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    2020 Bullet Journal 그랜드 부다페스트 호텔 무드트래커 그리기 굿노트 다이어리꾸미기 How To Make A Mood Tracker(프로크리에이트,굿노트)
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    2020 Bullet Journal 그랜드 부다페스트 호텔 무드트래커 그리기 굿노트 다이어리꾸미기 How To Make A Mood Tracker(프로크리에이트,굿노트)

    February 16, 2020

    Hello, this is Tulipini. I made a mood tracker this time. I drew the Grand Budapest Hotel from the procreate The meaning of the mood tracker is that every month you record how you feel. Think of it as a journal of emotion. I wrote the date on the window like this. Now you can paint the windows with a set color depending on your mood. So I decided on five colors and feelings. I hope there are many windows with orange and yellow lights on because there are only good days. Please paint your moods with a mud tracker. I’ll try to fill in the feeling that I had in January. See you next time. bye

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    February 15, 2020

    – Welcome home, you guys are here in the Carl
    and Jinger Family Channel. It’s such a nice warm day. It’s actually been snowing here, it never
    snows here, but it melted off, and it’s warmed out, and the sky is clear, so I got some cool
    stuff planned. We have this big awesome backyard, I mean
    look, from this side, all the way over that far wall, is such a long stretch. And then over there, pass the barbecue grill,
    we have our swimming pool, and everything, and it got me thinking, I think it’s time
    to get the RC cars and the RC trucks out, and get them racing around. We have such an awesome backyard, let’s send
    them off this junk. You know we should do, we should even build
    a giant jump, out of giant Legos, and see how big we can make it. We could jump it over the yard, over the house,
    or into the swimming pool, because everyday is a new day, let’s make it an awesome one. – [Jinger] Oh no! – [Carl] And look how tall this thing is,
    it goes all the way up like that. We should easily be able to jump all the way
    over the the checkered board. – [Jinger] Whoa! – [Carl] First, we have to check and see,
    and make sure the RC cars are all ready. And guess what? None of the batteries are charged up. I may have to clean up this whole mess, and
    charge up all the batteries, and get the cars ready to go, but it’s gonna be awesome. So, I started looking at the different RC
    cars and stuff that we have, and these ones, the Slash’s, and we got like, Zippy, like
    this one’s awesome. We got a bunch of different kinds. – If we’re gonna be jumping the RC cars over
    giant ramps made up of Legos, then we probably need to get big tires, with ultimate suspension. These two right here are probably our best
    bets, we’ve got the Traxxas X-Maxx, look at these big beefy tires, and these awesome long
    travel suspension. And then we also, by Traxxas, the E-Reevo
    or Reh-vo, I’m not exactly sure how you pronounce that. But, check it out, it’s got awesome suspension
    as well. Swing arms, and everything like that. It doesn’t have the big springs, like the
    shocks, like the X-Maxx does, so I don’t know, which see which one does better. Oh yeah, we’re rock and roll. And I got these batteries going, these ones
    going the Revo, and this is an extra one, I actually got two of the batteries all charged
    up, and set up for the X-Maxx. I just got to put them together, and then
    check it out, we’re already set up with GoPro mounts and everything, so that you can feel
    like you’re right in the driver’s seat. It’s gonna be epic. I’m gonna take a minute and put together an
    awesome race track that we can drive around on with the RC cars, and then we’re gonna
    build the giant Lego RC car jump, I don’t know, over the swimming pool, or into the
    pool. We’ll see. I’m so tired of these guys getting crashed. They always crash and break. They’re always like, snapping off the wheels,
    and the tires are breaking the frames, the suspension are ruining them, because they
    get in the pool, I don’t know. Maybe for today, what we’ll do is just build
    a giant Lego ramp, and we’ll jump them off of that, and we’ll try and do it over that
    checkered board pattern, and just see how far we can go. I think I have the beginnings of what looks
    kind of like an RC car race track, in fact, I think it’s totally awesome if I give my
    own opinion on it. But check it out. We got some ramps here, we got one going this
    way, one going the other way, we got the safety cones all set up here. And here’s the idea, we got a ramp right there,
    and another one there, the whole backyard set up like a giant runaway, so that RC cars
    can start right here, we’ll be able to take off from the starting point right there, drive
    down the runaway, and then launch off our giant Lego ramp, hopefully over all these
    concrete squares out here. Otherwise, that will be really bad. It’s time to get the family together and build
    the giant Lego ramp, and then get jumping. – Hey guys, what’s up? While Carl has all the cars ready to go, I
    gotta decide which one I wanna use, because this is the thing, we use RC cars so many
    times, but I’m usually not the one driving it, and I would say, Yeah, I’m like the worst
    RC car driver in the family, I would say, I deserve that title. So, I’m gonna choose what car, I want your
    opinion now. We have the Traxxas Revo, and we have the
    Traxxas X-Maxx, and that one is big, you can see from there. Body size, this one’s quite a bit smaller,
    I think this one’s gonna jump farther because it’s lighter — – [Carl] Oh hey, did you pick one you wanted? – [Jinger] No, but I’m gonna go with this
    one, I pick that one. – You gonna do the E-Revo, okay. – [Jinger] Because, I think it’s gonna go
    farther, because it’s lighter. – Let’s find out, I got it all set up. – [Jinger] Challenge accepted, Carl! – Let’s go. Alright guys, we’re all set up and ready to
    go. Jinger and I have got our cars picked out. We’re just gonna race around here our little
    mini race track, and then build the giant jump. You ready — – Let’s do it! – Let’s get warmed up, let’s go. Alright. – You guys smash that Like Button, but don’t
    hit that Rick Roll over there. – Just don’t want in the nears. – Okay, are you ready? – Let’s do this. Here we go! – [Jinger] Whooo! Wow! – [Carl] Oooh! I’m already … – [Jinger] Ooh! I landed it, I landed it! – [Carl] You totally landed it, Jinge. See if you can jump over, top of me now. Ohh! – [Jinger] Woo! Woooo! I went off the side! Whoah! – [Carl] Oh yeah! Oh, I’m driving over the cone. – [Jinger] Oooh. – [Carl] Ooh, Wipe out. I think I rolled over twice, and you haven’t
    yet, have ya? – [Jinger] No, but I’m like, a little hesitant. Hold it. Okay, here we go. – [Carl] So far, so good. Here we go, okay, we got to go up a couple
    more jumps and let’s built the giant… Oooh! – [Jinger] Whoah! Whoah! – [Carl] Oooh! – [Jinger] Oh no! Carl! – [Carl] Oh my gosh! – Where’s the camera? Whoah! It broke the tripod! – [Carl] And look at this, you guys. Whoah! It totally smashed the tripod on itself. Look at that. – [Jinger] That’s crazy! – [Carl] Wow. Look at that. I ran right into it. It totally bent the whole leg of it. That is amazing, right? – [Jinger] That’s crazy! – [Carl] Wow. – [Carl] Whoah! You guys, we did it! We built a giant Lego take off ramp for RC
    cars. Look at this, we gonna have like, arrows for
    the take off, It’s pretty wide. Gage, stretch your arms out there and show
    them how wide this thing is. – Yeah, it’s really, really wide, and long. – [Carl] And look how tall this thing is,
    it goes all the way up like that, we should easily be able to jump all the way over the
    checked board. – [Gage] Oh yeah. – [Carl] There’s only one way to find out. You guys ready? – [Group] Yeah! – [Carl] Let’s do it. We’re all set up and ready to go, the cars
    are here, and all fired up, we just got to turn them on. Check out this take off . Whooooahh! Wooooooo! Oooooo! And it goes all the way over the checkered
    board. – And Jinger makes the pass.. – [Carl] Oooh! Jinger thinks she wins the challenge right
    there. Guys, were gonna use that cone with the checkered
    flag on top. Gage came up with that idea. – I’m team blue, Carl’s team red. You guys know what top do, roll up in the
    icon, tell us who you think who’s gonna land the jump. – Oh yeah, I got more experience, better vote
    for me. – [Jinger] I have personality. – [Carl] You have personality? I guess that does count for quite a bit. Pick your aim, and make sure, and steer really
    well, Jinger. – Are guys ready for this? – [Carl] I’m so ready. – Jinger’s first epic jump. Oh yeah. – [Carl] This is so crazy, this is so cool,
    right? – Are you ready for the countdown? – Okay, here we go. – [Jinger] Here we go! – [Carl] In three… two… one… Go! Oh my gosh! Oh no! – [Jinger] Oh no! – [Carl] We got to reset. Reset. So, far, that was a total fail. – Okay, okay, we’re gonna try this one more
    time. It was just like a practice run, you know,
    I was just getting warmed up. – [Carl] In… three… two… one… Go! Easy, easy, easy… Straight on, straight on… Aaahhh! It’s my turn, my turn! – Guys, that was an epic fail! – [Jinger] , Carl, you have way more luck
    than me, that did not work out like I had planned. – Luck’s got nothing to do with this. It’s all about skill. – [Jinger]Obviously. I don’t have enough practice driving RC cars,
    this is Carl’s turn, we’re gonna set up and ready to roll. Carl, are you ready? – I think so. I think I might just do a little bit of a
    shorter runaway to get over this bumpy part, and then we’ll for it. – [Jinger] Okay, let’s do this. In three… two… one… Go! Whoah! – [Carl] They don’t survive…look, look! – [Jinger] Woaah! Carl made it! Holy smokes! Oh yeah! That was so awesome! – Yeah! Totally landed it! All the way over. The only thing is, we got it in instant replay
    on the landing camera, to see how far it made it. – [Jinger] Carl, I cannot believe that you
    did that. – I did get it’ll totally work, the fact that
    I had a shorter runaway, I’ve had to just start on the grass, you would have plenty
    of time to get up to speed. ‘Cause this would like go 60 miles an hour. – [Jinger] Okay, I have to try this again. – Alright, yeah, let’s have another try. Listen to this guys, you can hear the X-Maxx
    have got something broken, I think. – [Jinger] Oh, you hear that — – [Carl] Rattle. Oh, wait, wait, wait, you know what it is? Maybe the plastic is… Something’s wrong with it. We better jump this thing again, and just
    make sure before it dies on us. – We’re just gonna send it one more time,
    and make sure that it’s all the way broken. Is that what we’re make suring of, Carl? – We’re broken a little bit, if we’re taking
    it to the shop, might as well finish the job, right? – Just finish the job. Alright, Carl, are you ready for your last
    jump? -We’ll see. Should I go for like a full front flip? – [Jinger] Oh yeah. Do something epic, Carl. – I was just gonna see how far I can send
    it. – [Jinger] Let’s go. All right, you guys, countdown for dad! In… three … two … one … Go! – Total wipeout! Oooh! Go check it out! – [Jinger] Whoooah! You guys, did it hit the wall? – [Gage] No! It almost did, but it didn’t. Put away from the wall– – [Jinger] Look how close that was… to hitting
    the wall, which would have caused total destruction. Carl! Does it still work? Try to back this thing up! Okay. That’s good. Whooah! Yeaah! – [Carl] No way! – [Jinger] That’s awesome! – I can’t believe how though this thing is. Alright, Jinger, you get the last try. You ready to do this? – [ Jinger] Oh yeah! – That’s awesome! – [Carl] This is the final attempt, Jinger,
    you gotta at least go off into the ramp this time. – I know, I just got to make it. – [Carl] Just get into that good, straight
    line up, so you have a good angle, and let’s see what you got. You guys ready? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Carl] In… three … two … one … Go! Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it… What? Aaaah! – At least I made it, at least I made it! Okay. – How far did it go? Should we go see how far it went? Or how far it didn’t go… – Okay, it hit like, the sidewalk. It went halfway. – [Carl] They kinda did. Let’s go see. Whooah! Look, you can see, like, all the skid marks
    on the side of the Legos. – [Gage] Look, these parts fell off. Part of the ramp just busted off there. – [Carl] Let’s see how far, did you see it
    landed, Luke? – Yeah, I think it landed like, right around
    here. – [Carl] Right around in here. Oh, Slow-mo instant replay on that, we’ll
    see if it even shows up on the landing cam. – Faaaa… – We totally built a giant Lego jump for RC
    cars and trucks, and it totally worked, we had to kinda improvise a little bit, but I
    think it turned out awesome. – It was so fun. also a blast. – [Carl] But also, if you guys voted for me,
    you were totally right. I said I, I think I went a long way. – If you guys voted for me, you were being
    really nice, so thank you. – [Carl] And I appreciate that I have an awesome
    wife, that does this cool stuff with me, with my awesome family. – [Gage] Yeah. – [Carl] You guys, if you love this video,
    we’ve done a bunch of other videos, check ’em out, we picked them out, hand picked just
    for you, all over the screen, click on those, and watch ’em, and I will see you guys next
    time. – [Everyone] Bye! – [Jinger] It totally survived. Oh yeah.

    Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium Metro || East West Metro Kolkata || First-day ride Sector V  Metro
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    Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium Metro || East West Metro Kolkata || First-day ride Sector V Metro

    February 15, 2020

    Today is 14th February And today we will do journey East West metro From Stadium to Sector 5 Next station is Central Park doors are open on the Left. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform Next station is Saltlake sector 5 this train terminates you don’t sit open on the left Please mind the gap between the train and the platform Next station is Saltlake sector 5

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    February 11, 2020

    omg ay yo good morn- oh my gosh ay yo good morning Logang whats poppin? Yo, okay, first off, hi to all the Jakepaulers as well. Good morning guys. Welcome to the Logang. I know I’ve probably got a couple watching. Good mornin’ guys. Welcome to the Logang
    Welcome to the Logang. I know I’ve probably got a couple watching. I know I’ve probably got a couple watching (voice starts getting scratchy) watching me maybe it’s because they saw the roast and they were like yo and they were like yo i don’t know why imma Jake Pauler I don’t know why imma Jake Pauler anymore imma go to the Logang Or maybe they’re like “Yo I-I want Logan to explain himself” Whatever, hi! Today is the day that uh the diss track against my brother goes live And it’s actually not live yet but I woke up um to find this: Jake Paul: First I wanna apologize to my brother for the diss track. I in no way meant to like hurt his feelings So yeah, Jake owned up to his mistakes and he made an apology video Which I think was the right thing to do, However unfortunately like we already shot the music video You already got your chance to talk sh*t And I have not yet. Unfortunately Jakey, that’s not how life works bro And I know um my parents, they were here last night, this is what the issue was I was talking about in yesterday’s vlog They heard the song and they found out what was in it And they told him, they texted him the night before and said “Yo like this is what Logan’s planning to drop” And so he was able to record a new part of his vlog this morning and be like “I’m sorry, I’m the victim of the situation everyone just please forget that I said those things 🙁 ” Well I-I didn’t forget Jake and the Logang didn’t forget Like bro insult me but PLEASE don’t insult my family And PLEASE don’t get into my personal life and personal business stuff bro That’s where you messed up bro You don’t mess with the Logang. I sai- it’s a lyric in the song Don’t f*ck with the Logang Anyways, I’m gonna shower and get the day started *pause* okay TWELVE SECONDS LATER!!! Still doing my own voice-overs… Okay *Wpshh* You guys, I am SO mad. Like *grrrrrr* I’M PISSED Alright, so the apology video is really really getting to me Like I said, Jake’s whole thing like *wpshhh* *sigh* He punched me in the face with a-a diss track STRAIGHT UP SAYING THE LOGANG SUCKS! And then before I even have a chance to get up and hit back, he says “I’m sorry” while I’m on the ground?!? In real life if that happens I still get up and punch you in the face back But the issue is that my uh the disstrack which I don’t even know if it’s out yet at this point Like, cuz I’m debating to put it out I go so hard, cause I felt insulted. And publicly humiliated. I have not gotten to get that creative, uh, lyrically. In my uh, forever, my whole life! I-I’ve never that had much fun writing song lyrics. Cuz it was real. It hurt my feelings. So I don’t know what to do guys, Like this is like I’m more Pissed I think now Then I was when I watched the Actual Roast Video of us You may have even seen all this information already in Yesterday’s Vlog This is what today’s Vlog is gonna begin with Because the first half like f*cked him up and the middle f*cked him up and in the end it’s like “That’s a Wrap”. It’s like “GO BACK TO OHIO”. You can’t just take an action and not expect repercussions. LOGANG that’s advice for you guys too like there are going to be repercussions for your actions. So think, think before you do stuff I think that’s where my age comes in Im 22 Jakes 20 And he doesnt-think now like umm *Pause* This is rough Hey good morning though guys… … How you doing? *Giggle* Yaa Yeet Yo… I almost just ran into a pole… Ya Yeet going to eat some breakfast with mah boi. Gotta walk backwards because when I walk this way the wind blows the hair out my face… Honestly I was walking backwards Because when I walk this way the wind blows my hair up and it reveals my receding hairline… Oh my gosh you guys know when you’re hungry and you see all your food and your just like YAA YEET So Yeah guys… you’ve already seen the roast video by now maybe you havent go watch it link in the description give it a thumbs up I think i found a creative way to end it still ruffle some feathers and stick up for our family but like this is what i’ve been dealing with the whole morning just like figuring out like how to maneuver this… That Entertainment life bro *beating his chest* Its very real guys… Also this is Jakes… This is his apology video ima go ahead and give it a thumbs down… Sorry bro its just like now that ive went easy on you… I have to release my frustration elsewhere… … So im just gonna – dislike all your videos… :3 BUT Before I do that right here baby LETS DO IT *Wierd Faces & Background* *Screaming Fans* There they at. I saw you screaming up there bro… Its the boys bro, YO WITH THE LAMBRO SHIRT BRO! WITH THE MAVERICK SOCKS BRO! WE GOT MATCHING SOCKS THATS MAH BOI!!!! THE MERCH IS REAL… Link In description… #AlwaysPlug He’s the only on without merch Yo what’s your deal bro? What’s your deal bro? Are you a Jake Pauler? Get out of here! Get out of here bro get out of here bro I have a question for you guys What do you think of the beef between me and my brother? I looked at his video today and he was saying sorry to us and.. I know and I like how you said “us” cause your in the Logang I am releasing the distract today so you guys be on the look out for it I don’t know about the JakePauler over here Like I don’t know what’s going on with that kid Yelloo Oh god he pooped!! Why you do that? oh no yeah Oh yeah just a rough day man a lot of stuff going on and I gotta do some damage control now. But I’m gonna leave alright okay what give me kiss

    Sri Lanka Railway Hiking. 🇱🇰
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    Sri Lanka Railway Hiking. 🇱🇰

    February 11, 2020

    Good morning. I have finally escaped the big city of Colombo and I’m now on my way to the beautiful Central Highlands of Sriu Lanka. So, the journey is seven and a half hours. The ticket price is 600 rupees. But the view, well that’s a million bucks, isn’t it? Have a look. Have a look at this. Five zero.
    Five zero for one piece? Okay, give me three piece please. Normal price. 300 rupees. 300. Uh?
    Six piece. I say three piece. Three piece?
    Yes, I say three piece. Ah, 200 give me. 200.
    200. This four piece. I ask for three piece. One, two, three. Okay, thank you. Chancer! So where I’m heading to is called Ohiya. It’s a tiny village next to the Horton Plains national park. But here’s my plan. I’m actually gonna get off this train one stop early at Pattipola Station and I’m gonna hike along the railway tracks to my final destination. That is the plan Just jumped off this train. Is there a bathroom in this station?
    Sorry? Bathroom in this station? Over here huh? Next door? Okay, thank you. Ah, oh right, this is gonna be fun. Which one do I choose? Urgg, okay, the glamour of international travel Your man’s bursting for a dump.
    This door doesn’t even lock. That’s ridiculous. Just used the cleaner’s disinfectant there to wash my hand.. [laughter] Oh god, that was not a good experience. Right. Let’s go. Nobody around. Just people in their wee houses and their wee farms. Chillin’. While I walk along these railway tracks. And in Sri Lanka, hiking along the railway tracks is fantastic, you can’t get lost. As long as you follow the railway tracks you can’t get lost. You might get run over by a train, right enough, but that’s fairly unlikely considering how few trains there are in Sri Lanka. You have to wait like 2 or 3 hours for a train. So pretty much no chance. At least in this direction there’s not another one for a couple of hours. We might see one coming through that way which will be pretty cool actually just to like get a wee video of it, head on, wave to the people. Did that the last time I did a railway hike in Sri Lanka about a year and a half ago. I was high-fiving people out the window and stuff. Fantastic. So yeah, today the train ride seven and a half hours. Doesn’t feel like seven and a half hours? Why? It’s one of the most scenic train rides in the world, This ride from Colombo through Kandy, through Nuwara Eliya to Ella. So I’m kinda between Nuwara Eliya and Ella right now. I did this journey in reverse last year. And it was fantastic. You’re just going through fields. Rolling green hills everywhere. Tea plantations. You’re going through little villages. There’s waterfalls, people carrying logs on their heads, all sorts of stuff going on. Hello, good afternoon, how are you? Friendly people. See, that’s it. When you come to places where tourists aren’t normally coming, everyone wants to wave at you and smile at you. It’s not like you’re in Kandy or something like that and you go to some shop where the owner’s dealing with arsehole tourists all day and is just fed up with them, you know? They charge you a higher price, they don’t even smile, Aye, you come to random places and people are just happy to see you. They’re like, what’s this ghost faced, pale, milk white Scottish fella doing, holding a GoPro, walking down the train tracks in our village? What’s he doing? Give him a wee wave. Hello, good afternoon. How are you? See. I love it. I love it. Just stop to take in how quiet it is. Not a bloody sound, other than the trees gently bristling in this slight breeze which is cooling me down right now. This is fantastic. Oh, yeah. So, after the train left, I was the last person on the train platform and you had one tuk-tuk driver just sitting there with his tuk-tuk, looking at me like that’s my ride. He’s nowhere else to go. And I just walked past him. and [laughter] to his surprise, I don’t need a tuk-tuk. I’ve got my two legs here. They’re strong. So, railway hiking, who does that? I was just thinking about the fact that I travel a lot on my own and, you know, if I was traveling with somebody else and we’d just done seven and a half hours on a train and I said “Hey, mate! you know what would be a good idea? Let’s just jump off the train a station early and hike for an hour.” They’d be like “Do one Dale, ya dafty, I’m not doing that!” but, because I’m on my own I can do what I want, you know? YOLO YOLO I like to travel solo. I can do what I want. And if I want to talk to somebody I just pull out the GoPro and talk to you guys. Fantastic! Okay so it’s been about five minutes and I’m already starting to feel the heat. So, glasses need to get on. The fake, where is it? Surely that’s not fallen out? There we are. The fake Under Armour cap that’s served me well so far this trip. This cap, cheap as chips. 500 rupees. Like, two quid, three dollars. Has served me so well. Yesterday in Galle, stopping me from getting absolutely sunburned. Did get a little bit sunburned. Right. Just realized, didn’t bring any water with me and it’s not like there’s a 7-Eleven anywhere nearby. So, yeah, I might die of thirst. I’m thinking, if I happen to stop by some wee house, maybe ask them for a wee glass of water, see what they say. Problem is there though, they might just give me the tap water. In fact, obviously wee villages here, in the houses, they’re not going and buying bottles of mineral water from the supermarket. They’re using the tap water. And tap water in Sri Lanka is not safe. I had a drink yesterday in Galle and I’m pretty sure the guy made it with tap water. Maybe about an hour later I was getting a bit of a jippy tummy an I wasn’t feeling that great last night. So, I didn’t even have a proper meal last night but, I’m feeling grand today, especially after that dump in the station. Feeling like a million bucks so yeah, I dunno what to do about the thirst situation. To be honest with you. Just going to have to harden up, put up with it. Here we go. We’ve got some wee information signs here. Summit level, 1898 meters. That’s, we’re quite high now. Right now the temperature is only like 22, 23 degrees, compared to Colombo where it was like 33, 34. There’s the number in feet for any Americans that happen to be watching. Right, we’re 224 km from Colombo. So that’s what seven and a half hours on a train gets you. Not very fast, is it? Probably would be the same by road. Maybe you’d be lucky if it was an hour quicker by road to be honest. Nothing moves fast in Colombo, in Sri Lanka. It looks like quite a wee country on the map when you look at it but to get from one end to the other you’re talking like a day’s traveling time, but hey, you can make use of that traveling time. Doesn’t have to be a day wasted. Like you travel by train, you see the beautiful views, and then you have a wee hike around the railway tracks. Look at this. Look at this! I mean, you might fly past that on the train, and say “that’s nice”, but can you stop and just stand there and take in a breath of fresh air
    and just stand there and take in a breath of fresh air and just love it? Ahhh. Fantastic. Just take a moment to appreciate that. Right, on we go. Well this would be a bad time for the train to start coming in the opposite direction. Because, pretty narrow here not much room to the sides. And we’re going to have to go through, it seems, a dark, pitch dark by the looks of it, narrow tunnel. Which hopefully has some space at the sides, otherwise if hear a train I’m running back the way I came. [laughter] pretty fast on these bollard things. What’s it saying? This tunnel collapsed in January 1951. I’m not standing still because there’s mosquitoes with this bloody stagnant water. Tunnel collapsed January 1951. Permanent repairs were completed in 1981. Hopefully they did a good repair. Actually, this is pitch black. I’m gonna, I’m gonna use my flashlight on my phone. hopefully I’ve got battery. I thought I heard a train coming. It’s just the echo of my voice. Right, it’s about to get pitch dark, so, who would be scared doing this? I’m not really scared, I’m just concerned about a train coming, that’s all. I think I just have to dive into that water at the side and lean against the wall. I’d probably be alright, so now I’m not scared at all. Right, flashlight, let’s see. How much? That’s nothing. I mean, that’s barely making a difference. Okay, I’m just going to go as quickly as possible. Let’s get through this. If I die in here Maybe in a thousand years, somebody will find this GoPro and they’ll actually figure out what happened to me. They can tell my ancestors, well, I won’t have any ancestors because I don’t have kids. This is ridiculous. So I’ve got the ISO set to six thousand f…… That’s bats. Oh ya f, now I am scared. I’ve got the ISO set to 6400. So maybe you can pick up some bit of light but I can see nothing. I can see back that way, that’s where I came from. Here, absolutely nothing. So, I’m just focusing the flashlight on the ground. And trying to ignore the sound of the bats. Trying to be a little bit quiet so I can hear of a train is coming. And, well I’m committed now, aren’t I? I’m committed. What am I gonna do? Go back and wait 3 hours for the next train? What’s that water? God, I can’t see anything. This is scary. This must be a corner, it must go round a corner or something because there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Literally, not just the saying. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, right here. Oh, come on. Oh, stuff’s dripping on me. My fantastic Under Armour hat getting dripped on, by grubby railway tunnel water.
    There’s the light! Not at the end of the tunnel but at the start of the tunnel. Come on, hopefully there’s a corner here soon. I literally can’t see more than like three meters in front of me. Right. Come on. Let’s just do this fast. I’m not really enjoying this part of the hike. I should have maybe researched this, before I did it to see if this is a thing, that anybody does do this hike and if it’s a legit thing. Oh, it’s getting slippy as well. I can hear bats. Oh f, if I get bitten. Not another time I have to get rabies injections. It was only like 9 months ago I had to get the rabies injections after I got bitten by the stray dog in India, so, hopefully the vaccine is still doing me good. If I do get bitten by a rabid bat I won’t die of rabies. You can hear them. There’s loads of them. This must be where they’re living. That’s the way back. Listen there’s there’s loads. This bit is pretty flat. Going down the middle of the track now. Come on. Oh, I can start to see light. There is light. Where should I walk? On here? Yes, I’m seeing light. Hopefully it’s not the headlights of the bloody train that’s coming head on. That would be bad. Oh god, these bloody bats, giving me the heebie jeebies. Oh here’s the light at the end of the tunnel. See guys, you just have to have faith. And look, the light is at the end of the tunnel. We’re almost home free. Here we go. Not going to die today. We’re gonna live until tomorrow so we can hike Worlds End. The world’s going to end tomorrow when we do our hike, Not today. Oh here it is. Beautiful sunlight. oh, that bat sounds like he wants to have something to bite. Right I’m starting to run now. A wee skip. How’s the stabilization on the GoPro? Trying to take my mind of it. Oh, it’s all full of s here. Here we go, that’s it. Light at the end of the tunnel. I’m feeling good about it now. Right, see, that’s not too bad. If I knew it was only this length I wouldn’t have been worried about it at all. I would have just manned up and did it. But let me know in the comments, Who would have done that? [laughter] Who would have seen that dark tunnel and just turned around and wait like 3 hours for the train? And who would have manned up, or womaned up? There’s a lot of strong women watching these videos. Look at this and are we going to be rewarded? Are we going to be rewarded by a beautiful view? Yes we are, look at this, Fantastic! Look at this! Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness gracious me. Have a look at that! That is wonderful. Ah. I can hear something rumbling. Can you hear that? Maybe that’s the train coming. Oh my god. Guess what? It is the train so I’m going to have to jump to the side.. [laughter] How lucky did I get that I wasn’t in that bloody tunnel right there? Right, so now, we get rewarded by running because of the bloody bats. Here comes the train. And there’s another tunnel, that’s the only thing, there’s another tunnel but at least there’s no more trains. There’s not going to be another train in either direction so I don’t have to worry about that. Right, let’s have a wave to the people on the train. I wonder if I can high-five. I’ll get my left hand free. Give a good wave to the people on the train. [train horn] There we go, beep, beep. Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! There we go, brilliant. That’s it. No need to worry about trains anymore. Just worry about taking in these beautiful views. In this beautiful Sri Lankan countryside. What a country this is, really! If anyone hasn’t visited Sri Lanka get your arse here now. Cheap as chips and look what you get. I mean, if you want to do a railway hike. But you could just be on that train and just hanging out the window and see this. So, you don’t have to be a nutcase like me. So this is twenty kilometers per hour. That’s how fast trains are going. I think the maximum’s like forty kilometers per hour. So a nice leisurely train for people that are not in a hurry. Tourists. I wouldn’t like to be somebody who depended on the train for commuting or something. Just say you lived in the center and you worked in Colombo five days a week and you had to go home at the weekends and every weekend it was like a seven and a half hour journey there and a seven and a half hour journey back. Whereas in another country like Japan it might be an hour on those super bullet trains or something, you know? Just worried now about this other tunnel that I have to get through. Not worried about the trains obviously but just worried about the bats. Just something about something that can kill you with its rabid bite that kinda worries me, but you know, I’ve got the vaccine, so should be sound. Right, let’s go through, Ah, look at this. It;s an easy one. Ah, we’re coasting. We’re coasting now. Brilliant! Looks like the reason these stone blocks are here, they’re maybe gonna replace the wooden ones with the stone ones. Maybe then they’ll be able to make the train go faster. Just making assumptions. I think that’s what it is because they’re everywhere. All the way down here. Right, I’ve just noticed a wee hut up there. I’m wondering if there’s anybody inside. And if there is, I wonder if they’ve got any water that they could share with a thirst Scotsman. Let’s see. No, empty, but it looks like somebody has been having a wee bonfire there. Maybe somebody’s been having a wee sleep because they’ve put the cardboard down. But hey, if anybody does want to do this trek from Pattipola to Ohiya there’s a wee place you could sit and have a picnic or a wee bite to eat or a sandwich that you pack. Good advice, eh? Okay another tunnel. This one has a light at the end and it also has what appears to be, a person. Is this person a mass murderer? Is this person a fellow hiker? Is this person someone who wants to steal my wallet for the two months worth of Sri Lankan wages that are inside? Who knows. Seems better prepared than me, they have a flashlight. And they do appear to be walking in my direction. Probably a local. Probably taking a shortcut. Probably hears everything I’m saying right now. Because of the echo. Okay, time for that flashlight again. Good afternoon.
    How are you? I am fine.
    Pleased to meet you. Okay, friendly. No danger. Let’s turn this off. I have noticed the sun hasn’t been out for a wee while. That’s starting to concern me because I haven’t brought anything waterproof with me on this trip. My bag is absolutely packed as you might be able to see. That’s all I’ve brought with me. Trying to travel light. I wouldn’t be able to do stuff like this if I brought a bloody suitcase would I? Or even one of those massive backpacks that you see backpackers wearing. But this, 30 liter nice and comfortable Colombia bag. With all the padding and all that. No chaffing going on, nothing, just feels super comfortable. Feels like nothing. I have been working my traps a bit in the gym. Feels like nothing, really, it feels like nothing. Yeah, I might do this again for like a 1 week or 2 week trip. Don’t think I’d do it for like a 1 month, 2 month, 3 month trip though. I’d want like, for example here my hotel in Colombo. Nice hotel, the Scottish hotel. That had a gym in it but I didn’t bring my gym shoes. And my shoes yesterday were all wet where I accidentally stepped in the water at the beach. So, what’s a man to do when you only bring one pair of shoes? Of course, I dried my shoes off with the air conditioner. Ah, that’s another story. In fact it was an Instagram story I put out. What do you do, when the one pair of shoes you brought with you, got absolutely soaked today, you’re checking out the hotel in 5 hours and the bloody hairdryer doesn’t work in the bathroom? That’s what you do. You use the air conditioner. Insoles up there, drying out nicely. I’d just want to have other stuff to make my life more comfortable. If I was traveling for a few months I’d want to be using the gyms in hotels regularly and stuff like that. Keep up my fitness. Although, I guess what I’m doing now is definitely keeping up my bloody fitness. But, you know, I’d want to bring my laptop. I’d want to bring probably like external hard drive and all the bits and pieces. Might even want to bring my XBox controller to play some games on my laptop. All the little things that make traveling more comfortable for me, I’d want to bring with me. Hmm, I wonder what that building is, just randomly in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I’ve noticed this big mountain up there and I’m wondering if that’s where I’m going hiking tomorrow, I’m wondering if that’s World’s End in Horton Plains I don’t know. I don’t see anything else higher than that around, So I’m guessing that will be it. So, the town that I’m supposed to be staying in tonight is right next to that mountain or is right next to the entrance of the national park that leads to that mountain. So, surely not that much further away than this. 8 kilometers per hour. That’s really slow. I can walk faster than that. Well, not on these train tracks I can’t. Let’s see if I can or not. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. No, I don’t think that’s quite 8 kilometers per hour. And the reason it’s slow at this part of the train track is a bridge, and yeah, I’m gonna have to cross that. Right. Looks safe enough actually. It’s not some shaky wooden bridge. Doesn’t look dangerous for a guy to, woah. Okay, these, these bars bend when I put my feet on it, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t make this unsafe, would they? Look at that, there’s a nice wee waterfall down there as well. Right, this is not unsafe at all, I’m saying to myself, as I walk across. If I was committed at finishing this trek at the dark tunnel, I’m definitely committed an hour later, now. Oh, what is this? Is that gaps in-between? Oh no, it’s fine. I though that was like stepping stones between like gaps to a straight drop down. I was gonna be, oh, that’s a wee bit dodgy. I still would have done it like. Look, it’s not that hard. But it would have been a wee bit dodgy. Right, down there, waterfall. Nice.
    Right, down there, waterfall. Nice. I’d love to just chill in there, just sit in there. Cool down a bit. In fact don’t really need to cool down. Look. I’m not even sweating. Not even a sweaty Scotsman. No sweat on this brow. I would say the temperature right now, might be like 18 degrees or something like that. I’m definitely not standing still. Even I stood still a wee bit there and I got bitten by a mosquito on my hand, I just felt it. Your man’s allergic to mosquitoes. Gotta take the anti histamines as soon as I find some water otherwise be coming out in all sorts of red bumps tonight. And here we are. Ohiya. Ohiya Railway Station. I wonder if these people are gonna be surprised to see me. Wonder if they’re gonna be like where did that ghost faced fella come from? Is that a ghost, coming to haunt us? No, it’s just a Scotsman, who was hiking on your railway tracks and he had a good old time, he enjoyed it. Oh it was good exercise, some good scenery. A wee bit of excitement in the tunnels. Okay, I’m here. Looks like there’s maybe a wee shop here. Selling drinks. I could do with one, I’m parched. Somebody’s shouting at me. Don’t know what he wants, but I don’t want or need anything. So I’m just having a wee look. Oh, this is a restaurant. Looks like they’re closed. All I need’s a wee drink. Nobody here. Who’s restaurant is this? Somebody have a wee fire in the back. Oh hello, didn’t see you there. I just want a wee drink. What do you have? What do they have in here? Cream soda? Have Coca Cola?
    Coca Cola no. No Coca Cola? What you have? Okay I’m gonna have mango. What? Coca Cola, this? You not have? How are you? I just want a wee drink. How much a re the mangoes? This. This one’s sixty. Sixty? Okay, I take a mango and an orange. Lovely. Oh, that’s gonna be nice. Bit of refreshment. One in the pocket, one in the mouth. Tuk Tuk.
    Hi, how are you? You good?
    Where you going?
    Up this way. Place?
    This way.
    Where? Up this way.
    Where are going? Ach, your man doesn’t need a tuk-tuk, he’s got two strong legs. Right, if you enjoyed coming with me on this wee railway hike please do give the video a thumbs up. Consider subscribing if you haven’t already. And I will see you on the next video.

    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!
    Articles, Blog

    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!

    February 10, 2020

    box for its past for the counter you
    learned everything you need to know about making boxes do you guys know how
    much of an average roll of duct tape can hold up oh well you’ll learn it here
    I probably xbox for Academy there you go Easy’s get into bed
    are you sleep tight now don’t want you guys waking up in this hour
    Pappa Jake’s pop jukebox we’re building services how may I help you school you
    say yeah I don’t know about that I’ve got a lot going on right now between the
    red Legion and zombies it’s not really something I’m 40 rolls of tape for the
    school I was just putting my easiest to sleep but I think I could swing it 40
    rolls of tape you have yourself a deal I’ll gather Logan and we will build you
    a school you’ve had my word all right guys looks like you’re not going to bed
    I’m putting you on we’ve got a box for to build Logan get in here we’re gonna
    work you what’s going on guys Poppa Jake your front teeth with me and we are back
    with a brand new video and today guys we’re doing something that all of you
    have been asking for for a very long time Logan we’re going to school school
    school Logan that’s right we’re building a box for school so we can learn just
    here looking what’s 2+2 4 there you go Logan’s got the math down we’ve got a
    lot more to learn guys and a lot of you guys have been asking us to make this
    video and I’ve been super excited to do a full on out box Ford school we’re
    gonna have everything we’re gonna have a gym classroom we’re gonna have a science
    room a math room we’re gonna have like halls with lockers in them it is gonna
    be a full-on box Ford school if you happen to be brand new to the channel
    make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can join the Poppa Jake family we
    are over 4 million subscribers strong thank you guys again so very much for
    helping us get there and if you do decide to subscribe make sure you hit
    the little bell button it’s right down there beside the subscribe button and
    click the fun so you never miss an awesome video but guys here is what
    we’re dealing with alright so as of right now we use structures built down
    we’ve got this kind of big house over here a big school looking building it
    doesn’t look like a school but I think this might be a classroom I’m not
    entirely sure yet what I’m thinking guys is that we make a hallway all the way
    over to this building you check this out guys so you might remember this it’s
    gone through a lot of renovations but this I think is gonna be the gym because
    it is massive it’s also two stories so you have enough room to stand up in here
    you know this where we can go and play dodgeball do all the gym class stuff
    that you normally do and guys we have a lot of really cool and awesome school
    related gear that we’re gonna show you guys but that we’re gonna save that for
    when we start decking out the box board I think the most important thing right
    now is to get into building and start making our school alright guys so first
    thing on the list is getting this gym in working order we need to make sure that
    all of the inside is removed and also preparing the ceiling and the wall it
    looks like a tornado went through here this thing is falling apart so we’re
    gonna repair this first and then we’re gonna get working on the hall we also
    have to make our lockers we’ve got to make everything that a regular school
    would have so so that stuff’s gonna require some extra box for engineering
    but I think we’ll be able to do it alright check it out the gym is Kuechly
    you got the whole thing lit up with LEDs we’ve got the spotlights in here so it
    actually looks like a gym and this thing looks sweet we also went ahead and put
    markers on the ground so we know exactly where to be when we’re playing games
    like dodgeball and all that fun stuff like I said at the start of the video we
    have a lot of cool things and one of those is gonna be a full on out
    dodgeball match between me and Logan so now what we have to do is we have to
    connect this gym to the next classroom through a school hall with an entrance
    and filled lockers we got a lot of stuff to do guys in fact we’ve got so much
    stuff that I was talking to Logan like this would be an awesome series to
    continue boxboard school have like different classrooms different teachers
    different things to do if you guys like this and think this is an awesome idea
    swipe the like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes and we’ll
    continue the series but let’s go outside and see what Logan’s up to while Jake is
    lighting the inside of the gym I’m gonna work on building the hallway that
    connects the gym to the main classroom so now we’re inside the classroom and
    this is the part that we have to check out because where all of our classes are
    gonna be in so as you can see we’ve already got this really cool lens here
    which we can use to kind of sit on and have our desks on here and then down
    here is where the teacher will teach with this big wall here we’ve got to get
    all of our cool gear in here and start decking this place out to not only look
    like the classroom but also function like one and I need to light this place
    because right now it’s kind of dark so I’m gonna start working on that while
    Logan continues to work on the hall and then we’ll reconvene when we’re done alright guys so we just did a ton of
    upgrades to the school I want to show you guys of what it looks like inside
    because this place is awesome we didn’t just make like a regular school alright
    this is a full-on college campus we got a flag but you guys know any proper
    school needs a proper flag so you got a flag out front and we’ve got everything
    inside the real schoolhouse so let’s go check it out before we do
    any more and I want to show you guys around the high school we still have a
    name box for its password Academy where you learn everything you need to know
    about making boxes this is looking single take dimensions do you guys know
    how much an average roll of duct tape can hold up or how long an average roll
    duct tape is well you’ll learn it here a poppet Xbox for Academy but guys check
    this out alright this is the main hall as you guys can see we got posters all
    around here we got things like are you stuck practice with a growth mindset
    past that guys though we’ve got our very taken walk yeah so you open it up you
    got yourself a nice little Locker inside so you put like our bags in here or
    anything like that but let’s check out the main classroom you this is where
    we’re gonna be learning everything and having all of our classes welcome to Fox
    Ford Academy all right this is lecture class numero 1 this is where you’ll
    learn everything from sciences the arts to box ology everything you need to know
    to become a master box floor builder and you might be thinking Papaji where are
    you gonna sit this is future technology a box for an engineering
    this is a box desk simply open it like this oh wow yeah slide here Oh
    and reassemble that’s you guys so nice type take notes anything you need while
    the teacher is doing this lecture and you’re sitting up but anyway this is the
    classroom here so this is where we’re gonna be doing all of our studying but
    guys you know the classroom isn’t the only part of any school oh no we’ve got
    the gym so let’s go check out the finalized gym over here you gotta go all
    the way to the other side of the school and when I say the other side of the
    school I mean that it’s all you all the way down there so I guess this will be a
    time lapse we’ll go over to the gym alright guys so here’s the gym I
    actually completely forgot we never cut the door to the gym so we’ve got to open
    up our gym door here let me go inside but as you can see the hallway is nice
    and big but to do activities in the gym we needed a bigger space so check this
    out – Surrey gym or we can play games like dodgeball basketball for this video
    though we’re gonna play some dodgeball but this is it look how big it is man
    even got the lines on the grass you know where you are but there’s so many
    possibilities and guys I want to remind you guys if you think that we should
    keep this build and keep adding on to it maybe do a billionaires box for or I was
    even thinking like this would be a sweet space station let me know in the comment
    section down below and smack that like button let’s try and get 50,000 likes on
    this video but now that we have our gym ready we have one more thing to do
    before this is officially a box fort High School where you gotta get our
    dodge balls in here now I’ve got over Dodge balls here they’re not inflated
    yet so let’s get these things inflated so we can use them in our dodgeball
    match 3 – what sorry guys we gotta dodge balls ready we’ve got the gym ready I
    think this school is officially done and it’s time to turn it over to the
    principal because we got this thing completed alright looks like she’s done
    we built yourself an entire school in record time now just hand over the keys
    job here is done now I don’t know what this talk about
    finishing no boxboard is well my question is where do you boys think
    you’re going it’s time for school you’re about to be late five minutes till class
    – better deck wait wait wait cook go to class no no we
    we were the builders we’re not students here you don’t want to end up in
    detention now do me you boys weep we built this place we’re not students no
    way yeah we’re not students we’re far done with school then that nonsense with
    that I know first educators can be quite scary now you get inside now all right
    now get I’m watching you best be going to class discuss that’s pretty serious
    he’s saying work that got his attention Jake I don’t want to go to detention I
    don’t either maybe we just go okay yeah we’re good we’re getting to class sorry
    about that must have been a misunderstanding
    Jake what do we do look I don’t know but I do not want to go to detention
    maybe we just just do this day all right it can’t be that hard it’s high school
    and Logan I’m a little bit worried because these lockers have our names on
    them do you think they really messed up and put us as students I don’t know how
    do we even know what class to go to well let’s take a look inside our lockers do
    we have oh okay a notebook and pen what are you out I just have a light not the
    greatest first day class maybe it has some info on our schedule in here right
    here 9:00 a.m. our first class is science with mr. shmoo all students
    please head to your first class why does that name sound familiar
    I don’t know but look we got to get to class now or we’re gonna be late come on
    describe what you can we’ll go we’ll share each other’s notebooks come on all
    right this is our first class I’ll take my seat here welcome come on we made it
    just in time all right science class all right I’m gonna take
    some notes do you I don’t have any paper hello children and welcome to my class
    my name is professor smear you can call me the professor smooth that’s spelt s
    and E smear today I’ll be teaching you about science
    that’s spirit see no please please please be up we get
    it we get it science no no more we don’t need it spelled out
    if you think you’re smart enough to skip the introductions then I suppose we can
    do so I have prepared all of you a lab assignment for today Oh Abba Simon your
    objective is to complete it with a partner create a concoction and learn
    about science but if you fail you will be going to the e T shine the engine if
    will pass begins attention how is that even fair good luck I guess we’re
    partners on this do you know anything about science I don’t know anything
    about science but here I have two kin well let’s just make slime that’s a
    super easy science experiment there’s no way we can mess that up right now I’m
    happy the slime activator I’m gonna add some of these things I don’t really know
    why but I think I’ll make it look cool here goes nothing whoa whoa okay all right no self never
    do that again Oh my eyes closed what are you doing get
    out of my class right now okay well I think we’re late for gym class anyway
    welcome to Moscow right now or get detention
    all right ready for gym class Oh God but in gym class
    I’m gonna give teacher whoa it looks like very qualified gym teacher
    you guys know Avery good hands with JIT with gym class Bob kiss I pretend chin
    in this life so I think there’s an age first lesson you guys will play
    dodgeball I’m moving finish bag burritos other side I’ll come back in you know
    you get graded and stuff so yeah Jake let’s do what the man says okay I don’t
    want to go to detention all right well looks like we’re playing
    dodgeball you know I used to be sort of the dodgeball King back in the day you
    ready to take me on Logan Jake you’re going down all right three
    two one you’re going down – let’s see what you
    got buddy hey as what we see we ditch this class play a little bit of hooky I
    mean he’s gonna be out there for a while – yeah cut up for you but I’m tired of
    getting hit in the face with dodgeballs look I knew this class would be boring
    so I brought this from home what is it it’s an ultimate fidget pack let’s see
    what’s inside check it out please it’s a fizzy cube hey you kids
    what are you doing out of class hey mr. principal oh we were just on a bathroom
    break that bathroom great you two are going to detention
    oh no he’s sending us to detention

    UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6
    Articles, Blog

    UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

    February 9, 2020

    [ambient traffic noise]>>Jon: Today’s Thursday, just the day
    before the weigh ins and we’re just enjoying
    a nice little lunch. We’ve got the whole team here. Right now I feel great. I feel really good. I got to sleep really, really
    good last night. The weight cut is almost over. Now it’s time to take all the
    crap that’s the trash talking and
    put it to rest and see what we’re really
    about. I think you guys know what I’m
    really about. Now we’ve got our minds right,
    feeling good. It’s time to go see some
    guns. Talking about support. I’m opening my phone and
    seeing some pictures and videos from my daughter. She sent me a lion
    and the Cross, and said, “I love you Daddy.” She’s constantly giving
    me that love, man. It’s, like– it’s
    beautiful. It’s tremendous. [binging] Ah!>>How you doing?
    You good?>>What’s up, baby boy?
    Thank you for having me.>>My home is your home.>>One of my greatest hobbies. Other brothers buy cars. I buy guns. Let me see that thing. That thing is so sexy. What caliber is this? And this would a real awesome
    home defense weapon. And that’s so clean. Oh that is a sexy optic.>>Yup. Whenever you come to Houston, you’ve got a little piece of
    you. So, we’ve got the Lion’s
    Pride, but the best part.>>And still.>>Oh.>>You see that? Man, that is a beaut. That is a beautiful pistol.>>Thank you for coming out.
    >>The man. Texas. Mess with your boy.
    >>It’s how we do it.>>Yow! [crowd chatter]>>Next to the scale: Katlyn
    Chookagian. 124.5.>>124.5. [applause]>>This was easy work. I’m excited. Go get some pancakes and ready
    to go on Saturday.>>Next to the scale: Valentina
    Shevchenko! [cheering] 124.5.>>124.5. [cheering]>>Jon: I wanna love you. I wanna love and treat you–
    love and treat you right. 204. Ahead of schedule. Let’s keep it there. Drink water and be a full
    205-pounder. I’ll show him a full 205
    tomorrow. We show him when it counts,
    right?>>Jon Jones to the scale. [applause]>>How is everybody feeling
    today.>>We good, and you?>>I had a great weight cut. 20 minutes in the steam room and
    it came right off. [laughing]>>Yeah, it was awesome, guys. I’m gonna wear my USA hat
    today, representing all our men and
    women in the armed forces. Thank you for serving our
    beautiful nation.>>204. [applause]>>Do I get the pic?
    >>I’m not done yet. Great, you guys.
    Thanks for coming. It’s gonna be a great fight,
    man. I’m gonna go to one of the
    best restaurants in town that serves breakfast, and it’s gonna be a great
    time. I’m gonna show my coach my
    love by giving him tons of food, making sure they all have fat
    bellies. Get in my belly!>>Next to the scale: Ilir
    Latifi.>>246.5.>>246.5. [crowd chatter]>>Next to the scale: Derrick
    Lewis.>>Let’s go, Derrick.>>Woo!>>261.5.>>Nice!>>Three, two, one. Happy birthday!>>To start out with some sweet
    potato.>>Thank you.>>Of course, happy birthday.>>I look like a crazy person. What is this.>>Next welcome Dominick Reyes
    to the scale. [cheering]>>And new!>>205.>>205. [cheering]>>And new! Let’s go!>>Feeling good. Ready to go to war now. Work’s done.
    Talk’s done. Nothing left but to do it.>>Yeah, I usually just do
    whatever’s simple and fast. One time I tried to go crazy and get all these different
    braids because I see the girls, I’m
    like, “Damn, that looks so cool,”
    and halfway through my fight, the braids were, like, falling
    out. And the referee came to my coach
    Mark Henry in the middle of the– like when we were taking a
    break on the bench, and he’s like, you gotta fix
    the hair. So he basically, my coach
    doesn’t know how to fix braids in the middle
    of the fight, so he’s just putting his hand
    on top of my head while talking to me in between
    rounds, not doing anything. He just puts his hand on my head
    and then I go out. My braids were falling all over. I was so pissed. I was like, “That’s the last
    time I try to be cool,” so I just get fake eyelashes, and I’ll even keep them for
    the fight, and then after the fight, I’ll usually have two left. But whatever, they looked good
    going in, so. Then I go back to get them
    fixed, the girls are like, “What
    happened?” You literally have no idea
    what just happened. I usually just say, “Oh, rough
    week.” One more thing. Extra hairspray. That’s how you know you’re
    from the East Coast, when you use a lot of
    hairspray. From the New York, New Jersey
    area.>>Jon: So, coach Gibson over
    there, being the committed guy that he
    is, wanted to hold mitts as close
    to his face as possible to make it as
    realistic as possible and he caught himself a right
    elbow.>>I’d be more upset if Jon
    messed up my hair.>>Jon: Oh, look at you.>>I’m just kidding.
    Just kidding.>>Guess what, he said– I said, “Coach, I’m so
    sorry.” He said, “Let’s go, finish the
    round.” I’m like, “That’s my guy.
    That’s my guy.” He took his hat off and became
    serious right away.>>Very small price to pay for
    victory. [radio playing] ♪>>What’s happening, Houston! Welcome to the weigh-ins. Thank you very much for coming
    out. We got a hell of a card for you,
    folks. In the middleweight division, there’s some unfortunate
    news as Antonio Arroyo has been
    pulled from the fight. However James Krause has stepped
    in literally on last-minute’s
    notice to will face Giles here
    tomorrow night.>>James: Trevin didn’t have
    an opponent, so I said I’d step up. I’m about 185, 186 when they
    called me. So, yeah, why not.
    This is why we do this. I’m ready.
    I’m in shape. I train all the time for this
    reason. James Krause and Trevin Giles,
    ladies and gentlemen!>>I got a lot of respect for
    the guy for that, man. I appreciate it and I think
    that’s good, man. I got another fight. I’m ready, I’m happy.>>Joe: Here we go, ladies and
    gentlemen! Introducing the challenger
    Katlyn Chookagian! And her opponent, the reigning,
    defending, undisputed women’s flyweight
    champion of the world: Valentina Shevchenko! [cheering]>>Dana: Good luck tomorrow, you
    two.>>Joe: Next, the main event of
    the evening. Introducing the challenger:
    Dominick Reyes! Official weight 205 for the
    challenger. And his opponent: he reigning, defending,
    undisputed light heavyweight champion of
    the world: Jon “Bones’ Jones! [cheering]>>Joe: Official weight 204 for
    the champion. [cheering]>>Joe: Houston, thank you very
    much for coming out. We’ll see you tomorrow! [theme music]