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    Day in My Life | Living in Japan

    September 22, 2019

    *alarm* *whistling* Now, I remember the good old days when I used to look forward to breakfast with things like eggs, sausages, bacon, omelets; now, now it’s just oatmeal. About four months ago, I decided to switch to a healthy breakfast. It was part of my incredible plan to gradually lose weight throughout the year so my breakfast routine has been comprised of oatmeal, black coffee and a banana. Only problem is, I still haven’t lost any weight; this breakfast routine has failed to bear any fruit. Well, apart from the banana. In hindsight it might be because, after preparing the healthy, nutritious oatmeal, I have to drench it with at least one liter of maple syrup to make it edible. Yeah, Canadian culture! Only reason I decided to do a vlog today of all days, is because I suspect today could be slightly above average day. I’ll get onto it in a minute, why that might be. Suffice to say, it might involve going to Tokyo and being on Japanese TV. *Might* be, because I don’t – even I don’t know to be honest. A day in my life vlog, until now – is – y’know, what day should you do a day in your life vlog? You never know what life might throw at you in any – in any given day. For example, yesterday when I woke up I never thought, by the end of the day I would have bought a brand new oven glove especially as one as flimsy and as tacky as this. But its true value lies here on the back of the oven glove with this powerful philosophical statement, which resonated with me on an emotional level. I’ll read it out, it says: This is me. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. And I read that and I thought, “Yes, that is me. That is how I define accomplishment.” Only thing that compromises that bold statement here is the question underneath, and it’s a question that reads: “What your favorit color?” What your favorit color? Uh, I don’t know who thought that was a necessary addition to the glove seems like a pretty poor follow-up question to an otherwise reasonable statement. You know, it’d be a bit like Sarah Connor in the Terminator turning to her son John and saying, “John, there is no fate, but what we make for ourselves. Oh, and by the way, what your favorit animal?!” It’s outside of having a shower, eating breakfast, and examining oven gloves; The only other habit I have, the only other morning routine I do is I write out one chapter from a Japanese textbook. In this case, the Intermediate Japanese Grammar Guide. I don’t have as much time as I used to when it comes to learning Japanese. This is the one thing I pretty much do now, every day. Like I really enjoy studying Japanese and even though my handwriting is atrocious, I really enjoy doing it. I know when I’ve done this, I’ve done one good thing today, you know. Even if the rest of the day goes to shit, I’ve done something that I could be happy about. Oh my god. Now that is what I call a Christmas tree. Yeah, look at those lights. Look at that. All ready to go for Christmas, all ready to go for December. So, about to pack the bags, go to Tokyo, and while I’m doing it I’ll fill you in on why we’re going in the first place. So every year in Japan they have a big annual awards thing for the 30 keywords of the year. 30 keywords that summarize the year’s annual events. I think last year the keywords were “Shinzo Abe” (the Prime Minister of Japan) maybe “Donald Trump”, and “fake news” but there’s 30 of them, and somebody who represents that keyword will come on stage and get the award in front of loads of cameras and stuff and it’s a really big, kind of event throughout Japan on the news, and this year one of the top ten keywords is “J-Alert”. Now J-Alert is the system which notifies you in an emergency. For example, like an earthquake or a tsunami, your phone will ring and go off and vibrate to kind of notify you about the emergency. And J-Alert also happens when there’s a North Korean missile. You probably know where this is going. They apparently – they saw my video where I got woken up by the North Korean missile by J-Alert, right, they saw that and thought I would be a good representative for the word J-Alert. So I’ve got go to Tokyo and accept this kind of award for the keyword in front loads of cameras and stuff and it’s really weird, and I don’t know much about it other than that, but I’m a little bit nervous. I don’t really know what to expect, it might be good, it might not be good, but we are gonna find out. Fortunately I’ve got help on the way. Ryotaro – my friend Ryotaro is gonna be joining me down there to kind of help me out. I told a good friend of mine about this award yesterday, and he said to me that it sounded like a “Sick award, mate!” Yeah, it’s “sick”, and I thought, why do people use the word “sick” in that context? It really annoys me. When did that become a popular word? If somebody says to me, “Yeah, that was sick mate!” I literally just picture a puddle of sick in my mind. I don’t want to, you know, I don’t want to, but it’s just there – a puddle, a puddle of sick and it’s horrible, so So we’ve got to ride the Shinkansen bullet train to Tokyo today, but I’m feeling a little bit anxious. There was an event last week that shook Japan to its core: A train – a train left the station 20 seconds early. They were supposed to leave the station at 9:44:40 but it left at 9:44:20. What happened next was a global media storm, and even though the train company apologized, the damage – the damage was done, so I’m keen to get there 20 seconds early today especially as we’ve got to do at least one swanky time-lapse of Sendai before we go, so let’s get a move on. Just did the time-lapse, it came out pretty well. I would say – I would go so far to say it was *sick*. But as I came out the building while I was doing it, I noticed there was loads of people standing around I peeked at someone’s phone, and they’re all playing Pokemon Go. I thought that died out ages ago. I didn’t realize that was still a thing. I know I never got into it. Thought it was a waste of time – time better spent doing time lapses, and actually there’s people here: They’re playing Pokemon Go as well. Didn’t even notice. Right then. Onwards to Tokyo. (machine) Ticket and coin. So, we’re on the train. Didn’t leave 20 seconds early this time. My little bento to see me through the trip: I think it’s chicken or pork or something. Should be there in 90 minutes. So I’m gonna get some work done and have some lunch. Looks alright, it’s not gonna win any prizes for looking too nice, though. Yeah, let’s tuck in. Second coffee of the day – much needed. Especially as we’re gonna be passing through Tokyo Station soon, the eighth busiest station in the world. I hate it. Whenever I go there I feel so overwhelmed and to go from like, Sendai, which is in the countryside, which is, you know, there’s not that many people here – to go from there to all of a sudden be flooded with hundreds and thousands of people standing around. It’s just kind of a really intense transition, and – so yeah, need to be prepared. That’s where coffee comes in. So now we’ve got to go to the Imperial Hotel and I don’t know where that is. Whilst Tokyo Station might be pretty chaotic, the area around it is actually really nice. It’s very relaxed, chilled out. In many ways, it feels very different from the rest of Tokyo. The streets are really, kind of huge, there’s trees, unbelievably, and lots of coffee shops. It’s just a nice place to just chill out and relax. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed in Tokyo, this is the area: Tokyo Station. Just got an angry phone call from Ryotaro: “I’m in the lobby by the Christmas tree. Where are you?” We’re here at the Imperial Hotel though. Looks rather grand, it’s huge. All right, let’s go and find Mr. Grumpy. (Chris) Hey! (Ryotaro) What’re you doing? (Chris) Vlogging. (Ryotaro) Vlogging? (Chris) Gonna be a vlogger today. (Ryotaro) Yeah? (Chris) Say something profound, quick. (Ryotaro) Profound? (Chris) Yeah, quick. (Ryotaro) Today’s the day. (Chris) Today’s the day? (Ryotaro) Right. For us. (Chris) You got a haircut. (Ryotaro) Yeah, yeah, I got a haircut. (Chris) All right, let’s go. Have you been here before? (Ryotaro) Yes, I have. (Chris) Many times? (Ryotaro) Yeah, many times. (Chris) Of course you have. Luxurious, decadent man. So, we’re in the room. Ryotaro’s gonna come and meet us down here in a minute. Coffee’s on the way. It’s the most important thing whenever you get into a hotel room. Between you and me I don’t think I’d stay here. It seems a bit expensive for what it is. It’s more about the reputation, right, than actually being something that’s good. Still, we’ll find out. Oh, the coffee’s ready. (Ryotaro) Hey, brother. (Chris) What’d you just say? “Hey, brother”? From my room, actually I can look over the Imperial Palace (Chris) You bastard. (Ryotaro) Cup of coffee. (Chris) Here’s your coffee, your lordship. (Ryotaro) Thank you. (Chris) All right, they gave us the rundown on what’s happening. So, this – this award it’s like a TV show that they have every year. (Ryotaro) From, like tonight and, in every single news that you – that gets broadcasted in Japan will cover on that. (Chris) Bloody – (Ryotaro) Amazing. (Chris) Bit scary, isn’t it. (Ryotaro) It is, it is. (Chris) Will I be on the front cover of Time magazine? (Ryotaro) I’m not sure about that. (Chris) I’ve been let down by the media time and time again. About two months ago I was told I’d be on ITV News and I was, for like ten seconds, then there was the BBC live interview where my iPhone died and it’s just like, yeah, there never seems to be – Close, but no cigar. (Ryotaro) Yeah, see, like you don’t – you shouldn’t put, like too much expectation on that But, the fact is, they have chosen 30 words, and we are chosen within those first ten. (Chris) First ten? First ten? (Ryotaro) First ten. (Chris) Do you know where? (Ryotaro) Don’t know. (Chris) Could we be number one? (Ryotaro) Nah, nah, nah. J-Alert? Nah. (Chris) Can’t be number one. Although it could get political, with the whole North Korean thing. Maybe they want to be like, “Ah, war with North Korea! J-Alert! Whoa!” Shame we’re not first though. People say it’s taking part that counts, it’s not. It’s coming first. Everyone knows that. Taking part, load of rubbish. If you don’t win, you’re nothing. Write that down, put it on your wall. That’s the quote of the day. So, go up on stage, do I have to say anything? (Ryotaro) I don’t know – oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yes, they will. (Chris) What do I say? (high pitched voice) (laughs) They’ll be like, they’ll be like “Welp.” In that voice. Just scare everyone. I’ve got the Fuck Sake t-shirt, can I wear that on stage? (Ryotaro) I don’t know. I don’t know. (Chris) Something like that could be good. Free million dollar – Ryotaro, we have a situation My t-shirt, look how crinkled it is, wrinkled, wrinkled, crinkled. Can’t go on a TV show with like, a few million people watching it, with a t-shirt that looks like that. (Ryotaro) Yeah, that’s a Youtuber. So we dress like a Youtuber. It just tells what it is, you know? Tells the reality. How you live. (Chris) But I’m better than this. (Ryotaro) I didn’t know that. (Chris) I’ll show him. Hi, could I have the ironing board, please? Thank you very much. Aha, so I got the ironing board. The only problem is, I’ve only ironed clothes like, once in my life. I tend to just get them out the washing machine and then hang them up in a nice way and they didn’t get creased anyway, but how does this – what do we do? Shit. Genuinely no idea how this works. I don’t really know – oh, the light? No? I like to think I’m pretty good at technology: computers, tablets, phones, whatever Give me an iron though, and it’s game over. I haven’t a clue how to use this fuck- Look, there’s a light, but then – Do I – Then, and how do you put that in there? Doesn’t look right. See, this is the reason I don’t do day in my life vlogs, because stupid shit like this happens every day. I had to give a talk last week to some students in high school about careers and the life of a Youtuber, and lots of people ask me what it’s like, would I encourage other people to do it, and I don’t know if I would, really. When I started doing YouTube stuff, I didn’t anticipate all this, you know. You just, I started off in an apartment holding a camera and talking to myself, in fact pretty much like I’m doing now, but in a hotel room. And for me, the real kick I get out of doing YouTube isn’t the presenting bit. I’m not that good at that, and I don’t really enjoy it as much as you’d probably think. I like the writing, I like the editing. I like the overall creation aspect of being a vlogger and filmmaking. It’s just, I never had anyone who could present the videos for me. So I could kind of hide around to the back of the camera. So sometimes I find it more difficult than you’d think, to be enthusiastic about it all but generally, you know, I’m very grateful, very lucky for the opportunities that come about through doing this, and Yeah, I think tonight is gonna be quite fun and quite interesting. At the very least, it’s nice to be in Tokyo at the Imperial Hotel learning how to iron things. I failed, I completely failed. I’m gonna have to just cover myself with the black jumper and wing it. What an idiot. We go up in stage in half an hour. You ready? Yeah. You’re not? You look nervous. Way more nervous than usual. Oh god, I’ll have to wing it. I haven’t had enough coffee for this either. Pretty nervous. Why happens if you fall over on stage in front of all the cameras? (Ryotaro) Yeah, you do that. (Chris) We’ll do it. Try and trip you up. (in Japanese) J-Alert! (in Japanese) Yeah, it was, it’s pretty scary having that kind of attention. For example, I was on the television in the UK and many websites, and they treated me like a specialist on North Korea even though I was just a Youtuber who got woken up. My Mum thought it was very crazy, very crazy experience. That was crazy. We got the award, and then we had to sit on a table in front of about, there must have been about two to three hundred cameras there, from news sites all around Japan and I got there, this little award, which is kind of cool and funky and Yeah, pretty – pretty scary, but not too bad – not too bad and Don’t really know what to think. While we were having our photos taken, there was a huge banquet – a huge sprawling banquet the likes of which I’ve never seen. I was so excited to get stuck into it, but by the time we got there, all gone. All of it! (Ryotaro) No meat, no fish, not even the salad. (Chris) Yeah. So after all that, doing whatever that was, there’s no food, so (Ryotaro) Made us hungry. (Chris) We’re now going out into the streets of Tokyo to try and find something to eat. Whoa. (Chris, deep voice) Through the fires, but champion will rise. Oh, oh wait. I genuinely can’t see you through this steam. How many times do you eat out a week, do you reckon? Five times a week? (Ryotaro) How many times do you? Three or four? Not by choice – usually because I’m on the go My dinners aren’t quite as luxurious as this, usually. Still, it’s a special occasion, right? Ryotaro got a haircut! Yeah! So, finally got shot of Ryotaro, and I’ve got the award here, thought would have a closer look at what’s in the box? What’s in the box??! Always wanted to do that. All right, so this is the award that I got on stage And it says *gendai yougo no kiso chishiki*, which means “general basic terminology of modern language”. That’s what it means. The relevance, of course, is that the whole thing was about keywords, like modern-day keywords. And in my case the keyword was: J-Alert. J-Alert – there it is. There’s a little clock. Not sure what the relevance of the clock is, but the fact that it’s ten to 10:00 is an indication of why I look so tired and crap at the moment. The only thing that worries me is, when I was on stage I had this very dry mouth and I was kind of doing this weird thing where I was kind of going and I really hope they didn’t pick that up. I definitely would have done, but let’s have a look. Let’s inspect the damage. The Mission Impossible soundtrack. Oh my god. All right. Watch there. Aw, fuck, there it is. Look, aw. In hindsight, I probably could have done it in Japanese and I quite wanted to, but we needed an excuse to get Ryotaro on stage and so he came on as my “translator”, and Yeah, but fuck the mouth thing. What’s all that about? So the fun is officially over, and I’m about to do some editing for an hour before I go to bed, but first: Let’s raid the fridge and see what complimentary food and drinks there are. Ohh. I don’t normally do this, as it’s quite expensive, but seeing as I didn’t have to pay for the hotel, I feel like I can let myself off this once. Apple juice, yeah, and peach juice, yeah, and Chocolate. Job done. Yes. Merlot? No, no alcohol tonight. I already had my fun for one day. So it’s 11 past midnight, and finally tucked in bed. Don’t know why I ate those chocolates, it was a stupid idea, especially before bed. Don’t do that. I don’t think much will come from the award thing today, but you know what? I had a good day. It was quite fun. It’s always – it’s always nice to have an excuse to come to Tokyo, and I think it’s led to a slight surge in views to the North Korean missile video Here’s a comment from Aaron Chung who says, “Don’t say bad words like ‘fuck’, you lose subs that way!” Yeah, you’re probably right Aaron. Probably right, mate. But you know what? I don’t give a fuck anymore. Thing is, after getting a few hundred thousand subscribers, I’ve started to become really self-conscious about the way I act on video, because you think, well, lots of important people could be watching this. You. You could be an important person. So, you know, you do become self-conscious, but I’m trying to learn to let go of that feeling and not not give a shit anymore. Maybe in a way that’s why I did this day in the life video. To kind of go behind the scenes and show what I’m like when I’m not really thinking things through, and I’m literally just filming myself doing something on an average day or slightly above average day. But for now guys, as always guys, many thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time. That fucking iron is looking at me. I can feel it smirking, mocking me. It is pretty shocking that I don’t know how to iron after all these years. Probably gonna have to learn somehow, one day, someone will teach me, no doubt, the way of the ironing.

    Visit Okinawa Japan – Travel through Naha city by monorail
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    Visit Okinawa Japan – Travel through Naha city by monorail

    September 11, 2019

    皆さま、はいたーい! ミス沖縄2018スカイブルーの山城美希とコバルトブルーの宮平かなです! 本日は沖縄都市モノレールを使用して、那覇市の観光スポットをご紹介致します。 沖縄都市モノレールは那覇空港駅を始点とし、首里駅を終点とする沖縄を支える公共交通機関です。 切符の購入の仕方は非常に簡単です。 お金を入れて行先を選択するだけ もちろん多言語対応もしております 一日乗車券なども便利な乗り放題切符のほか 沖縄観光PR大使のマハエとマハローの乗った便利でかわいらしいICカードもございますよ! 切符を購入した後は、バーコードをリーダーに読ませるだけで駅構内に入ることができます。 切符は駅を降りる際も使用致しますのでなくさないようにしましょう。 それでは早速参りましょう! まず 最初 の 行先 は? 沖縄といったらまずここ!国際通りへと参りましょう! 国際通りの最寄り駅である牧志駅は、那覇空港から約16分 やちむん通りや第一牧志公設市場には、牧志駅で降りることをおすすめ致します。 2階の食堂では、1階で購入した食材をその場で調理し頂くこともできますよ。 散策途中におしゃれなカフェで、一息休憩することもおすすめです。 次どこいく? 沖縄の歴史を学びに首里城へと参りましょう! 首里城の最寄り駅である首里駅は、先ほどの国際通りのある牧志駅から約11分の位置にあります。 首里城は沖縄の歴史や文化を象徴した城で 1992年に国営公園として復元されました。 2000年には世界遺産にも登録されています。 書院の隣にある「鎖之間」では、琉球王朝時代の伝統菓子やお茶を味わうことができますよ。 首里城には那覇市の街並みを眺めることができるスポットもございますよ! 皆さま
    沖縄都市モノレールを使った那覇の観光スポット巡りはいかがでしたでしょうか。 沖縄都市モノレールを利用すれば、効率良く那覇市の観光スポットを巡ることができます。 このビデオが皆様のお役に立つことを願っています! それでは!またやーたい!



    September 9, 2019

    [Applause] right now we are in trying system if you watch before the previous video about having a martini now there’s a new system and Artie instead on trial so it’s free for anyone to come and try it it has to one of them is working now which is we are in North Jakarta a little bit kiss so we will try it now you can get your tickets a ticket online business my ticket dear and once you get here you can change this ticket the kiosk a card this is a card oh my god so we will try it now [Music] so guys this is the trainee by the way is it nice when I [Music] we would try it now we would try to go all the way in the track and by the way it’s five point eight kilometers long it’s a long drought we will try a Tesco [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] was not very jammed with people it was air-conditioned so guys that was our trip in the Algarve a new transportation system we went from north to the world by South Boulevard then we to do romance equestrian station and now we are at velodrome station the last of five it took us only 13 minutes and trust me if you wanted to use a car to cross this distance maybe taking you 45 minutes to 1 hour so it’s very convenient to use they’re comfortable and new and they have air conditions all over the cars I advise you to try it if you ever come to Jakarta these guys like this video comment and share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe my channel [Music] you


    Riding a Train in India | 8 Hours on an Indian Train Rajasthan

    September 6, 2019

    People in India are very friendly. And if you have issues in personal space, this might not be your country. This guy’s a total stranger. We haven’t met. What’s your name? My name’s Alex. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Welcome to India. Thank you. All right everybody, let us introduce you guys to our fixer and friend here. This is Parve. Parve has a blog, a travel blog. It’s called How I He also has a YouTube channel. We’ll link it in the description, but he is our cultural guy. He’s helping us get through some of the more difficult and tricky aspects of Indian society. But we’re about to board a train, which is quintessential India. I’ve never done it before. Marko is the only one who has. I’ve insisted some point we have to take a train. This is going to be an experience. Let’s go get some food. Let’s get some snacks and let’s board because we’re going Udaipur in a few minutes. So we’re going to be in the chair car. I don’t know what that means. Hopefully, there are chairs. Indian society is definitely structured in hierarchy, and the train reflects that. There’s first class; there’s second class; there’s third class And then there’s unreserved class, which is no seats, just a big car full of people. We’re going in chair class, which is a daytime seat, and it should be an experience. I think this is our wagon right here. All right guys, first the snacks have arrived. We’ve got some chai. All right, we’re off. The train to Udaipur from Jaipur has begun. One of the coolest things about the trains in India is that you can just hang off the side. This is going to be quite the adventure. Are you ready? You ready? Yeah. I have no idea who he is, but he’s friendly. If you know me, you know that I love trains, and India has some of the best trains in the world. I first started using trains when I was working here after college, and I would be working in the sugar fields of Karnataka in the south and I’d go between Mumbai and Karnataka. India’s train system was built by the British during the colonial period. On one hand it was to extract resources, on the other was part of their mission to civilize India by bringing trains, administration, and sanitation, etc. But the way they built it was designed so that the Indians could not use the trains to fight the British. They made them of different railway gages: wide gage, standard gage, narrow gage so that Indians could not move troops around the country to fight the British during an uprising. Every single state has different gages, and to this day they are trying to rip out the old tracks and make it uniform across the country. But there are certain towns that are dedicated to only being railway stations where you change from one gage to the next. Ting, ting chai. Each chai is ten rupees. Three teas is fifty cents. This is the station of Ajmer. It’s near Pushar. It’s super crowded and very busy; lots of colors. Interesting smells. We’re going to be coming back here at the end of this trip to go that Pushkar Camel Festival. You can see that people are already flooding into this town to buy and sell camels at Pushkar, which is not far. Ajmer itself is a Muslim holy place. There’re pilgrims; there’re merchants; there’re travellers; and there’s us, all in the thick of it, and it’s pretty awesome. All aboard! There’s our train. Let’s go. This is fun, bro. Mark has always been talking up the Indian train experience. And not going to lie. Definitely worth it. Super rad. It’s not just… you’d think I have a bias in favor of trains. I do, but it’s generally awesome. Hanging out of the train is definitely my favorite pastime. I have a collection of photos I’ve taken of myself hanging out of trains back in the day. And I love it. But it’s funny because you get this… if you look out the side and train there’s just this steady stream of trash. And that’s because initially tea and food was served on biodegradable things like clay pots. Now it’s in plastic cups, and people still throw it out the side of the train. There’s always trash. We have been on the train for quite a while. I would say probably about five or six hours. We still have two hours left. It’s dinnertime, as you can hear from the crying baby. Always very hungry. We got dinner. I don’t know what it is. It’s like a little veg- cutlet thing with some potato maybe in there and some bread, some buttered bread with some ketchup. Carlos lost it. At least it went into the spot. We’re in Chittorgarh, which is where this huge UNESCO World Heritage port is- one of the biggest ports in Asia. But we were trying to go here but kind of ran out of time. The thing about India is you’ve got to try to do less, less, less because things take time here, and it’s a huge country with a lot of distance.. So maybe next time. But for now, we head to Udaipur. Super cool to see you can sit down, have a picnic in the middle of the train station. They’re eating from these things called tiffins. Tiffins are basically an Indian way of carrying food around. It’s like Tupperware, but you can put a bunch of these metal canisters on top of one another and carry them as a unit. These guys just sat down and started having dinner. It’s pretty chill. A little bit of newspaper, some food, good company, and you’re set. Okay dinner break is over. Back onto the train. Goodbye. Alright ladies and gentlemen… 8 hours later. We have arrived to Udaipur, and we have a lot more adventures coming at you guys soon. This has been an adventure in itself. Traveling in India is an adventure. Amen. Tomorrow we’re going to be going through Udaipur, which is known as the Venice of India, and you’ll see why. So stay tuned. If you like this video give a thumbs- up, share with your travel buddies, and subscribe to Vagabrothers And turn on notifications, if you have not already. And in the meantime remember stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys and girls on the road. Peace.

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    September 2, 2019

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    queste devono essere dotate di smartphone o tablet e di una buona connessione dati nel
    caso degli U2 questo è il terzo concerto e più persone veramente tante persone trasmettono
    il concerto live sia in video che audio sono riuscito a seguire tutti e tre i concerti
    senza molti problemi senza troppe ricerche proprio perché’è una marea di gente che è
    così generosa e così disponibile a mandare in onda lo streaming del concerto quindi ora
    vedremo due app la prima si chiama Periscope che è di Twitter ed è un app per chi non
    la dovesse conoscere che consente all’utente di trasmettere un video in streaming un video live
    l’altra invece si chiama Mixlr spero di averla detta bene ed è un’app che consente di condividere
    lo streaming audio entrambe sono gratuite e sono disponibili sia su sito web quindi
    è possibile accedervi tramite mac o pc oppure tramite le relative app su smartphone e tablet
    adesso andiamo a vedere Periscope che secondo me è quella più interessante è troppo bello
    vedere un evento di quel tipo in video in streaming in diretta vi assicuro che la prima
    data quella di Vancouver è stata incredibile perché io ero qua in Italia e gli U2 erano
    a Vancouver era come se fossi lì non è proprio così uguale però è bellissimo pensare che
    quello che sta accadendo là lo sto guardando anche io in diretta nello stesso momento è
    veramente incredibile una tecnologia fantastica le applicazioni come dicevo sono gratuite
    è possibile accedervi con una registrazione molto semplice tramite l’account Facebook
    o Twitter oppure tramite l’indirizzo email ed una volta entrati poi su Periscope avremo
    la possibilità di cercare tramite la geolocalizzazione le trasmissioni basterà cercare nella mappa
    il luogo dell’evento e tramite il filtro trasmissioni in diretta sarà possibile visualizzare ed
    assistere alle trasmissioni live gli altri pallini invece quelli azzurrini sono riferiti a trasmissioni
    appena concluse con l’altra applicazione invece si avrà la possibilità di ricercare un utente
    e poi ascoltare il suo feed live è possibile anche seguirlo in modo poi da effettuare un
    filtro ai prossimi concerti ai prossimi eventi e avere subito sottocchio sottomano il suo nome e il suo
    feed così da poter accedere in modo immediato allo streaming audio le qualità audio e video
    non sono eccezionali non aspettatevi niente di straordinario nella maggior parte dei casi
    sono abbastanza sgranate le immagini l’audio non è bellissimo diciamo accettabile questi
    streaming di solito vengono realizzati con l’ausilio di dispositivi mobile senza accessori
    esterni come microfoni o lenti particolari quindi purtroppo la qualità video è quella
    che è dipenderà anche tanto dalla connessione che utilizzerà chi sta effettuando lo streaming
    che nei casi di eventi di concerti etc. le reti sono sempre sotto pressione dipenderà anche
    tanto dalla connessione che avrete voi attiva in quel momento vi lascio in descrizione i
    link per gli streaming audio i prossimi concerti degli U2 se siete fan si terranno Sabato e
    Domenica prossima proprio questa mentre per gli streaming video quindi su Periscope vi
    consiglio la ricerca tramite geolocalizzazione è il modo migliore per accedere a feed di
    utenti sconosciuti o che magari si sono registrati proprio per quell’evento e quindi tramite
    questo sistema riuscirete a seguire quasi o tutto il concerto senza grossi problemi
    mi raccomando sempre vigili perché durante il concerto può capitare che la connessione
    cada o l’utente decida di interrompere la trasmissione in quel caso basterà andare
    sulla mappa è l’app aggiornerà automaticamente tutte le nuove trasmissioni cliccandoci sopra
    poi accederemo al video vi segnalo anche qualche sito degli U2 sempre in descrizione che è
    in grado di fornire buoni feed su Twitter e Facebook sono molto aggiornati sia per quanto
    riguarda news sugli U2 in generale che su orari e informazioni logistiche per accedere
    ai concerti e anche sulle setlist in particolare U2Gigs è veramente eccezionale per quanto
    riguarda le informazioni sulle canzoni e informazioni logistiche mentre U2Place è italiano e per
    noi e per i concerti di Roma sarà utilissimo da consultare spero questo video vi sia piaciuto
    se sì un bel mi piace e vi aspetto Domenica alle 5:46 per seguire la diretta del concerto
    di Sabato perché essendo a Los Angeles ci sono 9 ore di differenza al Rose Bowl Pasadena
    U2 Live per The Joshua Tree Tour ciao a tutti ed alla prossima

    We’re ending our tour at the train tracks
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    We’re ending our tour at the train tracks

    August 31, 2019

    as cold this morning
    chilly gonna be a great day oh okay let’s go we just stayed at our friends
    house we contact her last minute but she was gone
    and she still said that we could stay at her house Sonya thanks for giving us a
    place to sleep last night we’re off like a herd hurdle hey hey
    there’s my friend Paul my friend Sydney and they’re gonna show us around the
    city have like kind of a rough idea just story of our life chilly we’re
    gonna go see a waterfall but it’s frozen so it’s more like a water water froze
    it’s called an icicle Minnehaha Falls and I just looked up this video there’s
    a guy that took his kayak off of this waterfall and I think he’s the only guy
    that’s ever kayak off the waterfall according to Paul’s knowledge he broke
    one of his ribs anybody ever ice climb this in the
    winter no no we could be the first ones to ice climb it actually yeah some ducks I would not kayak on that seeing how
    shallow the wop the water was at the bottom but it was cool water policy like
    just walk now we’re on top of a bridge all right we are done with our our tour
    of the Twin Cities that’s pretty cool thanks for showing us around Paul oh you
    it’s good to see after like ten years did you catch up come here we’ve said
    this before people have been the priority on this trip and Taylor and I
    would both agree the best part of this trip has been meeting up with people
    seeing long-lost friends and meeting new people making new friends hanging out
    with Paul and Sydney has been awesome we’re about to hit the road leave
    Minnesota behind for now if you are new the channel
    my wife Taylor and I here she is we’ve been traveling for the last ten months
    almost eleven months and we’ve been all around the country visiting friends and
    family and so if you’re new push the subscribe button all the way in and
    click the bell so you get notified when we post new videos and then do us a
    favor and hit that thumb war button down below and we’ll see you in the next one
    hats off to you

    i dropped my headphones on the train tracks 🗽 a new york vlog
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    i dropped my headphones on the train tracks 🗽 a new york vlog

    August 29, 2019

    it’s raining today I’m not even sure if
    you can hear me and I was supposed to go to class this morning but I couldn’t
    wake up what else is new I’m gonna try to vlog this week and hopefully I’ll be able to
    remember to take my camera out but right now I’m going to the vegetarian food
    festival in New York and it is getting wet I’m finally home!! okay so originally I
    was planning I’m going to ABT’s Giselle show at 8 p.m. – like the night show – but
    then they sold out of tickets and so I ended up going to the two o’clock show.
    After I went to the vegetarian food festival, I went to Lincoln Center and I
    watched the show. after I finished the show, I went back to
    the vegetarian food festival and got more stuff and more food and now I’m
    back home there’s so much stuff that I got! look at this bag here are all the
    things ok so let me do a mini haul starting with the heavy stuff so I got
    this flax milk I actually got three bottles this tastes so good and they were giving it out for free and so it was like I need this good karma flax milk is so great especially the
    vanilla flavor. and then I also bought some cold brew~ this is unsweetened and
    this one is sea salt and caramel and then I also got these vegan cookies
    which taste really really good and three boxes of pasta and this bag is the most
    adorable thing and it’s just like eat pasta eat pasta eat pasta yeah best canvas bag ever and there’s also so many samples so many cards it’s kind of just
    an absolute mess oh okay so I stopped by the Union Square farmers market and I
    got these pretzels which I got last time they’re really good really crunchy kind
    of addicting and there was the cinnamon snail snail food truck outside so I got this
    you can’t even see it chocolate hazelnut doughnut its hiding
    yeah and finally these are pure batch snickerdoodle truffles and I tried a
    bunch of their flavors and they were really really good yay for the mini haul
    I took out the donut here it is in all of its fancy glory say hi!!! I don’t know why I’m so tired today like I’ve been laying on this couch for the
    past like two hours but I finally finished it
    I finished Crazy Rich Asians and it’s so good I need the next book like right now
    but I’m so tired and i need to clean this apartment and uh yes yes oh my god it’s
    so good I was having a pretty good day up until
    I dropped my wireless headphones in the gap between the platform and the train
    and I was like *internally screams* it like rolls away and just disappeared! I remember exactly what
    happened and how it happened and I’m so upset. so upset!! it happened like an hour
    ago considering that like I already had lunch slash dinner and I’m home and I cleaned and I’m ready to leave again not over it not over I just got those
    headphones to like my sister was raving about it and she was talking about how
    she dropped it in between the train and the platform
    and she bought another pair because it was that good I was like oh okay because
    she was like oh you have to be careful about it and I literally did the exact
    same I just came back from the show and I
    went back to the station where I dropped my headphones and then I was like oh
    wait my headphones are here so maybe they’re still there and so I went back to the exact spot where I dropped it and lo and behold there it is right there
    unharmed like five feet away from me and I’m like what do I do and so I was
    originally just going to leave and not do anything and not say anything then
    I called my mom and I was like mom help should I tell the MTA people or
    should I not? and so I ended up telling them and they
    were like okay um we can call someone to go get it for you but it’ll just take an
    hour and so it’s already ten o’clock and I’m tired and I was like hmmm i’ll wait and so I waited until like around 11 ish got impatient and i was kind of worried
    that they weren’t gonna come and so I went back to the lady and she was like
    oh yeah they’re definitely gonna come but it might take another hour and so I
    asked her if they could leave it at the station and I could pick it up and yeah
    I’m gonna pick it up tomorrow but YAY my headphones are back!! isn’t that crazy?! that’s so
    exciting and also another thing okay I’m so glad that yesterday I bought a book
    and I brought a book yeah so I started reading this which is in the crazy rich
    asian series I’m a hundred pages in and then I just realized that this is the
    third book – not the second book I didn’t even realize until after a
    hundred pages and I was waiting for the train I was like tired of reading the
    inside of the book and so I wanted to read the summary and so I like two
    sentences in the summary and I was like wait no I read the Goodreads summary and
    this is not the Goodreads summary there’s a picture here of China rich
    girlfriend and I was like wait I thought – is that the third one or is that
    the second one?? I was like they wouldn’t have – they wouldn’t have the third one
    cover out would they??? and then double checked on Goodreads and this is
    third book I started – I was so confused today has been a pretty disappointing
    day. I went to get artichoke pizza and it was terrible and now I’m in Brooklyn to
    get more pizza because… pizza.

    How to replace a rotted fence post, remove and install. Easy! Home Mender.
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    How to replace a rotted fence post, remove and install. Easy! Home Mender.

    August 19, 2019

    Hello! This is Dustin with Home Mender
    and today we are going to be replacing a 4×4 fence post. You can see this
    one here has been rigged and doctored, possibly a homeowner. We’ve got extra blocks
    of wood here and it looks to me like they took a four foot fence and tried to
    put up a six foot panel on it and that’s just not going to work. This isn’t very
    secure so we’re gonna make sure all that is tight and good to go. Let’s get to it. We’re gonna disassemble this concoction here. It’s got a gate latch on it. We’re
    going to give them a new latch. We’re going to disconnect the panel from it so
    we can remove the post without damaging the panel. Wow! There’s our post! Got a lot
    of ants in here. Not one uncle. Alright, that just broke our post. Obviously, it
    needs to be replaced. We’re gonna go ahead and leave that one on there and
    just try to disconnect the panel from the post that way we can pull out this
    whole monstrosity. It’s like it’s coming off pretty good. Looks like the cast of
    Bug’s Life is in here. I don’t want to break my panel so I’m gonna do more of a surgery thing here than a demo construction. Now I’m feeling itchy
    because of all the ants. You might see me disappearing out of the shot to scratch.
    Depending on the age of your fence panel, it’s probably better to clip the nails
    than it is to pull them. My trusty side cutters. Now we have a freed up panel. Now
    you can see this one’s funky here. My post is broken off at the ground and in
    order to get a post in there and secure, we’re gonna have to pull that out. Let’s
    get to digging. Got my spade and we’re gonna dig around the post. Get that thing
    out of there. Don’t mistake this for easy work. This is
    not for the faint-hearted. You can’t be a wuss. Went and picked up an iron digger
    since I couldn’t find my truck that has it in there. So we’re going to get back
    to this. Now your digger has a spade little flat dealy on the end. Let’s you
    chip stuff out. Then it’s got a pointed end on the other side. It was about 30
    bucks and it’s going to be worth every penny. Gonna chip out around the
    fence post until we get down to the concrete. You’re going to have to get at
    least one side freed up down beside the concrete so you can chip it off, pull the
    old fence post out. Got to chip it out and then dig it out by hand. Now we can
    see what we’re doing. We’re getting there. So we’re still fighting this thing and
    it’s not budging. I’ve got two sides of concrete out. It must be pretty deep. What
    we’re going to do is send our iron digger to split this post and maybe we
    could pull it out in pieces. Slowly but surely. I don’t know who
    Shirley is but I wish you’d come help me get this post out. Our post is out! That
    was a bit of struggle. We got our eight-foot post in and we just set it in
    the ground there. You can see that it comes up just to the top of the fence.
    Generally, 24 inches in the ground is standard for a six-foot fence.
    4-foot fence you could probably do a little less but I find if you’re at
    least 20 inches you’re probably good to go. Make sure you put the concrete in. Alright, so we’ve got a post in the hole. We’re gonna throw a level on it just to make
    sure it’s in the right position. Once you know your base is where you want to
    put it, we could go ahead and pour some water in the hole. You don’t need to mix
    up the concrete. It will draw the moisture from the ground. I just like to
    throw a little bit of water in there to ensure that it speeds up the process.
    Posts all in. Gonna throw a splash water in the hole. Make sure we get it all the
    way around the post. Another splash of water. Just want to make sure that your
    concrete doesn’t come up to ground level. We don’t want to see the concrete
    in the grass. Mix it up to where it gets wet. Now you can take your level again.
    Make sure you got it right. When you get it level, go ahead and step it into place
    again. Now as long as you got the post deep enough and the concrete in there,
    you can go ahead and set your panel immediately. So we’re gonna take our
    three inch deck screws, level the panel and secure it. …and done.
    You may want to cut the top to your post off. I think I’m going to cut this one
    off. Looks like it’s hanging over the top picket just a little bit. I think it
    looks tacky leaving your post taller than your fence. My personal preference,
    I’m going to whack it off. So that’s it. We just replaced a 4×4 fence
    post. Wasn’t super easy but now at least you know how to do it. You can tell by my
    sweat ring that it was a bit of a struggle. I feel my already tight shirt
    starting to tighten and constricting my breathing so for Home Mender Inc, this is
    Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if you did don’t forget to
    click subscribe. Thanks for watching.

    1.49 The Railroad (은파호수공원) | Xuffed678/Gabriel Ross
    Articles, Blog

    1.49 The Railroad (은파호수공원) | Xuffed678/Gabriel Ross

    August 13, 2019

    Hey guys, it’s Gabriel.
    So this is the last episode before my Season Finale and there’s definitely a lot of things
    to show you guys. So let’s get right into it.
    So it’s the last weekend that I have with my mom.
    I go straight from Busan to Gunsan. I arrived, I met up with my mom and my aunt
    화자 이모 and from there we went to actually go meet my other aunt, 윤자 이모 and–
    –She’s the one who cut my hair. She actually works at a place called 네네
    치킨. 네네 치킨 I’ve never had before.
    I’ve had 노랑통닭 which is really really good.
    I love the chicken there, but it always has bones in it.
    And I just–I get so lazy and for some reason like in Korea I feel like
    eating anything with bones is just such a hassle.
    Koreans love to eat fish and there’s just like fish bones everywhere.
    And I’m just like, “I’m not eating anything, I’m just eating bones and there’s like a little
    thing of meat.” So we decided to get boneless chicken from
    네네 치킨. The food was amazing.
    I love 네네 치킨 now. Love it.
    Hello. Today is Friday April 1st.
    12:06am. We are eating, what is it called?
    네네 치킨. I guess these are fries.
    We got mozzarella sticks, corn, some radish. More corn.
    More radish. This is um…
    Soy sauce fried. This is some spicy.
    And honey mustard. All looks very good.
    The next day was pretty eventful. Behind my grandma’s house is a place that’s
    very very special. And I had no idea that there was a connection
    between the two until my mom told me. Ever since I was a little kid I always saw
    this picture of my oldest brother. He’s like playing in a grass field.
    My mom told us when we were younger that he was actually playing next to a railroad track.
    To find out that this railroad track was the exact spot right behind my grandma’s house,
    I was like “Oh my gosh, I have to go!” Hello. We’re at a very special place right now. I know it’s a little bit windy so hopefully
    you guys can hear me. That’s my mom and 화자 이모, my aunt.
    This is my grandma’s house. This used to be like a field.
    To grow something. You remember Immanuel was playing?
    There was water. There was water?
    Yeah. This used to grow rice apparently.
    Immanuel was playing over there. My oldest brother, Ian was playing here. 선이 삼촌 carried Larry over here. Like this.
    Remember? Yeah.
    That was here. I just saw a picture.
    Say “Hi”. How many years ago was it?
    Larry was 4? Yeah maybe.
    I think so. Yeah that was a long time ago.
    How old was I? You was uh…
    Just a one-year old probably. Maybe 1?
    Ok then…that was almost 24 years ago. Yeah.
    Yeah. Twenty-four years later, we’re back here.
    Back here. On the tracks.
    Yeah. Bye!
    Bye? Why are you saying bye? I want to take a couple of pictures on the
    track. Hi!
    It was so great to be able to be on the railroad. It’s not a famous place at all, but to see
    something that you’ve seen your entire life and then to be in that area.
    Like this is, 24 years later. Another Ross kid is on the railroad.
    It was nice to be there with my mom and my aunt.
    I felt like I was standing in the presence of time and history.
    And to know that my family was once like a long long time ago, like it was just really
    really cool. And to also find out that the place was right
    behind my grandma’s house, like… I just never knew there was that many connections
    to this one place. I do feel bad now though, because now my sister’s
    the only one that doesn’t have a picture with the railroad, but– –If she comes to visit, we can work something out. Oh there’s a train. Is there a train coming?
    No look the train’s coming! Wow the train’s the coming.
    Train is coming… It was a very quick train.
    감사합니다! 예, 감사합니다 Korea!
    That was nice. And then after that, I got a tour of my grandma’s
    house. This is my second time here.
    On the funeral day we came here… to drop off her picture and her name plaque. What’s 흙집? The mud house.
    Oh mud house. Yeah you remember the other day we went to–
    이모 took us to Korean traditional house? Yeah.
    They made like this, we used to use. What’s it called? 흙집?
    흙집. Instead of cement…
    Yeah. We use mud.
    Mix it. You see these leaves?
    Mix together and put it on there. Use it as cement wall.
    It’s been a long time. Look at the inside.
    They used wood. That used to be electric.
    And this doesn’t come apart and the rain doesn’t come through?
    No. They’re strong. How long did she live here? Maybe over 30 years.
    So you lived–oh you didn’t live here. Did you? No, you lived here.
    No. After my father died, they moved here.
    Am I allowed to use my shoes? No.
    No? Ok. That’s 윤자 이모.
    You see there, 춘자 이모 over there? 춘자?
    Who’s 춘자 again? My sister.
    This one right? Yeah.
    And at the bottom, the black and white, that’s your grandma when she was young.
    Oh this one? No behind.
    This one? Yeah that one.
    That is your grandma. She was a teenager.
    Really? They look exactly the same.
    Yeah. Underneath that is me and my older sister.
    And who is this? That’s your grandma’s friend.
    Oh and this is a friend? Yeah.
    Oh. This is you, and grandma, and 선이 삼촌?
    Mhm. Is this this house?
    Uh yeah. Oh look.
    They had this picture of Ian and Larry? Mhm.
    선이 삼촌, my uncle with Ian and Larry my two older brothers.
    화자 이모 and who? 미자…
    미자 이모? 미자 이모.
    Really? Oh yeah, I can see it.
    This looks recent. That’s maybe about 10 years old.
    Oh really? Maybe 7 years old.
    This was the picture I carried for the funeral. Come on, let’s go. That’s my uncle’s company over there. 삼촌!
    선이 삼촌! Oh, my uncle!
    How did you know? 이모 spotted.
    He walks like your grandpa. You said he walks like my grandpa?
    Yeah, 이모 said your grandpa, my father. 안녕하세요. My mom was asking him, “Oh do you remember taking pictures with the kids a long time ago on the railroad track?” At first he didn’t remember, but then when
    he thought about it, he remembered. Do you want a picture? Say “Bye!” Bye! Yay! So that was all very very special. It felt like a full circle moment.
    Now I have my own memories of Korea and it’s even more special that it does kind of shadow
    the memories that my brothers had. And that’s something that I hold very dear.
    And so that night, it was the last trip that my aunt ended up taking us on.
    We went to a place called 은파호수공원. Which means “Eunpa Lake Park”.
    I’m here with 혜민이, and 화자 이모, and my mom.
    We’re looking at the lights on this bridge. They have a dancing fountain.
    A fountain that moves to the music. Oh summer time.
    In summer. Oh.
    Maybe in May. They start in May. 추워? Just a little bit.
    This is called “Love of Door”. Picture point.
    Oh, I see. You see the love mark?
    Oh yeah yeah. Are we going to take a picture? Hi! 반가와요! 사랑의문! What’s 사랑의문? “Love of Door”. Oh my gosh.
    Which way I go? Tch, bye! This…means we put our hand in it. But why?
    What is it supposed to do? Test of love.
    My hand doesn’t fit at all, because of this. My hand fits good. Love love love love! I guess musical guests sing down here.
    You said live? Mhm, live. 가자. So now we are nearing the end. I honestly can’t believe that it’s already been almost 50 episodes.
    I just really appreciate everyone that’s been watching. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see all of this sort of wrap up and come together
    and just be…finished. If you like this video please give it a thumbs
    up! Definitely be sure to subscribe, it helps
    me out so much. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and
    Snapchat @Xuffed678. Be yourself, love yourself and I’ll see you
    guys in the Season Finale! Alright, bye! Bye! Adios!