possible. -Father, Did you sleep well? – My eye is closed, like awake, asleep. -Mother slept well? -Come on dear. I never slept.
    – Don’t do it now. -I just woke up. Wake up and dear. Nothing to do, accept this fact.
    You slept well on the Indian train, mom. From Hopelessness. Yes, we are prepared, we are getting off.
    The journey was good. They both slept,
    although they say we didn’t sleep, They sleep. We’re coming to the station, now we’re going down. We expect ready continents at the door. We got off the train, the train is going.
    It’s 02.40. We got off the train at this hour. We will go to the hotel, sleep and
    we will continue our trip. To watch other videos of the trip,
    To watch other videos with mom and dad, please subscribe to my channel. If you liked the video, leave a like below and what you want to say,
    if you have something to share, Let’s chat in the comments. See you in the next video.