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    Super Cars for kids Mack Truck Cars build Railroad Crossing. Learning Videos for Children with Cars
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    Super Cars for kids Mack Truck Cars build Railroad Crossing. Learning Videos for Children with Cars

    August 14, 2019

    Hey, Mack the Truck, hi! Why are you in such a hurry? Be careful, the train is coming. Hmm… That’s bad. An accident can happen. It would be a good idea to build a real railway crossing for cars here. Now I understand! That’s why you came here! Are you going to build a railway crossing? Excellent, you even have everything you need. Here are the traffic lights. There should be two of them on each side of the railway. And here are two level crossing gates. And we shouldn’t forget about the road posts. We also have the concrete slabs. And finally – here are the road signs Awesome!
    But how can you do all this alone? You just need someone to help you. That’s right, that’s who will help us – our friend Tow Truck! – Let’s see how he handles this task. – Ok, first we are going to put the plates down. Hey, a great start, Tow Truck! Keep it up! Another plate. Perfect laying! And the last one. Excellent, the base for the railway crossing is ready! Now let’s put the special railway traffic lights. And don’t forget the level crossing gates. Great! Do not forget the road signs “STOP”.
    Done. Anything else? Oh, yes, of course – the road posts! Done. The railway crossing is ready! Now we need to test it. Yes, our friends are already waiting for the first train arrival. Something has to happen, right? Yes, of course, the audible alarm should sound. Mack truck brought all the details and did not forget anything! Look, there’s the train. Wow, the alarm has sounded.
    Oh, and the traffic lights have blinked. Everything works. Now the crossing is safe. Thank you, Tow Truck and Mack Truck. Great!
    The trains have passed, what will happen next? Yes, sure!
    Level crossing gates are rising! The way is clear; the plates are very high-quality! Well done Tow Truck. Tow Truck is our hero!
    Very excellent work!
    Very cool!