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    Getting banned on Stepford County Railway
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    Getting banned on Stepford County Railway

    February 9, 2020

    [intro music] [ECOSCRATCHER is displayed] [Intro music continues] [SCR Trolling is displayed] [Please turn on Closed Captions for commentary is displayed] SCRTrackwalker has materialized into the cruel world known as Stepford County Railway He is now displayed running away from the ruins of Stepford Town (side note, the video is sped up 5x) There are some HRs here which are Al_Vids, RailDesign, Thewelsh1 and Mattyx2013. Some of them would definitely not ban me, the rest probably will be flexing their powers. And we get killed for no particular reason. Note down admin abuse. I then run away from Newry, not knowing what to do next And Then I Die Again (TM). Note down again more admin abuse I then spawn at Benton, hurrying away from the crowds below, presumably waiting for a train to Winstree Maybe they realised the truth and stopped watching me? Well that was predictable, wasn’t it [You were kicked from this game: trackwalking] (And no, as you have clearly seen I was not trackwalking) Rejoined the same server. Decided to spawn at West Benton because it was Matty’s place and was fitting because he was (still!) here. I also asked why I was kicked in chat, to seek no answer. I was bored so I decided to explore the bare shell of West Benton Station OH [censored for monetization] IT’S [censored for monetization] MATTY! I now decided to run away Matty, who has switched to Security, has found me. I run around in circles, desperate to escape And here I am at Greenslade. Whatever gets swung on me, I cannot fight against. And I now run into the field [footage then cuts of suddenly, thanks editing program] GG SCR! (unfortunately, editing software wanted to cut the actual ban out, link for the bean in the description) Just screenshotting this… just to check because they might not pban you which is odd because they always pban you DUN DUN BANG BANG thanks y’all enjoy my outro

    Double Decker Bus Videos For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles
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    Double Decker Bus Videos For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

    January 14, 2020

    Hello Everyone! Woah look at that! That isn’t just any bus. That’s a Double Decker bus! Look, there’s a downstairs AND an upstairs! I’m just waiting at a bus stop for the next
    bus to arrive. All you have to do to catch a bus is put your
    hand out like this, and the bus will stop. This is Brian, and he’s the driver of this
    bus. He sits in a place called the cab. Here it comes now! Brian presses this button, and the doors fold
    open! This bus is special because it can move up
    and down to let people get on more easily. Red mechanical, where’ve you been on this
    bus? You’ve been playing in the junkyard? Oh well, I hope you had fun! Come on! Let’s get on board. You can fit up to 75 people on this double
    decker bus. I think I’m going to sit upstairs for the
    lovely views. Woo, I can see everything up here!! The Wheels on The Bus Go Round and Round
    Round and Round Round and Round
    The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round All Day Long Here we are back at the Bus depot. I’ll just press the bell to ask the driver
    to stop. Shall we have a closer look at the controls
    here in the cab? The driver can press all sorts of buttons
    to make things happen. This button controls the sign on the front
    of the bus, which tells people where the bus is going to. This is the ticket machine And these screens are connected to cameras
    so the driver can see the passengers upstairs. These buses travel all over the city, so they
    sometimes get very dirty. Shall we put this double decker bus through
    the special bus wash to give it a clean? It’s time to use the water and brushes,
    To clean our double decker buses! Through this truck wash our bus will crawl,
    Have you ever seen a bus so tall?! Look at that, clean as a whistle! Where do you think the engine is in this double
    decker bus? Surprise! It’s here right at the back, and these buses
    are special because they run on electricity and diesel. When the bus is going slowly and picking up
    people from bus stops, the bus uses an electric motor. This makes it much quieter than other buses. Just be careful not to fall asleep on your
    way home! But even these buses need to be repaired sometimes. Instead of bringing them to Gecko’s Garage,
    they are brought here to the Arriva Maintenance Garage where expert mechanics can repair them. Look how many buses are being worked on at
    the same time. This bus is having a wheel changed! And Here’s another bus driving into the
    garage. It drives in and parks over a big hole in
    the floor called The pit. If there’s something wrong underneath the
    bus, a mechanic can go down into the pit, and fix anything whilst standing underneath! OR they can use a giant hydraulic lift to
    lift a double decker bus up and make it even taller! When everything is fixed on the bus, it’s
    time to leave the garage and go back out on the road to take more passengers where they
    need to go. I’ve loved learning all about double decker
    buses today. Thanks so much to Brian and all the team
    at Arriva buses. We’ll see you again soon, Byeee!!

    Eco Game Rants: Stepford County Railway
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    Eco Game Rants: Stepford County Railway

    December 12, 2019

    Alright, so this is more of a downright bashing
    attempt than a rant, but again, this is Magic that we’re talking about, and unless you
    are a newbie to the Roblox Train Operating Company world, you probably wouldn’t pick
    SCR as a company you would want to drive for but uh oh! That trickery worked. So, here is the long list of dun goofs that
    Magic and Stepford County did. People buying overpriced Gamepasses SCR the game has a majority like-dislike ratio but has a bad Fabrick score Whatever AirExpress, Express and Metro services
    are, they don’t exist and shouldn’t be on these boards Free model seats. Found everywhere. Drivers not knowing how to drive a Driver
    Only Operation train You should be able to track walk at tram stops. And I’m doing it. Driving system is from yrreb trains Clearly heavily monetized game Yrreb trolls SCR Benton, the spawn for all free trains was
    broken Me talking about the standards of Stepford
    and WaterLine being single track to one of the termini. I said termini because I forgot what one of
    the termini actually was called. Apparently it is not needed to shout over
    a train that never runs because it’s a GAMEPASS TO DRIVE LINE Stepford dispatchers clearly going against
    their stance on trackwalkers. Failing to understand the truth of paper trains Fictional Roblox Train Operating Company criticises
    a real Train Operating Company. I think the Roblox ToC is unqualified. Nobody buys the 720 gamepass because it is
    overpriced, unless it is 90% off. Overused Twitter meme. And that’s basically what Stepford is. But if you don’t count that, you get a bare
    shell that most people call a decent game. Shame that I could build something like that,
    so maybe decent is not the word to use. Well then see ya and ban me from stepford